The Crowded Room (2023) s01e10 Episode Script


Aren't you a sight for sore eyes?
Who even really says that?
What does it actually even mean?
Do you really think that's what
I wanna talk about right now?
I just thought, all things
considered, it was pretty light.
You trying to be funny?
I guess I am.
Did you see the sunset?
The sky is lousy with colors.
Jesus. You can't even see it from here.
I can imagine it.
Turns out, I'm pretty good at that.
Danny, stay with me. Let me help.
It's okay. I got this.
You don't.
You need help. Let me help.
I can keep you out now.
Fantastic. Hooray for therapy.
- Danny, wake up.
Danny, let me in, please.
- What?
[WHISPERING] It's quiet.
It's never been quiet before.
Danny, wake up. [GRUNTS]
Look, look, look. Put the kids in a bag.
Tight. So you can see
when they stop breathing.
Next. Step up, please.
- [RUSS] Hey, Stan.
- [STAN] Hey, Russ.
I just gotta get a, uh, refill on that.
You got these two weeks ago, man.
- So?
- Stan.
Mmm. Look, I just gotta
get through this trial
and then I'm done. Okay?
I'm sorry, man.
- Come on, Russ.
- [RUSS] Stan.
[PATIENT] You're holding
up the line, man. Let's go.
- You know this is bullshit, right?
- I don't make the rules, man.
I served my country, and I come
in here like a fucking beggar
- Okay Stan, I unders Stop!
- and I still get nothing.
- I'm at a deficit here.
- Calm down. They're gonna throw you out.
- It's what I'm owed!
- Okay, okay. Come here. Come here!
I need you to book to see the doc. Okay?
Be cool.
Yeah? [SIGHS]
Your Honor
You've missed your proposal deadline.
You've been absent from several classes.
So, not great for tenure?
Rya, your testimony's over. You've
done what you can for this boy.
It's time to step away from the case.
Good girl.
Don't let emotions get in
the way of the work we do.
- Why not?
- I'm sorry?
I mean, aren't emotions the whole
reason that we do what we do?
- Rya.
- And if they aren't, shouldn't they be?
I'm late for dinner.
I'll see you in class.
Uh, we gotta talk.
Suicidal ideation is textbook.
How did I not see that coming?
Don't do that.
He was in my care, Stan.
There's a long line of
people that let this kid down.
Don't make it about you.
Are you a shrink now?
I'm just saying.
All we know, if they hadn't heard
him fall off his bunk, he'd be dead.
Right now, we just gotta hope
he makes it through the night.
- [RYA] Conscious? That's all they said?
- Uh-huh.
Somebody has to teach
these people more words.
- Not quite all. No.
- What else?
They cleared him to be back in
court by the end of the week.
What? Is that a joke?
As far as the court is concerned,
all he needs to hear is two
closing arguments and a verdict.
- So, he's healthy enough for that.
- [MUTTERING] You walk really fast.
- Huh?
- [NORMAL VOICE] You walk fast.
- Long legs.
What about the jury?
Well, the judge is calling it a
medical delay, which is good for us.
Juries tend to take a suicide
attempt as a sign of guilt.
God, people never fail to see
the worst in each other, huh?
No, they don't. But not you, huh?
No, not me. You should
try to sell me a bridge.
- [RYA CHUCKLES] I'd buy it.
[STAN] Yeah.
Danny. Hi.
Oh, thank God. [CHUCKLES]
Look at that. Right
as rain, this kid, huh?
Are you okay? How do you feel?
Are you in pain right now?
Is there anything
that I can get for you?
[IN BRITISH ACCENT] Danny is safe.
But he is also not here.
Nor will he be coming.
And for that, you only
have yourself to blame.
Please let me talk to him, Jack.
I think we all know how
that turned out last time.
That's unfair.
All I've been trying to do is help.
Imagine in a matter of days
that Danny is in prison.
And by the looks of things,
that seems quite inevitable.
Wouldn't you say?
So ask yourself, whose
help does the boy most need?
Yours or mine?
No. I think we've had just
about enough of your help,
so go find yourself another lost cause.
I'll handle it from here.
Nurse, I'm terribly tired and
would like to rest now please.
But thank you both very
much for coming to
visit me. Doctor. Counselor.
- Really
- too kind. I'm sure I'll be seeing you.
Okay. [SIGHS]
That's another fine mess
you've gotten me into, Stanley.
Laurel and Hardy. No? I suppose not.
Well, a little lowbrow
culture in our future
won't do any harm, that's for sure.
I did tell you this would happen.
The world out there
is not for you, my boy.
It never was.
It's too bloody cruel.
Be a good lad and stay put, won't you?
Don't make me fill
this place with water.
We understand each other?
You should eat.
I'm not hungry.
