The Code AU (2014) s02e02 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 2

Nolan: Extradition orders from the US Department of Justice.
We've got a little problem, and if you had a crack at helping us fix it, it would go a long way to argue the case for keeping you here.
- What kind of problem? - Jan Roth.
Roth is the brains behind this website on the darknet.
There were images of Callum and an offer to spend time with him for a fee of $15.
- I wanna go home! - You can't go home! I can get us out of it, Ned.
Might even be able to save the boy.
I just need to try and get Roth's attention.
Lara: And if he bites, we'll send him the keys with a Trojan going along for the ride, which will give us a back door into his system and the chance to find the IP address of the man who's trying to buy Callum.
(Gunfire) Just in from Intelligence they've got the guy responsible for the attack.
- It's Marcus.
- Roth: This is bullshit.
They killed him and they dumped him there so we could take the blame.
Lara, we've got a problem.
I'm more interested in you, Jesse your insights into a particular technical problem that I have.
Hey, where are we going? (Muted conversation) - Man: What time's the game tomorrow? - Woman: You're doing the afternoon.
Oi! Thank you very much.
You trying to paint your face with your food or something? - Look at you.
- (All laugh) Help me! Help me! What are you doing?! Help me! Help me! Jesse didn't exactly stick to the plan.
Which is exactly what I said would happen, didn't I? So, what happens to the idea of him getting us into Roth's computer? Well, it still might happen.
As long as he's with Roth, there is still a chance.
Nasim: Do you really think? He's a nice boy, but he can't tie his shoelaces without a team of helpers and a 10-point plan.
I want to go public.
Look, at this critical stage, we don't think that that's the way to go.
You keep saying that.
You don't say why.
Lara: Detective Daniels isn't actually at liberty to say why.
There are some quite significant security implications in the mix.
National security implications that he hasn't been briefed on.
I can't even begin to imagine the horror you're going through, but I need to tell you that we're dealing with a very smart and dangerous man, and if we tip our hand early, let Roth know we're looking for him, he'll be gone.
We'll find Callum with or without Jesse's help.
I need you to be strong.
Let us do our job.
Can you give us a second, Lara? "We will find Callum"? You can't do that.
Really? I know without a shadow of a doubt that if we go to the media now the chances of finding Roth go through the floor.
So I make a promise I might not be able to keep to improve the odds of actually finding that boy alive? I can live with that.
What national security implications? You know the drill, Nolan.
If you were meant to know, they'd have told you.
Wait here.
(Whistles) Seasick or panic? Don't know.
They feel kind of the same.
This is bad, Hani.
Unless you want to get all literal for a minute in which case, nothing actually bad has happened yet.
We're in the middle of God knows where, in the company of a man who thinks selling small boys on the Internet is okay, and whose last travel companions finished up being shot to death on a road that looked horribly just like this one.
That doesn't seem actually bad to you? And there's the fact that we no longer have a plan.
Which is why we move on to plan B.
Come on, kids, let's go.
We go to his place, you solve his technical problem and while you're at it we find a way to copy his entire hard drive.
Instead of them getting into his system with the Trojan, we just give them a copy of the lot.
You can do this, Jesse.
You can still save Callum.
- In you get, on the floor.
- Why? Not that I think you'd turn me in intentionally, but once you're back in the loving arms of the Intelligence community, shit happens.
I just want to clarify our arrangement.
I take a look at your problem, you pay the $25.
000 and then you're taking us back, right? - Mm.
- That's what's happening.
Well as much as I enjoy your charming company, I'm not looking for a long-term relationship.
In you go.
Down there.
Who the hell are they? You're overreacting.
You don't know the first thing about them.
Oh, sorry, except that they're working with the police - to actually try and catch you.
- They were bait, Kiki, nothing more.
I took them out right from under the cops' noses.
They're going to help me get the job done and then I'm going to bring them back.
And five minutes later the troops arrive and then you're locked up for the rest of your life.
Yeah, it's a risk.
But Jesse is worth the risk.
He's smarter than Eric and Christo put together.
Which one of you is Jesse? Kiki: Listen to me! Kind of a girl's name, isn't it? Jesse James was a boy.
- Who's that? - He was an outlaw.
Are you an outlaw too? - Um - No.
He's a good guy.
I don't want to argue about this anymore.
