The Continental: From the World of John Wick (2023) s01e03 Episode Script

Theater of Pain

Previously on "The Continental"
We don't have much time.
In this neighborhood,
everyone gets a cigarette machine.
You think you can just
break into my house,
drop off some file,
and everything just goes back to normal?
I'm trying to help you with
your little investigation here.
I'm going to kill Cormac,
and I need all of you.
The mess your people made last night
has brought the missing coin press
to the attention of the High Table.
You have three days.
Most folks don't like
to tell every little old thing.
Is there anything else
my brother knows that I don't?
We're trying to put together a crew.
It might just be a suicide mission.
Why are you the man
who's going to kill Cormac?
Right there.
The armory?
There's your holy grail.
Perhaps you could come with me.
I I could never do that.
Everyone's gonna miss your music.
No, this is about justice.
I'm offering you a chance
to decide who you want to be,
before it's too late.
I am sick and tired
of people stealing from me.
What was it that Thomas
was trying to steal?
Sleep tight, and no fidgeting.
Why are we sleeping in here?
Is someone coming after us?
They might if they saw you
through the window.
I'll be back in the morning
with breakfast.
Where are you going, Mama?
I'm going to work.
Just go to bed, punk.
Just in case.
It won't always be like this.
I promise.
Sweet dreams.
Get the fuck away from me!
I was in the war!
I was in the war!
I was in the war!
I was in the war!
Oh, my God, Lemmy, would you
please take it seriously?
What? My character is a
Brazilian soldier of fortune
with early signs of dementia.
Couple stabs in the back
ain't gonna stop him.
Motherfucker's firing blanks.
What? I'm committing.
What, you got a fucking problem with me?
No, I ain't got no problem with you.
Imagination's crucial
in our line of work.
All right, let's just assume, then,
that you two make it to the armory.
It's only a matter of minutes
before I show up with the key.
- All right?
- Assume?
Oh, we're gonna make it
up to the armory.
It's you getting that key
that really worries us.
And you're absolutely sure
Cormac has this armory key?
Yep, like all despots, he's too paranoid
to trust anybody else,
so he absolutely has
the key on his person.
What about that kid
on the inside, Charon?
No, no, no, no, no.
Let's just focus on this plan.
We thought that was the plan.
All these killers,
I mean, don't they bring
their own guns to the party?
Yeah, they all carry a little something,
for personal protection.
But in case of an all-out assault,
Cormac opens up the armory,
and his guests have full
military-grade firepower
at their disposal.
In this case, for our disposal.
Yeah, but even if we make it
up to the armory before them,
all that firepower is gonna
be useless without an army,
like Mazie's.
No, don't worry. Mazie's on board.
What? Since when?
Since a few hours from now.
From now?
What the what the fuck
is going on with you, Winston?
What the fuck
is going on with me, Miles?
I'll tell you. You all want guarantees.
There are no guarantees!
So if you want to back out,
now's your chance.
But I am going to kill Cormac
and take his precious
fucking hotel with or without you.
I'll see you all at the grand reopening.
So we're still doing this?
Till I'm told otherwise.
By who?
I don't know. By your brother.
You don't have your own opinion?
I know. This is fucked up.
But I miss it sometimes.
I'm looking for Winston Scott.
It's not a name I know.
Sounds like a pedophile.
He's a person of interest.
And who are you?
What's in the crate, Lemmy?
That's right.
I know your name.
I know all about this place.
All right.
So then why don't you tell me
what's in the crate?
You really want to play it like that?
Look, I know exactly the kind of gig
your brother's running
out of this place.
And honestly, I don't give a shit.
You're protecting your brother.
I get it.
I had a brother.
I'm just looking for Winston Scott.
If you know where I can find him,
I suggest you call me.
Oink, oink!
My super never mentioned
you'd be dropping by.
You hear that?
Hear what?
Do you have roommates?
Well, you do now.
Behind this stove is quite
the variation of feces
but of the same species
Which means I have located the nest.
Oh, look. Look-a here.
Look-a here.
No, no, no, no. No, no.
- He's he's kicked the bucket.
- Oh!
Long ago.
Anyway, don't worry.
Management's agreed to put
you up at a very nice hotel
while I tend to my grisly task.
