The Client List s01e04 Episode Script

Ring True

Previously on The Client List Anything I learn here about men doesn't go to waste when it comes to me and my fiancé.
Wait, so, he knows what goes on here with your clients? Do I look like a fool? Bobby has my heart, and that's what counts.
But my business, is my business.
Mama, Lacey does enough.
I asked you.
Like I have anything else to do.
Dale's on another run to Utah.
I thought husbands and wives were supposed to live in the same time zone.
My bad.
So, how was work? Good.
Hey, do you get those employee discounts? Because we were thinking that we could come over one afternoon, have a spa day.
I know that you've been seeing someone behind my back, getting flower deliveries.
His name is Garrett.
Man has the sweetest love for the Lord.
Must be a handful wrangling those little ones all on your own.
I suppose you'll be relieved when your man gets back from Dallas, huh? Can't be easy for any of you with Kyle away for so long.
Kyle's got a really good job building a new hotel up in Dallas, Taylor.
Your daddy has not been working in Dallas.
Is he gonna come back? No, not right now.
I'm glad you decided to come back.
I am not used to guys playing hard to get.
You know what? I am gonna make this a day you will always remember.
You ready to turn over? Hey, baby.
What are you doing here? Stop.
Huh? What, you're not gonna answer my question? Just let go.
What are you doing here, baby? You breaking our vows, huh? You left me.
It was the only way I could make enough money.
Take it off.
Unh-unh -- the ring.
Take it off! [ Birds chirping ] [ Sighs ] Original Air Date on April 29, 2012 [ Bird squawks ] [ Door opens ] Hey, honey.
Hey, what's all that? Presents for the kids.
Well, what for? For finding out the awful truth about their daddy.
Oh, mama, Katie and Travis are okay -- better than okay given the circumstances.
Well, they're strong.
They get that from my side.
Besides, things will turn around.
There's always something new and exciting around the corner.
I can tell you that from experience -- recent experience.
Okay, mama, what is it? Spit it out.
Mary Sue Bernard broke her hip.
UmYay? "Yay" is right.
The Beaumont Belles have chosen me to replace her as co-chair at this year's benefit.
Of course, I invited Garrett.
It'll be our first major social event.
Well, I'm happy for you.
It sounds like a wonderful evening.
Hang on, you're going.
You always go.
Uh, I always go with Kyle, and Kyle's not here, so But if you're not there, people will talk, and the last thing I want for you is to be known as that poor girl whose husband ran off.
News flash, mama -- I am that girl.
Maybe so, but there's nothing wrong with protecting the family name.
Besides, I need you there for moral support.
Moral support? To ward off that shrew Taylor Berkhalter.
As luck would have it, she's my co-chair.
I wouldn't be surprised if Mary Sue broke her hip on purpose.
[ Laughs ] I'm sure you're gonna be fine.
But, honey -- mama, end of story.
But -- I'm not going.
Can you flip that? Suit yourself.
[ Cellphone rings ] Another bill collector? Worse -- my mama.
Georgia: She left three messages this morning.
Is everything all right? She's convinced that if she harasses me enough, I'll go to this charity dance thing.
Not gonna happen.
I always say missing a party should be a federal offense.
Dee Ann: Well, if that's the case, then Miss Jolene ought to be serving a life sentence.
Georgia's right.
You might miss out on something great.
Y'all don't understand.
Kyle and I used to go to this thing together.
We'd dress up, drink way too much champagne, spend the whole night on the dance floor.
I'm just -- I'm not ready to go alone.
Well, I'm with your mama on this one, honey.
Get your butt off your shoulders and go have some fun.
I used to be the girl that only traveled in a pack [ Cellphone rings ] till one night, my sorority sisters bailed on me at a frat party.
Wouldn't you know it, five minutes later, a cute law student starts chatting me up.
Rest is history.
She's right.
Going stag's not so bad, especially if there's an open bar.
For once, Jolene and I are totally in sync.
Going solo is an adventure.
Anything can happen.
Knowing you, it probably does.
[ Laughs ] Well, y'all are probably right, but I'm gonna sit this one out.
[ Cellphone rings, beeps ] Are you kidding me? Is this your first time here? You can turn over when you're ready.
[ Sighs ] So you're a law student? [ Grunts ] Third year -- practically live at the library.
I just have to get through exams.
The finish line's so close, I can almost taste it.
Wow, athlete and a scholar.
