The Curse (2023) s01e09 Episode Script

Young Hearts

The Bookends building in Santa Fe
has been referred to as hell on Earth,
and in fact in 2020,
the Santa Fe Reporter
called your parents slumlords
because of their ruthless
approach to evictions.
There's nothing on Google
that ties me to them.
Why does the city keep calling me
and saying my phone number is associated
with units in Bookends?
You treat me like a child,
and I'm a grown-up.
I'm a grown-up woman.
I was calling his name and
he was actively ignoring me.
- Bill.
- What we have here is a frictionless show.
- Welcome to the community.
- Thank you.
That's not what people want to watch.
People want to see this
relationship through your eyes.
[ASHER] Did you see the news?
You wouldn't do anything good
if I didn't force you to.
Does this get exhausting?
Cosplaying as a good man?
[SCOFFS] Like you're one to talk.
What's that supposed to mean?
I don't know. Ask your wife.
These fucking gangbanger
thieves coming to steal,
- and you guys brought that shit.
- Hey, quit it, okay?
Or what?
I was ready to take a bullet for you.
You care about people so
much. You're such an angel.
[GASPS] Nice to meet you. Who's this?
[ASHER] Maybe this is all
happening for a reason.
♪ ♪ ♪
All right. So?
Style's nice.
Yeah, yeah, the style's nice.
- Seems a bit tight.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, I'd say so.
I mean, I've been working at these,
so you think you can give
me a hand with this button?
[JANICE] Yeah, here. You ready?
- All right, here we go.
- [JANICE] Here we go.
All right. Ooh, ah. Ah, yeah.
I thought I was the one eating for two.
I've been eating for three.
Oh, my God. Let's try
this again. You ready?
- [PASCAL] All right, here we go.
- [JANICE] And
- So close, so close.
- [PASCAL] No, no.
That's great, that's great.
Oh, wow. We got that. We got that.
Let's cut that and let's
get some of the action shots.
So funny. Oh, my God.
When you said, "I think
I'm eating for three,"
- I lost it! Oh, my God.
[MARTHA] You were great too, Janice.
Hi, I'm Martha Donovan from HGTV.
Really, that was so great.
Hi, Pascal. It's nice to meet you.
I feel like I already know both of you
- from watching the dailies.
- [PASCAL] I feel like I already know you.
So how are you enjoying
the neighborhood?
Oh, it's awesome, yeah.
Yeah, everybody's so amazing.
It's beautiful.
Well, I don't want to keep you guys.
Please, I don't want
to slow anything down.
We should get you to
change for the next scene.
- Thanks so much.
- [PASCAL] Nice meeting you.
And, Janice, so funny.
- [LAUGHS] Thank you.
- "I'm eating for two."
- Yeah.
- That jeans gag was great.
- I know, right?
- And I'm almost wondering
what it would be like if
Whitney and Asher were doing it.
- That's a great idea.
- Yeah?
That's a great idea. And we'll
definitely pick that up for sure.
You know, I had something planned today
for the coffee shop with
the two of them, so
What'd you have in mind?
Well, it's just the
two of them having fun,
loving each other, feeding
each other pastries.
You know, icing on the nose.
- Aw.
- Just kind of playing around.
- [LAUGHS] I love that.
- Yeah?
That's what we want, right?
Yes, that's exactly what we want.
Yeah, it's definitely
Stuff like that.
Can we move this up to
earlier to make some space?
[WOMAN] Well, does it have to be today?
- Yes, it has to be today.
- All right.
- It needs to be in the dailies. Thank you.
- Okay. Mhm.
There she is, second in command.
- How are you doing?
- Hi.
- Feeling good?
- Hey, can we do something
where we show Asher, like,
pretending to be a tough guy?
Because he did something the
other day that was so pathetic.
- Yeah.
- It was wild.
- That's funny, that's funny.
- [WHITNEY] Yeah.
- How are you guys doing
just, like, in general?
Well, I mean, you know how I'm doing.
It's just that Martha from HGTV,
she stopped by today, so
- Is she still here?
- No, no, no. She left.
She had a bunch of meetings
she had to take care of.
But she wants to get dinner later.
- Yeah.
- You know, me, you, Asher.
- If you're free.
- Of course.
- Okay, cool.
- Yeah.
How are they feeling about the show?
Are they loving it?
- They love it.
- Yeah?
