The Client List s02e06 Episode Script

Unanswered Prayers

Previously on The Client List Derek, you have built up our female client base faster than I could've ever expected.
Looking good.
What is happening with you and your co-worker? Riley, it's your mother.
She's had an accident.
You're so sweet to let me move in.
I want you to know I can help out.
More meds in three hours.
Dale and I have decided to see a fertility specialist.
Good for you, Lace.
Dale's crabby.
The whole thing is awful.
Already made it clear that you won't give up your accomplice.
There is something else I could help -- some things that would mean a lot more to a prosecutor.
They'll let anybody in the police academy these days.
Hey! Hey! Don't do it.
In case you're wondering.
You are their Uncle, and them seeing me kissing you and playing house with you, it's confusing.
Absolutely cannot do this anymore.
Okay, um This is for Linette.
Well, she hates her birthdays.
And we ignore that every year.
Uncle Evan! Hey, guys.
Okay, kids.
You know what? I need you to go get your coats, please, 'cause we don't want to miss the opening number.
We're running late.
Uh What are you doing? Riley, this is tearing me apart.
Me too.
But you know what? We need to have some boundaries.
Can you just explain to me how this is all supposed to work now? The hell if I know, Evan.
Hey, kids! Peter Pan, he waits for no one.
Let's go.
We really are running late.
Please, don't do this.
Please don't make this any harder than it already is.
This has been hard for you? 'Cause it seems like it's been pretty damn easy.
Evan, you have no idea.
Mom! Hey.
Katie won't give me my jacket back.
Oh, my gosh.
You know what? I have a solution.
Everybody take a coat and let's go! Peter Pan! Come on! You got to go.
Sorry, Evan.
Go ahead.
Go ahead.
Evan, I'm gonna call you.
Oh, just think happier thoughts.
It'll make you fly.
Is someone ticklish? Always knew I'd love France.
Have you been? Almost.
What happened? I met the one, and after we got married, she developed some pretty serious travel anxieties.
Oh, fear of flying? Fear of planes, fear of boats, anything that goes over water.
That's too bad.
I imagine that's got to be tough.
We worked it out.
My wife knows about my craving for foreign adventures and encourages me to seek them out.
I'm not sure that I heard you right, but it's okay for you to cheat? It's not cheating when you're honest.
That's one way to look at it.
Basically, I can travel anywhere as long as I am home in time for dinner.
Well, whatever makes you two happy.
We have a dream marriage.
People think it's a lack of monogamy that tears marriages apart, but it's the lack of trust.
I can't imagine finding out that the person you share your life with has been living a lie.
Original Air Date on April 14, 2013 Okay.
One, two Happy Birthday! Oh, thank you.
Thank you.
We surprised you.
Yes, the kids wanted to make sure that you had a break-feast.
So make a wish, mama.
What'd you wish for? I can't tell you.
It won't come true.
These look delicious, but you know, mee maw's not feeling very hungry this morning.
That's okay.
We are.
"Shades of Desire"? Does Nicholas Sparks know that you're cheating on him? Give me that.
And don't start.
You know how much I hate birthdays.
Good morning.
I need coffee.
And that taco.
Oh, these are for mama's birthday.
Linette wants to celebrate her birthday this year? I don't know, but she did get herself a present.
It comes many shades.
Oh, good for her.
You are drinking your coffee black.
What's going on? Spill it.
Have you talked to Evan yet? You are changing the subject, so what's going on? Oh.
Dale's been acting kind of distant.
You're married.
That happens.
And his clothes have been extra sweaty when he gets home, and you know how Dale is about air conditioning.
Okay, you don't seriously think he's messing around? I mean, let's just remember who we're talking about here.
We are talking about Dale.
But you never know.
You have nothing to worry about.
You're probably right.
I usually am.
Now, there's one more thing.
Dale has been spending a lot of time at the office, even though he's a truck driver, and he said he had to make a last-minute run to Phoenix.
I checked his odometer.
He only went five miles.
I'm sure that there's an explanation, but if it will make you feel better, next time he goes to the office, we will Follow him.
I don't know what I would do if I caught Dale with someone.
