The City and the City (2018) s01e04 Episode Script


Nowhere else works like the cities .
Beszal .
and Ul Qoma.
Mahalia Geary, a few days ago she disappeared in Ul Qoma.
She turns up in Beszal.
Mr Gorse.
~ Bowden is at the centre of this.
The idea of Orciny has always threatened the authorities.
- Be safe.
- Yolanda! What if it's real? We need to start believing it just to find out what happened.
Why is this case so important for you? It's your wife, right? Her and Bowden, your personal makes you the wrong man for the job.
Maybe it makes me the right guy.
It can be hard to see, to unsee.
Get it wrong and they punish you.
I should have known.
I was a cop.
Bad dream.
You're invited.
You survived.
Not everybody does.
What have you done to me? We can do whatever we want to you.
You are in breach.
We have to fix a breach.
Terms and conditions, deals to be made.
We can make it easy for you.
You can make it easy for you.
Look at me.
- Ah! - You belong to us.
It's up to us how you go under, how long, what you see, what you say .
when you come round (.
if you come round.
) This room is the court.
If you want to see what's on the other side, cooperate.
You're a born breacher, Borlu.
We can work with that.
You could help us.
What do you know of Orciny? Professor Katrynia Perla was a believer in Orciny, wasn't she? What have you done with my wife? Answer the question.
She was an academic, she studied it.
Oh, we think more than that.
Your wife was a subversive.
You killed her! You're killing everyone connected to Orciny! - We don't kill.
- You disappeared her, then! We don't know what happened to your wife or Mahalia.
Bowden got them to Orciny, didn't he? The day Katrynia disappeared, they were together.
Tell us about that day, Borlu.
You are shitting yourselves.
You're scared.
If Orciny exists, it means systematic transgression, a parasite city.
A threat.
Because if Mahalia and Kat discovered Orciny's real .
where would that leave you? At war.
Ah! Bad dream? - You're off early today, Professor.
- Lecture to prepare.
- Oh, yeah? - I don't think you'd want to hear.
Try me.
Beszel and Ul Qoma: Invisible Borders.
A state of division All right.
- I warned you.
- Borderline sedition.
I'll have to get the cuffs on you later.
Look forward it.
Thank you for having me, Inspector Borlu.
Be safe.
Be safe yourself.
Christ, Borlu.
How? What do you want? - I'm investigating a murder.
- The Geary case? - Yeah, the Geary Case.
- The Geary case is with Breach.
- It's closed.
- Well, the Yolanda Stark case, then.
My wife's case.
Jesus, man, people have been murdered! It's over, Borlu.
- Who thinks that? - We do, they do.
It's unanimous.
FUCK THAT! I want the case reopened.
There's a connection between David Bowden and Michael Gorse.
They were mates at Berkeley, they travelled to India together.
What are you raving about? And Michael Gorse, CEO of Sear & Core, is connected with your mate, Major Syedr! - You're stood down.
- I'm off the case.
You're off the force.
I need your badge.
And I'd appreciate it if you refrained from contact with other officers.
Thank you for your support! On the road to victory! The sign of the times will be heard for the first time in this city! Excuse me, sir.
There's an American gentleman in the car would like to speak to you.
Follow us.
Yolanda's killer was working for you, wasn't he? He was a good true citizen.
- Nothing to do with me.
- You're a murdering bastard, Syedr.
I'm going to take you down.
News on the golf course is you've been discharged, Borlu.
You're no policeman.
And you never were a patriot! I'm not the one doing dodgy deals with the Yanks, am I? - What does that mean? - You, Mike Gorse, David Bowden, two dead girls.
Why? What did they know? You have no idea what you're dealing with.
This is a new order, Borlu.
It's happening.
We're here, now.
Where's Bowden? This is our city.
I'll be mayor and you'll be dead! Don't shoot! Chief? Oh, Corwi.
Sit down.
I saw some of Bowden's home movies.
India '83, you're right.
Him and Gorse go way back.
Hippies always make the cut, don't they? You know you're breaking the No Contact Rule.
I can decide for myself where I go, who I see.
Really? Well, Breach have got me on a leash.
Things got a bit complicated, didn't they, Chief? - Things got a fucking mess.
- Language.
I've missed you.
Me, you.
Gorse, Syedr, Bowden they're in this up to their necks.
Chief, it's Orciny.
Orciny's the connection.
They look just like you and me, don't they? I'm Breach manifest.
