The Commons (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

[wind whistling.]
[generator loudly running.]
[electricity faintly buzzing.]
[fan whirring.]
- [reporter.]
Temperatures around the city are said to break records again today [phone ringing.]
- Hello? - [Eadie.]
Hey, it's me.
Are you home? I'm out in the middle of it.
Can you get home? -[Lloyd.]
Why? [baby crying.]
That's an interesting question.
It's a simple question.
- [Eadie.]
Not so simple to answer.
I've, um I've got myself into a bit of a situation.
- [Lloyd.]
Oh, well, that's not like you, Eadie.
No, not like me.
- [Eadie.]
But this one thing's happened so fast and - [Eadie.]
There are a bunch of people involved.
I just I just, I I need you on my team, baby.
Lloyd, are you still there? -[Eadie.]
Lloyd? I know it was Shay that helped you.
- [woman.]
Eadie, we've got to ditch the phones.
Nothing to say, Eadie? [beep.]
[car dinging.]
[generator rattling.]
[generator dying.]
[serene orchestral music.]
[distant siren.]
- [Ivy.]
Just put it all down here.
This is where you guys are going to sleep.
Did you get onto Abel? He didn't pick up.
- 'Cause he didn't recognise the number.
- Yeah, or he's been arrested.
[loud knocking.]
Um Just go, go.
[loud knocking.]
[baby cries.]
Shh [whispered conversation.]
[loud knocking.]
- [man.]
Lloyd! [baby cries.]
Quick, come in, come in.
Is he here? [exhales deeply.]
I don't understand.
Why would you give them your work? She had me in a corner.
Either I gave her what she wanted or she burned your marriage and bombed my relationship with Lloyd to the ground.
Which has pretty much happened anyway.
I was trying to protect you.
How did she know? We were so careful.
She data mined me.
She had all our texts, our Uber rides.
Our meeting down at the harbour, my trip down to the resettlement centre.
Why would she do that? She was looking for my weak spot.
She found you.
I'm sorry.
[dog barks.]
I'm sorry I asked you.
I'm sorry I said yes.
That poor kid.
He had the jab for nothing.
Will you let Lloyd know that I came by? Yeah.
Hey, Dom.
How's the water? Yeah, it's alright.
I got your message about the evacuation at the old people's home.
Yeah, state services just can't manage it in the time needed and we've get those old folks out of there ASAP.
Well, yeah.
I'm going in with a team first thing in the morning.
So, I'll sign off on it personally.
I appreciate you really just jumping in at such short notice.
No worries.
Actually, did you Did you ever buy those Lindriquil shares? Yeah, but I reckon I've probably lost my money there.
Right? Ah I dunno.
You could hang onto them a bit longer.
I pitched that idea I had about a second life for the project to the party and that they had a very favourable response.
Really? I can't see a world where those fertility results don't sink the whole thing.
Careful messaging.
Lean into the positives.
Look out.
Here's trouble.
Hello, darling.
Good night, mate.
- [Carl.]
How are you? - [woman.]
[basketball bouncing loudly.]
This is bullshit.
Your clock is bullshit.
Face it, Archie.
We're the new dinosaurs.
One day, some alien life form will come down to what's left of Earth, reassemble your bones and put them in a museum.
You idiot! - [Sage.]
Mum, Archie and Cosmo are fighting again! - [Francesca.]
Boys! - [Archie.]
You're so stupid! [Cosmo.]
He broke my clock! You're a freak! A total freak! I hate you! [Francesca.]
Boys! Archie! [Francesca.]
Oh, god.
What's this? [Francesca.]
Cosmo has designed and built his very own doomsday clock.
These are all the things that humans have done that will lead to our destruction.
Barrier Reef trashed, Ross Ice Sheet gone.
Is it for school? [Francesca.]
Hey, buddy.
You OK? Just try and calm down.
Breathe in through the nose, out through the mouth.
That's it.
In, out.
Nice and slow.
In through the nose, out through the mouth.
There you go.
In Out [exhales deeply.]
There you go.
Sit down.
That's it.
That's it.
OK? Better? Good man.
Now, listen.
I know all this end of the universe stuff is hard to ignore but You've got to try not to focus on it so much, otherwise it's just going to end up making you depressed.
I'm not depressed.
- What? - I'm not depressed.
What makes you think I'm depressed? Well, you know, the clock.
Some people might find that a bit alarming.
If you're Archie and you want to live for 100 years.
There's nothing wrong with Archie wanting to live for 100 years, is there? It's not right.
Wanting something you can't have.
