The Club (2019) s01e03 Episode Script


A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Business is about selling.
It's got to sell like hotcakes.
Luck plays a role, as well.
Luck is for idiots, Matías.
And we're not idiots.
We need to run this thing like a well-oiled machine.
Jonás, identify them well.
Alice, our supplier.
How's it going? Our life source.
Jonás is your responsibility.
Keep a report on him.
List his comings and goings.
Without merchandise, there are no sales.
And if there are no sales, there's no business.
Sofía, marketing.
Understand the product and the market.
THE SOARING POPULARITY OF A NEW DRUG How to sell more and better.
That's your job.
You need to push yourself, Matías.
You're our front.
With the money we'll be bringing in, we can't have anyone getting suspicious.
To the world, our business is legitimate.
And don't forget.
We are all salespeople.
Moving forward, every encounter, every place, every person is a potential client.
There are always opportunities.
Dude, I swear.
I swear you're going to like it.
We'll be moving a lot of product.
And we'll use that time to sell more.
Happy customers are frequent customers.
I'll take care of the money.
That's how business works.
Ready? When do you leave? Tomorrow morning.
I'd take you to the airport if I weren't so busy.
So you can enjoy yourself.
Since all American girls are easy, you'll have to be careful.
Seduce all of them.
There's nothing like a good lay before and after exams.
You'll do great.
See you later.
I haven't heard from him in a week.
Maybe he's taking it easy.
No way, that guy's an animal.
We have competition.
And we need to monopolize the zone.
But how? I want to know what they have that we don't.
Or better yet, what they don't have that we could have.
And do you know who they are? No.
So? Dude! - How's it going, man? - Good.
I miss your calls.
I was in detox.
Then my mom and I went to Bali with my in-laws.
But this weekend Dude.
I have a bachelorette party, so I'll have some fun.
Hey, man, how's it going? - Pabi.
- Hey, Pablito! Hey, guys.
Where to? We're going to make use of the condoms his dad got him as a farewell gift.
Dad got you condoms? Well, have fun.
We can do something else if you like.
I'd love to, but I have a million things to do.
I'll take you to the airport.
Come on, don't be scared.
I have Nico's cell phone.
I need you to take a look at it.
Yeah, sure.
I'll be there in five.
- Make sure they can't track it.
- Obviously.
When you have the info, send it right away.
Yeah, sure, right away.
The trick is to not fall in love.
Because when I have a girlfriend, I'm faithful.
And sleep with 25 by the time you're 25.
I'm short ten, with a year and a half to go.
Not bad, huh? And you, how many? How many what? How many women? - Well - None? No.
Like, two.
"Like, two," how cute.
I didn't know you were a virgin.
That's too much.
I'm not a virgin.
Today's the big day.
I'll take care of it.
Which one do you like most? The red one.
This one? You like the taste? No, but I like the drawings.
You like the drawings on the box.
What about this one? Yes, but it doesn't have games.
But you like the chocolate? Yes, but it doesn't have games, either.
No games.
Games or flames? Matías, my love, come eat.
Matías! I'm coming, Mom.
I'm working.
It'll get cold.
Ana Pau, where are you? I need to see you.
Okay, stay there.
We'll come to you.
She's downtown.
What do you want with her? You'll see.
My God, she's beautiful.
Ready for some private time? Private time? Go, man.
- I give it to her? - Yes, put it wherever you want.
If you don't do, they'll kick you out.
Pardon me.
Let's say you want to buy yogurt.
You go the store, but don't know which brand you want.
In the end, the decision you make will be 40% influenced by the packaging.
It's crazy.
Okay, but so what? What's important are the dealers.
We have three.
One for each.
And who influences the dealers? - I don't know.
- The kids.
- What kids? - Look.
What kids cares most about is not what's in the box, but rather the box itself.
That's where everything starts.
We can't assume that the customer knows what he wants.
We know what he wants.
We know they need to see it, buy it, have it.
What we sell them must be custom-made.
Okay, I'm listening.
Nobody wants to buy their coffee at a corner store.
They know it's the same, but they want the experience.
They want to go into a place that smells good, plays great music.
They want to have their coffee at a place on a nice street.
That's how they want to spend their money.
You got it.
The experience.
Starting with the package.
Tell me what you want and what you like.
This is fine.
- Do you want me to undress? - No.
Well, whatever you want.
A little bit.
Well How old are you? Where's that accent from? I'm from Colima.
I was just playing into the fantasy, which you're obviously not interested in.
- It's nothing personal.
- I know, but what are you doing here? A friend brought me.
I'm a virgin.
- There's nothing wrong with not liking - What? Women.
I do like them.
- This just isn't my style.
- Not at all.
How about we stay here and talk a little? - Just talk.
- Okay.
And when you go back out, you can tell him all sorts of interesting things.
Like what? Oh, my little guy.
I'll explain.
Sorry I couldn't get here earlier.
I had to pick up some things.
- Thank you.
- Can we see? Unbelievable.
She rejected half of them.
What a bridezilla.
What is this? For the table decoration.
So, Ana Pau.
- Let's talk business.
- Business? Yes, business.
Are you sure? Here you go.
And? Incredible.
She said we had good chemistry.
They say that to everyone.
She undressed and told me to touch her everywhere.
No way! Is that true? I swear it is.
You're such a stallion! Let's go.
You're sure you don't want another round? It's your farewell.
