The Crossing (2018) s01e05 Episode Script

Ten Years Gone

1 Previously on "The Crossing" Here's a quick primer all these people here are from the future, and Emma's boss sucks.
I told you, I didn't want him involved.
Do your job.
EMMA: I think it's happened before.
There was an earlier migration.
How long have you been here? Longer than you think.
Apex they took over the government.
They can do things we can't.
SOPHIE: Your daughter She has Mantle's Disease.
Let me help you create the treatment, and then I can take it back.
I'll come by the station tomorrow morning.
We'll talk then? [Gunshot] MARSHALL: Mine's the only number stored on it.
She opens it up, she calls, and we figure out what's really going on up there.
[Cellphone vibrates] Hannah? Who is this? REPORTER: Having swept the primaries in Ohio, Texas, Rhode Island, and Vermont, John McCain has officially REPORTER #2: This is a tragedy They call me "hell" They call me "Stacey" They call me "her" Is it something you eat? That's not my name That's not my name - Yes.
- That's not my name Is it these overpriced leftovers I'm going to throw away? - No.
- They call me "quiet" Is it the fish we caught last week? Hey.
No helping.
Is it the fish you caught last week? - That's not my name - Yes.
That's not my name That's not my name [Gasps] [Brakes screech] YOUNG MARSHALL: Dad! [Exhales] [Sighs] [Indistinct chatter] [Phones ringing distantly] What'd you do now? Nothing.
I just need to talk to you.
Can I talk to you? Yeah.
You got five minutes.
I remember people in the road.
The night of the accident.
Look, I know I always said the whole thing was a blank and I didn't see anything or anyone, but I remember it now.
There were people in the road.
They came out of nowhere.
That's why my dad swerved.
Th-That's why we crashed.
I was the first one on the scene.
We searched that whole area, and we saw no sign of anyone.
I'm telling you, they were out there.
You father's been telling that story for years.
Every bartender in town knows it by heart.
It's no wonder it's playing tricks with your mind, you know? I know what I saw.
10 years after the fact, it just hits you like a bolt of lightning? How do you explain that? I don't know.
He had too much to drink with dinner.
He did not mean to hurt anyone, but he did.
It was an accident, Marshall.
GERRY: Marshall? Marshall? Are you okay? [Groans] Lisa? Lisa? No.
Oh, God.
- Lisa? - Mom! No.
No, God.
We should do something.
There's nothing to be done.
Oh, God! Oh.
[Retches] You okay? Yeah, I think so.
Is this it? Did we make it? The sticker on the car said 2008.
Close enough.
We have to go.
Hurry up.
- Help! - The people in the car.
No one can know we're here.
YOUNG MARSHALL: Help! Did you get it? Okay, I want you to call again.
I called 10 minutes ago.
If anything changes, they'll contact me immediately.
Let's just focus on making the treatment.
Yeah, well, we should have been done by now instead of wasting time looking for a lab.
If I'd known I was gonna be a hostage when I left for work yesterday morning, I would have made better plans.
You're not a hostage.
You offered to help.
Really? So I can just walk away? Didn't think so.
[Keypad beeps] You've reached Emma Ren.
Please leave a message.
[Beep] Hi.
This is Jude.
I'm at the office.
Just making sure you're still coming by.
- [Cellphone beeps] - [Knocking on door] Yeah? Hey.
Did you have fun with Oliver? Yeah.
No drama getting him back? What? With the ex.
Sometimes it's more like a hostage exchange.
[Chuckles] No.
Amy and I are on good terms.
It's all very cordial.
Well, that sounds healthy.
[Chuckles] While you were fishing, I, uh, followed up on the individual who showed up at Harborfest.
The dead guy.
Yeah, I see that.
Didn't have any luck ID'ing him, so case is still open.
All right.
I'll take it from here.
And, uh, oh, uh, there's a Fed here to see you.
Agent Ren? No.
Agent Foster.
I put him in the conference room.
[Door opens] Hi.
Agent Foster? Sheriff.
I think we met at the Thorn Beach operation? Right.
What can I do for you? Well, I understand you've been, uh consulting with Agent Ren about that situation.
That situation? Oh, you mean the fact that you're running that top-secret detainment camp up in the mountains? Yeah.
I was wondering if you'd seen or spoken with Agent Ren in the past 24 hours.
Why? Well, no one's been able to make contact with her since last night.
And you're coming to me with this? [Scoffs] Yeah, well, I'm sure it's nothing.
- What? - Sorry to have taken up your time.
If I hear from her, I'll let you know.
