The Code AU (2014) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

Run! Run! Run! Run! Why didn't you tell Dad they stole our car? They didn't steal it.
They just borrowed it without permission.
They'll turn up soon, Eddie.
I love it.
You're the best spider drawer I know.
Lisa, what colour do you want, darling? Let's see.
I want the colour, um, red.
Good choice.
from CookiesMonsta's & chamallow by endoch overnight lows of zero in parts of the city and the Ranges.
And the cold snap looks set to hang around well into next week.
Spare a thought for the poor Prime Minister sweating it out at the Asia Pacific Delegation.
Word has it You're driving, er, quite aggressively.
Yeah, well, it's probably 'cause I'm gonna be aggressively late to work again.
If I don't get a story soon, I'll be aggressively demoted out the door.
What are you doing? There's a leaf in there.
It's making a very like a pht, pht, pht, pht! It's really, I dunno, disconcerting.
Well, how do you like head-on collisions? They're not too disconcerting for you? - That's sarcasm.
- Yep, sorry.
What are you doing? This is Callum.
Work's right at Callum.
Yeah, well, just this once you're gonna have to be late.
Right, don't get out of the car.
Don't talk to anyone.
Just stay in the car.
Don't get out of the car.
Stay in the car.
You're making the same point twice.
Not ideal, in your line of work, I'd have thought.
- Stay in the car.
- One more for good luck.
- Glynnis? - Glynnis.
Figure out what you can on vivisection.
I know it's unethical but I'll make an exception for the fuck knuckle who's writing the PM's Twitter stream.
Hold on, that'd be one of your Einsteins, wouldn't it, Soph? Afraid not.
He's still very keen to pen them himself.
- 5:56.
- We'll do this on the run.
Kids Off The Couch, it's a what? It's an after-school health initiative.
The PM is obsessed with healthy small people.
- Capital works announcement? - Regional roads.
Ah, the pointy end of government today.
And there's talk of some journalists being detained for questioning in Pyongyang.
Anyone we know? Three Americans, two Brits, one Aussie, but she's been living in the UK for 10 years.
Hardly belongs to us anymore.
Who's the lucky spokesperson? Minister McMahon.
Then you write his answers out.
You have to write his answers out.
He's got the IQ of a numbat.
- I wrote them out.
- You did? Can I just say, you've been spectacularly trained.
Shall we? Oh, Mr Banks, your special friend.
They don't revoke your gallery pass when you only show up three times a year? The limit for membership is two, actually.
Er, Keats, I need you.
- Yeah, I'll be right there after the briefing.
- Er, now.
Does the Prime Minister know about this? No.
No, and the thinking is it'd be best to keep him at arm's length with this until, um until we know how the dust is gonna settle.
Arm's length? You wanna talk me through 'arm's length'? Everything will go through me.
Your job's to protect the PM, so for him to be able to say, 'Hand on heart, I didn't know,' I think is the best possible position at the moment.
So we need to, um need to give the reptiles in the gallery something to chew on instead.
That needs to go out today.
- Christ, Ian.
I don't know.
- It's not a conversation, Randall.
You're the javelin catcher.
You feel squeamish about it, feel free to take the hit yourself.
Dr Enid Shore.
Enid Shore.
Enid Shore.
En Sure thing, Enid.
To be sure, Enid.
Minister, Peter Lawson, National News Australia.
What can you tell us about the Australian woman? What's she been accused of? Well, as I understand it, there are always grave concerns when it comes to when it comes to places like this.
Er, perhaps I could add a little more detail.
I've just received a DFAT update the minister hasn't had the benefit of reading.
The Australian journalist's name is Sarah Caville.
The North Korean Central News Agency just released a statement confirming the detentions.
Discussions are in progress to set up non-resident countries to handle the situation and we're confident the matter will be resolved quickly.
That's what they said about Tehran's Black Sunday, wasn't it? I know she's one of your colleagues but let's try not to get ahead of the curve.
- Will we get a statement from the Foreign Minister? - Yes, most likely.
Can you tell us what the Australian government is doing to secure the journalists release? Put the box down on the ground in front of you! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Put the box down in front of you! - It's OK.
- Put the box down now.
Officer, this is my brother.
It's OK It's just a misunderstanding.
Everything's gonna be fine.
Jesse, just gonna have to put the box down, mate, OK? No! I don't wanna put my hands on my head! I know.
OK, they'll stop shouting at you if you put it on the ground.
Just please do it, Jesse.
Come on, mate.
- Put the box down now.
- That's it.
Pop it on the ground.
- Thank you, mate.
- Come on.
