The Collection (2016) s01e01 Episode Script

The Deal

She's gonna love it.
It doesn't have an owner yet.
- Do you have a dress shop? - Designer.
Haute couture.
Only the pricey stuff, eh? Do any bread and butter? No, I can't afford to.
- I'd lose the cake.
- Make him pay! Make him pay! - What is this? - Trial starts tomorrow.
They don't want to see him go free.
Make him pay! Make him pay! If it were up to him, our clocks would still be on Berlin time.
- Collaborator.
- (MAN SHOUTS) Make him pay! Make him pay! Make him pay! Make him pay! - Let him burn! Let him burn! - Make him pay! Make him pay! (CHANTING CONTINUES) Thank you.
Good luck.
(HORN TOOTS) Lock him up! Lock him up! (CHANTING CONTINUES) Make him pay! Make him pay! (URGENT CHATTER) Monsieur, I didn't realise you were back.
- Can you please - He'll see her tomorrow.
She stopped in Paris to see him.
And she will.
But right now he has more important people to dress.
This collection was created last winter for a show.
"Paris is back".
I remember.
- This is from Trouvier? - It is.
His factories still produce the finest fabrics.
- So you have met him? - Me? No.
No, but - Well, he's a legend.
- So he's told me.
Forgive me, but I'm confused.
If monsieur Trouvier wants me to design for his daughter For his daughter? We want you to dress much more than his daughter.
The president's office is searching for a designer to dress the world.
Starting with Paris.
Trouvier asked us to facilitate the right partnership.
If this administration is going to restore Paris as the fashion capital, - we'll need your help.
- Of course.
I'm happy to give it.
This is not an offer yet.
More of an audition.
You can understand why Trouvier is cautious.
He's been burned by some unholy alliances in the past.
Black marketeers.
That sort of thing.
Many a hateful bargain made in those days we'd all like to forget, eh? (TRAIN WHISTLE) (LAUGHS) I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to wake you.
Somebody pinch one of your photos? No, I didn't take this.
But I know the guy who's covering the trial.
Why bother? Everyone knows the verdict.
I don't expect there'll be too many folks sobbing over his grave.
Well, no, there is one.
But the tribune cropped her out.
And this is the better picture.
The man's been charged with war crimes.
No one who reads our paper is gonna care or notice.
(OLDER MAN LAUGHS) Relax, kid.
Life magazine sent you here to shoot pretty girls in pretty dresses.
- (SIGHS) Is he coming down or not? - I will check, madame.
- More champagne? - No.
- A glass of water? - I don't drink water.
Fish fuck in it.
- Have you got any vodka? - I will look.
Oh, god, no.
That's just gonna blanche me out.
What do you even call that colour? I mean, this is Paris and there is nothing gay about that.
Will monsieur Sabine be joining us soon? Madame sutter is waiting for him Tell monsieur to bring down the vodka.
He knows where you keep it.
I'm not a bookkeeper, honey.
I'll arrange a meeting for you and Trouvier.
No government office.
Just a Nice leisurely meal where you can put your best foot forward.
Thank you.
I will.
Monsieur Gambon, may I ask, why us? Why did Trouvier choose this house? He didn't.
He chose Durrant.
But we did our research and suggested he move on.
Monsieur Durrant spent too many years dressing the wives of German officers.
Your house has showed only one collection thus far.
Your lack of history works in your favour.
- Oh, pardon.
- Sorry.
- In women? - That, too.
- And where did you get this? - Don't ask.
It's been chilled twice.
I had a visitor.
From the president's office.
I've been asked to restore France's faded glory.
- Mm-mm.
- What are you talking about? Jules Trouvier needs a partner.
- What? The cotton king? - Mm-hm.
W why? He's nervous about losing the international market to New York.
"You Americans are so greedy.
"We have to keep you in your place.
" So he wants to be in business? With us.
The world thinks Paris is finished, and the richest man in France wants me to change that opinion.
Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! If we can impress him with our next collection.
- Mm.
- What did Claude say? Did you talk to Claude? Paul? Doesn't your brother need to know about this? Oh.
Turn it off.
- (MUSIC STOPS) Welcome back.
How was the trip? Long.
- Did they take the train, or crawl back? - Shh.
We've missed you, Nina.
