The Day I Met El Chapo (2017) s01e03 Episode Script

The Fallout

This series is based on Kate del Castillo's account of events related to her meeting with Sean Penn and "El Chapo" Guzmán.
The opinions expressed are those of the commentators featured.
I want to make clear that this interview is for the exclusive use of Miss Kate del Castillo and Mr Sean Penn.
It was very intense.
I thought, "What have I got here? What I'm holding in my hands is priceless.
" Because no one had ever seen Joaquín Guzmán Loera speaking straight into the camera, and, for the first time, admitting that he was a drug dealer.
The day I no longer exist, drug trafficking will not decrease in any way.
That's false.
I think El Chapo wants to tell his story because we only know one side of him.
[Epigmenio] Just imagine all those years of hiding and living in the mountains Of course he wanted to get his 15 minutes of fame.
I think El Chapo Guzmán's biggest mistake was recording that video and staying in touch after sharing his table with them.
In Latin America, if you study the history of great bandits, great independence leaders and great guerrilla soldiers, how does the State manage to capture them? It always comes down to vanity.
I started crying, my heart started beating really fast, I started sweating I mean, what do I do with all this information? It was something that no one else had.
The responsibility I had was indescribable.
[man] And now that you are free, how do you feel? Well, I'm happy to be free, because freedom is very beautiful.
A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES WELCOME TO BADIRAGUATO THE DAY I MET EL CHAPO New Year's Eve, 2015 Three months after meeting El Chapo, Kate throws a party to celebrate the New Year.
["Draft Dodger Rag" by Phil Ochs playing] I remember, that New Year's Eve, walking in, and hanging out with everyone.
And then I saw Sean Penn, and I was like huh.
She'd never mentioned him before, which was not like her.
No one could believe it, and we were all like, "Sean Penn is over there!" We all jokingly said, "I'll stand next to him, so you can take a photo.
" Everyone was talking about him.
[Oscar] I remember Sean having the time of his life.
Just being a good guy that, just, was there, invited by Kate, with a bunch of friends, having a good time and drinking tequila.
[Jillian] We were all talking, and he was regaling the table with stories about Madonna.
And I knew that she was into Sean, but I knew zero point zero.
[Kate] I threw that party because I was very nervous.
The Rolling Stone article was about to come out.
I thought, "Let's have a good time and pretend nothing is happening.
" I said, "Let's just relax.
" And he said the same.
"It's New Year's Eve.
Let's clear our minds a little.
" But, I hadn't told anyone.
On January 2nd, after spending the holidays with friends at her house, we went out for breakfast, and she said to us, "Soon, something will hit the news.
Something big.
I want you to know that I'm OK, that nothing's going to happen, and I'm safe.
" So I considered everything.
I always felt I had a duty to my closest friends to give them a heads-up, so they would not be caught off-guard, by the press or the news, and to stop them from worrying.
I had to tell them something, so they would know I was OK.
A bomb was about to go off.
They had to know it would be OK.
I thought, "Oh, I know I think Kate is gay and she is about to come out to the world.
" That was my first thought.
Then I thought, "She's doing drugs.
I bet she'll tell us that she's using.
" I considered every possibility, except what happened.
JANUARY 3, 2016 After receiving El Chapo's video in November, Sean Penn needs to have it translated to finish his article for Rolling Stone.
She told me, "Sean Penn is working on something and wants to know if you could help him.
Because he needs someone who can understand colloquialisms in both English and Spanish.
" I had no idea what this was about.
I go to his house the following day, and he shows me El Chapo's interview.
I remember seeing the screen.
My initial reaction was to laugh a little.
He asks me, "What?" "Well, he gained weight," compared to the images we had seen.
And he tells me, "Well, we did this interview, and we want you to translate it.
" I said, "OK" I started thinking, "Oh, my God.
" You have to be real and translate El Chapo, like I was more concerned that I repeat what he said, verbatim.
I didn't want him to be mad at me.
[man] Do you consider yourself a violent man? No, sir.
Sean stayed with me for a while, and then he went out.
He told me, "I'm going to go out to eat.
I might not see you, so thank you.
" And I never saw him again.
The relationship between Sean Penn and Kate del Castillo fractured because she started to question him.
[Kate] He forced me to answer all of his questions, or for Mr Guzmán to provide answers whenever he wanted.
I'd tell him, "You're not getting it.
He's running for his life.
He cannot just answer whenever you want him to.
" Things got tense between us.
We would yell at each other over the phone.
I hung up on him several times.
He did the same.
I felt he wasn't getting it.
Ultimately, he's American.
He doesn't get how tense it is in Mexico.
Unless you're Mexican or live in Mexico, you cannot know the terror that us Mexicans have experienced for so many years.
So, for him, it was very easy to just ask for things.
And I was already reaching my limit, but I wanted us to be on good terms.
I noticed she was acting weird.
She seemed very distressed.
She was constantly on her phone.
[Kate] Sean had told me to find a lawyer two or three weeks earlier.
"Why do I need a lawyer?" He said, "Get a lawyer in case something happens.