Have been for a long time.
I'm your leash.
Yeah, well, fuck you.
You're the one that's a bit fucked, Chief.
What they did to you in there, they can do some more.
- They're everywhere.
- They? No.
You're everywhere.
- And you've played me.
- I never set you up.
You didn't need me for any of this.
I couldn't have made a better choice.
We want Orciny, you want justice for a dead girl and for your wife.
That's him.
Get him.
Get him! You're not thinking straight.
You killed TC, you're a marked man.
Where are we? Breathe.
You're in Ul Qoma.
That's not possible.
You're with me.
You're with the Breach.
You hungry? Smell that? Besz dumplings.
I am a long way from home cooking.
We're not so far.
- We crossed over.
- Yeah, crossed over.
You can do that, you're with me.
See those things? You like those, don't you? Take what you want.
- Get him.
Come on.
- That's him.
That's him.
You unsee one city, you see the other.
You cross over.
You adjust, cross back.
Give it up, Borlu.
Are you in Beszel or are you in Ul Qoma? I don't know! You're with me.
You're in both.
Breathe, Chief, breathe.
It's safer to move you here.
You've got all your things.
Anything else you want, they'll bring you.
To do what? You're an investigator, Borlu.
Not for me, thanks, Chief.
It must have been really difficult for you, playing the secretary all the time.
It was funny.
I learned a lot.
So, what do I call you? Call me what you like.
But we work together to find the truth.
Breach are across all borders, all communications.
We have covert and mobile surveillance, written reports, wired informers, investigators, recording devices, electronic communications and plain old gossip.
If you have all this, how come you don't know who killed Mahalia? Hm? How come you don't know what happened to my wife? We need your instincts.
Your eyes make a difference.
Recognise her yet? Minutes .
hours .
days .
It's a life.
Katrynia was deeply connected to Orciny.
We need to know if she found it.
You show me what happened to her, the night she disappeared.
I want to see.
Where did she go? There must be another angle, another camera.
One more.
Well, where is she? Ul Qoma side.
That's all we know.
Bowden maintained Orciny exists.
It can be accessed via a Dissensi.
You knew it in your gut, you knew it from the beginning -- solve Mahalia, you solve your wife.
Wait They colluded like spies.
What was the twisted reality they had agreed on? Why didn't I confront them? Why didn't I go after her? It's taken five years and two dead women for me to open my eyes.
Good morning! What is this stuff? I thought you did this all the time.
- I do, but you're putting me off! - Sorry.
This division is preventing so much magic from happening between people.
Just think of all the lives that will never cross, all the loves that will never happen, all these half-told stories - Are you filming? - Yes.
Welcome to the Bol Ye'an dig site.
This is where we find all our amazing artefacts.
I've been taking pictures of all the sad, forgotten places, all the secret places.
You're going to see a pattern.
You're going to see consistency in these strange places.
Look at that.
I think we did good.
I'm so nervous.
My great paper on Orciny happens tomorrow! You'll be fine.
I filched an awful lot of it.
I came across this amazing treatise by Katrynia Perla.
A woman, so, forgotten, obviously.
She is totally fearless.
I don't know how she had the balls to write this stuff.
It's I came across this amazing treatise by Katrynia Perla I came across this amazing treatise by Katrynia Perla.
A woman, so, forgotten, obviously.
She is totally fearless.
I don't know how she had the balls to write this stuff.
It's the kind of thing that they would kill you for in this place.
You can feel the bliss of Orciny when you read her words.
Oh, yeah, I know it sounds crazy.
But the way she writes about it I think she found it.
I think she went somewhere.
We were out walking near the edges of campus and we stopped by an old, derelict building and he pointed at some geese flying overhead.
"And that was the world's first writing," he said.
How would Orciny communicate? Could we understand it? Would we even know it was a message, an invitation? I'd like to welcome Professor Katrynia Perla.
A true explorer.
In Orciny, there is no space and time.
No past and present.
Everyone is connected.
All these strange, beautiful things we're digging up, it's so clear now! They don't belong to Ul Qoma, or Beszel, or us.
People are scared to admit it, but these things belong to Orciny.
These things belong to Orciny! Who are the people in Orciny? Well, they they rule everything.
They are overlords.
They are the people who have been invited.
They know everything.
From Orciny, you can see forever.
There's no time and space, no past and present.
There's no language, even.
Nothing divi.