- How's your auntie? Any better? - Yes.
Still recuperating, thank you, but Nina was very helpful to her.
You didn't even send us a postcard.
She wasn't in Belgium on holiday.
She wasn't there making lace.
- (GIGGLING) - Enough, ladies.
Back to work.
(CAT MEOWS) Claude? Claude? (MEOWS) - Go on, shoo.
- (CAT SCREECHES) (DOOR BEING OPENED) (DOOR CLOSES) Your old dragon gave me a key.
Well, she's helpful, isn't she? She locks me out and gives you whatever you want.
Maman says you've been out every night this week.
Did she steal a key, too? - Plan on coming in today? - Uhh CLAUDE: What's today? Life magazine.
"Inside the house of Paul Sabine.
"What's beneath the dress?" Their title, not mine.
- Americans.
- How did that happen? Marjorie sutter opened her address book.
Might be a good idea for you to stay here and work.
Why? I clean up pretty.
What's that? Oh, they're um Souvenirs.
I I met a sailor who wanted to take my blood pressure.
Spend a quiet night at home.
Mm? With your cat.
(CAT MEOWING) We've got more than reporters studying us right now.
CLAUDE: So I heard.
- Who told you? - Does it matter? - You weren't rushing to.
- I couldn't find you.
Well ohh You don't look in the right places.
Yeah, well you're right.
I don't want to.
(LAUGHS) Are there any more sketches like the one I found on your desk? Oh, god, no.
No, that's um That's half-baked.
Finish it.
I need at least six.
Si I want to close this deal tomorrow night.
I've reserved the table at Mozambique.
Mr Trouvier wants to meet the whole family.
You'll bring Charlotte as your date.
Evidently, Trouvier's climbed into bed with the wrong people before, so he's overly cautious, he's conservative.
He's a family man.
Devoted to the church.
So he's sleeping with his priest, too.
That's a big bed.
Have fun.
You think this is funny? - You need this as much as me! - (HE COUGHS) You prick! If it weren't for Marjorie and her circle of fashion hounds, we'd already be done.
Those bloody hat boxes are on the walls because we couldn't afford a fucking painting.
And they're still empty, Claude.
I'm treading water.
Living on credit.
Using my wife's connections selling.
Selling all the time, while you Turn up your nose and piss on the very people who keep you in custom-made boots.
We need this man.
- And his priest.
Get to work! - Fuck you! I've got other plans.
(DOOR SLAMS) (CHATTER) Did he hear you this time? Paul? How did it go? Fine, maman.
He's back to work.
Has he eaten? Should we take him a meal? PAUL: I have to get back.
Marjorie sutter has a fitting.
- Oh, the copper queen? - Cornflakes.
- Widow? - Divorcée.
Well, her first husband died.
I've met her.
It was his only escape.
That's beautiful.
(HORN TOOTS) - Sorry.
I didn't mean to - Save it, kid.
If they weren't so valuable, he'd probably pelt you with those.
- I just wanted to take a picture.
- Yeah, I know.
But pride's a real prickly flower.
It doesn't sit so well with some people that we saved them.
I'm not saving anybody.
I'm just taking pictures.
Well, stop.
Only tomato life magazine wants to see is in a dress.
Let's grab a croissant.
It's one of the few things round here you can't question.
- (CAMERA WHIRS AND CLICKS) - Aw, Jesus, give it a rest! Paris ain't going anywhere! It's still intact.
All sparkle and romance under blameless blue skies.
If you've got such a beef with this place, what are you doing back here? Punishment.
I stepped on the toes of the wrong senator.
Now I'm in a penalty box writing about ball gowns.
Hey, rossi.
This penalty box has a pretty great view.
And nobody said we had to play this down the middle.
Well, what are we playing? I'm just saying we don't have to deliver what's expected.
I just passed this crumbling butcher's shop.
We go out, we get a shot of the ball gowns in front of that.
We do a Phoenix rising from the ashes kind of - you need food.
- We take the girls out at sunrise - I'll order for you.
- We drop 'em off on the streets, we shoot 'em with their neighbours, people still using their ration books.
I don't get up at sunrise, kid, unless I'm following a real story.
I think there is a real story here.
- Excuse me.
Uh-huh? - I think there is.