Yes, they are in love with the show.
- They love you guys.
- Really? Oh, my God.
They love the dynamic,
the playful bickering,
and Pascal and Janice.
- You know, everything.
- Oh, my God, good.
- It's really exciting. Yeah.
- Oh, that's so good.
- Great.
- But, uh, they did
They did mention that, um,
they were a little bit nervous
about some of the things you had said
in some of your confessionals.
Um I don't know
where they got this from,
but they think that you and Asher
might actually break up in real life,
and they totally do
not want us to do that.
They don't want us to go
in that direction at all,
And I was like, "That's fine."
That's okay, right?
I mean, you had said that
whatever happens would be fine,
and we would embrace it
because it's, you know,
what's really happening in my life.
It's my story.
- So
- It was a mistake. I was wrong.
- Hmm.
- Okay? They told me
there's no show if there's no Asher.
And they made that point very clear.
And, uh, there's really
nothing I can do about that.
So, I'm sorry.
I'm at the point where
I might lose my job,
and I don't want that to happen, so
You know, I've seen a lot of these shows
where the couple gets, you know,
like divorced or whatever.
I'm not saying that that's
what's going on with us.
I'm just saying, you know,
there's a lot of those shows,
- Yeah.
- and they're very, very popular.
That's that's a very good point.
But those-those-those-those
couples, you know,
they were together for a
very long period of time.
They became beloved to the audiences,
and then something happened.
So people can pick sides.
There's a drama, you know?
But if you have a show where
two people hate each other
from the beginning, that
doesn't really work, right?
We don't hate each other.
[LAUGHS] It's like, we're married.
- Sure.
- Yeah.
And, look, don't get me wrong.
They love the serious stuff.
They just want to make sure
there's a positive spin,
you know, all the time.
And then they also
want new release forms.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Just one sec. Just one sec.
[DOUGIE] Glad we're on the same page.
Uh, Martha from HGTV is in town,
and she wants to have
dinner with us tonight.
- Uh
- Are you free?
I am. Just going to grab a coffee.
Is he there today?
So what if he is?
[WHITNEY] Hey, are they ready for me?
[TONYA] Oh, no. Just
wanted to talk real quick.
Um, so you know Patrick, the camera PA.
You haven't really
interfaced with him much.
Oh, no, no. I know Patrick, yeah.
So he will not be with us anymore,
and I didn't want you to worry,
since I know you're
really close with the crew.
What happened?
There was a situation.
But it was handled, and
that's all you need to know.
Tanya, you can tell me.
- Was it sexual harassment?
- No, no, no.
Okay, he left a note on your car
that was extremely
inappropriate, but not sexual.
What did it say?
Something about a slum lord.
Can I see it?
- Do you have it?
- Yeah, yeah. We took a photo of it.
We found out it was him
through other crew members,
and we took care of it immediately.
I'd like to speak with him.
No. No, I wouldn't recommend that,
- just because of labor practices.
- No, I-I don't want him fired.
He has a right to express himself.
I just I'd like to speak with him.
- Okay.
- I mean, this
This has nothing to do with me.
- Do you think it does?
- No, no not at all.
Not at all.
Did you want me to call him now?
- Yes, please. Yeah.
- Okay. Yeah?
Hi, um, Patrick. This is Tonya.
So I have Whitney here with me,
and she would just like
to speak with you briefly.
Okay, he doesn't want to speak with you.
Can you put him on speaker?
She's helping whitewash
her family name while
she evicts Phoebe's uncle?
[LAUGHS] Now he's out on the street?
Yeah, I just
Uh, hi. Hi, Patrick. Um, it's Whitney.
Um, I just wanted to say,
you are very much mistaken.
I have never evicted a
soul in my entire life,
and I am so sorry this happened.
I mean, there was clearly
a misunderstanding,
and you were let go.
See you!
Who is Phoebe?
Oh, she's one of the drivers.
Oh, my
Phoebe. Oh, my God, no.
I want to talk to her,
please. Immediately.
Can you get her for me?
- Sure, yeah. I'll get her now.
- Oh, my God, I adore Phoebe.
That is just Oh!
I only mentioned it in passing.
Somebody asked where he
lived, and I said Bookends.
But I didn't know that you had
any connection to it at all.
I am I'm so sorry.
It's okay, It's okay.
You're not in trouble.