That's what makes you depressed.
There's nothing to worry about if you just accepted things as they are.
Well, I'm glad you're not worried.
I do worry.
I worry about you.
Me? You don't need to worry about me.
I'm fine.
You know, I'm back in the pool again, I'm doing laps.
My health's settled down.
I'm fine.
If you just weren't running around trying to fix everything.
What would happen if you just stopped? [beeping.]
[drone buzzing.]
[knock on door.]
[door opens.]
Night-night, Ive.
Thanks for all your help.
Heard from Dad yet? I think he's working late.
[Lloyd on phone.]
Tricky things, parasites, poppet.
Hardest diseases to solve.
Because the parasite changes its structural shape so much.
More than 20 times, this one, in the course of the infection period, so what we really need is a vax that can fight against all those shifting shapes.
The thing that I'm still trying to crack is how come the kissing bug is immune to all of them 'cause it doesn't die of Chagas.
And if I can figure out what that thing is then well, maybe I can create a cure for humans.
Not that we have that much in common with the kissing bug Dad.
Yes, poppet.
Come home.
Appreciate you letting us be here.
Oh, that's the least we can do.
It's all good.
Thank you.
Come to bed.
[indistinct conversation.]
[crickets chirping.]
[door opens.]
[tender music.]
[door opens.]
Pretty full house downstairs.
That's what I was calling you about.
Had to make a spur of the moment decision.
You OK with it? Yeah.
I guess I have to be though.
Border Authority don't know how you got away.
I managed to delete the CCTV.
They suspect I'm involved.
It's safe to say, we don't have much time.
I've reached out to some church folk who'll provide sanctuary for people in your situation.
Just call this number, mention my name, they might be able to help you.
Come they help us get out of the country? - What are you talking about, Rima? - New Zealand is still taking refugees.
I have a job here.
OK? We have to go back through the proper channels.
We've done proper channels.
Look where it got us.
What about your brother? - Dom? - [Israel.]
He's friends with the minister.
As of yesterday, we've all crossed the line.
Right now, we can't trust anyone outside of this table.
- [Eadie.]
You OK? - [Rima.]
Yeah, I'm OK.
- [Rima.]
It's alright.
- [Eadie.]
Sorry, just give me a minute.
Look, this This isn't Shay's fault.
I dragged him into it because Because? Because you gave up.
And I couldn't.
And I knew I couldn't get you to agree to the risk, so I guess, a part of me gave up on you.
But that was my fault, not Shay's and if I could go back and do it over, I would've just been brave enough to have the conversation with you and face the fact that you might've said no and that I might have to say I was going ahead without you.
I regret that, Lloyd, and I am so sorry.
But I can't regret this.
[bittersweet music.]
What? I think I just felt them.
Still haven't said hello.
They say, "What else you got, Dad?" [Lloyd.]
I can't do this right now, Eadie.
I can't.
[gate opens and closes.]
[female reporter.]
Activation of this city's heatwave plan kicked off this morning [male reporter.]
Exclusive residences will throw open their doors to the public as the mayor [female reporter.]
five-star luxury as the city's wealthy are forced to share a seat [male reporter.]
going ahead today.
Look out for the red heat refuge tickets and help yourself to a dose of air-conditioning - during the hottest hours - [man.]
Welcome to Stonehewen! Please confine yourselves within the foyer area! The upper floors are not accessible to members of the public! Residents and signed-in visitors only.
Got your work cut out for you today, Israel.
Opening the doors to the public, Mr.
It's very civic minded of the body corporate.
We didn't actually have a choice.
It's state bloody policy.
Yeah, whose stupid idea was that? Stay hydrated, gentlemen.
These people, they can't just go anywhere, right? The foyer and the internal vestibule are public access only and the rest is off-limits.
Don't worry, sir.
I'll make sure they stay off the grass.
I wanted to have a word with you.
My family's residency application fell through.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Even though we had all of the required points, they still rejected our application.
That's shit news, mate.
- I wish there was something I could do.
- Well, actually, Mr.
Boulay, there is.
Domestic Affairs has Mr.
Anderson's portfolio.
It's not my place to ask but you and him are friends.
Yeah, it doesn't really work like that.
My son, Leroy, even took part in this trial for this new Chagas vaccine, even though the side-effects for this drug means that he may never have children.
But just to get an edge on his permit points.
Look, if the right moment comes up No, I'm going to need more than that, sir.
Look, thanks to your sister, we're not in as much trouble as we could be.
OK, we have a reprieve.
