The Crown (2016) s06e09 Episode Script

Hope Street

[bell ringing]
[man] Let us clear the set, please.
[man shouts instructions indistinctly]
[interviewer] Mohamed Al Fayed,
it has been more than four years
since the car crash
that tragically cut short
the life of your son and Princess Diana.
In that time, there have been
autopsies, coroner's reports,
not to mention a two-year investigation
led by a judge in France,
all concluding that it was an accident.
And yet you still refuse
to let this issue rest. Why?
Because it was not an accident.
It was murder.
Committed by whom?
The Dracula British royal family.
These people are gangsters.
When they discovered Princess Diana
was pregnant with a Muslim child,
they killed her.
So, the British royal family?
Not them personally.
Their intelligence services.
MI5, MI6, MI7.
All the James Bonds.
[ominous music builds slowly]
They murdered
that beautiful, innocent girl and my Dodi
with special military equipment
and flashing lights.
I have new evidence.
Expert witnesses and CCTV tapes.
And I will have my justice.
[music stops]
In recent weeks, Mr. Al Fayed has
spoken to NBC, CNN, ITV, and the BBC.
Not to mention The Mirror, which he has
used as a frequent forum for his views,
and it seems that sympathy
for his crackpot theories
has been growing.
One poll alleges that 78% of Britons
now believe some element of foul play
may have been involved in the crash.
Another makes the claim that 89%
now think it might have been murder.
So I'm afraid I don't think
we've heard the last of this.
[newsreader] An official police inquiry
into the death of Princess Diana
was announced today.
This follows calls to re-examine
the circumstances around her death
in a car crash in August 1997.
The inquiry will be code-named
Operation Paget,
and it will be led by
the Metropolitan Police commissioner,
Sir John Stevens.
The announcement was
welcomed by Mohamed Al Fayed,
whose son, Dodi, also died in the crash.
Mr. Al Fayed has previously alleged
the involvement of the French police,
British intelligence services,
and the royal family in a cover-up.
Also, that the princess was pregnant
at the time of her death,
leading to speculation
that, as part of the investigation,
her body could be exhumed.
Opponents did not wait long
to express their anger,
saying the inquiry
threatens to open up old wounds,
expressing their concern, in particular,
for the princes William and Harry
at the thought they would have to relive
the trauma all over again.
[light instrumental music playing]
[Queen Mother] Those poor boys.
[light music fades out]
Will this subject never rest?
[Elizabeth] I suspect not while
it continues to sell newspapers
in the numbers it does,
which doesn't bode well
for my upcoming jubilee.
[Queen Mother] Mm.
The planning committee came today
with their latest suggestions.
Bigger than ever. My heart sank.
I keep telling them,
the timing is not right.
At this moment,
people don't want to celebrate me.
They're sick of me, quite frankly.
Better not to provoke them
with any grand displays.
But the list went on and on.
[breathing softly]
[gentle music plays]
[Elizabeth sighs softly]
Don't go, please.
You can't leave me alone with it all.
[breathes shakily]
[breathes deeply]
[breathes deeply]
[theme music playing]
[knocking at door]
- [distant music thumping]
- [overlapping chatter]
Am I disturbing?
In so many ways.
I come with good news,
then more good news and even better news.
A little bit of bad news. What's first?
The good news.
Kate Middleton
And you notice
I pause here for dramatic effect
Go on.
is single again.
That is good news.
The more good news is, she's modelling
in some university fashion show
this evening.
And I happen to know
the people organizing it.
And the even better news is,
I've been assured
that the tone of the show is
As in racy.
And outrageous!
Yeah, I know what risqué means.
So, what's the bad news?
[sighs] The bad news is,
some local newspaper's been invited,
so your protection officer
will never let you go.
Fuck that.
I like your style.
Fuck that.
[typing on keypad]
[chuckles lightly]
[Kate] Well, apparently
William's definitely coming.