Oh! You're under arrest.
You don't see that every day -- two ladies wrestling.
Am I right? And I've seen enough for today.
Some of you -- and you know who you are, Parks --- need to get in better shape before I let you hit the streets.
Now move.
Need some help with that? No, I got it.
Don't worry.
I can be gentle, too.
Sorry if I got a little rough.
Where'd that come from? I had three older brothers who loved to pick on me.
I started serving justice at a young age.
Yeah, well, don't take this the wrong way and pin me again, but I had no idea you were so strong.
There's a lot about me you don't know.
Now you know why I never take my shirt off in here.
Afghanistan? Shrapnel wounds.
Not a pretty picture, huh? No.
I think you got it wrong.
They're hot.
Hero hot.
Get a room.
You know, Selena, you really should be wearing a bell.
If I did, at least I'd get it rung once in a while.
Oh, don't sell yourself short.
That thing would be ringing all day.
Got to go.
Does nothing for me.
Okay, so how do you know where to go? I put a family tracker on Dale's phone.
You what? Everyone does it now.
You know, to track wayward teens.
Just take a right at the stop sign.
I can't believe he is doing it Lacey, I'm just gonna say this.
It's -- it's Dale.
I know.
He better not be doing it.
He's not doing anything.
He better not be.
Guess we found Dale's office.
It's just his car.
Could be anything.
Oh, yeah What about now? Hey Uh Yeah Please.
Did you see her? She was like 20.
We don't even know what he did yet.
She had a tramp stamp.
Should I grab something heavy to bash down the door with? Uh, or you can just knock.
Got it.
Knock then bash.
Or just knock.
Where's my husband? Husband? Don't act like you did not see his ring.
Honey, come back and play.
This baby's seconds from being muffled.
Dale, there's two hysterical chicks here to see you.
"Honey"? "Muffled"? Stop it.
You don't need to take it off.
Just let me shove it in there.
Trust me.
It'll fit.
What are you doing here? What are you doing calling that tramp Honey? Uh, Honey happens to be that tramp's name.
The tramp that's standing right here, you know.
Honey, this is my beautiful wife, Lacey.
Lacey, newest member of the Ring Pops.
Ring Pops? Hey, Riley.
You're looking good.
Uh, yeah.
This is just band rehearsal.
Uh, no, Dale.
This is serious.
You got the band back together and you didn't tell me? Who's the singer? Riley, can we stay focused on my marital problems here? You're not having any marital problems.
He's not cheating on you, he's cheating on me.
Well, he's still a liar.
We're out of here, Riley.
No, not you.
My honey.
Lacey! Come on, Lacey.
Talk to me.
Okay, you know, maybe you should just talk.
We don't have anything to talk about.
Look, Bobby called me up and I'm jamming with the band.
But you didn't tell me about it, which means you're hiding something.
It's just a band.
I want the truth.
You want the truth.
You can't handle the truth.
Do not "A Few Good Men" me right now.
This is not the time.
Yeah, why don't you just talk to her? Lacey, I love you, okay? I should've told you about the band.
You should've told me about the band.
But -- but -- look, it's no big deal, okay? I-it's just that I really needed -- What? What? Am I not giving you what you need? Oh.
It's just -- no.
It's -- it's just -- look, honey.
In the bedroom -- Oh, wow.
Are you complaining about something in the bedroom? Yeah, you know what? No.
Maybe you two should just have this conversation.
I'm gonna be over here.
Do not move.
You're in this.
You know you and I are trying to have a baby right now.
Well, everything's got to be on schedule and your body is -- is o-over-- Ovulating.
- Yes.
What? You can't -- he can't even say it.
Why can't you say it? Oh, that is so weird.
No, it's just -- it's just -- honey, it's just not sexy.
Are you saying I'm not sexy? No.
Now you're twisting my words.
Riley -- Ooh.
You are in quicksand, buddy, and sinking fast.
Okay, look.
Honey, honey.
No one wants the baby more than me.
You know that, okay? But right now, everything has to be perfect.
It's got to be lined up.
Everything's got to be scheduled.
Well, yeah.