But unless someone higher up takes interest then things are going to be bad for us and if they're bad for us, then they're bad for Ms Boulay also.
[baby crying.]
I think he's running a temp.
It's hard to tell 'cause it's so hot.
Is he drinking enough water? Not enough.
Not his usual self.
Hasn't bitten me once.
Could you just grab some water and a sponge? Keep his fluids up, keep him cool.
I'm sure he'll be fine.
[baby chatters.]
[drone whirring.]
[generator starts.]
[general chatter.]
Hey, there.
Sorry I can't take your call right now.
Please leave a message.
Hey, sis.
Still trying to get in touch with you.
You know why.
Call me back.
[generator humming.]
God almighty.
Hello? Shit.
Hello? Jesus.
Hello? Can I get some help in here, please? Some water! You must be thirsty.
Um, Janice, is it? I'm Dom.
We're moving everybody out of here.
We're going to take you to a new facility.
Just leave me.
I can't leave you.
There's not going to be anyone here to look after you.
Any decent person would just leave me be.
Girls, come here.
I need you to have some water, please.
You've got to stay hydrated.
Good girl.
There you go.
All that liquid going in, not much coming out.
I haven't seen them go to the bathroom all day.
It's OK.
They go in the pool.
We all do.
Hey, Cos.
- Yeah.
- Do you like it here? Of course.
It's got everything you could ever want.
Whoo-hoo! [Archie.]
Hey! Hey! Only Stonehewen residents are allowed in here.
- You need to leave.
- Archie, leave it.
- I said, get out! - Archie, back off! I don't care! They don't even live here! [woman.]
Jessie! What did I tell you about wandering off? Come out.
Come out! I'm so sorry if they're bothering you.
No, really.
It's fine.
In fact, why don't you just stay and have a dip? Oh, thank you.
No, but we can't.
No, really.
You'd be doing me a favour if you did.
Oh, Israel.
Um It's fine.
What's your name? - Kirsty.
- Kirsty and her children are my guests.
Thank you so much.
You're welcome.
[insects buzzing.]
[bangs on glass.]
Oi! What do you think you're doing? Lloyd, I'm sorry we didn't get to talk before these gentlemen turned up.
What is going on here? NIS will no longer provide funding for your Chagas research.
You You're cutting my funding? I'm sorry, Lloyd.
I know how committed you are.
You can't do this, Herm.
You can't.
I'm making real progress here.
The board's made its decision.
It's out of my hands.
We'll need you to clear out your lab and insectaries by week's end.
OK, good.
Then this is still mine until then.
Thanks, Herman.
They brought Marco into it.
Sorry, what? Marco.
My The The kid I had with Elena.
Oh, yeah, sorry.
It's just it's, um, it's been a while.
Eight years, if you're counting.
But my point is they tried to get at me with Marco first.
Ah Who Who tried? [Shay.]
I'm not following.
I've done enough dodgy shit in my time that if they wanted to blackmail me, they could go with some or all of it.
But they didn't.
They They went personal instead of criminal.
They are zeroed in on Marco and when I didn't bite, they went with you.
[baby crying.]
But the more I think about it, it doesn't make any sense.
It's too targeted.
Did you say anything to anyone about what you and I were up to? Eadie, did anyone else know? [siren.]
Ah, no.
No one.
Just Dom.
[hangs up.]
- Jesus.
- We need to talk! - Get out of the way, Shay.
- I'm not going anywhere, Lloyd, until you listen to what I have to say.
Carl Anderson, Karima Kahn, Herman.
Listen to me.
The Minister of Domestic Affairs - in bed with Lindriquil - Move.
Herman playing Cupid.
They were sitting on each other's laps through the whole presentation.
We missed the whole thing.
Jesus Christ, Lloyd.
Will you get over your hurt? Five seconds.
Listen to what I have OK.
Lloyd, if you want to hit me, hit me.
You went behind my back with my wife.
I made a choice to help her.
Your choice could've killed her.
But I get why you did it.
That would've felt pretty good to give her something that I wouldn't.
'Cause I know how you feel about her, Shay, I know.
But Jesus, then you sell me out to Lindriquil, so what are you trying to do? You trying to sink my whole boat? I only sold them something you put in the bin to try and protect her and whether you believe it or not, Lloyd, I was trying to protect you too.
Karima knew I tried to help Eadie.
Do you know the only other person that knew I tried to help her? Dom.
Dom lives in Stonehewen, yeah? Guess where Carl Anderson lives.
Where are you going with this, Shay? Have you got Leroy's test results? Yeah.
Yeah, they came back positive.
