The Children (2008) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

You'd not seen any sign of jealousy before? I didn't say she was jealous.
She's not jealous.
She's a bit much.
A social worker speaks to Jack and lectures me about step-families! You're not a step-family.
I'm a head, Sue's a professional woman.
Like we need preaching at! You broke a boy's nose.
At 14 you're halfway to being an alcoholic, now you're a thug.
I don't know, Jack, what will be the next bloody revelation? He's a paedophile.
What did he do, sweetheart? He was there.
If he touched you, you can tell me.
And he'll go away? Cameron's taking him back to his mum tomorrow.
Did he touch you? No.
Dad! Daddy lives with Tash now, doesn't he? You know that.
You could come and stay with us.
Cameron can leave and you can come.
Like when I was little.
I can't.
He did it to me.
What? He did the sex stuff.
He doesn't He keeps doing it.
Oh, God! I don't like it, Mum.
Oh, darling! Who did it, darling? Which one? Cameron isn't a bloody How can you?! Oh, go away, Paul.
What? Go away.
Let me talk to her.
I'm the father.
I should be here.
You turned her life upside down.
You brought a paedophile into my house.
Be nice to know which one? Emily, who was it? Don't yell at her.
Shut up! Please.
God! This is terrible.
Darling, we aren't angry with you.
Mummy and Daddy aren't angry with you or each other, we're just sad.
And a little bit upset.
Jack did it.
This is Emily Brooks.
Emily lived with her mum and her mum's boyfriend.
This is his son Jack.
14 years old.
He lived with his mum, but spent weekends with his dad.
One or two nights a week Emily spent the night with her father, who has a new baby and a new girlfriend.
Messy lives! Says the divorced DS to the separated DC.
We'll not talk about messy because this little girl, Emily, could just as easily have been mine or yours.
This arrangement was working quite well, until he got chucked out by his mum and went to live with his dad and company.
I didn't know what to do, what to say.
Where is she now? In the car sleeping.
Worn out.
Bloody father sailed off to work! Oh, shit! I don't know what to do.
He did something.
He did something .
very, very sexual, intrusive.
She is in pieces.
I could go and get him out of school.
I don't know what to do.
I've got no choice.
I'm going to the police.
I just wanted to warn you.
Christ! What good would that do? What? Listen.
I know about this sort of stuff.
Mind what you say, Cam.
It gets messy and tragic pretty bloody quickly.
And it isn't now? The police Do you know what the first thing is they'll do? They bring in the Child Protection team, and all hell will break loose.
Emily, would be taken out, and examined, and questioned.
This is you protecting your son.
This is me protecting him, and you, and her, and me.
The first thing they'll do they'll whip both kids off to some bloody, grim rape suite.
Their clothes will be taken away.
Specimens will be taken, swabs.
Oh, God! They'll take toys.
They'll fetch in therapists.
I can't pretend it hasn't happened.
I can't subject my daughter - No.
We won't, love.
We'll Oh, shit! What a fucking mess! (SOBS) Oh, sweetheart! (CONTINUES TO SOB) PRINCE: When Doves Cry Joe.
He is the man! He just don't get no older.
Mind you, I'd hate to see the portrait in the attic.
You see, some of us are blessed with eternal youth, boyish enthusiasm - me and him, yeah, we're blessed like that.
You make me invisible Like sky you make my day I feel so wonderful Oh-oh, don't let go He doesn't step inside the house again.
He never meets Emily again.
He won't.
And you never, ever by look, or word, or anything suggest that this is her fault.
I wouldn't.
She's the victim here.
I know that.
He's not to step over the threshold.
He won't.
I promise.
I'll leave now and get it sorted.
If he'd only switch his bloody mobile on! Where will he go? I don't know.
I'll take him I don't know.
A flat or a hotel.
It doesn't matter.
You'll need some stuff.
Don't you worry about that.
I'll nip home now.
I don't want her seeing you.
No, that's OK.
That's fine really.
I'll take her for a pizza.
You'll phone though? You'll let me know where you are? Of course.
Don't be daft.
As soon as I know what we're doing.
You'll call? Yeah, I will.
I'm so sorry! I'm so, so sorry.
Give Em my love.
Don't let this be the end of us.
We won't let it.
Do you go to school and everything? I do, but I couldn't be bothered today.
Have you got a girlfriend at school? No.
There you go.
He doesn't bunk off.
He was here for the first period.
So you say.
What about the second period? He didn't register.
And no-one thought to call me? We have 800 pupils.
You said you'd stay away.
He's bunked off school.
So? So he'll be coming back here, won't he? Cam, you said! That's why I'm sitting here like a lemon.
