The Client List s02e02 Episode Script

Who's Cheatin' Who?

Previously on The Client List Kyle Parks, you're under arrest.
Hands behind your back.
Parks was arrested last night and is being held at Harris County jail.
All right.
I'm hiring an attorney.
You are not bailing that man out of trouble.
All we need is a $5,000 retainer.
I don't have that kind of cash on me.
How can I help you today? I need to open a small line of credit on my house for some attorney fees.
Riley Parks, Detective Monroe.
Detective Dunbar -- Houston P.
I played with Kyle at U.
Manny Monroe.
Manny the Man! Manny the Man might be your friend, but I'm not.
Did Mr.
Parks ever give you any of his funds off the sale of the stolen copper wire? No.
No one has given me any money.
Why are you standing by him? He is Katie and Travis' daddy.
Are you sure you're doing this for the kids and not you? I promise.
I've been there for her.
And there was nothing in it for you, right? Don't you think we deserve a little selfish time? Riley, what are you getting at? I think you should sell the Rub.
I'll make payments.
I'd be the owner.
Think about it.
I'm selling you the spa.
Jolene and Kendra just quit.
Yeah, and Dee Ann hurt her knee at zumba.
I called in a favor from one of my very powerful clients.
Hello, Judge Overton.
After that nasty business with the councilman, I'm not sure how much longer I can keep them away from her.
Oh, yeah.
Does that feel good to you? Mm, yeah.
It's great! Can I, uh, turn over now? Oh, sure.
Hot night in the city ain't no water in the well mama ain't gonna sleep tonight ♪ Mm.
How's that pressure? Oh, yeah.
If I don't get out of here, I can't be blamed ♪ You sure? Oh, yeah.
Yeah! Oh! Ah.
Thank God.
You were amazing, as usual.
You know, some girls would get their feelings hurt that you cry, Walter.
Yeah, that's -- that's why you're my favorite.
You get me.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I went over my hour.
Oh, did you? I didn't even notice.
1, 2, 3, let's go Original Air Date on March 17, 2013 Longest day ever.
Best day ever.
I'm telling you -- Kyle getting arrested here was so good for business.
Less girls means more money for us.
And by "us," I mean me.
Thank you, little miss sensitivity.
All right.
What's wrong with you? I feel like my arm's about to fall off.
It's peckeritis.
Is that really a thing? Yeah.
All right.
You know how some supermarket cashiers get carpal tunnel from working the register, except they're making change, and you're making, well Really? Peckeritis? Yeah! Yeah! Can you straighten your arm? Yeah, of course I can s-- ohh! I told you.
Oh, my God! It's really a thing.
Yeah, well, just, uh But don't try to submit it for insurance.
Selena, stop.
That leaves us only one solution.
Yeah, give me all your clients.
We have to hire new girls.
And by "we," I mean me.
Ow! Ow! Ow.
Hey, I thought you said you were gonna wait for me.
It's all right.
I got it.
Didn't you say you hurt your arm at work? No, it's just -- ohh! You got it? It doesn't look like you got it.
I'm so sorry.
You all right? How's your arm? Ow.
You know, maybe someone should take care of your aches and pains for once.
That is nice for an amateur.
Very funny.
What the hell you got in here, anyway? A bunch of bricks? Oh.
No, it's -- ow -- a box of old pageant stuff.
Don't tell me you're busting out the old tiara.
That is a good look.
No, Katie needs a costume for this Texas Wildlife day thing, and she wants to be an armadillo.
So I'm gonna make it.
That feels good.
Anyway, I know that I've got some fabric in here somewhere.
Super mom to the rescue, huh? Yeah, not to mention super Uncle.
I already told the kids you were going.
Well, kryptonite couldn't keep me away.
Are you doing anything Thursday afternoon? Uh, let me think -- making this costume, casserole, and there's a "Hoarders" rerun.
As amazing as that sounds, I wanted to take you to someplace special.
I don't know.
I mean, it is a 300-pound woman whose home is overrun with bunnies.
I can do better than bunnies.
Pick you up at 4:00? Mm-hmm.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Ow! The sign is perfect.
