The Continental: From the World of John Wick (2023) s01e01 Episode Script

Brothers in Arms

Frankie, what's gonna happen now?
Shut up.
They're watching us right now.
A bunch of stupid cops
are gonna tell us
a bunch of fucking lies.
What do you mean, Frankie?
They're gonna try to scare
us into saying shit.
Just don't say nothing, OK?
But I didn't know.
You didn't do anything.
That's all I want you
to think about, Winston.
I did it. You got that?
I did it.
I did it.
I did it.
You're not supposed to
be down here, Frankie.
Yeah, I know.
I'm not supposed to be balling
married ladies, either.
You tell me.
Where's the best place to take a lady
you're not supposed to be with?
A place you're not supposed to be?
Exactly. Now
you're not gonna tell on me,
are you, Lawrence?
After all, I'm not the only one
that's slipped and fallen
in someone else's front yard now, am I?
So tell me.
How do I look?
Get your ass outta here
before I shoot you.
All right.
Well, Happy New Year, Lawrence.
Should be a good one.
- How you doing?
- How you doing, Frankie?
Hey, Frankie!
Happy New Year, Frankie!
Hey, Frankie, my boy. Come here.
Hey, everybody, I picked
this one off the street
when he was yay high.
Trained him myself, and now
look at the son of a bitch.
Teaghlach. Family, huh?
- Family.
- Family.
Hey, Corine, how you been?
Yeah, that's right.
Don't fucking hit me.
All right, New York City,
start the countdown.
Ten, nine,
eight, seven,
Happy New Year.
Move it, let's go.
Lad, look at all this gold.
I'm not here for that.
Gimme the piece.
You really wanna do this?
This isn't the kinda thing
that we just walk away from.
That's a good boy.
Not so tough now, are you?
I always thought
you was a reasonable man.
The piece.
Red light active.
Invicus on Continental grounds.
Red light has been activated.
Invicus on Continental grounds.
Red light has been activated.
Thank you.
Aah! Damn it, Frankie!
Frankie, stop!
- Uhh
- Aah aah
My job is to see the future.
Now, we're all aware with the
height restrictions being lifted here,
there's a building boom going on.
And if you want to be part
of the dick measuring contest
to see who can build a taller
building than the next guy
and I get it
I'll even buy you a ruler.
But while everyone else is scrambling
to get closer to the clouds,
they're all missing the obvious.
And what's that?
Where the hell are they going to park?
So car parks?
4,700 parking spaces
filled every day of the week.
Central to all those
oversized skyscrapers
everyone's so eager to build.
I've secured the land,
the concrete, the permits.
I know 2 million pounds is a
lot of money, Mr. Davenport.
Numbers don't scare me, boy.
But handing my money over to
a little firm that I've never heard of
who do business with
people I've never heard of
doesn't exactly soothe me.
Well, who wants more dessert? Hmm?
How about another dirty martini?
You have fine taste
in spirits, Mr. Scott.
And I admire a man who
spends money to make money.
But I'm afraid I'm not convinced.
But I really think
you'd be missing out on
Ugh. I was bored over there,
so I thought I'd come
over here mmm
and be even more bored.
Be nice, dear.
Don't call me dear.
You call your mother dear.
So what are you trying to lay
off on my husband, mister
Winston Scott.
So what are you trying to lay off on my
husband, Winston Scott?
A piece of London. A big one.
Car parks.
Car parks?
It is an interesting proposition.
Really, hon?
Car parks?
Do you know what my husband deals in?
- I do.
- Right.
Then you'll realize
that this old duffer,
despite his overpriced suit
and bald patch, has a brand.
And that brand is
You know David Bowie was at
our disco the other night.
And did you know that my husband
has a piece of his current tour?
I did not, no.
Mmm. He does.
And it's not because he's
in the car park business.
Wait. So you must know
Tony DeFries then,
David's business manager.
He handles David, The Who.
Mm-hmm. Lou Reed.
Yes, Tony. Of course we know Tony.
Then should be of interest to you
that Tony is actually one
of my biggest investors.
Come to think of it
I'm sure he wouldn't mind
being made aware of other
exciting investors
thinking about joining the party.
Tony. I-it's Winston Scott.
Yes, I'm sorry for bothering you.
Listen, I was wondering, would
you mind saying a quick hello
to Mrs. Davenport?