Where were you when I was 22? [ Laughs ] There you are! Got a visitor, one that's easy on the eyes, too.
Hey, there, beautiful.
Bobby "B"! What are you doing here? Grant roped me into a pick-up game.
Should have seen the charge he took.
Guy's hurting.
So I figured I'd bring him by, let you girls work your magic.
G-Grant's here, getting a massage? Yeah.
Deep tissue.
Now, I should be cramming for exams, but I'd sacrifice my GPA for a little Q.
with my girl.
[ Laughs ] I'm sorry, baby, but I'm all booked up.
But we can pull our own all-nighter tomorrow.
Sounds like a plan.
[ Giggles ] Please tell me you put Bobby's friend Grant with Jolene.
Actually, he's with Riley.
[ Sighs ] I am so sorry.
I, uh, can't believe -- no, it's okay -- perfectly normal.
Really? Yeah, of course.
Lots of nerve endings down there.
Happens all the time.
So, maybe there's some kind of special treatment you could recommend? [ Sighs ] This is the longest 50 minutes of my life! Maybe I should just bust in, break things up.
Don't think that'd go over too well with Georgia.
[ Sighs ] Although I wouldn't mind checking out Riley's technique.
Technique? She's got a technique? Oh, my God, Bobby's gonna lose his shit if he finds out! Don't worry.
Riley's known more for her gift of gab than anything else.
I don't know.
Rumor has it she's got lots of gifts.
Dee Ann, if you don't have something comforting to say, just shut it.
Honey, don't worry.
I'm sure it's gonna be fine.
You're right.
I'm probably just getting myself all worked up over nothing.
Positive thinking equals positive results.
Oh, hey, y'all.
What's up? [ Door closes ] How was your massage? Nice.
Great guy.
But it was by the book, right? Just a straight-up, regular Massage? What is wrong with you guys? Why are you asking? Riley, please, just tell me there were no extras.
Looks like another name for the client list.
On me.
Grant being so uptight.
I always pictured him sleeping in his khakis.
Wait, Grant is Bobby's best friend? Since they were 12.
Met at soccer camp.
They do everything together.
I'm sorry.
Kendra, I wishI had known.
Oh, God.
Bobby's summer internship.
He's clerking for Grant's dad.
He's a judge on the Fifth Circuit bench.
Well, good news is, Bobby's got a promising future.
One that won't include me if he finds out what goes on here.
Look, keeping this a secret's not easy for any of us.
I really am sorry.
I wish there was something I could do.
Just pray Grant keeps his business to himself.
And there's Riley and the kids when we went miniature golfing.
Y-you showed me that one.
And, oh, look, Trav got a hole in one.
Hey, Lace, Dale's been in town like five minutes.
Let the man watch his trucks.
I wish these were my trucks.
Evan, look at that.
Right, sorry.
Want some more guac, baby? Extra spicy, just how you like it.
You know what? Your cooking just makes me miss home even more.
Well, if I was on the road with you, I would keep you satisfied the whole time.
Ew, you two, get a room.
Yeah, I second that -- right after we go make a beer run.
Oh, yeah, let's hit it.
Oh, oh.
Wait, wait.
Don't forget to pick up your suit at the dry cleaners.
Why? For the charity dance, remember? Oh, are you kidding me? I'm only in town for 48 hours.
Don't make me go to that thing.
Oh, my God, don't even start! Riley has already bailed this year, and you're not getting out of it, too.
Whoa, I never bailed.
I-I never said I was going in the first place.
Well, at least you'll be there, right? Hanging out with a bunch of Beaumont social climbers -- not my scene, bro.
Yeah, well, if you had a wife, it wouldn't be an option.
Riley: Oh, well, that's true.
Yeah, okay, well, on that note, let's go get those beers.
I miss you already.
Do you? I do.
Watch this.
[ Door opens ] [ Both laugh ] [ Door closes ] Wow, someone is sure doting on her man.
What can I say? I miss my hubby bad.
And I'm trying to get pregnant.
What? Oh, my God, that's great.
God, talk about baby fever.
I can't even walk past the Gymboree without getting all weepy.
Was it like that for you, too? Oh, I was barely 22, so baby fever was more like baby shock.
Yeah, Travis was a surprise, all right.
Ah, best one of my life, though.
Hey, you know what? Could you guys watch the kids later? 'Cause I've got a little work errand to run.
Yeah, sure.
It'll be good practice.