Ok? Paul Sabine, he worked his way up from the streets and he is getting a lot of attention.
I know a girl back home, she would sell her mother just to touch any ribbon that guy had stitched.
Someone told me he doesn't.
He just lifts a pointer and his minions do all the work.
- So what? - Excuse me.
Rembrandt had a dozen apprentices finishing his paintings for him.
Rembrandt, huh? What were you doing during the war? Waiting it out in some fancy art school? I was at Brooklyn college.
I had asthma as a kid, so Uncle Sam passed on me.
You know what? I will get something to eat, but I'm gonna order for myself.
Charlotte, don't I already own this? Impossible, madame.
You're the first to put it on.
Monsieur designed this with you in mind.
Oh, he must tire of saying that.
But it's true.
If you didn't exist, I'd have to invent you.
Holy shit! He's alive.
What? I moved the seam to 12 o'clock.
It was at two.
This way It hugs your body.
- Even when you're not on the dance floor.
- Mm.
How do you think it's gonna look in a courtroom? He left me.
Number three, if we're keeping score.
Get me out of this, would you? I can't breathe.
- I'm sorry, Marjorie.
- Oh, well.
It doesn't matter.
We're not swans.
Where does it say we have to mate for life? First, you have to be able to recognise a swan.
I know.
But you're already taken.
(SHE CHUCKLES) - You want to see me in this one, too? - Marjorie? Forget the gown.
You don't need it.
You don't need any of these dresses.
What you're looking for You already have.
(MUFFLED CHATTER) I wish you would've talked to me before you left.
Was it your choice, or your mother's, to give it up? - I had to - Nina I spend half my life in a fitting room.
I can tell you how many checks there are in a plaid coat.
You didn't think I'd noticed you'd changed? Does everybody know? If your mother says there's a sick auntie There's a sick auntie.
While you were gone, it was hard for me to even look at him.
- Who? - Monsieur Sabine.
- Does everyone think mon - I I assumed it was It's not.
It wasn't monsieur.
It was an accident.
Someone I knew from my school.
- Nina.
- (SHE SIGHS) Monsieur wants some photos of the staff for the magazine.
(MELLOW JAZZ MUSIC PLAYING) Lucky bride! She's got three girls to sew one hem.
Three single girls.
They've each sewed their own hair into that hem.
- They still rationing thread? - It's an old custom.
The girls sew part of themself into the dress in hopes that each find a husband in the coming year.
Get a shot of that.
(WHISTLES) Get the hem.
Tell me, monsieur Sabine, how do you know what women will like? I share their love of romance.
Fashion's goal is to please and attract.
Ultimately, a lovely dress leads to a man and a woman coming together and Ensuring the survival of the species.
No offence, but my mother had six kids and never owned nothing like that.
Would've made her nervous.
Fashion has the power to transform us.
It's not so much about who you are but who you want to be.
Even those who hate fashion make a statement with what they wear.
If only to say to the world, "I don't give a damn.
" Let me introduce you to marianne.
She oversees evening wear.
Wow! That looks like it could walk off with nobody in it.
Monsieur likes to challenge me.
Here, monsieur.
- That's a nice pen.
- This? I've had it for many years.
- It's a bruchner, right? - It was a gift.
- Thank you.
- Special gift.
Would you gentlemen like to see the salon? Please use my elevator.
I'll join you when we're done.
What was that about? The pen? The Germans replaced the gold band with ivory during the war, and that was ivory.
He's lying.
He hasn't had that pen for many years.
Would you find Victor for me, please? - Of course, monsieur.
- Thank you.
- Are we taking work home? - Not tonight.
What were you talking about on the roof? With Juliette.
Nothing important.
Be careful.
These girls eat gossip for lunch.
I didn't say anything.
Nina, if I hadn't found you on that train I just wanted to go back.
To see his face.
They didn't even let me hold him.
They were sparing you.
(DOOR SHUTS) - Pardon.
- It's fine, Eloise.
We're on our way.
- Did something start without me? No.
No, I was just um Afraid it might be an ending.
You know, one of those weepies where I'm stuck at a lighthouse, staring at a roaring sea that's swallowed you whole.
Oh, fuck, you're not dragging me to another one of those.
Next picture I choose.
We met yesterday.
Or, if we didn't, we came awfully close.