Yes. Yes, that Davenport.
Uh, well, no, she and her husband
are contemplating joining our venture,
and I thought maybe you
will do, Tony.
Tony? Rosalind Daven
Oh, he did, um
he did say mm.
Well, thank you for your time.
And we'll see you soon, lovie. Yes.
Yes, you too. Bye-bye.
Well, I came here to be bored.
- No need to be rude.
- Rude?
I'll tell you what's rude.
Me calling you a fucking moron.
He has just torn you a new asshole.
- You, call me a car.
- Yes, ma'am.
I-I really do appreciate
you taking the time to meet
and consider my prop
Wire the money.
Fuck's sake.
Told you he'd do the
opposite of what I'd say.
I haven't seen that side of you.
- You were amazing.
- Me?
You're the one who had me convinced.
Well, not one acting lesson.
Can you believe it?
Yeah, you should move to Hollywood.
You're a natural talent. Good looks
The ability to cheat people
out of their hard earned cash.
Oh, yes. You'd fit right in.
Yes, well, lucky for me,
all of those same things apply
right here in London finance.
- Now get your own.
- Mm.
What did you see
when you were watching me?
Your little mark?
Be honest.
- Honest?
- Mm-hmm.
I saw a woman that was a bit sad
and a bit lonely.
And a woman that deserved better.
Who may have just needed
to hear that from someone.
Now you're just trying
to get a girl into bed.
- Oh, absolutely.
- Mm. Well done.
Thank you.
Well, what are you waiting for?
I haven't finished my drink.
Tick tock.
Oh. Yes
You know, for being
such a smooth talker,
I don't know why I trust you, but I do.
Come on, I want to know
all about your family.
Your mom, your dad, your siblings.
I told you about my pervy uncle.
I don't know what you think
that you have in your past, darling,
that could possibly turn me off.
Especially considering
you know my husband.
Are you ignoring me?
Step forward for me, would you?
- Me, sir?
- Yeah, yeah.
Mr. Flynn,
shoot Mr. Avery for me.
But sir
the rules.
Oh, yeah. The fucking rules, yeah.
Hmm. You got me on a technicality there.
Hey, Charon, it's kinda stuffy in here.
Could you open the veranda doors?
Oh. That's better.
Ooh. A breath of fresh
- where was I?
- The rules, sir.
- You are speaking of the rules.
- Oh, yeah. Right.
Thank you.
This grand institution
is part of a very old and sacred fabric.
What a mess I would have made
if I was to tear that fabric.
How disappointed my superiors'd be.
Because no matter how angry I am
that you four have not retrieved
that coin press like I asked you to
I can't kill you.
Not here.
Charon, what becomes of someone
who breaks that particular rule?
Excomunicado, sir.
That's Latin for you're fucked.
I'd be persona non grata,
deprived of all the privileges
and protections
that this hotel has to offer.
Imagine me walking out these doors,
you know, alive
but suddenly unprotected from
all the people that I've hurt
over the last 40 years.
My enemies'd hunt me down.
Or worse. What if they found my family?
Oof. A wife, son, a daughter.
Or two.
Luckily, I have no one,
just Charon here,
who is only a teenager,
and I would miss him.
But you? Well
you got a family.
You got a whole tribe in Tribeca.
So you got a choice to make.
You could walk outta here right now,
leaving your family at grave risk.
Or you can spare their lives.
Simply find the nearest balcony
and jump.
Get off, man. I just fell asleep.
Good morning, Mr. Scott.
I trust your journey
wasn't too unpleasant?
First class.
The manager of the hotel
has requested the pleasure
of your company.
- Gentlemen.
- Aah!
the scenic route.
Mmm. Smells good in here.
What degree? Come on now.
I just wanted a pastry.
I'm walking. I'm walking.
- Winston.
- ah.
You got old.
Yeah, I'm wearing a diaper.
You know, they oughta call
this place the In-continental.
Where's Frankie, Winston?
You know, usually
when a bunch of guys in masks
drug me and throw me
in the back of a truck
and fly me over the Atlantic,
they at least offer me a cup of coffee.
Yeah, of course.
Charon, bean the man.
You look good, son.
You done well for yourself
there in London, huh?
Looks like you pulled yourself
up by your own bootstraps.
I like to think I had
something to do with that.