[Carole Middleton] How do you know?
He texted a friend in strict confidence,
who texted another in strict confidence,
so pretty soon the whole place knew.
Better make sure
you don't fall over, then.
Heels, not flats.
You still wanna show off those legs.
It's our duty to make use
of the assets God has given us.
- [Kate scoffs] Really?
- Does he know you're back on the market?
Well, maybe find a way
of letting him know.
Honestly, you're worse than Mrs. Bennet.
Got to go. Bye.
- Bye, darling.
- [line disconnects]
["The Time Is Now" by Moloko playing]
You're my last breath
You're a breath of fresh air ♪
[announcer] Ladies and gentlemen,
if you can take your seats.
Cheers, cheers, cheers. Thank you.
I am empty ♪
So tell me you care for me ♪
You're the first thing, and the last ♪
[man] Two minutes, everyone. Two minutes.
[indistinct conversations in background]
In your arms I feel ♪
Sunshine ♪
Give up yourself unto the moment ♪
[crowd cheering]
The time is now ♪
Give up yourself unto the moment ♪
Is he bothering you?
Give up yourself unto the moment ♪
[crowd cheering]
The time is now ♪
Give up yourself unto the moment ♪
Let's make this moment last ♪
[soundscape grows distant]
And we gave it time ♪
All eyes are on the clock ♪
Time takes too much time ♪
Please, make the waiting stop ♪
And the atmosphere is charged ♪
In you I trust ♪
[muffled clapping]
And I feel no fear as I ♪
Do as I must ♪
- [normal soundscape resumes]
- Give up yourself unto the moment ♪
The time is now ♪
Give up yourself unto the moment ♪
Let's make this moment last ♪
[music fades out]
[grunts softly]
[grunts softly]
[somber music builds slowly]
["In This World" by Moby playing]
[indistinct overlapping chatter]
Does he always stare at you like that?
- Only when he wants to kill me.
- [Kate chuckles]
Which, for someone paid to keep me alive,
is more often than you'd think.
That was quite the outfit earlier.
Did you like it?
You looked incredible.
I just felt like doing something drastic.
To know,
one way or another
If you were interested.
[cell phone ringing]
[William] Really? If I was interested?
[Kate] Yes.
[cell phone continues ringing]
- Hello?
- [William] Of course I'm interested.
I thought you weren't interested.
I thought I'd blown it in the library.
I'd started to worry
we'd drifted into the dreaded friend zone.
Oh no, I'd hate that.
So would I.
I've always been interested.
- Really?
- Bordering on obsessed.
[both chuckle]
To the point where
I thought if I couldn't be with you
I'd sooner not be here at all.
Excuse me, sir. I'm sorry to interrupt.
Can't I be allowed a private life
for one minute?
I'm afraid this can't wait, sir.
Operation Tay Bridge.
I'm really sorry.
[priest] Oh, God of grace
I'm going now into the sleep
Be it that I in health shall wake
If death be to me in deathly sleep
Be it that in thine own arms keep
Oh, God of grace
To new life I wake
Oh, be it in thy dear arms keep
Oh, God of grace
That I shall awake
Chin up.
- An extraordinary woman.
- Will you go check on Harry?
- [man] My sincere and deepest condolences.
- Yes. Thank you. Thank you.
You all right?
- Can't say I'm looking forward to today.
- No.
We seem to do nothing
but go to funerals in this family.
Tell me about it.
Funerals are supposed to help
lay things to rest.
Now they're dredging up Mummy's accident,
all because of Al Fayed's crazy claims.
I know. And this time,
they even wanna interview me.
What for?
To determine Mummy's state of mind.
And why you?
Probably because I was older than you
at the time, more able to understand.
But I'm actually going through
what she went through on a daily basis.
Who gets picked on
and slagged off in the press,
so I know better than you
what it feels like.
- Don't ever do that.
- What?
Compare yourself to her.
- It's not remotely the same.
