The Curse (2023) s01e02 Episode Script

Pressure's Looking Good So Far

In 2020, the Santa Fe Reporter
called your parents slumlords.
We're here to talk about us today, okay?
- That was a sneak attack.
- [WHITNEY] We can't have that airing.
What if we offered her something else?
[ASHER] I have some information
that may be newsworthy.
I worked for a period of time
at the Whistling River Casino.
All these gambling addicts coming in.
You think there are these
rules in place to help them.
But are those rules
actually being enforced?
I'm gonna need something
concrete and verifiable.
It's boring. Really boring.
I'm watching a guy talk
about air for four minutes.
Just work with me a little bit.
You know this stuff's important to us.
You can't just sit here and say
this is the show or this isn't the show.
They brought up us having kids,
and I said it's not an
urgent priority right now.
Well, it's interesting that you think
it's me who's putting on the brakes.
Okay. Steven says it's your turn.
Trust me, people are really gonna
be dreaming about being with you.
- What did she say?
- She said she cursed me.
You think you can just
do whatever you want
and there won't be consequences?
This isn't helpful. This is
public information already.
Um, why were you recording this?
I often record conversations.
They taught us that at Cornell.
They teach that in hospitality school?
Yeah, it's about self-improvement,
bettering yourself.
You know how you can customer
service calls get recorded,
but you can do it with
in-person interactions, too.
- Okay, so
- You can really learn from them
- if you listen back, yeah.
- So here's the deal.
We're not gonna be able to do the story
unless I have the security footage of
you you told me you had it saved.
I told my producers we could get it.
It exists. It's
It exists, but I don't
have access to it right now.
I don't work there anymore.
I mean, you're leaving me
without a lot of options.
Hey, I've been giving
you a lot of stuff.
Wait, okay? Like, just just
give me a little more time,
and I can try to get it. All right?
- This has been a slow drip for two weeks.
- I don't want you to wait
I need proof that they are not
protecting gambling addicts.
- It's on a shared drive, okay?
- Okay. Mm-hmm.
I I I know the
exact folder I put it in.
I will get it for you. I swear
on my mother's life, okay?
[BILL] Yeah, there was a drop
in playtime on the main floor,
but oddly, the circadian lighting
increased play time in
the high-roller areas.
So they're keeping it.
Everyone doubted me.
Well, why don't you just see
your ideas in action, buddy?
It's about to happen.
Wait for it.
Wait for it.
Fuck. Come on, man.
- No fuckin' way.
- How could you [LAUGHING]
- Come on. Is it really gonna do it?
- Yes, it's it's really gonna do it.
It is, it is.
Look, here you go.
It's getting colder and brighter, no?
That's not how we programmed it.
Well, we've been experimenting
since you had it installed.
See, when the real
sunset happens outside,
we try to increase the blue inside.
It gives you this
artificial burst of energy.
Slight one.
How are those bracelets working out?
Ask Rex.
Not every player wants to wear them,
but the ones that do, they love it.
I mean, look at him, at his age,
not having to keep walking
back and forth to the ATM.
It's good for him.
That's my guy.
You should be proud of yourself, Asher.
You really should.
[WOMAN] Fifty dollars,
fast bet, have fun.
should head back in.
But, uh, bowling soon, right?
- Yeah, yeah, for sure. Yeah.
- Yeah.
We gotta get back in
it when you get a break
from being a TV star, right?
I know, for sure. We got to.
Oh, man.
I miss everyone here so much.
- Well, I'll pass on your love to the team.
- Yeah.
Cool. Cool.
I gotta
I gotta razz Wandall about, uh,
- doubting me about the lighting, huh?
- [BILL] Yeah, you do.
He's, uh, he's not in today, though.
- Too bad.
- Yeah.
All right. Maybe, uh
maybe another day, then.
- For sure, buddy.
- Yeah.
- All right. I'll, uh
- I'll see you later.
See you later.
Well, right now,
I'm standing on Pueblo land.
All these drivers are coming
from towns going to Los Alamos.
All these people and
they don't even know.
It's unbelievable how ignorant
some people in this area are.
I mean, some of these people
have lived here all their lives.
They've no idea.
And technically,
we really should all consider
ourself visitors on this land.
You know, even even those
of us who live on county land.
we have to live in reality here.
