The Cleaning Lady (2022) s01e03 Episode Script


1 Previously on "The Cleaning Lady" You think you can short leave my guns? Hey! You ever see any of these guys at the warehouse? - No.
- No? This is about my son! Oh I didn't see anything, I swear, but I did see something here.
And how is it we're missing some merchandise? No one steals from us, Jimmy.
After I finish here today, I want out of our arrangement.
But the second you're out on your own, I can no longer protect you.
I lied.
You were born in Manila.
I think Luca's sick.
He's dying.
He almost didn't make it, Fi.
All night, only one place we wanna be All night, only need the crew plus me All night, don't know who we're gonna see All night, but I hope they play a couple CDs All night, eight quid for a GNT All night, probably gonna spill it on my jeans All night, don't really care honestly All night, 'cause I only need the crew plus me All night, I don't stop, all night, I don't sleep All night, I don't stop, all night, I don't sleep All night, I don't stop, all night, I don't sleep All night, I don't stop, all night, I don't sleep All night, I don't stop, all night, I don't stop All night, I don't stop, all night, I don't stop 'Cause I only need my crew plus me All night, all night I don't know what it is I can't stop watching.
Well, let me know if you want to do something more than just watch.
I'd be happy to provide a private room.
Thanks, Arman, but I couldn't do that to Isabel.
I'm crazy about her.
- Arman.
- Hey.
Ben, hey.
Welcome to the family.
You remember, you hurt my sister, I'm gonna take you to the desert and I'm gonna shoot you.
They'll never find you.
All right.
Whoo-whoo! Looks like my buddy Greg - had a few too many.
- Yeah.
Whoo! Whoa - Oh - Oh! I don't stop, I don't sleep All night, I don't stop, I don't sleep All night, I don't stop, I don't sleep No! I don't stop, I don't sleep I don't stop, I don't stop, I don't stop 'Cause I only need my crew plus me - All night - Oh.
- Yah - Call 911.
Have 'em pull up an ambulance at the lobby.
The cops see any of this, we're all busted.
'Cause I only need my crew plus me, all night Kay.
So like a spaceship, the stem cells go back into your body carrying healthy genes, and once they land, they take over.
And then I'll be like other kids.
Are you ready? - Yes.
- Yeah? Today's the trial.
Yeah? - Yeah.
- Time for blast off.
Let's go.
Three Two, one.
Blast off! That's good, my love.
Who's this? It's the guy who saved my life.
It's not what you think.
We had a bachelor party here last night.
It got a little outta hand.
Hayak's daughter is getting married.
I have a cleaning crew on the way.
I just figured we could use your special touch.
Arman, wait.
Um I got something for you.
Luca drew this.
He wanted to thank you for saving his life.
You're his hero.
His trial starts today.
It wouldn't have happened without you.
Well, I'm glad Luca's gonna be all right.
I wanna pay you back for his care - at Doctor Saroyan's clinic.
- That's not necessary.
Yes, it is.
I'll need extra work.
Well it's gonna be a busy week with the wedding.
I could use your help here at the club.
Thank you.
All right.
Chris, why are you wearing flip-flops? I-I told you to wear something nice today.
Yeah, my nice shoes are too small, remember? These are the only ones that fit.
Hi, there.
You must be Fiona.
- I'm Wyatt.
- Hello.
This is my son Chris, and this is my daughter Jaz.
Uh, so, Chris, I understand that you are interested in applying for DACA, and it says here that, uh, your dad was a U.
citizen? - Is that right? - Yes.
Uh, we met in the Philippines, but when I found out I was pregnant, Jacob had already moved to the States.
So-so we-we applied for a fiancée visa, but by the time I got it, Chris was already born.
So Chris was born in Manila, not in the U.
Which she lied to me about for 15 years.
And when you finally got to America, why didn't you get married? Jacob got in a car accident, and and, uh, he died.
Well, Chris, based on this, I do think you have a viable path to citizenship.