You're not in trouble, okay?
I don't have any
connection to that building,
but I can see why you
might think that I do.
And I can try to use my, um
my relationship connections,
you know, in order to get
him back in there, okay?
What is his full name?
- You do not have to do that.
- No, please, you tell me.
What is his full name?
Gordon Macintosh.
Gordon Macintosh.
Like the apple.
Tart and sweet. [GIGGLES]
Do you
Do you remember what
you told me my first day?
You'll have to remind me.
[LAUGHS] I I'm sure I do!
I just
You told me
that there probably aren't
a lot of women drivers.
And then you said
And then you said, "Go get 'em, girl."
That meant a lot to me.
I meant it. I really meant it.
I can't wait for the show to come out.
Everyone will get to
see who you really are.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm just
I'm-I'm happy.
Good, well, I am going to
get right on this, okay?
- Okay.
- That's a promise.
Okay, so we have about ten minutes.
Do you need me to go?
No. Why?
I just, um
He isn't here, all right?
Uh, apparently, he quit.
Well, I know we did everything we could.
I guess he wasn't such
a tough guy after all.
You want a coffee?
Well, dinner isn't until 8:00 tonight,
so I was thinking maybe we
could do something fun before?
Or not.
Come on, Ash. Let's go bowling.
- Bowling?
- Yeah.
You want to go bowling?
I don't want to go bowling,
but I am willing to go bowling.
But only if you answer me right now.
Ten, nine,
eight, seven,
six, five
four, Ash.
Three, two
Zero. Okay, time's up.
That's too bad.
And what if I say yes now?
I would allow it, but the
clock does have to start over.
nine, eight, seven, six
You love me, right?
[LAUGHING] Ash! Oh, my God, come on.
- You do?
- five
Ten. You love me, right?
- four, three
- Ten,
nine, eight,
seven, six,
five, four, three
Answer. What are you doing?
What are you doing?
You haven't answered me.
You can't just hijack the clock.
- Ten, nine
- Yes, I'll go bowling.
- Yes? Okay.
- You love me?
- Ten, nine, eight
- What?
seven, six, five
- four, three
- Yes, I'll go bowling.
No, I asked if you loved me,
not if you'd go bowling.
They need us. They need us.
- Oh, God.
- There you go.
Are they doing Iosheka?
- Hmm?
- Are they in Iosheka?
- [ASHER] Uh
feels like it fits pretty well.
Yeah, it looks really good.
This is the style now.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
If it is, I just might
need a little help
- actually fitting into it.
- Oh, man! Okay, all right.
I don't know, I can't get this up
give it a shot, let's try.
- All right, here, you ready?
- I might need a tug, yeah.
All right.
- A little more.
- Oh! Careful.
- Did that work?
- Careful. Yeah, careful.
- Can I have a bite of that one?
- Oh, absolutely.
- Oh, stop it!
Stop it!
- It's all over my face now.
- Have a bite, have a bite.
- No, no, you have a bite.
- Have a bite.
Here, take the other end.
I think we need another pastry.
- We made a mess.
- I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
All right. Oh! Curve
- Ah.
- That was
- good at the beginning.
- No, it sucked.
- Yeah, it was. It was good at the beginning.
- Do you want me to ask them
to put the bumper lane for you?
- No. I'm not far behind you.
- Little baby need a bumper?
Young hearts be free tonight ♪
- Oh, yes!
- Time is on your side ♪
Don't let 'em put you down ♪
Don't let 'em push you around ♪
Hey. Sit.
Don't let 'em ever
change Your point of view ♪
This foot.
This foot goes behind this foot.
- All right, go!
- Ah!
- [ASHER] Yes!
[ASHER] Yes!
Happiness was found
in each other's arms ♪
As expected ♪
Yeah ♪
Ooh, ooh ♪
Young hearts be free tonight ♪
If you held the position
more and you rolled into it,
I think a lot of those would
A lot less would go in the gutter.
[ASHER] I'm proud of you today.
[BILL] Ash. Hey, man.
- How are you doing?
- [ASHER] Hey.
Uh, good.
We're just heading out, actually.
[BILL] Well, what'd you get?
Uh, 195.
Nice, man.
- That's great.
- [ASHER] Yeah, yeah.
Whitney, how are you?
- Oh, I'm-I'm good.
- Yeah?
I'm good, yeah. How's Olivia?