He was at the point where he was
able to have some
control over his alters.
Jack must have reasserted himself.
Maybe the kid didn't wanna come out.
After all he's seen, why would he?
What do we do, Stan?
We lose, Rya.
There's gotta be something. He-He
There was no suicide note?
Nope. But this
No, wait. This one was
on his bunk with him.
- Adam.
- Adam.
So, what is it that you're taking
Klonopin hand over fist to treat?
Stuff from the war.
"Stuff from the war"?
What do you mean? Can you elaborate?
I was young, ROTC, all that.
I was too young for a command,
and things didn't work out so well.
What do you mean? You lost men?
Yeah. I lost a lot of men. And
I take responsibility for that.
I-I don't know what you mean.
I just told you. I was ROTC.
So, you volunteered. That
makes what happened your fault?
- You could look at it that way. Yeah.
- Sure.
Or you were at war, and you were a kid.
- Stop.
- Right?
Does anything about this
face say, "Please analyze it"?
That's the thing, Stan.
Everybody who's gotten hurt
has some kind of story
they tell themselves.
"I shouldn't have been
walking alone at night."
- "I shouldn't have worn a short skirt."
- Yeah, I shouldn't have.
"I shouldn't have gotten angry."
"I shouldn't have talked back."
We make the bad things that
happened to us our fault.
It's a way to imagine that we
have some control, but we don't,
because bad things happen.
So, until we accept that
it's not all our fault,
we're not gonna be
able to begin to heal.
You okay? Smelling toast?
Oh, my God. That's it.
Let's get this to go. I'll
explain it to you on the ride.
- Do you have a car? Is it close?
- Uh, I have a close car.
All right. It's gonna rain. We gotta
go. Can you pay the check, please?
[STAN] Could I get a couple to-go boxes?
[RYA] So, the reason we lost
Technically, we haven't lost yet.
Yes, but say we have. Why?
Because we needed to show abuse
in a way that convinced the jury.
And we did the opposite.
Yeah, well, you can
thank Candy for that.
And I'm not credible because Danny
doesn't know that he was ever abused
- Right. I understand.
- just Adam.
[STAMMERS] What is this, the greatest
hits of unsuccessful testimony?
So maybe we have the wrong witness.
What happened to Danny,
what happened to Adam,
none of it was Danny's fault.
But he doesn't know that.
His guilt, his shame,
they're keeping him from being able
to see what-what really happened.
So we have to show him.
That's what works with Danny.
He's beautiful that way.
He will fight you, but
when you show him the truth,
eventually he will believe you.
And he'll be able to see what really
happened, and so will the jury.
- It's the next exit. In a mile.
- All right.
[STAN] Hi. I thought you had class.
[RYA] Uh, that ship has sailed.
What do you mean?
I told the dean I
needed another day off,
and he said I need to make a choice.
- I'm sorry.
- Who wants to be a professor anyway?
They're old. I don't wanna be
old. Nobody wants to be old.
- Right?
Stan, is this gonna work? [SIGHS]
[SCOFFS] You're asking me?
[MATTY] Hey.
Was just in the building.
Wanted to wish you luck.
You know you're fucked when
the cops are rooting for you.
Always an asshole, Camisa.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Uh, Frank wanted me to
wish you luck too. Um
- No, he didn't.
- No, he didn't.
Things don't always work
out the way you want.
Are you talking about
me or you, Detective?
You put your whole heart
into things. This thing.
And no matter what
happens, that's worth a lot.
- You take care. Mm-hmm?
- You too, Matty.
- [POSNER] Bring in the jury.
- [BAILIFF] All rise.
Stepping onto the pitch as the clock
winds down, the game already lost.
Just wish I'd done it sooner.
I might have enjoyed this.
[BAILIFF] Be seated.
Mr. Camisa, is the
defense prepared to rest?
One more witness, Your Honor.
[POSNER] All right. Go ahead.
The defense calls Danny
Sullivan to the stand.
That's you.
[BAILIFF] Do you solemnly swear
to tell the truth, the whole truth
and nothing but the
truth, so help you God?
For the record, please state
your full name and address.
Daniel Sullivan. 9 Elm
Road, Elm Ridge, New York.
Only, that's not true, is it?
I'm fairly certain
that that is my address.
Not your address, your name.
Are you Danny Sullivan?
Of course I'm Danny
Sullivan. Who else would I be?
- Isn't your name Jack?
- [PATRICIA] Objection.
- Whatever the defense is playing at
- [STAN] Your Honor,
Danny Sullivan has the
presumption of innocence.
It is his right, and in this case,
that requires that we at least
consider that that is not Danny.
- I'll allow it.
- Your Honor
I'd like to talk to Danny.
- And that you are, sir. In the
- flesh.
And as I'm up here,
I'd very much appreciate
the chance to tell my
side of the story, if that's okay.