This place looks great.
The food is fabulous, the ambiance is to die for, and the management -- you're looking at the new manager of Harold's Bar -- Houston's latest hot spot.
The manager? Are you serious? Harold needed a hand in running it, and if there is one thing I learned in all my years at the Rub of Sugar Land, it's -- how to give a man a hand.
Don't tell me.
Riley Parks.
My Georgia can't stop talking about you.
I'm Harold.
It's a pleasure.
And thank you for freeing up my baby's time and handling everything at the spa.
Oh, well I'm an expert handler.
Well, welcome to my place.
I'm sure we'll see each other soon.
Mwah! Ladies, excuse me.
He is handsome.
Isn't he, though? And as sweet as sugar.
That's why he can never find out about the spa.
Woman, it's in the vault.
Oh, honey! I can't take cash.
But you said that I could make payments.
You're not changing your mind about selling the Rub.
No, no, honey.
I'm getting out of the game, but you can't pay me with this.
This deal has got to be completely aboveboard for me and for you.
I'll get you a check.
There's a girl here to see you about that waitress position.
Tell her I'll be right there.
Look, Georgia, I'm getting ready to hire some new girls myself, so how do I know who to trust? Take your time.
Follow your gut.
There's a lot more at stake at the Rub than just messing up a drink order.
One bad decision, and everything we've worked for goes down the drain.
What's going on? The judge moved up the bail hearing.
I tried to call you, but it was all over in 10 minutes.
What happened? Well, we pled not guilty to first-degree felony larceny.
So, they're gonna release him on bail, you told the judge that he's got family here? The D.
argued that he's a flight risk and a danger to the community.
Well, that's just ridiculous.
I mean, what's the bail? $75,000.
Is that judge on crack? $75,000, Kyle? The court is concerned that Kyle might flee back to Mexico -- not to mention his lack of cooperation.
What do they want from him? A confession, for starters.
Right now the D.
's case is entirely circumstantial.
They have no evidence tying Kyle to the crime, but if that stolen wire were to turn up And I told you that I don't have it.
So, what if they could get their wire back from whoever did steal it? If Vandermeyer Construction were to recoup their losses, they'd most likely drop the charges against Kyle.
And until that happens, you need to put up and a bondsman will put up the rest.
You're looking at $7,500.
I need to speak to Kyle alone.
I'll be in touch.
Where the hell am I supposed to get $7,500, Kyle? Everything is gonna be okay.
"Okay"? There's nothing about any of this that's okay.
Now, you need to return that wire.
That can't happen.
Why not? Because I want nothing more to do with Mick Vandermeyer.
That guy is nothing but trouble.
Graham just said if they get back what they lost, they might drop the charges.
I'm afraid your time's up, Mr.
I just got here.
Your mom told me the bail hearing happened.
How'd it go? Not good.
What can I do? Do you happen to have $7,500? Didn't think so.
First two verses.
The stars at night are big and bright Deep in the heart of Texas the prairie skies are wide and high ♪ Deep in the heart of Texas Texas Wildlife day, here we come! You guys were so great.
- Now, who wants ice cream? - Me! Well, then, go get ready! Yay! Whoo.
Here you go.
Oh, yes.
Thank you.
I'm really glad you guys came over.
It's sweet that they're friends.
So, how are the kids holding up? I haven't told them yet.
I just wanted everything to be sorted out.
I was hoping that my line of credit would pay all of Kyle's legal fees.
Is there anything that we can do? Do you have any more options? I mean, I know you have some cash.
Not nearly enough.
It's like I'm underwater here.
Well, let me check into your finances again.
We'll figure something out.
Excuse me.
Hey, Georgia.
Riley, whatever you did with the client list, make sure it's good and hidden.
There's no time to explain.
Trust me.
Everything okay? Uh, you know what, actually? It's a -- it's a work emergency.
I got it.
I got it.
Come on, kids! Let's go get some ice cream! Yay! Ice cream! Bye-bye.
Bye! Go get it! Love you! Love you! Bye! Bye! Oh.
Thank you, Mr.
What are y'all doing here? What's up, Riley? Riley Parks, we have a warrant to search your house.