Oh, but you're no stranger
to nice hotels, I see.
I was there during the war, Tuscany.
I hope you don't mind me saying,
but at first, I thought
you were Lana Turner.
I I truly did.
Please know how much I
appreciate what you're doing.
No. Pooh.
One thing I know about rats, they
they hate the sunlight.
Now, there's a view I'd kill for.
Jenkins is gonna need
something stronger.
Where the fuck is Winston?
Very good question.
How are we even doing this?
I don't know.
Let us know when you find out.
Hey, I need some armor-piercing rounds.
Can you make a run to Jersey for me?
What's up?
Maybe I'm just tripping,
but I've been getting
this feeling that something
just ain't right.
I'm going through it.
Like Winston said,
there's no guarantees.
That's not what I'm talking about.
Well, what are you talking about, then?
Did Dad know that Jenkins
had a room in that place?
I guess.
And what about this new
Chen motherfucker
forcing us to put
a cigarette machine up in here?
Why you putting me on the stand?
- For some truth.
- You don't want that.
Trust me, you don't.
You want to know what I think?
I think you jumped at the opportunity
to go to that hotel
because you would do anything
just to be different than him,
anything to be the opposite
of what he stood for.
How's that for some truth?
It's all lies.
Let me know if you can make
that run to Jersey for me, OK?
We're running out of time.
Done with service for today.
Please disembark the vehicle.
I said get the fuck
Sorry to disturb you, but do you recall
the man that paid you to have
a private meeting with me?
We need to know
where you dropped him off.
Look, I make a few dozen stops a day.
I don't know where I dropped him
Uh, some hotel near the park.
I'm not sure where.
I suggest you be more specific.
I'm telling you everything I know.
Like I said, there's too many people.
No, I don't know.
I dropped him off at the Rhodes Hotel.
That's all I know. Please.
You came.
You have five minutes.
You know, I couldn't
get it out of my head
that you didn't want my money.
And here we are, at a bank.
Yeah, it's a bit ironic, isn't it?
You see, when I was a kid,
my mother, she worked nights,
made about $16 a week polishing and
scrubbing floors at a
bank a lot like this one.
I remember her coming home one night
to find an eviction notice
nailed to our front door
and our drunk, useless old man crying.
Well, my mother, she had pride.
So the next morning,
she marched over to the bank,
me and Frankie in tow.
And she found the loan department.
All we could do is
sit and watch, though,
as all that pride vanished
as this man in his suit
told her to take her dirty kids
and their homemade clothes
and get the hell out.
And then my mother did
something that I've
never seen her do before.
She got on her knees,
and she begged for money.
She submitted to a man in a suit.
And he just snarled at her.
"Don't you know what this place is?
Who the hell do you think
you are, coming in here?"
And my mother, she looked up
from her knees
And she said, "I'm the person
who cleans these floors."
You asked for my story, Mazie.
Banks have always made it their
business to break the poor.
And even an empty one
like this, it sits as a symbol,
casting a shadow over
the less fortunate,
which is why I felt it was only right
that in your neighborhood,
you should own this one.
Put it to better use.
You bought me this bank?
Oh, but I have more gifts to bear.
I'm not a big believer
in the suit makes the man.
Well, then think of them
as work clothes.
Because with your permission,
I'll put your men to work.
Besides, I think we both
can agree it's not the suit.
It's what's inside the suit that counts.
Rhodes Hotel. How can I help you?
Winston Scott's room, please.
Mr. Scott is not in.
OK, leave him a message.
It's Lou.
Tell him someone's following me
and I'm on my way.
I need to ask you a few questions.
Ah, shit!
Fucking bastard.
That's right, motherfucker!
Well, I didn't really
disagree with them.
I just
Mr. Scott, you have an urgent message.
- Urgent message?
- Mm-hmm.
Thank you.
We found him.
And the coin press?
We'll know shortly.
Charon, prepare the elixir.
You know The fun fumes.
I need my medicine.
As you wish, sir.
Who is it?
It's Lou.
You get my message?
Yeah. What are you doing here?
Is there something
you're not telling me?
What? What are you talking about?
I'm talking about cops.
Earlier this pig comes poking around,
asking about you and some chick.
And tonight another one follows me.
