The Dead Lands (2020) s01e01 Episode Script

Tell the Dead I'm Coming

The Dead - they sigh to me, and I heed them.
I listen to their sighs.
They tell me to seek a warrior - more monster than man.
His sins are far beyond counting but so are his skills and only he can help me save my people.
It's said he will do things no other man would dare do, because other men fear The Dead - fear offending them.
And they know we all meet them in the end.
Wake up, why don't you? Finally.
Is this how you welcome your heroes? Open up! Kati tena.
He was once a man - a very bad man, much like you, Waka Nuku Rau.
Did you think we would let someone like you into our most cherished place? Look into your heart.
Where there should be honour and a soul, there is nothing but an empty hole filled with your meaninglessness and dishonourable acts.
Your ancestors refuse you an afterlife.
So we will let you return.
What?! There is much for you to do, Waka Nuku Rau, believe me.
Redeem yourself in the world, find honour so that you may be forgiven your sins.
Although, there are so very many sins to forgive.
Now make your choice, or that is your fate - neither living nor dead, trapped in between, life force ripped from his tongue and his eyes.
But I don't believe any of this.
And if you ask me, this is all some trick.
Captions by Able.
Wives! Wives! I have a tale to tell.
Marama! Nga! Where are you? Useless.
Seeing things now.
I snared a bird.
You stop our business for this? She's mad.
That's unnatural.
What happened to it? Is that important enough for you, my brother? It's a sign, isn't it? Yes.
Of your stupidity.
It is tapu to bring such an impure thing here.
The whole village will need to be cleansed now, - and you'll help.
- But it is a sign.
And beyond my knowledge.
But something must be wrong with the land when it rejects its children.
We'll call a rahui - be cleansed of this.
Mehe - you exposed everyone.
- Could be a curse.
Your spirit is my greatest joy and greatest fear.
Bend to you role in life.
Why? What is it? Marama.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Wake up.
Wake up! Stop it.
Stop it! He iro ke koe.
What the fuck? Hei tino kai maku! Really? Maku to mata e kai! Get up.
Get up.
Ah! Hey! Who are you? Let me down.
Come on! Come on! Who are you and why are you here? Go fuck yourself! You're a fool.
Fools won't last long in this world any more.
Run! You can't hide from me.
Once I took whatever I wanted, when I wanted it.
But see how I've changed.
Who are you talking to? You're the stupid one, not me.
I knew you were here.
I dug this chamber.
These are my lands.
You're You're Waka Nuku Rau.
I came to find you so you can help- What I saw - am I dead? What? Am I dead? No.
Unless I am too.
- Well, what are they? - I don't know.
But if I hadn't found this, I'd be dead.
And there are other things too that have crossed into this world from the afterlife.
What? The priestess of my tribe says the veil between light and dark is breaking.
And those things out there, they're proof of it, aren't they? They only come at night.
During the day, they run from Tamanuitera.
Yours, if you help my tribe.
It's called Te Kapua.
It's our greatest treasure.
My wives - they never had love for me when they were alive.
I'm sorry, but you can't help them now.
But you can help my tribe, if the legends are true about you.
And what do they say? That you're the greatest living fighter that this land has given birth to Probably true.
and will do anything for a price.
My father will give you anything.
I'm leaving.
I'm not sticking around for those things to come for me.
- Yes, but- - And I'm better off alone.
You're safe here.
I give you permission to stay.
- Please.
- It's a good hole.
- Please! - No.
Look, I don't want to help you, understand? What are you to me? You're nothing - nothing to me.
Why would I help her anyway? I'm the one who needs help.
How am I supposed to find honour in this world? There's no honour here.
Fuck! Give it.
Have you returned just to steal from me? Perhaps.
Well balanced, I suppose.
Do you always give up so easily? Father.
Papa! Papa! Mehe.
- What can you do against that? - No.
We have to go in.
Struck it with a killing blow, and it did nothing.
What was it? Not of the world of the living.
- We have to go in.
- And do what, against a creature we can't kill? Will no one go in with me? Mehe, he's dead, as will you be if you go.
Where are you going? South, to find Waka Nuku Rau.
I forbid it.
Forbid whatever you want.
You won't help me, but he might.
Mehe, to enter his lands is death.
He drinks the blood of those who do.
Then I'll have something he wants.
Mehe! What is it that I'm to do for your tribe? There better be honour in it.
I know your reputation.
It's not for honour.
- We'll have to sleep here.
- How far is it? Another day.
Maybe more.
All right, five days.
All you do is tell lies.
You might not have come if I told you.
Well, we could sleep up there if you're so worried.
A warrior doesn't hide in the trees, girl.
Somebody's got to look after you.
He tino mate tera.
Upoko kohua.
We can't let him stay like that.
