The Commons (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

- [woman.]
Last week's storm has intensified at sea and has been recategorised as a Class 6 wind event.
Forecast modelling data tells us it's due to make landfall in the next 36 hours.
We also face a chance that the deep low pressure cell developing in the south could move northward and arrive at the same time.
- [Chesca.]
- Today we are issuing a voluntary [Chesca.]
Come on, honey, or everyone's gonna be late.
recommendation for a 2km coastal evacuation zone.
- [Archie .]
Cosmo! - [Chesca.]
Don't, Archie.
Don't do that.
If you choose to ignore this warning, you not only put yourself at risk, but you put first responders at risk too.
Is Dad a first responder? You let the spoilt piece of shit get away with whatever [Chesca.]
Don't you swear.
They're still saying "First respond, first responder".
- [Archie.]
Stuff this.
- [Chesca.]
Archie, don't do that! It will not be like other storms.
This storm could be a monster.
[TV muted.]
- This is a time where we need to get our priorities straight right now because this storm will deliver many things - but second chances will not be one of them.
[female voice.]
Hello, Eadie, you have nine new messages.
You have 3,362 unread messages.
Read new messages.
Message one from Penny Rawson.
Subject - Happy birthday, babe.
Message two from Suelyn Davis.
Subject - I wish I was there to be with you on this Trash.
Message three from St Lucien's Department of Reproductive Medicine.
Attention Eadie Boulay.
Your pregnancy is unviable.
Please collect your last remaining fertilised embryo within 24 hours.
Photo identification is required for retrieval.
- For information relating to trans - Off! Turn it off! - [Shay.]
So, we end up back at her place and I would have to say, I was surprised by the very spirited nature of the encounter.
[heavy breathing.]
[rap music plays in background.]
Ow! You bit me.
- [Shay.]
But it turns out, she's not into vampirism or cannibalism.
She's playing at black widow spiders - homicidal post-coital behaviour.
- [Shay.]
Anyway, so I'm laying there afterwards and I'm thinking, what if we induce a micro deletion of the HoxD gene clusters of the female bugs, which, radically ramped up, not post-coital aggression, but pre-coital aggression? So the males become not an after-sex cigarette - they become a before-sex appetiser? They're dead before they shoot.
In a generation, the females chomp themselves out of sperm donors entirely.
[message tone.]
- [Lloyd.]
That's that is glorious.
That's glorious.
Come on, let's test it.
[tense music.]
[poignant and percussive orchestral theme plays.]
I'm not sure man It's not gonna hold.
Just say it.
- I might have screwed up the RNA - Don't treat me like a baby, Lloyd.
Just say it.
- It doesn't hold.
- [yells.]
Good morning.
You got a sec? Just want to flag a notification you'll get this afternoon.
Shay, you've been picked for national service duties.
There are some projects that are deemed significant enough to qualify for special exemptions but they're all predicated on results.
It's two days a week at one of the resettlement centres.
Only leaves three days for you to devote to your research here, so The board has been alerted.
But there's a good chance they'll think it makes your position here untenable.
I just wanted to let you know in person.
I bet you did, Herm.
Oh, and uh you'll need to put some thought into a replacement too in time.
I really appreciate that, Herman, but we'll find someone to swap out Shay's national service days.
Just saying that I've got some excellent candidates on my desk.
And, well, who knows? Fresh perspective might be just what you need to shake things up.
Just looking for the glass half full.
Let me know what you decide.
We'll find someone, hey? Listen, I've Yeah, it's Eadie's birthday.
I've got to get home.
Why don't you come past in about an hour and pick me up? - We'll go do the collections, yeah? - Sure.
- We're gonna fix this! - Sure.
- [reporter.]
Coastal towns bracing this morning as two weather systems look set to collide.
The Bureau of Meteorology has issued Severe Weather Warnings for Uh Hey, hey! It's my two favourite humans.
OK, what do you want? What do you mean, what do I want? I just called in to say good morning.
OK, good.
Because for a minute there, I thought you'd forgotten that we were gonna pass on the whole birthday celebration thing.
No, no, no, this is a whole other celebration thing.
This is not about marking your birthday.
What are you doing?! - This is neuro-psychologist slash - Lloyd.