That's long gone.
Of course.
- Of course. Of course.
- But
if you're bringing new
people to this community,
there's a lot they should know.
I mean, they should know
that these aren't public roads
that they're driving on every day.
- This is Pueblo land.
- Exactly.
I-It's crazy that some
of these title companies
don't even wanna issue insurance because
they're so concerned with
what the Pueblos might do.
And I just wanna show the country
how generous and welcoming you are.
You know, uh, people
like to romanticize us.
The idea of an Indian, you know?
But the Tewa people come from
a long lineage of warriors.
It's in our blood. It's in mine.
You said you wanted a picture with him?
Uh, we're not taking photos.
We're having a conversation.
Oh, okay. Sorry.
Well, yeah, you can take
a photo. It's all right.
Oh, is that something
that, that you would want?
- We will send it to you,
- of course. It's
- Use my, uh
Oh, you know, Luisa
actually has a great camera.
I mean, she, she can email
it to you right after.
[LUISA] Ready?
- Great. Thank you.
I was gonna say, my
friend Cara Durand
have you heard of her?
- Cara Durand.
- She's an artist.
And what you were saying
before about romanticizing,
that's really what her
artwork is all about.
And she is Picuris. That's a Tewa, too.
- They speak Tiwa, with an "I."
We're Tewa with an "E."
Very different languages.
Very different people.
I am so sorry. I'm still learning.
Um, she's she's actually
one of my close friends, though.
And I really believe you
would love her artwork.
And she's having an opening
next Friday night at
a gallery in Santa Fe.
And we would love if you
would come as our guest.
If you're free. I know
you're a very busy man.
You know,
there's a lot of developing
in this community,
and no one has ever really
asked us if they can help us.
It means a lot.
Yeah, I can come.
Wonderful. [LAUGHS]
She'll be thrilled.
How did it go with Monica?
Good. Good. Yeah. She, uh
She has everything she needs.
So, just to clarify,
we're asking Cara to do this as
sort of a volunteer thing, right?
Because Dougie says there's
not gonna be money in the budget
for a cultural consultant.
Did he do the air quotes or did you?
Just me. Right now, so
Well, we're gonna have
to figure something out.
We're developing land
in a checkerboarded area.
We don't have the
knowledge or the background
to be speaking to
those issues ourselves,
- much less broadcasting them on national television.
- No, I I know, I know,
- I know.
- You promised me, we're gonna do this right.
No. Uh, yes, I'm just
saying I'm in this world.
I know so many Natives.
I could ask Mike, or
Florence, or Elaine to be
We're not hiring one
of your casino buddies
to speak to the entirety
of the Native experience.
How are they any different than Cara?
We are friends with someone
who's part of our community,
and who happens to be Native,
but who I believe is about to be one
of the biggest names
in contemporary art.
That's whose validation I need
to feel comfortable putting
what we're doing on air.
- Okay.
- Otherwise, I'm out.
- Okay. Okay.
- I'm already getting this shit.
- Okay? I don't need any more.
- Yeah. Yes. Okay. Okay.
Actually, I'm trying to decide
between the coconut shrimp
or the fried cornmeal pancake
plan, plantain crab cakes.
Get both.
Yeah. I mean, you are crazy busy.
Why don't you get enough food
for, like, tomorrow? For
- Okay. It's
- [ASHER] Yeah, get to-go. Yeah.
- [ASHER] Take some meals home.
- [WHITNEY] No preparing.
- Yeah.
- Let us fatten you up.
- [LAUGHS] Oh.
Then, I'll get the, uh,
Moroccan-spiced beef brisket
- Okay.
- and the pomegranate barbecue chicken.
- And I'll get the jerk chicken sandwich.
- Awesome.
How spicy is the tomato
sauce on the pita?
- Mild.
- Mild? Okay. Yeah. That's good.
- Yeah. Is that okay?
- Yes, thank you.
Beautiful. I'll have
that out for you guys.
Thank you.
Okay. Well, Cara,
so, we have this show
that might be happening.
- I mean, it's not, not now.
- And if it does
What do you mean?
[WHITNEY] We asked
her to come to dinner.
It's not like a business transaction.
You know, it's dinner.
- Okay.
Well, it's dinner. There's no food.
