The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

The First Thing I Remember Is Fire

1 [Hup.]
Yamda bi kiraba - Vapa So shi - [creature squawking.]
- Dze Aslampia 'pida ya - [creature snorting.]
- Utomshi - [overlapping creature sounds.]
Tindyebo Bekna Staba Doga alori [creature yowling.]
Shyata-oyo zashaba Aduma doda avi - [footsteps approaching.]
- Yamda bi kiraba Vapa So shi Dze Aslampia 'pida [guard 1.]
Would you look at this mess? [guard 2.]
Maudra Fara wants it all cleaned up by the first sun's rise.
Boka babi, yamda shoshi [Hup continues singing.]
- Quiet, Podling! - Huh? You'll give everyone nightmares with that wailing.
Hmph! [grunting.]
That ought to do it.
[Hup singing loudly.]
Ada bao temar mots nyotyano [sighing.]
- Podlings.
- [scoffing.]
[wings fluttering.]
- Did you see that? - Must've been the wind.
- [wings fluttering.]
- [gasping.]
That was no wind.
We are not alone.
- [wings fluttering.]
- Huh? [guard 1.]
- There! - [screeching.]
In the name of Maudra Fara, I command you! Reveal yourself! [screeching.]
Hup? - Deet? - [Deet.]
Let's get out of here.
Deet! - Deet! - [Deet chuckling.]
- Deet! - It's me.
Hm "Thra's true balance will be found when natural order is sound.
" What does that mean? [grunting.]
Huh? I hope it was supposed to do that.
Oh What is this place? Sifa.
Uh Dousan.
It's the Seven Clans! And and, and there! Vapra.
Hm Seven symbols.
The inscription above the door says, "Thra's true balance will be found when natural order is sound.
” Huh.
But what does it mean? Oh! It's a puzzle! Oh, I love puzzles! Oh I have to put the clans in their natural order, from highest to lowest, and then Thra will be in balance.
Well, Vapra is always first.
But how Oh All right.
- [key turning.]
- [powering up.]
It's working.
The sound.
Well, if Vapra is first, then Stonewood is definitely second.
[rumbling intensifies.]
I knew it.
All right, who's next? Well, definitely not Grottan or Drenchen.
Oh, but the Sifa, they know more about symbols than any other clan.
Yes! It must be the Sifa.
[powering down.]
[rumbling stops.]
Um Or not.
Every problem has a solution.
[Skeksis cackling.]
[machine playing music.]
[overlapping Skeksis chatter.]
[speaking Podling language.]
I demand more! - [cracking.]
- [Chamberlain.]
Mine! [crunching.]
- [Collector.]
I don't need a fork.
- Puh! [grunting.]
Ah! - Oh! - [choking.]
- Idiot.
- [grunting.]
Ah! Ooh! Don't you look delicious? Yes, you do! [gasping.]
- [hacking.]
- [squealing.]
Are you going to eat that? [farting.]
Touch my plate, and you will draw back a ruined stump.
Bah! Touchy.
A special treat in honor of the return of the Ornamentalist! Lefar worms.
My favorite.
Best enjoyed still squirming.
Even the tastiest meal is no substitute for lovely essence.
I can feel my portentous bulk wasting away already.
Bah! My strength wanes by the day.
Essence, essence, essence! That's all any of you talk about since I returned.
It's my party.
Talk about me! Bah! You cannot comprehend the exquisite vitality it bestows until you have tried it for yourself.
I too am eager to taste this rejuvenating essence.
[all cheering.]
- Then give us some! - The essence is gone! - Stolen by a Gelfling.
- So make more.
We can't! Useless Scientist's machine has broken.
Calamity! [wailing.]
Emperor has wisely locked the Scientist away in the lab until the repairs are done.
Once the machine is ready, we should drain every last Gelfling across Thra! - [cheers.]
- [Collector.]
Let the essence flow.
Drain the Gelfling! - [wheezing.]
- [squishing.]
A wise shepherd does not cull entire herd, yes? We should take only what Gelfling we need to survive.
Moderation is for the meek! Immortality is our right.
- [snorting.]
- Mm This is all the Chamberlain's fault.
