The Collection (2016) s01e03 Episode Script

The Scent

1 MOTHER: What did you ask that animal to do? Claude needed to be protected.
That's all I've ever done, is protected him and you.
Where do you think you'd be without him? - What does he know about us? - CLAUDE: He was interested in me.
CLAUDE: He knows all about us.
(DIGGING) VICTOR: I just wanted to let you know it was taken care of.
I don't need to know any more about it, Victor.
Neither does Paul.
PAUL: I'm proposing that you do it again.
This time, I'll pick the garments.
But I'm not a model.
Why not You're no longer the little girl sitting at Marianne's feet, making dolls out of spools.
You've grown up.
Some scruffy Cinderella out in the streets playing dress-up in my clothes.
This skirt could dress a dozen children.
Why didn't you ask me to wear these clothes? It looks like this was taken by me.
But it's not possible.
I gave you all of the negatives.
It must have been taken by somebody else.
We're done drawing on our stockings.
Women want to feel pampered, beautiful again.
If your next collection fails, Monsieur Sabine, our partnership is effectively over and you will owe me everything.
- Hello? Who's calling.
- (BABY CRIES) ROSSI: Aren't you curious what this guy was up to three years ago? It's a Bruchner, right? What have you gotta do to get a gift like that? I love Paris In the springtime I love Paris In the fall I love Paris In the winter When it drizzles Say, I love Paris In the summer when it sizzles I love Paris Why, oh, why do I love Paris? Because my love Is near (CAT MEOWS) (GASPS) Oh, I love this one.
WOMAN: Are you looking for Marc? How do you know my husband? Are you looking for Marc? You're not in the Navy, are you? - Kiss me.
- (CLAUDE GROANS) (GRUNTS) No, stop! Claude! (HE ROARS) (GROANING AND GRUNTING) (FRENCH SONG ON RADIO) - There - I took the neck down.
(LOW CHATTER AND MUSIC) PAUL: It's very good otherwise.
If we pin it on the back, maybe? Mm It needs to be lifted.
- Maybe more - Let's put another metre.
- More fabric.
- Double up on the folds.
Monsieur, your wife just arrived for your first meeting with the parfumier, Monsieur Cassatt.
And the marquis' daughter is on her way over.
- (GROANS) - Another fitting.
Her request.
We have a very jumpy bride.
- She wants Marianne to - Marianne's busy.
Explain that we're five weeks out from a show.
I told her.
Very nice.
- Lovely.
- Hmm.
Thank you, monsieur.
Some of the girls have asked about the new designs.
They're eager to get started.
They'll have the sketches when they're ready.
Are we waiting for Monsieur Trouvier's approval? No.
Monsieur Trouvier will see them after they've been executed.
That's the beauty of a silent partner, Charlotte.
They stay silent.
Stan Rossi checking in.
- Rossi? - Hey.
What are you doing here? Why are you back in Paris? - I'm on a new assignment.
- You disappeared.
I followed a story back to London, then Berlin, then Vienna.
What's wrong, kid? Did you miss me? -What's the new assignment? -I'm back on the fashion trail.
Doing a profile on Frederic Lemare.
Sabine was his protégé, his right-hand man, during the war.
I thought writing about ball gowns was a one-time punishment? (CHUCKLES) So did I.
But I heard Lemare's a tough old tiger with a helluva story.
Used to be head of the Chambre Syndicale.
Who asked for this? I know Life magazine booted you because Life magazine ain't the only rag on the rack.
I gotta go, kid.
You left a book in your room.
There was a note inside.
Who wrote that? The note.
I don't recall any note.
Well, I don't think you'd forget this one.
Stan, what is it with you and this crusade to try and crack open Paul Sabine? There's no crusade, Billy.
I'm just a reporter.
And a sucker for a story with a few good twists.
You can keep the book.
Couldn't finish it.
Think I'm losing my appetite for fiction.
(ELEVATOR BELL PINGS) Wake up, Claude! You've got work to do! It's time to get up.