[ Laughs ] [ Telephone ringing ] Oh.
[ Beep ] Hello? Um, yeah.
Sure, I can give him that message.
[ Beep ] Who was that? Head football coach over at Central High.
Apparently, wanted to talk to Kyle.
There's a coaching position available.
K-Kyle would have been perfect for that.
Yeah, he would have.
[ Insects chirping ] Working hard? Always, but your pretty face is a welcome distraction from these damn tort reforms.
So, is this just a happy accident? Not exactly.
When you were in today, I think I made a mistake, and I just wanted to clear it up.
Well, I feel pretty clear thanks to you.
I didn't know that you and Bobby were friends.
Best friends.
Bobby's been with me through everything -- undergrad, law school, my parents' divorce.
He's a good guy.
Kendra's a good girl.
As good as you? I just want to make sure that you know that what happened has nothing to do with her.
[ Sniffs ] Kendra's smart, I'll give her that -- scored big-time landing a Burnett.
It's not like that.
She loves Bobby.
And I'm sure she also loves his parents' beach house, not to mention the charge account at Neiman's.
Wow [sighs] you make their relationship sound like some sort of transaction.
Isn't everything? You of all people should know that.
Look, I came here to make sure that what happened between us stays between us.
And if it doesn't? I wasn't the only one in that room today.
Are you threatening me? Not at all, but I would think that the son of a federal judge would understand the value of discretion.
I'll take that into consideration.
Yeah, you do that, counselor.
Kids went out like tea candles.
Couldn't even get through "Danny and the Dinosaur.
" Mm.
Trav and Katie are so great, huh? Oh, yeah.
[ Crunching ] Why do you smell like mango? [ Chuckles ] It's Riley's body lotion.
You like? Isn't it gonna be a kick when we have our own little ones running around one of these days? Yeah, yeah.
Lacey, what are you doing? What do you think? Well we're on Riley's couch.
So? So, it's a little weird.
Come on.
Weird can be good sometimes, can't it? [ Chuckles ] Come on, it's just you're always on the road, and I want to make our time together count.
Oh, it's gonna count.
I mean, it's gonna get all hot up in here.
I like that.
Oh, yeah, I am gonna oil you down and Ooh.
but just, uh, let daddy catch up on his "Pawn Stars" first, okay? [ TV chatter ] [ Laughs ] So, Linette, I hear you managed to secure a sweet, little cut and color for the auction.
Among other things.
Riley's putting together a wellness basket from her spa, and I secured a private moonlight hayride 'round old man Johnson's farm.
Oh, sounds romantic -- I mean, minus the old man Johnson part.
Well, clearly, the big-ticket item is the five-star getaway to Galveston.
Don't suppose Kyle and Riley plan on having that for themselves.
I don't know what their plans are, actually.
So, Kyle's making the trip back from -- where was it Riley said he was again? Dallas, but I doubt he'll be able to finagle the time off considering he just got promoted to foreman.
Foreman?! Well, that's unexpected good news after the year they've had.
Riley must be over the moon.
About what? About your man's big promotion.
Well, it sounds like Kyle's finally stepping up to the plate these days.
Yeah, you know Kyle -- full of surprises.
Shame he won't be there for the benefit with all these rumors flying around about the state of your union.
That's nothing but gossip.
Regardless, honey, you'll be missed.
Won't be the same without you and Kyle getting all handsy on the dance floor.
Of course, I understand.
Lord, if Beau was away this long, sure I'd want to curl up on the couch with a pint of Rocky Road, too.
Bless your heart, honey.
Yeah, nobody's gonna be curling up on a couch, 'cause I'm going to the dance.
You are? You are? Mm-hmm, just 'cause Kyle's out of town doesn't mean I can't have a good time.
Well, aren't you saucy? All right, well, I guess I'll be seeing you tomorrow.
[ Door opens ] Oh, honey, this is so -- great.
It's just great.
[ Door closes ] [ door opens ] Hey.
Where do you want these? Oh, you can just put those on the counter.
You all right? You seem a little distracted.
Huh? Oh.
Sorry, I just -- I got myself in a pile.
Pickle? Yeah, the Taylor Berkhalter kind.
Real sour kind, huh? [ Sighs ] [ Breathy voice ] Oh, hi, Riley.
How you doing? Oh, is Kyle back yet? [ Chuckles ] Are you bringing him to the benefit? [ Normal voice ] Ugh, that girl is so relentless, I had to tell her I was going to that stupid dance just to shut her the hell up.