And with what happened to Frankie.
Your brother became
quite an asset to me.
The war made him efficient, cold,
earned him a promotion.
Well, if he's such a good
soldier, what am I doing here?
Well, recently I noticed he was,
you know, distracted, you know.
I mean, I just chalked it up
to drugs or the times.
You know, there was rumors
of a girlfriend,
some Khmer Rouge bitch
with an agenda, you know.
Got him sideways and probably
every other position.
But I let it slide.
You know I got a soft spot for the boy.
Then he stole something from me,
something that holds this
entire establishment together,
an establishment that wields power
beyond your imagination.
This is not my problem.
It is now.
What Frankie took is very important
to a lot of very dangerous people.
Ah, I see what this is about.
You're in trouble, and I'm the bait.
Frankie doesn't give a shit about me,
and I don't give a shit about him.
I don't believe you.
Find him. 'Cause if you don't,
I'll bring the weight of this whole
institution down on you both.
No, you see.
I don't think you're hearing me.
I don't know or care where Frankie is.
So find him yourself.
Are we done here?
Yeah. Charon, show our guest the, uh
eh, show him the elevator.
Yes, sir.
Thank you.
Follow him.
I'm guessing you don't
usually see many people
speak to your boss that way.
Not the ones I see again, no.
You'll forgive me if I don't
escort you to the door myself.
Please let me know
if you plan on joining us
any time in the near future
or if I can assist you
with anything else.
Well, I assume a return
ticket is out of the question?
Yes? Is that a yes maybe?
Thanks for the coffee.
Oh, fuck.
Come on, come on.
Get over here.
There ya go.
- Fucking Buick guy.
- Ugh.
- Here we go again.
- He's not gonna pick it up.
Well, I'm glad you're enjoying
the shit show over there, but
can we take these off please?
He's not gonna pick it up.
Son of a bitch.
Oh, I'm shocked.
Hey, my hands are going
fucking numb here.
You know, I asked nicely.
I left him notes.
Douche bag.
I gotta get to work.
Thought you were a big
fancy detective now,
you can come and go as you please.
Yeah, well, I'm still a woman.
My male superior is an asshole.
Don't be.
I told you, I don't care.
Just leave it on.
Yeah, well, maybe I want you to care.
You ever think of that?
You know what I mean.
Look, you know, it's, uh
Ugh. I-I don't know
what the fuckin' point is.
- Hey.
- I just
Hey, hey, hey.
Look at me.
All I need from you
is to lock my door
on the way out, all right?
You can have the rest of my coffee.
Oh, and don't forget
to turn the radio off.
Guess we're not letting things go.
So much for getting in and getting out.
We'll get out.
I say 51% chance.
Let's hope these guns shoot as
good at your fucking mouths do.
I'm going to teach you
stupid Americans
a lesson in business.
It's called removing the middleman.
I'd be careful with that.
Yeah? Sure.
Yeah, I'll be careful
in selecting who dies first.
That's a big gun for a little man.
Well, it looks like you
just made the choice for me.
Bringing a woman to a gunfight.
Fucking amateurs.
Small and sexist.
Now I'm afraid.
Shoot him. Shoot him.
Shoot him, shoot him!
You know they have bullets
in those things, right?
Oh, she knows, but she don't care.
Oh! Are these your fingers?
Who's the amateur now, Uzan?
Playing around with spiked ammo.
Normally, I woulda
kept these as a souvenir,
but I don't want you
to leave empty-handed.
Pick up your finger!
You live only to tell your
boss don't fuck with us.
Oh, take your time.
Want a glass of water or something?
Get the fuck outta here!
Di Silva for Mayhew.
You in the middle of anything?
I'm trying to get rich
in the financial industry.
- You?
- You park the fucking car!
I'm tailing the buyer.
Do you have evidence that
contraband traded hands?
Nah, not yet.
First female detective in the precinct,
you're already fucking it up.
Yeah, well, I told you.
My superior's an asshole.
Ha ha ha. Fuck you.
Hold on.
Couldn't get a word out of him
'cause his jaw was busted.
All right, buyer's on the move.
- I'm in pursuit on foot.
- What's your 20?
Uh, close by. Pearl and Leva.
Do not pursue. I repeat, do not pursue.
Di Silva.
Yo, what the hell are you doing?