Slash stepmother, slash wife of the year day.
- Seriously, how much longer? - Just moments.
OK, moments.
- OK.
- M'lady.
- Lloyd - Stop it.
This is not even about you.
This is about Ivy and I, and our chance to contemplate our good fortune, OK? So you're gonna drink your latte, eat your brownie and you're gonna open your present.
And just respect our process, OK? Oh, my god.
What is it? These are the astrocytes in the hippocampus, drawn by Santiago Ramon y Cajal more than 100 years before they had microscopes to see the structure of the brain.
That's a dead person's brain? - He won the Nobel Prize.
- Still gross.
Happy whatever-it-is day.
I can't believe you did this.
What did you do - cash in your super? No, I was just I've been ferreting a little bit away.
What? [chuckles.]
It's nothing.
Hey, what's what's wrong? Nothing.
It's not nothing.
It's definitely not nothing.
- What's - No, it's just um It's just You know, the money thing seemed to be one of the things that was a sticking point for any more IVF.
Paying that much money, that's a thing.
That's not the thing.
That's not the thing.
The real cost was you.
Every failure we had, a little bit of you just disappeared.
So I was done paying to lose any more of you.
I'm just gonna grab my stuff.
Happy birthday.
Um Thank you.
I haven't done anything yet.
No, I know, but thanks for thinking about it.
- For not thinking I'm crazy.
- I do think you're crazy.
I think you're gonna screw up your marriage and hurt the kindest human being on Earth.
And I'm probably gonna do that right along with you, so I'm sorry.
Yeah, it's all good.
It's all good.
Hi, Corrine.
Great night.
Really great.
Shame we never got to that steak but hey.
Anyway, I was thinking of you because I've won the national service lottery and it's not fantastically great time for me.
And you did mention you love charity work, so, yeah, anyway, if you feel like substituting for me in the service of your nation, that's something that calls you, get back to me.
We'll find someone.
Well, that's easy for you to say with your special exemption from your high-powered brother-in-law.
Did you have to blow him for that? Sadly, no.
But I do have to look after his sister, which which, fortunately, falls right into my game plan, so Does that include successful impregnation or does Dom keep his nose out of the pants department? No, Dom is involved in all the departments, but she's, er Well, we're not We're stopping that train, so Really? Just this whole post-38 landscape, it's so grim.
That's even without Eadie's immune system issues.
There was a moment there she was talking about some dodgy off-the-books outfit who'd do it for less.
But, uh it's just another pack of vultures taking advantage of desperate people.
I'm not sure we'd survive another round.
[train approaching.]
- Dreams? - No.
And I've been having versions of the same one for years.
About the shooter? What happens? I'm just staring at his face.
And, in the dream, I think I suddenly know why he doesn't shoot me.
First, I think he's keeping me alive so he can send me back, like a message, to show everyone that they can get us anywhere, anytime.
And then, that changes into thinking he's turning me into a walking suicide bomb.
Gonna slowly stagger my way to death.
Interesting bit of magical thinking there.
Here's another version.
His little brother was saved by an Australian soldier who looked just like you.
Might be true.
Might not be.
You'll never know.
All you can do is choose to let go of needing to know why.
You OK? I've got the odd ghost too.
I know a good therapist.
Today's all about you.
Ready? [helicopter rotors whirr.]
Incoming call.
Arlo, what's the damage? How bad is it? 210 calls this morning, but I flagged the six that are our clients.
What about the Colo property? It's been cut off since last week.
They're still waiting for someone to get out to them.
Like I said, I flagged the six that are ours.
When was the last time you went ten days without power? [Arlo.]
We don't have time for freebies.
Look, don't [click.]
I think a little detour might be in order, don't you? Yeah.
[helicopter rotors whirr.]
[helicopter rotors whirr.]
Ben, are you good? [indistinct traffic.]
Look, look, look.
No, just Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Hey! Hands on the wheel! [gunshots.]
[Ben exhales.]
Talk to me.
I, uh It was like everything was happening.
It was all still real but the panic and the fear didn't come.
So, you need 24 hours in recovery.
Then I can sign you out of here and you can go and get on with your life.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
[helicopter rotors whirr.]
[children shout.]
Kids, stay back! Stay back! [rotors slow.]