Come on.
Up, up, up, up.
- Get up.
Oh, get out! - (CAT SCREECHES) (HE GROANS) I was having a horrible dream.
- Were you? - Mmm.
A potato with a mouth was shouting at me.
- Charming.
Find your trousers.
- (GROANS) Your brother's in a meeting to produce a fragrance for the clothes you haven't even designed yet.
(GROANS) MAN: I'm confused.
Is this dress from the new collection or the last one? You have a splendid memory, my friend.
Erm, I've asked Dominique and Elise to model a few from last year to inspire and provide a launching point for discussion.
Wouldn't it be more inspiring to see what's next? (CASSATT SCOFFS) I could never pry those creations from my workers' hands.
Not while they're still alive.
Seamstresses are quite possessive.
They each treat the dress they're working on as their precious baby and they won't surrender it until they absolutely have to.
Could you, er at least share the theme of this new collection? Who can I pry that from? It's sensitive.
If a theme is leaked and other houses found out Other houses have given me something real to look at, my friend.
That's my launching point to design a signature scent.
Monsieur Cassatt, you have a call from your office.
Could you please tell them I'm on my way back? Well, we can continue this later.
I'm intrigued, but I wouldn't want to force you to do anything that would make you, or your workers, uncomfortable.
Give my regards to your uncle, Helen.
Tell him I'm feeling much lighter.
That appendix was weighing me down.
PAUL: Thank you, girls.
You could have walked upstairs and grabbed one of the sketches from your desk.
Really? The ones you scraped out of Claude's rubbish? I taped them together.
What message does that send? "I destroyed this, monsieur, because it's absolutely shit "but perhaps you'll have more confidence in it.
" He's not a critic, Paul.
He's a businessman.
So am I.
Presentation is everything.
We both know that.
Have you seen Nina? I really need to speak to her.
(JAZZ MUSIC ON RADIO) - Do you need any help? - Sure.
Peel it off and put my ribs back in place.
Monsieur wants several of the models to adopt the look.
Short hair is so chic right now.
For a child.
My hair is my trademark.
It's what gets me jobs.
Not the hair on her head.
Keep walking.
I heard Monsieur had to give him a transfusion.
Isn't taking his money enough? What was it? A gambling debt? Sure.
He bet on the wrong horse.
- Ow! - Sorry.
Monsieur's back in his office.
- We'll take his lift.
- Morning.
BILLY: I asked the front desk and nobody remembers anyone stopping by to see PAUL: I wouldn't give it too much thought.
We still don't know how that photo of Nina in the market ended up in the papers, and You don't think your colleague had anything to do with it? Maybe it's a stretch but if he's suddenly back in Paris and he's doing this piece on Frederic Lemare Lemare's a worthy subject.
The Germans tried to move the couture industry to Berlin.
Lemare fought to keep it in Paris.
And succeeded.
I applaud any reporter wanting to tell that story.
Right, but someone sent that note It's a vicious business, Billy.
Couture houses live from collection to collection.
Your chances of survival are much higher if you can take down the competition.
Our enemies are hoping to distract us.
I I'd still like to to question Rossi Don't.
I submitted that picture from the market to the newspapers.
It gave us more than a thousand words, didn't it? I I suppose.
I probably should have mentioned it to you before.
No, I It's your property, it's your photo, your dress.
You can do whatever you want with it.
I just, um I do think Nina should know.
I don't think that would be a helpful thing for her to know.
Don't you agree? No Now, have you finished the session with Dominique? Uh no.
I, uh No.
I changed the concept.
I was thinking Surprise me.
(DIALS) (GIGGLES) Here, your turn.
If he looks up, aim for his mouth.
Come on.
You were gone for months.
Got tired of playing this game alone.
(BIRD WINGS FLAPPING) I called the convent.
The Mother Abbess answered.
I hung up.
What were you going to ask her? I don't know.
I just I want to know he's OK.
You had a boy.
