The Dead Zone s01e06 Episode Script

The House

I had the perfect life until|I was in a coma for six years.
Then I woke up|and found my fiancée, married to another man.
My son doesn't know|who I am.
Everything has changed including me.
One touch, and|I can see things things that happened,|things that will happen.
You should see what I see.
Visual contact.
Let me see.
No, it's my turn.
It's your turn|when I say it's your turn.
- No fair.
|- Shut up.
They'll hear you.
He looks so weird.
Let me see.
He looks so weird.
Do you think it's true|about the cane? What about the cane? That he uses it to kill|rats in his basement? Why would anyone use a cane|to kill rats, stupid? Because it's fun.
He's looking over here.
Yes, it's them again.
Since when did I turn|into Boo Radley? - You should talk to their parents.
|- The parents are even more afraid.
People walk their dogs on|the other side of the street.
Good news for your lawn.
It's all in how you look|at it, my brother.
Do you think he saw us? - Oh, he knows we're here.
|- How do you know? - Because he's psychic, stupid.
|- What's "psychic," anyway? Why don't you buy|a new one? This one is|a perfect fit for me.
It's been out of commission,|needs to be rebuilt, but it is still a classic.
We'll get there,|Nellie Belle.
Good luck.
I've got to get|to the hospital.
Modern technology.
- Hey, where did he go?|- Give me those.
You lost him, Eric.
He could be anywhere.
He could even be behind you.
Hello? Hello? All right, kids fun is over.
Not in my house, okay? I am not fooling around.
He's keeping|a low profile, stays home a lot.
- Is he seeing anyone?|- One date.
I think he still has an eye|for the sheriff's wife.
We can't have that.
We need to find Johnny|a good, God-fearing woman.
We might even find one right|here on the university campus.
I just want him to be happy.
Loving another man's wife|will bring nothing but trouble.
As the Bible says|over and over again.
I'm happy to hear|you're still reading it.
God has spoken to me|about Johnny, Dana.
Really? E- mail or burning bush? He says the world needs a little|Johnny Smith right now.
If Johnny inspires faith and|a belief in a greater power, God will welcome it.
You make him sound|like a prophet.
No, you do, Dana.
You and all|the other reporters.
My editor is becoming|increasingly skeptical.
There will always|be skeptics.
Can Johnny Smith do the things|people think he can do? Who knows?|The important thing now is to put the Johnny Smith story|in the proper context.
In difficult times, people need something or|someone to believe in.
Why not Johnny Smith? The son of one of the Founders|of the Faith Heritage Alliance.
Put that in your next|article, won't you? Attendance has been|down 7% this year.
All right, Clams.
|Let's go! Whoo! Mrs.
Stanton is giving us|the eye again.
Which one is she? Pruneface|with the fat kid.
I don't think she approves|of me being here with you.
Well, you're a married|woman in New England without her husband.
I can feel the scarlet|letter on my bosom.
- Well, maybe I should go.
|- And give her the satisfaction? Never.
Come on,|Mighty Clams! Whoo! "Clams" is just not|a good sports name.
So are you going|to tell me? - Tell you what?|- What's bothering you.
Who said anything's|bothering me? I know when something's|bothering you.
For 30 years,|I've always known.
All right, something's|bothering me.
I know.
I had sort of|a disturbing vision about Mom.
At least I think|it was about Mom.
It was a lot|of blood, Sarah.
Blood? When she died, it was|a heart attack, right? - There wasn't any|- I wasn't at the house, but, they did tell me|she died peacefully in her sleep.
Runyon found her in|the morning and called the police.
Runyon? The housekeeper.
- Is she still around?|- She died a couple of years ago.
Cancer, I think.
Was Walt there that day? He wasn't sheriff yet.
It was an older man.
|He's retired now.
Oh, I can't remember|his name.
You should ask Walt.
You're positive this had something|to do with your mother? I was holding her will.
There was blood|all over the bathroom.
I'm not sure, but I think something horrible|happened in that house.
He's going inside.
|Let's go.
Hurry up.
Let's go! Run! - Let go of me.
|- Take it easy.
- I won't hurt you.
|- I didn't do anything.
- We'll go talk to your parents.
|- I'm not from around here.
What's so funny? I remember saying the same thing|to old Mr.
Fordyce down the road after I painted his cat.