How are we even on their radar?
I have no idea.
Things are getting dicey.
It's getting a little hard
for me to trust here.
Didn't I put enough in the plate?
Too few mea culpas?
Return this prodigal son to me,
and I promise I will rain
your justice down upon him.
I scratch your back, you scratch mine.
- Can I get an amen, Charon?
- Amen.
You truly are a man of the cloth.
Ah, mother's milk.
The High Table wants to
send me to the glue factory.
This is my house.
It was ordained.
No one will ever take it from you, sir.
From us, Charon, from us.
And the audacity of that Adjudicator
to mark me with an expiration date.
That fucking rat-chewed mutant.
She comes from the rib
and I from the marrow of the Almighty!
She's an afterthought.
She can take her apple and fuck off.
That press will find its way back to me.
You know why?
Because those are my people down there.
It took David five smooth
stones to topple the giant.
Me, I got a big-ass boulder
up my sleeve.
I hold one sweet secret
that can bring down this entire
empire and swallow it whole.
I can make all their secrets
and all their souls vanish.
- Defensio
- Shut up.
One trigger is my palm, and the other
is the palm of Orson, the bloated freak
that lives in the floor.
I'll take them all with me if I have to.
It'll be one Pyrrhic punch in the face.
This'll always be my kingdom,
press or no press!
Welcome to the Rhodes Hotel.
Looking for the man in an ascot.
I'm sorry. I ca
Room 312.
Jesus. What the hell happened to you?
That kung fu bitch happened to me.
Kung fu bitch?
Yes, I followed you, OK?
- It was for your own good.
- For my own good?
And I followed her tonight,
all the way to Jersey.
And she called this hotel.
She's meeting up with Winston Scott,
Frankie Scott's brother,
staying at the Rhodes Hotel.
Listen, KD,
I care about you. I really do.
Yeah, well, this isn't
about you, all right?
I found the box in your apartment,
the one in the oven.
You went through my place?
Well, I'm a detective.
What do you want me to do?
I can't begin to imagine
what you've been through.
But I want you to know
I am here for you, OK?
Stay the fuck out my life.
- God damn it!
- Fuck is wrong with you?
- God damn it!
- Get the fuck out of here!
- I'm getting out.
- Get the fuck out.
I was worried about you!
Yeah, well, worry about your damn self.
The plan is already happening.
All I'm saying is that it's
not just your life at risk.
- You need to figure this out.
- There's no time.
It's D-Day.
Get down!
Winston Scott?
Put your hands up.
I said put your hands up.
Oh, jeez.
Oh, God.
Jesus, KD.
- What happened?
- Look, I'm fine.
I had him.
I had Winston Scott, and they took him.
What are we looking for here, KD?
Let's just stop a second,
think about what you're doing.
I'm telling you,
that's a line you cross,
you don't come back.
I hope you find what you're looking for.
Throw in a couple sandwiches
with the ammo.
Check, check, one, two.
Looking good.
How we doing with that garbage truck?
Yeah, ready to roll.
Whoa, whoa, new glasses.
Didn't realize we were
having a handsome contest.
I sure hope you're
a better crook than comedian.
No, I'm being serious.
You look ten years younger.
Come on, now.
So none of you reprobates
decided to back out, huh?
Plan's gonna work, Gene.
Yeah, absolutely.
- It's a good plan.
- We're all in.
It is a good plan.
Winston's been taken.
I'd like a room, one night.
Have you been with us before?
Room 818.
Any baggage?
Yeah, whole lot of it.
Ah, the sirens are calling.
Good thing you're lashed
to the mast, huh?
A dozen buildings are torched each day.
You know, it's hard to believe
I started doing this
almost 20 years ago
a visionary.
I should have learned the violin,
'cause that way, I could fiddle
while I watched them burn.
You know, there's one singular note.
It's hardly ever heard.
But it's the glorious crescendo
of human vocal cords igniting.
I could never quite get that note.
Your brother confessed
to me one time that
he was haunted by the
screams of that unfortunate family.
Where's my press?
You know, until you find it,
I'd say it's Frankie who's haunting you.
Charon, our guest
needs a breath of fresh.
Absolutely, sir.
Move it pal. Let's go.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait
Before this goes any further,
I'd like you to get something
through your thick skulls.