Well, you need the other 499 because I don't trust Lindriquil to not roll out regardless.
Good luck getting those results.
Maybe you could say please really sweetly and Karima will give them to you.
[tyres screeching.]
Barney! Barney! Barney! No.
You don't even know what I'm going to ask you.
I don't want to know.
It's just a little data mining job.
- It's illegal.
It's illegal.
- Mate, mate.
Excuse me, sir.
If he could stay within the foyer area, please.
There's seats on the other side as well.
[phone ringing.]
Rima, what is it? [Rima.]
They want money.
What? What for? I thought they were a charity organisation.
False documentation, safe passage out of the country.
How much? 10,000.
What are we going to do? Israel? Can you have someone check on my car? - Your Your car, ma'am? - I want to make sure it's safe.
There's people everywhere and I left the top down.
Rima, can I call you back? Where am I going to get $50,000 in cash? We'll work something out.
Steal it if we have to.
[distant sirens.]
OK, Janice, favourite decade.
Must've been the swinging '60s, right? Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger.
Too much bad sex.
Husband number one.
Couldn't get no satisfaction, eh? [laughs.]
Husband number two.
Really? I hope you satisfy your wife.
Yeah, I hope so too.
You're a good man.
[phone ringing.]
Dominic Boulay speaking.
It's me.
Eadie, where the hell have you been? I been trying to get in touch with you all day.
What is this? A new number or something? Bit of a story there.
Look, you know you offered me the money for IVF.
I just, I wondered if you'd still be open [baby crying.]
to loaning me a similar amount.
I need 50,000, Dom.
For a very good cause.
This wouldn't have anything to do with my concierge and his family, would it? [baby crying.]
Whatever it is you're up to, Eadie, stop it.
They don't deserve the hand they've been dealt.
It's 50 grand, Dom.
You burn that kind of money on a holiday.
Do you want to go to jail? [baby crying.]
Ead? [exhales.]
Well, Janice, I'm afraid I've completely failed you on the tea front.
Janice? [Kirsty.]
Yeah, I went there on my gap year.
No way.
Me too and then to Greece.
- Then to Greece.
- [laughs.]
Then I hitched to Spain, slept under boats on the beach, ate baguettes and sardines for dinner for a whole month.
Then onto Majorca and I met Dom.
Are we actually going to burst into flames? [Kirsty.]
[phone ringing.]
[phone ringing.]
Hey? [Francesca.]
Dom? I'm having a bit of a crap day.
Get out! Come on! Get out! [Francesca.]
Archie! [Archie.]
You guys don't live here.
You have to leave.
God, he's a mini you.
I miss you.
Dom, are you alright? [Archie.]
Yeah, the heat refuge is about to end, so you should probably leave.
- [Kirsty.]
Oh, OK.
- [Francesca.]
Hey - [child.]
But I don't want to get out.
- I've got to go.
I'll call you back.
- [Francesca.]
What's going on? - [Kirsty.]
We should probably go.
- [Francesca.]
No, don't go.
- [Kirsty.]
No, no.
We should.
But thank you so much for having us.
Maybe you can come back tomorrow, hang out.
Yeah, I'll see how I go.
What did you say? Nothing.
Just the heat refuge is ending soon.
I told them that they should leave.
What? That's what Dad would say.
[tense music.]
It's funny.
The more digging you do in to someone, the less you feel like you know them.
Like the picture gets all blurry.
Did you find that when you data mined me? Those pesky contradictions? This is your to touche Shay moment, is it? Nice.
Your father died of Chagas disease and you used that to get a deal across the line.
How does that sit with you? Young woman who joined International Aid at 18 to try and save the world.
What, you lose focus somewhere along the way? You're giving me a lesson on morality? You chose the money.
Go and Go and enjoy your retirement, Shay.
I did a test on the kid from the resettlement centre.
He's positive.
He's sterile.
Because of you and I.
I'm going to take that to my grave.
What about you? I want the file with the other 499 testees.
I have a meeting to get to.
Goodbye, Shay.
You should have told me last night that the situation was that dire.
Maybe I could've done something.
Four people are dead all because a bloody generator ran out of fuel.
Where is the communication from aged services, from you guys? [Carl.]
You look hot.
Michelle? Could you Yeah, could you get Dom a very cold iced water, please.
Unfortunately, this sort of thing happens more than you'd like to think.
Infrastructure's just falling apart all over the place.
You look like you've got the weight of the world on your shoulders.
- I need a favour.
- Mm-hm? Israel Latu, there's been some sort of cock-up with his wife's city residential application.