You're actually going? Me, myself, and I.
Kind of feel like that girl that didn't get asked to prom.
Like you were ever that girl.
Don't make fun.
Kyle and I have been going to that thing together since we were 20.
Well, look, if it'll make it easier, I-I could take you to the dance.
Really? You said it wasn't your scene.
Well, there's free booze, right? [ Laughs ] It wouldn't be weird? What, a guy can't step in for his brother? Besides, after the past few months we've had, I think we both deserve a little fun.
You're probably right.
Well, I'd better get going before Garza chews me a new one again.
What is wrong with that guy? It seems like he's always on your case.
He is, but, you know, it's a paycheck, right? Hey.
[ Clears throat ] Kyle got a call yesterday.
There's a coaching gig over at Central.
Yeah, well, they called for Kyle.
Right, but you'd be perfect -- great athlete, good with kids.
I don't know.
So, what, brother can't step in? I'm just saying, you should maybe give that coach call.
I'll see you later.
[ Chuckles ] Okay.
[ Sighs ] [ Birds chirping ] Oh, hey, how did things go with Bobby last night? They didn't.
I canceled our date.
I was too stressed not knowing what Grant told him.
Well, for what it's worth, I don't think he said anything to him.
How do you know? I went to see him.
You did? Oh, my God, well, what did he say? Is he gonna keep his mouth shut? Honestly, I'm not sure.
[ Towels thud ] Man.
If Bobby finds out, we're through.
It shouldn't matter.
Would it matter to Kyle? Probably.
Then again, he's the whole reason I end up here in the first place.
Lord, just get me through the wedding, and it'll all be behind me.
Behind you? Bobby doesn't want me to work after we're married.
[ Chuckles lightly ] Okay, well, what do you want? I just want to make him happy.
And sacrifice is just part of the deal, right? As long as you're not sacrificing yourself.
[ Door opens ] Hey, y'all! Got two tickets to Starlight Cinema.
Looking for a plus one.
[ Door closes ] Riley, you in? Well, looks like I'm going to that dance after all.
Your mama finally wore you down, huh? Yeah, something like that.
Well, you just keep your shoulders back, your head high, and don't take any crap from anyone, you hear? I will try.
All right.
[ Door opens ] Hey.
[ Door closes ] Will you just think about what I said? [ TV chatter ] Yeah, coach, looks like the problem's with your secondary, especially your safeties -- they're over-committing.
I mean, they're aggressive, which is good.
They just need to be a little more disciplined.
What about the line? I'd definitely work on the gap control.
As you can see, the left side's consistently over-shifting.
I got to say, I'm impressed.
I just watch a lot of U.
games is all, and play a lot of "Madden.
" [ Chuckles ] Don't sell yourself short.
I know you played ball for East Beaumont.
If I remember correctly, you were a pretty darn good safety back in the day.
Eh, high-school dreams.
Hell, son, if we don't have dreams, what do we have? "Madden," huh? I game-plan to "Madden" myself a little bit.
I can never beat that computer.
[ Chuckles ] What's wrong with this number? Zipper's busted.
And this? Makes me look like a schoolmarm.
I don't know what made me change my mind about going tonight.
Oh, yes, I do -- Taylor Jerkhalter.
[ Laughs ] "Jerkhalter.
" I haven't heard you call Taylor Berkhalter that in forever.
Seriously, I don't know why she bothers me.
Doesn't make any sense.
Uh, because she's still Taylor Jerkhalter, just with a whole lot more money.
Yeah, but it's not like me.
People don't usually get under my skin.
Oh, that girl is a giant pain in our ass.
Oh, delicately said.
All right, then She's meddlesome, insufferable, and overweening.
Somebody has been working on their crossword.
Dale says there's nothing sexier than a plus-size vocabulary -- good thing.
May have to talk him into having a baby.
Okay [Sighs] should I still be wearing my wedding ring? You really want my opinion? Well, you've never held back before.
A wedding ring's meant to symbolize an unending union.
It's an outward symbol of an inward bond.
That's beautiful.
And in your case, it's bullshit.
There are not words ugly enough to describe what Kyle did to you and the kids.
To walk out that door and leave you to fend for yourselves without so much as saying a word or giving you a clue? Okay, well, maybe he did give me clues, and I didn't see -- Don't, don't.
Don't you dare make excuses for Kyle Parks.
You are way past that.