" So I was referred to this lawyer, Aguilar Zinser.
I hired him Well, we entered into a verbal agreement, because we never signed anything, and I never paid him or anything.
Speaking in code, I told him, "The man who is on the run An article is about to be published.
An American actor wrote it for Rolling Stone magazine, and I'm involved.
" And then on Thursday, he called me to say no.
His firm didn't want the case.
When the news broke, I didn't have a lawyer.
JANUARY 7, 2016 Four days before the article is published, Sean Penn invites Kate to read the final version.
[Kate] Sean asked me to come to the Sunset Tower Hotel.
It was full of actors everywhere because it was the Golden Globe Awards weekend.
And he was very happy to be socializing with everyone.
I got there and he said, "Come here, Kate.
Have a seat.
" He started introducing me to all these famous actors And I said, "No, I'll go sit somewhere else.
I came to read the article.
" He wanted me to see the layout.
I couldn't care less about the layout.
"Look how nice it looks!" "I don't care.
I want to know what it says.
" And I started reading it on the phone, and I started to get really angry.
I was pissed off to the point that I wanted to throw the phone at his face.
Because he never sent me that final version.
He wrote that El Chapo had sent me flowers, which was a lie.
He said we passed through a military checkpoint.
That was also a lie.
Supposedly, the marines let them pass through a military checkpoint.
That was a lie.
I knew there was nothing there.
That's a line that Mexico's government really never wants crossed in the public eye.
The possibility is that the Mexican army is fully aware of the drug production, is going out there and maybe destroying some crops for show, but the reality is the commanders, at some level, are tolerating drug production and, maybe, in some way or another, profiting or being directly involved.
[Kate] I didn't read it in full, because I wasn't going to read the full article on a tiny phone.
I started getting upset.
I left the phone and told his friends I was leaving.
They wanted me to wait and say goodbye to him.
I said, "I don't want to say goodbye.
I want to leave now.
" And I went straight home feeling very upset, but I mostly felt angry.
And that was the last time I saw Sean Penn.
JANUARY 8, 2016 THREE DAYS BEFORE THE ROLLING STONE ARTICLE IS PUBLISHED [gunfire] [gunfire continues] [explosion] [gunfire] [soldier] Now! [soldier #2] Get in! We turn now to the other developing headline tonight.
The notorious drug lord "El Chapo," who escaped months ago into that mile-long tunnel carved beneath his prison cell, with full electricity and a motorcycle waiting, tonight, captured.
Here's the poster just released.
El Chapo, now caught.
But it came after a bloody shootout.
[Kate] I remember my phone started ringing, and I saw the message.
Then I turned on the TV and found out he had been captured.
[male reporter] A dramatic capture.
The world's most wanted, most dangerous drug lord, Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán, back in Mexican custody tonight.
Mexico's president announcing, "Mission accomplished" I was truly shocked.
The article was due to be published on Monday.
I thought, "This is not right.
" My instinct was telling me that this was not right.
[male reporter] Mexican officials say the drug lord had a lot of fire power.
Captured in the raid, a rocket launcher, eight rifles, two armored vehicles.
Later that day, the Attorney General said that a Hollywood actor and an actress had helped them find Mr Guzmán.
Another important factor that allowed his location to be pinpointed was the discovery of Guzmán Loera's intentions to film a biographical movie, for which he got in touch with actresses and producers, which has already opened a new line of investigation.
[female reporter] The investigation has sparked speculation on who would bring El Chapo's story to life.
At the beginning, they didn't give any names.
Kate wondered whether they would say her name or not.
And it was complete chaos.
with a few producers and artists.
Men and women.
I can't give any more details.
I went crazy because they put us all at risk by saying that they had found him because of us.
Because of us or thanks to us.
The first thing I told Mr Guzmán Loera was that the media and the Mexican government claimed that they were able to capture him because he was being followed.
He was like, "Nah," and started laughing, as if saying Someone in the cartel could have misunderstood what she was doing, and thought that maybe she set Mr Guzmán up to be arrested.
[Kate] I felt completely powerless and completely alone.
It was mainly a feeling of uncertainty.
After Arely Gómez said that, a journalist told me he already knew it was me.
I called Kate del Castillo, knowing she had been in touch with El Chapo Guzmán, not because of the government but because of a source close to Guzmán.
I don't know why I answered.
I was paranoid.
I thought it might be important.
I don't know.
I was anxious, so I answered She was very nervous, and I asked her to explain whether she was the one involved.
She answered with these exact words: "Whatever it is, there's a time and a place.
Don't ever call me again.
" I was petrified.
My blood pressure dropped at that moment.
I had a constant feeling that the floor was swallowing me.
So I called Sean and said to him, "This will come out tonight.
" I called Jason from Rolling Stone and said, "Jason, you had better hurry.
Just post that thing tonight.
" I remember that, before the news broke, someone posted a picture on Twitter.
It was the first photo where you could see Mr Penn with El Chapo.
The moment I saw that picture, my blood froze.
It just froze.
I sent it to Kate, and she said, "Where did you get that from?" And I said to her, "It's on social media.