Phase one is a go.
Son of a bitch.
Where's my fucking shotgun?
Oh, come on.
I took you in, you fucking ingrate.
I trusted you.
Sir, give me the key to the armory.
Oh, that's your plan.
Well, that's a tall order.
All right.
Keep your shorts on.
I'll give it to you. Here.
I carry it on my person,
if I can find it here.
OK, I'm a little nervous.
You want it? Come get it.
Now's your chance, Charon. Shoot him.
You better shoot me,
'cause if you don't,
I'm gonna send you back
to Zimbabwe a piece at a time.
It's Nigeria.
- Charon, shoot him.
- Yeah, that too.
- Come on, shoot him!
- He can't do it.
My fucking hands are tied. Shoot him!
- Fuck off.
- No!
You faithless cocksucker.
You'll wish you were never born.
You'll wish you crawled
back in where the fuck am I?
Twins, where?
What is this?
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Is this how you get to the gift shop?
Cormac is in the wind.
He's headed to the armory with the key.
Thank you, Charon.
Go to phase two,
rendezvous at the armory.
What about that shoulder, Winston?
I've done worse shaving.
- Come with me.
- OK.
You can't be down here.
Put that down.
Sorry. Some objects speak to me.
Well, I'm speaking to you.
These are not toys.
Master's coming for you.
Oh, yeah?
Well, let him come.
He's coming for you now.
You son of a
You sure you want to do this?
This will get very messy
if you force me to bring out
my brother and his friends.
That's just it.
They're not here.
And from what I'm hearing,
they won't be back, ever.
As of now, this place is shut down.
My father built this place.
He chose to die here,
and I'm not going nowhere.
Hieronymus Burton killed the
family that built this place.
Without blinking an eye,
he moved right in.
He was allowed to by the powers that be,
as long as he continued
to work for them.
That's not true.
Those are facts.
He was a gun for hire.
Killing is in your DNA.
He always claimed he never used a gun.
Truth is, this one
this one was special to him.
It's loaded.
Nobody knows the story
better than your brother.
This is why he kept it from you.
You're sensitive.
Too bad you'll never get
a chance to ask him about it.
Don't let him take me.
What is this stuff?
A proprietary drug,
quite popular at this hotel.
Oh, my God. That's incredible.
I'm sorry I didn't shoot Cormac.
Yeah, so am I.
Let's hope we get a second chance.
And away we go.
Red light active.
Inimicus on Continental ground.
Red light has been activated.
Inimicus on Continental ground.
Red light has been activated.
Inimicus on Continental ground.
Red light has been activated.
Inimicus on Continental ground.
Red light has been activated.
Inimicus on Continental ground.
Red light has been activated.
Inimicus on Continental ground.
Red light, everyone.
Stick to the plan.
By now, he may have assembled a team
and made it to the armory.
Well, good. Then they can let us in.
Up and at 'em. Shake a leg.
Open up. Come on.
Come on out. Hurry it up.
Get a move on. Come on.
What are we waiting for?
It's open season on Winston Scott.
Proceed to the nearest
pneumatic canister.
Proceed to the nearest
pneumatic canister.
Hey, I know you.
You're a cop.
What the
I was a cop.
- I'm Lemmy.
No, I'm a I'm a good guy.
Nice guy.
Yeah, I'm not gonna hurt you.
Is that a is that a worm tattoo?
No, no. You don't have to call anybody.
Just just oh, it's a snake.
And when I get closer,
I see it's an octopus.
That's cool.
Christ, why does everybody keep
hitting me in the fucking neck?
Why are we fighting?
I don't want to do this.
Jesus, what the fuck is wrong with you?
Throat-chopping bitch.
We're at the armory.
What's everyone's 20?
Yen is AWOL.
Lemmy's MIA.
I'm pinned down.
Thanks, Gene.
We aim to please.
Come on, cottontail.
Stick your head out, now.
You can do it.
Lucky-ass motherfucker.
Uno mas, señor, you little jive turkey.
Come on, boy. Where are you at?
We don't know where you are.
Yen is AWOL.
Ronnie, what's your status?
I can't tap in.
Gotta figure out
how to override that grid.
It's a goddamn zoo in there, Winston.