- Get in the car.
- Excuse me?
Excuse me no, you're not!
Get in the fucking car.
We're all right.
Be outta your hair in seconds.
What? You want a fuckin'
conversation in the alley?
You want to talk about this shit?
Yeah? Yeah? You wanna talk?
Fucking talk. What the hell?
Huh? What the fuck is wrong with you?
Stop talking.
Get your hands off of me, Mayhew.
You coulda had these
guys a long time ago.
What do you think you're doing?
Look, I'm looking for the supplier.
And I think he's in there.
His name is Francis Scott,
and he is a ghost.
We have no authority here.
Whatever goes on there goes on.
So you think I'm just
going to drop a case
and go back to making it with
you like this conversation
never happened? My job is to fuck you.
- Is that what's going on?
- Keep your voice down?
- Who are you protecting?
- I'm not protecting anybody.
It's not like that.
So tell me what it is like, huh, Mayhew.
You stay the fuck outta there.
You understand me?
Hey, Charlie,
you gonna open up this gate?
- It is you, right?
- I'm freezing out here.
Geez, you're all grown up, huh?
You gonna let me in?
Of course I'm gonna let you in.
Come here.
- Jesus, look at you.
- Ha. Look at you.
It's good to see you.
Hey, guys. You remember Winston, right?
This little prick used
to take money off me.
Took money from all of us.
Charlie thought it'd be a good
idea teach poker to a ten-year-old.
Yeah, my wallet still regrets that shit.
Well, Charlie, you had a tell.
You always bite your lip.
- Oh!
- Mother of fucking Jesus.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
I still play cards with these idiots.
I don't have a tell.
- Oh, whoops.
- Ha ha.
Hey, heard you were up in London.
Looking like you're doing all right.
Yeah, maybe you brought back
a little good with you, huh?
New York these days
is a proper shit-hole.
Fucking garbage strike is crushing us.
Cal. We're doing OK.
We got a hustle going up
with the East Side people.
Proper garbage disposal.
Yeah, one of those guys pays me
to fly his rich ass in and
out of the city in a chopper.
Sure beats getting shot at in Da Nang.
So tell us, Winston.
What are you doing back home?
Oh, I think you need a new coffee guy.
Well, I'm sorry I don't
have tea for you, my Lord.
This is where he may be, OK?
Chinatown. It's a rough
neck of the woods,
but that's where he's having
his VA check sent, so
"Burton Karate."
You think this is where he lives?
I don't know where he is.
But there's a rumor going
around that he's running guns
with some of his war buddies.
I ain't seen your brother
in three, four months.
For all I know, Winston,
he's working
with that crooked cocksucker.
Well, apparently, he was.
And then he stole something from him.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm.
- What'd he grab?
- I don't know.
Whatever it was, it was important enough
for Cormac to send a few guys
to pull me out of London.
I'm sor
It must have been
a very interesting trip.
No, what's the point?
I feel like I'm getting
dragged back into
another one of Frankie's hornet's nest.
The point is, he's your family.
- He's family?
- That's the point.
I don't even know who he is anymore.
And I'm supposed to throw
away everything that I've built
because my brother returns from Vietnam
and goes back to work for the
monster that ruined our lives?
Took our house,
put our family on the street
and let him rot in jail.
Why don't you give
your brother a break, OK?
He didn't get a golden
ticket to someplace posh
like you did.
Just look he got rat tunnels
and he got prison bars.
I mean, Jesus Christ, what's it been?
20 some-odd fucking years,
and neither one of you
picked up a fucking phone?
Winston, life has got
a real fucked up way
of picking that phone up for you.
So enough, please, OK?
You didn't come here to drink my coffee.
What are you gonna do?
I'm gonna find Frankie
before Cormac does.
All right.
And how can I help you?
I'm going to need a car.
Well, that's the one thing I can't do.
But I can give you a coat
to keep your ass warm.
So no car?
Oh, fuck.
My God.
Now I need you to hear me right now, OK?
This is the love of my life.
This is Maria. You understand?
You take care of her. One rule
you put the cover
on every time you park,
all right?
You got my word.
That's all I need, I guess.
Except for this.
It's a rough neighborhood.
Charlie, I can handle myself.
It ain't for you. It's for her.
You protect her with your
life, or don't come back.
Dim sum, anyone?