Oh she's great, she's
great. Thanks for asking.
- [WHITNEY] Good.
- I'll let her know you asked.
I should actually go return my shoes.
I can just let you guys catch up.
No, no, no. It's okay, it's okay.
I'm coming, I'm coming.
We actually have to head out.
We have a dinner with
the senior vice president
of the network tonight, so
Hey, Ash, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I was acting
so weird at Hacienda, man.
I just
You know, everyone,
they thought it was you.
They thought it was you.
They thought you were leaking stuff,
and I did, too.
But I was wrong. I was wrong.
And, you know, it was Carl.
Can you believe? Carl?
[LAUGHS] Fuck. What a snitch, man.
Anyways, I'm sorry.
I should have known better
that you would backstab your team.
I accept your apology.
Put it there, bud.
You going to leave me hanging here?
It's not called backstabbing your team.
It's called standing
up for what's right.
Oh. Okay.
It was me.
I'm the whistleblower.
Come on, man. You wouldn't
You wouldn't do that.
It was me.
And maybe they talked to Carl, too,
but I was the one that initiated it.
It was me.
And you should be ashamed
of yourself for going along with it.
Ash, why you acting like a fucking tool?
Actually, I am a tool,
because tools fix things.
[BILL] Have a good night.
You too, man.
[BILL] You're a snitch,
that's what you are.
[MARTHA] It's not all doom and gloom.
I'm telling you,
what you guys are doing is not easy.
Having this whole holistic approach
to tackling climate change.
It has really resonated
with everyone at the network.
You're showing viewers that
the environment can mean design.
It's not just about putting up
ugly solar panels on your roof.
When we had the Solar Sisters,
they had great personalities
and all, but, you know,
the feedback we kept
getting from the viewers
was that they were
making the homes uglier.
That there was nothing to aspire to.
Just a feeling of guilt.
I mean, I don't mean to bash
Ronnie and Jessica. I love them.
But they just weren't a good fit.
That means so much coming from you.
And you used the word
"holistic," which is
I mean our whole philosophy
is that design extends beyond the home.
And so trying to change a community
while also understanding
our part in it has really
It's been a unique challenge.
You definitely have your hands full.
I mean, and driving around that place?
It's Oh!
I mean, the footage doesn't
capture how bleak it really is.
Maybe we need to do a
better job showing that,
because there are lots of
communities without a voice,
and we're really trying to
make that part of what we do.
[DOUGIE] Yeah.
Making them heard.
[SIGHS] Yeah.
Um, everybody's going to
benefit from greener homes.
It's just, uh, something
I've learned over the years
is that if you really want
your message to be heard,
you have to stay focused on one thing.
That's good advice.
But the word "holistic"
suggests looking at something
from many sides, right?
Maybe I misspoke when I used that word.
Um, it's funny you
mentioned green earlier.
Whitney and I were spitballing
just alternate show names,
and Green Queen came up, actually.
- I love that.
It was like a momentary flash
of inspiration, you know?
- [MARTHA] Mm-hmm.
- [DOUGIE] Flash.
[MARTHA] And every
queen needs her jester.
- Right?
- Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Just pretending to juggle.
And an eye roll from
Whitney. Right on cue.
We love that stuff.
Where are the cameras?
The Green Queen and her jester.
Oh, and maybe an heir to
the throne someday, too.
[CHUCKLES] You're sweet.
Oh, kids and homes.
The viewers just trust you more.
I hate kids, but I do understand
that it makes you more relatable.
[ASHER, SOFTLY] It was me all along.
Hey, Bill.
Hey, Bill. Guess what?
Guess what, Bill?
I'm the whistleblower.
You're a grown-up boy
with a grown mustache.
I'd like to see your
face under that mustache.
Yeah, I'd love to see you
face without that mustache.
You're probably ugly as fuck.
You short piece of shit.
That's right, I'm the whistleblower.
You would never have the guts
to do something like that, Bill,
but I did.
I'm the whistleblower.
I'd love to see you try to get
away with that with Whitney.
No way.
You're pathetic.
She only wants to be
with people like me.
You see how hot my wife is?
She's so fucking hot and
you're so fucking ugly.
I'd love to see you
fuck the shit out of her.
Yeah, Bill.
You want you want to fuck my wife?
I want to watch you fuck my wife, Bill.