I was a little younger|than you, though.
- You lived in this neighborhood?|- Yeah.
I wasn't always a zombie.
|I was actually a kid once.
If I let you go,|you going to run? No.
It's hard to hold you and the cane|and walk at the same time.
- I told you, no.
|- Our legs would get entangled.
Besides, I know|your name is Lindsay.
I heard your friends.
|Lindsay what? I know a trick question|when I hear one.
We can just knock on all|the doors in the neighborhood until we find your parents|if we have to.
Can't you just let me go,|for old time's sake? Sorry, it doesn't|work that way.
You know why? Because when you get|old and mean, busting kids is one of the few|pleasures left in life.
Got it? It's the gray house|over there.
Can I ask you something? Okay.
Is it true? What? What they say.
No, I don't kill rats|with my cane.
No, I mean,|that you see things, like the future and stuff.
- Is that why you're scared of me?|- I'm not scared of you.
Then, why throw rocks? We were trying to get you|to come out, not break the window.
- I'll pay for it.
|- You betcha.
My name is Lindsay Davis.
Well, nice to meet you.
You ever think about going|on the Psychic Channel? You could make|a lot of money.
Do you know|a guy named Bruce? I'm sorry to bother you.
|My name is Smith.
- I live across the street.
|- Are you all right? She and her friends threw|a rock through my window.
It was an accident.
|I'll pay for it.
I'm sorry.
|She won't bother you again.
She seems like|such a nice kid.
# This little light of mine # # I'm going to let it shine # # This little light of mine # # I'm going to let it shine # # Let it shine, let it shine # # Let it shine # # Hide it under a bushel # # No! I'm going to let it shine # # This little light of mine # # I'm going to let it shine # # Let it shine, let it shine # # Let it shine # # This little light of mine # # I'm going to let it shine # # This little light of mine # # I'm going to let it shine # # This little light of mine # Maybe we should|get you into a hotel.
The house may not be|the best place for you.
I'm concerned about finding|the truth about my mother.
What truth, Johnny? I don't mean to doubt|that you saw something, but that doesn't mean I don't know what|it means, Reverend.
I can assure you your mother died|of a heart attack.
The housekeeper|found Vera in bed.
- Did you go by the house that day?|- No.
Oh, yes,|later that day, after they'd taken her|to the mortuary.
- And there was no blood?|- Don't do this to yourself.
Your mother died|in her sleep.
You can't do this to me.
Reverend Purdy he's a reverend,|for crying out loud.
I saw blood on his hands|in my mother's bathroom.
Maybe he cut himself|shaving in the morning.
Not to suggest that|he spent the night there.
What if my mother changed|her will to cut him off? So he kills her|to keep the whole estate.
"What if" doesn't count|in the criminal justice system.
And I don't see any evidence,|which is not unusual for you.
Maybe they covered it up.
It's a "they" now,|a conspiracy.
Something happened|in that house.
I'm being assaulted|with it.
I don't know what it is psychic debris.
Good, 'cause for a minute,|I thought you were seeing ghosts.
I wouldn't call them ghosts,|although I can't explain why Elvis and Marilyn Monroe|were at the house.
There you go|your co-conspirators.
- What can we do?|- Right now, I don't see enough evidence|for a grand jury indictment.
What about that sheriff|that was here when it happened? Art Paulson.
He moved|to Hartford, or something.
All right, fine.
I'll try and|track him down, but if you think something|happened, I need - Evidence.
|- Actual evidence from our planet.
It's good to see you, too.
|Where are we going? - I'm going to the coroner's office.
|- You've never been before, huh? How did you know? Because it's in|the other direction.
The medical examiner|ruled it a heart attack, plain and simple.
You've probably seen|a lot of reports like these.
On the police beat,|you see a few.
You think you could tell if|anything wasn't quite right? - Quite right, as in|- Not quite right - Like somebody made a mistake?|- Or Lied? I shouldn't be talking|to a reporter Don't.
What? If a voice inside you|is telling you you shouldn't be talking|to a reporter, - don't talk to a reporter.
|- Why tell me that? I'm trying|to ingratiate myself, worm my way into|your good graces.
Don't trust me.
Always wait for the words|"off the record.
" - Off the record?|- Just some personal advice.
Off the record,|why would you think somebody would lie|about your mother's death? I said the words.
|You can talk now.