I know.
So, snap out of it, girl.
I will.
Look, the truth is, I thought about selling it right after he left, but I can't.
I mean, this ring has been in his family for three generations.
Ugh, you want to talk about family? You, Travis, Katie by yourselves together on your own -- that is your family.
Okay, this is not doing either one of us any good.
We're gonna be late.
We need to find something to wear.
[ Sighs ] I need to pee.
It is not good for me to be upset when I'm ovulating.
[ Doorbell rings ] I'll get it! Oh, hey, Lace! Think I just found something for you to wear.
Here, try this one.
[ Doorbell rings ] Hey.
Come on in.
Thanks for coming early.
The kids are almost home, and I just have to finish getting ready.
Well Oh, sweetie, you know what? That's just a tad nauseating.
Easy, Smurfette.
Oh, God, it's even more heinous than the last.
I just want to wear something that's gonna really get Dale's attention.
Well, you know what? Try that black one that you brought over with the low neckline? Maybe that'll do the trick.
Mm, fingers crossed.
You can check my closet again! [ Scoffing ] Yeah.
I'm sorry.
She's a little on edge today.
A little? You know what? There's, um -- there's pizza in the freezer, so you can make that for them.
Shut the front door! What are you doing with that? What are you not doing with it? This thing's brand-spanking-new.
Yeah, Ibought it for my anniversary.
I was gonna surprise Kyle, but that never happened, so So let's make it happen tonight! Yeah, I was thinking of doing something a little more low-key.
Screw low-key.
Let's give those Beaumont Belles something to really talk about.
Oh, boy, it is pretty special.
Oh, what the hell? Go big or go home, right? Mm-hmm.
[ Laughs ] Okay, now we got to deal with you.
Come on, let's find you something fierce to wear.
Oh, boy.
Go on.
[ Telephone ringing ] Oh.
[ Beep ] Hello.
Hey, it's me.
Hey, you on your way? I ran into, uh, a little hiccup.
You know that job interview? Yeah, the one at the high school.
How'd it go? It's still going.
Coach actually wants me to grab a beer and meet some of the other guys on the staff.
Wha-- now? I know.
You know what? I-I'll tell him That I can't make it.
[ Sighs ] Do you think that you could get the job? I think I got a pretty decent shot.
Well, then you got to go for it.
What about tonight? Eh, it's a stupid dance.
This could be a good opportunity for you.
You're the best.
You know that? Yeah.
That's what they say.
[ Beep ] [ Sighs ] [ Up-tempo music playing ] Riley, I'm super-psyched you're here.
[ Laughs ] Like she had much of a choice.
What, you practically forced her in the car.
I was just being persuasive.
Pers-- that's you being persuasive? That was pushy, honey.
That was -- excus-- Dale, that is the rudest thing I've ever heard.
I am thirsty.
Hey, guys.
I need a drink.
Guys? A dr-- a drink? Excuse me! Really, are you gonna leave me here alone? [ Sighs ] Okay.
[ Indistinct conversations ] Where do you think you're going? Georgia, what are you doing here? Figured you needed some backup.
Bought myself a ticket.
Thank you.
So, are we gonna get this party started or what? You're gonna behave, right? Mm, we'll see.
[ Both laugh ] [ Laughter ] His name was Tiny? Yeah.
Hand to God, I saw the birth certificate myself.
Well, you should have seen his brother.
God knows what they were feeding those boys.
One of them even went on to play nose tackle for the Cardinals.
That's kind of like Evan's brother here.
You know, Kyle could have gone pro easy if he hadn't blown out his knee.
Your brother is Kyle Parks? Yeah.
That guy was a freak of nature! ran for over 400 yards his senior year.
It's a crying shame to get sidelined like that.
Damn straight.
So, what's Kyle up to these days? No good.
Skipped town, left his family high and dry.
Last I heard, he was somewhere on a beach down in Mexico.
[ Laughing ] I'm just screwing with y'all! [ Laughter ] No, Kyle's good.
Yeah, he's, uh -- he's off in Dallas on some big construction job.
Well, all I know is once East Beaumont gets wind that we're hiring his baby brother, they are gonna be eating their shorts, believe you me.
[ Laughs ] Man: Cheers to that.
Ooh the way you cover me when we go out, there ain't no doubt ♪ [ Gasps ] Oh! Oh! [ Chuckles ] Sweet, sweet nectar.
This Kyle thing's got me tied up in knots.