And the problem with that is that when it is, you become a-a s-sex ninja, right? And you -- you just want to -- you want to pounce on me.
And that's bad? Is that bad? No, but I love when you pounce on me.
Okay, he loves it.
The problem is that right now, it -- it's scheduled, so it's -- it's not about -- it's not about you and me.
It's It's It's mechanical.
Mechanical? You did not just go there.
We're going.
We are out of here.
What just happened? You know what? Don't talk to me, Dale, especially after you got the band back together without even asking me! Wow.
You're throwing me under the bus? Oh, you are your own bus.
Oh, you know what? Enough.
I need some me time.
No, you know what? I stand corrected.
I need some us time.
Okay, good.
And by "us," I mean not you.
Yeah, that's right.
Lacey, it's a garage band.
I mean, w-we're playing in a den that has wood paneling.
Oh, yeah, and you used to have a really good singer in it, Dale.
You know what? We can't handle the truth.
Oh, snap! Hey! Just say thank you.
For what? Remember that info you gave me? It checks out.
In fact, you couldn't have stolen copper wire from a better guy than Mick Vandermeyer.
And what's that supposed to mean? I've got a friend high up in the police department owes me a favor.
They're looking at this guy for racketeering and criminal conspiracy.
Guess what.
They need a witness.
Things I'll do for a new purse.
One pump of that stuff will do the trick, you know.
Have you ever heard of an armpit fetish, hmm? No.
My clients are a little more traditional.
What's your secret? I mean, I have plenty of repeat clients, but your client Lisa has been in here multiple times a week.
You leading her on? Women are the same as men.
They just want a little naughty fun on the side, no strings attached.
Oh, I call bullshit.
I'll bet you're doing some serious sweet talking in there.
Is that what does it for you? You want some sweet talk? You really want to play this game with me? Hey, I got called up to the majors a long time ago.
Little numbers baby, they could be a start That all you got? I know yours by heart whoa, whoa Thanks for fitting me in this week.
Things have been so tense at home.
Is everything okay? It will be once I have your hands on me.
You don't mind if I don't really feel like chatting today, do you? Not at all.
I can't believe he said we have mechanical pregnancy sex.
Well, is it? Is it what? Mechanical? Of course it's not mechanical.
As a matter of fact, I learned all these new positions in prenatal yoga.
I mean, sure, we have to have it all timed out, and has to be when I'm ovulating.
The thing is, there's all these new cool, exciting positions, and they're supposed to help me get pregnant.
Damn it.
He's right.
It is mechanical.
Look, admitting it, that's the first step.
You know, here's an idea.
Why don't you just give Dale what he wants? I tried, but apparently, I suck at dirty talk.
Come on.
I mean, let's get the band a gig.
I'm not following.
You want me to reward his bad behavior? It's for you, too.
Lacey, if I remember correctly, when Dale was up there on that stage, drumming his heart out, practically took your virginity.
But I was so crushed out then.
Okay, well, now he's your man, so think of all the possibilities.
Come on.
He gets to blow off some steam.
And you get some exciting foreplay.
His drumming was kind of a trigger for me.
But how are you gonna get an out-of-practice band a gig? Georgia, are you sure that Harold is okay with it? Oh, good Lord.
I owe you one.
Yes, and I promise that the Ring Pops will not let you down.
Thank you.
Come on, Travis.
Just tell mommy what you need.
You know, whoever this Ferber guy is, I hate his guts.
Why can't I just pick him up? Why don't you just sing to him? Your voice always soothes our little guy.
Because I'm tired.
Well, if you don't sing, you're gonna make me sing, and that's not gonna be good for anybody.
When I hold you hold you in my arms, love something changes it's the strangest feeling ♪ the things that used to matter ♪ they don't matter to me when I see you and you're smiling ♪ how my heart aches so full, it is about to break ♪ you make me believe in love ♪ Mommy.
Mommy, whose guitar is that? Oh, uh It's your daddy's.
Daddy played guitar? Yeah.
He was pretty good at it, too.
I miss daddy, too.
It's gonna be okay, mommy.
Oh, hey.
- Oh.
- Hi.
I didn't know that you did the stair, and Sorry.