Dinner for one it is.
Flamethrower was awesome back there.
I can't do this shit anymore, Miles.
Look, there's always gonna
be kinks to work out.
Slaughtering a roomful
of thugs is not kinks.
Having a gun pressed
against my head is not kinks.
I'll find another buyer.
Another buyer?
Oh, so you don't think
there's about to be blowback
from the shit that
just went down back there?
This shipment makes us
whole for the next 18 months,
two years if we stretch it.
You know the war's over, Miles.
You survived.
Does that disappoint you?
Look, I don't want this
in our house anymore.
We done.
Not until we move
this product, we're not.
This'll be the last one.
Bullshit, and you know it.
Where you goin'?
God damn! Again?
Here. Let me help you with that.
- I got it.
- OK.
You know, you're right.
The war is over, and my connections
they're drying up fast.
That's real.
So if we wanna keep
these Dojo doors open
You don't give a shit about
keeping these doors open.
You got another option? Huh?
I'm here waiting.
'Cause the only thing
anybody's kicking up
around here is dust.
Look, we made a promise to Dad.
No, you made a promise to Dad.
This was his Dojo but now
it's just some money pit
that you can't seem to let go.
I don't owe him shit.
No, this is just about the
rush for you, and you know it.
And you gon' get us all killed.
Oh, shit.
- Can I help you?
- Yes.
Are you the owner?
That's my name on the sign.
Also the custodian, bookkeeper,
and maybe your new instructor.
Is that you there?
Yeah. Yeah, I grew up in the place.
I see business is a bit sparse.
Ebbs and flows.
City's getting rougher every day.
Oh, I've noticed.
So if you're interested
in taking some classes,
I might have a good looking
white boy discount.
I could probably use your instruction.
My last fight didn't go so well.
I'm Winston.
Well, if you do have the time,
I could give you a personal tour.
Unfortunately, I have
other business here today.
I'm looking for my brother.
I thought you could help.
His name is Frankie.
Yeah, I see it now.
Around the eyes.
Take your ass outta here.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, now hold on.
No, no. Uh-huh.
I haven't seen that
piece of shit in months.
And he stopped picking up his mail.
And if you've got his blood in
you, you probably trouble too.
So get to getting.
Well, could you just
tell me the last time you
I said go.
That's how it is?
Take me.
Listen, Frankie's brother
What kind of dojo is this?
- Who the fuck are you?
- Second time today
a muh'fucker pulled a gun on me.
- Who's this?
- Frankie's brother.
My name is Winston Scott, OK?
I heard gunshots down here.
I thought my brother
might be in trouble.
Let's fuck him up.
So you come in here
pointing a gun at my sister?
In hindsight, that was a mistake.
No. That ascot was a mistake.
It's a cravat.
Fuck you.
Look, I was told
Frankie was working here
and that you all are friends, all right?
Were friends.
You know what?
This gun thing ain't my scene.
Y'all deal with him.
Well, no love lost between
her and my brother,
it seems, huh?
Ha ha.
How do we know you're Frankie's brother?
His full name is Francis Patrick Scott,
named after our father, which
is why we called him Frankie.
I've seen his dog tags.
Keep your hands up.
My brother cut me out of
his life a long time ago,
so I shouldn't even be here.
But I need to find him,
and I need all the help I can get.
In there.
You know, if you're trying to scare me,
the very large machine gun
you're holding
already did the trick.
Now this just feels like overkill.
Lemmy, relax.
Put the gun down.
Your brother cut me out, too.
And I looked out for him
when we got back.
Hooked him up with the kinda
work I was doing over there.
Running guns, I'm guessing.
There wasn't much else out here
for a dope head and a Black vet.
Can't imagine my brother
was the most reliable co-worker.
Oh, we had a gun buy one night.
Frankie was supposed to pick it up,
but he never showed.
Lemmy ended up getting hurt.
Shot in my perineum.
Right in between my balls and my ass.
Lost my product, my money.
Wasn't the first time
your brother fucked up.
Yeah, and that's the last saw of him?
Yeah, if he'd actually
showed up that night.
A little while after that,
I heard from a buyer that
he, uh, moved into a hotel.
The Continental.
So you know what kinda people
are holed up in that place?
Most of the guys over there
had to get used to all the killing.
But Frankie just took to it.
There's people that just
pick things up and can do it.