" Shortly after that, Univision came out with their piece, and that's when the whole thing blew up.
The name "Kate del Castillo" has been linked to "El Chapo Guzmán".
The actress's manifesto, which back then caused a lot of controversy in Mexico, now resonates once more, after it became known that she, together with American actor Sean Penn, managed to meet up with El Chapo himself last October for an interview published by Rolling Stone magazine.
That was the moment for many journalists and many observers of the drug conflict in Mexico, where we thought, "Someone did it.
Someone finally got to El Chapo Guzmán.
" And, craziest story possible, it was a Hollywood dude named Sean Penn, and Kate del Castillo.
It was a spectacular media story, and this weird combination between entertainment and the underworld.
WE'LL EXTRADITE EL CHAPO Penn declared to the Associated Press that he has nothing to hide.
Kate del Castillo has yet to comment.
She surely will at some point.
I was shocked.
I was just shocked.
I never knew that she had taken such a risk.
I almost fainted.
I almost fainted.
They put her in a high-risk position, not just her but her family, too.
She was left adrift in the face of criminal organizations that could have misconstrued her actions or the way she behaved.
I was in El Chapo's territory.
I was in Chiapas.
And I had just finished interviewing one of El Chapo's former employees.
My boss, my producer, tells me, "Vero, everybody is looking for you.
" And I said, "Why? Let me work.
I'm in the middle of an interview.
" "Have you read about your sister?" "What?" "Well, she met with El Chapo.
" SHE BELIEVES KATE DEL CASTILLO IS THE PREY IN A MANHUN [Verónica] I had a panic attack in the middle of the interview.
I couldn't believe - and that's why I got so angry - that I'd found out through the media and my boss, and not my sister, that this bomb was about to go off.
I found out about this at the same time you and all the other journalists did.
[paparazzo] Kate, how are you? [Jessica] Her life changed drastically, in every possible way.
When we'd go out, paparazzi would follow our car.
We had to hide, take detours It was like something out of Mission Impossible.
[paparazzo #2] Don Eric! Grant me an interview, Don Eric! [Kate Trillo] We'd leave, and they would be waiting outside.
Eric was at the theater.
They wouldn't let us pass.
They were always outside.
We didn't want to talk to anyone.
They were just there.
It was horrible.
It was horrible.
I won't say anything about my daughter.
[Jillian] I was terrified.
I had security here for a week.
I had to hire a guy with a gun to sit out because people were following me.
There were many unpleasant situations, because the press here tried to reach out to every single one of us to find out what we did or did not know.
I didn't like being in that situation.
It was a constant bombardment and attack, and it was annoying.
[Epigmenio] Kate called me.
She said, "Have you read Rolling Stone?" I said, "I haven't read it, but I know about everything.
" "What do you think?" I said, "Holy shit!" There are new revelations about drug lord El Chapo's time on the run.
Just-released text messages show the cartel kingpin's apparent infatuation with a Mexican soap opera actress.
[male reporter #2] Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán reaches out to del Castillo: "I am very eager to meet and become great friends.
You are the best in the world.
I'll take care of absolutely everything.
" "It's so moving that you say you will take care of me," del Castillo replies.
"No one has ever taken care of me.
Thank you! I am free next weekend.
" [Andrés] All of that was leaked from my phones.
They took the phones without a warrant, so we don't know to what extent they manipulated the information.
The government made a point to leak those messages and plant the seed of doubt.
[Lydia] They half-leaked the phone conversations.
They edited them.
They had the nerve to edit them and lie.
It's a very serious crime.
A judge compared Kate's original messages against those published by the press and determined they were definitely not identical.
[Lydia] Kate's case is not, and has never been, a judiciary case.
It's a case of political persecution that uses the justice system as a tool for punishment, for her daring to do what she did.
And suddenly, what was the latest mainstream media scandal? Kate del Castillo and a ridiculous, absurd and non-existent love affair with a drug kingpin.
The phrase that's gone viral is, "I will care for you more than I do my own eyes.
" And, "No one has ever taken care of me.
" I CAN NEVER REPAY YOU [Diego] She went from being a famous Mexican actress in Hollywood to an actress being persecuted by the government because of her relationships with outlaws.
There was all this mystery about whether something else had happened.
[female reporter #2] Kate del Castillo and Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán engaged in sexual intercourse during one of those encounters somewhere in the jungle in the south of Mexico.
They even said I was pregnant.
[male reporter #3] Kate del Castillo revealed she is pregnant, and confirmed that the father is the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán.
This whole thing turned into a soap opera, because people started following her, thinking that perhaps there had been an affair or a sexual relationship between them.
I even asked her, "Did anything happen with El Chapo? Anything at all?" She said, "Of course not.
" In my heart and deep inside, I knew nothing had happened.
But there was a point where people's ghoulish comments made me doubt it.
There are many examples of drug lords who ended up being captured, as the song goes, "because of the love of a woman.
" Ask anyone in the street, "Why is Kate del Castillo famous?" "Because she slept with El Chapo.
" That's the image that stuck in people's minds.
If you seek to destroy a woman's reputation, the best way is to attack her sexual morality.
