The Dead Zone s01e10 Episode Script

Here There Be Monsters

I had the perfect life until|I was in a coma for six years, and then I woke up|and found my fiancée married to another man.
My son doesn't know|who I am.
Everything has changed including me.
One touch,|and I can see things things that happened,|things that will happen.
You should see what I see.
All right, yeah.
Man, we've been listening|to The Outcasts all the way down|to Boston.
Time for you to suffer|on the way back? Okay, first of all,|it is "Outkast," all right? No "the", no plural No more, please.
|If you hate it so much, just pull out|one of my other CDs.
"Highway to Hell"? Ancient history.
I'm trying to bring you up|to speed on the music of today.
That is a classic, okay? Bruce, you didn't know me|before the accident.
I was never up to speed.
|It was part of my charm.
Okay, yeah, but you're|so far behind now, it's like you're going|in reverse.
You've got to get|with the new, with the now.
The new, the now, huh? Okay, well may I present|the latest technology, utilized by top doctors|at the most cutting-edge labs.
This is not your dad's|CAT scan.
All right, all right,|enough.
They still don't know|what's wrong with me.
That's because|there is nothing wrong.
Besides my taste in music.
Yeah, besides|your taste in music.
All right, I'm hungry.
|You hungry? Yeah, I'm hungry.
Let's grab something|to eat up here.
Hey, how're you doing? I'll have|a cup of chowder and a half|turkey sandwich.
I'll have a cheeseburger|and a glass of water, please.
Glass of water for me,|too, please.
Thank you.
Burn in hell! No! Excuse me, ma'am? Can we have that order|to go, please? # Oooh # # Fall in love, fall in love,|fall in love # # Fall in love # # Feel no shame|for what you are # # Feel no shame|for what you are # # Fall in love,|fall in love # # Fall in love.
# - What is it?|- I'll tell you in a few miles.
Oh, no, no.
|Excuse me? Is this a red zone? Ma'am, we were|just leaving.
You fellas have|any identification? Yeah.
Is there a problem,|Officer? Deputy Simmons.
I guess you guys|haven't heard.
We had a double homicide|last night.
Mother and her eight-year-old|daughter.
Out in the woods.
Oh, man.
Second daughter is|still missing.
13 years old.
This town has been walking|the woods all night.
We're hoping to still|find her alive.
Well, if she is|John, maybe you could Could what? My friend is He's helped the police up|in Maine every now and then.
- Helped how?|- I guess you'd call me a psychic.
A psychic? Like, with|supernatural powers? I can sense things|sometimes, Deputy.
Look, we we could use|any help we could get, psychic or otherwise.
Why don't you guys come on in|and we could talk about it? Follow me.
You should talk|with the sheriff of Penobscot County,|Walt Bannerman.
He can tell you|all about John.
He helped catch|a serial killer.
Serial killer?|With your psychic powers? No kidding? I'm going to bring in|the evidence in this case.
Who knows, you might pick up|some psychic vibrations, - or whatever you call it.
|- Okay.
You want to tell me|what's going on? Nothing.
You're right.
I should help if I can.
People here are scared|out of their skins.
The last thing|they need to hear is we're soliciting|a psychic to help|in our investigation.
Jim, I don't believe|he's got mental powers.
- What?|- Four women aged 18 to 31.
Serial killer up in Maine.
This Smith fellow led|the sheriff straight to the suspect, a deputy named Dodd.
|But Dodd never confessed.
He killed himself before|they could question him.
Where are you going|with this? What are the chances|this psychic is in Hobbs Landing|the day after Mary Reed and her daughter|are killed? What if he led|the Bangor Sheriff to arrest someone else|to cover up his own tracks, then decides|he's not finished, shows up here|to help us out? Nancy I want you to stop.
I want you to get|some rest, okay? We have a crime scene|with ritual Satanic elements.