Nina, I think you should go see him.
At least once.
It's a day there and back.
Ask Claude to send you out of town on an errand.
Claude? Why not? He's your friend, isn't he? (PIGEONS COOING) (FLAPPING WINGS) -Perhaps we adjust the sleeve -It's not my arms.
It's my neck, my waist, my chest.
I feel like someone is sitting on my chest.
I think, if we alter this seam But what about the collar? It's choking me.
I feel like a sausage! Giselle, don't forget, you have a lovely veil.
That's not going to make breathing any easier.
Marianne mentioned you might want to order some new material.
Yes, please.
New material.
I want new material.
Giselle, there's nothing wrong I want something that breathes! - (PEARLS CLATTER) - What the fuck are you doing? - Claude.
- I want to see my neck.
You don't have a neck! Why do you think we gave you a collar? What does he mean, I have no neck? He didn't mean it.
You have a lovely neck, Giselle.
- Would you like some more champagne? - No! - I'll apologise for you.
- Oh, you do that.
- Ungrateful cow! - Ssh.
Maybe you want to put your energy into the clients we don't have yet! - Go away.
Get out of Paris.
- What? Use the cottage.
Take long walks, take naps, count the fucking stars! Mama can cook your meals and keep the flies off you.
You only need to work! I need the work.
Just use the space, all right? Just (CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS) Have fun.
Look to me.
Very nice.
Hold that.
Hold that.
Right, this is a dog leash.
(CHUCKLES) Very good.
OK, straighter with the hand.
I like that line.
That's nice.
Put your arm out like that.
Can I make it up to you? Unless you don't want to see a side of this city that doesn't fit into this room? Glad you called, Paul.
When you worked for me, you never took time for lunch.
Well, you had too many orders, Frederic.
Everybody wanted to wear Lemare.
Doing the fragrance now.
Was that your idea or Trouvier's? Helen's.
Oh, I see.
So your pretty wife's still your most valuable asset? (CHUCKLES) Very lucky for you to be on the receiving end of Trouvier's gifts.
I didn't have anyone bank-rolling me when I started out.
Not that anyone is more deserving than you, of course.
Clearly time for the old guard to step aside and make room for the new.
Oh, I think there's room for both.
No, actually, there isn't.
Frederic Perhaps it's time for me to put my energy elsewhere.
Read a book, plant a rose, spend more time at the house in Spain.
You're not ready to leave Paris, and you know it.
You've outlasted everyone in this business.
Given more women confidence than anyone who's ever lived.
You're beginning to sound like the American reporter.
Be careful, Frederic.
I met with Monsieur Rossi several weeks ago.
Life magazine asked him to do a story on our atelier.
So he approached you before me? I see.
That's interesting.
I could have done without his attention.
He seemed more curious about the past than the present.
You might want to keep the door half closed.
Why? I've got nothing to hide.
I saved the industry.
If this American wants to know how, I'd be happy to show him my medal from de Gaulle.
And when he asks questions you're not prepared to answer? I had a specific job to do, Paul, and I did it well.
I can't be held accountable for actions taken by others working under me.
There were hundreds on the payroll during the war.
I couldn't possibly monitor their behaviour or keep track of their allegiances.
(EXHALES) (FOOTSTEPS) Welcome back.
You've been missed.
Yes, I've heard all the joyful whispers.
I missed you.
What a shame.
That collar was such a beautiful detail.
So what do you need? Er more of this? A favour.
Can you send me out of town? What for? Er this? Where are you going? What's wrong? Is this about what happened at the market? No.
You've been different ever since you came back from your auntie's.
- No, I haven't.
- Yes, you have.
It's like she's sucked all the life out of you.
Did she use you as a hot water bottle? Please.
Just help me leave for the day.
Just promise me one thing.
You'll come back.
VICTOR: Your brother is looking for you.
I'm not apologising to the bride.
So if he wants me to turn the other cheek, tell him she's more than welcome to a look at both.
He said you and your mother need the car.