It's because of you our secrets roam the countryside in the mind of a renegade, waiting to destroy us! I have turned all Gelfling against Rian! They believe his mind is infected.
- Bah! - Even his own father hunts him.
Is good thing we are not all so weak as to be scared of single Gelfling, yes? Ah You question my bravery? Keep your robes on, spithead! [cackling.]
Incompetent smipp! - How exciting! - [Collector laughing.]
You only dare flap your beak because you sit at the Emperor's side.
Let us see if your talons are half as fearsome as your tongue! - I bring order! Peace! - Ah! There's going to be a fight! [chortling.]
A meal and a show! Ooh! [cackling.]
You! You are reckless! Lead us into war! I welcome war! - [cracking.]
- [wheezing.]
Because you are too thick-headed to use brain.
- [growling.]
- Enough! Enough? Enough! The General is right.
I need results, not talk! - But, Emperor, my sire - Be silent, or I will silence you.
- But but why? I did not start fight.
- [Collector laughing.]
You talk too much.
Talk, talk, talk! We rot while you chatter! - Yes.
- Sire, my plan is working.
- I just need more time.
- More time, more words, - more nothing! - [Chamberlain.]
Forgiveness is for the feeble.
I need a new counsel.
A counselor who understands how to wield power.
- [General.]
- General? - You - [Chamberlain gasps.]
will take Chamberlain's place at my side.
- I am honored, sire.
- No! - You are commanded.
- [gasping.]
Do what the Chamberlain has failed to do.
- Bring this crisis to a swift end.
- [General.]
As you command.
But, sire, you can't! Look what have done! [yelping.]
That's enough from you, weakling! How dare you! - [bones crunching.]
- [squealing.]
- My hand! - [laughing.]
[Chamberlain wailing.]
- My lords! - [Skeksis grunting.]
As our Emperor's new counsel, I will capture this Rian and ensure the essence flows once more! [Skeksis cheering.]
[creature growling.]
Infernal Skeksis.
Shriveled Pudgenubs.
Upset balance.
Seek life eternal.
Bah! Everything grows old.
Everything passes on.
All, it seems, but Aughra.
Agh, Aughra born old.
And Thra's gone silent.
Mm? Sometimes not silent enough! [grunting.]
Has Thra stopped singing? - [whizzing.]
- [whomp.]
Bah! What's this? It can't be! Can't be, but it is.
Ah-ha The Archer returns.
Very well, Longneck.
I'll follow.
Lackadaisical Skeksis! They feast while we toil.
But do not worry.
SkekTek never forgets a true friend.
- Ah! - [squealing.]
- [Emperor.]
Scientist! - [gasping.]
Sire! [clearing throat.]
Sire, I wasn't expecting your imperial presence.
And yet here I am, taking an interest in your work and your [overlapping creature noises.]
It must be hard feeling so isolated from your kind that you must take solace in the company of the meek and fuzzy.
- [squawking.]
- [Emperor chuckling.]
Uh Mighty Emperor, I know how anxiously you have awaited for my repairs to be completed.
Perhaps I can find a way to expedite your progress.
No need! No need! Work is done.
Concluded, yes.
- With upgrades! - [creature squeaking.]
Ah Ah! I'll need a Gelfling.
Perhaps the Drenchen thief.
No, not him.
The Drenchen traitor may yet produce useful information.
Of course.
I will bring you Gelfling, and you will strap them to your chair.
Just tell me, how many? How many? How many Gelfling must we drain for us to cheat death for all eternity? Emperor, I beg you to reconsider.
The more essence we consume, the weaker the Crystal grows, the greater the imbalance, - the faster the Darkening spreads.
- There is no Darkening! Yes, yes.
Forgive, Emperor.
- Forgive.
- [Emperor wheezing.]
So then give me a number.
Uh A great many.
- A number.
- [shrieking.]
Fifty Gelfling, every trine.
- [shrieking continues.]
- [Scientist yelping.]
Fifty, then.
So be it.
- Prepare the machine.
- As you wish, my Emperor.
- [creature whimpering.]
- [muttering.]
Hush now, hush now.
All is well.