Okay, "Danny." Go ahead.
I hated my stepfather.
Before he came, it was just
my mom and me, and when he
did, he treated her terribly.
I guess you could say
he was abusive to her.
I begged her to leave, but
she was so scared. [SIGHS]
Well, she was convinced
he'd find her and hurt her.
I guess that's why I
stayed so close to home.
The abuse never stopped. If
anything, it only got worse.
All I wanted was to
scare him into leaving.
I know what I did was wrong.
And I take full responsibility.
Your Honor, I have a hostile witness.
That hostile witness is your client.
And as I said, I don't believe he is.
Mr. Camisa, really, I
I just need a little leeway, if-if
you'll allow it, Your Honor, please.
Mr. Camisa, you are
embarrassing yourself.
Okay. Let's agree to disagree.
That's a handsome guy, wouldn't you say?
- Mr. Camisa
- Please, Your Honor, just
Now, who is the other
boy in this drawing?
That is Adam.
And who is Adam?
I don't see how this is relevant.
But you're not in charge here.
You have to answer the question.
This is an entirely fruitless
line of questioning, Your Honor.
- Answer the question, Jack.
- I will do no such thing.
[POSNER] The witness
will answer the question.
- Adam is [CLEARS THROAT] Adam
- [NORMAL VOICE] was my twin brother.
Danny's twin brother?
I think you'll find that's
exactly what I just said.
Now you recognize this photo?
It's from Danny's living
room wall, isn't it?
- [DANNY] Yes.
- Who's in the photo?
That's Candy. My moth My mom and me.
Now, does anything about
it strike you as strange?
[DANNY] I don't know what you mean.
[STAN] Why don't you understand?
Is there anything out of the
ordinary about this photo?
Nothing at all.
Where's Adam now, Danny?
[STAN] Danny?
Answer the question, Danny.
- Wh when he was a boy.
- [STAN] Not a baby?
when he was just a boy.
So why isn't he in this picture?
- Or this one?
- I-I don't know.
- Or this one?
- I-I don't know.
- [STAN] Or
[STAN] Stop what? Stop questioning you?
- No, I wasn't talking to you. I [SIGHS]
- [STAN] Or this one? Or this one?
Why is there only one boy
in all of these photos?
- Uh
What happened to Adam, Danny?
- I'll ask again, what happened to Adam?
- No.
told you what happened to Adam.
[POSNER, ECHOING] Mr. Sullivan,
there will be no
profanity in my courtroom.
I'm sorry, Your Honor. I
- Right. He died. How?
[STAN] Is it possible
that you don't remember?
[MUMBLING] Oh, Christ.
What happened to Adam, Danny?
[STAN] What happened to Adam, Danny?
[AS DANNY] He had to go away.
Because of what he did.
And what did Adam do?
He wanted it to happen.
He wanted Marlin to do it.
Because he wanted everything to be okay.
Because he didn't want
our mom to be alone.
He wanted Marlin
to do whatever he wanted to him.
And he raped him over and over.
But he wanted him to.
So I had to send him away.
Who is Adam, Danny?
My brother.
[STAN] But you never
had a brother, did you?
Who is Adam, Danny?
Adam is me.
The defense rests, Your Honor.
[RYA] How did you feel in that moment?
[DANNY] I just remember the quiet.
[POSNER] Has the jury reached a verdict?
We have, Your Honor.
[DANNY] I wasn't used to it.
You know, not having voices
in my head come to my rescue.
Will the defendant please rise?
But I had found something
that would save me.
Really? What was that?
[POSNER] Mr. Foreman, will
you please read the verdict?
[FOREMAN] We, the jury, do
unanimously find the defendant,
Daniel Sullivan,
not guilty on all counts
by reason of insanity.
[REPORTER] Mr. Sullivan.
Danny, can I get a
quote for the newspaper?
Can I get a quote? How
do you think this, uh
There you go, kid.
When I find myself in times of
trouble, Mother Mary comes to me.
[CHUCKLES] You were saved
by a saint? A Beatles song?
You, Rya.
You saved me.
How did you feel?
[RYA] Like crying and
screaming at the same time.
But mostly I was really tired.
It's weird, me asking
the questions, huh?
Where is Ariana?
Thank you for going
over this with me though.
When you dissociate,
it's easy to lose track
of other people's feelings.
- Is that so?
- In fact, it is.
And I really missed you.
But, come on, you can't
have just been tired.
I guess, anticlimactic too.
There was no victory
speech at the courthouse.
No coming-home party.
I mean, we hadn't won your
freedom, just something smaller.
A chance.
But then you were gone.
You were just gone.
[RYA] At first, it was
really hard for me to imagine
you working with another therapist.
Intellectually, I understood
that you needed to
make a new relationship,
and engage in new therapies, and heal.