Yeah, she'd like to fuck
someone ugly like you
with the mustache.
You think my wife's hot, Bill?
Huh? You think she's hot?
You probably want to
fuck her, don't you?
I know you think about Whitney.
You think about fucking her.
The whistleblower's wife.
That's who you want to fuck.
Hi, Whitney.
Hey! Good to see you.
- [WHITNEY] Good to see you. How you been?
- How you been?
- I'm good. How are you?
Good, good, good.
Great to have you back.
- Yeah, I'll see you soon.
- All right.
- [MAN] Hi.
- Hi.
Uh, is Paul here?
Uh, he's down the hall, uh, at 220.
This is 208.
Oh, I'm so sorry. I'm
sorry to bother you.
Thank you.
Macintosh, Macintosh, Macintosh.
How do I know that name?
Lizzy, why do I remember Macintosh?
That's the Ripper.
The The Ripper?
Oh, my God. Well, if
she's anything like her uncle,
do not leave her alone
with your camera gear.
You know what? Whatever he did,
he didn't deserve to be
thrown out on the street.
[ELIZABETH] You're a very bright girl,
and you're right almost all the time,
but you're dead-wrong
on this one, sweetie.
The man's a monster.
He gutted the whole unit and
sold everything for scrap.
And then he forced us
to replace everything.
The refrigerator, the
dishwasher, where is it?
Microwave. And then he did it again.
You have insurance for this.
I can't believe that you're
working with the Ripper's niece.
The matrix is getting very, very lazy.
Here it is, here it is.
Here it is. Check this out.
Look at it. Look at that.
Come on, scroll through.
He lived at Scarborough Towers.
Just scroll through.
You know, maybe you're
right, maybe you're right.
Maybe I should invite him back in
so I can evict him again immediately
the second he moves
all of his shit back in.
You need to recognize
that these buildings
are a place of last resort.
You can't just evict people
like you're running some luxury condo,
lying and moving in yourself.
Lying? What are you
talking about? I'm lying?
What, you think I'm lying? Look at me.
I've been living here
for six nights this month.
Yeah, because a lawyer told you to.
[PAUL] Who cares why I'm doing it?
I'm getting to better know the tenants,
and I'm becoming really good
friends with the neighbors.
What we do is a public service.
We don't even have a say
in what we charge tenants.
Where do you think these
people go when you evict them?
When you decide to build one
of your fancy free-energy homes?
They move in with us.
No one has moved into
one of your buildings.
Everyone is taken care of.
Everyone stays in Española.
[PAUL] Yeah, well, if
they're not living with us,
they're living with someone we know.
You know, Asher said that you told him
that if he finds any native artifacts,
he should destroy them.
[ELIZABETH] Well, if you want to avoid
four years of title
litigation, it's not a bad idea.
[PAUL] And it's perfectly legal.
This is the difference
between you guys and me.
I would never do that.
- I-I'd let the archaeologists in.
- Yeah, well, it's easy to give away land
- when you're not the one who paid for it.
- Okay, Paul, you don't need to go there.
It's a loan.
That is a loan, and
we are paying interest.
Oh, my God, that's not even
the point of what I'm saying.
The point of what I'm saying is you two,
you actively blind yourselves
to the history of this area.
- You do.
- Bullshit.
Is that why you keep making excuses
whenever we want to visit your TV set?
If you have such a
problem with what we do
and want to decide who gets
evicted and who doesn't,
you're more then welcome
to come work for us
and run the buildings
the way you want to.
Or you can just continue
playing dress-up.
You Oh Oh, my Oh, okay.
You know, maybe this is what happens
when you raise your kid
to believe in nothing.
- Yeah, well
- We did not raise her with nothing.
Well, when Yogi Bhajan
tries to fuck your wife,
you start to lose a little
bit of faith in religion.
That's not funny.
Your masseuse Cara is ready for you.
Okay, great.
[WOMAN] Here is your
treatment room, Whitney.
- [WHITNEY] Thank you so much.
- [WOMAN] You're welcome.
Hi, I'm just going to keep my
underwear on if, that's okay.
- Hi.
- Hi.
[LAUGHS] Oh, my God!
When they said "Cara,"
I didn't make the connection.
I had no idea you worked
here. That's so cool.
I use to work here,
like, five years ago.
Um, so I'm back for a bit.
Wow, uh, yeah, that's amazing.