So I can stop him going inside.
There you are, proof.
If you needed proof, this is it.
He left school early.
He's upset.
Anyone would be.
As far as he knows she said he watched her.
Why run away when that's all he did? Let's see what he has to say.
This is as good as a confession.
He hasn't run away.
He's just bunked off a few lessons.
Oh! Here's his stuff.
Take it.
She said I was in her room.
Little cow! You were.
It's not a crime.
But they're going on about it like it is.
The wankers! But that's Sue.
What? It's shite.
You don't want to worry about her.
In little school we said this boy pulled my pants down.
Yeah? And we pulled his down.
He was like a proper goon, massive glasses.
Like really thick.
What are you looking at? Fancy yourself, do you, son? Here you are.
Better? So why didn't her caring, sensitive, professional mother come running to us for help? Not that daft.
His new love and his ex.
They're not involved.
Not involved And you both immediately believed her? What? Think she dreamed it up for the fun of it? It certainly got you and her mother dancing round her.
She's eight years old, not some hysterical Big Brother housemate.
She's switched all your attention to poor Emily.
It's one step up from what she did with Sally.
It's not about Sally.
I don't want her in the house again.
What? It's my first baby.
It's a very special time.
We've got no money.
We're in this stupid rabbit hutch, that's partly her fault.
It's not Emily's fault.
Who takes a third - It's not.
- of your income so they can live in that fuck off house.
She wants for nothing.
She's like a little princess.
Suddenly when she might have to share, she's an abused child! Shut up, Tash! Just for once shut your mouth.
Emily's my daughter just as much as she is.
This is not just about you or the bloody baby.
The bloody baby! Thanks, Paul.
Get a grip.
Just get a grip.
Look at you.
You're on the bloody edge.
Just look at yourself.
Oh, my God! You did this to me, Paul, in case you've forgotten.
God! I wish I could.
This is your latest, shiniest, freshest mess.
So just deal with it.
So back to Mum's, is it? Where's your phone? Is she gonna keep off the bottle? Fat lot of good if you never turn it on.
Where have you been? Why? Because the charges, son, have just been upgraded.
You've graduated as a fully fledged paedophile.
Get in the car.
I haven't gone anywhere near her.
Calm down.
You'll spend a night in a Youth Offenders Unit if we don't handle it right.
I didn't touch her.
It doesn't matter.
As soon as a little kid says that, it's over.
There's no way you'll clear your name.
What can I do now? Nothing, son.
That's the bugger.
I'll tell Sue.
Don't go near her! You'll make things worse.
Jack! Sue! Sue! You promised me.
I didn't touch her.
Get away.
I didn't do anything.
Emily, tell her.
Shut up! She's sleeping.
She doesn't need you yelling.
I didn't do anything.
This isn't helping.
Jack! Wait.
Em! Em! Cameron! Em! Em! Get back down.
Em! Jack! Stop him! OK.
I'm sorry.
Dad, I promise I never, ever touched her.
I know, son.
No, you don't.
I know my own son.
Why would I touch her? I don't go for kids.
I know.
No, you don't.
I'm like you, Dad.
I like women my own age.
Let's get you out of here.
I'm having sex with a real woman.
I am.
I'm with Mary.
Shut up and get up.
Why doesn't this surprise me? Mary? You hardly know her! I do.
She's here more than she is.
She's a slapper.
She saw you coming.
Did you use a condom? I do not want Em hearing this rubbish.
I'm trying to think on my feet.
Think on them outside, both of you.
This is the pathologist's initial report.
"The deceased is now known and identified by her mother to be Emily Brooks, born 11th of June 2000.
Emily was well nourished and of normal height for her age.
No sign of any abnormalities, disabilities, or illnesses.
A healthy little girl at the time of her death.
Death was caused by trauma to the cervical spine, fractures to both C2 and C3.
The spinal cord was severely injured, almost transected, which would result in a sudden and profound drop in blood pressure, ie spinal shock.
Unconsciousness would have been immediate.
Death by asphyxiation would follow very quickly.
" Don't be lonely.
"There is significant bruising to the back of the head, which matches the probable site of impact, the glass doors.
It was not safety glass.
There are several venous bleeds from small splinter lacerations.
These are minor and incidental.
" Come along, Mr Miller.
"Below these lacerations is a larger area of damage matching the forensics found on the patio where her head struck it again with force, fracturing her skull.
The child was fully dressed, and there was no disturbance to her clothes.
Nor was there any indication of sexual assault.
She was a virgin.
" So that's it, ladies and gentlemen.
Some time between 2:45 and 4:15 somebody hit this child just once.