Come on, guys.
Let's go to work.
Sorry about this, Riley.
Oh, I'm sorry.
All right.
Why don't you start in there? So are you guys still looking around for large spools of copper wire? We're not looking for wire.
Well, you're not tearing my house apart for nothing.
We're looking for cash.
What cash? The stolen wire was fenced last night in Biloxi by Kyle's accomplice.
Wait, you caught someone with the wire? Kyle's accomplice is still at large.
The Biloxi police arrested the men he sold the wire to.
They paid thousands in cash.
You can keep looking around.
You're not gonna find anything here.
Aiding and abetting a felon is a serious crime.
is a long time to spend away from your family.
I'm gonna say it again.
You are not gonna find anything here.
We'll see about that.
Let's check the bedroom.
Talk about your bedside manner.
Let's go.
Be thorough.
We can't all be as sweet as you, Riley, but my partner does have a point.
Do you really want to take the fall for a crime Kyle committed? Allegedly committed.
Kyle was my man at U.
I had his back on that football field, and he had mine.
But he's changed.
This whole little walkabout with these pills in Mexico -- a lady like you doesn't deserve that.
He's still my husband.
That hasn't changed.
He's an anvil, Riley, and he's pulling you down.
Now, if you want to cooperate, tell us what you know.
Line up in hold.
All right.
Let's move.
I cannot believe the police searched your house.
I know.
I've never felt so violated.
Neither has he.
You are very clever.
I'm just glad I got the kids out in time.
So, when are you gonna tell them? I don't know -- hopefully, Kyle will get out on bail, and I won't have to.
You came up with the bail? That was fast.
I'm working on it.
Now, does this look like an armadillo to you? Kind of.
I am so overworked.
Do you know that I've got Is that even humanly possible? No, that's why I'm hiring some new masseuses.
Ow! Well, how do you hire therapists that do, you know, whatyou do? I don't.
I'm getting some people who do legit massages, and if they end up, like me, needing the money, well, that is completely up to them.
So, you have no idea what goes on behind closed doors? Well, I definitely have an idea.
Like, I'm doing a room-rental system -- you know, the more rooms I rent, the more money I make.
Kind of like we rent the chairs at the salon, except we just do blow-dries.
Lacey, that is only Selena.
Well, how are you gonna choose between all these applicants? I don't know, but I'm glad there are so many, 'cause if I've learned one thing about men, it's that they like all types.
Do you have your massage license? Wow, you look, uh -- you look different from your picture.
Hi, there.
No, we don't do that here.
You have a massage license? Yeah, and I don't know if it applies, but I'm also a Yoga instructor.
Oh, that's cool.
Believe me, I could use a shot of Zen.
Hey, there.
Hold on.
Let me find you.
UhOh! Look there.
What was that? Hi.
I'm Nikki.
This place rocks.
Nice to meet you.
You're so pretty.
Well, thank you.
Nice to meet you, too.
Have a seat.
So, it says here that you're a student.
Oh, it's just Houston Community College.
Nobody in my family ever went to school, so it's kind of a big deal.
If my mom had her way, I'd be a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader.
So, what are you studying at school? Accounting.
I've got a thing for numbers.
Well, that could come in handy around here.
So, you're not working right now? No.
I mean, I had a job, butIt didn't work out.
Well, what kind of job was that? Okay.
Well, look.
I'm not proud of this, but I was dancing and not for the Cowboys -- I mean, not for the Dallas Cowboys.
Well, tuition's expensive.
Nothing to be ashamed of.
Education's very important.
It's everything to me.
Anyways, so I got my massage license so that I wouldn't have to take off my clothes at lunch for these horny guys that give crappy tips.
I shouldn't have brought up that stripping thing.
Look, I just want you to know I really want this job.
Well, if you really want it, there's just one more thing you're gonna have to do.
This is really tight.
What have you been doing? Taking care of everybody but me.
I'm sure it's a lot of work running this place, but you seem like you'd be a cool boss.
Oh, thank you.
That is really -- ooh -- really nice.
Hey, could you come back and do this again tomorrow? You want me to come back? Room 7 is all yours.