Billy novak.
Life magazine.
You're marianne's daughter, right? - Hello.
- Hey.
I hope you don't mind me asking, but I could use some help.
I need somebody to show me what's not slapped on every postcard.
- Can I take you for a meal? - I work very late.
Look, I (LAUGHS) I don't know how to ask a girl out in this country.
In fact, I'm pretty lousy at it in my own country, but I I hate eating alone.
All right? I forget to chew.
What is it you want to see? Surprise me.
You know, put on one of those lovely dresses your mother makes and we can Those dresses are for other people.
Billy! Billy.
Did you hear? Sabine cancelled.
Family emergency.
You know anything about this? Jesus, can you not walk down the street without spooking the horses? "Family emergency", my ass.
(GRUNTS) Paul.
Paul, he's gonna recover.
He was robbed.
At home.
They broke in, I guess.
Claude must have fought back.
I'd like to go to the chapel to say a prayer.
Paul, will you join me? I want to speak to the doctor.
I'll come and get you when he comes back.
How could this have happened? I wasn't there.
I can't follow him 24 hours a day.
We discu we discussed that this was meant to scare him just enough to keep him home, working.
What did you ask that animal to do? Claude needed to be protected.
Protected? Who do you think you're talking to? That's all I've ever done, is protected him and you.
I don't need you for that.
He does.
Where do you think you'd be without him? The doctor's back.
Shall I ask Victor to call monsieur Trouvier? To cancel tonight? No.
You do that, he'll move on to someone else.
Go have dinner.
I'll stay with my son.
(LATIN MUSIC AND LAUGHTER) The buttons come from Lyon.
40 buttons for one dress? I wish there were 41.
- (CORK POPS) - Paul sees the extravagance as a gift.
A reward for years of sacrifice.
You spent the war in France.
You must miss your home.
(LAUGHS) This is my home.
I've been here nearly Eight years.
I've done my research.
You worked at the American hospital.
For a time.
With my uncle.
But when I met Paul, I Lost my return ticket.
Flor, would you mind turning around, please, so we can see the back? Thank you.
Monsieur Sabine has a gift for making us see something new in what's familiar.
Well, I would like to see something that's new and not familiar.
Something from the next collection.
Hm? Thank you, girls.
Uh, those aren't quite ready to share.
But I can assure you they'll be magnificent.
Our next collection will showcase who we are and who we've been for centuries.
No one's asking you to wave a flag.
Just remind women that Paris is still where it begins and ends.
This isn't about women, Jules.
This is about men.
Men who've spent too many years having to bow and hide, their identities reduced to scraps of paper, which restricted our freedom.
That's over.
Our next collection Will allow men to be men again By letting women be women As feminine As they long to be.
(MELLOW TUNE STARTS) I love this song.
Will you dance with me? (EXHALES) Nina.
What are you doing here? When did you When did you get back? Uh yesterday.
Did your auntie bite you? Um No.
I fell.
On the train.
And you thought my motorbike was dodgy.
(GROANS) At least I never brought you home in pieces.
Well, maybe once.
Can you fetch me that pillow? (HE GROANS) (SIGHS) Ohh.
Fine lot we are.
You finally break free from the crippled aunt of antwerp and now you're nursing me.
I'm not staying In Paris.
What? - Do you need to go back there? - No.
You just fell off one train.
You can't jump onto another one.
What's in London? Um you remember sylvie, the seamstress who got married? She knows someone who Needs an au pair.
You've come to say goodbye? And thank you.
What for? Treating me like someone who mattered.
Making me feel like I could do more than roll ribbon.
Now you're making the curtains cry.
You can't leave.
You're the only reason I come into that tar pit in the morning.
But I'll miss you.
(DOOR SHUTS) (SLOW SWING) - Did you hire an investigator? - Not yet.
- But you don't want the police involved? - That's right.
Paul, what did your mother mean when she said that Claude needed to be protected? Paul, did you have something to do with what happened to Claude? Everything I do is for this family.
MAN: Monsieur Sabine.
(DOOR CREAKING) - Where did this come from? - Home.
- Come on.
- I don't want it.
- (DOOR SHUTS) - That won't heal you.
They've got rats here who send that back to the kitchen.
