The Dead Lands (2020) s01e04 Episode Script

The Exorcism of the Boy

The dead - they sigh to me.
They tell me to seek a warrior - more monster than man.
And only he can help me save my people.
There is a boy held captive by three sisters - powerful witches.
Find this boy.
You see, he knows the name of the one who broke the world.
He's possessed by a tipua - an evil spirit.
No one's heard of these witches or the boy.
Even my uncle? Do you know these women? Yes or no.
No one enters those lands.
It's protection against sorcery.
- Can I share it with Waka? - Don't.
The girl has protection against their sorcery.
- So? - Has she offered it to you? I will give you protection against these witches.
We welcome you as our guests.
Come, before night folds in on the world.
- Do you trust me? - Mostly.
Argh! Never trust anyone in a fight - especially not me.
Because you want death.
I can see it in you.
It hangs on your shoulders like a heavy cloak.
- You've been bewitched.
- Have I? And what about you? And you didn't share that with me? Stay - here with us.
I feel something in you I've not felt before.
I could have helped the boy, but their leader wouldn't listen.
His name was Te Hau.
If you bring my sister back to us, I'll exorcise the spirit from the boy.
You'll get your name.
Te Hau? My slave, get water! Call me a slave again, and I'll kill you.
Waka! Happy now? Te Hau is dead.
You got what you wanted.
It's gone.
I can feel it.
You were right.
She betrayed me.
All she cares about is her own precious neck.
Perhaps you're not the fool I took you for, my son.
Waka Nuku Rau.
Captions by Able.
- What are you doing? - He's heavier than he looks.
I'm sick.
Are you? Maybe you are, maybe you're not; maybe that thing is still inside you.
I'm just sick.
You want me to believe you? Then tell me the name of the one who let the dead into the world, and I'll carry you wherever you want.
For a shit, if that makes you happy.
I told you - I don't know anything of it.
- Then walk.
- I can't! I tell you! He could just be sick.
- Or the tipua's hiding.
- It's hiding.
- It's still in there.
- You don't know that.
I know.
What's wrong with you? You're acting like a child.
You're what's wrong - so noble, such a high-born.
Well, nobles - the honourable ones - they don't lie and deceive.
What are you talking about now? You were given protection from these witches and their sorcery.
Did you share that with me? No.
Lucky I knew what was going on.
- You knew I had protection? - I suspected.
No, that's not what you said.
You said you knew.
Who told you? - The dead told you.
- What are you talking about? You're a good fighter, but a poor liar.
- Makes us opposites.
- Was it your mother? - What if it was? - Well, she wants me dead, - or have you forgotten? - Ah, you twist everything.
You betrayed me, and then you make me the guilty one.
How could you be so stupid? You can't trust the dead - you said so yourself - especially her.
Please! He's not very noble, your friend.
Oh, I'm not drinking out of that now.
Keep it.
- What will they do to me? - Help you.
These witches will exorcise you, boy.
Should be interesting to watch.
They'll kill me.
Unless you tell us the name of the one who broke the world.
Last chance and you can go.
I don't know anything of it! I've told you, how many times! Please believe me.
Believe me! You did this? - From memory? - Yes.
Help strengthen the rahui around this place.
The night is close.
There you are when you're not needed.
I'm sure you know what you're talking about, Waka Nuku Rau.
You sent me to those witches, but you didn't tell me they were going to slit my throat.
Lucky I had protection against their sorcery.
You're not the only dead thing I speak to.
And what protection did this dead thing give you? Some blood.
Tasted like bat's piss.
Then they gave you nothing.
The dead cannot protect you from the living.
The old hag.
Beware the dead and their schemes.
But I should trust you? Just protect the girl - that's all I ask of you.
- I'm doing it.
- No, you're pushing her away.
- I don't have to like her.
- But you do like her, don't you? Keep her safe.
I told you she's special.
And beware - it's not only dead things that you fight.
There are some dangerous spirits in your world now, which is why you must not fight Te Hau.
Te Hau? Show yourself.
Te Hau? Mehe Te Wehiwehi.
Do you even know what sleeps beside you? Did you know he betrayed his own people, abandoned them like a coward? - Shut up.
- Tell us more.
He became a slave to the destroyers of his own tribe.
Stop it.
You make sure he doesn't get loose.
Come, then.
The glorious Te Hau against the slave and coward - Waka Nuku Rau.
- What are you doing? - What does it look like?! Fighting.
I don't care if you were a slave.
I don't care what you think about me.
It's trying to draw you out.
Can't you see that? I do.
If you step over that line, you'll die! Well, you're not being very supportive.
You're slower.