I have reason to believe that|these reports may not be accurate.
I didn't see|anything unusual.
I'll look through them|more carefully.
I appreciate it.
- I owe you one.
|- Never say that to a reporter, because you know what?|Now you owe me one.
Got it.
|I'll be right over there.
I have to go over|to Cleaves Mills.
- Can I give you a lift?|- Sure.
- What's going on?|- Sad news.
A local Navy flier was reported|missing in action.
My brother's missing|in action.
Tell me if he's alive.
Lindsay I'm sure that as soon as|they have any news, they'll call.
He could be hurt somewhere, and you might be able|to help rescue him.
- It doesn't always work.
|- Please.
- Watch the engine temp!|- Temp reading is red.
- Can you get a visual on damage?|- Number two is on fire.
Pull it up.
- Pull it up!|- I'm trying! I've lost number two.
What did you see? Nothing.
I'm sorry.
- Nothing?|- I told you.
It doesn't always work,|Lindsay.
So you're a fake.
You don't have any powers.
Johnny Smith is a fake! What was I supposed to do? I couldn't refuse.
I couldn't|tell her the truth.
You're sure he's dead? Some talent, huh?|She was right.
I should go on the Psychic|Channel and make money.
Hi, your brother's dead.
|That'll be $30.
Visa or Mastercard? There's only|so much you can do.
I don't know.
|I'm just sick and tired of the whole Johnny trick.
I'm tired of seeing|more than I ever wanted to.
I've got to find a way|to shut this off.
Shut it off? What, you mean,|brain surgery? Before I go What? I come into the house now,|and I see Elvis Presley.
A lot of people see Elvis.
I understand why people don't|want me in the neighborhood.
Hey, hey some people don't want me|in their neighborhood.
It's easy to think|that they're right because of how they look at you,|but you're not crazy.
You're different.
|You are who you are, and don't you apologize|for being who you are.
By the way, I'm really into|this Psychic Network idea.
What? Did I leave the radio on|in the house? Radio?|I don't hear any radio.
It's coming from the parlor.
A costume party.
It's been awhile since anybody|had a party in this room.
Look, there's|Marie Antoinette.
There's little Bo Peep|and her sheep and Elvis and Marilyn|doing the cha-cha.
- I wasn't crazy.
|- No, but let's get out of here.
I can't leave yet.
There's got to be a reason|I'm seeing this.
Why do white people always stay|in the damn house? It's not Marilyn.
It's my mother.
My father.
They're so young.
Before we put on|another record, we have an announcement.
We're going|to have a baby.
Going to have a baby My mother's pregnant with me.
Congratulate the happy|couple for me.
Zorro doesn't seem|to be too happy for them.
It's Purdy! Bruce, he's|right next to you.
How's it goin', Rev? This was before|he was a reverend but not before|he loved my mother.
When I was growing up, I used to hate it|when he came around.
There was Mom and Dad, and|there was always this other guy.
Like Walt and|Sarah and you? He loved her|his whole life, but you still think|he killed her? A toast She never married him, even after my dad died.
And I know he asked her|more than once.
To everyone's|favorite couple, Herb and Vera Smith.
Maybe she just rejected him|once too often.
May your child|have a long, healthy, and|prosperous life.
Hello? I tracked down Art Paulson,|the ex-sheriff.
He was at your house around noon.
|Didn't see anything suspicious.
- You believe him?|- Why wouldn't I believe him? Unless you've got|evidence No, but I did find out that Elvis and Marilyn|were my parents.
Now you see why I don't want you|hanging around my house? Look, there was|one thing, all right? I know what you'll say, but|it probably doesn't mean anything.
What? Well Art said that the housekeeper|found your mom in bed, like the report said, but she didn't call|the police.
- Who did?|- Reverend Purdy.
- Bless you, Isaac.
|- In a hurry? Johnny asked me to drop by.
We need to talk.
Step into my office.
Vera Smith.
There are some things|about her death - that are troubling.
|- You've been talking to Johnny.
You asked me to talk|to Johnny, remember? There is nothing to this.
Seriously, Dana.
The boy's confused.
|He sees things.
His mind is obviously|not right, never will be.
Why was Vera Smith|cremated? - Those were her wishes.
|- It wasn't in her will.