Here's a guy who claims to have|supernatural powers, and he's been jumpy since|the first moment he met me.
We'd be foolish not to hear|what he's going to say.
Three women were in the woods, apparently coming home late|from an all-day hike.
The mother, Mary Reed, the daughters,|Cathy and little Suzy.
Now, we found Mary and Suzy,|but Cathy is still missing.
This is her shoe.
She runs a lot.
JV girls track.
Running through the trees.
She's terrified.
I can't see where she is.
Mommy! Baphomet! Baphomet! Come again? This was used|to cut down branches that formed the shape|of a pentagram before the killings.
This was|the murder weapon but in only|one of the murders.
This knife killed Suzy.
Oh, dear God.
- Oh my God.
|- Enough.
John, it's okay.
It's okay.
|That's enough.
The killer? All I can tell you is that this was a sacrifice.
A ritual sacrifice.
- You think he did it?|- He knows things, things we haven't released yet,|things that I didn't even know.
What about his friend? I need time.
Time to tie them|to some real evidence.
You find me something|I can hold Smith on.
A parking ticket,|a broken taillight, anything.
If you can do that, then I can impound|the Cruiser, and the other one|won't go anywhere.
I'll come up with something.
Even if it won't stick,|it might buy you a couple days.
Well, find it quick,|'cause he's going - to get suspicious soon.
|- Of course he is.
He's psychic.
This was found|at the murder scene? It must|have been Susan's.
Where was their father|when all of this - At a church meeting.
|- Without his family? They were going through|a divorce.
A divorce? And you're sure|that he was at that church? With over a hundred|witnesses.
What's wrong, man? We really have to be|on our way.
Smith,|we're not done here.
- Mr.
Lewis?|- I'm sorry.
I've told you|everything I can.
If you need to get in touch|with me, that's fine.
I'm afraid I can't let you|leave Hobbs Landing, Mr.
Nancy, could you place Mr.
Smith|under arrest, please? For what? Violation|of local ordinance 65 the practice of witchcraft.
Penobscot County|Sheriff's Office.
Roscoe, it's John Smith.
|Is Walt there? Boss man's camping|with the wife and kid.
- I thought you knew that.
|- I did.
I just Did they take|their cell phones with them? Yeah, but they don't work|in the mountains.
He calls in every night.
By the way, I got a call|from some place in Massachusetts asking|about you.
Where is it? - I've got it some place.
|- Hobbs Landing? Yeah, that's it.
|You in some kind of trouble? I've been charged|with witchcraft.
They finally caught you,|did they? Listen, I'm a suspect in|a double homicide.
I need Walt|to vouch for me.
I'll try to track him down,|but I don't know where Roscoe, I don't have|a lot of time.
One phone call.
Let's go.
Call Purdy.
Call him from out of town.
John, there is no way|I'm leaving you here.
Call him.
I mean it.
|Out of town.
This this is so wrong! We were in Boston|all weekend.
We were seeing the doctor|about Johnny's brain, which is fine his brain, I mean but we just drove|into town today.
Yeah, well, I'll need the keys|to your Cruiser.
We're impounding it during|the investigation.
You're making a big mistake.
You'll be making a bigger one|if you try to leave.
Witchcraft? It's the best|they could do for now.
Are they serious?|They really think he's a witch? Guys are called warlocks,|aren't they? Doug Martin says he can prove it|in a court of law.
Hey, look,|there's the other one.
What's with that|guy's hair, anyway? - They're called dreadlocks.
|- Dreadlocks, warlocks.
Fellow travelers|if you ask me.
The only thing that matters|is that we find Tom Reed's little girl.
Yes, Bruce.
Thank you.
Tell Johnny to stay put|and not to worry.
I will be there in an hour.
|This will all be cleared up.
|See you soon.
Johnny, Johnny, Johnny.
Helen, get the Governor|of Massachusetts on the line, will you?|And call Gerald.