Step away from the box.
Sir, do not touch the box! It's just pills in the box.
- You're angry, aren't you? - I told you to stay in the car.
Didn't I say that, 'Stay in the car'? Yeah.
I'm not angry.
So why did you decide to send your medication back? - I don't like it.
- Well, talk to Dr Shore again.
Haven't we been through this 100 times? You can't just decide to stop taking it.
Are you finished or do you need to back inside? 'Cause I'm 67 minutes late for work.
You look awful.
Thank you.
I'm afraid I can't return the compliment.
We need a, er, press release with a distribution list of one.
Randall, this is Graeme.
Have you taken to stating the obvious or is this just a one-off? Why? I've neither the time nor energy to run you through the plumbing on this one and while Poulson is a thoroughly lovely bloke, albeit with a terrible case of halitosis, everyone knows that the only reason he got a seat at the big table is 'cause he supported the PM on the Clean Energy Bill.
Are you trying to make me feel better about knifing him or yourself? Sophie, I thought we were done with the hand-holding.
- What's the timeframe on it? - Now.
It's a shame you had to run off.
Things were getting interesting.
If you're here to gloat, I'm gonna change to whisky.
Two whiskies, please.
- The more things change, hey? - You know Jesse has a condition.
Really? Selfish, manipulative pain-in-the-arse-itis is a condition now? - Haven't we had this argument already? - Oh, only about five or six times.
But I think the last time he'd just flushed my keys down your toilet.
- Oh, yeah.
- And you were assuring me that he was perfectly well.
He was just a prick.
Needs to go out fast, it obviously needs to be unsourced and if my name ever gets a mention I will personally hunt you down Take my eyes out with a fork.
So why do I get lucky? Because the editorial standards at Password are so low I can rest assured it's not gonna get snarled up in red tape.
Missy? Early start in the morning, Miss.
Might be time for bed.
- Hey.
- Hey.
What? What's going on? What is it? Eh? Oh, Miss! You bought a bra? - Where'd you get it? - Online.
Paid for with what? I I asked Dad if I could use his credit card.
Did he know what you were buying with it? - God, Mum! - Did he? Why do you have to make everything so complicated? Oh, shit.
Miss? Who's there? Who's there? OK, let's get you in the kitchen.
Miss, start up the generator.
Gonna need some light in here.
Clarence Clarence, where are you hurt? Is it here? Hey? Hmm? What about here? Christ.
What happened to you? Clarence, you have to tell me where you're hurt.
It's it's not my blood.
Miss, go call Dad, eh? Go! Clarence, where's Sheyna? I I dunno.
Clarence is it her blood? Clarence, where is she? Clarence? I dunno.
- What do you mean you don't know? - I can't remember! 'The question is whether the PM is going to let the Kims use five human carrots to get Washington to come to tea new para, or whether they'll be marched out for firing squad practice.
' No, don't tell me.
It's coming.
Um, you're here on work experience? No.
No, that's not it.
Er, you're the photocopy guy.
No? For a second, I thought you might be our political correspondent but The Minister for Energy and Resources The Honourable Graeme Poulson.
What of him? Got into a bit of a biffo with a service station operator.
- Happens to the best of us.
- Yep.
He was at a party with the service station dude and his wife and he went the grope.
- You got pictures? - I do.
Outraged husband.
The groper of the hour and his distraught wife.
It's pure scuttlebutt.
And there's no judgement.
I like scuttling butt as much as the next man.
I just like to know why, particularly when I'm being asked to play hangman.
Yeah, with some ministerial grope that's been in the bottom drawer for six months.
- You left on the barrier? - Yeah, we went to Pearson's Corner.
Well, why? She wanted to go home.
I wasn't ready.
I said we should go to the gorge, watch the sunrise.
Well, that's very romantic.
So you went to the gorge.
Clarence?! I I I dunno.
I can't get this straight in my head.
Take it.
And then the next thing I remember I wake up on the ground.
No car.
No Sheyna.
How bad was the argument? 'Cause if it got outta hand or maybe she pissed you off? 'Cause sometimes stuff happens, stuff you didn't plan.
- 'Cause her blood was all over you.
- For Christ's sake, Tim.
Well, I need to understand what happened.
I need to understand how her blood got all over him.
- Mark? - Thanks, mate.
- Yes? - A lamb kebab with tabouli.
- Popping out, mate.
- Yep.
Lettuce, tomato, onion.
- Lamb.
- OK.
Yeah, eight bucks.
- Sally! - Thank you.
Thank you.
- Yes? - Hey.
Er, no.
This is not good.
You can't be here.