You a private outfit? Yes, sir, we are.
We can't pay you, mate, so you might as well take back off and find someone who can, ey? It's gonna be another ten days 'til the State Emergency Services can get to you.
Now, I don't need payment but I wouldn't say no to a hand.
Yeah, sure.
Come on, take it up, mate.
Have you got water here? Oh, yeah, I've got a spring.
It's the only thing keeping us going.
It's the ninth time I've been cut off in two years.
No way to get out of here.
No way for anyone to get in, either.
Unless you've got a private chopper.
- [both chuckle.]
- There.
You take 'em.
Yeah, I'm good.
That looks nasty.
Yeah, the shed came down when she was putting the goats in.
Have you got someone else here who can look after the kids? I could drop you two down at the hospital, nip that infection in the bud.
- I'd be in your debt.
- [ringing.]
- Dom! - Oh, hang on.
Thanks, mate.
Chesca, everything alright? It's Cosmo.
He's He's He's calmer now but he's locked himself in the bathroom.
- Where are the other kids? - Archie took them down to school.
- OK, well, listen, I'm out west.
I'll, uh I'll head straight back.
I'll give Eadie a call, get her to come over.
Yeah? Just tell him Eadie's coming and that I'll be there soon.
- OK.
- Yeah, we'll - We'll sort everything out, OK? - Yeah.
[helicopter rotors whirr.]
[thunder rumbles.]
[TV plays in background.]
[both pant.]
Have I told you lately that I hate you? Hi.
This is our sorry gift.
[Sang speaks Vietnamese.]
How are you? How's the baby? Good.
Everything good now.
We had a visit from the [Tien speaks Vietnamese.]
Vax doctors.
[Tien speaks Vietnamese.]
- [Lloyd.]
What did she say? - That they had a visit from a doctor who'll charge them for a Chagas vaccine.
There's no vaccine.
Tell them.
There's no vaccine.
[Shay speaks Vietnamese.]
[Tien speaks Vietnamese.]
- 100 bucks a pop.
- Hun Oh Those men Those men, they're that's a scam.
That's a That's a trick.
Do you know where we can find them? - [Shay.]
No, we're not doing that.
- [Sang.]
They're still here.
- They're here? - They're going from door to door.
- OK, OK.
[women speak Vietnamese.]
I'm not going with you! [women speak Vietnamese.]
- Lloyd! [Tien speaks Vietnamese.]
- Lloyd! [Tien speaks Vietnamese.]
- [Lloyd.]
Go inside with your mum, OK.
- [Shay.]
Lloyd! You guys are disgusting! - [Shay.]
Oh, good.
You're disgusting.
- [Lloyd.]
You come in here with your snake oil.
- [man.]
Piss off! - [Lloyd.]
How do you live with yourself?! They're innocent, sick people.
You want to prey on them? They don't care, dude.
Hey Let this be a lesson to you, my friend.
Oi! -[elevator PA.]
Level 16.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Oh, are you OK? [Chesca.]
You and Dom are the only ones who can get through to him.
Where is he - in here? Hey, Cosmo, it's me, Eadie.
Can you hear me? [Cosmo.]
Yes, I can hear you.
There's nothing wrong with my hearing.
Right you are.
How's it going in there? [Cosmo.]
It's messy.
I've made a big mess.
Well, you know the best thing about mess is that you can clean it up.
Hey, tell me, is it making you feel better, in there? [Cosmo.]
I'm having a shitty day.
I wonder if I could come in there too.
You could lock the door after me.
And I promise I won't make you come out.
[door latch clicks.]
Are you really having a bad day or was the just a ruse to get in here? I am really having a shitty day.
Did your in vitro fertilisation fail again? It did.
And it might be the last one.
Because of your advanced age? Yes.
Because of my advanced age.
But my body has a bit of a kink.
It isn't good at holding on to the babies.
Have you considered that that could be a good outcome rather than a bad one? Can't say that I have.
Because your chances of having someone like me is one in six.
Is that supposed to scare me? It should.
Or at the very least, concern you.
I heard Mum talking about you trying to have a baby.
And it scares her.
The only thing that scares your mum is you sitting in here with all this glass.
- That's not true.
- Yes, true.
She tries to hide it but I can see.