So, I guess we need to do
something until the food comes.
- I Oh, I know what we can do.
- What should we talk about?
- I know what we could talk about.
- Maybe the thing we're here for.
Today, Amazing Architecture
- Oh, this is crazy.
- they tagged me in a post.
Look at this.
They posted our Palmer Lane home, right?
And so, now I'm getting
all these comments,
they're saying I'm
ripping off Doug Aitken.
[LAUGHING] Can you believe
I mean, you're just getting
crossover from the art world,
and that's not your
audience, so who cares?
My homes are art.
Making a clear statement.
You did know who Doug Aitken was, right?
Yes, but what we're doing
is completely different.
My homes are reflecting
the local community,
and his reflect nature, which is
and, and can't artists be
inspired by other artists?
Well, I mean
I love this,
two of my favorite
artists hashing it out.
I'm not saying I'm an
artist like she's an artist.
Honestly, if this show happens,
more people are gonna know Whit's homes
than whoever this Doug guy is.
- People are gonna think he's copying her.
I do know who Doug Aitken is,
- by the way, I'm just telling
- Wait till you see this show.
Your art looks so good in
our homes. So beautiful.
Wait, in
in your home, right?
Because if you're if you're
using my art for staging,
I I wouldn't be okay with that.
No, no. Just in our home.
- Yeah, our
- It's just ours.
Yeah. Not the Palm
- not the other ones. Yeah.
- No.
Fuck. Uh,
I'm sorry.
There's a work emergency.
- Oh!
- Um
- Okay.
- Could you
could you get my food to go?
I'm sorry. I'll I'll
pick it up from you later.
- Yes. Yeah, and we, we
- And, and I and
we could drop it off to you.
And we should get her some more food.
- I mean, she must be
- But I'm going to meet someone
- in Abiquiu, so
- That's fine.
No. To no, we can't
drop it at Abiquiu.
That's an hour away. Abiquiu?
Just drop it off at my
house. I'll text you.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
- Yeah. Sure. Yeah.
- Okay.
Oh, by the way, I
invited the, uh, Governor
of the San Pedro Pueblo to your opening.
- Yeah.
- Great. Um
- Yeah.
- have a good one.
I thought you wanted me
to talk to her about
being the consultant?
Yeah, I did. I did.
I mean, but she was so busy.
It It wasn't the right time.
And then,
I mean, I think I should handle
that conversation in the future.
- Sure.
- Because the whole time
you're just waiting to say it,
like, I could feel that energy.
And if I could feel it,
then she could feel it.
Okay. Okay. And what's, what's
I'm sorry. I'm just
emotional right now. I'm
Baby, baby, baby, what's going on?
I'm pregnant.
You're pregnant?
What? Oh, my God.
You're pregnant?
[GASPS] I mean, uh, how did you
when did you find out, or, uh
[ASHER] Yesterday?
- Yesterday?
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
We We went to bed, and
we were to together
But it was so much for you.
You, you wanted to wait
you wanted to wait to tell me, right?
I'm so happy. [CHUCKLES]
- You are.
- Mm-hmm.
- You are happy.
- Mm-hmm.
Whit, this is it.
This is it.
Oh, hey, excuse me.
Can I get uh, can we get, uh,
a, a champ a bottle of champ
or one glass of champagne
- and a ginger ale for that woman here?
- [WOMAN] I'm in the middle
of helping somebody. I'll
be over there in a moment.
- I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Oh, you still love me, right?
We're not telling anybody yet.
- Yes.
- Mnh-mnh.
- My lips are sealed.
- Okay.
Sealed with a kiss. [SMOOCHES]
They're also not that accurate, right?
That's exactly right.
The ones on-site, you
can't even trust them.
The ones in the station, though,
that's pretty good.
The way it works, though,
let's say you just wait an hour
after taking drinking a bunch,
your BA is gonna go from .08 to .065.
Just naturally,
that's how your body
just eats the alcohol.
But people say, oh, showers,
coffee, sleeping it off.
None of that works to speed
up the process. Nothing.
[CHUCKLES] Doesn't coffee
make you more alert?
Well, it can make you more alert, yeah,
but it's not gonna do anything
for your alcohol level in your blood.
Got it.
Time and peeing
[CHUCKLES] those are the
only things that help.