- Isn't it?
What she went through was far worse.
I get it. It's not easy
having no responsibility
and too much freedom,
but don't you think I'd enjoy the freedom
of not having to be the sensible one?
The reliable one?
And welcome the opportunity
to be the likable rogue.
- No chance.
- Why's that?
To be a likable rogue,
you first need to be likable.
["Guide Me, O Thou Great Redeemer" plays]
Guide me, O thou great Redeemer ♪
Pilgrim through this barren land ♪
I am weak, but thou art mighty ♪
Hold me with thy powerful hand ♪
Bread of heaven, bread of heaven ♪
Feed me now and evermore ♪
Feed me now and evermore ♪
Open thou the crystal fountain ♪
Sorry, that was dickish of me.
[all continue singing hymn]
Come on, don't make me grovel.
It's okay.
Let's move on.
Everyone's happy
you didn't drop out of uni.
How's it going?
It's fine.
Be thou still my strength and shield ♪
So, what changed?
When I tread the verge of Jordan ♪
Bid my anxious fears subside ♪
Death of death, and hell's destruction ♪
[Elizabeth] So, how was Texas
and President Bush?
[Blair] Productive. And, uh convivial.
Top of the agenda was, of course, Iraq.
The Americans believe, and we agree,
that Saddam Hussein has amassed
a vast stockpile
of chemical and biological weapons.
But I stressed that,
while Britain always stands ready
to support her number one ally,
in the case of regime change,
our involvement would be contingent
on securing
a second UN Security Council Resolution.
Saddam must allow
the weapons inspectors back in.
Only if he fails to do that
would he be forced to face
the most severe consequences.
The problem with telling someone
you will always back them
and then making it conditional
is they tend to hear
only the offer of support
and not the conditions.
Nevertheless, I'm pleased
the meeting went well
and grateful to you
for cutting your trip short
so you could be back
in time for the funeral.
It was a very moving ceremony.
And in the end, a great, um
a great turnout up and down the country.
People needed no encouragement
to show their their gratitude
for a remarkable public servant.
It gives one great confidence
for your golden jubilee.
If you felt that confident,
Prime Minister,
why have your colleagues
been suggesting to local councils
that they forego charging
for street parties?
Presumably because the interest
in celebrating was so small.
I honestly see no need for concern, but
but if one wanted to be 100% sure,
there's sometimes, um
an advantage in bringing
someone charismatic off the bench,
you know, a super sub to
to, uh expand your appeal.
The Prince of Wales already does so much.
I was thinking about Prince William.
He's young, modern, sympathetic.
With enormous star quality.
If I can avoid it,
I don't want to disturb him
at a delicate time
in his university studies.
He's already so upset by the existence
of this police investigation.
I don't see
why they have to stir it all up again.
My understanding is that
since he was the last member
of the family to speak to the princess,
he will be required
at least to give a written statement.
Let's hope
they reach their conclusions quickly,
and we can all move on.
[somber music playing]
[birds singing]
- Commissioner Stevens, welcome.
- Your Royal Highness.
Shall we go in?
[Stevens] Sir, I must warn you,
some of these questions
are going to be difficult.
[exhales deeply]
[Stevens] Did Princess Diana
ever express any fears to you
that senior royals
and British intelligence services
were conspiring to plan
an accident in her car?
Are you aware of a letter
written by the princess
and discovered by her butler,
Paul Burrell,
in which she wrote of her suspicions
that you were plotting
a deliberate brake failure in her vehicle
so as to remove
any obstacles to your remarriage?
What?! No.
[Stevens] We also have a note from
Lord Mishcon, the princess' solicitor,
following a meeting with the princess
and her then private secretary,
Patrick Jephson.
- During the meeting
- Sir.
she said that unnamed, reliable sources
had informed her of a conspiracy,
the purpose of which
was her murder or incapacitation.
[Charles] When did she say these things?
[Stevens] We believe she began to
articulate these fears in October 1995.
