The Cleaning Lady (2022) s01e10 Episode Script

The Crown

Previously on "The Cleaning Lady" I'm just a cleaning lady.
Let me clean it for you.
Just let her do her job.
You might learn something.
You don't know how bad it got before we came here.
We almost lost our home.
Our car got repossessed.
Our friends stopped talking to us.
I think you should go back home.
I won't be separated from my son again.
I have to face Hayak.
He's way too dangerous.
He knows he didn't kill me.
Wanna play a game? You're gonna pretend Dara is your mommy.
And if we get separated, we're gonna have to race to see who gets back first.
Can you step out of the car, please? Thony De La Rosa, you have the right to remain silent.
Thony! Sit.
Thony, Thony! What are you doing? You're going without me? - I have to take Luca now, - Marco.
No, no.
We wait until my visa comes through.
I can't wait.
You know how hard it was to find a donor.
No, he's my son too.
We do this together! No.
Ah no.
Stop! Thony! Thony! Thony! Thony! Thony! Thony.
Thony De La Rosa.
Get up.
Let's go.
I don't know what else you think I can do.
I told you everything.
According to Special Agent Miller, you've been working both sides, feeding us false information.
If you need reminding, that is obstruction of justice, lying to a federal agent, aiding and abetting.
Look, I think she gets the point.
It's prosecutable crimes.
It could carry sentences of two to five years each.
- I need to get back to my son.
- I don't think you quite understand what's happening here.
We're not talking about deportation anymore.
If you don't help us with this case now, you're going to jail.
Don't look at him.
If he can't make an arrest before the ATF seizes the guns, we are terminating Special Agent Miller from the FBI.
Miller will take you home now.
Check in with your family, and then get back in contact with Arman Morales.
We know that he hasn't moved the guns.
So find out what's going on.
And don't even think about leaving the country.
You will be arrested.
If you don't fully comply, you will be locked up for a very long time.
I got the message you sent to my home.
You didn't have to kill Carlos.
He had nothing to do with this.
You could have told me what you were really doing.
You chose not to.
You found a buyer.
You negotiated price.
You betrayed me.
When you gave that hotel to Isabel and Ben, you betrayed me.
All this talk about us becoming partners.
Never enough.
Always more.
I came here to settle things with you.
You're in no position to negotiate.
You have nothing.
You are nothing.
I would disagree.
I still have the buyer.
And he'll only deal with me.
So here's my offer.
I sell the guns, and you take all the money.
All I'm asking in return is Nadia and I walk.
That's $6 million in exchange for our lives.
And Nadia and I run the club until the deal is closed.
Then we're out.
I did not like that game, Mommy.
I know, peanut.
We're never, ever gonna be separated like that again.
- Okay? - Okay.
But Mommy's got to go to work.
So you sleep now? - Okay.
- Yeah? I love you, peanut.
I love you.
Just remember what she went through.
It worked.
Luca's going to be okay.
Why can't you guys just stay here? And live a life of a TNT? No.
I want more for my son.
We need to talk, Thony.
We will, just not now.
I need to find post-op meds for Luca.
The hospital only gave us enough to last for the week.
Which is why we should go home, where we can get Luca what he needs.
I told you, I can't leave the country.
They'll arrest me.
I'll be back before you go to work.
No problem.
Can you call Samentha and find out the number of this guy she buys insulin from? Sure.
Good luck.
You had so many chances to tell me about the FBI.
And now it's too late.
There was nothing you could have done.
That's not the point.
You could have included me in your life.
Why don't you just give this guy up and be done with it? Why are you protecting him instead of us? Luca is alive because of Arman.
Can I help you with anything? Where do you think you're going? Maybe Arman forgot to tell you, but your services are no longer needed here at the club.
I just need to talk to him.
Your little boy, he's okay? Yes.
Then you already got what you wanted from my husband.
Now leave us alone.
Hey, Thony.
Would you come on back, please? Por favor ya.
How are you? I'm all right.
And how's Luca? He's gonna be fine.
What about you? I was able to work something out with Hayak to do the gun deal with him, but I'm gonna need your help to get the Feds off my back.