If he picked up a gun, a knife,
shit, anything you see here,
the gun's gon' be
trying to keep up with him.
Well, that's a hell of
a thing to be good at.
Were you close with him over there?
Saving each other's lives
enough times'll do that.
If you need someone in
charge of saving your life,
I'll take Frankie every time.
Every time.
For a minute, seemed like he was
getting himself straightened out.
Met a girl overseas, cleaned up,
started talking all this
hippy dippy stuff about fate.
Then he lands in New York and
ends up getting into some shit.
I'm starting to see what that's like.
You ain't the only one
looking for him, you know.
Guy like Frankie,
a skill set like he's got
you're not gonna find him
unless he wants you to find him.
He's like Casper,
the unfriendly ghost.
Well, I have to start somewhere.
Well, he used to roll around
down in Alphabet City.
Huh. Our old stomping ground.
Alphabet City.
Well, that's where I'm headed I guess.
May I?
You may.
But, uh
you might wanna take this with you also.
A lot of people offering me guns today.
Not like this one.
Where is it?
I already told you.
Frankie took it.
I fucking swear.
You thought you could
outsmart the High Table?
How foolish of you.
I'm telling you the truth.
I got paid to do a job,
and that job got fucked up.
And that motherfucker
left me in there to die.
Are you talking about the motherfucker
that you were paid to betray?
You're surprised that I know.
Are you even aware of
what it is you stole?
May I ask you how much
you got paid to steal it?
40 grand.
Keys to the world for a pittance.
Not that anyone can put a price on it
the value of an artifact that could
topple an organization that
predates the Roman Empire.
What I'm sharing with you is
very privileged information,
information I only share
with one kind of person.
The kind who are about to die.
No, please. Please, you don't have
What do you want me to do about Cormac?
Perhaps his reign is
finally coming to an end.
Look out, lady.
[James Brown's "The Boss"
- What can I get you?
- Uh, yeah.
Can you get me a scotch neat, please?
How can I help you, miss?
Yeah, can I get a room, please?
I'm sorry. We're fully booked.
But there are many fine
hotels in the area
I can recommend, if you'd like.
No, I'm good, thanks.
Guess who.
A little help?
What are you doing here, Winston?
It's nice to see you too, Frankie.
Thanks for the warm welcome.
I know it's been a while, Winston.
But I need to know why you're here.
I'm here because apparently
you fucked up, Frankie.
- Oh, yeah?
- Oh
Says who?
His goons bagged me in London.
He told me to find you or he'd kill you.
Look, I don't care what
you lifted from him or why.
But you need to get
the hell out of here.
You see, we're staying.
- You hear me?
- Yes.
'Cause I got us into this mess,
and it's better to die
on your own terms
Than get shot down like fucking rats.
You wanna hole up in this
place until they come and kill you?
That's not a plan, Frankie.
That is an unscheduled funeral.
You made a big mistake
coming here, Winston.
Well, it's too late for that
because we're all running now.
I can help you.
Both of you. Trust me.
Well, we're not big on trust.
Tough shit.
You already know what we're
up against here, Winston.
Cormac isn't the same guy
you knew when we were kids.
He's bigger than goons or
bookies or broken fingers.
And he's part of this criminal world
that expands beyond that hotel,
beyond your city,
and beyond your imagination.
Frankie, you sound fucking paranoid.
- Oh, do I?
- A little bit.
There's the car. That's his Mustang.
A group called the Nile
has promised us a way out
if I stole this for them.
They were gonna give us some money,
enough to start over.
Enough so that Cormac couldn't find us.
And then they fucked me.
What is it?
It's an ancient coin press.
Cormac wants you dead over this thing?
Now Cormac's one thing,
but the people he works for,
the people that he fears,
after what I did to him
Winston, they control everything.
They have eyes and ears everywhere.
They make people disappear.
They make whole buildings disappear.
Well, I have money, Frankie.
A lot of it right now.
I can buy you that way out
that you were robbed of.
You can go anywhere you want.
You can be anyone you want.
That's not gonna work, Winston.
You have another plan?
We need to get the hell out of here.
Fire again.
Let's go, let's go.
Open the fucking door right now, Yen.
Frankie, we have to go.
Go, go, go, go!
We're clear here.
No one, no one, no one.
- Seems clear here.