Or, more specifically, I'm not allowed to talk to you.
Unless, of course, it's directly related to work.
We can speak about kebab-related matters if you want.
Maybe you can order.
How's that for a start? Then the rest of us can get on with our lives.
Everything, but I want light cheese.
We're out of light cheese.
We have ordinary cheese.
I can't have ordinary cheese.
I'm on a strict regime.
Perhaps you don't need the cheese at all? Or even the kebab.
I beg your pardon, fuckhead? Well, perhaps you and all those people who asked for light cheese on your stupidly unhealthy kebab on Thursday need to wake up and pass on the experience altogether.
- Come on.
- Oh, just I don't understand, 'cause I do everything my contract says I'm required to do.
Yeah, but it doesn't say in your contract that you can tell people what they should and shouldn't eat.
Am I meant to lie to them? 'Cause I don't remember it saying that.
I'll need the uniform back.
I didn't mean right now.
Well, it doesn't make sense that I would wear it home in order to take it off and bring it back.
I'm sorry I wasn't able to meet your expectations.
They're not gonna let you on the bus like that.
He can wear one of mine.
Um Where is it? I lost my job tonight, not directly, but ultimately as a result of your lateness and for some reason I can't even begin to get my head around the idea of losing my stupid, moronic, could be done by a fucking monkey job and having to look for another stupid, moronic, could be done by a fucking monkey job is making me feel stressed.
Yeah? And as you well know, Ned, stress is the, er is the enemy of calm.
You can't have the modem, Jesse.
Why are you being an asshole, Ned? You know that half an hour online doing something real and the stress will be gone.
But you like making me suffer, or don't you? I'll call Thom in the morning and tell him that it was my fault.
What are you wearing? Did you eat? Will I make you something to eat? I know what you're doing, Ned! I can smell it! It's just a dream, Jess.
Go back to sleep.
I'll help you clean up in the morning.
Very decent of you.
Alex Wisham.
- Hello? - Hello, Alex.
My name's Ned Banks.
You don't know me.
I got your number from the school.
Yeah, look, I'm kinda in the middle of something right now.
Er, yeah, I think that's why I'm calling.
I wanted to talk about the student who's missing.
I'm a journalist.
I've gotta go.
There's bloody flies all over her! My baby! My baby! Listen, Clarence, they're gonna take her body to the hospital and there's going to be an autopsy and whatever happened, anything you don't wanna say, is gonna be there on a piece of paper.
There's a window of opportunity here but it's a very small one so you better take it.
Run! Run! Run! There was a man.
He was coming towards us.
Run! Why run? You didn't think he was coming to help, to see if you were alright? I and I just left her there.
I just left her there with him.
You don't think it's a tiny bit convenient that just now he remembers a man? No, I don't.
Alex, what are you doing? Half my life is in here.
Well, you know the drill.
It's a crime scene.
Yeah? My year 3 maths tests, are they a crime scene too? Put it back.
You know what I don't understand is that he has this accident but he doesn't come to me or his family, he goes to you.
He could hardly go home and say he was out with Sheyna, could he? You think he's worried about what you'll do to him.
Kitty's gonna have a heart attack.
- When does she get back? - She's coming back on the train.
Gets in Tuesday.
I'm gonna go get him a change of clothes.
Minister Poulson.
Reynolds suggested we put our heads together before the statement.
I'm not sure if you've met my wife, Marsha.
Sophie Walsh.
Good you could come.
- Sophie is director of comms.
- Morning.
How you holding up, guys? I'll apologise now for the speed and for stepping on Sophie's toes but, er, I've just had the PM on the line and he wants to make sure that we're all on song.
When he gets off the plane he's gonna make a statement condemning the behaviour but not the man.
It's very good of him.
So, in a nutshell, one-off incident.
You'd been taking a lot of painkillers for a back problem.
Heartfelt apologies to the woman involved and to your family, degrading to your wife, to your daughters, women in general.
I know how it sounds.
I'm sorry.
It must.
Shall we? Good morning.
Minister Poulson's gonna make a brief statement.
We won't be taking any questions at this point but the PM will speak to the issue at the end of this afternoon's session.
Are we clear? Er, morning, all.
Um I'd like to respond to an article that appeared in a number of this morning's newspapers.
The article in question referred to an incident that occurred several months ago now at a private function that I was attending where I behaved in a manner which was entirely inappropriate and unbefitting for my role as a senior cabinet minister.
Recent times have been difficult for my wife and I and I have made some poor decisions that I freely admit to.
Clicked the 100,000 hits mark.
'Minister for Sleaze!' number six on the Password charts.