You can't do that.
They know where the guns are.
Both the FBI and the ATF are watching the bar now.
And how the hell did they find that out? I don't know.
But if you try to move the guns, they'll arrest you.
Thony, if I don't close this deal and get Hayak his money, I mean, he'll finish me.
Maybe there's another way.
What if I could help you make a deal with the FBI? You could help them arrest Hayak, and maybe they'll let you go.
That's not gonna happen, Thony.
Then Hayak will kill you and the Feds will put me in jail.
Wait, what what do you mean? You have nothing to do with this.
When you couldn't get me out of Mexico, I had to call Garrett.
He didn't have the right paperwork, tried to smuggle me back, and we got caught at the border.
Arman, they know I've been lying to them, okay? And now they're forcing me to help them set up a sting operation.
And set me up.
But if we give them Hayak instead How am I supposed to work with the FBI, Thony? Isn't that what you want? To be free from him? Not that way.
What other choice do we have? No.
That is not what we agreed.
Arman is a criminal.
He killed Knight.
He killed my last informant.
He's not getting away with that.
Wait, who was your informant? Theo.
And I didn't do enough to protect him.
I am not gonna let Arman walk after what he did to him.
Arman didn't kill Theo.
Whether he pulled the trigger or had of one of his boys do it, it's all the same.
No, it's not.
Hayak's son killed Theo and Arman tried to stop him.
And it was over a fixed fight.
It had nothing to do - with him being an informant.
- All right, okay.
Is that what Arman told you to say? No, I saw it.
Theo was a good man and I had to clean his blood off the floor to stay alive.
That's what I've had to deal with.
And Arman saved my life that night.
So don't ask me to betray him.
I won't.
Work with him.
He can help you get Hayak.
Come on, Thony.
I mean, you really think that he's gonna give up his boss? The reason I got stuck in Mexico is because Hayak tried to kill him.
I really think he's gonna make a deal with you.
All right, if we're gonna do this, I need to be the one calling the shots.
I know too many people who got burned doing deals like these.
Thanks for meeting.
That's all this is.
Um, shall we sit? You can sit here.
You cooperate with us, we can work something out.
Who said I'm cooperating? I'm here because of her.
That's all.
As you know, we've got eyes on the guns.
Any movement of those weapons will result in an arrest.
It doesn't have to be you.
If we can't figure it out together, we all lose.
Arman, please.
How would this work? You help us out with the sting.
We get Hayak, your gun buyer, and everything seized in the raid.
You get to walk away a free man.
No wires, no recording devices, not on me.
When all this is over, Thony gets to walk too.
No more working as an informant.
Sounds like a win-win-win to me.
This is seriously sketchy.
All right.
- Thanks, Vinny.
- Yep.
Hope you get what you need.
Thanks, Sam.
So, you're looking for an antiviral, right? - Mm-hmm.
- I got acyclovir.
And also the immunosuppressant.
Yeah, I got it.
But this took some legwork.
I'm gonna have to charge you double what I told Samentha.
It's fine.
I'll take everything you've got.
Also got new batch of antipsychotics.
Why you looking at me? You really think I haven't thought this through, Nadia? How would I know? You didn't discuss it with me.
Instead you decided to talk about our future with the cleaning lady.
She's giving us a way through this.
It's the only way we can get our hands on those guns and close this deal with Noah.
There are other ways.
But you chose the way that's gonna get us both killed.
If not by Hayak, then anyone else who finds out you're a rat.
Nobody's gonna put that together, Nadia.
I'll make sure of that.
You promised me you'd cut her out of our lives.
Not now, Nadia.
- Noah.
- Arman.
So good to see you.
You clean up well.
Always a pleasure.
So Noah, I want to apologize for the delay.
It's not the way I like to do business.
And we're all set to deliver the inventory now.
But there's a sticking point.
I have a boss and my boss wants to control the transaction.
He wants to be sure we're at a secure location.
Arman, I get it.
You can't be too careful.
But, see, my sticking point is that things are starting to feel a little too unpredictable.