We're so close, okay? It's my work.
I need to get it back and I can't do it alone.
Jesse, Hani, my wife Kiki, who is sometimes, but not always, a little more hospitable.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Now that that's out of the way, let's go to work.
(Types) (Computers whir and beep) - (Types) - We haven't been able to crack it.
Open it.
First impressions? First impression is that even if I can decrypt the file, you don't have the authorization to launch the program.
You can see what my problem is.
He opens it and what sort of trouble is he getting himself into? Because the strength of that encryption suggests that whoever you stole it from is pretty invested in keeping it unopened.
- I think "stole" is the wrong word.
- Really? 'Cause the fact that you don't have the decryption key is a pretty big clue that it doesn't belong to you.
I don't think these insights from the peanut gallery are helping, so why don't you take a fuckin' walk? You don't get to talk to her like that.
I also work better without an audience.
The sooner you get this job done the sooner you two get to go back to your little lives together.
So, once you've got something positive to say (Computer beeps) I'll be right back.
(Types) I've just been with Marcus' kids.
How are they doing? (Kiki speaks foreign language) It's nothing.
Give me your phone, Ramsey.
More threatening texts today.
(Reads) "Tell your wife to get your coffin ready, then she's next.
" And you still don't want to fight back? Scare tactics, which only work if they scare me.
Well, you should be.
You can't lead the movement from the grave.
You get started on that.
I'm going to go and find something we can copy his hard drive onto.
(Loud computer game soundtrack plays) Hey, Rambo, can you turn it down?! I think that's the medieval one, not the Modern War.
(All laugh) - Right.
- Dad! (Laughs) (Laughter echoes) Newsreader: A violent and chilling end for two young Australian surfers caught in the crossfire, as tensions boil over in the troubled Indonesian province of West Papua.
While the names of the young men have not been released, new details are beginning to emerge which suggest the attack could be linked to the pro-independence movement.
The attack is the latest in a series of incidents on the road outside the Australian-owned Helmston Mine.
The mine has become a flashpoint in one of the region's most violent and least talked about conflicts.
Fiona Walsh is on the line from the capital.
Fiona, what can you tell us about today's developments? Paul, what I can tell you is that the local police are taking things very seriously Interview tomorrow, right? A dedicated task force is on its way to the province You're not eating? Oh, there's a security meeting I just can't get out of.
- Thought we'd hang out a bit later.
- I'm not hungry.
Fiona: (On TV) We also heard late last night that investigators from the Neil: Marcus Kombian.
Local law enforcement confirms he was shot and killed during the attack.
The Australians fired back? A handgun was recovered from the vehicle.
We're waiting on ballistic reports.
- Do we know how many were involved? - Locals say three or four, but everything points to Kombian being the leader.
He was a loud voice against the mine and was a close associate of one of the current leaders of the separatist movement, Ramsey Gangi.
- Ramsey Gangi was there at the attack? - Unconfirmed.
We need those lease negotiations finalised.
Any sense of when that might be? You'll have new draft amendments on your table by the end of the day.
It's scheduled for a public signing as the centerpiece to the forum next Monday.
Sooner would take the heat out of the situation.
I'm sure it would, Neil.
But they want to double the size of the mine.
There's a quid pro quo.
Terms of trade concessions, a revamp of the aid budget.
Look, expanding the mine's in everyone's interests, but I'd prefer it if we're not left carrying the financial can - for the next decade or more.
- Any good news on Roth? No, he's keeping his head well and truly down.
I'm assuming you read last night's briefing? I read it, and I've got a bunch of questions.
And most of them start with, "Who the fuck was the genius in charge of handing Jesse Banks over to Roth on a silver platter?" Simpleton? Really? That was completely uncalled for.
Hello, the Honourable Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade.
God, it sounds completely ridiculous, doesn't it? - Fits you like a glove.
- Ha-ha! Hey, can you walk with me? I've got a presser.
I mean it, though.
So deserved.
It's a big step up.
- How's Alyse? - She's good, all things considered.
- She still in pain? - Mm-hm.
I think there's always going to be a lot of pain, you know.
On good days she's full of yoga and meditation, bad days more prescription meds than I like.
She's applied for this design degree, though.
I think this is gonna really turn things around for her, give her something positive to focus on.