All right, just stick with the plan.
Do you think he's in there?
There's only one way to find out.
Hand over the gun.
Up against the wall.
Nice suits.
Ah, Charon, this was just too easy.
All of this because
of that bug-eyed cellist?
All he did was play music.
Well, he sure was a virtuoso.
Too bad you weren't there,
for his last impactful performance.
You know, I told him to choose the song.
You know what he picked?
"Loyalty to the Master"
from "Don Giovanni."
The cellist did know his audience.
But "Loyalty to the Master,"
that's what he told you it was about?
That's funny, really funny.
He chose it just for me.
He did.
But what it is about is damnation.
The central idea is that fate
will catch up to you
and the actions you commit.
You thought he was playing for you.
But really, he was just playing you.
Somebody, anybody, just drop the hammer
on this treasonous puke.
I got a better idea.
Why don't we play some five-on-five?
Cormac's being a gentleman, and
has agreed to open the armory for us.
You see, you're not
the only one with an army.
Now, open the door.
I knew something smelled rotten here
Mazie's homeless men
and one woman.
I'm hobo-phobic.
But rounding up a bunch
of homeless derelicts
off the street isn't gonna help you.
You can dress up a pig,
but you can't make him jig.
Nobody's getting in this armory!
Kill all these cocksuckers!
Die, motherfucker!
You want to see how that works?
Where's Cormac?
Bloody footprints.
Armory entry unsuccessful.
Next phase, kill them.
Kill them all.
Back off, bellboy.
But, sir
if you want to go to that
floor, you must be announced.
Of course. What was I thinking?
Be my guest.
You're not supposed
to be here till Wednesday.
I forgot my medication.
I'm gonna need you
to lock that front door.
The elevator car is gone.
An elevator car can't just vanish.
Yeah, I know that.
So where the hell did it go?
Edwin, we need to find Mr. O'Connor.
Can you help us?
What's he saying?
- 13.
- What?
What the hell does that mean?
Drop the guns.
Get out of here, kid.
This is between me and him.
I said go.
Do what she says, Charon.
Mr. O'Connor, I
- Move.
- I didn't get an announcement.
This is highly irregular.
Put a sock in it, dough boy.
All right.
Don't you fucking move.
I wasn't planning on it.
Who are you?
I'm the one who survived.
You worked too hard,
and you ate too much to
No, no.
Just just trying to make you
a little more comfortable.
Just lean back.
That's right. That's right.
I did not come here to hurt you.
I think "Bonanza" might be on if
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Excuse me.
It's you.
You're the little girl.
Your brother lit my family on fire.
But you know that, right?
'Cause you were there.
And both of you ran like
cowards, leaving us to die.
Now you're gonna feel what they felt.
No. No, no, no, no.
Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop.
Wait, wait, wait.
Just wait. Just give me a second, OK?
We were kids, OK?
We had no we had no idea there was
a family we had no idea
there was a family in there.
We were just kids, just like stop.
Stop, stop, stop, stop.
I know you hate me.
But trust me, I hate myself even more.
- Oh, really?
- Yes.
You have no idea what it's like
to watch your family
burn and die before your eyes.
Actually, I do.
Your brother got his.
Now it's your turn.
OK, bef before you do this,
you need to know just one thing.
I started the fire,
not Frankie.
And I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
You're sorry?
You're fucking sorry?
You're sorry?
Shit. No.
No, no, no!
Stop! Stop!
Look, here.
Here, here, here, here, here.
- What are you
- No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
It's OK. It's OK. It's medicine.
Trust me. It's OK.
Here, here, here, here.
Just keep pressure on it, all right?
I'm gonna come back for you, all right?
You're gonna be OK.
This way.
Let's all lament a life ill spent
as if our hearts might burst.
I'll pour good whiskey on your grave,
passed through my kidneys first.
Hello, Continental shoppers.
I'd like to call your attention
to today's red-light specials,
Winston Scott and his orchestra.
If you haven't met him yet,
I encourage you to go seek him out.
Anyone who brings me the head
of this honored guest
will receive a $2-million bounty
and a million
for each member of his band.
Kill Winston Scott?
That's the idea.
Isn't he the only one that
knows where the coin press is?
I'm beyond the coin press.