It's -- this is weird.
Yeah, right? I'm sorry that I haven't called.
Oh, no -- no worries.
You know, I've been really busy at the Academy.
Oh, good.
That's -- that's good.
You know, I'm just gonna work out later.
No, Evan, don't.
That's -- that's ridiculous.
I mean, these are -- these are public stairs, right? Like -- Yeah.
I guess we just didn't think about how this was gonna be, huh? Yeah.
But, you know, it's stupid to avoid each other -- Totally.
Totally stupid.
And I wouldn't want that either.
Speaking of, you know, Dale invited me to the Ring Pops' gig tonight, and I was gonna bring some of my buddies from the Academy.
But you know, if you don't want me to go -- No.
That's great.
That's -- yeah.
When did you get the band back together? Oh, I didn't.
I did not.
Dale did.
Didn't even invite me.
Your friend is very stealthy.
But you are the Ring Pops.
You'd think, right? I mean, who's gonna sing? Dale? Dale sings? Well, if you want to call it singing.
I should go.
Yeah, I'm gonna just, uh -- Get to it.
All right.
All right.
Hey, honey.
Hey, baby.
You find a wine you like? Working on it.
How would you feel about a rock band playing here? Everyone knows this place as a jazz club.
Well, everyone knew you as a bachelor at a point.
I mean, a little bit of change is a good thing.
Well, everything is running smoothly around here, all right? The -- the staff is great.
We're making plenty of money.
Why would we want to change that? You know When I turned the Rub over to Riley, I had a difficult time letting go, too, so I get it.
Okay, this is not about control.
Oh, it's a little bit about control.
Well, can I take some time to think about it? Take all the time you need.
You know change is tough for me, but letting you into my life was the best thing I've ever done.
Go on.
If my baby wants a band to play, then that's exactly what she'll get.
So cheers to our new rock night.
But we do it on Sunday night, all right? It's a slow night, and maybe it'll open up some new business.
Oh, honey.
It was very sweet of you to come to that decision.
Thank you.
Now What do you think of these fliers? You're always a step ahead of me.
Yes, I am.
They've got you scheduled for a deep tissue massage, Ms.
Jones? It better be deep and hard, cowboy.
You're gonna need to take off your shirt, though.
Customer's always right.
What are you doing? I paid for a massage.
I want to see your hero hot.
We work together.
It's just a little naughty fun on the side, no strings attached.
You suggesting we become fun buddies? As long as you never say "fun buddies" again.
Hey, I like this gig, okay? I don't want to lose it.
I get it.
I have an apartment that nobody visits.
Stealth mode? It's my forte.
But I did pay for a massage.
Giddyup, cowboy.
Is Hawaii all you thought it would be? And then some.
I had no idea ukuleles could sound so erotic.
Oh, well, I've always had a soft spot for music.
I guess I travel through music the way you do women.
Do you play? Oh, I always wanted to be a singer.
No way.
You know, I work for the Wolf.
The Wolf.
You haven't heard of him? He's a big-shot music agent in Austin.
Oh, I know something about it.
I mean, I just booked my friends a gig.
Where are they playing? I love local bands.
Oh, I don't -- I don't like to mix my personal and professional life.
Look, I know the rules.
When I'm here, I'm in Hawaii.
When I'm out there, I'm just a husband to my wife and a guy looking for good new bands.
I don't know.
Look, you've always treated me really, really well, so let me do something for you.
You want to get lei'd? Oh twist it shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it, baby ♪ Go, Lacey! Whoo! Here we go, loop de loop oh, loop de loop, baby shake it up, baby oh, here we go, loop de li bend over, let me see you shake your tail feather ♪ bend over, let me see you shake your tail feather ♪ come on, girl shake that tail feather come on, baby, let me see you shake your tail feather ♪ oh twist it shake it, shake it, shake it ♪ Here's to not awkward.
Yeah, 'cause this is so not awkward.
Hey, met you at the rodeo, didn't I? Yeah, buddy.
How's the shoulder? Hasn't popped out since.
Have you, uh, met Selena? Yeah, we, uh -- Couple times.
They, uh, they dated.