Nothing like hitting the ground running, eh? Yeah, this is a shitfight we could all do without.
But it will get sorted, provided we all stay calm and hold off hitting the panic button.
Be good to keep the message as contained as possible, though.
Just keep Roth's past in the vault for now.
Watch out, Will, she's gunning for your job.
I did my time.
I'm just asking for a little tweak on the message, make my life easier, that's all.
- Nice to see you.
- You too.
(Reporters clamour) As I said, we've had investigative teams from Australia and West Papua investigating this event.
We're in the process of repatriating the bodies of the young men.
Obviously, our thoughts and prayers go out to their families at this very difficult time.
What I can also tell you is that the Bilateral Investigative Team have found the body of a man we believe to be responsible for the attack.
(Poker machines beep, muted conversation) Hey.
Just got off the phone from Paul.
He thinks you're holding out for more money.
If you don't come round soon, he's going to offer the job to Mark.
He should do that.
Mark's perfect for it.
He's capable, but everyone knows you're five times the writer.
The two Australians killed in West Papua why aren't their names being released? The only reason to withhold names is if the families haven't been informed.
They're repatriating the bodies the families obviously know.
Tell me what's going on and I'll see what I can find out.
Can't talk about it.
- Can't or won't? - Shit, Erin, does it matter? It matters to me.
Can't, okay? Joey, yeah.
Hey, need a favour.
Um the names of the two Australians killed in the attack on the mine road in West Papua.
Yeah, talk later.
- I'll put it on your bill.
- Yeah.
Come over later.
Five-ish? Yeah.
Oh, I can't.
I've got the reading of the will.
Whose will? My mum's.
Your mum died? When? Last week.
It was, um heart attack.
Hey, um, is there something I can do? When's the funeral? It was Saturday.
Um, I can call you when I'm done here Yeah, sure.
What the fuck are you doing, mate? Can you tell Geoff I'm not going to make the blast shoot this afternoon? I feel sick.
I'm going to go back to the hotel and crash.
Man: Yeah, no worries.
(Phone rings) - Hello? - Yeah, sorry.
My earlier messages might not have made any sense.
You're a journalist, right? Yes, but this isn't for a story.
I'm actually looking for my brother.
I think he's with someone who was involved in the attack on the mine road.
Yeah? Who do you think that is? The guy's name's Roth.
Jan Roth.
Do you know him? Maybe, but I don't know you from Adam.
Listen, if I could hassle somebody else, I would, but you're the only name I've got.
And I'm sorry if this inconveniences you in your duties singing the praises of the mining lobby, but I'm desperate, okay? Do you have any idea what it takes to get permission to be here? I needed to pitch a story that could offend nobody.
And then I had to get signatures from 18 departments.
I'm not Then I had to submit a list of people I'm going to talk to and pictures I'm going to take, and these all needed to be confirmed on company letterhead.
All all I am here "singing the praises" of the mine.
Lots of people are watching, making sure that I'm doing that.
My job is to make sure that they don't see what else I'm doing, and if you fuck that up, I will be very unhappy.
Don't know who your brother is, mate, or where he is, okay? I I Don't contact me at the mine again and don't use my maiden name.
(Disconnected tone beeps) Help me! Man: (Online) Where are you? I'm in a flat.
It's locked.
No can do, man.
I'm already back at base.
I'm on the eastern flank and there's a line of tanks coming my way.
I'm serious! I'm being serious! Jesse: (Bangs keyboard) No! What's something (Groans) No! (Bangs keyboard) Ah, fuck you! - Hey - Get off me! Sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry we're here.
I'm sorry I said I could do this.
I'm sorry that Callum's Are you done? Tanty over, or is there more? I'm most sorry that I dragged you into this.
Can you please take your jacket off? It's making me hot just looking at you.
I don't smell very good.
Me too.
Lucky we like each other so much.
(Beeping) (Door opens) Power surge.
Yeah, that UPS is not going to hold up for long.
I'm going to get some supplies.
Right, I'm just going to grab the generator out of here.
There's a couple of motherboards in there.
You should grab 'em, just in case the surge burnt them out back at home.
Hey! Ken! Man: Hey, Meg.
Okay, but it'll take us 20 to get there.
Budi said he can get us into the morgue to see Marcus' body.
- When? - Now.