[Kate Trillo] Lots of nasty things were said.
That she was a drug addict - That she - That she laundered money.
[male reporter #4] Del Castillo is being investigated for taking money from El Chapo to fund her tequila business and setting up the Sean Penn interview, which has been a source of embarrassment for the Mexican government.
[Andrés] Afterwards, the federal government manipulated the situation.
There was nothing We knew that if there had been any situation involving money, she would now be in jail, and so would I.
They tried to prove that El Chapo had invested in her tequila business.
They haven't.
They tried to prove he gave her money.
They haven't.
[Andrés] That was discussed on day one.
I explained to Mr Joaquín Guzmán Loera that under no circumstances could there be any money coming from him, because if the federal government, or any production company interested in the movie project found out, it would complicate things.
So money was left out of the negotiation completely.
Of course she made that clear.
And I explained it to Mr Guzmán Loera.
[Diego] I thought the Mexican State was taking revenge.
It also reflected the sexist culture that took aim at her.
[Ophelia] The other option was to go after Sean Penn.
And the issue here is about a Mexican woman talking to a Mexican drug lord.
I think the feeling that Kate and other people might have is that there has been a certain misogynistic and sexist element, because all the focus has been placed on her and no one else.
That's a bit far-fetched.
[Alejandro] What about Sean Penn and the producers? Nothing.
The Attorney General even said, "They are not under investigation.
" And that was odd, because if you are investigating the contact made with him, you investigate everyone involved.
[Epigmenio] They did it because she's a woman.
And they did it because she's beautiful.
She had all the characteristics of the propitiatory victim.
This country continues to survive through human sacrifice.
Kate was persecuted by the media.
The media created a replicating effect with their attack on her.
The cover story was no longer about El Chapo Guzmán evading the authorities.
It was about Kate del Castillo meeting with El Chapo Guzmán.
That didn't happen by chance.
It was intentional.
JANUARY 18, 2016 The Mexican government issues Kate with a summons for obstruction of justice and money laundering.
According to a spokesperson from Mexico's Attorney General's Office, the Office has issued a warrant and an order to appear in court for Mexican actress Kate del Castillo.
Scandals are a universal phenomenon, and the authoritative media control in Mexico promotes scandals like this one to distract us and keep us from focusing on the root cause of the problem.
We always see great complicity between the authorities, organized crime and narcos.
The government's attack on Kate was due to public humiliation.
That humiliation happened when they found out that Kate had an interview with the most wanted man in the world.
What they won't forgive Kate for is how she highlighted the Mexican government's complete failure.
El Chapo escapes and sets up a meeting with Hollywood.
INVESTIGATE SEAN AND KATE! [Professor Ackerman] It is known.
Arely Gómez, the Attorney General herself said, "Oh, yes.
We already knew that.
We even have pictures of Kate del Castillo and Sean Penn at the airport during this visit.
" This is very important, because the Mexican government already knew where El Chapo Guzmán was even before they visited him, and afterwards.
The theory is that some government agent, at some level, on both sides, would have known about this, would have been monitoring Kate and Sean, maybe even following them.
She stepped into a context of great complicity that already existed between El Chapo, the authorities, private companies It's the current complex situation that defines Mexico.
What do you think about the official version that explains the purchase of a "white house" as the result of the work of a Televisa actress? Well, you see, I was never paid properly so - Could you buy a house like that? - No, there's no way.
Really? But you're a great actress I think that, in Kate del Castillo's case, the political and judicial persecution she is facing has to do with her comments about Angélica Rivera.
[Daniel] In a lot of people's minds, the first thought "Woah, man.
Maybe she'd better be more careful.
" Because these guys also have long memories, and maybe one day they will try and seek revenge for these very damaging statements that she was making about the First Lady.
During my time there, I was one of the most important leading ladies.
And I never I mean, I wish I never had I had to ask for them to When I got a divorce, I had to ask them to help me, because my salary wasn't enough.
In November 2014, the First Lady of Mexico published a video message addressed to all Mexicans.
I worked for 25 years in the entertainment industry as an actress and TV host, and I also worked on several marketing campaigns, and I received the corresponding payments for my work.
The fact of the matter is no one in Mexico, unless you own a bunch of multi-billion-dollar companies, could afford that kind of a house.
And the fact that she was able to somehow magically come up with the money to do that is very suspicious, and Kate addressed that deep-seated suspicion that was really coursing through the whole country.
I want to make it very clear to you, the Mexican people, that I have nothing to hide, that I've worked my whole life, that, thanks to that, I'm an independent woman, and that I was able to build a patrimony with honesty and with all my hard work.
Surely, this didn't go down well and wasn't appreciated by the President, or the First Lady, or the ministers, or Peña Nieto's government, no doubt about it.
The wealthy cry with laughter when the poor starve to death.
It wasn't just her.
There were several There was Verónica Castro, who is an icon in the case of Mexico.
There were several renowned actors and actresses who said the same thing Kate did, but the government doesn't hate them.
[Jessica] And during that time especially, she was really worried, so she wouldn't leave her house.