Thank you.
Hey, mama.
We have a problem.
Yeah, I ordered the pizza already.
You need to come home now.
What on earth are they fighting about? How come daddy was on TV and nobody told me? Who told you he was on TV? Ethan told everybody at school.
Uh, you know what? Your daddy ran into some trouble at work.
For what? That's a little hard to explain.
Do you remember the time you took the cookie 'cause Katie didn't have one, and so you ended up doing something wrong trying to help your sister? But why was daddy on TV? Uh, because what daddy took was a little bit more serious than that, so the police had to take him to jail.
So, daddy's a bad guy? No, your daddy's not a bad guy.
He just -- he made a mistake.
Well, what are you two worrying about? Mama's here.
I got this, okay? Now, go.
Get ready for dinner.
Go, go, go! I just feel like I keep breaking their hearts.
You handled that so well.
I couldn't have done half as good a job.
I hope that's the pizza.
Riley Parks? Yes.
It's from Kyle.
Are you crazy? I have cops searching the house, and you send some stranger over with dirty money? Play it out, Kyle.
How can we take care of our kids if we're both in jail? Well, the original plan was for me to deliver it myself.
It doesn't matter.
It's still dirty money you stole from innocent people.
"Innocent"? Vandermeyer steals from everyone.
Hell, that copper wire was probably stolen in the first place.
It doesn't matter what they did.
We need to turn that money in.
If you give that money to the cops, you are giving the prosecution the evidence that they need to convict me.
Is that what you want to do? You want to send me to prison? You're doing a fine job of that on your own.
I'm not saying what I did was right.
You think this is the man that I ever wanted to be? You don't understand how desperate I was.
I mean, I hated what I was doing, and it tore me up inside.
But I felt like I had no choice.
Now, I need you to promise me that you're not gonna make any rash decisions here.
Let me introduce you to Selena.
Oh, Riley, hey.
Um, I'm leaving early.
Check out this sale at Nieman's.
Thank God for these alerts.
That's like -- The total is $587.
30, which is a savings of $272.
Well, nobody likes a show-off.
Who the hell are you? This is Nikki, our new girl, and apparently a very good math student.
Really? Nikki.
Well, do this math.
More employees cut into my purse fund, so you should leave.
She's gonna be in room 7.
I do have good memories of room 7.
You know what? Your client's here.
His name is Walter.
I don't like that girl.
Why? 'Cause she's good at math? No.
I don't trust her.
She was eavesdropping on our conversation.
Oh, good lord.
Will you relax? We need help with the client list, and this might be our girl.
Selena, stop that.
Yeah, right.
That's if you can trust her.
Well, we'll know soon enough.
How? 'Cause I'm testing her.
Your shoulders are really tight.
Yes, I got a lot of emotional tension built up.
Are there any other areas you would like for me to work on? Yeah, you bet there is.
But first will you pass me that box of tissues? Yeah.
Come in.
Hey, there.
How was the first massage? It's always thehardest.
Since you brought it up Look, I'm not trying to get anyone in trouble, and I really need this job, but my client, Walter -- he asked me for a happy ending.
Oh, God.
That sounds awful.
But you know what I mean.
Oh, yes, and I am sorry.
That -- that won't happen again.
I'm gonna talk to him.
I'm not gonna lie.
It was kind of tempting.
He offered me a really big tip.
Really big.
Sowhat stopped you? You've just been so cool to me, and I know that this isn't that kind of a place.
What if I said it was? Look, 90% of what we do here is legit, but the other 10% Is what Walter asked for.
No wonder Selena can afford that $587.
30 purse.
And listen you don't have to do anything that you're not comfortable with.
Hi, I'm Karina -- Ethan's mom.
I'm Linette.
Come on in.
I'm here to drop off some refinancing paperwork for Riley.
Your son, Ethan, owes Travis an apology.
Excuse me? You had no business telling your son about Kyle.
I am so sorry.
It wasn't me.
He was with his daddy over the weekend.
He probably saw it on the news.
I'm sorry.
This has just been so hard on everyone.
I'll talk to Ethan and make sure he apologizes.