I'm sorry, but you understand
why it is my duty to ask.
Did you ever contribute to any plans
to assassinate the princess?
Of course not.
I honestly had no idea.
If I'd known things had got that bad,
I'd have done something. Immediately.
This is terrible.
What a wretched state of mind she must
have been in even to imagine such things.
Can you, um close the
[Stevens] Did your sons,
William and Harry
[continues muffled and indistinct]
[melancholy music builds slowly]
[exhales shakily]
[inhales shakily]
[clears throat]
[indistinct conversation]
Your Royal Highness.
Excuse me, sir.
Her Majesty has asked to see you.
[indistinct overlapping chatter]
[hand brake clicks]
[distant bells tolling]
[Elizabeth] You are sweet for coming.
I hope I didn't drag you
all the way from Scotland.
Have I come far, you mean?
[chuckling] Oh yes.
- Have you come far?
- [both chuckle]
Well, actually, it's
it's been reading week.
- So I've been at Highgrove for a few days.
- Oh, that must be nice.
It's quite nice.
Though we had the police come in
to ask questions about Mummy
as part of that investigation.
That makes me so cross.
And things aren't too great
between Harry and Pa right now.
Yes, I heard that.
Something about a brawl at a local pub.
More than one. And the wacky baccy.
The what?
The ganja, Granny.
The marijuana?
[Elizabeth] Oh
So now, whenever Pa goes away, he insists
Harry be sent to a family friend's
to be supervised, which Harry hates.
It's not easy being the number two.
Especially if you have a lot of spirit.
It's not all that easy
being number one either, is it?
Well, you'd know.
University should be about having fun
and growing up.
But you can't have fun
when you've got photographers
and police officers with you
wherever you go.
You certainly can't go
on a date with a girl.
Ah, yes, I wanted to ask you
about all that.
Or even be seen with one without someone
predicting wedding bells before long.
And there's the other stuff.
What other stuff?
Speculation about how the monarchy,
in order to stay popular and relevant,
should skip a generation in favor of me.
Well, that's just nonsense.
Well, I know that. You know that.
But the people don't know that.
They only know what they read.
And then it gets really confusing
because the more they believe
the rubbish they read,
the more it affects
the way they behave with me, and the more
it ends up becoming my reality somehow.
I'm so pleased
you feel able to speak from the heart
and tell me these things.
I also wanted to
to speak from the heart
and ask for your help
with my golden jubilee.
Because I don't mind admitting
I'm a little apprehensive about it.
Particularly the balcony.
The idea I might step out to no crowds,
just a big, empty space.
Or worse, booing.
And letting everyone down.
- It's never going to happen.
- You say that, but what if it does?
And I had hoped to be able to ask you
as a younger
and more glamorous member of the family
to come in and
and prop me up.
But in the light of what you've
just told me, I'll say something else.
Stay well clear.
[William] Are you sure?
Before I acceded to the throne,
Philip and I lived in Malta
as a young married couple.
Villa Guardamangia was our home.
Outside Valletta.
Some of the happiest years of my life.
I used to go to the grocers, you know,
every day. With all the other wives.
[William chuckles]
And held dinner parties and picnics.
And went to the local hairdresser.
Out of the spotlight.
Living a perfectly normal life.
I want you to have that too.
As normal a life as possible.
For as long as possible.
- I'm doing my best.
- Good.
And on that note, since you wanted to ask
- I think I might have a girlfriend.
- Oh. [chuckles]
Well, do you or don't you?
I do I think.
It's generally good if they don't feel
you're in two minds.
I'm not in two minds.
She might be in two minds.
Why? Have you aimed high?
Impossibly high.
She could have anyone.
Some might say
you're a bit of a catch too.
- Did you meet her at university?
- Mm.
- Yes. We're on the same course.
- Oh. Is she Scottish?
I'm not sure there are
any real Scots at St. Andrews.