I appreciate that.
[Dog barks in distance] I get it.
You're angry.
I didn't have a choice.
The hell you didn't.
Agent Ren blindsided me.
She knew who I was.
She knew where we were from.
So, you tell her a story.
You don't put a bullet in her chest.
I did tell her a story.
My husband is unstable.
He joined a cult.
He broke my heart.
She wasn't buying it.
She was a federal agent, Eve.
You should have told me Paul was with them.
Had I known he was your husband, I would have.
Is he all right? He's fine.
And I will make sure he stays that way.
I never told him anything before we left.
I never suggested otherwise.
[Indistinct chatter] Is this it? Everyone who could make it here on short notice.
Well, it's good to see everyone.
I'm sorry it's under these circumstances.
What the hell happened? No one else was supposed to come through.
The access was gonna be destroyed.
Apparently, it wasn't.
It doesn't matter how they got here.
The fact that they're here at all means we've failed.
We didn't change the timeline.
You're all looking at this as a failure? I see an opportunity.
Now, we know Our plan to stop Apex didn't work.
It's time to think bigger.
Much bigger.
[Door opens] Mr.
Lindauer, what a pleasure.
Oh, thank you, Senator.
If it weren't for you, my entire staff and I would be buried alive in the rubble of the Finley building.
I'm just an analyst, sir.
It was a team effort.
You stopped the attack before it happened.
I dabbled in predictive analysis.
Uh, this time, it paid off.
Well, would you accept a promotion more graciously than you accept a compliment? [Chuckles lightly] A-Absolutely, sir.
Then I'll make some calls.
[Door opens, closes] You look pleased with yourself.
Homeland position come through? The trick is not to appear too eager.
Stay humble, do the work And having a crystal ball helps, though, doesn't it? Or at least a few shards of one, to have an advantage.
You hear from Jake? He's still analyzing data, running simulations.
Once we're all embedded, he'll lay out the plan.
What are you doing in D.
? Tech conference.
At least your job has some nobility.
Being a venture capitalist, in my mind, isn't exactly heroic.
It's eyes and ears and influence.
And money.
That's how this is gonna work.
After everything we've seen, making people rich seems a little frivolous like a betrayal of all the people we left behind.
Well, you're, uh, adjusting to life, aren't you? New husband, new baby Not so new.
Aaron's already walking.
And they don't feel like a betrayal, if that's what you're suggesting.
They remind me of what I'm doing here and of the monsters that we have to stop.
FRANK: Uh, Agent Ren has an open-ended reservation.
She seems like a really nice woman.
You know, ever since Harborfest, my son can't wait to be one of your real deputies.
He slept with that badge pinned to his PJs last night.
And he handcuffed me to the breakfast table this morning.
[Laughs] This is it, here.
[Knocking on door] Emma? [Key beeps, door unlocks] Hello? I wonder if she was having problems with the Internet in the room.
Why? Oh, I-I saw her using the desktop in the lobby.
She was using a public computer? Yeah.
You can You can check your room status, pool hours, room-service menu.
You can surf the Internet, too, but it's slow.
Not too many people use it anymore, actually not since smartphones.
Hey, I'm gonna need to borrow that computer.
[Seagulls cawing] [Indistinct chatter] So, what happened? [Sighs] What? The phone.
The girl.
Did she get it? Did she call? Nope.
Should have used a slingshot.
A stupid hawk probably cracked the SIM card or something.
No, the phone worked.
It just didn't get to Hannah.
When it finally rang, there was some guy on the other end.
Who was I? How did I know Hannah? Why did I send the phone? Was it a guard? I don't think so.
He wouldn't give me his name.
You didn't give him your name, did you? No.
All right, I might have.
But But it was a stupid idea in the first place.
Hey, Gerry.
I was hoping to buy you a cup of coffee.
[Clears throat] We'll talk about the thing later.
Don't answer it again.
What are you doing here, Dad? Nestor called.
What, about your warrants? About you.
About the trouble you're getting yourself into.
He's worried about you.
So am I.
You're too smart to be hanging around this town with no job and no future.
What are you still doing here? [Sighs] I don't know.
It's not much, but it's enough to get you started.
Get out of Port Canaan and put your life back on track.
Did Nestor say anything else? He said you were confused about the accident.
Not confused.
I remembered something.
There were people in the road, just like you said.
What does it matter? Your mother is gone either way.
You were telling the truth.
I was drunk.
I was driving too fast.
[Voice breaking] I killed my wife.
I could have killed you.
It wasn't your fault.