Missing deadlines, radio silence.
- Yeah.
- Makes me uncomfortable.
Well, you're right, you know.
I haven't been completely honest with you.
I promised more than I could deliver.
Look, we've been suffering the same post-pandemic supply line shortages Babe.
This isn't about the details.
This is about trust.
I understand how you feel.
It's it's hard to trust after you've been lied to.
Noah, please accept our apology, and know that Arman is a man of his word.
We have the full shipment now.
All right.
But for my time and delay I want a better deal.
I'll tell you what, you throw in a case of your carbon-neutral bourbon, I'll take off 5%.
You got it.
Where the hell did you get these? Vincent? Fred? You don't even know what's really in these bottles.
All the pills are stamped.
You can see that.
All right peanut, here you go.
- Mmm - What? It's yucky.
They didn't have syrup this time.
Try again, okay? Come on.
You gotta drink it, buddy.
You don't want to get sick again, do you? No.
All right.
I'll put more juice in it.
I'll be right back.
Picky monster.
This is crazy.
You know that, right? We need to go home.
What about Fiona? Chris, Jaz? They're our home too.
And you've seen how happy he is.
You really wanna take him away from his family here? So you're saying you want to stay.
You've decided that now.
I'm saying we need to talk about it.
That's all.
Let me guess, that's him? You sure he's not the real reason you want to stay in Vegas? Make sure Luca drinks this.
And please don't put any thoughts in his head about leaving.
We need to decide this together.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Thanks for meeting me here, Isabel.
Yeah, of course.
What's going on? So I looked into the paperwork for you And your name's still tied to all your father's businesses, including the trucking company.
Did you speak with him? He told me his lawyers were working on it.
Yeah, well, they're not.
So he's still lying to me then.
I'm sure your father just wants to provide for you.
But if the FBI ever caught up with him, you'd be implicated too, Isabel.
So what is it, Arman? I mean, what does he ship out of those trucks? Guns.
Your father's an illegal arms dealer.
He ships them across the US, Mexico, Armenia.
It's an international operation.
Oh, God.
For how long? Since before I started working for him.
And my name is attached to all of it? Maybe it won't be a problem.
I just wanted to let you know, because I care about you.
And I don't want you to go down for your father's crimes.
No, I I can't let that happen.
I know of a way you can protect yourself.
You hear from Thony yet? Nope.
And she's ignoring my calls.
You really think Morales is gonna deliver Barsamian? If he doesn't, you still firing me? I can probably dump you on surveillance with the rest of the broken wings.
I'd rather be fired.
What do you want from me, Miller? My sympathy? Oh, I'd settle for friendship.
That's manipulative.
And you know it.
We are friends, and you took advantage of that, of me.
I Garrett's been calling me.
I'm sure he wants to know what the plan is.
I'll let you know when and where the deal's going down.
But you should also know, I'm not letting the FBI take everything from me.
If you go back on the deal, we'll both be arrested.
Worse you could be killed.
That's true whether I do what they want me to do or not.
So I came up with my own plan.
That's not what you agreed to.
I'm not gonna trust the FBI to do what they promise.
I've seen it happen too many times.
So what are you gonna do? I'm gonna use that to my advantage.
Arman You asked me once if I trust you.
I'm asking you now, do you trust me? I do.
Hey, how's the weather down there? Can't complain.
Sun's shining.
Looks like a good day for a bust.
Yeah, well, if you could see the digs that I'm kicking back in, you might complain.
We're all set to go in the suite next door.
Just waiting for the party to start.
Let me know when you're ready to roll.
- Anything? - Nope.
Still crickets over here.
Oh Hold on.
Here we go.
There they are.
And that's got to be the cash, right? Yep.
Looks like our boy's playing ball after all.
We'll see.
Oh, I forgot to mention, a suite opened up on the 38th floor.
The view is much better from the top.
Something's not right.
Pull up the other hotel cams.
Suite level hallways first, 37, 38.
Make yourself at home.
There they are.
Son of a bitch.
They changed suites.
All right.
Take it easy, Miller.