The baby is the only one with an alibi.
Emily's mother, her father, her mother's boyfriend, Jack, the babysitter, this ex, any one of them could have been there.
Any one of them could have done it.
Which one of these people raised their fist and You know you and me never have secrets.
You must always tell me and Daddy everything and anything you want to, yes? I do.
That's good.
But other people, darling, people who aren't in our family Like Cameron? No.
I mean there's no need to tell anybody about Jack, is there? About what happened? Because we don't talk about some things to just anybody, do we? Jack's a secret? No.
Not a secret.
We just don't talk about it to other people.
We talk about nice things, don't we? Like Cinders.
And I don't know.
All right? Those cleaners have left the walkways dirty again.
I'll have them! MOBILE RINGS Hello.
Don't hang up.
Oh! Jack's been accused of rape.
What? Yeah.
It's true.
Emily says.
You said he just looked.
It's all coming out now.
God! 'So we need to come home.
' We?! 'Jack, but he needs his dad, too.
' No.
The truth of the matter is she chucked you out.
'We'll be there tonight.
Anne? OK?' How the fuck did I end up here? What? What? Ssh.
(What time did you wake up?) (I don't know.
About five-ish I think.
) (Oh!) (I slept so well.
) (You're my hero, you are.
) Just gonna have to pray Sue didn't change her mind overnight and call the police.
Are you listening? I didn't touch Emily.
That doesn't matter now.
You're male, she's female.
All that matter is she says you did.
What do I do after school? (SIGHS) Guess what.
I have no fucking idea.
I've no idea because at the great age of 14 you've managed to get me kicked out of my home.
You've got your mother totally alienated.
I'll come back here and wait for you by the front desk.
I can afford this place indefinitely, can I? Well, I I'll meet you at the pizza place at five o'clock.
See if we can fix something up with your mother.
And don't forget your bag.
I can't take it to school with me, can I? I'll be checking up on you.
DOOR CLOSES I'll speak to Mrs Atherton about the after school club.
Why can't Mary collect me? Mary won't be looking after you anymore.
I'll have to find someone else.
There isn't anyone else.
Well, until then there's the after school club.
Finished? You said the after school club was rubbish.
Not rubbish.
You said it was run by a halfwitted dropout with an NVQ.
Well, needs must You said it was an after school dustbin.
Morning, school.
Let's see you in your seats with the minimum fuss.
I'll keep an eye on her.
I'm sure she'll be OK.
Just in case if she seems a bit tearful or quiet.
It's doing the rounds this virus.
Don't worry.
I'll pick her up at five-ish.
They give out biscuits and juice, so she won't be fainting anyway.
) Where are you going? Morning.
No sweeteners, so you've got sugar.
(SIGHS) Are you all right? I love this little room.
OK, folks, that's it.
On your feet.
Out you go.
You all know your jobs.
Ideas? Where do we start? Right.
Mrs Brooks says she was at work all day.
I had my knee done in that hospital.
That X-ray department is chaos.
She could easily slip out and not be missed for half an hour.
Do you think we need confirmation? Yes, I think we do.
Cameron Miller was at assembly.
We can place him in a classroom for the second period.
He was there at break.
We need to find out what he was doing the rest of the day.
What! You daft - Say good morning.
Good morning.
It is now.
Mind! Don't grab me when you want to and walk away when you want to.
All right! All right! Hang on.
I'll get it, shall I? Mary, it's the boy from Emily's.
You all right? I ruin everything for everyone, and I haven't even done anything.
They're just wankers.
She chucked us out.
Who? Your mum? No, her.
Sad, old Sue.
Well, she fired me.
And now Emily says She says I raped her.
You what?! I don't know.
She said I did things.
Stupid bitch.
I didn't.
I know.
I really didn't.
Look, I know you were a virgin until, what, half twelve yesterday.
Go on, have a laugh.
You just don't get it.
I don't have anyone.
No-one wants me.
I don't have a homeanywhere now.
Yeah, but How can this happen? What? You just don't get it.
Kelly, I'm booking it.
That's fine.
I'll wait.
What's head office gonna say? Like I care.
Yes, two adults.
What, both of us going off with no notice or anything? I'll come in and pay now.
Don't come, then.
I want to.
Can you put a hold on them? With you in five minutes.
There you are.
If we can get to the airport by nine, it's ours.
Two weeks in Cyprus, £139 each! Hello! We know lunchtime in the afternoon Cameron Miller was with Polly Hamilton in a disused classroom.
So lunchtime runs from - 12:30 to 1:30.
Hasn't anyone got a bloody alibi? (GASPS) Cameron, it's me again.