Ungrateful Emperor.
Petty, preening Skeksis do not appreciate Chamberlain.
- Shoo, Gelfling! Shoo! - [yelping.]
- [panting.]
- [quickly departing footsteps.]
Mmm I will take seat back at Emperor's side and teach thick-headed General a lesson! [wheel squeaking.]
[horn blowing.]
[multiple horns blaring.]
Oh [snoring.]
The horn! The horn! Who has summoned skekMal, the Hunter? Oh, it's been many a trine since we last heard the horn.
- [horn continues blowing.]
- [giggling.]
Oh, nothing good ever follows its horrid bleating.
Who dares call the Hunter back to the castle? Isn't it obvious? The desperate Chamberlain.
But why, why would Chamberlain risk life and limb to call upon the Hunter? To do the job the Chamberlain cannot.
Capture Rian.
But I hope the Hunter skins the Chamberlain alive first.
[Skeksis laughing.]
[overlapping creature noises.]
[foreboding music playing.]
You should've seen your face.
You were so scared.
A apida surprised to see aminya Deet glowing.
- [hissing.]
- Hi, you! Oh, ah Mm-mm.
There's a delicious moss that grows only in Grot that makes anyone who eats it glow.
Boma strange.
I'd offer you some, but I used the last of - [snapping.]
- Deet! - [gasping.]
What's wrong? - Gobbles! [panting.]
What are gobbles? [rumbling.]
Yotubi gobbles.
Thank you, Hup.
- [thunder rumbling.]
- [both.]
Huh? Oh Storm coming.
Chekee shelter.
Ha'rar after.
Good idea.
So hot! [grumbling.]
Too much! All this walking.
- No! - [squawking.]
I will go no further.
- [squealing.]
- Hm? I will go a bit further.
[arrow whizzing.]
Sanctuary Tree.
Oh, Sanctuary Tree.
We have not spoken in a long time.
Nor have we - Mother Aughra.
- Archer, old friend.
Why make me walk so far? To bring you here.
Then you know I do not need trees, you plodding pile! - Hm - I need to find the Song of Thra! Ugh But its tune eludes me.
Has Thra gone quiet? - No.
Thra still sings.
- Then why do I not hear it? Because you turned your eye away from Thra and towards the stars.
So many stars.
Goes on and on.
- Like you and I.
- Mm.
On and on.
Perhaps too long.
We do not get to decide when our part in the song is finished.
I trusted the Skeksis to look after Thra.
- I took their word! - And their gifts.
You speak true, urVa.
But now I have returned from my cosmic voyage to make things right! But I cannot guide destiny if I cannot hear the song.
That is why I am here.
You'll teach it to me? Oh, no.
Well, if not you, then another Mystic.
The Mystics are hidden safely away until they are needed.
Hm They are needed now.
There is one who can help.
Where did you Archer! If you cannot show Aughra the Song of Thra, then who can? Arrow points to ground.
Hmph! Arrow points to Thra! Thra will teach! Hm! Could've just said this! Clearly, succinctly without all the walking! Mm - [growling.]
- [yelping.]
- Chamberlain! - Hunter.
What is my prey? - A Stonewood warrior.
- Gelfling? Mm - You insult me! - No.
- It is I who has been insulted, yes? - [growling.]
- Look what General has done to my hand.
- [Hunter.]
Poor skekSil.
Still consumed by petty squabbles.
When will you learn? Only the hunt matters! [groaning.]
Wait! Wait! This Gelfling named Rian, he is thief, fugitive, spy.
Already bested Scientist and myself.
A Gelfling that can stand before Skeksis and escape with life is no ordinary prey, yes? [groaning.]
Say more.
He defies us, spreads deceitful slander.
He is threat to all Skeksis.
Such prey would make quite the trophy.
Mm? [gasping.]
- This scrap of Rian's clothing.
Good? - [sniffing.]
I will take his lying tongue! Mm [gears clanking.]
Drenchen! - [zapping.]
- [moaning.]
- Greetings.
- Where's the Chamberlain? - [zapping.]
- Ahh! Occupied.
I will be handling your interrogation from this point forward.