All these strange, beautiful things we're digging up, it's so clear now! They don't belong to Ul Qoma, or Beszel, or us.
People are scared to admit it, but these things belong to Orciny.
These things belong to Orciny! Hi, yeah, erm I need to see you, it's really urgent.
Something happened and I think they're trying to contact me.
Please pick up.
I've seen it a few other times, but like not written out.
Like, I've seen, like, leaves and - It's happening.
- I don't understand.
Yeah, they're coming to you.
Me? Do you really think so? I know you're not quite sure about this, but it's an incredible, incredible privilege.
I can't believe it! You know why they're trying to connect with you? They're inviting you.
You just need to know where to look to see their signs.
I mean, this is an example.
What do they want? You know.
You do.
You know.
These things belong to Orciny.
We're here to see Professor Ul-Nadi.
Trust in Breach.
Let Breach deal.
I'm with Breach now, Professor.
So is there anything you want to tell us? Yes.
I didn't know what to do.
Just show us, please.
This is one of our finds.
Preserved lobster claw, proto-clockwork mechanism.
Unknown metallic alloy.
They were such unparalleled alchemists, you know? So what dynasty's that? There's more.
This trash was left in place of the original artefacts.
You didn't think to go to the authorities? If this gets out, it's the end of my career, it's the end of my life.
Yeah, well, it's a bit late for that.
Miss, I have to lock up.
- Don't worry, Aikham.
I can do it.
- I am not allowed to.
I know she's waiting for you.
Can you please put it in the locker after, Miss? Send her my love.
It's amazing.
This is what excites Mahalia.
Bowden tells her this other world is reaching out for her, inviting her in.
How did she get the stuff off the site? I don't know, but I can't see any other way out of here.
These people, these people from Orciny, they materialise? They actually make contact somehow? According to Yolanda, but Mahalia got impatient.
She was so desperate to go there, she was prepared to give her life for it.
Like Katrynia.
She must have been very lonely.
I wasn't always with Breach.
I got entrapped, like you.
Beszel, Ul Qoma, Breach.
Do you think we get to choose what we are, what we become? - Don't.
- What? I'm trying to work.
It's still there.
- What? - My excitement for it, I suppose.
These are disputed zones.
David calls them Dissensi.
A back yard here, a deserted warehouse there.
The theory is that some of them are the gateway to Orciny.
But you don't still believe in all that stuff, do you? - You're lucky.
- You mean I'm stupid.
I mean you don't need it.
I've got you though, haven't I? Haven't I? Mahalia was following the same trail as Kat, looking for Dissensi.
) (This is it.
) Katrynia! Katrynia! Innovate.
Sear and Core R&D.
Sear and Core R&D.
- Excite.
- Orciny.
Sear and Core R&D.
Sear and Core R&D.
Sear and Core R&D.
- Drive.
- Sear and Core R&D.
- Syedr.
- Yeah.
Mahalia didn't die because she believed in the existence of a third city.
- She died because she stopped believing.
- No Orciny.
No, it's just a scam.
And a dead girl.
- Two dead girls.
- Maybe more.
Katrynia didn't go to Orciny either.
Look, forget Syedr.
I need to get to Bowden now.
Bowden's gone AWOL.
We take the bird we know we've got.
We need to look for him.
I mean, he could be in the Dissensi maybe.
- You know, he knows those places.
- I promise you, we will find Bowden.
But someone else is going to get their lemons squeezed first.
Major Yorj Syedr, the 65-year-old political veteran leader of NatBloc has won the Come on, Pigeon.
Time to take you home.
We won.
The will of the people won.
A pure Beszel.
It's what we all want.
You're with Breach.
You, Gorse, Bowden.
It's all falling down.
Bowden's in hiding, but I promise you, we'll find him.
Bowden was a degenerate.
He killed her, didn't he? - He killed Mahalia? - He said it was an accident.
My boys were always clearing up after his mess, emptying his trash.
If I had my way, that IED would have taken him out for good.
So what? Antiques on the black-market? Special alloys.
Gorse wanted them, but the Ul Qoman authorities wouldn't grant him access.
He found another way.
Exploitation .
it's what he does.
NatBloc works with the Americans? A political campaign needs funding.
Well, why don't you tell that to Mahalia's parents, - or Yolanda's? - Collateral damage.
We're at war.
Haven't you noticed? My boy Border skirmish two years ago.
Blood gets spilt.
It was a business arrangement.
I got a nation.