What? I can see the effort required to pretend I'm anything other than a massive, thankless task.
When she sees other mothers smiling at their children, I see how sad it makes her.
And at night, she, Tillie and Sage complain about how I get all the attention.
I just see her want to scream and say it's only because I don't work properly.
And just once, she wants me to look her in the eyes like a normal kid would do.
I don't want to assume that you don't have your own career plans, but if you get stuck for ideas, I think you could make a killing on the speaking circuit.
TED spectrum.
I'm available to be your booking agent for a modest fee.
But you probably can't do it from in here.
[muffled through door.]
What triggered it? [Chesca.]
He was watching the news conference about the storm when it was time to go and he just got in this mood.
Why didn't you turn it off? [knocking.]
I tried.
He kept turning it back on again.
Cos? Hey, buddy.
I hear things got a bit bent out of shape.
I know they're saying scary stuff on the news.
Are we in a coastal evacuation zone? We're safe.
There's nothing to worry about.
The people who designed this building made it so strong.
Strong enough to withstand storms ten times bigger than this one.
I'd never let anything happen to you.
Or Mum.
Or any of us.
OK? Hey, Cos, you want to come in to work with me for a bit? So, your first job, young man, is to administer some serious first-aid to these plants.
What purpose do they serve? Um Well, on a practical level, if they weren't fighting for life, they'd be bringing clean air into this otherwise very stuffy environment.
But I think they're also calming for some of the patients.
Hey want to see inside your brain? How would I do that? What a beautiful brain you have.
All the better to comprehend you with, my dear.
See, I don't get how you do that.
I watch a lot of game shows.
I just like to think what they might say next.
But news is the best.
Yeah? Tell me something.
I've seen you watch stuff and I know faces are hard for you.
But they don't seem to be hard on screen.
Not as hard.
But news is still the best.
You just have to listen to the words.
Doesn't matter if I know what the face is saying.
Just listen to the words.
No guessing work involved.
See this part of your brain? It goes into overdrive when you ask it to recognise what's happening on someone's face.
It's a pretty intense feeling for you.
It's stressful.
That's why you look away.
It's not 'cause I don't care.
Of course not.
But I might be able to make it a bit less stressful.
So, these look a bit strange.
But I think you're gonna be impressed.
You get to choose which animal I am.
- Pig.
- Mmm, thanks.
So, I'm gonna make a face and you need to pick which one it is, OK? [gentle orchestral music.]
Good job.
[gentle orchestral music continues.]
You're a natural.
And the crowd goes wild.
[gentle orchestral music continues.]
Last one.
You got this.
Perfect score.
[message alert bleeps.]
Oh your mum.
She forgot you have a dentist appointment.
Ah, doctors Boulay and Boulay.
Very important work this morning.
Sorry to see him go.
I want to cook dinner tonight.
At our house.
For her birthday.
Sure you can.
You can invite Lloyd and Ivy if you'd like.
Well, I'll see how they behave.
If they act up this afternoon, it'll just be me.
Top work today.
I can see you're sad even though you're smiling.
Shall we hit the road? Call you about tonight.
Ow, ow, ow! - [woman.]
Stay still.
Stay still.
- [Eadie.]
Hey, what happened? He single-handedly tried to take down an entire fake vaccination racket.
Really? Lloyd, you're such an idiot.
Of course I didn't.
I didn't even land a blow.
But he hammered them with a piece of his mind.
That's so beautifully tended to by the gifted surgeon.
He'll be left with only the tiniest of manly scars.
I can reschedule some stuff and take you home.
No, no, no.
I need to go to work.
There's something I want to do.
- Really? - Yeah.
- I don't think that's a good idea.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
I'm OK.
Really? - Look, I - OK, well Cosmo's cooking dinner, so, if you're up for it when the painkillers wear off, - meet me at - [laughs.]
Are you sure you're gonna be OK? - I'm OK.
I'm OK.
- Hold it.
You look great.
Thank you.
I've gotta pee.
OK, up.
There's no progress.
The guy I thought could do it hasn't answered my calls yet.
Well, do you know anyone else? Because I'm going to do this either way, Shay.
I'm actually trying to work and find someone to take my national service days before they decide to fire me at tomorrow's board meeting.
I've got some other stuff to deal with too.