I've spent the last 10 years trying to justify what happened that night.
I used it as an excuse to destroy anything good left in my life.
Don't make the same stupid mistake, or you'll end up like me someone you hate.
Let it go.
SOPHIE: You're sure about this? My bone marrow has the highest concentration of antibodies.
How often do you treat her? Every couple years.
It's never reoccurred this fast.
I've been to a half-dozen hot zones on the planet, and I've never seen anything this aggressive.
I'm guessing the mortality rate is 90%, maybe higher.
Your immunity is remarkable.
[Sighs] I guess I'm just lucky.
From what I understand, it's not luck.
It's a function of genetic upgrades specific to a certain people Apex? Are you immune to all viruses, or is it ju Wait.
Let me give you the anesthetic.
[Groans] [Grunts] So, you don't feel pain? I feel it.
[Bone crunches] [Exclaims] I admire your tolerance.
I guess it would be a bad idea to completely eradicate any capacity to feel pain I am not here to satisfy your curiosity.
I'm here to save my daughter.
And once we have done that, you will forget everything that you know about me.
Do you understand? Sorry I'm late.
Family emergency.
Uh, okay.
Uh, this took a little longer than expected.
I needed the information set as accurate as possible, and let's just say a lot of stuff didn't make it into the history logs.
But with the intel that you've all provided, we can now move forward with our plan.
But this model I have formulated, it is a work of art guaranteed.
There are 27 names on our list.
Each target is a direct conduit to the invention, advancement, or rise of Apex.
We all value human life.
None of us are monsters.
But you must remember, these individuals are not innocent.
Each of them is, in some way, responsible for the rise of Apex.
Each of them is somehow responsible for the destruction of the human race.
We are executing 27 individuals to save billions of lives.
200 years from now, Apex has nearly wiped us from the face of the Earth.
We can't let that happen.
We must stop Apex from ever existing.
Do not let your resolve waver.
Do not let fear consume you.
The survival of the human race depends on us.
Failure is not an option.
Failure is death.
This mission is everything.
Never forget that.
There was nothing on the drive, so I checked the browser history.
- Yeah.
- Mostly tourist stuff restaurant reviews, boat rentals.
But I also found daily hits on a public file-storage site.
Those sites are very easy to hack.
I'm not sure Agent Ren was trying to keep this hidden, to be honest.
Wait, like, she wanted someone to find it? She didn't not want someone to find it.
One folder is full of research about Port Canaan.
Online newspaper articles, police blotters, weather reports, maps, and mostly from around 10 years ago.
Well, that's very specific.
The other one is a series of memos personal observations and recollections.
Some of them contain transcripts of interviews.
One is a profile of a Homeland Security agent named Lindauer.
I'm gonna need you to print this all out for me.
[Knock on door] Sorry about that.
Just got your message.
Come on in.
- Shut the door.
- Sure.
What's going on? I don't really know, to be honest with you.
You remember Agent Ren? Yeah.
The one running the Russian camp.
[Chuckles] Yeah.
Um she came by the other day, asking for my help, looking into something.
I'm getting a bad feeling that something may have happened to her.
Based on? Those people at the camp aren't from Russia.
And I didn't go fishing with Oliver yesterday.
Sit down.
I need to tell you some things.
So, here's the deal.
[Somber music plays] [Monitors beeping] Hey, how's the little girl with the virus? NURSE: Hanging on by a thread.
Forbin is chasing down some kind of experimental treatment, but I don't think there's much time left for a miracle.
I heard this one almost didn't make it through the night.
It's amazing she survived at all, considering the amount of seawater she aspirated.
She should be at Portland General.
They have better facilities.
None of the refugees are allowed to leave this camp.
Orders from the top.
- Here's an ice pack.
- How long is this gonna take? 4 minutes and 23 seconds.
[Winces] I can take it.
Do you ever get hurt? Of course.
You never have marks.
Well, everyone has marks.
It's just mine go away faster.
When I grow up, will I be like you? No.
You're gonna be better.
SOPHIE: How did she end up with you? I know no more questions.
It's just that she's not your biological daughter.
I'm not judging.
My mom left me on the steps of a church when I was 6 months old, so, you know, biological connections don't really mean much to me.
Her parents died.
She was so tiny.
I had never heard something cry like that.
Our children, they don't cry like that.
So, I took her with me.
I wasn't supposed to have attachments.
But once she was with me, I just couldn't give her up.
Even after I found out she was sick.
Were you a soldier? Jude said something about being made to fight.
I have regrets, but saving Leah isn't one of them.