You're slow.
Nowhere to retreat.
That hurt.
You're embarrassing me! Slave or not, I thought you were meant to be good! You think you can do any better? No worse.
Now get up and fight! Ah! Was that good enough for you?! Run, you fool! Hurry! Hurry! Idiot.
a Tane.
E te manu kaikohau o te ahikaroa, anei matou kua hoki mai I raro I te mauri o te wao nui a Tane.
- The girl has the gift.
- For lying.
- You look terrible.
- So kind What's wrong with you? It becomes harder to protect these lands.
I've returned her.
Now for your end of the bargain.
Do your worst to him.
I I'm sick.
That's it.
- He says the tipua's gone.
- He's lying.
The spirit might be hiding, waiting.
We'll find out.
- Don't let them hurt me.
- Move! Stay outside, no matter what you hear.
- And never touch him.
- Why? If it's still in there, it could steal into your soul.
I'm sorry.
There's a long list of things you could apologise for.
When we first met Te Hau, and I pretended you were a slave? What's it to me? Nothing, unless you were one.
I wasn't a slave.
Now leave me alone.
Would it matter? A man is a man.
A name doesn't make you a thing.
We make ourselves.
Must I listen to this drivel? Always trying to change the world.
Well, there's two worlds - your perfect world, where everyone acts with honour, and the real one, where slaves live in dishonour, usually serving people like you, who have everything, when they have nothing.
We're all slaves to the past anyway.
You should just accept it.
I don't want to.
I won't.
And you shouldn't either.
Your mother - she's turned you against me, hasn't she? Don't blame her.
You lied to me.
I won't do it again, Waka.
I promise.
Words are easy.
We'll see.
Instead of letting the dead push you this way and that, you should think about how we can use them for once.
You're needed.
Your spirit is my greatest joy and greatest fear.
No! No, no, no! no! What is your name? What is your whanau? What is your iwi? Uri.
He Uri no Ngati Korepenui.
Your real name, spirit.
Say it! - No! - Tell her, boy.
Pull! They're killing me! Oh! Mehe, they're killing me! No! No! Stop! What are you doing? - Healing him.
- And you're interrupting.
- He's about to admit it.
- O Hine I te aio I wasn't.
I wasn't! No more of this.
Stop it now.
Why do you even care about him? He's not even from your tribe.
He's nothing to you.
What if he's telling the truth? - He's not.
- How would you know? You feel things.
I feel things.
I feel that the thing is still inside him.
I can see it every time I look into his shit-eating eyes.
You don't know that - not for sure.
What if it's gone? It would still be worth it.
You want the world to stay like this? - You know I don't.
- You're meant to be so smart.
He knows who broke the world; The dead told me.
- Why does he deny it? - Maybe the dead lied.
Or maybe there's a simpler reason.
- What? - It thinks it can hide.
It thinks you're going to help it.
It knows your weakness.
What weakness? You want to believe that there is good in everyone.
Well, from what I know of the world, the opposite is true.
Good people usually die, badly.
Look at your father.
Go away.
Easy for you to say; you don't have to remember.
I killed my own father.
I can't bear myself, let alone you.
Well, I've killed many men, and it doesn't help to dwell on it.
I'm trying to comfort you.
Don't bother; you're not very good at it.
Well, there's nobody else here to do it, is there? You don't have much choice.
Hate me, fine.
You won't be the first.
But in the end, you need to make a choice - that thing that's inside the boy or everyone else - because you can't have both.
You're not going to let them, eh? Say your true name and leave.
You'll let them kill me? That's typical of you.
It's what you did to your father in that cave.
You killed him too.
How did you know that? - You told me.
- I didn't.
I wouldn't.
You'd rather help a slave than the son of a chief, an ariki like you? O Hine I te rangi tuhuha.
You side with witches and slaves against your own kind! You're not my kind! You've no one here to help you, spirit.
You're all going to die.
Tenei te ara, te ara ka iri.
Te ara o Hineangiangi Where are you from? The kingdom below the edge of the world! Say your real name.
Oh! What is it? It's the true odour of the thing.
Don't touch it! Who are you? What are you? O Hine I te aio, O Hine kino ano hoki.
Te ara o Hineangiangi, te ara o Hinekorikori, tenei te ara, te ara- Shut up.
You'll be all right.
You'll be all right.
You're all going to die.
He wills it! I'll do it.
- Do what? - The head.
Otherwise Outside, at least.
Nau te he! Nau te he! Nau te he! What do we do now? We must lay hands on it.
Drag that thing out of the boy? Without Raepoto's help? - There is no one else.
- I'll do it.
You said I had your gift.