I said we'd be there in 20 minutes.
- I'd better get these two home first.
- No time.
The window's one hour, then the body's trucked back to the capital.
(Chickens cluck, pig snorts) - You took your time.
- Roadblock.
Had to take the long way around.
Can we still go in? Oh, it's going to be tight.
You are? Ah, these are my friends, Jesse and Hani.
- Friends is not accurate.
- Oh, that hurts.
Friends don't kidnap one another and transport them to other countries without permission.
Your Ned's brother.
He's been hassling me like mental, worried about you.
Can you let him know you're alive? Then he might get off my case.
Well, I have no way of doing that, thanks to my FRIEND in the front.
Right, we're on.
You're not going to do anything silly, are you? Not on purpose.
(Door slams) The bullet hole.
He said to photograph the wound.
The burn mark around it, see? And the traces of gunpowder.
The doctor said this is a man killed at point-blank range, not from a distance.
- (Camera shutter clicks swiftly) - But what does this prove? Proves the story is horseshit.
He said that Christo shot him from the car, but they found him 20 metres away.
It gets worse.
These marks.
And at his ankles, too.
(Shutter clicks) Bruising and rope burn.
He'd been tied up.
There was a struggle.
And around his throat.
See there? Fingernail marks.
And there, haemorrhaging.
If we get the power back up, how long will it take you to copy the UndaCounta files? Including the entire cache and logs, one, one and a half hours.
And then it's a question of how to get them to the police.
We wait till they've canceled the extradition orders and then we hand them over, otherwise they're still calling the shots.
The longer we take, the more chance that Callum You can't think like that.
We've just got to put one foot in front of the other.
(Gunfire) Come on, get him up! Get him up! Let's go! Move, move, move! Come on! Get in, get in, get in! Oh, fuck! Go, go, go! (Tyres screech) Run! Run! Go, go, go, go, go! Move it! Jesse! Jesse, come on! Come on, Jesse, come on! Jesse! Jesse, come on! Come on, Jesse! Jesse, please! - Please, come on.
- Fuck.
Please, come on! - We've gotta get out of here! - I got him, I got him, I got him! Move! (Motorbikes approach) (Man speaks foreign language) (Engines start) (Motorbikes recede) Does this qualify us as friends? Take it easy.
It's all right, it's all right.
Take it easy.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Just breathe.
Kiki: You should see a doctor.
I don't need all this fuss, okay? - It's not serious.
- But it could have been.
She's right.
These are not empty threats, Ramsey.
- You should leave.
- No.
Do you want your children to grow up without their father too? Let's get to Cairns and we can decide what to do from there.
I'm not sneaking in like a criminal.
I have applied for the visa to go to the forum.
That's when I go.
Now Marcus, two weeks ago Rika, and before that Pok.
On and on it goes, Ramsey.
And I let this madman here do it his way.
We only want simple things.
A cut of the mine, not the whole pie.
For Christ's sake, we want the same thing! Please, not this again.
Not now.
A referendum before it's too late.
Fight fire with fire, Ramsey.
That's how you get attention.
But you're war mongering.
We need to give the leadership a new chance.
Smoke and mirrors.
Why do you listen to the same bullshit? - Enough! Both of you! - All right! All right! We'll go.
I'll take you to Cairns tonight.
Today was bad.
- Today almost got us.
- But it didn't.
We're here.
We're fine.
Tahila (Speaks foreign language) We need a few liters for each person.
Um Ramsey's your brother, right? It must be tough being stuck between the two of them.
If I could melt them into one person - one with too much fire, one without enough Papa is not good at being told what to do.
What about you? Do you know what is happening here? Do people know? Do your friends know? You were a very cute baby.
It's not me.
There are another two near the door.
Ned, for Christ's sake, just calm down, will you? - I can't even - I didn't know your mother would I mean, why would she leave me the whole shebang? No, I'm I just thought maybe I'd get back some of the money I invested in the house originally, that's all.
You're fuckin' unbelievable.
Just hang on.
Hang on, hang on.
Now, I was a big part of her life as well, you know.
We were together 15 years.
Pretty bloody big innings, in my book.
Oh! Oh! Oh Fuck! Jeez! Oh.
- Oh.
- Sorry.
No, no.
No, no, don't be sorry.
That was a long time coming.