I don't know whether to feel proud or ashamed.
You've called Alex.
Leave a message.
Hi, Alex.
It's Ned Banks here.
Sorry to call you and I don't mean to hassle you.
I just wanted to talk about what's happening out there.
- Ned Banks.
- It's Alex Wisham.
You called me.
Oh, hi, Alex.
Thanks for calling back.
It must be pretty chaotic up there 'cause it's your students, isn't it? How are the other kids? They must be feeling it.
Such a small class.
Must've hit 'em pretty hard.
- You're what, an internet newspaper? - Yeah.
But we're not really different from the traditional print media.
I have his phone.
- You do? - Yep.
Is there something on it? There's some pictures of them hanging out and a video but I can't get it to play.
If you email it to me I might be able to get someone to look at it and, er, maybe this video might shed light on the situation.
Oh, yeah.
- Can you open it? - Not sure.
Might be an error in the video compression.
Can you fix that? - Maybe.
But I would need to get online.
- Yeah? It would be easier for me if you go to another room.
Can you just give me a hint? Snowflake's chance in hell or better than even? I don't know yet, Little Ted.
How about you get me an ice-block and I'll get to work? Borderline sarcasm.
And fish cakes.
I want fish cakes too.
Ned? Um, there's still a chunk in the middle missing, but Say hi! Hey Whoooo! What are you doing? No.
No! Please! Please, stopplease I can't I can't feel my legs! I can't! Run! Run! Run! Run! Please, don't hurt me.
Please! Please don't hurt me! Please! Please! No! NO! No, please! No, please! Stop it! Let me out! Let me out! Let me out please! I've gotta go back into work.
I want a reward.
30 minutes free play.
Do you really get it, Jesse, what happens if they catch you again? I get to spend some time in the big house with the bars on the windows.
I won't hack.
Cross my heart and hope to die.
I will surf.
I will frolic in the cyber waves.
I will be a virtual porpoise.
No! No! NO! Someone pushed her over the edge.
- How did you get the kid's teacher? - This was in with the Poulson pics.
- What's it got to do with Poulson? - Nothing I can see at the moment.
Definitely has the whiff of dead dog about it.
OK, what are the heads or tails on this? We hand it in to the police or Publish and see what comes out of the woodwork.
Haven't we come over all feisty and investigative? What the fuck? Oh, shit.
They've got me.
Come on! Come on, come on.
Some time today, please! - 30 minutes, hey? - Ahhh! Why would you do that to me?! This is your idea of being a virtual porpoise, is it? Nothing to say? Those are all rhetorical questions, are they not? Those kids in the car, they hit a truck.
I imported it using a different program which lets you advance at single frame at a time.
You can see the licence plate so I went looking.
- You traced the truck? - I did.
Followed it back to a company in Canberra.
That's who I was arguing with just now.
What company? Um, Ph Ph Phasinto? Physanto? - What do they do? - I dunno.
- Well, what research.
- I don't know.
Come on! What are you doing? When I was in there, in the system, someone, one of their security guys, saw me and somehow they managed to sneak into my hard drive and drop some malware.
- Why would they do that? - To try and scare me.
And to have access to my computer, to track my activities.
So I gotta erase the whole system.
I don't feel so good.
What you looking for? Um, there was a little red USB here in the shape You're not hearing me.
It's completely frozen.
- What's up? - Got a call from the web server.
Was some problem with our site no biggie but they would send a report, which they did, and there was a link with it.
Except it wasn't our web service provider.
Someone posing as them.
Don't know how you think I was supposed to know that.
Perry clicked the link and three seconds later the whole site's frozen.
Hey, see? Hang on.
Don't panic.
Er, where's the video? Where's the Lindara video? - This is yesterday's edition.
- What? We're missing a whole day's data.
It's reverted to yesterday's uploads.
That's not good.
- All my emails are gone.
- Jesus Christ.
- You've still got a copy of the video in your box? - Yeah.
- Are you online? - Yep.
Do you usually only have one message in there? Should I open this? You emailed it from home from your brother's computer which means he still has a copy of the video, right? No, he erased his hard drive.
He traced the truck to Physanto and he was looking around in there - He hacked them.
Let's call a spade.
- They attacked back hard.
29 messages from people complaining they can't access today's edition.
- Any of them from the advertisers? - Only the first 12.
Is there any way to find out who did this? - Not if they're worth their salt.
- Well, who the fuck is Physanto? They look benign, really, biotech, advances in medical technology.
The teacher, Alex, has the kid's phone.
It'd be too risky to get her to email it but if someone went out there Did I mention how attached I am to that T-shirt? Um, these are all grown from cuttings.