I'll take your days.
What are you talking about? I'll take the national service days.
I'm happy to.
Lloyd will never forgive me for this.
If you want to take my days, take them.
Evacuation order has moved from voluntary to mandatory in less than one hour.
Bureau of Meteorology predictions make it very clear this is the calm before the storm, with the front still expected to make landfall early [poignant orchestral music.]
[poignant orchestral music.]
[no audible dialogue.]
[music becomes more tense.]
[ominous orchestral/electronic music.]
Jerry, I've got a friend who needs data diverted.
Is that still something you do? I'll email you her details, yep? [ominous orchestral/electronic music.]
So, I'm thinking about Eadie's overactive immune system, the way that it attacks the embryo cells.
And I'm thinking about why the bugs don't catch Chagas, even though they're carrying the disease.
Now, we know the bugs need a blood meal every time they reproduce.
And we know that that also causes an immune activation.
Enough immunity for them to be protected from the disease in the first place.
The ecdysone released from the ovaries.
Yes, yes.
But what if What if the blood contained a different message? What if instead of signalling a spike in the immune system, it just turned it off completely? [bleeping.]
[tense electronic music builds.]
What I see right here right now is the beginning of the end of the species, Lloyd.
You did it, Lloyd.
You did it.
[gentle tinkling piano.]
- [Shay.]
You did it, you beautiful bastard.
- Mate - Mate! [weeps joyfully.]
Beautiful! - [Lloyd grunts.]
- I love you! Come here! [both laugh.]
I think a little celebration's in order.
Lloyd Green, ladies and gentlemen, you remember that name! Because he's a bloody genius.
- But it's not - You're gonna be a rockstar.
No, listen, we've been banging our heads on this for, what? Ten years.
- Ten years.
- Ten years.
This is not me.
This is us.
Oh, bunkum.
I'm a mere Sherpa on your Everest conquest.
- Sherpas do all of the work.
- Exactly.
Oh! No, no, I've gotta go.
I've got to meet Eadie.
Lloyd, for once, she can wait.
- [woman.]
Eadie Boulay? - Yes.
Come this way.
[ominous atmospheric music.]
[phone rings.]
- Jerry.
- Hey, it's all good.
Data's diverted.
- She's masked for 12 weeks.
- OK.
Cosmo's cooking dinner for Eadie's birthday.
You are invited.
Yeah, I think I'll give that a miss.
It's Eadie's birthday, mate.
She's gonna want you there.
Let's go.
[lightning cracks, thunder rumbles.]
[elevator PA.]
Level 16.
[upbeat music, chatter.]
- [Dom.]
Cos, Cos, let's just have some just strawberries.
Surprise! Sorry about our late and slightly intoxicated entrance.
Yes, my dear friend just needed a few extra moments to test whether he had, in fact, saved the world from Chagas disease - What? - No way.
He's being too modest.
It's a team effort.
Team effort, OK? - Are you serious? - This is This day is one brick in a house we've been building for ten years.
- [Eadie.]
Oh, my god! - [Chesca.]
That's amazing! - Yeah.
- Congrats.
I was told there's food.
Is there food? - [Archie.]
Dad, can we have real food? - [Chesca.]
There's a lot of food.
Real food? What do you mean? We've got marshmallows and we've got strawberries.
What's better than that? [Lloyd.]
And instead of telling the bug to create the super immune suit, it tells it the opposite.
Within one generation, the Chagas kills the kissing bug from the inside.
No more babies.
Everything is right with the world.
That's incredible.
That is a particularly gross story to be telling at the dinner table.
You're talking about a vaccine, right? Not Well, a vaccine of sorts.
But the thing that this brilliant man has worked out, the bonus is, if they are going to bite us, they take back with them a time bomb from the blood.
Can we stop talking about blood? [whispers.]
It's time for a bit of screen time.
You'll need a vaccine-like delivery system, though, won't you? That's not really your realm.
We'll partner up with the immunology team.
- [Dom.]
How quickly do you think you can get it up? We're a long way from human testing.
We've got to do the second generational testing first.
And look, it's a long-game solution but this is a massive step forward.
Hey, I'll get it.
Baby, I'm sorry.
I didn't think about how that would sound.