[Cellphone vibrates] [Beeps] This is Sophie.
Forbin, Leah's condition is deteriorating rapidly.
Her fever is 104.
Her breathing is labored and we're seeing swelling in the brain.
Give her another dose of the broad spectrum.
I'll be there as soon as I can.
You told me she was stable.
You have been stalling this entire time.
What, she dies and the pandemic dies with her? No.
Are we surrounded? Is this another trap? No.
It's not a trap.
I swear.
We will get to her in time.
You came all this way.
She deserves the life you want for her.
[Exhales slowly] No.
Sugar is not gonna make this suddenly make sense.
[Sighs] Look, if, uh, you got any questions I got it.
Those refugees are not from Russia.
They're from the future.
200 years in the future.
And And one of them is a like, a ninja mercenary that they call Apex, who kidnapped Oliver.
And Agent Ren, who a-apparently has gone missing, she believes that there were other, uh, you know, future people that came earlier 10 years ago to Port Canaan.
And that her boss, Mr.
, uh, Lindauer? Yeah.
knew about it, and he's covering it up.
Did I get all that? Yeah, I'm playing catch-up here, so let me know if I missed anything.
Look, it's not that I didn't trust you.
It's just I wasn't sure I believed it myself, okay? And once I did, I it [Sighs] I should've told you sooner.
I know this place is small potatoes to you, Jude but I'm good at my job.
I notice things in in a way that other people don't.
I know.
So she talked to other people at the camp who claim there were other time travelers.
Paul and Thomas.
There'd have to be a machine.
Time travel.
[Scoffs] I mean, you got to you got to get from where you are to to out in the water out there.
Yeah, but I don't think they meant to end up in the water.
Which means that the first ones could have ended up on land.
What do you think that looked like? You think they just appeared out of thin air? Like they weren't there, and then, suddenly, they were? Maybe.
We need to talk to Marshall.
All right, everybody.
Here's to a job well done.
A future without Apex.
- Hear, hear.
- Hear, hear.
Are you sure we are done? How do you know we did it well? Because I say so.
We made a better future.
And now, I'm gonna spend the rest of my present - eating real meat and playing cards.
- [Laughter] [Glasses clink] I think I'm gonna stay on at Homeland.
It can't hurt to maintain eyes and ears, right? [Quietly] Beaumont took care of him.
Your target only had a few extra months.
It won't make a difference.
[Sighs] Live your life, Craig.
[Chuckles] [Helicopter blades whir] [Chaotic yelling] [Siren wails in distance] [Cellphone vibrates] - [Beeps] - Yeah? MAN: Sir, migrants have been found in the water just off Port Canaan.
In the water? How many? [Speaks indistinctly] Wait.
They say they're from where? [Indistinct chatter] MAN: That's it, folks.
Place your bets.
We got a problem.
[Somber music plays] [Gasps] [Brakes screech distantly] [Vehicle approaches] This is where it happened? I used to lie awake thinking of ways I could go back and change that night anything not to be here, on this road, at that exact moment.
Or maybe everything happens no matter what.
Maybe fate is fate.
I hate that idea.
So you know that sublet I told you about? I have to start driving tonight.
Apparently, she's got turtles sorry, tortoises and she needs me there right away.
I guess they like to dig out of their cage and wander off or something.
If you want to reject the idea of fate, you'll come with me to Los Angeles.
Because never in a million years were you really gonna do it.
I was thinking about it.
You were stringing me along.
I know that fake nod and smile.
[Sighs] Okay.
Let's go.
Seriously? What am I still doing in this town, anyway? [Laughs, squeals] Okay.
I, uh I have to pick up a paycheck and finish packing, but I can be ready in an hour.
See you in an hour.
[Car door opens, closes] There's a medical-waste receptacle under the sink.
Nothing stays behind.
No record of my organic material no record of me.
[Door beeps, opens] You're not authorized to be here.
That card doesn't belong to you.
It's Professor Spencer's.
It's fine.
I'm a colleague.
I have reciprocal privileges at this institution.
I just spoke to Professor Spencer, and he said he hasn't granted anyone the authority to use his access code or lab.
Place the bag and the key card on the counter and step back.
[Gasps] Reece, no! REECE: There are cameras out here.
Walk slow and act like nothing's happened.
[Sighs] But they'll be able to trace back that I was here.
Tell them you were my hostage.
Just blame it on me.
[Sighs] Call me as soon as you know.
She left you on the steps because you were sick.
What? I can hear your heart.
It doesn't beat the way it should.
That's why your mother gave you up.