If I felt confused, you can only imagine how she felt.
[Kate] My friends told me to leave my house because it wasn't safe given that everyone knew where I lived.
In this wall of trees that you see here, there was a hole, like that, like a window.
Who would have access in order to do something like that? It had to be during the night, because when we went to bed, it wasn't there! I got paranoid, so I had security cameras installed.
I was very scared and stressed because I didn't know what would happen.
I didn't know if my phones had been tapped, if there were drones I honestly wasn't thinking clearly.
I knew nothing.
On January 2nd, at her home in Los Angeles, I looked out the window in my room, and I saw a guy A man doing the gardening, but without scissors.
He was dressed like a regular person, with a cell phone in his hand.
I was walking along here with a friend, and a guy showed up with a huge dog.
It was like a Rottweiler.
It was very intimidating.
So we turned around.
He was running, but when he saw us, he stopped.
He began walking slowly, without taking his eyes off me.
He didn't look at my friend.
He passed by, without saying a word, and just stared.
We looked at each other and realized we had goose bumps.
She said to me, "Did you see that?" And I answered, "Yes!" And she said I said to her, "He was from the DEA.
" She said, "Yes!" So I was here in my room, and I heard a helicopter.
[helicopter whirring] [Kate] I thought, "That's weird.
" It was right there.
Right here.
What else can they see? The only thing around here is my house.
I came out because of the noise.
They began taking photos.
[camera shutter clicking] [Kate] The minute they saw me come out, the helicopter took off and left.
You're emotionally very vulnerable because your privacy has been invaded in every possible way.
I'm not leaving my house, because my house is the one thing I attained from my hard work and my money, and it's the only place where I feel safe.
Where would I go? A hotel? Pay for a hotel room? For how long? A month? Two months? A year? No.
She hasn't yet spoken publicly, or released a press statement, or filmed a video with her version of events.
That's actress Kate del Castillo.
But Lydia Cacho, one of Mexico's bravest independent journalists, recently met with Kate.
Kate is visibly frightened.
She cannot understand the reason behind these vicious attacks from the Mexican government.
Kate called me.
I was at home.
I said to her, "I'm on my way," and got on a plane the next day.
Her assistant and accountant were there.
And I said to them, "OK, guys, here's what I need First, get all the documents out, because they will try to freeze all of Kate's bank accounts.
You must have the documents in your hands, so they know you have everything in order.
Two, you need to have all tax declarations in the US and Mexico in your hands.
" I asked Kate directly, "Did he give you any money for your tequila business?" She said, "Never.
" I said, "Tell me how you run the tequila business.
" She immediately pulled out the tequila contract in front of her accountant.
And the truth is there isn't a single piece of evidence against her that could incriminate her.
I think I was still in shock, and you made me remember many things, and created a timeline.
You said, "This is what they will ask for.
You must have this ready.
" That's when I said I needed someone to give me a sense of order because I was all over the place.
I happened to have a really good friend whose brother worked on OJ.
So I called his brother up, and he said, "There's only one person that I would trust in a case like this, and it's Harland Braun.
" The first time I'd ever heard of Kate del Castillo, was when she walked into my office.
I decided to take on the case, because I didn't think she had any criminal exposure, that she did anything wrong, but I wasn't completely knowledgeable about Mexican law.
[Alejandro] I first got a call from journalist, Lydia Cacho.
She said, "Are you watching the news about El Chapo?" I said, "Yes.
" "A good friend of mine will give you a call.
I would like you to listen to her and maybe represent her.
" I asked who the friend was.
She said, "Kate del Castillo.
" ATTORNEY GENERAL'S OFFICE [Alejandro] The first thing she wanted to know was whether, under Mexican law, she had committed any crimes.
There was talk about the handling of illicit funds, or money laundering.
And I can honestly say there wasn't anything There was nothing that would make you say, "They almost got her here.
" Nothing at all.
The second part was finding a good publicist.
So I'm in Kate's kitchen, and she's talking to these people.
I'm like, "Who's that?" She goes, "It's the publicist.
" I go, "That can't be your publicist.
" And she goes, "Oh, well, Sean gave me his publicist.
" And I was like, "I'm sorry, what now? Fire them.
We need to fire them right now.
They're not working for you.
They're working for him.
" JANUARY 28, 2016 Kate has been out of the public eye and in her home for three weeks.
We finally had a good day, because we had spent many days crying, enduring criticism and hearing lies on TV.
We were having a good time, dancing, and we went two bed at around two in the morning.
At around 4:20 a.
, Kate knocks on my bedroom door.
And she tells me, "They're coming for me.
" I was asleep, and they called.
The security guys called me on the phone, and they said, "Miss Kate! A bunch of guys with badges are coming right now to your house.
" I went to Jessica's room, who thankfully was staying here with her boyfriend.
I said to her, "Call my lawyer.
" She was crying and shaking.
They were knocking on the door really hard, like the world was about to end.
They showed me the badge, right in my face.
I said to them, "What took you so long?" They asked me, "Why?" "Because everybody's talking, saying that I'm hiding.
" More people started to come in.