- She's from Berkshire.
- Nothing wrong with that.
- It's where we keep most of our horses.
- [chuckles] Her name is Catherine.
- Nothing wrong with that either.
- She wants me to meet her parents.
Mm. Isn't that a bit quick?
Well, not as a commitment thing.
Because she likes being with them
and wants me to come and hang out.
How nice.
Apparently, they eat together.
In the kitchen.
Why? Do they not have a dining room?
I think they do. They just
Prefer to behave like staff?
[both chuckle]
We'll try not to hold that against them.
[both chuckle]
[William] Well, I told her all about you.
So the Queen knows who I am.
More than that.
She hopes to meet you one day.
Doesn't that terrify you?
You always say how great she is.
Yeah, I do.
And how protective she is of you.
She really is.
She just gave me a pass
to skip most of the jubilee events.
So, you could come and watch with us?
What, with your family?
You could give a running commentary.
[both chuckle]
With a unique insight. [chuckles]
[chuckles lightly]
Can we see how the next few days go first?
With the police inquiry.
- They're about to publish their findings.
- Of course.
I didn't realize. I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
I'll be thinking of you.
- [cameras clicking]
- [overlapping chatter]
[Stevens] Good afternoon.
[crowd hushes]
As commissioner
of the Metropolitan Police,
I was asked to conduct a new inquiry
into the deaths of Diana,
Princess of Wales, and Dodi Fayed.
This investigation follows
a high-profile campaign
by Mohamed Al Fayed,
in which he accused
members of the British royal family
of deliberately causing the accident.
[indistinct conversation]
[Stevens] Prior to publication,
I have consulted with Princes William
and Harry about the report's conclusions.
They were given the opportunity
to ask questions and to express concerns,
and I assured them that the investigation
was evidence-led at all times.
[tense percussive music playing]
[Stevens] We have interviewed
over 300 witnesses
- Welcome to the Ritz.
- Monsieur Rocher.
returned to multiple locations
The Imperial Suite.
to conduct re-examinations,
and using the latest forensic technology,
we have collected and examined
over 600 pieces of evidence,
as well as reviewing
hundreds of hours of CCTV footage
in order to reconstruct
the events of that night.
I'd like to respond
to some of Mr. Al Fayed's claims.
From the evidence
of close friends and associates,
we learned that the princess
was not engaged,
nor about to get engaged,
nor, indeed, wished to get engaged.
We also found no evidence
that the princess was pregnant
at the time of her death,
and forensic tests carried out on blood
recovered from the Mercedes support this.
Another of Mr. Al Fayed's allegations
is that British security services
tampered with the blood sample
of the driver, Henri Paul,
to create a false impression
of high alcohol levels.
Our examination of toxicology reports
found no such evidence.
Indeed, several witnesses
saw Monsieur Paul
drinking in the Ritz Hotel
before electing to drive the car.
Mr. Al Fayed has also
made varying allegations
surrounding the role of a white Fiat Uno.
He has alternately claimed
that this vehicle
deliberately blocked the Mercedes' path,
clashed with it directly,
or forced it into pillar 13.
[camera clicking]
And while the Mercedes did have
a close encounter with the Fiat Uno,
forensic tests have determined
that this was not the cause of the crash.
[engines revving]
Though no video footage exists
from the Pont de l'Alma tunnel,
using the latest advances
in 3D computer modeling,
we have been able to reconstruct
what took place.
Mr. Al Fayed also alleges
that a bright flash of light
was seen in the tunnel
at the time of the crash,
designed to blind the driver.
Even if such a flash had existed,
it would have had little significance,
as Monsieur Paul was traveling
at approximately 100 kilometers an hour
[camera clicks, whirs]
and had already lost control of the car
prior to entering the tunnel.
The most significant factor in the crash
was the assignment
of Henri Paul as driver.
Not only was he drunk,
but he was unqualified
to drive the vehicle
and driving
at twice the legal speed limit.