Couple of times.
They dated.
It's awkward.
Hey, man, I should thank you.
It's 'cause of you that I'm working over at the Rub.
Yeah, he wanted a steadier gig, so Look at you with the secret life.
You know me.
Woman of mystery.
Hey, twist it! Come on! Thank you! I'd love to, uh, take this moment to thank my lovely wife, Lacey.
Go, Lacey! If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't be up here right now.
And, uh, I want to just thank you for looking out for me.
You know, looking out for me, following me, stalking me -- all the same thing.
I love you.
And, uh, for this next song, um, I'm gonna bring up my wife's partner in crime, Riley Parks.
Get on up here.
Riley's gonna come up, and uh, let's, uhLet's give them something to talk about.
Come on, Riley! People are talking talking 'bout people I hear them whisper you won't believe it they think we're lovers, kept undercover ♪ I just ignore it, but they keep saying ♪ we laugh just a little too loud ♪ we stand just a little too close ♪ we stand just a little too long ♪ maybe they're seeing something we don't, darlin' ♪ let's give them something to talk about ♪ something to talk about let's give them something to talk about ♪ something to talk about let's give them something to talk about ♪ how about love, love, love? Thanks for inviting me.
Your friend's got a really good voice.
She's family.
You act so nervous could you be falling for me? It took a rumor to make me wonder ♪ now I'm convinced I'm going under ♪ You're not gonna have her managing that place for too long.
Well, then she'll find somebody else to take the place over, 'cause I already got my dream.
I'm hoping that you feel the same way ♪ now that we know it, let's really show it, darlin' ♪ let's give them something to talk about ♪ something to talk about a little mystery to figure out ♪ something to talk about let's give them something to talk about ♪ how about love, love, love? Let's give them something to talk about, babe ♪ a little mystery to figure out ♪ let's give them something to talk about ♪ how about love, love, love? Leave 15 minutes after me.
Stealth mode.
I got it.
Riley! Hey.
That whole thing that just happened up there -- amazing.
You can really sing.
Thank you.
I'm gonna bring the Wolf to your next show.
Seriously? Serious as in you're about to be discovered.
What's so important? Finally some good news.
Apparently, Vandermeyer Construction has been under police surveillance for months now.
They've been grafting politicians.
What does that mean? Well, they bribed a congressman to get contracts for an interstate.
I saw the money change hands.
Now, my lawyer seems to think that he can cut a deal for me to come home if I testify against them.
Is that definite? Not yet.
I mean, he still has to sell it to the prosecutors, but it's Okay.
So I won't tell the kids.
That's probably best.
So, how'd it go last night? Oh, um, long story short, Dale made me get up and sing, and I have to go back tomorrow night and sing again 'cause some big wig from Austin is coming to hear me.
Riley, that's incredible.
Why -- why are you saying it like it's a bad thing? I don't know.
I guess if I was just, you know, still in high school, it'd be, like, my big chance, but Grown up now, so Anyway, it did feel good to be up there again.
I just got a flash from the prettiest girl in high school.
We used to have a lot of fun on that stage.
You know, uh, Travis didn't even know that you could play the guitar until I found that thing in the closet.
His whole face lit up.
And what made you dig that thing out? Maybe you were thinking about me.
Uh, I was thinking about how sorry I felt for that guitar being up there in the closet.
So, who replaced me in the band? Oh, some girl.
She's not as good as you.
Don't worry.
Did have better legs.
You're one nice piece of ass.
Bite me.
Hey, man.
That's my wife you're talking about.
Why don't you watch your mouth? Yeah, why don't you make me, huh? Settle down.
Settle! Let's go, man.
See? I told you I can't log on to the Academy website.
But now you can.
How'd you do that? You got to clear out your cookies.
What are you doing on my Facebook page? I am friending someone for you -- Honey.
Okay, can you not call me "Honey"? Get over yourself.
The guitar player for the Ring Pops.
You met her the other night.
She's hot and single.
Lacey told you about me and Riley.
Okay, I get it.
Can we not talk about that? Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What is that? Look at that.
She already accepted your friend request.
You owe me.
I don't owe you.