I mean, this place is
I love it here.
It's so peaceful.
- It's chill.
- Yeah.
I mean
just kind of
rethinking my life for a bit.
Um, should I ?
I can get someone else that's
available to work on you.
- You seem
- Oh, n-no. Are you kid ?
I mean, I would so much
rather have a friend massage me
than some creepy stranger.
I mean, unless you're uncomfortable.
I don't care.
I'm fine.
You know what, actually?
Let's not do this.
Um, this doesn't make sense.
Sure. That's fine.
- [CARA] Bye.
- Bye.
Hi. I'm so sorry, but something came up.
So I'm gonna have to cancel
my appointment for today.
[WOMAN] Oh, I'm so sorry.
Um, well, as you know,
we have that 24-hour
cancellation policy,
and I'm really afraid that
I will have to charge you.
It's okay. I expected as much.
- Thank you.
- Uh, here you go.
Could I also leave a tip?
Oh, sure, that would be lovely.
How much would you like to leave?
Oh, wow. Thanks. That's so generous.
That's really nice.
[ASHER] Row, row, row your boat ♪
What is it?
Gently down the stream ♪
Don't just stare at
me. I don't like that.
Do you have any idea why they
updated the language in this contract?
"The parties acknowledge
the performer may be
exposed to ridicule,
humiliation or condemnation,
and may therefore be
portrayed in a false light."
It's, like, the only thing they changed.
- Why would they add that?
- I don't know.
I mean, I would only
add a clause like that
if I had a specific
concern, like, you know,
like a liable claim,
- or if I thought
- Well, we don't have to sign it.
We don't have to do the show.
I wasn't saying that.
Have you seen any of the new cuts?
But I know what I've said.
What did you say?
Why don't we watch the cut then?
Text Dougie.
Can I have a kiss?
When I'm done.
I can't hear this when you're talking.
I talked about our relationship.
Pretty honestly.
[DOUGIE] Hey, hey. What's going on?
- You good?
- Yeah.
Make yourself at home. Get cozy.
You don't want to take
the bed out of here
and get a nice couch
for, uh, these screenings?
What I thought you guys were married?
Enjoy getting in bed together, huh?
All right, come on, Whit.
Let's get cozy. Movie night.
So it's still a work
in progress, all right?
Um, and we did just get a
bunch of notes from the network.
So we're still chewing through those.
We do play up the tension between
the two of you, but in a fun way.
Um, it's still very, very clear
that you guys love each other, okay?
Um, and the dinosaur
thing is going to go.
So, let's watch it.
Do you want to say it?
No, you say it.
We're Whitney and Asher Siegel,
and this is Fliplanthropy.
With climate change
affecting our society,
it's more important
than ever to build green.
That's why we're taking our
hometown of Española, New Mexico,
and turning it into a
sustainable community,
building passive houses
that actively save our clients money,
and incorporating our buyers
into this blossoming cultural oasis.
But as a newly married couple,
will we be able to survive the pressures
of making an entire city carbon neutral?
Or will our personal little
ecosystem become unsustainable,
making us extinct like the dinosaurs?
[DOUGIE] I am the Green Queen,
and this is my city.
[WHITNEY] One thousand years ago,
this land was settled
by the Tewa people,
who sustained an agricultural life
thanks to the nourishing
waters of the Rio Grande.
Today, it's home to over 10,000,
with many more eager to relocate
to this hidden gem of the southwest.
But that doesn't mean I'm not nervous
about selling my latest home.
I mean, I spent three years of my life
designing and building
this passive house.
on Palmer Lane.
What if people don't like it?
[ASHER] They're going to love it.
Everyone loves a Palmer.
I don't get that. I don't get it.
Arnold Palmer?
Iced tea and lemonade.
Oh. Ooh, is that a joke?
Asher has been taking comedy classes.
I don't know how much they're helping.
[DOUGIE] But every
queen needs her jester,
and mine is my husband.
We don't have to tell everyone
I'm taking comedy classes.
What? I think it's cool
you're taking classes.
Shows that you care.
[GRUNTING] How's the butt look?
I guess.
It just seems like I'm not
actually funny this way.
Your little, little car.
[WHITNEY] Palmer Lane is the
perfect starter home for a new family.
The home is north-facing,
with the windows strategically placed
to optimize heat retention.
But on our way over,
we decided to check in with Freckle
on the progress of Loma Vista Lane.
