The Confession (2011) s01e02 Episode Script

Chapter 2

Would you like to tell me your sins? Last night I killed a man.
I forgive you.
No, I won't hear anymore of this.
Sit down.
I said sit down! When I walked in, there were 2 women praying in front of the church.
You step outside of this confessional, I'll walk outta here and I'll kill'em both.
You would'nt it do.
- I would it.
I would very much like to hear what you have to say Would you? Yes.
Yes, I would.
You're sure you're not just sayin' that for because of the situation? No No.
I really want hear to you.
Hello Father.
- Hello.
Would you please come back to the confessional so we can continue our conversation? Listen learn.
That's fine.
How can I help you? I would like you to explain to me, if God is so powerfull Why is he allowed men to do things they do? Because he gave us free will.
So conveniant, don't you think? Kind of guess what's work for everything.
Each and everyone of us is free to choose our own path in life.
Are we? Where is our path later for us by the cruelty of others? And in the suffering we endure when god looks the other way? It's easy to blame God for our actions.
It relieves several personal responsabilities.
Every moment where we live, we have been offering choices.
What we do with those choices is our decision.
And our decision alone.
So let me see if I got this right.
God give us free will.
So we can do what we choose.
He did expected us to live by his law.
If we fail him, all we have to do is repent before we die and owe his forgiveness.
Is that correct? The contrition must be a sincere act made by someone who his heart is openned to God.
You can't just say you are sorry for the murderers you comitted and expect to be forgiven.
You have to mean it from your heart and from your soul.
You have to remember that in God's eyes, you have comitted the most graves sins.
Oh, please Father, God has a much bigger head list than me.
More people have died in the name of God and for any other reason on earth.
You're comin' here, tellin' me you killed people and you'll kill again.
And expect to sit down and have a philosophical conversation with you.
I told you Father, I want you to explain to me why men can't control the darkness in their heart.
They can if they choose to.
The sin that you're going to do tonight don't.
Choose not to.
It's not that simple.
Then, why are you here? It must be a reason.
Do you expect me to stop you? I expect you to try.
How does someone become like you? You really want to know? What I'm willing to listen, if you'll do the same.
Fair enough.
Come on.
I'm sure you're expecting me to tell you that i came from a broken home.
And I had a crappy childhood, use to have trouble with the police for a very early age.
If you want to tell me about it.
I don't.
You know, it must be a moment It must be a decisif moment, when you realised that, you were different.
I was working with a crew.
Nothing bad.
They just boosting trucks mainly.
Some strong older stuff collecting.
Smack a guy around a little, if he was late with a payment, What changed? The man I work for asked me to take care of somethin'.
And by something, he meant He meant what you think he meant.
So you really think he's working with the feds? I don't know.
I mean, what if he is? I mean if he really is? Like, what then? Why you keep asking questions? You know the answers to.
I'm just putting the string true, you know.
Because you know if he really is It could be nasty.
I thought you've done this before.
I've done this before.
A lot of times.
You know what I mean, man.
I'm just sayin', you know.
I'm just thinking.
What the fuck you're lookin' at me for? Here they are.
Let's go.
What's this? You know who the fuck I am? Yeah.
You have just a few breath away for the end of this life.