What's her status? Temperature is 104.
Blood pressure critically low.
Her organs are starting to shut down.
I was about to put her on a vent.
This is going to work.
This has to work.
[Monitor beeping] [Whispers] Your mom needs you to fight.
[Car door closes] [Cellphone vibrates] [Cellphone beeps] HANNAH: Hello? Marshall? Hannah? - Yeah, it's me.
- Hi.
It's amazing to hear your voice.
Yours, too.
How'd you find me? I'm pretty resourceful when I put my mind to it.
I-I just didn't think I'd hear from you after Caleb, yeah.
He's a little intense.
[Chuckles] But once I told him, you know, about meeting you and how sweet you were, he gave me the phone.
So, he's just a big softie.
[Laughs] I wouldn't say that.
So why exactly are they keeping you up at the camp? What did you all do? It's complicated.
I'll explain when I can.
I promise.
You said I was someone you could trust - [Indistinct talking outside] - that you were meant to find me.
So, you should be able to tell me anything, right? I have to go, okay? I'll call you tomorrow.
Thank you, Marshall.
Hannah [Cellphone beeps] [Scoffs] [Knocking on door] Hey.
- Where are you going? - Nowhere.
Well, drop your nowhere bag.
I need you to come to the station with me.
No thanks.
I need you to come down to the station and tell Jude everything you told me this morning everything you remember about those people in the road.
What good is a new plan if you've got a camp full of people who can expose us? Jake, I-I have them under control.
You can't make 47 people disappear.
I can discredit them as delusional enemy agents, or I can just hold them indefinitely.
We do it all the time.
Besides, most of them have no knowledge of a previous migration.
Most of them? They did nothing wrong.
Can we at least acknowledge that? I get it.
But we're living under stolen identities here.
We've committed fraud, treason, murder.
We can't take any risk that's gonna further I said I have it under control.
And what about the mutant flesh-bucket killing machine who waltzed through with them? You don't think that Apex-bitch will come for us? Look at what happened to Beaumont.
You know, this is your fault.
Your numbers were off.
[Scoffs] My numbers were as close to perfect as you can get.
This plan should have worked if everyone followed my instructions.
Of course, all of that was dependent on our arrival here being a secret.
So, if mistakes were made, they were not mine.
The only mistake we made was being too timid not taking a big enough swing.
I have a proposal to fix that.
Maybe there is no fixing it.
Maybe it was never possible to change our future.
Look, I feel bad for the end of the human race.
I-I really do.
But I'm never gonna see that in my lifetime, and neither are any of you.
I like my life.
It is everything I never knew I always wanted.
So, um good luck.
Happy travels.
I'm out.
I don't think so.
It's like you said, Jake exposure's a risk.
Now, you can expose us.
So, if you're out, you're out.
[Scoffs] Okay.
[Sighs] Anyone else? NURSE: Her heart rate is coming up.
Temperature's down to 101.
What kind of anti-viral works this fast? How did you do this? [Quietly] It wasn't me.
Hey, Leah.
Feeling a bit better? What else could you heal? MARSHALL: That's what I remember.
How many people do you think you saw on the road? I mean, just, approximately? I don't know.
It was really dark.
Well, like, more than a dozen? Maybe.
So, what, you guys believe me now? Me and my dad? We believe you.
[Chuckles lightly] So who were they? It's, uh complicated.
Yeah, I've been getting that a lot today.
[Cellphone vibrates] [Beeps] I mean, it all kind of tracks, right? Those people in the road It could've been them.
Maybe Agent Ren was onto something.
We still have a long way to go to prove it.
This guy.
He came right up outside the car after it happened.
He saw my mother dying and walked away.
This guy he was there.
This says we need to capture the Apex alive, which I'm assuming is some kind of typo.
It's dangerous, but it's a risk we have to take.
We have to harvest her genetic material for this plan to work.
Surgical strikes have failed.
It's time to obliterate any possibility of Apex ever coming into existence.
That means we're gonna have to eliminate anyone who carries the marker.
But this would mean that I know it's a radical plan.
I didn't come all this way to give up.
What happened to you? Coming here living this life I finally understand everything we lost.
We have to find a way to get that back.
It doesn't matter what the cost.
But you understand how many people will have to die? Yes.
In or out? I thought you said the patient was improving.
She was.
Her lungs had cleared, her magnesium levels had dropped back to normal.
Then I found this rash on her neck, like the little girl's.
This isn't Mantle's.
It's not even a rash.
I think it's a brand.
She's been branded.
Oh, my God.
Who the hell are these people?