Oh, trust me, you owe me.
I am not going out with Honey.
Oh, that's right.
That's right, 'cause you got your own little honey down at the academy.
You know, for a married guy, you seem to be noticing a lot of single ladies.
Well, you know what? I have it really good, and I want the world to feel what I'm feeling.
Tell that to Riley.
You want my advice? Absolutely not.
Hit "delete.
" What? You need to hit delete on the file that is you and Riley.
And then you need to go into your trash folder and hit "permanent delete.
" It's not that easy.
Oh, yeah? Tell that to raw onions.
Raw what? Raw onions.
I used to love raw onions.
They didn't love me back, so I had to hit permanent delete on raw onions.
You won't find them in my burgers, you won't find them my chili.
Okay, don't take this the wrong way, Dale, but why didn't you just hit delete on the burgers and the chili? I'm trying to help you, and now you're making it personal.
You're making this impersonal by comparing the woman that I've been in love with since high school to raw onions.
You're not seeing the subtle intellectual metaphor.
It's all about self-control.
Do you want some turkey with that? No, I'm good with this.
You're a relatively good-looking guy.
You are.
Honey might actually go for you.
I'd give her a call.
Thank you.
I can find my own women.
I think Ms.
Jones needs herself another appointment.
I'll see if I have any openings.
Well, I think you should work on that.
You think you know someone, and then they completely surprise you.
You sing like an angel.
Yeah, honey.
It was -- it was great.
I mean, if you, you know, like that kind of music.
Riley, you have a very persistent guest.
Not a client.
Ooh, maybe someone from Rolling Stone magazine.
This woman is claiming to be your bestie.
Hey! You can't be in here.
Yes, she can.
What are you doing all the way in Sugar Land? I need to talk.
Out here.
Uh, please tell me that you drove all this way to tell me about your wild sex.
Not so much.
Really? After everything we went through, you didn't even get to have sex? Technically, we did.
Is technical better than mechanical? Well, after the show, we started fooling around.
But just as we got to the sex part Dale fell asleep.
Oh, that's okay.
Kyle used to fall asleep all the time after sex.
This was during sex.
At some point, he just stopped moving and started snoring.
Please tell me that this happens all the time.
Just tell me.
Yeah, it does.
You know what? I have a -- I have a client, and he just falls right asleep.
It's real awkward when I have to wake him up.
Anyway, what did you do? Well, what could I do? If I woke him up, he'd be humiliated.
So I just had to lie there obsessing about the fact that my sex life is officially over.
You know what? You need to relax, and I am the owner of a spa.
So one massage on me coming right up.
Is the pressure okay? Perfect.
Nipple! Oh, what's wrong? I'm -- I'm so sorry.
My nipples are spoken for.
I'm sorry.
I just thought that since you're Riley's best friend, that you -- No, no.
I m-mean, I-I'm not.
I mean -- I mean Riley is my best friend, but I'm not, you know -- you know.
I am sorry.
Well, let me make it up to you, okay? Just relax, and I promise I'll be more careful.
Thank you.
I am so relaxed.
I guess time to get dressed now.
You still have time left.
Oh, no.
But thank you.
No, I'm good.
I mean, t-thank you so much.
I really appreciate it.
"A" for effort.
Best possible customer service.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Hey! Uh, I'm out.
One, two, three, four.
You're crazy.
You'd get fired if you pitted a car in a residential zone.
Not if the suspect is clearly a threat to others.
You want to bet on that? Fine.
Winner pays for our first date.
Date? I just got out of something, so let's make it drinks.
Hey, Trimble.
Can you pit a car in a residential zone? Hell no.
Pitting around pedestrians can be deadly force.
I'd go spike strip all the way.
What are you smiling about? You're the one who's out drink money.
So, if he testifies, he gets to come home? That's what I'm proposing.
But I can't promise that the prosecutor will go for it.
We got lucky that the police were already investigating Vandermeyer.
Makes Kyle's testimony more valuable.
And Kyle and the kids -- they won't be in any danger if he testifies? That's where we're lucky again.
Vandermeyer knows that he and his crew are being watched by the police.