We may have lost visual, but they're still here.
That's the 38th floor.
What's the room number? - What's the room number? - It's 3808.
Okay, Let's go.
This is how you spend your billions? Look, if we don't reduce the carbon footprint, we're not gonna have a future.
Armenian children are starving.
People are dying on war-torn streets.
What about their future? Huh? What matters is we take care of everyone in whichever way we can.
Travis, talk to me, brother.
We're all set.
Locked and loaded.
Moving out now.
All right, let's go, let's go! They're headed out.
It's going down.
All right, copy.
Let's roll out.
Let's go.
That's right.
Hayak's son is fighting for his homeland in Azerbaijan.
Well, it's, uh, certainly a noble cause.
To saving the world.
This is the FBI.
Turn around.
Go! Go! Go! It's a bust! We've been set up! This is the FBI! FBI! Hands up! Hands up! Put the guns on the ground! - Hands up, hands up! - On the ground! Hands up.
You got any weapons on you? Hands up! You saved my life.
Take them away.
All of them.
Take it easy, man.
Hey, I said take it easy.
Come on.
Let's go! All right, baby.
Show me the money.
Huh? Search the room.
The money's not here.
Stop all the housekeeping staff from leaving the building.
Now! Check all their carts.
Yes, sir.
Did you get it? You mean this? How can $6 million fit in that tiny little thing? Cryptocurrency.
Jackpot! Go away.
You took that from evidence? Just one bottle.
No one's gonna miss it.
Come on.
It's billionaire's bourbon.
Just take the win, Miller.
We got the bad guys.
But with no money and no tape, they won't be locked up for long.
You won't be locked up, nor will Thony.
You should be grateful you got out of that one.
Does that mean I still have a job? Eh.
It's more fun having you around.
I'd say that's overrated.
You would.
Special Agent Miller, there's someone here to see you.
Thank you.
I'm Isabel Barsamian, Hayak's daughter.
Look, I need you to know that I have nothing to do with my father's businesses.
I can go ahead and hand over all his books and all his tax records.
But only if you promise to protect me and my husband.
Noah must have been a rat.
I vetted him.
Thought he was clear.
I apologize.
He wasn't the only one.
My own daughter handed all my books to the Feds.
Well, it was never her world, Hayak.
You were right, Arman.
It's all a mess now.
They searched the house.
They found Tarik's gun.
Now my idiot son is wanted for murder.
Thank God he is in Azerbaijan.
Well, you know I got your back, even on the inside.
What I need is you on the outside.
My attorney thinks he can get you released.
I need you to keep things going, the club, the trucks, everything.
Course, Hayak.
Whatever you need.
Get this in your head for the accounts.
But if you betray me again, there's no wall that could stop me from finding you.
Is that clear? You got it.
Three, two, three, two six, eight, four, five.
Thank you.
How are you doing in here? It's a small price for a big reward.
Did you get what you wanted then? Yeah.
So what are you gonna do now? You're staying here or are you going back to the Philippines? Well, with you in here, it looks like I'm gonna have to stay.
Well, you won't regret making your home here.
After all, America is a land of opportunity.
All you need is the right combination to unlock it.
You may hold the purse strings now, but you still work for me.
So what are we looking at? This could be our new business.
What? Wait, are you serious? Yes.
We could hire Roxy and Samentha.
And whoever's tired of working for jerks.
We'd be cleaning Arman's money by cleaning.
We'd be our own bosses.
And at the back, I'm gonna open a clinic for people like us Undocumented, without insurance.
They'll have access to medical care.
I got lucky with Luca, but most people don't.
So wait that that means you're staying? You're my family, Fi.
I don't know how I could leave you.
Even if it means staying here as a TNT.
Have you told Marco yet? Not yet.
Let's get Jaz and Chris and go home.
Yeah? Yo, Thony, you should have seen her.
She swished a three for the win.
When Luca's all better, I really want him - to come see me play.
- Definitely.
- My girl! - Luca, we're here.
Luca! Baby? Marco.
Marco! Marco took Luca.
Luca! Luca! My baby! My baby!
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