What? What is it? When I was swinging at him oh, I just kept thinking, "my mother would have really liked you.
" I don't want to know about him.
You should.
He knows all about us.
Meaning? He was interested in me.
And what I do With the business.
And what did you tell him? What does he know about us? Claude (COINS RATTLE) I'm sorry.
I didn't I didn't mean to scare you.
- Did you follow me here? - No.
No, no, I was just down the street, having a drink, and I thought I'd come back and capture this place in a different light.
So, are you going somewhere, or is this for tomorrow's bank deposit? It's not how it looks.
I need some travel money.
Where are your co-workers sending you? London.
I'll pay them back.
Might take a while.
It's a pricey town.
Look, if I can't if I can't get a meal with you, can I at least get a photo? In one of the dresses.
I don't have time to take pictures.
I have to leave.
But no one'll care.
By the time I get these developed, you'll be in London, where you'll need a place to stay.
Right? The magazine Loan me a flat Near the British museum.
Take it.
Till you land on your feet.
Who are these pictures for? For me.
I like to Remember what made Paris unforgettable.
It's great.
Um can you just can you come in and find the light? Ok, you just here.
Stand here.
Are you cool there? Ok.
Can you put your hair up? I don't know.
Ok, Nina.
That's that's perfect.
You're doing great.
You're doing great.
Hold it.
Very still.
That's it.
Show me how it works.
That's perfect.
If you hadn't been there tonight It wouldn't have mattered.
(LAUGHS) You had a captive audience.
Maybe you should have given that "men need to be men" speech at your brother's hospital bed.
- I love my brother.
- Yeah.
I'm sure you do.
You and maman might want to rethink your business plan.
It's gonna be hard standing on those shoulders if you've shattered every bone in his body.
Claude and I made a deal.
Yes, I know all about the deal.
You ignore his reckless behaviour so long as there's a new sketch in the morning.
- That's right.
- It may not be right any more.
Once Trouvier's investment throws a spotlight on this business Claude doesn't want to be in that spotlight.
Only because you and your mother have convinced him that that's the only winning combination.
- Is that what he told you? - No.
No, he told me to look past your flaws.
Because he actually believes his big brother's a decent person.
But he doesn't know what you're really capable of, does he? Oh.
- Oh! - Excuse me.
- (KNIFE PIERCING FLESH) - (SAILOR GROANS) BILLY: How many kids they got, this family in London? NINA: Uh Two.
BILLY: Children scare me.
Too honest.
NINA: That doesn't scare me.
You do.
Why? You know what you want and you don't take no for an answer.
I thought we had that in common.
You're not the first person to run away from home, you know.
My folks are still waiting for me to ditch this camera and run the family shoe store.
It's no Maison Paul Sabine, but it's got a nice following.
There's one (LAUGHS) There's one lady who comes down from the Bronx just to squeeze her size ten foot into a size seven shoe.
How does she walk in them? We just put a size ten in a size seven shoe box.
It's an old trick.
Truth is she's a size 11.
She's got feet like hams.
(SHE LAUGHS) - (CAMERA CLICKS) - What are you doing? I just want some confirmation that you actually have teeth.
No, you gotta smile more often.
All right? Seriously.
No more.
Can I kiss you? Why? Cos you're getting on a train And you're gonna be sleeping in my bed and I won't be there And I don't know if I'm gonna see you again.
PAUL: Who gave you permission to do this? BILLY: No one.
And I'm sorry.
That was wrong.
It was my idea, not hers.
- Why would you do this? - Look, you said it yourself.
Right? The right dress can transform the person wearing it.
Right? Well, I think it can transform the person looking at it, too.
I was.
Well, evidently, the gentleman who runs your magazine doesn't agree.
That's not.
That's not true.
That's not true.
My magazine, my bosses, they killed this story because they were idiots and they sent the wrong writer.
Rossi was trying to dig up dirt, but I didn't come here for that.
All right? Look what happens when a girl, any girl, puts on something truly special that you've designed.
Ok, these pictures, they tell your story, monsieur Sabine, and we can find somebody else to write the words.
So would you please Call my editor? I'm not going to make that call.
How much do they pay you at that magazine? Uh (LOW CHATTER) (STEAM HISSES) (GUARD BLOWS WHISTLE) (WHISTLE)