- Get your claws off me! - Quiet! Move! [chains rattling.]
- [Scientist.]
But But the Emperor - [General.]
put me in charge.
Not good.
- [sighing.]
- [whimpering.]
You should not The time has come to find out if you are a good Gelfling or a bad Gelfling.
I don't think it matters at this point, but you could have just asked around! General, you cannot do this! You'll kill the Gelfling.
I won't kill him.
I'll just drain the defiance out of him.
[powering up.]
It's It's too dangerous! Tell me, Drenchen, where is the fugitive Rian? Eat sog! [grunting.]
Bad Gelfling! [yelling.]
No! Too much! Too much! [electricity buzzing.]
[yelling and grunting.]
[powering down.]
I will ask you once again.
Where is the fugitive Rian? Have you checked the Great Smerth? It's particularly lovely in spring.
Bad Gelfling! [yelling.]
- SkekVar! - Mm! Enough! - [groaning.]
- Oh, uh [panting.]
I told the General not to do it.
I was just introducing myself to the Drenchen.
That can wait.
I have a much more important task for you, General.
Mm? Prepare to leave.
You depart for Ha'rar in the morning.
- [General groans.]
- Huh? [huffing.]
Hm Well, Vapra, Stonewood Sifa didn't work.
And Stonewood-Drenchen worked once, but then it didn't.
None of this makes sense.
Mother always said that Vapra was the highest clan, but on two attempts, the Grottan symbol lit up first, which is ridiculous because everyone knows that the Grottan are the lowest clan.
At least that's what we always say.
But why do we say that? [gasping.]
Perhaps we're wrong.
"Thra's true balance will be found when natural order is sound.
" Except there is no correct order, because no clan is above any of the others.
Ah It isn't a puzzle.
It's a lie.
[powering up.]
That's it.
We're all one! Huh? [rumbling.]
- [everything quiets down.]
- Uh [yelping.]
Uh Hello.
Oh, I'm I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to frighten you.
I [creature growls.]
What are you doing? That's close enough.
Wait! [male voicerecording.]
Be not afraid.
This creature is Lore.
And while he may seem threatening, you are perfectly safe.
- Hello, Lore.
- [Lore rumbling.]
My name is Brea.
Now, Lore will guide you to the answers you seek.
Hm? [male voice on recording.]
So travel swift.
[powering down.]
[indistict voice in background.]
with each passing trine, they tighten their grip upon the Gelfling of Thra.
I'm sure you have many questions.
- I always have questions.
- Lore has imprinted on you.
He is now your guardian and will protect you on your journey to the Circle of the Suns.
There you will find the key to freeing Gelfling from Skeksis power forever.
[Lore growling.]
What's wrong? Get away from it, Brea! - You don't understand! - I understand it speaks heresy.
No! No! Wait! Lore, stop! It's all right.
She's my sister.
She's my sister.
It's all right.
That's good.
[Lore rumbling.]
Brea What have you done? [gasping.]
- [thunder rumbling.]
- [sighing.]
Just great.
[overlapping Podling chatter.]
[chattering continues.]
[speaking Podling language.]
[grunting, yelping.]
[overlapping Podling language.]
Excuse me.
[speaking Podling language.]
[foreboding music playing.]
- [playing drums.]
- [Podling yelling.]
[Podlings playing music.]
[Podlings cheering.]
[Podlings laughing.]
- [yelling.]
- [yelping.]
[speaking Podling language.]
Dance bowbi! [squealing.]
I'm sorry.
I'm not much of a dancer.
Thank you.
Maybe later.
[speaking Podling language.]
[yelling in Podling language.]
[speaking Podling language.]
But But I didn't order this.
- Lady.
- [blowing kiss.]
- [laughing.]
- Oh I see.
Thank you! [swooning.]
Sorry, I don't want to dan Don't move.
Hands on the table.
- You're - Naia.
- Gurjin's sister.
- And this is Kylan.
- We're not here for a fight.
- But you are coming with us, traitor.
- I'm no traitor.
- [Naia.]
I don't care.
The Skeksis want you, and I want my brother, so I'm going to make a trade.
- [metal clanging.]