Peeing is like a
fucking magic trick. Oh.
You pee you're on the
side of the road, you pee,
10%, bam, right off
the bat. Just like that.
That makes so much sense.
So, because you didn't do that,
that's why no one talks to you anymore?
Well, and most of my friends
are my wife's friends, honestly.
I wasn't legally responsible
for the crash, you know.
But they did their whole
thing. I fell to the pressure.
I blew into the tube,
and I was slightly over the limit.
So everybody, of course, was
like, "Oh, you were drunk.
You must have caused the crash, right?"
But, um,
honestly, it would
have happened anyways.
- I see.
- She was T-boned on her side.
So because you didn't wait
to get to the station and blow,
I mean,
if you would've just did that,
you would've had no
responsibility at all.
I already have no
responsibility, you know?
It's like a freak accident.
I happened to get hit
the one time I blew
slightly over, you know?
I don't know if this is too personal.
Do you think if you
weren't drinking that night,
you would've just seen the car coming?
He ran a red light.
What, do you think I drive around
with a crystal ball on my dashboard?
It's like, I'm not a
fucking psychic, right?
[LAUGHS] Right. I I don't know.
I do. It's a fair question, you know?
I do think about it a lot.
It's kind of all I think about, really.
That's her.
She was so beautiful.
Well, penny in the Buddha. Good luck.
you find this place?
Well, that TV show I
was telling you about.
- Yeah.
- Shoots way over there.
Just just over there.
And I drive by this all the time,
and I figured, you know
what? I'll give it a shot.
Turns out it's pretty good.
Owner and the chef
are Chinese from China.
- So how'd you get here?
- I took an Uber.
- Oh, yeah?
Hop in. I'll give you a
lift. Save you some cash.
I I can just take an Uber. It's okay.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Come on.
What's the big deal, if
you wanna be in a cab,
you can sit in the back if
you want. It's no big deal.
Come on.
Are you are you sure
you're okay to drive?
[LAUGHS] You really think
I would do that again?
- Okay. I guess not.
- I mean
Look at this, look at this. See?
[LAUGHS] Okay.
[DOUGIE] Let's do it. All right.
Oh, wait, wait, wait. I
got it. I got it. I got it.
[LAURA] Thank you.
It's a Mustang.
[LAURA] Ooh.
So how long are you in Santa Fe for?
What's that?
How long are you in Santa Fe?
I honestly have no idea.
You know, it's been taking
so fucking long for the, uh,
the network to get back to me
about whether the show
I'm making is a go or not.
So, I don't know.
I thought about going
back to New York, but
there's nothing for me there anyways.
I'm just not any good when
I'm not working, you know.
When the movie theaters
shut down, I went crazy.
I gained, like, a billion pounds.
[LAUGHS] It was 14, actually.
It's like but it felt like a billion.
You know, when like, everything's
it's like, whoa,
it's too much [CHUCKLES] you know.
- You sure you're okay?
- Yeah. Yeah.
You wanna open up that
glove compartment for me?
You see the little pouch in there?
Thank you. It's how
I know I'm good to go.
- Drum roll, please?
What does red mean?
Hold on. Let me do that one more time.
Just sometimes they're not accurate.
- Right.
Okay. It's 0.10.
That's .02 decimal over the limit.
- So I'm over the limit.
- Oh.
And I will pull over,
and we'll walk the
rest of the way, right?
Do you want me to hold that for you?
[DOUGIE] Oh, yeah. That
would be great. Thank you.
Just gonna make sure we're safely
off the side of the road here.
And, great.
And whoa, you're only a
mile from here, right? So
[LAURA] Yeah.
You know, I always like to
walk on my way in a new city.
- Yeah.
- Always see the
the landscape that way.
Most guys would have kept
going, but you pulled over.
I like that.
Really it's like, uh [INDISTINCT]
Yeah, definitely. Definitely.
Yeah, yeah.
- [WANDALL] Ash. Hey.
- Hey, Wandall.
- [WANDALL] Good to see you.
- Great to see you, too.
- Yeah. How you been?
- Ready to talk some business?
[ASHER] Yeah, yeah,
let's go. Yeah, thank you.
It's pretty much a turnkey operation.
I was telling Bill, you
know, zero upfront costs.
Kids Quest will build out
the entire space for us.