Just just pinch right where the bone meets the cartilage.
Just just up there.
I was crap at everything.
Crap father.
I know I was a crap father.
I was a crap husband, too.
Bloody crap everything.
It's all right.
I know.
And don't think for a minute that I didn't regret walking out.
- Doesn't matter.
- It does matter.
- It doesn't - Just hear me out, Ned, just for once.
I mean, I just didn't know what to do.
You know, from the moment he was born, Jesse was difficult.
He never slept, he cried all the time.
And your mum Well, your mum was diagnosed with postnatal depression and it just went on and on and I just thought it was never going to stop, never end.
Marriage and family life didn't meet your expectations.
Just chuck it in, someone will pick up the slack.
It actually wasn't like that.
No? That's what it looked like when I was 14.
And it still pretty much looks like that now.
You know, it was a good call.
'Cause Mum's depression never did go away, and Jesse was a difficult child, who became a difficult teenager and a pain-in-the-arse adult.
Did I ever think about abandoning ship? What do you reckon? I gotta go, Dad.
I didn't come back for the money, Ned.
I came back to try and build some bridges with you and Jesse.
Yeah? I'm all out of bridge-building stuff right now.
(Door slams) (Message tone dings on computer) (Computer beeps) (Door rattles) Hani: It's just me.
How are you going? It's nearly there.
Well done, you.
Something's not right.
I couldn't open the folders, the ones about Callum.
Did you need to? Not not really, but the point is, I couldn't open them from Roth's system.
Why would he protect his site in a way that he couldn't access himself? He didn't set it up, Hani.
Someone else did, so that Roth wouldn't see them, so that he wouldn't know they're there.
Who? Most of the money from the main site goes to an account in Germany.
But the funds from the paedophilia stuff (Types) Somewhere else? They go to an account in Belize.
This account only has a single signatory.
It's not Jan.
What if he's not who they say he is? What do they say I am? What do they say? Someone needs to start talking.
There's a boy.
He went missing a few days ago.
He's for sale on your site.
On my site? In a private forum.
Show me.
(Types) (Types) So, this is why you're here, so you could poke around in my closet and see if I had any little boys stashed away.
They wanted I was, uh supposed to get them access to your hard drive, so they could try and find Callum Callum before before the transaction is complete.
Pack up.
(Computer game soundtrack plays) Hey, Dad.
Michael: On Friday night, our 14-year-old boy went missing.
He was supposed to be staying at a mate's place, but he didn't show up.
The police have tried to stop us from going public, but we can't wait any longer.
We we need anyone who might have seen him, or anything, even if they think it's not important, to come forward.
Please if anyone has seen anything, or knows anything, please contact the police.
(Knock at door) (Clanking) Oh, no, you should definitely not come in.
- Assuming that I wanted to.
- I've had a hideous day.
Jesse's still God knows where and I've drunk too much.
And I punched my father in the face.
And I drunk too much.
I already said that.
- Twice.
- Yeah.
So save yourself.
Don't come in.
Maybe you just need to let off some steam.
Away we go! Jesse.
I want you to show me how he did it.
It was there if you were looking hard enough.
You're right.
It's my fault.
I set the serpent free in the garden.
What are you going to do? What am I going to do? (Keypad beeps) I'm gonna make things right.
Yeah, Gary.
Yeah, I'm coming into Cairns.
There's a few things I need to tie up.
No, no, I'll let you know when I get there.
Buy yourself a ticket.
I'll pay for it.
Let's find the kid and we'll figure out what to do next.
(Siren wails) Man: (Over loudspeaker) This is Australian Border Security.
You are currently in Australian waters.
Let's go find this kid.
Cut your engines.
We are coming along your starboard side.
We seek permission to board your vessel.
Come on.
Jesse! Come on! (Message tone dings on computer) Oh.
They will keep searching, won't they? 'Cause he's not good in the water.
- (Beeping) - What? What is it? Now, we grant asylum to the leader of one of Indonesia's designated terrorist groups, they're gonna pop an artery.
- One man's terrorist - Is another man's freedom fighter.
He goes to jail he's not coming out.
Still no news in the case of missing Canberra teenager Callum McCray.
Police! Police! Your son is lost at sea.
I just thought I'd wait here.
A worry shared is a worry halved, and all that.
They found him.