- Hey, Freckle.
- Hey, Freckle.
Hey, you guys. You
guys doing good today?
[WHITNEY] Loma Vista is our most
ambitious passive house to date.
So you want it bigger.
I just want it a little
bit more sizeable,
even than the other doors in the house.
just because I think that, you know,
so much is going to
be going in that house.
[WHITNEY] Don't tell the other homes,
but this one's my personal favorite.
It's a single-story Pueblo-style home,
seamlessly integrated into
the fresh air natural landscape
of this High Desert community.
It will have three bedrooms,
two and half bathrooms,
with a tastefully xeriscaped backyard
adorned with indigenous succulents
that thrive without the need
for any irrigation whatsoever.
But the succulents aren't the only thing
indigenous to this land.
James. Hi.
- How are you? Nice to see you.
- Thank you very much.
- Hi. Good morning, Governor.
- Good morning.
It's a beautiful day.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
[WHITNEY] James Toledo is the governor
of the San Pedro Pueblo,
the Native tribe just
south of Española.
- It's a three-bedroom?
- Single story, yeah.
Hmm. Ranch house.
Two bath.
When we build on a property,
we need to understand
our place within history.
Colonialism is an ongoing process,
and we need to be mindful
of our present participation,
The many years of genocide
may not be wiped away
by this statement,
but it's important
that we acknowledge it.
gratefully acknowledge
the Native peoples on whose
ancestral homelands we gather,
as well as the diverse
and vibrant communities
of the Eight Northern Pueblos
who make their home here today.
Taos, Picuris,
San Pedro, Ohkay Owingeh,
San Ildefonso, Nambé,
Pojoaque, and Tesuque.
We gather today on
occupied and unceded land.
Wow. Thank you for that,
and for your continued support
in our fight with local,
state and federal governments
over our rights regarding
our roads and easements
in our communities.
We're sick and tired of having to deal
with governments
trespassing on our lands
and, uh, politically,
we've really got to make
[DOUGIE] Um, this was a network note.
They want to shorten this section,
and, uh, we're going to
have to soften the language.
We want to keep most of this, okay?
This is important.
[WHITNEY, ON TV] We are as
upset as James about this issue.
And even though we all are
occupying unceded Indigenous lands,
the battle he speaks of
is less a literal "battle"
and more of a clerical concern
over compensation for road use
in areas that don't affect
access to our properties
or anything related
to titles of this land,
even though we do recognize
ourselves as having obtained this land
through a long history of colonization.
That's right.
[WHITNEY] We have two potential buyers
coming to look at our
Palmer Lane property.
They're recent transplants
from New York City
searching for more
space and more community.
Everything okay?
I could talk to Dougie about edits.
[WHITNEY] But we couldn't
resist a quick detour
to the brand-new 1550 San Pedro Plaza
for a little pick-me-up.
How's it been going, Fernando?
- So far, so good.
- What can I get for you guys?
[ASHER] Well, um,
I'll have a flat white.
Can we just skip to the pottery section?
Um, that's all
That's all gone.
All that stuff.
But I think it's
important for Asher to see.
Why is it important?
It's not in the show.
He wants to see it.
- Asher doesn't need to see it.
- He wants to.
[DOUGIE] Do you?
Sorén, uh, why don't you cue
up the pottery scene for us.
You want to take your shoes off
and put them under the blanket?
[WHITNEY, ON TV] Congratulations,
and welcome to the community.
- [JANICE] Thank you.
- [PASCAL] Thank you.
This key chain was custom-made
by Diné artist Reggie Mitchell.
And the Diné tribe believes
that turquoise means life,
and coral teaches us about
nurturing and acceptance.
- Oh, wow.
- And that's a snake there.
What does that mean?
Uh, the snake signifies rebirth
because of the shedding of the skin.
Makes sense.
This is a sort of rebirth.
New house, new community, new family.
- [COOS]
- That's right. [LAUGHS]
And we also have some pottery for you.
This was handcrafted by Luann Tafoya.
She is a Pojoaque Pueblo member.
Española and the greater Santa Fe area
is the Indigenous ceramics
capital of the world.
They have a glazing technique
that's been honed over centuries.
And each piece is this
magical collage of knowledge
that's been passed down
through generations.
When I gift a piece to a
new member of our community,
it's an emotional and
transcendent experience for me.