I would never want to upset Riley.
I've been in her shoes.
So, do you mind giving her these refi papers to sign? Sure.
I'll make sure she gets them.
Thank you.
And, again, I'm really sorry.
We got a problem.
Uh, okay.
I'll be right there.
Selena, you need to get in your uniform right now.
Well, out of all the spas in all the world, you guys got to walk into mine.
And for good reason.
The money from the stolen wire still hasn't turned up.
Maybe it never will.
Or maybe Kyle gave it to someone he trusts, and they were smart enough not to leave it at their house.
That's an interesting theory.
You're a detective.
I'm sure you'll figure it out.
So you don't mind if we take a look around, then? Can I see your search warrant? Aw, darn.
I guess you guys are just gonna have to show yourselves out.
We'll be back with one, Riley -- sooner rather than later.
And I look forward to it.
Excuse me.
I'm looking for Mick Vandermeyer.
Yo! Mick! Someone's here to see you.
What can I do you for? I'm Riley Parks -- Kyle's wife.
Oh, it's a shame about Kyle.
Breaks my heart to have to do this to him, but I had to set an example.
Look, I know that you think my husband made a mistake, but he wasn't involved.
So, you came here thinking, with your beauty and your obvious charms, that you could convince me that your husband didn't steal a semitruck full of copper wire? No.
Actually, I came here to square his account.
I took that from our family savings.
I have two kids at home th really miss their daddy.
And the half that his partner took? I don't -- I don't know anything about a partner.
Look, I'm just here to clear up the confusion about Kyle.
But if you still feel like you need more money, then I can make that happen, too.
You know, I wish my third -- hell, even my fourth wife were as stand-by-your-man as you are, Mrs.
I'm standing by my kids.
I understand that.
I truly do.
And I'm a man who believes in squaring accounts.
So, then, you're gonna drop the charges against Kyle as long as I can get you the rest of that money? That would be the Christian thing to do.
But I'm spiritually adrift.
As far as I'm concerned, I've never met you.
You never gave me a bag of cash.
And my suggestion is, next time, pick a man worth standing by.
Now get out of here.
You look like you could use a drink.
I wish a drink could fix all this.
What's going on? I don't even know where to start.
I mean, this Kyle thing -- it's a real mess.
And it's not just affecting me personally.
It's affecting the business.
Do you remember those two detectives I told you about -- the ones that searched my house? They came to the Rub.
Did they look around? No.
They couldn't.
They didn't have a search warrant, but I'm gonna tell you -- they're gonna get one.
A warrant to search the Rub? I mean, if the clients find out that the cops paid us another visit, we're gonna lose everyone.
Maybe I could make a few phone calls, call in a favor.
Louboutin kept the cops off your back.
Let's see if he can help again.
Oh, Georgia, I didn't mean to get you caught up in all this.
Oh, honey.
We're family.
Family look out for each other.
Thank you.
I can't.
Kyle gave this one to me.
I mean, maybe I should just call Evan and cancel.
With all that's happening, you need to take a couple hours just for you, don't you think? No, what I think is that I should stay in.
You're going out.
You deserve to be happy.
Umah! Remember? I got you this one.
I mean, how can I be happy, though? My life's a big hot mess.
You have two beautiful kids.
Well, that's very true, but you know what? Let's review.
I'm ashamed to tell them what their mama does for a living.
I have a top-secret life in Sugar Land.
My husband leaves me, then comes back, gets himself thrown in jail for stealing copper wire.
Who steals copper wire? And on top of that, I'm dating my husband's brother.
I mean, I am one step away from being a guest on "Jerry Springer.
" I love that show.
I do! What did I miss? Oh! So much, mama.
You two been hitting the chardonnay? You wish.
Where are you off to? No need to be nosy.
Anything you want to tell me? So badly -- but I'm not going to.
Lacey Jean.
What -- what's that, Travis?! Aunt Lacey's coming! I can't believe we have this whole place to ourselves.
How'd you manage it? I did some roofing for the owner last week.
Told him I wanted to bring someone special, so he shut down early for us.
You okay? Yeah.
Everything's great.