Oh, my God, he does? Really? It'll take some time and resources, but I'm very confident.
Why don't you look over this fee schedule, - and then we'll talk.
- Sure.
All right, here we go, kids.
- Daddy! - Oh, hey, buddy.
Are you coming to my birthday party? You know what, Sammy? I'm gonna talk to Mommy about that, okay? - Come on, Sam.
- Oh! Looks like you gotta scoot.
Have fun, pal.
Good morning, ASAC Russo.
I just spoke to the U.
Attorney's Office.
- Okay.
- They have concerns about the Barsamian investigation.
What's their problem? You.
They don't think you can deliver a prosecutable case Well, there's nothin' to worry about.
I'm working on a new informant.
About that I went through your case notes.
Theo LaMont made repeated requests to get out.
Oh, come on, have you ever known an informant who didn't try to wiggle off the hook? And now he's dead.
Which is why I'm not gonna let Arman Morales just waltz away after killing him.
It's not just Theo.
It's what you did on the Cortez case too.
I know, I know.
I should've taken myself off that case.
No, I should've fired you after you slept with an informant.
Pushing paper for a year was worse.
Really, Garrett? Colleen left, okay? And the reunion tour's not lookin' so good.
Do you think I like this position that you keep putting me in? You know, you're a good boss, but you were a lot more fun in the field.
I don't know why you gave that up.
It's called a promotion, Garrett.
We need fresh eyes on the Barsamian case.
That's the wrong move.
This cleaning lady is gonna come through.
- I know it.
- She agreed to cooperate? Just give me some more time.
I can turn her.
Do I have to worry? No.
Absolutely not.
If you can't turn her, you're off the case.
This is Luca, and I'm Thony.
Hi, I'm Janna, and my son Hudson.
Nice to meet you.
Are you here for the trial too? - Yeah.
- Oh.
I thought we were the only ones here.
We moved here from Scottsdale to be a part of this.
We came from the Philippines.
Okay, you win.
Mommy, can I play with the toys? Oh, I already sanitized all the toys twice.
Yeah, go and have fun.
You brought walkie-talkies? Yes, just in case Luca and I are separated during the procedure so we can still talk.
Thony, Janna.
It's so nice to see you both again.
- Thony, could I have a word? - Mm-hmm.
So Luca's preliminary test results came back, and his liver function is slightly abnormal.
- Can I see? - Of course.
Thank you.
His INR is elevated.
- Total bilirubin's up.
- That's right.
So because of the numbers, we're going to have to postpone the procedure and get Luca retested.
Well, he's right on the border.
Unfortunately, it's not up to me.
These clinical trials are strictly regulated.
Han in Hepatology is waiting upstairs.
There'll be a series of tests that'll last the day.
Um Thank you, Doctor.
Mommy, can you open these? Well, actually, the doctor said that we have to wait a little longer before you can start the trial.
Why? Because you have to do a few more tests.
- I'm sorry, peanut.
- Oh Why don't we give these to Hudson and his mommy? - Okay.
- Yeah? Hey, you guys hold on to them till next time.
It's just a bump in the road, Thony.
Thank you.
Oh, thanks.
Oh, God, that's awful.
I don't have time for this.
I need to get back to my son.
What are you even doing here? I'm here because you lied.
You claimed you didn't know Arman Morales, but here you are.
That's your son, right? He's adorable.
You know, lying to a federal agent is a felony.
I could deport you for that.
Or we could start over, and you can tell me the truth this time.
I clean for Mr.
Morales now and then.
Which is why I want you to be my eyes and ears inside Arman's organization.
It's the perfect cover.
You want me to spy for you? - No.
- Thony, Thony, listen.
If you work with me, okay, I can offer you a way out.
I can offer you protection.
And if not, well, I make one phone call, and you're on a plane back to the Philippines.
And good luck finding a stem cell trial there.
Are you threatening my son? I'm just I'm just stating the facts.
This this is Luca's only chance to live.
You take that away, you kill him.
Can you believe it? My baby girl is getting married.