You're going out to the country.
- Did he mean the cottage? - Yes.
Why? But what's the purpose of the trip? - Sightseeing.
- Why are you going? Did you ask this many questions in your last job? Because my understanding was you just took orders.
(BELL TOLLING AND BIRDSONG) I'll let her know you're here.
Your arm's still weak.
I'm fine.
God, what have you got in here, your favourite chair? Those are dishes.
And a decent pot.
(CANS RATTLING) How long do you think we'll stay here? As long as it takes.
You need peace and quiet.
I had pretty yellow pills for that.
- They're gone.
- Never mind.
Oh, my God.
It's nothing.
Have you got the key? MOTHER SUPERIOR: Does your mother know you're here? I was sent to Alençon to pick up supplies but I was close so I got back on the train, hoping I could see him.
Visits aren't allowed, Nina.
You know that.
I just want to hold him for a I'm afraid that's not possible.
We introduced him to a very lovely couple last week.
They've already taken him.
The adoption will soon be formalised.
I know it's difficult to hear, Nina, but this has to be a source of relief, not suffering.
God has provided a family that's well off and stable, who can offer this child a future.
Something you cannot.
Who are you talking to? He's in He's in there! Who? There's no-one here but us.
Come inside, Claude.
It's all right.
Come on.
It's all right.
There's no-one there.
Come on.
Come on, Claude.
Why now? It's just a little luncheon.
There are 30 names on this list, Paul, and you don't do little.
If you want to host something in his honour, then throw Lemare a party after the show.
Why squander these resources? Because I owe it to him, Helen.
I think I know what this is really about.
You feel guilty.
This Trouvier deal, you feel like on some level you don't deserve it.
But you do.
You and your brother You've earned this level of support.
And support comes with a price.
So wouldn't your time be better spent pursuing the perfume deal? You've already got Cassatt on the hook and we're having that breakfast with him - We can have it all.
- Are you sure about that? Because you've told Claude he can be as extravagant and bold as he wants to be Then don't compromise the vision.
You can't do half a somersault.
You get hurt.
- I worry about you.
- I know.
That's what drives me.
I just spoke with the bride.
She's decided that the high collar is flattering after all.
And I knew you were the one to convince her.
And the Minister's office called.
Monsieur Gambon will attend the luncheon.
(EXHALES) Eliette Malet's office called as well.
She'll swing by after her breakfast meeting at the magazine.
Oh, splendid.
Is there anything else? No, that's more than enough.
Thank you, Charlotte.
Good night.
(DOOR CLOSES) (LIVELY MUSIC) I was only surprised Monsieur wanted to see Nina in them.
He's never really designed for girls.
She has a connection to the clothes.
I mean, he may design but it takes Nina and her mother to to bring 'em to life.
Right? I suppose.
But she always seemed happy to be on the bench.
All the girls are.
Things are tough.
Better to be working over an ironing board than sleeping on one.
Were you here? In Paris during the war? It was a confusing time.
If you stepped onto a bus and a German soldier offered you his seat, what were you supposed to do? Do you take it or do you stand? And if you did take it, does that make you People were quick to judge.
Some still are.
Did anybody judge Monsieur Sabine? - For what? - I just mean, can you think of anybody in the studio who might resent him? (SCOFFS) Besides his brother.
Why would his brother resent him? I want to dance.
Come on, Billy, dance with me.
(CROWD CLAPS ALONG WITH MUSIC) (TRAIN WHEELS CLATTERING) (TRAIN WHISTLE TOOTS) (JAZZ MUSIC NEARBY) So why is it OK to eat asparagus with your fingers and not green beans? I don't make the rules, darling.
Just trying to educate you.
OK, what about corn? - Corn? - Yeah.
Corn is for chickens.
Well, can they eat it with their hands? Where are we? I thought you said there was a better club? I did.
But the better ones don't have signs.
Do they have doors? It's too late, Billy.
Picture show's already started.