He doesn't want to add a federal charge of witness intimidation to the mix.
I can't.
I can't put my family at risk.
It's too late for that.
You have incredible hands.
Same time next week? Actually, I was hoping we could make it a little sooner.
When did you have in mind? Well, I have news.
I left my husband.
I'm sorry.
Thatthat really sucks.
Are you okay? Never been better.
Oh, so it's -- it's a good thing? It's a great thing.
Enough about my ex.
Let's talk about us.
Us? Yeah.
I'm a free woman now.
Well, yeah, but it's not like you left him for me.
But I did leave him for the possibility of you.
This is -- this is crazy.
You and I are only in here, okay? You understand that, right? You shouldn't have Boy, you know No.
I get it.
I surprised you.
It's -- don't worry, Derek, okay? Now that I'm legally separated, I'm waiting for you.
Man, the things I did to your wife in my dreams last night.
Listen, asshole, I'm not gonna tell you again.
No? Well, you're not gonna get the chance.
Try this for your nerves.
You know what? He's late.
Is the Wolf standing me up? I would not trust him if he was on time.
Music people are notorious for being late.
Exhibit "A.
" Yes.
Traffic was crazy.
Really? Oh, really.
Well, I was getting worried.
Didn't want both of our lives to be a mess.
Well, here is to the best friend a girl could ask for and to whatever the opposite of mechanical is.
Oh, I will drink to that.
Oh, girls, heads up.
Harold Clemens.
It's been a while.
Yeah, man.
I haven't seen you since we were at, uh -- Austin City Limits.
Good to see you.
The Wolf.
Got a table right over here for you.
I thought this was, uh, strictly a jazz spot.
I'm glad to see you're, uh, broadening your horizons.
Well, me too, but I-I can't take credit.
See, I-I have this amazing woman in my life that's been shaking things up.
He is distractingly handsome.
I might just forget my lyrics.
Just think about ovulation.
It'll kill the mood.
Oh, that's true.
Well, as your manager, I insist you concentrate.
Uh, excuse me.
Riley made you her manager? Yes, she will.
You guys just fight that on out, and I'm gonna go sing.
I love you.
Love you.
Come on.
Hey, mama.
This better be good.
I'm about to go on stage.
Hey, baby, what's going on? I had a nightmare.
Oh, okay.
Um, why don't go you see if mee maw can get you some hot cocoa? She's snoring, but she won't get up.
What -- what do you mean she won't get up? Well, go and try again.
I did.
I'm really scared.
I need my mommy.
I need you now.
Okay, here's what I need you to do.
Um, you know your Julia doll? Can you go get it and rock her to sleep until mommy gets home? Do you think you can do that? Uh-huh.
I'm so proud of you.
Um, I will be there before she falls asleep, okay? I love you.
Hey, you okay? No.
It's Katie.
I got to go.
Well, you can't leave now.
Call Evan.
He's closer.
Please tell me I didn't drive all the way here to watch a pretty girl get stage fright.
Katie? Mommy.
Is Julia asleep? Julia was really scared.
Yeah, I bet she was.
I am so proud of you.
Now, why don't you go put her in her crib and I'll come tuck you both in, okay? Bad arm.
You okay? Hi, baby.
So, you know that you're not supposed to be drinking with that medicine or while you're watching my kids? They're sleepy time.
Is mee maw okay? Oh, yeah.
She's gonna be just fine.
Her medicine made her a little sleepy.
But you did the right thing by calling me.
Did you sing tonight? No.
No, I didn't get to.
You want to know why? 'Cause I wanted to come here and sing for my two favorite people.
Hey, do you guys remember that song that daddy and I used to sing to you? Make you have sweet dreams.
Get in your bed.
Did daddy sing? Oh, mnh-mnh.
He just played the guitar.
I don't remember it.
You guys want me to remind you? Okay.
When I hold you in my arms, love ♪ something changes it's the strangest feeling things that used to matter they don't matter to me when I see you and you're smiling ♪ how my heart aches so full, it is about to break ♪ you make me believe in love I could never count all the ways ♪ that you've changed me, baby every day the sky is a deeper shade of blue ♪ when I'm with you