- 'S empty.
I got nothin'.
All clear up here.
We hit the wrong building.
It's not the car.
- You get it now?
- Yeah.
I think I get it.
Now what?
Well, we're going to see Charlie.
Captain reliable?
The guy that was supposed to
look after us when
we were kids that's your plan?
Part of it, all right?
I'm working on it.
You sure know how to pick 'em.
That's my wife you're
talking about, Winston.
She's delightful.
And you know, if Cormac
dragged your ass back here,
why didn't you just leave
when you had the chance?
You're my brother, Frankie.
You're all I have left.
Hey, now we're talking.
Cal, touch the fucking cards,
I will stab you in the fucking neck.
I didn't do shit.
Thank you, Lord.
- Charlie.
- Good to see you, kid.
I'm glad you're back with
your brother, honestly.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
Let's just go inside.
The fabric lined
with the internal Kevlar
ballistic filler in an
effort to prevent bunching.
It's light.
Forgive me for interrupting.
We found it?
Unfortunately, they
eluded our team and escaped.
It's time to outsource.
Perhaps some of our
guests are available.
Get me the Weirdos.
Oh, yeah. You're right.
They're all weird.
The Twins. Get me those twins.
Hansel, Gretel whatever
the fuck they're called.
Yes, sir.
Good evening.
I'm pleased to see you returned from
Mr. O'Connor wondered if you had room
in your very busy schedule
for another assignment.
Where's Captain Reliable?
Oh, he's readying our ride.
Yeah, we have to meet him soon.
Remember when you used to
steal Charlie's baseball cards
and sell them to the neighborhood kids?
Always the businessman, even then.
Yeah. We were supposed to
take over New York together.
- Remember?
- Yeah.
Well, Dad put that in your ear.
I don't know if you remember,
but losing your family home
because you took a loan
from Cormac O'Connor
isn't exactly the mark of
a great businessman, is it?
Then why the hell did you
go back to work for him?
Because I had a plan, Winston.
So did Dad.
Don't you ever compare me
to him again, you hear me?
You didn't tell Yen about me.
So I come to New York to help my brother
and he didn't even tell
his wife that I exist.
You didn't come to New York
on your own will, Winston.
But I stayed.
And I found you.
Unlike you, you
wouldn't let me visit you
when you were locked up.
You didn't come for me when you got out.
And I get it. You took the fall for me.
It'd be easy for you
to resent me for that.
Oh, is that what you think?
- That I just resented you?
- Yes.
We were kids, Frankie.
We had no parents. No one.
Why would you just cut me out like that?
For you.
So that you could escape this life.
So that you could lead a better one,
which is exactly what you did, Winston.
I mean, look at you
with your fucking suit
- and your shiny watch.
- This is all appearances,
Frankie I needed a big brother.
That was me being a big brother.
I mean, don't you fucking get that?
I kept you alive by keeping
you out of all this shit.
And here you are just
seeking it out anyway.
You know, sometimes, Winston,
you gotta make choices you don't want
to protect the people you care about.
Maybe you'll get to
understand that one day.
Yeah, Frankie and his brother.
They're both here.
Are you sure they have it?
What do you want me to do?
Got it.
Thank you.
Listen, I'm going to get
you and Yen out of here
so you both can just start over.
And you and me, we'll start over too.
Are you with me, Frankie?
Yeah, I'm with you, Winston.
Where's Yen? We gotta go.
What the hell are you doing, Yen?
Motherfucker sold us out.
Oh, fuck!
Hold on!
Oh, shit.
Go, go, go, go, go, go.
Light 'em up.
Go, go, go, go.
Move, move, move. Up there, up there.
Let's go.
Get him.
Hold it!
Give me the coin press.
Look behind you.
Lite-Brite from Hasbro.
Frankie. Frankie.
What are you going to
do with that little gun?
Okay oka
You know, pretty soon
it'll be like riding a bike.
We never had bikes.
This way. This way.
Come on. Hurry up.
Where's Charlie?
I-I-I thought he was with you.
Take her. I got it.
Come on. We've got to move.
wheels up, let's go.
I'm hit.
Everyone hold on!
Keep the pressure on.
You both need to look after each other.
- You hear me?
- What?
What are you saying?
That they want me
And this.
Jesus Christ.
I need guns.
Lots of guns.
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