But if you want to sit in the dark Well, it can't be any darker than the last place you took me to.
ELIETTE: Oh, my! Still a work in progress but it's slowly coming to life.
Oh, no, dear, it's alive.
I want to lick it.
The pattern's an homage to Lemare's tulipe coat.
Yes, of course it is, but you've raised it to a whole new level.
You devil.
My intention is only to pay tribute.
He's never really been given his due as a designer.
No, you're spot on.
He's been taken for granted, hasn't he? -Now what else can I see? -You're being naughty, Eliette.
And if I show you more (CHUCKLES) you'll just fall asleep at my show.
I did that once! Who knew you couldn't wash down two aspirin with a daiquiri? - What else can I see? - No, honestly, I invited you here so that we could be naughty together.
Ooh, really? Frederic mentioned that he was lunching with you today and I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to host a small gathering in his honour.
Today? (LAUGHS) How could you possibly toss together a luncheon that quickly? I've already started.
I know it's a bit rash but there's a visiting reporter from the States doing a story on Monsieur Lemare.
I want him to see Frederic toasted by his nearest and dearest.
Count me in.
Plus one.
(SHE GROANS) He must be held up.
These weeks before the show, he just loses all track of time.
One day bleeds into the next.
Perhaps we can do this another day.
No, no, he'll be here.
My uncle told me to ask about your lovely daughter.
- What is her name? - Cesar.
We have no daughter.
Just Cesar.
I misunderstood.
- Is he married? - Only in his mother's imagination.
There's a steady stream of girls but his real passion seems to be reserved for his Bugatti.
Oh, yes! I remember.
Tante Josephine did mention that he was training to be a professional racer.
That's in his imagination.
Helen, if your husband has more important business to tend to Nothing is more important than this.
He is very eager to share with you the new look and the themes, the essence Really? I was under the impression he was guarding a state secret.
He is not meeting with anyone but you, Pierre.
May I show you something? (FIRE CRACKLING) Well this is auspicious.
Turn over another.
Claude? - What? - A card.
Turn it over.
That one.
(SHE GASPS) The Chariot.
Soon you will receive the admiration of many.
Who cares? Who cares? I'd rather be one person's shot of whisky than everybody's cup of tea.
Turn over the next one.
I don't even know why I'm doing it any more.
Doing what? I remember watching Celeste get ready for work.
Celeste? From the brothel next door? You were a little boy.
This is who you were thinking about? She may have been a silly whore to you, but not to me.
During the day, she was just another sad, lonely dishrag of a girl but at night at night she became someone else.
And her clothes were cheap but they were bright.
They had swagger and she looked six inches taller.
And I remember thinking, with the right dress, the right shape, the right colour you could create a world that you wanted to live in.
You could take away the misery.
(SCOFFS) And now Now I realise that those clothes, there was no magic in them.
They didn't change a goddamn thing.
They just They just covered it up.
I didn't find her silly.
She was the one who told me to leave a plate of meringue beside the Seine.
Why? An offering to the Goddess of the River.
To find love.
(LAUGHS) I see.
I see.
And did, erm did the Goddess hear you? What shiftless bastard did the river throw up that time? You.
(SOFT MUSIC AND CHATTER) Gentlemen, thank you so much for coming.
Would you excuse me? Monsieur Gambon, thank you for coming at such short notice.
My pleasure.
I sensed the whole thing was put together at short notice.
I've been meaning to do this for a while and finally the timing felt right.
- Enjoy yourself.
- Thank you.
- Billy.
- Oh, sorry.
Make sure you get some flattering shots of that gentleman.
-He's here on the President's behalf.
How are you? OK, just hold it right there.
Thank you.
-That's great.
ROSSI: No, really, it's fine.
I'll keep my coat.
- You shouldn't be here.
- I was invited.
I'm doing a story on the guest of honour, remember? For who? What American paper is interested in the story you wanna tell? Don't forget, kid, I speak more than one language.
Monsieur Rossi.
So glad you could join us.