It's just, we just need to
pick the features we want.
So, you know, you could
have a ticket arcade,
prize zone, basketball
hoops, you know, whatever.
And if you're a single
mom or dad, as we know,
many of our top players are,
it's pretty much a no-brainer
in terms of increasing playtime.
And that's not just for the kids.
So, outside of the
players' club incentive,
then people would
just pay an hourly fee.
Yeah, and Kids Quest
will take a cut of that.
But the stickiness is off the charts.
And no other casino in
New Mexico is doing this.
We would be the first.
[SIGHS] Okay.
Well, we can definitely look into this.
Great. And I would be happy to,
you know, oversee this and
come back on a part-time basis,
if you'd like, to help
facilitate and oversee.
I could I could do it
start this week even. Yeah.
[CHUCKLES] Well, we'll let you know
if we need your help with anything,
but I wouldn't consider this
an urgent matter for us, you know?
You don't like kids? [CHUCKLES]
Um, I do have some other ideas.
Actually, I was thinking of
maybe a viral video for the casino.
We're good. We're
good. We'll be in touch.
Why don't I walk you out, Ash.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I was right about that
circadian lighting, huh?
Yeah, with a couple of tweaks.
Couple of tweaks? So
you don't give me credit?
Oh, I was going to tell you
how funny I thought this was.
"I'm just so sorry it took us 400 years
to figure out how to beat them."
- Thanks for stopping by.
- Yeah, yeah. Good to see you.
- Come on, buddy.
- Yeah, yeah.
You all right, buddy?
Come on.
Oh. I
I have to show you this
viral video I just saw.
It is so funny.
Here, let's look at it in your
computer quick, before we go.
Just show me on your phone.
I just my battery's dead.
Well, it's not dead, but it's low,
and I just need the juice for later.
Here, it'll be quick. It'll be quick.
Uh, just text it to me later.
- What?
I forgot to tell you.
Whit's pregnant. Whit and I are
- I'm gonna be a dad.
- [LAUGHS] You're gonna be a dad?
- Yeah.
- Dude, congratulations.
Yeah. Here. Let's go. Look
at the video on your computer.
It's so funny. You gotta see it.
- All right.
- Come on.
- Isn't that
- Yup. Yeah, it's crazy. I know.
But if you see her, don't tell her.
You cannot tell her, because I promised,
- like, we're not telling anyone.
- Yeah, I promise. I promise. Yeah.
Hi. Hey, good to see you guys.
[BILL] Okay.
All right. So what am I searching for?
Um, here, let me try the keywords.
I'm not sure if I
remember them exactly
it's a jogger fail. But
yeah, here, pull up a chair.
Jogger fail.
Ah, there. There it is.
- Full screen?
- Yeah.
Ahh, I've seen this.
Yeah, she slips on the
ice? Yeah, so funny, right?
[BILL] Yeah.
up with Chelsea and Michael
that were jogging by
And I said, "What are
you doing running?"
You're saying it was really good out?
[WOMAN 1] That's the
perfect texture for running,
very low impact, and it's dry snow
so your feet don't get wet.
[REPORTER] What have you seen
when you've been out running?
[MAN] It's been a lot of fun,
there's a lot of other runners.
And more skiers than runners for sure,
I think they got a little
bit of the advantage
with the whole stride and glide thing,
but it's too nice to not be out here.
She's like talking before it's like
it's like, um, she's just like
not really thinking about
- It's like, I love jogging.
- [BILL] Oh.
This is a real chunk of snow,
giving Hood a run for its money.
Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
[MAN] We haven't had many
snow days in our lives,
so this is pretty exciting.
Go ahead and keep on the run,
and sorry to have kept you,
but I appreciate you
guys talking with us.
- All right, thanks.
- Yeah, here we go.
There she goes, there she goes.
[REPORTER] sledding,
just enjoying it.
- Oh, Ash. Ah, Ash. Damn it.
- Sorry, sorry, sorry, man.
- Come on, Ash.
- Okay. Yeah, yeah.
Sorry, it's just so funny.
No, no, no. It's, uh, here.
It's all right. Nothing
really got on me.
It just Made a mess, man.
- Did it get on you? Sorry. My bad.
- Yeah.
I got it.
Oh, man.
What were you thinking, man?
It's not that bad.