You know, as much as I love that beauty-queen smile of yours, I can tell when something's upsetting you.
You want to talk about it? I'm just so mad at Kyle, I don't even want to look at him, and every time I try to fix this whole thing, it just gets worse.
Well, maybe I can help keep your mind off it for a little bit.
Yay! You know, watching you lose is getting tiring.
Watch this.
Did you see that shining passing by at the speed of sound? ♪ You okay? My club is bent.
What are you, like 15? When I'm with you.
beautiful and amazing I think I finally struck gold! Oh.
Is that what the kids are calling it? Come on.
Let's see if I got a hole in one.
Don't you mean a hole in two? It didn't come out.
There she goes like a shooting star ♪ Ethan.
I can't believe you did this.
Lighting up this world with a little smile ♪ she's on the rise and, oh, there she goes, and she won't slow down ♪ Here's to focusing on the good.
This is really sweet.
Keep on shining like a shooting ♪ Hello? Yes, I'll accept the charges.
Hey, I just got phone privileges.
I was hoping I could say hi to the kids.
Uh, not right now.
Why not? Because I'm not at home.
Where are you? I'm just not at home.
Can I call back tomorrow, the same time? Sure.
And, Riley you mind telling the kids their daddy loves them? Yeah.
I'll tell them.
Um, can we just rewind that whole last part? Tough to do, but we can try.
I'm sorry.
I mean, I really am trying to get back to where we were when he was gone, but he's just not gone anymore.
He's not.
But I'm not giving up getting us where we need to go.
And I think the universe agrees with me.
Yeah, but it still took away your hole in one.
I think that means I win, right? Last night was amazing.
Hurry back.
I hope you had a nice time last night.
Riley! Well, did you? Did I what, mama? Have a good time last night.
Well, get your robe on.
Katie's costume isn't gonna stuff itself.
Hold the tail.
Mama, are you sure this is not too much stuffing? It's supposed to be an armadillo, not a big, old T-Rex.
This is Texas.
Go big or go home.
Hey, thank you for helping me out.
Oh, the banker lady stopped by.
She wanted me to give you this.
What's going on? I need money for Kyle's bail.
Are you really gonna take on more debt for him? What do you want me to do? I mean, just let him stay in jail? How does that help the kids? Ugh.
I just need this whole thing to go away.
Maybe I could help with the money.
I could sell that little parcel of land that Bill left me.
Mama, no.
Brixton Ranch? You love that place.
Some of my best memories were fishing off that bridge.
"Ranch"? It's a tin shack on a muddy creek.
Well, I appreciate the offer, but I got this.
At what cost? I know what you're hiding.
Riley, you can talk to me about all these things.
You don't have to keep all these secrets.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Yes, you do.
I didn't raise you stupid, and my mama didn't raise me stupid.
I know that.
If you're scared to talk to me about all you've been hiding 'cause you think I won't be all right with it, I want you to know your mama's all right with it.
Okay, mama.
Just to be clear, you're saying that you're okay with You dating Evan.
Why wouldn't I be? I can't slip anything past you.
I know all your secrets.
And I'm so grateful that this is what we're talking about.
Hey, Georgia.
I called in that favor.
You don't have to worry about those detectives snooping around the Rub.
How can I ever repay you? It's not me you have to repay.
He asked for a little favor of his own.
He said he wants to do what? Mr.
Louboutin wants two girls at the same time.
Now, come on, Selena, you know you love these shoes.
I'm more of a handbag girl, but -- I'll do it.
I told you I don't trust her.
Well, you snooze, you lose.
Nikki, you're in.
No sex, right? Absolutely not.
Just some kinky stuff.
You know, he's a real nice man, generous with his tips.
Are you sure you're okay with this? Will you get out of here? I'm in.
Tuition's due.
How's your pedicure? Um Hmm.
Hey, Judge.
Hey, darling.
Look, I can't thank you enough.
And for these, too.
Well, I have to look out for my girls.
Well, I really appreciate it.
Now, look, I got a little surprise for you today.
You do? I do.
Well, let's see, now.
I'm guessing Maybe a size 7? Good eye, Judge.