How are you? Billy, take a picture, would you? - (CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS) - Yeah.
Excuse me.
(CAR APPROACHES) What are we doing here? I thought we were going to the Meurice.
I bumped into your protégé this morning, and he invited us to join him for lunch.
I'm guessing he's riddled with doubt over some design or other and needs reassurance.
Here you go, monsieur.
Keep the change.
I saw him yesterday.
He said nothing about this.
Oh, darling, come on.
Everybody knows the black beast of insecurity only visits in the middle of the night.
- Come along.
- Eliette Oh, come on.
He's in a state.
And you needn't say a word.
You can just sit there like a Buddha and smile.
Let him rub your belly.
Of course.
(DOG BARKS IN DISTANCE) (TIN CANS RATTLE) CHILD: Balou! Balou, where are you? Balou, come back! - (DOG BARKS) CHILD: Balou! Come back! Balou! Stop! (DOG SNUFFLES) Balou! It means he likes you.
He's giving you kisses.
No, he's not my type.
(WHIMPERS) Maybe he is.
(GROANS) Are you ill? Define "ill".
Well, I only sleep during the day if I'm ill.
And who are you? Josette.
That's our farm over there.
Are you an artist? No.
An artist seeks to communicate his inner life to the outside world with integrity.
I bend to the whims, however capricious, of ladies who can afford to pay the price of a pretty frock or two.
I make princesses.
Can you make me into a princess? (CHUCKLES) (JAZZY PIANO MUSIC) (MURMURING) This is Dominique.
She's our top model.
ELIETTE: Frederic.
Absolute perfection.
And I don't just mean this glorious lunch, Paul.
Billy? Can you get a picture of that? I remember that.
Did you design that for Jean Harlow or Gene Tierney? Is one of those a man? (CHUCKLES) Diaphanous.
I wanted that dress the first time I saw it.
I didn't know what life I'd be wearing it in, but I thought, "Damn it.
"As soon as I find out, I'm buying it.
" (CHUCKLES) Oh, I remember that.
I loved it.
And that.
Really wonderful, darling.
(WINDS CAMERA) (CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS) Could we speak in private for a moment? - Gorgeous.
- Excuse me.
(DOOR THUDS SHUT) What the hell are you doing? I'm toasting you, Frederic.
Securing your place as a legend, so you can leave this business untouchable.
And what makes you think I'm leaving this business? You're about to announce your retirement.
The fuck I am! You don't have a choice.
I'm gonna make it unwise for a reporter to diminish your status as a national hero.
A hero who's trading the hectic showrooms of Paris for a country garden in Spain.
You little prick.
I made you! Yes, but now you're prepared to destroy me.
But I still have enough respect for you to help you.
Help? I don't need your help.
I covered my tracks.
I never made the trips to Berlin.
You did.
I'm the one with the medal on my shelf.
What have you got? The gentleman sitting next to Eliette is from the President's office.
If you decide to slit my throat, blood will splatter the very people who gave you that medal.
Retire now, Frederic.
If you're not in the game, they'll forget that you broke the rules.
You've always been way too sure of yourself.
Well, I've had enough surprises for one day.
I'll be leaving now.
No, you won't.
You might be vain but you're not stupid.
I'm saving both of us.
You did it for power, Frederic.
I did it to save someone I love.
The difference may matter to you.
It won't to anybody else.
(DOOR OPENS) For almost 30 years, every woman directly or indirectly has worn a Lemare.
And it is my supreme pleasure to give my great friend, Frederic, the first Visionary Award on behalf of Jules De Modes magazine.
Long live the King! Eliette, thank you.
The years I've devoted to this industry have never felt like work.
It is a passion.
And I cannot imagine what I would do without it.
Which is why receiving this award makes what I have to say all the more difficult.
I will not be showing another collection.
(MURMURING) It's time to step off the stage and make way for the bold new talents worthy of your attention.
Where you going? Back to my hotel.
Now I know why I was invited, I don't need to stay.