Will you relax? Evan filling in as Riley's date for his brother while he's working in Dallas -- it sounds perfectly reasonable.
Well, I hope so.
Look, there's Riley! Honey, don't you look like a hot tamale tonight! Now, doesn't she? Belle of the ball, no doubt about it.
And where's that substitute prince? Long story.
Evan's not coming? 'Cause I already told everybody he was your date.
Luckily, she has me instead.
Georgia Cummings.
Oh, you're Riley's boss down at that rubbing place! Mama.
Georgia: And you must be Linette.
It is really so nice to meet you.
Now we all know where Riley gets that gorgeous skin from.
If you must know, I was Miss Texarkana.
Not that she's bragging or anything.
Oh! And this is my date -- Garrett.
Nice to meet you.
Oh, have we met before? You look familiar.
I get that a lot.
Maybe it's my rugged good looks.
Linette: Now who's bragging? So, Georgia, what is your secret down at that spa? I mean, whatever you're putting down, they're sure picking up, and -- and the way my daughter's been able to support her family, I couldn't be more proud.
Thanks, mama.
Hey, there's Shorty Hendricks from the dealership.
Come on, there's nothing he loves more than a beautiful blonde.
Quit, you're making me blush.
Okay, I'll see y'all later.
Riley: Okay, bye.
Well, that was interesting.
[ Sighs ] [ Sighs ] [ Bell chimes ] [ Door closes ] Baby, what are you doing here? I thought you were studying.
We need to talk.
Is everything okay? I'm ready to get our lives started, babe.
Let's move the wedding up.
What do you say? Are you ready to be Mrs.
Robert Burnett? [ Sighs ] [ Voice breaking ] Are you kidding? I was born ready.
[ Breathes deeply ] Bye.
Fancy seeing you here.
Hey, this is a surprise.
I'll bet.
Not used to seeing me in a -- Suit -- in a suit.
[ Chuckles nervously ] Glad to see that you're involved in charitable causes.
Well, you're not the only one that lends a helping hand.
[ Chuckles nervously ] So, how about a spin on the dance floor? No, I can't.
[ Clears throat ] I'm waiting on somebody.
Guess I'll have to make another appointment.
Guess so.
[ Sighs ] Hey.
Oh, the line for the ladies' room was a mile deep! Was that -- Yeah, small world.
Almost had a full-blown panic attack.
Well, don't worry, honey.
If the weather's not working for you, just wait a minute.
It'll change.
Oh, well, get ready 'cause here comes a storm.
Riley, surprised you made it.
Told you I was coming, didn't I? Sure, but I figured you'd shy away once you thought about how it would look, you know, being here without Kyle.
She's doing fine without him.
Until he comes back.
You mean if he comes back.
I mean, seeing how he's this big foreman and all, who knows how many out-of-town offers he'll get? Yeah, who knows? Taylor, this is my friend Georgia.
Oh, do you work at that little spa, too? No, honey, I own that little spa.
Well, aren't you somethin'? Hey, Riley.
Thanks, love.
Well, the whole team's here.
Shame Kyle's not representin'.
That is exactly what we were just saying.
The good news is, Kyle and Riley won't outbid us on that Galveston getaway this year.
It's all yours.
Nice to see you, Beau.
Did you see her? You could crack a walnut in her cleavage! What in God's name is going on here? Georgia, please, I'm just trying to make it through the night.
By pretending Kyle is gonna come back and sweep you off your feet? I know he's not coming back.
Well, these people obviously don't.
You don't understand what they're like.
They just build you up so high to see how far you'll fall.
You already have a mess of secrets on your plate at work.
Can't do nothing about that, but you can do something about this.
So they can have a field day with their gossip and pitying looks? No, thanks.
Honey, trust me, I know all about people with big mouths and tiny minds.
Only one way to shut them down -- you're gonna have to own up to the truth.
[ Glass clinking ] [ Sighs ] Linette: All right, quiet down, y'all! [ Applause ] And now it's time to announce the winner of our big-ticket auction item! A five-star, all-expense-paid weekend getaway in Galveston! And the winning bid goes to Riley Parks? Riley Parks? Don't look at me, honey.
Me either.
A $500 bid from the guy who wishes he could be there with you.
Someone sure has a sweet husband.
Now, sugar, get your butt on up here.
[ Applause ] [ Laughs ] Well, I guess I was wrong about you and Kyle.
Oh, you've been wrong about a lot of things.