You know, this wedding made me reflect on my life, all I've built, my legacy, all I have achieved with you by my side.
You are a part of my legacy, Arman.
Thank you.
Hayak, it's a pleasure.
It's an it's an honor.
Now I have a favor to ask.
There's an Armenian tradition that every wedding guests bring the bride a monetary gift.
I was wondering if you could make sure that our valued friends understand the importance of this tradition.
Do you have a figure in mind? Oh, I-I have this What? You're serious? This is just a ballpark.
I mean, use your own judgment.
I trust you.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
Why didn't you ask me to do that? That should be my job.
Don't worry, son.
I have a very special role for you in mind as well.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
What is it? You will see, but for now, some things are best handled by Arman.
Come on, Your Honor.
We both know you've had some indiscretions at the club.
Just think about this 25 grand as an investment.
Thank you.
No, he'll be delighted to hear that.
Your Honor, thank you so much.
And we'll see you there.
Well, it's a sacred Armenian tradition, Senator.
Every guest is required to bring a monetary gift.
Yeah? Well, what can I say, Senator? Thank you.
Thank you, Senator.
I knew you'd come through.
No, no, come on.
Too rich for your blood? Come on, Stephen, I mean, the last time I saw you, you were cage-side at the McGregor/Khabib fight.
What I'm asking from you a fraction of that right now.
Let me catch my Thank you.
That's what I wanted to hear.
How's it going? Well, I made a big dent, but look who's left.
You can do it, babe.
Just keep your eye on the prize.
You pull this off for Hayak, he won't be able to say no to making you an equal partner in the hotel.
You know, he might already be thinking that.
Why do you say that? Well, I, uh, yesterday he was, uh he was talking about how he's been thinking about his legacy and how I'm a big reason his business is so successful.
Because you are.
But you need to think about your legacy.
- Hmm.
- What do we own? Nothing.
Armando, you need to make your ask at the reception.
You know, when Hayak's feeling like the big man.
Mm-hmm? Lucky us.
The moocher himself.
- Ah okay.
- But you have to take that.
Hey, Arman.
Hey, listen, I've, uh I have a bit of an emergency.
I need your help.
Well, my hands are full, Eric.
Can it wait? No.
No, it can't wait.
This is a situation that affects all of us.
What is it? There's a there's another Another councilman.
His name is Charles Burton, okay? This guy's a real jackass.
It turns out, he found out about our our arrangements, you know, and, uh, he's he's threatening to talk, he's Arman, he's gonna name names.
How much does he want? Half a million dollars.
Here's what you're gonna do, Eric.
You're gonna tell him he's gonna get what he wants.
He's just gonna have to come by the club to get it.
Nothing's gonna hurt you, baby As long as you're with me You'll be just fine Where is everybody? We're cleaning up after a private event.
Look, Arman, I just want you to know this is a one-time deal, okay? I've worked for the city my whole life.
This is my cash-out.
Yeah, you took a big swing, Charles, I get it.
I respect that.
This is the famous La Habana, huh? Yeah.
Heard a lotta great things about this place, but never been inside.
Well, we have a very exclusive clientele, and we limit the number of guests, so That's true.
I mean, I-I can't even get a table here on the weekend.
Hey, why don't I give you a quick fifty-cent tour? - Come on.
- Yeah.
With our sunglasses on To our favorite songs No stop! Microphone and singing Who else knows about the payouts? Aah! Who did you tell on the council? I swear, I swear I didn't I didn't tell anyone.
O-okay! Okay, Arman! I think he gets the message.
Get out.
Get outta here! This is bad, Arman.
This is really bad.
He's not breathing! Come on.
No, no, I swear.
I swear I won't talk.
- I swear I won't tell.
- You breathe a word about this to anybody, I'll kill you.
- Uhh - Come on, get him the hell outta here Come on.
You could have killed him.
Clean it up.
This isn't what I signed up for.
You said you wanted to pay your debts off to me.
Clean it up.