And to add to the safety risk,
none of the passengers wore a seatbelt.
Mr. Al Fayed has repeatedly insisted
that responsibility
for the princess' death
lies with the British establishment
and has amassed a vast legal team
to attempt to prove as much.
But this reaction must be viewed
in the light
of the immense personal heartbreak
and trauma involved in the loss of a son.
Yet the facts remain
that on August 31st, 1997,
Princess Diana was in Paris,
being driven in an Al Fayed car
by a member of Mr. Al Fayed's staff
with bodyguards paid for by Mr. Al Fayed
and acting on a last-minute change of plan
instigated by Mr. Al Fayed's son.
This was a series of unfortunate incidents
leading to a tragic accident in a tunnel,
and it is the recommendation
of this inquiry
that the princess should finally
be allowed to rest in peace.
[birds singing]
[exhales deeply]
- [cameras clicking]
- [reporters clamoring]
"For almost 40 years,
I have lived in the United Kingdom."
"Yet I am forced to leave
after a campaign of persecution."
"A witch hunt to drive me from a country
I was proud to call my home."
"The perpetrators of this tyranny
are the British establishment."
"In particular, the racist royal family
that sits at its heart."
Just to say we're ready, ma'am.
Thank you, Robin.
"Why the people
do not rise up against them,
I will never know."
"The British are a nation of zombies
who elect donkeys to rule them."
"They forget that 5,000 years ago,
we Egyptians were building the pyramids
while they were wearing animal skins
and shitting in caves."
"I will now leave Britain"
[soldier] Present arms!
"and go to a country
where I am a citizen, not a subject."
"And the British,
their government"
[man] Her Majesty the Queen.
"and their Dracula royal family,
they can burn in hell."
Salaam alaikum.
[reporters clamoring]
[newsreader] After months of planning,
the nation gathers for the golden jubilee,
which has, in some quarters,
been described as a referendum
on the monarchy, as a result of
[birds chirping]
[engine cuts off]
[car door opens]
- Hiya.
- [Kate] How are you?
- Good. How are you?
- Good. Good to see you.
Good to see you too.
[both chuckle]
- Thanks for inviting me.
- Thank you for coming.
- Pippa!
- [Pippa] Coming!
- [footsteps on stairs]
- Yes. Yes, okay.
- Ready?
- I think so.
- [Carole] Hello. Welcome.
- [Michael] Hello.
- Thank you.
- [Pippa chuckles]
- There you go.
- [Pippa] Yeah, Mum.
- Awesome. Perfect.
- [Michael] Come through, James.
- [Carole] What's happening?
- [William] They're about to start lunch.
- [Pippa] James, move, please.
- Could I have my tray?
[Carole] Oh goodness, wait for me.
I like her hat.
- [William] Oh, thank you.
- [Pippa] It's okay.
[newsreader] a lunch at the Guildhall,
hosted by the Lord Mayor of London.
She doesn't like these sort of big events.
- [Carole] Hm.
- She's actually quite shy.
We always say there's a
a list of what she feels comfortable with.
[chuckles] Dogs, horses, men, then women.
- Oh.
- [Michael chuckles]
Tough luck, darling. Bottom of the list.
In conversation with her,
stick to the first two subjects,
and you'll always be all right.
[Kate] Well, that's good to know.
- Am I doing all right?
- [Kate] Brilliantly.
In all the words written
and spoken about Your Majesty
in celebration of the jubilee,
two themes constantly recur.
First, everyone refers to the sheer scope
of the change over the 50 years.
[Michael] What does she think of him?
- President Blair?
- [Carole gasps]
- Is that what she calls him?
- That was a joke.
- She never discusses her prime ministers.
- [Carole] Oh, come on.
- Mum.
- No, seriously. Never.
And it's not like we don't ask her.
[Blair] So, if I could
put it this way, ma'am,
it is not only the quantity of your reign
we are celebrating today.