- [Podlings shrieking.]
- I'll take it from here, Drenchen.
- You're not taking anything, Vapran.
I am the Princess Tavra - sent by the All-Maudra - And I'm the eldest daughter - to return this criminal to Ha'rar - of Maudra Laesid, sister of Perhaps we should all take a deep calming breath.
- Rian murdered a member of my clan! - I didn't! He's going to the Crystal Castle with me! [Tavra.]
You're in over your head.
Go back to your swamp.
- [huffing.]
- That's enough! [gasping.]
What is that? Dreamfast with me, and I'll show you.
Everyone knows your mind is infected.
We dreamfast, we take in your sickness.
The Skeksis spread the lie that I am sick to ensure the truth dies with me.
The truth about your brother.
And what happened to Mira.
- I'll dreamfast with you.
- Kylan, no.
The Skeksis may rule the land, but they do not rule my heart.
My mother would want to know the whole truth.
What's the matter? Scared? [sighing.]
If I come out of this crazy, the last thing I'll do before I lose my mind is take your life.
Sounds fair.
[thunder rumbling.]
[Landstrider bellowing.]
You want to go Spitter hunting? my father had to listen to a few stories about his son.
Rian! [echoing.]
Don't let it escape! - What's down there? - [Rian.]
Let's see.
Do you know what this is? It's the Crystal of Truth.
- [Scientist.]
Here is the answer we seek! - [wailing.]
[screams echoing.]
- [Chamberlain.]
We are friends, Rian! - No, don't listen, Rian.
- [Chamberlain shrieking.]
- [Gurjin.]
Rian! Run, Rian! You'll never catch Rian now.
[Rian yelling.]
Gurjin! [panting.]
Rian, I was - Did you see? - Yes.
I'm sorry I didn't believe you, son.
We're together now, that's all that matters.
[both sighing.]
- Look! - [Kylan.]
The table! [overlapping Podling muttering.]
We created a dream etching.
I know this symbol.
My sister showed it to me.
We are all in danger.
We must go to the All-Maudra, rally every Gelfling to our cause.
My brother is still a prisoner.
I will go and free him.
And I will go with you.
A Vapran and a Drenchen fighting side by side.
- Hm.
It really must be end times.
- Well, then we'd better act quickly.
- Hm.
- Hm.
We'll meet you in Ha'rar! - Until the day.
- Thra protect us all.
[thunder rumbling.]
- We have to keep moving! - [panting.]
Once the Skeksis realize I've betrayed them, they'll send others.
Any guards they send will have to believe you! I can dreamfast.
They won't send Gelfling.
The Skeksis will come for us! Come on, son! This way! [panting.]
[wind howling.]
The Skeksis will stop at nothing to keep their secrets.
Run, Rian! Go! Run! [grunting.]
Huh? That was Rian! [gasping.]
Aduma! Beast! Retreat ya elambom! He needs our help! - [Hup.]
Deet! - [panting.]
Deet! [panting.]
- I think we lost it.
- Not for long.
Huh? [Ordon.]
We need a plan.
Do you remember when we used to catch Fizzgig outside Stone-in-the-Wood? Ah Just like old times.
I'll be the bait.
See you soon.
- [yelling.]
- [roaring.]
I've come for my prize! Your lying tongue! [yelling.]
[sword swooshing.]
[Hunter groaning.]
Not quite like old times.
Very well Father and son.
- Not quite.
- [yelling.]
Together! [Deet.]
Oh! Rian! [Deet yelping.]
[metal clanking.]
You have heart.
I'll take that, too.
Follow me! - [growling.]
- Father? Father! Enough fun! - [snarling.]
- [wheezing.]
- No! Father! - Not my son! [squeaking.]
No! - Father! - You're coming with me.
It's all right.
Rian, be brave! [straining.]
No! No! Father! Father! - [Deet.]
Rian, stop! It's too dangerous! - No, Father! [screaming.]
No! No! No! No! He's gone.
He's gone.
[voice trembling.]
They're all gone.
- [gasping.]
- [rumbling continues.]
[Rian yelling.]
No! No! Rian! [panting.]
[fantasy music playing.]