Have him get the helicopter ready.
|Raoul, helipad, please.
And I'll hold.
|Who should we retain? Jimmy Turner? I wouldn't send|any of our lawyers.
I wouldn't get near|this thing.
Helping to clear|an innocent man of murder charges|is hardly controversial.
No, but "witchcraft," that's a word|spin doctors dreams about.
Now, I don't think|we can take risks with your reputation,|particularly in light of our new|political alliances.
The campaigns are just|around the corner.
The boy is in trouble.
|He asked for my help.
Ask him to hold, please.
I can't just|turn my back on him.
I'm only suggesting we keep|a close eye on this for a while.
See how things plays out.
Why don't we send our friend|Dana Bright down there? Put him on.
Angus! Just called to see|if we're still on for Saturday.
Well, we'll just increase|your handicap, then.
So, the court informed me|you don't have an attorney, They need to take you|before the judge to set bail.
What are the bail parameters|for witchcraft here? You'll want someone of your own|choosing to represent you.
I don't have time for a change|of counsel, Mr.
I'm sorry to tell you,|but I don't think this is going to be resolved|too quickly.
Let me ask you|a few things.
Are you a witch,|Mr.
Smith? No.
I didn't kill anyone,|in case you were wondering.
Do you have an alibi? We checked out of our hotel|in Boston yesterday.
We've been driving along|the coast since then.
You understand|this witchcraft charge is just a tactic to hold you|while they search for evidence.
Barnes,|in a very short time some of your neighbors are going|to burn me at the stake.
I beg your pardon? I'm not a witch,|Mr.
Barnes, but I know what's going|to happen to me here.
Guess what.
Right now, you are my only hope|to prevent it.
Look, Mr.
Smith,|this is not a dumb fish town.
The people here are warm,|intelligent human beings.
Right now, yes,|they're a little more scared than I've seen them before,|but we aren't the kind of people who would ever,|ever do such a thing.
Tom, it's okay.
We'll get|to the bottom of this now.
Where's his daughter Cathy? Where is she? This is|a preliminary hearing of the Commonwealth|versus John Smith.
Your Honor, the people of Hobbs Landing|charge the defendant with violation|of local ordinance 65, the practicing of witchcraft.
We request that he be held|pending trial.
Excuse me, Doug,|I missed that.
I thought you said|witchcraft.
Your Honor,|the defense moves to dismiss this case|as preposterous.
The prosecution of witchcraft|as a criminal charge was dismissed|over 200 years ago.
Counsel, approach the bench,|both of you, now.
Your Honor,|the sheriff and prosecutor have clearly trumped up|a bogus charge to unlawfully detain|this man.
This is a violation|of his civil rights.
Frankly, Doug,|I think it mocks this court.
I won't lie.
The defendant is the leading|suspect in the Reed murders, and the sheriff needs more time|to gather evidence, but the outcome of this hearing|is evidence in its own right.
There are elements of Satanism|in the Reed murders.
And a conviction on witchcraft|is a key element in the prosecution|of that case.
All right, I'm willing to see|where this goes, but if I don't like it,|we're all going home.
Local ordinance 65|defines witchcraft as "the practice of or belief|in supernatural abilities.
" Supernatural abilities such as "the divination of future|and past events, the corruption|or sickening of others through incantations, spells, motions of the hand or eye.
It is a communion|with the Devil.
" I have here newspaper reports|from Bangor, Maine, chronicling Mr.
Smith's|supernatural abilities.
Your Honor, my client does not|deny that he's a psychic.
We've all heard|about psychics.
We've seen them on TV.
"Supernatural abilities such as the divination|of future and past events.
" That's what the ordinance says.
That's what Mr.
Smith does,|according to these reports.
I would also like|to present into evidence these items found in the car|Mr.
Smith was traveling in that have a decidedly|supernatural slant "The paranormal abilities|of the human mind.
" "Psychokinesis and you.