Hey, what's that? What are you doing? You okay, Thony? What's that smell? There was a grease spill at a fast food joint.
Alonzo sent me.
Alonzo doesn't have any fast food places.
It was in a casino.
Can you just grab me some, um, dish soap? Yeah, sure.
Look, I'm his Dad too.
I mean, can I just bring over his bike? What? You got You got him the bike? Okay.
No, I mean, I thought, I I know I told you that I was gonna get him Okay, no, it's fine.
I gotta go.
Oh, sit.
Sit down.
It's my wife.
Actually, we're separated.
She's having a birthday party for him, and not only am I not invited, but she already bought him the present that I told her I was getting.
Sorry about that.
I'm glad you wanted to meet.
What's up? You said you could offer me protection.
I wanna know how.
Did something happen? Okay.
Well, it all depends on whether you can give us something that we can actually use for our investigation.
I won't do anything that will endanger my life, and you have to agree not to deport me.
Thony, if you prove to me I can trust you and give me something I can use you've got a deal.
What kind of information are you looking for? I hear there's a big, fat Armenian wedding coming up for the Barsamian family.
Have you noticed Arman up to anything unusual? It sounded like he's in charge of collecting money as gifts.
Think you can get inside? I want to know who's giving those gifts.
I'm not working the wedding.
You're resourceful.
I'm sure you can figure it out.
No! The smoked salmon canapés should be served during the cocktail hour, not during dinner.
I just finished up in the kitchen.
I could help you straighten up in here if you'd like.
You're Thony, right? Yes.
You're the woman who cleaned my party.
You look different.
Yeah, I forgot my high heels at home.
I could actually use your help.
This place is a disaster.
How's the wedding planning going? Oh, everyone is incompetent.
But I think that's why my husband's boss asked me to take care of it.
Well, if you need an extra hand setting up the wedding, I'm happy to help.
I could really use the extra work.
But I understand if you have to ask your husband.
I don't have to ask Arman anything.
When it comes to my husband, I usually get my way.
Thank you.
What are you doing here? I asked her to come.
She needed the work, and I needed the extra help.
Ma'am, I'm just gonna put this in the kitchen.
Why do you care so much anyway? She's just the help, isn't she? Just do what you want.
You always do.
Ooh! Today, we celebrate not only the union of my precious Isabel and Ben.
But we also celebrate our history, our culture, as we join two Armenian families.
Our people have suffered so much heartbreak and loss, our homeland torn apart by war.
But no matter where we are, no matter where we go in the world, Armenia will remain our home.
Which is why I'm proud to announce that I will be sending my son Tarik to join the Armenian military to help reclaim our land from Azerbaijan.
I'm sure he will make us all proud.
Always a pleasure to see you.
Thank you for coming.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Well, I think we did it, my friend.
I used to beg my dad to work here just so I could see you reading under that tree.
What is it? Oh, nothing, I just needed a little air.
A gift for the bride.
Oh, Arman.
You know I used to love to ride.
I haven't ridden in years now.
Well, something to remind you of the past then.
Do you ever think about the past? About us? I'm happy for you, Isabel.
It wasn't me, you know.
It was my dad.
That letter I wrote you? Isabel, that was a long time ago.
Yes, but my dad made me write it.
I didn't want to break up with you.
He made me do it.
Why? You know my dad.
I mean, you have to marry an Armenian and think about your children's future.
- You can't date the help.
- Yeah.
Oh God, I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
It wasn't meant to be.
I'll never forget.
Neither will I.
What are you doing here? Uh, I'm here to clean, sir.
Yeah, in the money room? I don't think so.
Are you stealing from us? Empty your pockets.
That's it, isn't it? You're a thief.
- I-I'm just working here.
- Yeah.
Oh, I know you.
You're the cleaning lady who works with Arman.
Oh, okay.
So what's going on with you two? Is he slummin' it? Yeah? You know, it's okay.
Arman, he's an impostor too.
You know, he poisoned my own father against me.
I'm sorry.