At least all that pain didn't go to waste, eh? -[Chesca.]
Do you want some wine, Eadie? - Oh, no.
No, I'm good, thanks.
- Sure? Yeah.
Did you get any birthday presents? Uh, well, I I got national service for my birthday.
But we've got an exemption.
I know.
Go figure.
- Don't worry, Eadie, I'll sort it out.
- No, it's fine.
You and Shay in two days - what are the chances? No, I got someone to take my national service days, so it's just Eadie in the hot seat, I'm happy to say.
- Who? - Corrine.
- [Dom.]
Seriously, Eadie - [Eadie.]
No, really, it's fine.
- I'm actually kind of keen to do it.
- That's ridiculous.
- No, it's not.
- Yes, it is.
- Dom - No-one in their right mind Don't, Dom! Don't.
Just leave it, OK? Sorry.
Big few days.
- Can I have those marshmallows? - [Chesca.]
Yes, you definitely can.
[lighting cracks aggressively.]
- [Archie.]
Your turn, Shay.
- [Sage.]
Wait, no, it's my turn.
- [Lloyd.]
No, I think it's Sage's turn.
- [Archie.]
We're going this way.
- We are? - Yes.
- Alright, it's OK.
- OK, OK.
- Shay's go.
- [Lloyd.]
Shay, have a go, buddy.
- [Chesca.]
You've had a go.
You need to swap Ead? [thunderclap.]
What's wrong? [Chesca.]
I don't think Shay knows the rules.
Um I made a very bad choice.
I had the last egg implanted at an unregistered clinic.
Lloyd doesn't know.
Why haven't you told him? I'm taking immune suppressants for the first trimester.
Shay's redirecting my medical data until we see if it takes or not.
I'm doing his national service days as a kind of [Dom.]
Hey, Eadie I was wondering if we could show them the glasses.
Yeah, of course you can.
Let's go.
Ready? OK? Alright? - You got them? Comfortable? - [Sage.]
He looks asleep to me.
- OK, right.
We are ready.
- Now pronounce you - king of Stone Hill.
- Uh, OK.
Miss Piggy for me again.
I don't think I need one for you anymore.
- Good for you.
[large thunderclap.]
- [others.]
Whoa! - Hey, hey.
It's OK, Cos.
We might just have to have a giant sleepover.
- [Dom.]
Looks like somebody already is.
- [Eadie chuckles.]
- I just wanted to say some things.
- [Archie.]
Let me take a photo! [Chesca.]
Archie, put that down, please.
Cosmo wants to say something.
Girls, listening.
Uh, this started off as being a happy birthday speech for Aunty Eadie.
Happy birthday, Aunty Eadie.
But I also want to say some things to other family members.
Archie, Sage, Tillie Dad and Mum I just want to say, um thank you for looking after me so much.
That's it.
That's what I want to say.
I hope they're happy tears.
Yep, happy tears.
- [Archie.]
Is there cake? - [Chesca.]
Yes, there's cake.
What kind of a birthday would it be without cake? [phone rings.]
- You want some cake? Israel? -[Chesca.]
Thank you.
No, no.
I'll come down.
[lift bell dings.]
Jad, how's your daughter? She's gonna be fine.
- Great.
- Thank you.
We discussed your offer.
And if you can come up a little, then Look, I hear you.
I really do.
But I actually sought a couple of second opinions, just to make sure that my numbers weren't completely off and I'm afraid the flood rating keeps your value cap pretty tight.
So your second opinions are telling you my land's not worth a pinch of shit.
Yeah? Why do you want it so much? The offer's fixed.
If it works for you, take it.
If not, don't.
There's no pressure.
Look, I'd ask if you wanted to stay until the storm's passed, but I'm sure you want to get back to your family, so I'll be in touch, yeah? This way, sir.
Evening, Carl.
Bit rough out there tonight.
Yeah, I'm sure the worst of it will be through in a few hours.
[lift bell dings.]
I had an interesting conversation this evening.
My brother-in-law has had a breakthrough with the Chagas vaccine.
He had a courage bypass at some point in his career.
He was talking about some slow, softly, softly approach.
But in the right hands, could be on the front line pretty fast.
Might be worth keeping an eye on.
[lift bell dings.]
[tense orchestral music.]