What does that mean? Your boss is even more slippery than I thought.
Good luck, kid.
That was short.
What happened? We need to find someone else.
Someone who can't be bribed with a phony award and a slab of cake.
Did you make it yourself? No.
One day it just showed up.
This pile of rocks.
- (DOG BARKS) - Like magic.
- Here's the moat - Right.
-and that's the drawbridge.
-Oh! Sorry.
And these are my guards.
They protect my castle.
See their uniforms? This one's uniform looks like it's been (GROANS) damaged in battle.
May I? (HUMS TO HIMSELF) Now if only we had some more feathers.
We do.
I'll show you.
You can only take them from the outside.
If their mama smells you, she might not come back.
- Very elegant.
- So was she.
She could fall down a flight of stairs without breaking her champagne glass.
Monsieur Lemare must have been gutted when you left his house.
I learnt a lot from him.
He taught me that every smart dress should have pockets.
I just have to figure out how to hide them.
Nina? My God, I almost didn't recognise you.
I need to speak to Monsieur.
I'll be back.
(LOW CHATTER AND GIGGLING) May I interrupt? Nina.
- What have you done? - I cut it.
For you.
I heard you wanted models with short hair.
- But you made it very clear - I changed my mind.
But I won't do it on a seamstress's salary.
I see.
Welcome back.
(DOG BARKING NEARBY) (CHIMES SOFTLY TINKLING) How did it go? Was Lemare pleasantly surprised? I'd say we all were.
Can I help? I thought you'd be asleep at your desk.
(LAUGHS) Can I tell you about the breakfast you missed? I couldn't get there.
I'm sorry.
Eliette wanted to see everything.
I understand the master is filling many plates, but now you have one less to worry about.
Monsieur Cassatt didn't need to see much.
I showed him one sketch.
Just one.
And I told him that you ripped it up because I questioned the sleeves.
It made him smile.
Evidently he and Madame Cassatt live in a permanent state of disagreement.
What's wrong? I needed to be there.
Why? Paul, you can't be in two places at once and you were willing to move heaven and earth to make the Lemare tribute happen today.
I needed to be there.
This is my house, my name.
I specifically said I didn't want him to see those sketches and you showed them to him anyway.
He needed to see something.
And it worked.
So my wife knows better? The only reason we have Cassatt at the table is because my uncle made that call.
- (SCOFFS) - Do you resent that, too? Yes, I do.
Your aunt and uncle are buying the meat and now you're cutting it up and asking me to open wide.
Your chair was empty.
He was slighted by that.
For some Godforsaken reason, your past was more important to you than your future, and I had to save an embarrassing situation.
By making it more embarrassing.
Now that you and Claude seem to be the new team, maybe I should find another line of work.
You, uh you look like Joan of Arc.
I stopped by your station earlier Why were you looking for me? Well, because I saw something and I thought you might like it.
How How did you know? Because, um I'm paying attention.
Billy? - (FOOTSTEPS) - Billy? I told my friends we'd meet them at the restaurant.
It's almost nine.
I'll see you tomorrow.
(KNOCK ON DOOR) Monsieur? What is it, Charlotte? It's done.
I just thought you might want to have a last look.
Thank you.
What did you ultimately say to her, to take her hands away from her neck? Her nerves weren't about the dress.
It was about the next 50 years.
(CHUCKLES) (CHUCKLES) - Do you approve? - That's a gem.
Thank you.
(DOOR CLOSES) (EXHALES) CLAUDE: Just need to get a few more things.
Keep your paws off that folder.
The ink is still wet.
Why didn't you wash this out? There's soup in it.
Well pour it out.
Feed a squirrel.
You'll be hungry later.
Why don't we just eat here? What's the rush? You'll do better at home.
This kind of damp's no good for anybody.
Home? I don't know why you think my home is any drier.
I have mushrooms growing in my shoes.
We need to get back to your brother.
Hurry up.
Hang on.
I've got a bag inside.