There were, like, two or three there, two more here, and here There was a woman here.
She looked really mean.
She was leaning against the wall.
They asked me to sit down.
I sat here.
And the DEA agent sat here, from either New York or Washington.
The guy from Mexico's DEA sat here.
They said to me, "So we're going to ask you a few questions.
We hope you will answer them, otherwise you'll go to Washington with the FBI, who are really tough.
" I said, "I'd rather go with them, but have my lawyer with me.
" The adrenaline in my heart was pumping really hard.
They want to harass and scare you.
They had her right there, to question her.
It was a really horrible experience.
They said, "The FBI told us that you have a direct threat from the cartel.
" And I was like, "Excuse me?" And I said, "If that's true, I need protection right now.
I mean, right now! And for my mother, my father, my sister and my nephew.
And you won't leave until my mother tells me that there's an agent at her door looking after her.
" I got really angry.
And I said, "And I don't think the cartel has anything against me.
I think you just came to my house to scare me, but you won't succeed.
I'm not afraid of the cartel.
I fear the Mexican government.
If anything happens to me, it will be because of the government, not the cartel.
They will blame it on the cartel, but" And I said to them, "Everybody here knows how Mexico works.
" The woman who was standing there, who I thought didn't like me at all As I was passing her, she gave me a big hug.
It wasn't just a regular hug.
It was a very meaningful hug.
She didn't say a word, but I could feel it was like a Like a Like a hug between women.
As if she wanted to say, "I'm so sorry for what you're going through.
" I think she knew they were giving me a hard time.
They were giving me hell.
I remember thinking, "The meanest one ended up being the nicest one.
" [Alejandro] Everybody knew that Kate was there, that Sean Penn was there, and that two Hollywood producers were there.
And yet the only one they investigated was Kate del Castillo.
You would think there should be some kind of repercussion for people engaging in this.
Didn't Time interview Osama Bin Laden? I think Time did, so there's a precedent set for journalists going after high-level criminals, or wanted people, and not being prosecuted for it.
Sean Penn went with a journalist permit so that he could not be charged for harboring El Chapo.
EL CHAPO SPEAKS Rolling Stone gave Sean Penn and the two others that luxury, but for some reason, they didn't give it to Kate.
And they can say, "Oh, we thought she was protected already.
" Then, why wouldn't you just ask, "Are you?" And no one did.
To me, it was a complete and utter betrayal.
The idea is that you get a letter from Rolling Stone, which Sean and the two filmmakers got, saying that they were going down there on a journalist mission.
And as a journalist, you get to do certain things, and take certain liberties in meeting fugitives from justice.
Well, then, why didn't Sean Penn put her name down on the Rolling Stone letter? Because he gave it to the two filmmakers.
The answer I got back from people connected with Sean was, "Well, because she's not a journalist.
" My response to that was, "Well, neither are the filmmakers.
So why did you put them down and not her?" And I never got a real answer to that question.
[Kate] I knew it was dangerous.
But going through a dangerous experience is exciting, at least for me.
I've always liked the adrenaline.
Plus, I wasn't going alone.
I would be joined by three men, one of whom was American, I mean I thought I would be protected.
[Gerardo] There's a tiny detail in his article that went unnoticed.
Sean Penn said he got a call from a family member who works for the DEA, who told him, "You are being followed.
You have to be careful.
" So, somehow, the US government knew about these visits.
There is this myth about the visit that we made.
My colleagues and I.
With El Chapo.
That it led That it was, as the Attorney General in Mexico has quoted, "essential to his capture.
" We had met with him many weeks earlier.
- [Charlie] On October 2nd.
- On October 2nd.
In a place nowhere near where he was captured.
If you invite Sean Penn to go along to meet Mr Guzmán, the natural thing would be that Sean Penn will call his lawyer, who is an ex-US attorney, to tell him what he's doing.
Now, if you use common sense, the lawyer, who used to be a government prosecutor, to protect himself, would, in my opinion, call the government, and say, "Oh, by the way, I just want to let you know my client is going to see Mr Guzmán.
" And what would worry me is that the American authorities would then call the Mexican authorities and say, "Oh, by the way, you know, Sean Penn is going with Kate del Castillo to meet Mr Guzmán.
" [Andrés] Perhaps Sean Penn had something to do with it.
Maybe he leaked the location, but I can't say for sure.
After he found out that he betrayed Kate, that things didn't go as planned, of course Mr Guzmán thought that everyone else involved - Sean Penn, Fernando Sulichín, and José Ibáñez, were the ones to blame, in part, for the betrayal.
But they know it.
If there was a betrayal, they know it.
And your visit had nothing to do with his recapture? The things Here are the things that we know.
We know that the Mexican government has is They've been very humiliated by the original escape.
They were clearly very humiliated by the notion that someone found him before they did.
Well, nobody found him before they did.
We're not smarter than the DEA or the Mexican intelligence.
[Harland] I think she was naive by even inviting anyone else along.
She got herself involved in a situation that was really beyond her control, that she didn't understand the dangers involved both from two governments, as well as a cartel.