So when I saw Asher holding
his cell phone against the clay
like it was some item being
rung up at Pottery Barn,
just complete disregard for the culture
and for the moment.
We love giving the
Indigenous ceramics out.
It's sort of like the
closing of the transaction.
Just so oblivious.
[ASHER] You look at this pottery
and you think they might run, you know,
80 to $100 tops.
But they actually are $1,500 per piece.
Um, but I was able to
negotiate a 20% discount
from the artist because
we buy them in bulk.
[WHITNEY] It's moments like this
that make me question if
Asher, is this man I married,
truly understands me.
I mean, every relationship
reaches the point
where you start to question things.
It's normal.
It happens to everyone.
But what if the thought
doesn't leave your head?
It doesn't go away.
That's what I've been, uh
dealing with the past year.
Here is this man who is so
genuinely interested in me.
My ideas, who I am.
It's like he worships me.
I mean, who wouldn't want that?
Those bowls are pricey, huh?
[WHITNEY] Someone that
look at you like a goddess.
Kissing the ground you walk on.
It sounds like a dream, right?
Where do I even start? I mean
She's kind.
Thoughtful. Intelligent.
She's the most selfless
person I've ever met.
Just everything she
does is so true and pure.
It's like she has a connection
with the universe or something.
Uh, she just knows.
And I feel lucky to stand in her shadow.
To know that you hold all the power,
and that if you left
them they'd be destroyed.
I'd have nothing.
But when a person is this
infatuated with you
do they really see you?
Or is it just an idea of you?
Are their actions just driven
by what they think you want?
Or by how they really feel?
Can someone love you so much
that the real version of you
completely ceases to exist?
So that brings us to today.
When you're so bound to someone
that, deep down, you know that
you'll never be fully
satisfied with them.
What do you do?
Maybe it's time to chart my own course.
There's so much more to
me than people even know.
I'm gonna light like fire ♪
I'm coming down like rain ♪
I'm gonna break down barriers ♪
I'm gonna play through the pain ♪
Your homes are so unique
and so important as a piece of art.
I'm complicated and passionate
and full of contradictions.
And I'm not perfect.
Does that mean that I
don't deserve happiness?
'Cause I'm done ♪
I'm all done playing games ♪
That's it.
You happy?
Put that back in the cut.
The network, um, they
don't want any of this.
All right.
Well, thank you for showing me.
Everything you said,
I was feeling, okay?
It all makes sense now.
I thought it was some
stupid fucking curse.
But it was me.
I know you.
We shouldn't have sold to Mark Rose,
but I still did it like a fucking idiot.
And I I don't need my cell phone.
- I know I use this thing too much.
- Ash, hey, let's calm down.
- Let's calm down.
- [ASHER] No. No. Listen to me.
I've let my personal shortcomings
get in the way of truly
making all the sacrifices,
making every sacrifice
that I need to, to
I haven't
I didn't give the hundred
dollars to Nala that night.
Okay? I lied.
I lied. I'm a liar.
I'm a terrible person.
Don't you see? There's
There's not some curse.
I am the problem.
It's not magic.
It's me, okay?
I'm a bad person,
and I've been dragging you down with me.
I'm not moving.
I'm not even moving my hand.
Okay? And I was saying
- What
- I was saying
You still want to be with me
after all of that?
More than ever.
Oh, my God.
You don't understand.
You haven't seen it yet,
but I'm a different man.
I've changed, okay?
I feel it.
We haven't talked about it,
because there hasn't been a good moment.
But I'm all in on you, okay?
I'm all in on Whitney.
Whatever it takes, I'll do it.
And you won't even
have to tell me anymore,
because I know.
And I won't be guessing,
because I know you, baby.
And if you didn't want to be with me,
and I actually truly
felt that, I'd be gone.
You wouldn't have to say it.
I would feel it, and I would disappear.
Okay? Rich or poor, I
don't give a shit. Okay?
I love you, baby, and I believe in you.
And we I will make this work.
I love you, baby.
Remember, it's like
we always used to say.
We're so good on paper.
Okay. Yeah.
That's okay. Let it out.
Let it out. Good.
Good. Good, baby.
Paper covers rock.
Don't hide your strength.
The world will know Whitney Siegel.
That was beautiful.
Really beautiful.
[ASHER] That's a good girl.
♪ ♪ ♪
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