I had the Latus' file splashed across my desk this morning but there's been cock-up.
They just didn't get enough points.
There's other people in the queue who did.
Yeah, but, you know, a flick of your pen could sort that out.
What's your stake in all this? He's been very loyal to us.
There's plenty of Israels out there who are willing to fill his shoes.
All I'm asking is that you look at his file again with a more favourable eye.
You know you only get one dip into the ministry favour bank, yeah? I think you've cashed in your chips.
What? I'm not sure I understand.
Come on, mate.
Why do you think I called you in here? We know what your sister's been up to.
The only reason my guys haven't gone in there to pick them up is out of my loyalty to you.
We retrieved this from the resettlement centre.
When border authority go in, if your sister's at home, she's going to be arrested and charged.
Thanks for the heads up.
I understand it's family.
You'd do anything for them.
But you need to tell me you can sort this out.
Just give me a Let me get Eadie out of the house and then can go in and pick them up.
I can work with that.
You've got two hours.
Drink that.
It's Abel.
Shouldn't you be at work? Funny thing happened on the way to the office.
Technically, I'm suspended pending further investigation.
Oh, Abel.
I'm so sorry for dragging you into this.
[baby crying.]
Dragging me? I handed you the key and the pass, remember? But you might've given me a kick up the bum at some stage about the remit, so maybe you get partial credit for my unemployment status.
[baby crying.]
Eadie! He just vomited.
OK, right.
He really needs to go to hospital.
Is that an option? Not without declaring your residency status on admission.
Border Authority will be over you guys in the second.
He's steady now, yeah? [baby crying.]
His temperature really needs to come down.
If we need to go, I'll make that call.
[baby crying.]
Shh [phone ringing.]
[phone ringing.]
[baby crying.]
Shh, baby.
Shh, it's OK.
[phone calling.]
[phone ringing.]
Oh, hey.
I didn't know if you'd pick up.
[baby crying.]
Baby Sifa.
I've done everything I can.
But he needs to go to hospital.
I know.
But then they'll deport him and I just I don't know what the right thing to do is anymore and I'm scared.
Lloyd, I'm just really scared.
[distant siren.]
Baby, it's OK, it's OK.
What you need me to do? I I need you.
I just need you, Lloyd.
I'm coming.
OK? You just hold tight.
I'm coming.
Eadie? [Lloyd.]
I'm coming home.
Alright? Thank you.
[distant sirens.]
[baby crying.]
Come on, Eadie.
Come on, Eadie.
Pick up for god's sake.
Boulay? Yeah, not now, Israel.
I'm just wondering whether or not you'd spoken to the minister.
Wheels in motion.
Wheels in [Israel.]
So, you have spoken to him? Mr.
Boulay? Mr.
Boulay? You OK? Mr.
Boulay? Dom, can you hear me? Can I get you anything? Come on, let's get you up.
Your family We don't have much time.
Come on.
Come on! - [Carl.]
How good are the oysters? - [Karima.]
Thank you.
They're fantastic.
You've got to try them with the the sauce.
Are you going to have any of these? [Carl.]
No, no, no.
- [Dom.]
No? - [Carl.]
No, I don't want the sauce.
You've got to have one.
- [Karima.]
- [Dom.]
Why not? - [Dom.]
You've not got an appetite? - [Karima.]
You might lose yours, too, when you hear what I have to tell you.
The results are in from the vax test.
Go on then, hit me with it.
What are you doing here? You've got to move.
- [Eadie.]
What? - You've got to move.
[phone ringing.]
Lloyd, don't hang up.
Just Where are you? I've been out with the traps.
I'm heading home.
75% of the poor bastards who put their hands up for the trial vax are now sterile.
What? [Shay.]
I got access to their numbers.
- How did you manage to get access - [Shay.]
I said please really sweetly.
And there's a file, a recorded lunch meeting.
Karima must've had it up her sleeve.
Some sort of self-protection.
And who was at this meeting? [Shay.]
Karima, the minister and your brother-in-law.
Come on.
It's three out of every four and they're still going to roll it out.
[baby cries.]
And how do you know? [Shay.]
Because Lindriquil's share price is going gangbusters and that can only mean one thing.
[door closes.]
And you are certain about Dom's involvement? He's in it up to his neck.
[car horn.]
[screeching tyres.]
[car horn.]
[screeching tyres.]
Lloyd? Lloyd? Lloyd? [tense music.]
Come on.
Get in.
Quick as you can.
[police officer.]
Where are the Latus, Abel? Step out of the way.
You need to move off the road now.