[BILL] Yeah, to you.
[BILL] What the fuck are you doing, Ash?
You're afraid to get a little wet?
[CHUCKLES] It's just Gatorade.
Just joking around, come
on. Okay. Look we're even.
We're even, look, more
on me than's on you.
just joking around.
Well, I'll get some paper towel.
It's okay. I'll go get some
paper towels. It's fine.
No, damn it. No, no, no, no.
Just stay there. You're gonna
get it all over the floor.
trust me. This isn't as bad
as smelling your farts, okay?
You got it easy.
- Yeah.
- [BILL] Ass.
- Yeah. [SIGHS]
- [BILL] Ash?
- Yeah.
Yeah. One sec. One sec.
[BILL] What's going on, man?
- One sec.
[BILL] Ash.
Sorry, I had to take my
shirt off, it's soaking wet.
- [BILL] Okay.
- [ASHER] Thanks.
Here, sorry about that. Yeah.
[BILL] Like old times, huh? [LAUGHS]
The shit you used to pull. [LAUGHS]
Hey, man.
- Whoa, Ash man.
- How you doing? Hey.
Good to see you.
How you doing?
Down 200.
[DEALER] Twenty-one!
There you go.
Wanna get a drink later? My treat.
I can't tonight. Um
- [DEALER] Bust.
- So you just, uh,
hanging out in town until
we hear about the show or
[DEALER] Fourteen.
I got a flight in the works, you know?
When are you flying out?
- Seventeen.
It's in the works.
I'm trying to piggyback some
things together, you know?
- [DEALER] Twenty-one.
- Work stuff.
You got another job?
You do?
No? Okay.
That's cool.
Always always got my
hat in the ring, you know?
- Name in the hat.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- [DOUGIE] Name in the ring.
- [DEALER] Fourteen.
You should hit, 14 against 10.
[DEALER] Twenty-two.
Well, don't leave us until we hear.
We need you on board the show.
All right. I'll, uh, see you later.
Let me catch a new table.
No offense, all right?
- [DEALER] Would you like to clear out?
- No, I'm good.
- Thank you. I appreciate it.
- My man.
How much did I give you, by the way?
[DEALER] Five dollars, sir.
That's good.
- My man. What's your name?
- Javier.
Nice to see you. Let's do it.
[FRECKLE] Pressure is
looking good so far.
No sign of any leaks.
Freckle. Another bird hit,
when you're done in there.
- [FRECKLE] Ah, shit!
Okay, I'll clean it up later.
[WHITNEY] There's a
smudge on the glass, too.
God, she's so good,
it's annoying. [CHUCKLES]
She didn't make these, right?
No, that's the point.
These are actually
sold at baseball games.
So the piece is like
And she stole all of these
from different stores.
They're all stolen.
It's brilliant because
if the baseball league
wants to charge her with theft,
they would be forced to
address their ignorance.
I love this piece.
Are you an artist?
Have you seen Cara's work before?
We own four of her pieces.
We ask that you refrain from talking
about your experience
inside the structure.
You may enter the structure.
Why did you do that?
Why did you do that?
Was I not supposed to eat it?
[MAN] Your time is done.
Hmm. Okay.
Thank you. That was that was good.
We ask that you refrain from talking
about your experience
inside the structure.
Of course.
- Mm-hmm.
[MAN] You may now enter the structure.
Oh, I'm so happy you came.
Oh, it's wild, huh?
- Yes.
- Yeah.
These pieces are interesting.
Like I was telling you.
Um, Cara's work is about
her struggles as a
- as a Native artist, and, uh
- Hmm.
This object here, um,
was actually made by a
non-indigenous creator.
It's from a summer camp.
And, um
that's why she's chosen
to damage the object.
And it's interesting,
you know, because, um,
the way that she
she gets her art grants.
These these organizations, they
they want her to create art
related to her indigenous
heritage exclusively.
- Which can be so stifling
- Hmm.
for an artist, you know?
Of course, there are
some artists that
they really embrace
that, which is great.
But really is just
such a fetishization of the culture
by the establishment.
It's very Marjorie! Hi!
Oh, Governor, this
is this is Marjorie.
Uh, Marjorie can speak to the work
much better than I can.
Marjorie, this is
this is James Toledo,
he's the Governor of
the San Pedro Pueblo.