It is the quality.
The only clue we get is the length
of their private audiences every week.
And his never last that long.
[inhales sharply] Ugh
- She generally preferred his predecessor.
- Who? John Major?
Well, we preferred his predecessor,
didn't we, darling? Mrs. T.
[applause on TV]
Oh. Here comes Granny.
[Elizabeth] Ladies and gentlemen,
this golden jubilee is an opportunity
to reflect on the country
and the Commonwealth
that it has been my pleasure to serve.
- She's been so nervous about today.
- Fifty years is a long time.
You'd never guess.
[William] No.
- She can be quite inscrutable like that.
- [Kate] In what way?
Princess Margaret and the Queen Mother
always seemed to know
what was going on beneath the surface,
but they're gone now.
[Elizabeth continues on TV]
And to the rest of us,
she can be quite an enigma.
[somber music builds slowly]
But that's the trick, I suppose.
To maintain the mystery.
It's also how she manages
to keep us all on our toes.
[Middleton family chuckles]
[Elizabeth] this golden jubilee.
While it had not been my destiny at birth
to assume the throne,
fate decreed otherwise.
I was fortunate to have
some remarkable role models to look up to.
My father and mother.
My grandparents, George V and Queen Mary.
They instilled in me
one of my most enduring beliefs.
That a life lived in service
is not a sacrifice,
but an honor.
Thank you.
[crowd applauding on TV]
[somber music fades out]
You're naughty. You shouldn't be helping.
It should be James or Pippa!
- [chuckles] It's okay.
- Come on, give these to me.
[grunts softly]
[fanfare playing on TV]
Oh, wow.
Baked it herself.
- Mum!
- It smells amazing.
[man speaking on TV indistinctly]
- Thank you.
- I'll take the plates through.
I put the cream on it
and then the strawberries,
but once it's cooled down,
otherwise, it just sort of melts and
Are you all right?
[William] I was just thinking,
after the lunch she's got the parade.
[sighs] And after the parade,
she's got the dreaded balcony, and
I know she gave me a pass
to miss it all, but
I can't help feeling
that I should be with her.
[somber music playing]
[exhales deeply]
[Philip] It's time.
Are you all right?
I'm fine.
[distant clock bell tolling]
[crowd chattering]
[horn honking]
[muffled cheers in distance]
[cheering swells]
[exclaims softly]
[speaks indistinctly]
[cheering grows louder]
It's William!
[cheering fades]
[Kate] Well, that was a big hit.
And the Queen must have been so happy
that you went after all.
I think so.
Are you okay?
Yeah, it's just
it makes you realize
the pressures of the job.
A change of subject?
[both chuckling]
So, when are you going back?
Uh, to St. Andrews?
Uh tomorrow. I'm looking at
a couple of houses for next year.
Have you decided
who you're going to live with?
- Fergus.
- Of course.
- And Olivia.
- Nice.
There's this place on Hope Street
which looks good.
Big windows.
I like Hope Street.
But it's got four bedrooms,
and there's just three of us.
you happen to know a fourth?
Well, were you thinking a boy or a girl?
[William] Probably a girl. To keep things
- [Kate] Civilized.
- [both chuckle]
[William] Exactly.
Looks very nice.
- [William] Would you consider it?
- [Kate] Is that an invitation?
- [William] I would have to ask the others.
- [Kate] Of course.
[William] But I'm sure they'll approve.
- [thunder rumbling]
- [rain pattering]
- [indistinct conversation]
- [soft instrumental music builds]
[Kate chuckles]
[Kate yelps]
- Evening, sir.
- Will!
- Thanks, mate.
- [door shuts]
- Everything all right?
- Ah.
This arrived for you.
[cork pops]
[liquid pouring]
[laughter and chattering]
Cheers, guys!
- To Hope Street!
- To Hope Street!
[indistinct overlapping chatter]
[soft instrumental music continues]
[soft music fades out]
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