Let me help you.
You don't know what you're offering.
This thing could burrow into your spirit, - into everything that you are.
- Could she die? We don't live in a perfect world.
You won't change her mind.
She's as stubborn as a rock.
But if she says she can help, she can.
Whatever you see, don't touch it.
You could strengthen it.
Don't worry.
E rongo I te ngau o mamae nui, o mamae roa Ka mate ke nga wahine kaitutae.
E rongo I te koharihari, hei hoa haere mo E rongo I te ngau o mamae nui, o mamae roa o mamae ioio uaua.
Tama Ngarengare! Ko te kai he kai reka maku! What are you doing to her? - Stop it! - Make me.
- Leave her be.
- Make me slave! Please.
She's mine now! You cloak of shit.
- What is this? - E puta e Rae.
Kia poto te wa ki a ratou.
What did you do? You hit him, didn't you? - No.
- Puta e, puta e.
He popoto te wa ki a raua - toia ki raro.
E puta e Rae.
He popoto te wa ki a E puta.
- What is it? - Ki raro.
- Careful.
- E puta te wa ki a raua.
It's communicating with someone.
Toia ki raro! E puta, e puta e Rae.
Kia ihi ki a koe! Where's it coming from? Under us.
Underneath us.
Let's go outside where it's a fight.
- The boy? - Fuck the boy.
That thing's not giving up.
What do we do? He can talk to the dead.
- Lay hands on it with us.
- No, no.
You said not to touch that thing.
I'm not touching it.
Is that all you care about, yourself? Yes! That's all I care about.
Such a noble warrior Help us.
- No, no, no, no, no.
- You must.
This is your fault.
What do I know of this thing? Fuck! You're not a very honourable warrior, are you? Just tell me what to do.
It will dig into your mind, but don't lie to it.
If you want to find its true name, only speak the truth.
Understand? - Not really.
- Try not to die.
You'll die down here, I promise.
Marama? Finally.
Here he is, this husband of mine.
And now I know the truth.
You are a slave.
My dishonour is complete.
Not only trapped with you in life but trapped here, in death, trapped with the shame.
Now, what should I do? Should I kill myself, like a good wife? No, I already did that.
That's what you should do.
Do it - now.
You kill yourself now - for what you've done, for what you are.
Do it.
You were a poor wife in life and not improved in death.
But I was a worse husband - far worse.
So for your dishonour, I apologise.
What's happening? I don't like this.
What's wrong? What? What is it? You abandoned me.
No, I didn't.
I took you with me.
The dead made you come back.
You were going to leave me here.
You say I'm a liar, but it's you who is.
Admit it.
You were going to abandon me.
You're selfish.
There is no honour in you - no honour at all.
I was going to abandon you.
Yes I am a selfish man.
I admit it.
I've done some bad things.
Too many.
You know it.
I'm trying.
Please, Mehe.
Please don't leave me.
Why did you kill me, Mehe? Why didn't you save me? I didn't-I didn't want to.
I didn't mean to.
- Don't leave me again.
- Father.
No! No! Let me! Why did you kill me, Mehe? Why didn't you save me? You did what had to be done.
To do such a thing to my father what am I? I'm nothing.
I'm alone.
I'm alone! No, you're not.
You're here with me.
Do you hear? And I promise, I won't ever leave you.
I'll never leave you alone.
Don't listen to a slave hated by his own people.
Yes, I was a slave.
I admit it.
But I'm not any more.
You never were.
What is your name? It fears you.
Argh! Ka ngote koe I nga u o enei kaitutae.
Who are you? What is your tribe? We have no tribe! We have no tribe.
What are you? Tell me! Maiki! We are Maiki.
- Who do you serve? - You know! You know! Say it! Whiro! We serve Whiro.
I saw it - the kingdom below the edge of the world.
The Underworld? What was it that possessed him? Not something that ever lived in this world.
The Maiki are creatures who serve Whiro, god of the Underworld.
So it's not just the dead we fight, but a god too.
But it's you they fear.
Why? Who did it? Who broke the world? Whiro? No.
No, it No.
It was my father - Te Kaiporangi Turoa.
Why would he? But he admitted it to me.
I won't go back there.
I'll never go back to my father.
Why? Because he's gone completely insane.
Mother! We need to talk! We need to talk now! Well? The girl still lives.
So what do we have to talk about? Did you know that it was my father who broke the world? - Who told you this? - That's not important.
What's important is that he's the source of this shit-eating calamity.
Don't you see? It's your destiny to heal the world, to bring glory to us both and cut that man's throat and offer his blood to the gods - utu for what he did to me, for what he did to us.
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