I got 10 fingers to the sky my back to the wall, my white flag high ♪ hair, lips, just like a gun she's got silver bullets on her tongue ♪ Welcome to the family.
He's deep under her spell I'm screamin' out, but it just won't help ♪ Is that nice? Mm-hmm.
Now, now What do you think? Perfect fit.
I just want to say thank you for taking a chance on me.
I'm really gonna love it here.
And thanks for next semester.
You got it.
Manny? Darn.
You didn't bring your partner.
I left him at the office.
I got you a burrito.
I hope you like chorizo.
Oh, well, thank you.
Something tells me you're not just here about bringing me a burrito.
Judge says there's no evidence you were involved in Kyle's crime.
That's 'cause I'm not.
Well, here's the thing, Dunbar and I -- we got warrants on way less.
Oh, Manny, come on.
You played football.
You know you don't win them all.
Maybe you just got unlucky this time.
Or maybe somebody pulled some strings to back us off your business.
I give massages for a living.
Who would I know that has that kind of power? Riley, you in some kind of trouble? Whatever it is, I can help.
I'm not just a cop.
I'm your friend.
But be warned the deeper you get into this, the harder it's gonna be to get out.
And if Kyle's pulled you into something, it won't just be the money or your freedom you could lose.
It'll be your family.
Thank you.
I'll see you around.
I lost my appetite.
If you change your mind, you know where to find me.
Don't move.
Let me see! Oh, my gosh! You are the prettiest armadillo in all of Texas! But where are you? There you are! Go get your brother.
She is so cute.
Sowho's all, uh, coming tonight? Uh, you know, the usual -- you, mama Evan? Yes.
And if you want to know about the date, just ask.
Where'd you go? Where'd he take you? What'd you do? I felt like a princess.
Oh, and a kiss from the prince? Did I say that? Ooh.
Was it a good kiss? No, I'm not gonna tell! Hello! Hey! You guys look great! I want you both to know that I'm very proud of you, and I know that your daddy would be, too.
Come on.
Let's rehearse once for aunt Lacey.
I'm ready.
On three.
One, two, three the stars at night are big and bright ♪ Deep in the heart of Texas the prairie sky is wide and high ♪ wh-o-o-o-o-oa wh-o-o-o-o-oa oh-oh Hey, mama.
Your girl doing okay? Yeah, Katie's gonna sleep like a baby.
She left it all on the stage.
Where are you going? Oh.
Lacey just wants to talk.
You know, I'm not quite sure how long that's gonna take.
Well, sweet dreams.
- Night.
- Night.
Steady now steady now Don't fear what you can't see ♪ ready now ready now I'll hold on to you you hold on to me ooh I found the heart of a lion in the belly of the beast Okay.
and I held it in my hand and I could feel I could feel T.
Braswell -- A.
"The Camel.
" Alex Stone -- ripped abs, single, drives vintage Cadillac, has a wine locker, Jeremy Diehl -- "The Duke.
" Grant -- law student, dad's on the Fifth Circuit Court of appeals.
Hollis Overton, A.
" Gas up the easy rider and head out for Nevada can somebody let the beast out, baby? ♪ ow! Can't stop the beast, the be-e-e-at ♪ Morning.
Well, hey.
You missed a heck of a show last night.
I know.
And now I can see why.
My God.
Are you okay? What happened? I'm fine.
I just got called in to the night shift and got into a little tussle with a 4x6.
So, you punched a 4x6? Imagine my surprise when it punched back.
That's your story? You're sticking to it? Yes, ma'am.
Well, okay.
So, how did Katie do at the show? Oh, well, other than a little mobility issue with that, uh, armadillo costume that I made, it was, I must say, quite beautiful.
Well, I know beautiful when I see it.
Wow, this is, uh Yeah.
Do you hear that? I don't hear a thing.
My point exactly.
No kids No nosy mama hanging around.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, that's good.
Keep talking.
So, this would be our first time alone.
Are you kidding me? Sorry.
Are you here with another warrant? It's not about Kyle.
Um I heard some news on the scanner, and I wanted to be the one to tell you.
It's your mother, Riley.
She's had an accident.