I'm not that into plants.
But the idea that you can hack off what is effectively one of its limbs and on a cellular level messages crank into action, and a whole new plant grows, a perfect biological replication of the original, that is pretty kick-arse.
I wish sometimes I could, um, cut off my pinkie and see if it would grow a new me.
I don't tell many people that.
Makes me sound like a psycho.
Which I'm not, by the way.
But, if I did grow a new me, I wonder whether there'd be the same, um, kink in the wiring.
I don't know if you've noticed I'm a little different.
I noticed.
You should feel to just jump right on in 'cause I can just go on and on and on an on with a Um I, um, er have trouble managing too much, er, sensory input at one time and in this instance there was the whole tongue thing and you were touching my leg at the same time and I can't be completely certain but it's possible I just had an orgasm.
I'm gonna take it as compliment.
Do you wanna go play? Part of my suspended sentence is not associating with people like you and part of it is in there, my computer specifically ordered without a wi-fi radio.
Oh, how kind.
Doesn't he just think you're gonna use your phone to get online? I have an old one.
Funny thing, perspective, isn't it? 'Cause we're all just made up of the same things you, me, all your cuttings outside all just a collection of zeros and ones.
Depends on which way you look at it.
Peace of mind or nothing of value.
Very poetic.
I found some stuff last night that well, I've not encountered it before so I've no way of describing it.
So show me.
It's sorta connected to something my brother's doing at the moment.
Thank you.
I got everything I could but I had to get outta there pretty quick.
Eugh! Selfies are for posers.
That one.
- Could you open it? - It's not standard encryption.
Which only makes it a more interesting not to crack.
Visiting was over 14 hours ago.
When are you gonna fuck off home? When you tell me it's time to let him go.
And Missy, what, she just takes care of herself while you're here babysitting Clarence? - Keisha's with her.
- Oh, Keisha.
There's another great influence.
Oh, don't even start with me, Tim.
You and your goddamn bra.
Do you know how hard it is to keep all that grow-up-at-a-million-miles-an-hour, pelvic-grinding bullshit at bay? And you go and do something like that.
I asked her what she was buying and she said she didn't wanna tell me but she assured me it wasn't anything dodgy and that's enough for me.
- It's women's business.
- Then why didn't she come to me? I dunno.
Maybe she didn't want the lecture that came with it.
- Since when do you whistle? - It's a fairly recent development.
- Oh, hi.
- Hi.
- Um, sorry.
I'll just - Yeah.
- Who's in our bath? - Well, she's, um - Her name's Hani, I believe.
- Why is she in the bath? - I have no idea.
- Have you two did you She is just I mean Is it too early to say that I love her? When did you meet? Oh, I dunno how you assess these things.
Um Been at a couple of the same computer functions.
She's been by the van a few times.
Like four, perhaps five hours, if you add it all up.
Well, it's a bit quick off the mark.
Um, Perry called.
Said he'd booked you a ticket to go to Lindara.
- Well, I can't go.
- Well, I said that it might be possible.
Since when has it ever been possible for me to go away? It's not usually, which you obviously know, but things can change.
I think I'm ready, Ned.
Just a couple of days.
I'll watch some films, invite a friend over, maybe cook some dinner for her.
She might even stay the night.
I don't think it's a good idea.
You've only just met.
That's what people do, Ned, they spend time hanging out enjoying the company of someone they just met.
I wanna do it too.
I made a bit of a mess on the floor.
That's I love mess.
- Call me later? - Roger.
'I love mess'? 'Roger.
'? Sorry.
But it's nice.
I think it's nice.
It's lovely that you like her enough to lie to her.
Perry said he put $100 petty cash into your account and that you should not drink it.
Your flight's in two hours, apparently.
I can help you pack.
So if you need anything just go next door.
They have my number.
- You need to relax.
- I haven't relaxed in 12 years.
It's not easy.
Er, no.
Don't cry.
It'll confuse things.
'Cause I was about to say this is good.
You should go away more often.
I I know that it's probably awful lots of the time, all the lateness and the patting and the particularities but I'm not blind, like, I see I see what you do.
OK Alright.
Let's go.
The airport.
Hello? - You got a minute? - Not really.
Why? Well, no, I just wanna know if knifing Poulson had anything to do with Lindara.
Er, sorry, Ned, I'm just getting into a lift.
He wants to know how Poulson is connected to Lindara.
It's complicated.
- How complicated? - Some things are not worth knowing.
Tim! Come here! Jesus! Jesus! Go! Go! from CookiesMonsta's & chamallow by endoch