[Kate] His betrayal was the fact that he put my life in danger, that he didn't protect me, given that he knew about his plans and had his own agenda.
That's what hurt me.
I trusted him 100%, and that's why I brought him along.
[female reporter #3] The process to extradite to the United States the powerful Mexican drug dealer, Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán, formally began last Sunday.
I assure you, no tunnel will be built leading to his bathroom.
I'm just learning that Mr Guzmán has been extradited.
I don't know I don't even know how I feel.
I just don't believe in coincidences, and tomorrow is Trump's inauguration day.
El Chapo Guzmán's extradition was an offering to President Donald Trump.
They sent him, or extradited him, to the United States the day before the inauguration of Trump's presidency.
The person who will be able to get information out of El Chapo and has power over El Chapo Guzmán's future is Donald Trump alone.
And that was a huge gift from Peña Nieto to Donald Trump.
[male reporter #5] This caravan of law enforcement vehicles brought notorious drug kingpin, Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán, to Federal Court.
[male reporter #6] El Chapo is charged with running a massive drug trafficking operation that involved money laundering, kidnapping and murder.
[male reporter #7] In court he was not shackled, and appeared dazed, as he said through an interpreter that he understood he's charged with 17 crimes, including massive-scale drug trafficking with money laundering in the billions of dollars.
In the case of El Chapo, there's money that the American government is looking to seize.
It has been said that there is an estimated $14 billion.
And when it comes to drug trafficking, and other issues, like the gringos say, you always have to ask, "Where is the money?" [male reporter #7] El Chapo will spend the rest of his life in a US prison, if convicted.
MAY 6, 2017 [Kate] Is that from court? I see.
Yes, they might call me to testify.
It's what I It's what I still don't know and most certainly don't want.
After a year and a half of not working, Kate returns to the screen, and she once again plays a controversial character.
No one leaves a president.
I'm not leaving the President.
I'm leaving you, Diego.
[Alberto] Kate and her character, Emilia, have in common the fear of making an entire government angry.
And being in the spotlight is not an easy thing to do.
[Kate] Ingobernable is one of the projects I'm most proud of.
We did it under very difficult circumstances.
Being in a situation like this is a real shame.
We had to delay the production and relocate to a different country because of the charges I was facing: money laundering, obstruction of justice and the intention to make deals with narcos.
Because we had to protect Kate and protect the production, we decided to shoot in San Diego.
The film crew in San Diego was made up of 165 people and there were another 165 people here.
And no one found out that we were filming.
[Jessica] Out of all the people I know, Kate is the proudest of her roots.
She's a woman who loves her dear Mexico.
PREMIERE OF INGOBERNABLE - [photographer] Kate! - Hello! [photographer] Kate! [Eric] She will come back.
Once she is sure that she can set foot in her home country, she will.
[photographers shouting for Kate] [Eric] I won't say it because of our government But we know that at any given time, they can make anything up.
They plant their famous "seed," they open a new file, and you end up being jailed.
I think that if you know you're not loved by a country, especially ours, you would fear everything.
They can put drugs inside your suitcase, they can say you haven't paid your taxes, even though you have, they can claim you abused a minor It's very sad, but there are countries, like ours, where that happens, so I think she's doing it to protect herself.
- Are you nervous, Kate? - Yes, very.
Is it obvious? [Verónica] I wouldn't recommend that she come here.
Not until this presidency is over and she has the political and judicial guarantee that the next president will put the matter to rest.
See you in a bit.
See you in a bit.
Of course it hurts.
Everything that's happening to me and my family hurts.
Of course.
I'm going through the toughest time of my life.
I mean Of course I want to go back.
I love Mexico because I'm Mexican, above all.
But What I mean is that I will not let that defeat me.
[Alberto] She misses Mexico a lot.
It's her native country, her home.
Being able to go anywhere in the world but your own country is painful.
[chattering] PREMIERE OF INGOBERNABLE, MEXICO CITY [photographers shouting] [Kate] Today is the premiere of Ingobernable in Mexico.
I would have loved to be there.
I won't deny it.
But that's it.
I'm not going to think about it or anything It makes me jealous that it's happening without me, but it's a good kind of jealous.
As Peña Nieto's presidency starts to fade away, I think the chances of Kate returning to Mexico will get better and better.
[Kate] Hello to everyone there.
It's a shame that I can't see the faces of the members of the press and my colleagues.
It's incredible that you're there.
I cannot go back because I'm being attacked for something I didn't do, and because this witch hunt has been completely exhausting and too intense.
I want them to leave me alone.
My dear colleagues, I'm sorry that I cannot hug you all tonight, but I wish you the very best of luck.
Have they cut the feed yet? - [woman] Yes.
It's already showing - Great.
[Jillian] Has she suffered for wanting to tell the story? Unbelievably.
[Verónica] It's understandable that she's a target.
It's the tweet, it's the meeting It's the interviews she's given, saying she doesn't regret it and would do it again.
One after the other.
When will my sister learn her lesson? Because a lesson not learned is a lesson you'll repeat.
I want you to stop getting yourself into trouble, or causing more trouble for my family.