Call me when you get a minute, will you? I Oh, God! Listen.
Everything's calming down a bit.
Em trotted off to school just like always.
I just wondered if you've got Jack sorted tonight, if Anne's taken him back, I mean, how do you fancy supper? And breakfast.
Anyway give me a call.
How wonderful life is while you're in the world I'm sorry.
I thought I had loads of time.
I got a bit waylaid.
40 seconds.
Playlist, script.
Script, playlist.
Left your domestic probs at the door today? It wasn't that bad.
Show business, eh? Sun shining.
Sky blue.
And we are ready for some great music.
Oh, yes.
I think so.
Dial up my number now Sue called twice.
I'll call her later.
Might be important.
I'm listening to her now.
You've got the LEA meeting in 25.
I know.
I left the damn file at Sue's.
I should just make it.
One call would do.
I always get back to you.
I wondered how you'd got on.
When? Last night.
I don't know.
This morning.
Did you go to Anne's? 'No.
' I thought We're going tonight.
See what we can get sorted out.
Oh, good.
She's taking him back, then? I have a meeting.
I haven't done any preparation.
I spent last night in a fucking hotel.
I don't know what's happening in my life.
Why are you so angry with me? I'm not.
I know this is hellish.
For both of us.
' But it won't wreck everything for us, will it? We said we wouldn't let it.
I don't know.
Cam - 'I don't know, Sue.
All right?' I hope not, but OK.
Look, I'll call you later.
Tonight? I'll try.
But I don't know where we'll be, what we'll be doing.
I've never opened up before.
The part-timers are in.
They'll help.
Nicky, don't worry.
I'll nip down and check you're OK.
I'm really pissed off actually.
We'll bring you back What do you bring back from Cyprus? Hepatitis B? (LAUGHS) Why aren't you in school? My mum said you weren't to come here anymore.
No, she didn't.
Where's Jack? Why? Do you want to make up more stories? I could tell the police about him.
Don't be a silly, little girl.
Go away! Go away! I hate you! Stop shouting.
Go away! For God's sake don't forget your passport.
Got it.
I'll get off and do mine, then.
You'll pick me up? Five sharp.
I'm just writing a note to my darling ex.
What? Get stuffed? No.
Perfectly reasonable, that's me.
"Dear boys, the house is all yours.
Back 15th when it becomes all mine again.
Make the most of it.
" Short and sweet.
Know what I'd really like to do before we fly off to the sun and the sand? I'd like to gouge out that little madam's eyes.
Nice! Hey, dumpling.
Daddy! Hello, chipmunk.
Why aren't you at school? Can I see the baby? No, sweetheart, not today.
I thought you'd be in school.
I haven't seen her for weeks.
Em, tell me why aren't you in school? I came home.
When can I see her? Tomorrow? No.
Ta-ra! I got you a present.
Em! I don't want a present.
I want my sister.
Don't start, Emily.
I hate you! Stop it! I hate you.
Stop it! No, no, no! Yes, yes, yes! I'm a sex machine! You soft wanker.
I left my iPod at Sue's.
iPod! Check you out.
You've got an MP3.
Well, when your dad splits you get loads of stuff.
Where's your dad? Dunno.
Don't care.
Anyway if that kid gets a-hold of it (SCREAMS) Emily, stop! Please stop.
I'm going.
Look, I'm going.
Em, I'm going.
Em, just shut up! Shut up.
Ow! Ow! Ow! (SCREAMS) Shut up! You spoilt bitch! CAR STEREO BLARES You can leave my son alone, you bitch! Just leave us alone.
The pampered princess.
where's your bloody mother? What the hell do you think you're doing? I didn't like the after school club.
You didn't like? You didn't like! Cinders is lonely.
I sorted you out at school.
I've just been to the after school club.
What the hell do you think you're doing to my life? Mum! How many men would take me on with you in tow? Stop it! You have everything.
You have every bloody thing! Stop it.
This is all about you.
My life is all about you! Emily! Emily.
Hello! Is that you? Emily, are you all right? Emily! SIREN BLARES Take a left here.
Disraeli Road.
Got the number? Number nine.
Through there.
Lying there.
I couldn't get through.
I can't see for sure.
RADIO: 'A chance of showers in Northern Ireland.
Now Ralph Vaughan Williams' The Lark Ascending.
' Too late.
RADIO: 'The Lark Ascending' SIREN BLARES Cam! Stop here, sir.
What's happened? SOB SOBBING I'm sorry.
(SOBS) Oh, I'm sorry! Sorry! BABY CRIES (SOBS) Sorry!