But honestly, I just didn't
like it that much, at first.
I missed you too.
I would check in with your new
doctors, but confidentiality.
And I just worried
about you all the time.
Here we are.
[RYA] Until I heard from your mom.
Hi, Mom.
Hey, Dan.
[RYA] What made you finally let
her come see you after two years?
Because I realized, no
matter how much time went by,
that I would never be ready.
So I had to face the music. [CHUCKLES]
It was time.
It's beautiful. What are they? Stars?
Just thinking of the past.
It's beautiful.
They let me paint every day.
Say it's therapeutic.
[CHUCKLES] I mean,
you've always been good,
these are really somethin'.
They're actually talking about putting
a few of these in an exhibition.
Like a real artist, huh?
[CANDY] I'm in Oakville now.
It's a little apartment.
And Marlin?
[CANDY] For a while, he'd show up drunk
outside my building couple times a week.
Cops got involved.
And then one day, he just stopped.
And I haven't seen or heard
from him for more than a year.
A lot of counseling since.
I think about you every day.
I want you to know that.
Only, I know I haven't been a good mom.
We both know I haven't.
And the fact that I
I let you down
so badly.
When did you know?
You don't remember your father.
Your real father.
Truth is, I never really
wanted to tell you.
Because there wasn't much good to tell.
I was 16 when I got pregnant.
Seventeen when we got married.
And when you were four
I came to understand that he
So I got us as far away
from him as possible.
But being on my own [SIGHS]
Oh, it was more than
I knew how to handle.
So when Marlin
He seemed so strong, so dependable.
[STAMMERS] Somebody who
could take care of us.
And we needed that.
We needed taking care of.
I needed it.
I think for a long
time I told myself it
[SWALLOWS] it wasn't true.
It couldn't be true.
I-I couldn't have brought another
man like that into our lives. [CRIES]
[BREATHES DEEPLY] And I'm sorry.
I let happen to you,
even if you never forgive me
And I wouldn't blame you if
you didn't [BREATHES DEEPLY]
because a parent is
supposed to protect their child.
And I failed.
I failed.
And I want you to know, I know that.
I know.
I'm glad you came.
Maybe I can come back?
Maybe you'll change your mind.
Maybe I'll keep asking.
[DANNY] She won't though.
And if she tried, could
you ever forgive her?
She won't try.
No, probably not.
We all do the best we can.
And sometimes the best
is just not enough.
They say pain makes your art better.
That's bullshit.
- [CHUCKLES] I agree.
But how are you? Now.
- [RYA] Um, I'm the same.
But also different.
- [RYA] Why didn't you wake me?
- [RYA'S MOTHER] You're a grown woman.
Oh, suddenly now?
- Here you go.
- Oh, no. No Dutch apple?
I'll go to the store today, since
I'm apparently a shopping service.
Your first patient won't
be here for five minutes.
It's only downstairs.
[RYA] Come on, Mom.
[RYA'S MOTHER] You put a
new diagnosis in the DMS.
You can't be five minutes late?
First of all, it's the DSM.
And I'm confident you know
that's not how it works.
I can't be proud of my daughter?
Is that what that is? [CHUCKLES]
Please take him to school.
Hey, buddy. Gotta go to school.
[KISSES] I love you.
Thanks, Mom.
I'm not a professor
anymore. I'm a shrink.
And a mom.
Trying my best to be brave.
It's a lot of work.
The fusion therapy's working.
You're clearly integrating your alters.
How does that feel?
It's a process.
I'm just trying to be brave.
Oh, you are, Dan.
You've always been brave.
Maybe so.
- Doctor.
- Doctor.
Dan, it's about time for dinner.
Thank you so much for letting
us use your office to catch up.
My pleasure. It's an honor to meet you.
Walk me out?
These gardens are really beautiful.
Yeah, I can see them from my window.
Everything changes with every season.
Anyway, thank you for coming today.
And thank you for everything.
What's past is prologue.
Shakespeare. I knew that.
See, they're all in you.
You've got Jack's intelligence,
Mike's charm, Ariana's confidence.
They're all you.
Not all of them.
What do you mean?
I have an unpaid debt.
It's my time to be the guardian angel.
Anyway, I'm late. Hope
to see you soon, Doc.
Me too, Dan.
When I find myself
in times of trouble ♪
Mother Mary comes to me ♪
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be ♪
And in my hour of darkness ♪
She is standing right in front of me ♪
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be ♪
Let it be, let it be ♪
Let it be, let it be ♪
Whisper words of wisdom, let it be ♪
And when the brokenhearted people ♪
Living in the world agree ♪
There will be an answer, let it be ♪
For though they may be parted ♪
There is still a chance
that they will see ♪
There will be an answer, let it be ♪
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