Sofía! Queen of the South.
- Ana Pau, no.
- Have you killed anyone? What? No.
So this is just for fun.
But for how long? It's only six months.
To make something of myself! I want to move out.
To be free.
But you have work! The legal kind.
A lousy job where I'm surrounded by idiots and earn peanuts.
It's awful.
And no one's financing my apartment.
Besides, I want to earn it myself.
- I'm a business woman, as well.
- Obviously.
That's why I thought of you.
We need to stand out, and you're the best at that.
Above all, you can be trusted.
So? Are you in? Okay, but under two conditions.
One, absolutely no one can know you're my clients.
Two, I will never, ever sell drugs.
Okay? Deal.
For sure, you're invited to our focus group tonight.
- Focus group? - Obviously.
It's what we're doing with what we buy today.
We're going to try and compare them.
- Are you coming? - Yes, I'd love to.
Sofía and the others will be there.
Okay, I'll be there.
It's for the focus group.
Don't do anything stupid.
I won't, don't worry.
No way! We'll talk later.
Don't let it ruin your farewell.
I love you.
Thank you.
Can I borrow your biology homework? I've sent you a location.
Yes, it's me.
I'm here for the stuff.
I'm just outside.
What do you want? I'm here for an order.
Sorry to make you wait.
I had a crazy day.
- No worries.
- How much did you want? One gram.
I'm here for the monthly special.
The money first.
Son, let's go.
Get up, you have a piano lesson.
- Okay.
- Have a good day.
You're Matías, right? How do you know my name? You told me, man.
It's my dog's name.
He's one of those tiny little fur balls.
But he was killed by a hyena.
Just like in The Lion King, but for real.
Imelda! I don't want to take up too much Tell me about yourself.
Take a seat and relax.
of your time.
There's no rush.
That's it.
Thank you.
- No way.
- I swear.
That's too much.
She was beautiful.
From Kentucky.
- Really? - I swear.
Hey, can we talk about something else? Why? Is it because you prefer sausage? Hey, don't get angry.
Next time, I'll have Samantha make a man out of you.
I'm just kidding.
Have you met my cousin Julian? How are you? - Good.
- Well, a shot or what? No, we've got something better.
Oh, yeah? And what's that? Ecstasy.
You're gonna love it.
- How do we take it? - Like this.
- Thank you, my love.
- My pleasure.
How's it going? Hold on.
I need you to stay.
What for? Come on.
Son, what is it? I have to make dinner.
I have things to do, too.
We need to wait for everyone for the focus group.
What? It's like a market study.
Have you tried the colors? No, you're crazy.
I tried it, without wanting to.
I'm done with that stuff.
And please, behave yourselves.
I'm leaving, too.
There's no need.
My merchandise is the best there is.
Okay, I've got everything.
I divided them into food, souvenirs, cards and logos.
We're going to do a focus group.
I'm so excited.
I didn't know there'd be more people.
Are you staying? Yes.
Anybody know where Matías is? I like people like you, Matías.
That is to say, simple honest transparent.
So much pressure.
What pressure? Well, to be successful.
I just want to play with my computer.
And Pablo, "Blah, blah.
We need blah, blah.
" - Pablo? - Yeah.
Who's Pablo? My business partner.
What kind of business? Getting to know people like you, with refined taste and helping people find love.
No kidding.
Love? Where? Matías You need to sell and sell.
Sell what? We sell candy.
I'm so Hey.
How's it going? Good.
I don't like drugs.
What is it you do like? Look I'm leaving in 15 minutes.
If you want, we can disappear.
What do you say? That way we can do what you want to do.
Where are you going? Where are you going? You've got to do some ecstasy! Your children are alive.
I can feel it.
We're here.
Get out.
The most important rule in this business is to not consume what you sell.
This is the first and last rule.
Understood? We're going to try all three.
Whatever sensation, experience or whatever, write it down.
Don't forget this is a focus group.
Okay, I want some.
To your last night.
And to always doing what you want.
I like to walk around with my hair down I like everything that is mysterious I like to walk against the wind If you say black, then I say white Smell it.
It smells like clouds.
I'm going to let my hair down I'm always going to be how I want I'm going to forget about my problems - I love you, man.
- I love you, too.
Even if they say I'm indecent Even if they talk bad about me I like wearing my hair down I can't stand boring men And I'm going, I'm going, I'm going Sorry.
I'm going, I'm going I'm going to wear my hair down I'm going to always be how I want to be Pabi, I'm messed up.
I'm all mixed up.
I'm not going to be afraid of anyone I'm going to wear my hair down I'm going to always be how I want to be I'm always going to be me "Ecstasy, custom colored.
One gram, rose.
Two grams, green.
A thousand grams, gold.
" Great idea.
We can add gum, lollipops and condoms.
Want one? A condom? No, a lollipop.
Wow, it's incredible.
Wait for me! I'm afraid of heights.
Can I see you again? I don't know.
- I'm leaving, and - And what? Are you going to keep pretending you like Samantha? Thank you for treating me to the best farewell ever.
Your hand.
I always wanted to do this.
So when you know what you want call me.
Okay? Pab.
Take me to the airport.
Pabi I want to tell you something.
What's wrong? I'm going to miss you.
I don't want you to go.
I'm going to miss you, too.
Good morning, my love.
I have to talk to Pablo.
Subtitle translation by Joseph Riopelle