She expressed them to me.
|I don't see why it matters.
You sent her body to be|cremated at your mortuary before the examiner|arrived at the scene.
There was no scene.
Why did the Alliance|hire Mrs.
Runyon, Vera Smith's housekeeper,|after she died? I had known Mrs.
Runyon|for a number of years.
We needed help.
|She needed a job.
Are you accusing me|of something? - What did you have in mind?|- I suggest that you drop this.
I can't do that, Reverend.
I'll talk to your editor|if I have to.
You'll have to.
Thank you, Isaac.
I asked you|to come over here today because I still have questions|about my mother.
If there's anything I can do|to put your mind at ease I appreciate that, Gene.
Maybe there is.
It's interesting,|living in a house where you and your family|lived for, what - almost 50 years?|- Just about.
Your mom and dad bought|this house in the early '60s.
You walk|in your own footsteps, and theirs.
But most of the time, we never stop to think they were right here|in this room you know, walking down|these very halls, sleeping in these beds dancing at parties.
There were some wonderful|times in this house.
And your dad such a good friend.
It's not that easy|to remember him.
You were still a little boy|when he passed.
In a way, I feel part of him|is still with me.
Not in a literal sense, you know, but a trace of him,|you know? A molecule.
I'm sorry.
- I'm probably scaring you.
|- No, not at all.
I am very curious|about your abilities.
Later, I'd like to explore the|spiritual meaning of them with you.
- What about now?|- Now? Yeah.
Why not? This is where I've been seeing|those visions I told you about.
You've never had time|to mourn her passing.
This may be|your mind's way of But one of the images in this room that I find|the most confusing is the one of you.
Me? Yes, Gene with blood|on your hands.
Whatever you're thinking,|Johnny - Did you kill her?|- I loved your mother.
- She never loved you.
|- She did, in her own way.
For years, I watched her|give you a fortune.
She was supporting|God's work.
Was she going|to change her will? - Cut you off?|- I did not kill her.
Put my mind at ease,|Reverend.
Does anyone else|know about this? No, sir.
I called you right|after I found her.
Yes, this is Gene Purdy.
I need a hearse|at Vera Smith's house.
Yes she died in her sleep|sometime last night.
The housekeeper found her|this morning.
I want her taken|to our mortuary, and she's to be|cremated immediately.
Oh I'll contact|the sheriff's office.
Thank you.
No one is ever to know|what happened here.
I'll take care of everything,|you understand? Oh we need to clean everything, wash her,|and put her to bed.
Can you help me do this? Suicide? Why would she When a parent|loses a child I tried to console her,|Johnny.
I couldn't.
She was in this room|almost every day, crying, sitting in that rocker.
They told her|you'd never recover.
She lost her only son and her faith in God.
I made the choice to protect her name|and her legacy.
Yours too, Johnny.
Yours too.
Kind of late to be|working on your car.
Finally got it running,|huh? Yeah.
Just needed to get out|of the house, you know? Me too.
They found|my brother's plane.
It crashed in some mountains.
They said he died instantly.
I'm so sorry, Lindsay.
They're sending us a medal.
You knew, didn't you? You just didn't want|to tell me.
I didn't know|how to tell you.
- I'm sorry for calling you|- Aw, forget it.
That stuff doesn't matter.
Well, I'd better get home.
Mom is|she's really upset.
What is it? I'm sorry to bother you|at a time like this but I have to talk|to Mrs.
- She's not seeing anyone.
|- It's very important, sir.
Davis I know how this must seem,|but I've seen Johnny do some remarkable things.
Remarkable things?|My son is gone.
- Can you bring him back to life?|- It's your wife I'm worried about.
- Her life.
|- Dad, let him.
Please go away.
I don't think|this is such a good Maybe Lindsay|told you about me.
I can sense things.
I sensed something|about you tonight.
Davis the pain that|you're feeling, I can't say|it'll go away soon but I am sure|that if your son if he could talk|to you right now he would want you|to know that you are|loved and needed in this house.
And if you were to do|any harm to yourself this house|would never recover.
We'll get through this, baby.
We'll get help.
Is she going|to be all right? After awhile yeah.
You're all going|to be all right.
Well I guess you got|a story after all.
Story? What story? I didn't see anything.
Mind if I keep|you guys company? - No.
|- Yes.
You're grounded.