Hey, let's see what you're taking from us, huh? Empty your pockets.
Empty your pockets.
Get off.
Get off me! Hey, hey! What is the matter with you? Get outta here! She's stealing from us.
That's why she won't empty her pockets.
Show him.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
Are you scared of me now? You're not the man I thought you were.
What am I then? What am I? Say it.
You think I'm a monster? You're so sanctimonious, yet you leech off me every time you need my help.
You don't get to judge me and still take from the fruits of my labor.
I only did this to help my family.
Am I so different? You didn't have to stay with Hayak.
You chose to work with him against your own father's wishes That's enough.
You gave up your real family for these people.
These horrible people.
Was it all worth it? Next time you need help, don't come running to me.
How did we do with the gifts? I think you'll be pleased.
You always come through for me.
One more thing.
Councilman Knight texted.
He cannot make it to the wedding.
Oh, that's a shame.
It's not just a shame.
It's disrespectful.
Why don't you go and fetch him for me? We're just about to head over to church.
I could have somebody else go get him No, Arman, no.
It has to be you.
I-I can't miss the ceremony.
If you leave now, maybe you can make it back in time.
Thank you, son.
See you later.
Um, you hungry? I'm about to make some afritada.
Vote, study abroad, get a driver's license, see the Eiffel Tower, be a firefighter, meet my grandparents, run for president Chris, what are you talking about? These are all the things I can't do anymore because I'm undocumented.
Now I'm a TNT just like you.
Chris, I swear, I'll I'll come up with the money for the lawyer How? You'll never get your life together.
You're you're a mess.
I will.
I promise.
Your promises don't mean anything.
All you ever do is lie.
Okay, no more lies.
Your your father's not dead.
What? Your real father was a one-night stand I had in Manila, and I knew there was no future with him, and my last boyfriend, Jacob, had already moved to the States, so I I convinced him you were his, but when we got here, he found out the truth.
Oh, my God.
And I know.
I know.
It was a terrible thing to do, but I you know, I was just young and stupid, and I just But I just wanted what was best for you.
Please, please don't hate me, anak.
I'm I'm so sorry.
So what do you have for me? - Walkie-talkies? - I'm sorry.
I couldn't get what you asked for, but I didn't want to come empty-handed.
I thought you could give these to your son for his birthday.
Luca's around his age, and he loves them.
You know, when Luca was diagnosed Doctors gave him a year to live.
But then a birthday went by And another one, and another one, and each one was a gift.
I don't know what's going on with your wife, but if you want to see your son on his birthday, you don't have to ask for permission.
- Hey.
- Hey.
What are you doing here? I just came to drop this off.
It's walkie-talkies.
Apparently, it's all the rage with five-year-olds.
Look I know you said you wanted boundaries, okay? And you have every right.
Every right, Colleen.
But this this isn't about us right now.
This is about Sam.
It's about our boy and his birthday.
So just think about it.
All right, think about it.
What what does Sammy get every year when we cut his birthday cake? Huh? A visit from the Cookie Monster Don't.
Don't, please.
Colleen, please let me come to birthday party.
Cookie Monster wants to eat cookies at the birthday party.
Come on.
Ah, there it is.
I got you.
But don't deprive Sammy of the things that he loves because of my mistakes.
He's still my son.
I got Luca's results.
I'm afraid his liver damage is more extensive than we thought.
It's because of the adenovirus, isn't it? Yes.
He's gonna need a liver transplant.
I'm sorry, Thony, this disqualifies him from the trial.
No, no.
No, no.
We need to fix his immune system now, or he'll never survive a liver transplant.
You know it.
He needs this trial, or he'll die.
- I understand that, but - There has to be another way.
You can use his old INR and T-bili numbers.
You can just push it through.
You know I can't do that, Thony.
The rules for this trial are strict for a reason.
If just one child presents with organ failure, it could shut the trial down for everyone.
I could pay you.
You can do the treatment off the books.
No one would have to know.
Thony, that would be unethical.
I think you should leave now.

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