Where's Cormac broadcasting from?
The operations room.
Operations room? Where's that?
Nobody knows manager's privilege.
Edwin, he said 13.
You think he meant 13th floor?
But there's no 13th floor.
Hmm, nice.
It was a birthday gift from Frankie.
From Frankie?
How well did you know Frankie?
Very well.
Wait, but when I asked you to help
You assumed, and I let you.
Truth is, I agreed to help
because of your brother.
Frankie talked to me often,
made an effort, got to know me.
Nobody else did that.
He watched over me like a big brother.
He encouraged me to go back home.
He even gave me the means.
The means?
Let's find that operations room
and make him sing at his own funeral.
You're gonna see your father again.
You have my word.
Let's take this house.
And while we're all going
after Cormac's head, remember,
this is more than vengeance.
This is justice.
You mind if I give you
some friendly advice?
I don't mean to criticize, but
you really do need to take better care
of these plants.
Too much water is almost
as bad as too little.
I know plants better than most
most people.
Excuse me.
Uh-uh. Uh-uh.
Last year, I went
to a breathtaking exhibit
at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.
And anyway, if, in the future,
you'd like to take advantage
of my horticultural expertise,
I'd be
I'd be happy to come back,
free of charge, of course.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I'm so sorry.
How presumptuous.
You take from me,
I take from you.
We all go now.
Yen, no.
What is that?
An algorithm charting
the statistical probability
of the enemy's success.
Whose side are you on?
Numbers are impartial.
Lem, if you can hear this
I got you into this mess.
Not the first, but looks like the last.
I ain't proud of everything we've done,
but I want you to know
I got no regrets.
Hope you don't either.
And if you're already gone
Hope you saved
a fucking seat for me in hell.
Seat for me in hell?
That was embarrassing.
There you go!
Bud, in all seriousness,
I want to thank you for this
new personal low.
What's your 20?
The speakeasy.
Hostiles up my six-hole.
What's your 20?
Remember how I got us out
of that thing in On Loc?
I got some new mail to deliver.
I did not see that coming.
Oh, yes!
What the hell are you doing here?
I need you to hold this for me
and watch him.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, who
who who Just
Hi, kid.
Don't let the kid touch anything.
Yeah, yeah.
Hey, wait. Where you going?
No, no, no!
Lem! Lem!
Get out! Get out!
Lem, get out!
Fuck is he talking about?
Come in for you.
Abort! Abort! Abort!
He's sending back through to the tube.
Get out of there!
Where's the mail room?
Lem. Lem!
Sometimes objects speak to me.
We'll talk about that later.
Lemmy! Lemmy.
Oh, shit.
Hey, man.
Hey, man, you you look
you look great.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
- C-4.
- Yeah?
It's in my bag.
OK. It's all right.
- And also
- What? What? What is it?
I actually love an ascot.
I'm just
Godspeed, Lemmy.
These go everywhere in the hotel?
They do.
All right.
- Ronnie, you tapped in?
- I have eyes.
Good. Call all locations.
Everybody take cover.
Roger that.
How about we start with an appetizer
and serve it to them in the dining room?
Do you see a tube for
the operations room anywhere?
Here. But it's been destroyed.
Of course it has.
Wait. You're right.
The OR tube must go to the 13th floor.
OK. So how do we get there?
I worked in the kitchen
when I first started.
There's a dumbwaiter.
Even hidden floors need service.
The dumbwaiter is there.
Now we're even.
It's right here.
Shit. Hold on. Hold on.
This is gonna hurt.
- Mm.
- You all right?
- Mm-hmm.
- All right.
Oh. This was a really dumb idea.
Come on.
The insurgents have now
achieved competitive advantage.
I asked for assistance.
I asked them for resources.
But they oh, those motherfuckers
they put it back on me.
The High Table?
I warned them.
Orson, I could use a hand here.
Defensionem protocol does not
apply under present conditions.
What was I thinking?
A monumental conclusion.
I'll give you one better.
Turgid lackey.
He's got his mind
on other things right now.
I see.
And I presume you wish
the High Table to intervene.
Do you have the coin press?
If I had it, I wouldn't need
your help, now, would I?
I always liked Orson.
You would.
You want to play games, huh?