Congratulations, baby.
Thanks, mama.
I can'taccept that.
What?! Sure you can.
No, I can't.
Kyle didn't buy it for me.
[ Sighs ] Look, Kyle left me and the kids seven weeks ago, and I have no idea if he's ever coming back.
And the thing is, I've been dancing around the issue for weeks now, and for who? [ Scoffs ] Yes, my husband left me.
That says everything about him and nothing about me.
[ laughter ] Oh, my gosh, I thought Taylor was gonna keel over when you won that prize.
I got to hand it to you, that was a great performance.
I'm just thankful y'all had my back.
Well, ladies, I hate to break up a good time, but it's my witching hour.
Georgia, thanks for coming.
And thanks for always telling it like it is.
Even if you don't want to hear it? Especially then.
Good, 'cause, honey, that's how I roll.
[ Laughter ] Night, y'all.
Really? Get into it.
We're into it now.
[ Laughs ] Oh, shoot.
[ Sighs ] Why didn't I want to come to this thing? This is fun.
I know.
Garrett: Oh, I can't remember the last time I had this much fun.
I can't remember the last time someone was so thoughtful.
You didn't have to do that, you know.
Do what, darling? Quit playing coy.
I know it was you Bought my baby girl that trip to Galveston just so our family could save face.
You really are one of a kind, Garrett Landry.
L-Linette I've been thinking.
Now, as much as I love spending time with your family, I'm tired of sharing you.
What do you say we, uh get away somewhere, just the two of us? Well, I'd be a damn fool to say no to that.
Garrett, right? Uh, yes, ma'am.
So, did you have a good time tonight? Well, dogs are barking for sure, but it was worth it.
You know, I swear I know you.
I never forget a name or a face.
I'm sure it'll come to me.
Don't let it keep you up.
Good night.
They're asleep? Good.
Okay, I'll be home soon.
[ Beep ] [ Sighs ] Lacey Jean, you are one shot away from the stretcher.
Now, what is going on with you, and where the hell is Dale? We had a fight.
Oh, well, that happens.
Just go home and fix it -- twice.
I don't know if I can.
Dale's not sure if he wants kids.
[ Sighs ] Sweetie, what did you say? Nothing.
He lost his temper, said he didn't want to talk about it.
He's going back on the road tomorrow.
I don't I don't know what to do.
You just do whatever it takes.
I mean, hell, go with him.
Spend some time together.
It'll work itself out.
Oh, God, I hope so.
[ Sighs ] Hey.
Come on.
Let's call it? Yeah.
Let your hair down on this blanket, baby ♪ let's stare up at this Southern moon ♪ and the stars that are falling, still falling ♪ oh, baby, I'm still falling Come on.
Hey, Riley.
Hey! [ Chuckles ] All right, go home and infect Dale with that baby fever.
I will try my best.
Okay, I love you.
Love you, too.
Falling, still falling [ Engine turns over ] Well, you took fashionably late to a whole new level.
I was just hoping to get in one dance.
Ugh, how about a sit? [ Laughing ] My feet are killing me.
Yeah? Yes.
Oh! [ Giggles ] So, how'd it go tonight? Was being the single girl really that bad? Oh, it had its moments.
[ Both chuckle ] What about you? How was your night? Did you get that job? They offered it to me.
That's great news.
Isn't it? Turned it down.
Realized football, coaching [ Sighs ] never been my dream.
Yeah, I guess that was more Kyle's thing.
So, other than achy feet, anything else worth mentioning? Any special auction item maybe? [ Gasps ] That was you? I hated having to cancel.
I-I just wanted to do something big.
Oh, it was big, all right.
Yeah? Mm-hmm.
It inspired me to tell the truth to everyone about Kyle.
You told everyone? Everybody who gave a rat's ass.
Good for you.
Guess we're both tired of living in Kyle's shadow.
Come on.
Let's get you home, Cinderella.
Yes, sir.
[ Giggles ] Don't you fall, now.
I'm trying.
Going out of my mind don't even know my own name half the time ♪ how'd I get so blind that I couldn't see ♪ what was right in front of me? ♪ wish I was wrong I wish that you were right here lying in my arms ♪ deep down inside, I got to face the truth ♪ that you're not coming home Oh! Oh.
This love is over this love is over I'm gonna marry you, Riley.
You know that.
I'm only 21.
Alright, maybe not tonight.
I'm telling you You're the one.