Thank you so much for coming.
- So
- But
let's see, maybe you might
wanna go to that line there,
so you could see the performance.
Um, just a heads-up,
I don't I don't think you're supposed
to eat the turkey in it.
But seriously, I didn't
say anything about it.
You didn't hear it from me. [CHUCKLES]
I'll I'll see you soon.
[JAMES] Thank you.
That's it?
Ash, just tell me.
Did she say, "Why did you do that?"
We're not supposed to talk
about our experience
inside the structure.
[CHUCKLES] Just tell me.
What did she say to you?
- I'm not gonna say.
- Did she say anything?
We're not supposed to talk about it.
I wanna obey the rules.
It's not funny. Tell me.
Oh, I like this piece.
There was, like, two
sand bars over there.
We just started a little early on.
Sorry, sorry to interrupt.
You were amazing.
- Was I too intense for you?
- No!
Oh, my God. No, it was like
- it was the best.
- Oh, cool.
Yeah, the people who came were perfect.
- Totally.
- Yeah.
So I was thinking of, you know,
maybe just going to bed or something.
- Okay. Okay.
- Does that sound cool?
Better than those other options.
- Yeah. Totally.
- For sure.
I think we should just
we should go. Yeah.
Okay, then. Let's see what we've got.
Oh, she got her test results from Quest.
Do you need to see those?
Oh, no. You can show those to Dr. Brown.
- [ASHER] Okay. Okay.
- I'm okay for the day.
Uh, when will Dr. Brown be back?
[DR. JENSEN] He gets in on Monday.
Okay. So this is gonna
feel a little cold,
and you're gonna feel some
pressure, so just breathe.
Okay, now. Where's that little guy?
Or girl.
[DR. JENSEN] You're doing
great. Just keep breathing.
What's that black circle
there? Is that the
that's a fertilized egg.
- [ASHER] Okay.
- Oh.
[SOFTLY] So uncomfortable. [LAUGHS]
Uh, have you had any
previous miscarriages?
I I have not.
[DR. JENSEN] How about abortions?
Um, isn't that in my chart?
[DR. JENSEN] Well, I'm sure it is.
- Uh, would you like me to grab it?
- No, no. Um,
uh, yes, yes. If your
the answer is yes, yeah.
[DR. JENSEN] How many?
Okay. Well, I wanna show you something.
All right. The good news is,
you were able to get pregnant,
and you will be able
to get pregnant again.
The bad news for this round is the egg
didn't quite reach the uterus
before it got fertilized.
This is what we call an ectopic,
and you're gonna have to get
a shot to stop the cell growth.
Now, we don't want a fetus
growing into the fallopian tube.
But you're young and you
can try again in six weeks.
- Okay?
- Try try again? Meaning ?
The pregnancy is not viable.
I'm so sorry.
[WHITNEY] Hey, it's okay, it's okay.
No, I don't, yeah. Are you okay?
Mm-hmm. Yeah.
It's okay, it's okay.
You haven't had any bleeding?
Do I need the shot today,
or can I wait for Dr. Brown?
[DR. JENSEN] It's something I recommend
you take care of immediately.
[WHITNEY] I'd like
to wait for Dr. Brown.
- [DR. JENSEN] Of course.
- [WHITNEY] Okay.
[DR. JENSEN] Just so you know,
this this is a normal occurrence,
- this happens all the time.
- [WHITNEY] Mm-hmm.
You guys are doing a great job and,
again, just in six weeks.
- Okay?
- [ASHER] Yeah. Yeah.
It's normal. [CHUCKLES]
Well, at least we know we can have one.
I wanted this one.
What if instead of the
solid mirror exterior
on Loma Vista, we did a mosaic?
Pueblo style with little
pieces of reflective glass
that are embedded in plaster.
I don't think I've
seen that design before.
I should be comforting
you, not you comforting me.
We will have a baby.
We just need to try again.
She said six weeks, we have to wait.
Okay. I'm gonna put it
in my calendar right now.
- Six weeks.
And then I'm gonna go crazy on you.
Six weeks isn't that long.
We've gone longer.
I'm also gonna download the tracker app.
I'm gonna start tracking you.
I like how you fight for us.
You know you can tell
me anything, right?
Of course.
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