[Roxanna] Maybe she didn't do things as she should have.
Because I'm not saying Kate did things the right way.
But she knows why she did them.
[Kate] I am an honorable woman.
I am so, so sorry that I put my entire family through it.
Because that was not my Sorry, that was not the That was not the point.
I didn't know this was going to happen.
Unfortunately, I hurt a lot of people around me.
And I never meant to.
And I never meant to offend anyone, of course.
I'm here.
I can hear you.
[Kate Trillo] How are you, dear? I admire her for what she did.
[Kate chuckles] [Eric] She's a brave woman who seeks the wellbeing of her home country, no matter what.
She's my daughter and I'll back her until the day I die.
Both of us.
Because we love her.
Because we know who she is.
And we have suffered the consequences.
But, no storm lasts forever.
[Catalina] If she wants to do the movie about El Chapo, then she should.
I hope she approaches it very carefully, and doesn't try to make a case for it, because we can't forget we have some very real and recent deaths as a result of drug dealing.
I think you have to be very ethical when making money from, or entertaining people with, a story like this one.
These are not stories of Al Capone, which took place decades ago.
This is still happening.
With El Chapo, you have the possibility of telling a story that every production company is dying to tell.
Many producers had already come forward and said, "Allow me to tell your story.
I'll buy the rights.
" But none of them were Kate.
[Sanjuana] It's very important to tell the life stories of drug dealers.
El Chapo Guzmán was the drug lord of this presidency.
People need to find out what's behind all that, the good and the bad.
People who don't know me don't They will have their doubts about whether whether whether, in this case, I'm a good person or a bad one.
[Kate] I want to be the one who brings forward a story that concerns everyone.
It could be incredibly important for my career, and for me, personally, as a Mexican.
Talking about organized crime in Mexico is important to me.
That's why it's important that Kate tells the story.
That's why it's important that Kate is involved in the development of this story.
Kate's version is the one that has to be told.
Because otherwise Hollywood will once again reduce us to the most trivial of stereotypes.
The evil greaser Mexican Chapo.
And the soap opera starlet.
And we will lose the nuances that reveal the true depth of this story and how complex it is.
[Kate] I think what matters here is that I'm not the only one suffering the injustice in Mexico.
There are millions of us Mexicans who suffer daily as a result of the government's bullying.
We are all angry at the government, but we remain silent.
The problem is not the people who remain silent and just watch, but the ones who could say something, but don't.
Mexico is not a place where you speak your mind and don't suffer some kind of consequences, if what you say manages to anger the wrong person.
The problem is that everybody is afraid, but that's only if one person speaks out.
If many people speak out, it cannot cost the lives of 100 million Mexicans.
It's impossible.
[Lydia] That's what saves the world: people doing the right thing, which is to stand alongside and help people who are at risk.
And the right thing is to defend people's rights.
I think what people need to understand is the strength required to stand up to a country of male chauvinists, who have decided to go after you.
The loneliness and the pain it entails If you think standing up to a male chauvinist at home is hard, try standing up to a government full of them, which has the means to destroy you.
That's what Kate faced.
[Kate] Someone must say something.
And maybe many other people have said something.
Hope is the last thing that is lost.
And we need more people to speak up.
This is not the time to remain silent.
It's the time to speak up.
As long as I have a voice, I will use it to talk about the injustices that happen in Mexico.
In November 2016, Kate was granted an appeal against the Attorney General's Office for illegally leaking information to the media in the ongoing investigation against her, opened as a result of her meeting with Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán.
Six months later, a district court revoked Kate's appeal, ruling that any interference by the Attorney General was on legal grounds because Kate, as an actress, is a public figure and, as such, must endure interference in her private life and personal data, even when annoying or hurtful.
JUNE 2017 Since the moment everything exploded in Mexico and everything went public, it's been a year and a half.
What they did to me, how they publicly destroyed me, that can't be undone.
I won't be the one who remains silent.
I'm going to Washington to file a complaint against the Mexican government before the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights.
Since I'm a public figure, the country has the right to trample all over my human rights.
And it's completely illegal.
They simply cannot trample all over our human rights.
The Constitution says so.
I'm going with my lawyers to see whether anyone other than Mexico can do something.
[female reporter #4] The actress alleges that Peña Nieto's government caused damage to her and her career by leaking information about the investigation, that resulted from her meeting with drug dealer Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán.
She states that would constitute a violation of her honor, her dignity and, above all, her right to the presumption of innocence.
[Kate] I don't know what will happen, but not doing it would be a mistake.
It would mean submission.
And I don't feel defeated just yet.
I won't allow it.
Sean Penn was contacted for an interview.
He never responded.
The production company contacted Fernando Sulichín and José Ibáñez Fernando Sulichín was initially interested, but later became unavailable.
José Ibáñez never responded.
Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán awaits his trial, scheduled to begin on April 16th, 2018.
He's currently being held in a New York prison.
The investigation by the Mexican state against Kate, into money laundering and harboring, was closed due to lack of evidence.
There are many people in the world who are unable to speak up against violations to their human rights.
Subtitle translation by Laura Cucurullo