He's one of my people.
You know what I have to do.
Kia hiwa ra! Kia hiwa ra! No whea ra te haunga te ngaoko I taku pongaihu e? Tenei te riri, te riri ka riri.
kei taku aro? He ware no tera tai? Tenei te tira, te tira ka mate.
Whakina tautaua! That's my whanau, Waka.
Ah! Waka, stop, stop! That's my whanau! That's my whanau! Stop! He's my brother.
Friendly You gave him Te Kapua? Hmm? Our greatest treasure? He's come to help.
- It's too late! We're leaving.
- No! - Father is dead, Mehe.
- You don't know that.
What, after so much time? And last night those monsters attacked again.
Taken another! Monsters.
Our lands reject us, Mehe, for something we've done.
It's not just your lands, fool.
Our ancestors have decided to punish the living.
Perhaps for good reason.
Even more reason to go north.
Our uncle is a powerful shaman, and he'll protect us.
Leave - before it's too late.
- No.
I could force you.
I'll see you again.
Haere tonu! How can you trust him? How can you trust him? Monsters.
I can see why you wouldn't mention that.
The Dead took my father.
But he's alive - I can feel it.
You can feel it.
This is a cruel joke.
Save him, and I'll give you my blood.
Isn't that what you want? It's what the legends say.
Believe me when I say I've done far worse.
Help me, and I'll give you my life.
I'm not going to die for you.
I know what's waiting for me if I do.
I'm not dying for you and your father.
But if it comes to it, you will.
If it helps my father.
It probably will.
He can't be alive after all this time.
Know how to use it? Useless.
See here? Like this.
Ha! So if it falls out of your hand from all of the blood, you won't lose it.
Ha! Strike me.
Like this.
Hope these things sleep during the day and the ancestors of this place are watching.
Something died down here.
It's not him.
Father! Mehe.
We're gonna-We're gonna get you out of here, Papa.
It's in me.
Mehe kill me.
- Please.
- No! - No, no.
- Please.
They're coming.
Do it! - I'll do it.
- No! Please.
Do it, Mehe.
- Do it, Mehe.
- Father.
My love.
My heart.
Move! Hurry! Ah! Where you going? What's the point in acting the hero when you're always treated like the villain? I hope I'm providing you with some amusement.
We are The Dead.
We sigh at you from the Earth.
Can you hear us? We call for repayment - repayment for the things taken from us.
Such is the way of things.
We call, and you must heed our call, because we are The Dead.
Failed again, I see.
It reminds me of all your failures.
Unsex me - that's what you should have done, lest I create the thing I see before me.
I can keep you here - force you to face those vile things.
Do it, then, you old bitch.
Do you really think you would ever be welcomed into the houses of The Dead? You're stupid to think so.
But then you never were very bright.
Good fighter but not too smart.
Not like your brothers.
Finally some spirit.
The ancestors of that house - did you think they'd let you into their afterlife? The Dead make their own choices.
And do you think that just because you help this girl, that you would be forgiven for your sins? What is it that you want? Tell your lies, and I'll spit on them.
Lies? No.
But I am also a fool.
In spite of myself I love you.
You're my blood, and blood is everything.
I'd even let you drink mine, if it would help you.
First, promise you will only speak to me.
The Dead are scornful and lie.
Promise it.
You've seen the world and what's become of it.
There is a break.
What kind of break? Between the world of the living and the world of The Dead.
Even the lower creatures can no longer pass to the other side, and the spirits of The Dead can no longer reach their ancestors and are forced back into the world - back into their decaying bodies.
The Dead are vengeful that their afterlife has been stolen from them.
It's true.
- They don't seem very happy.
- You joke! But their ancestors weep because they will never see their loved ones again.
What of it? Neither will I.
At least I'll have some company.
If you heal this breach so The Dead could once again enter the afterlife, who wouldn't welcome you then? Yes.
Even your own tribe, even after what you have done, the dishonour you have poured upon them, even they would welcome you.
You could die with honour and join us in the afterlife.
Seek out the source of this atrocity.
Fix it so The Dead can rest.
And the girl Mehe.
Sacrifice her to the god of war so that he may help you in your quest.
Drink her high-born blood to strengthen you for what will come, because you will fight much that is strange and powerful.
Kill the girl.
Naku taku papara I tuku ki te po.
Kei he to haerenga ki a Hinenui.
Tokihi wairua ki te tihi o mauri or a.
Ka tangi kau au Aue.
Are you talking to The Dead? Yes.
They lie - The Dead - even more than the living.
Even more than the living.
You did what needed to be done.
Take it.
Take it.
If you train every day, you might just put up a fight before you die.
At least you had a father worth loving.
I can't say the same.
You can tell them from me.
Tell them what? Tell The Dead I'm coming.
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