Let's play some hardball.
Come here, pretty boy.
There you go.
We're all going to hell anyway.
Defensionem protocol activated.
Defensionem protocol activated.
Defensionem protocol activated.
Security doors engaged.
Security doors engaged.
Security doors engaged.
Fluid volume transfer in progress.
Annihilation in T-minus
nine minutes and counting.
13th floor, that's bad luck, right?
I'm not superstitious.
Excessive structural
deformation in progress.
Excessive structural
deformation in progress.
- Hey.
- Annihilation in T-minus
Hey, hands up.
Eight minutes and counting.
He's dead.
Excessive structural deformation.
Excessive structural deformation.
Annihilation in T-minus
seven minutes and counting.
What is this thing?
A self-destruction switch.
It will take the entire
building to the ground,
all of its secrets, all of its souls.
How do we stop it?
Cormac holds the power in his palm.
Wait a second, that's
the elevator that vanished?
Yes northeast corner.
He's running.
I can take us.
No, no, no, no.
We don't have time.
Oh, come on.
Annihilation in T-minus
five minutes and counting.
You took everything from me.
Now I'm gonna get a kick
out of watching you and yours
go down in the rubble.
When you see your brother,
tell him I sent you boys to
torch that building
'cause I wanted you to do something
you could never come back from,
put the taste of death in your mouth.
That's how I make a soldier.
You knew there was a family in there?
I ordered it.
Stand down.
The bounty's off.
This is my kill.
Chill out, chica. Run along home now.
What, you missed him from there?
I did something to you, didn't I?
Be seeing you.
Annihilation in T-minus
three minutes and counting.
Mr. O'Connor,
your escape pod has arrived.
For your own safety, we ask that you
please keep your hands and feet
away from the track at all times.
Annihilation in 10, 9, 8, 7
Defensionem protocol deactivated.
How'd you do that?
Fuck yeah! Fuck yeah! All right!
That's what I'm talking about Zen.
Please accept my humblest apologies.
My policy on house calls
is centered foremost on
on discretion.
So, well, you can imagine how I feel.
It was it was beyond regretful.
Anyway, bye-bye, now.
Excuse me, mister, uh
Oh, it's it's Gene.
I've lived here for 27 years,
and I've always hated that damn hotel.
You're welcome.
And you know,
I'm embarrassed to admit this,
but I've never been to the
Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.
My deepest gratitude, Charon.
You can now leave this place behind,
reunite with your father.
Go lead a normal life, hmm?
But this is my home now.
Besides, how could you
survive here without me?
just, um
To Lemmy.
To Frankie.
Winston Scott,
I've placed this hotel
under a state of interregnum.
These premises are under a temporary
suspension of the usual functions
until the High Table deems otherwise.
Commandeering the hotel
from the late Mr. O'Connor
very impressive.
Thank you.
And you are?
I'm an Adjudicator.
Allow me to congratulate you
on behalf of the High Table.
Perhaps you can let me in
on how you were able to do it.
You believe in fate?
If you do, you know sometimes
the things we seek in life
are right in front of us the whole time.
You see, I learned a suit
doesn't make a man.
No, it's what's inside
the suit that counts.
But a wolf in sheep's clothing
can't rely on killer instinct alone.
It's his resourcefulness
and perhaps an open heart
that can turn garbage into gold
and enemies into allies.
Well, that's lovely.
But regrettably, the hotel
wasn't yours to take.
Let me be transparent.
Despite what you may think,
you did not stop Defensionem.
I did.
If your brother would have just done
what he was instructed to do
with the coin press,
you would not be in this
very unfortunate situation.
You know, where from I'm standing,
seems to me you're the one
in the unfortunate situation.
'Cause if Cormac taught me
one thing, it's leverage.
I not only beat him at his
own game, but I took his house.
And now I'm in control of the one thing
that you people seem to need.
Oh, but don't worry. I can assure you
the coin press is in a very safe place.
You know, in business, I've never
been one, for dealing with middlemen.
And I've never killed
a messenger before.
There are rules at play here, silly boy.
You have no idea who you're
dealing with, but you soon will.
No, I know the rules.
And what do you imagine I'm
going to tell the High Table?
You don't even register to them.
They won't speak to you.
They will now.
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