Gorse got his special metals.
My wife has got no-one else.
You're not going to see your wife for a very long time.
We'll give you 24 hours to get your affairs in order.
You can start with your abdication.
They're waiting.
We're Breach.
We're here to speak to see Michael Gorse.
The rich history, I'm looking forward to it.
Michael Gorse? We need to talk.
- Didn't we already do that? - I'm Breach.
Want to tell us about your business connections with the NatBloc party? Breach, NatBloc, True Citizens? It's a freak show.
Worse than the Congo.
You think anyone outside these shanty towns actually cares about any of this? Smuggling priceless objects across the border.
- Sir, we've got to go.
- It's OK.
You can have your trinkets back.
We're done with them.
We analyse, we synthesize.
It's an alloy that's tougher and lighter than titanium.
It's the next big thing, and this place is sitting right on it.
Plane to catch.
I'm Inspector Tyador Borlu.
You tell Bowden, I can help him.
- Borlu? - Yeah.
You know what David's problem is? His head is always ruled by his dick.
And the rumour is .
he had one of yours, Inspector.
You just tell me where he is! You better get back to the shtetl, Inspector.
- The tide's coming in.
- Sir, we got to go.
You will stay where you are! All air traffic is grounded.
There is no passage out of the cities.
Five years from now, there won't be a Beszel or an Ul Qoma.
This'll be just another US mining colony.
A boom town.
And that will be your revolution.
And all your border controls, and your quaint moralities, and your laws, all gone.
Look into my eyes.
No obedience reflex.
You know where he is.
I can help him.
- Why should I care? - Because you're his friend.
You go way back, don't you?! Tell him we're waiting in his apartment.
Tell him we're Breach and we can make a deal.
You just sent me to just go steal shit for you? Oh, my God! Like, it didn't make sense to me when you were telling me, but I believed you because I trusted you.
Let go of me! Bowden? Where are you? Where is he? I need to do this alone, OK? Please? This might come in useful Chief.
I need you to trace a call.
Following the resignation of Major Syedr Borlu? I need your help, Borlu.
You tell me what happened.
Mahalia was like a spoilt child who found out that there was no Santa.
She threatened me.
We fought, she fell.
What happened to Katrynia? Katrynia? That's why you're here.
Katrynia wanted to cross over, another realm, a new continent.
Don't bullshit me.
I'm with Breach, so I can take you down any time.
I'll run, you'll shoot.
You'll learn nothing.
Are you going to help me or not? What happened to her? You need me to be the villain.
You don't know anything, do you? She put her whole life on hold.
For you, a policeman.
You saved her.
"Be safe.
" And she was.
You stifled her, Borlu.
You derailed her.
She didn't jump, she was pushed.
I loved her.
You killed her.
That night you met at the Doplircaffe, I saw you.
You saw that? Now, I can help you, but you need to tell me.
Tell me what happened to her.
When I saw her that last time, at first she seemed so happy.
It was like something had lifted, flown.
I was astonished.
It was like nothing changed.
We could be together again.
We talked.
She left.
You played her.
Why? Why would you do that? Why would you play her? You played her, just like you played Mahalia.
No-one could play Kat.
Just tell me what happened to my wife.
I wanted her to stay.
I was worried.
There was something .
too bright about her, too brittle.
Something she said .
wanting to get out of this place.
I thought she meant Beszel.
I should have gone after her.
You were there.
You could have gone after her, too.
Kat crossed all boundaries.
She didn't care about Breach.
She didn't care about any of it.
When they told me that she'd disappeared, I knew what had happened.
So do you, Borlu.
You always did know.
Katrynia finished what she started.
And this time you weren't there.
You're not going to help me at all, are you? Borlu, please.
Please! Bad dream? No, no, no, no, Chief.
Come on, you can't go yet, Chief.
Be safe.
Bad dream.
You're invited.
Be with me.
Put pressure there, pressure there.
Come on! Don't take the pressure off! Ah! None of us were born here.
All of us breached once.
You can never unsee again.
Inspector Tyador Borlu of the Beszel Extreme Crime Squad is gone.
Shred it.
Nowhere else works like the cities.
It's everyone in Beszel, and everyone in Ul Qoma.
Every minute, every day.
It works because they do not blink.
It's called Breach.
I am Borlu, Breach Manifest.
My job is to maintain the skin that keeps law in place.
But I once glimpsed another place.
And at night, I am back there again.