" An x-ray of a human skull.
Not the most common item|to be found in one's car.
And a CD of the heavy|metal group AC/DC, known for their Satanic lyrics on songs like "Highway to Hell"|and "Hell's Bells.
" Your Honor, the x-rays|are of Mr.
Smith himself, and were taken at the Boston|Medical Center yesterday.
None of these personal items|substantiate the claim that my client engages|in witchcraft.
If you're going to arrest|anyone who listens to AC/DC, you'll have to arrest|other folks in this courtroom, starting with me.
Johnny Smith.
You had to go|and piss off Mayberry.
By touching|people or objects.
like once,|he touched a nurse and saw that her daughter|was in danger.
So, Mr.
Lewis you admit to witnessing|Mr.
Smith's powers.
Is it accurate to say that he divined future|and past events? I don't think|he divined anything.
Really? So how does he do it? Medical science|can't explain it.
I sure can't.
So you can't|categorically dismiss non-scientific explanations,|can you? For example,|spiritual explanations? I don't believe|they come from the devil, if that's what|you're getting at.
But you have no alternative|explanation to offer, do you? Science has no alternative|explanation.
You said so yourself.
I think that what Johnny has|is a very new human ability.
- Or a very old one.
|- Objection.
|Watch it, Doug.
Just one more question,|Mr.
What do the doctors|at your hospital call the area|of Mr.
Smith's brain that give him|his supernatural powers? - I'm not a doctor.
|- You must have heard it.
I mean, I called there|this morning, and it came up in conversation.
|What do they call it? The dead zone.
The dead zone.
Thank you, sir.
Lewis,|the ordinance requires "the corrupting|or sickening of others.
" Have you ever seen Mr.
Smith corrupt anyone|or make someone sick? - Never.
|- Have you ever seen him boil an eye of newt|or a wing of bat - in a large cauldron?|- Not to my knowledge, no.
No further questions.
Your Honor, may we have|a brief recess, please? - Back in 15.
|- Thank you.
Gene Purdy called me|after you called him.
Called you?|Where's he?! Something urgent came up.
The truth is he's home, making sure|his hands don't get dirty.
He asked me to keep him|well informed and express his deep concern|for your well-being.
We call for the cavalry,|and he sends us a press release.
They can't expect|this witchcraft charge to hold up in court.
It doesn't have to|hold up in court.
People hear what|the prosecution is saying.
They know Satanism is involved|in these murders.
I still think|that the girls' father - had something to do with this.
|- He's got an iron-clad alibi.
- I know, but we can|- Listen.
They found a doll of a man|at that murder site.
When I touched it, I got a vision of the father,|Tom Reed.
There's something about him|I can't put my finger on.
You and I should|go over and talk to No, no.
I need you|to give me your word that you're going to get|the hell out of here, okay? - I'll go home when you|- Listen! There's nothing that you can do|except get into more trouble, serious trouble.
I can't concentrate|when you're here, Bruce.
I need you gone.
They impounded the Cruiser.
Do you have a car? Sebring convertible|parked out front.
Take it.
- Man, I'm|- Please.
Take it.
Take care of yourself.
Gabe, I want to take|the stand.
Oh, no.
|They haven't proven anything.
I don't think I don't have to convince the judge.
|I need to convince the people of this town they don't|have to be afraid of me.
I want them|to hear my voice.
And I want them to see me|as a human being.
I may not get|another chance, Gabe.
Reed? I'm Dana Bright from|the "Bangor Daily News.
" I was wondering|if I might ask you a few questions|about your family? I don't have|anything to say.
Believe me,|there are times I wish I didn't have|this psychic ability, but I have tried my best|to use it in positive ways, to help people.
I wouldn't even know|how to begin to use it in a harmful manner.
All right,|thank you.
Smith, I have here a report of your interview|with deputy Nancy Simmons.
It says here|that by touching certain key pieces|of evidence, you were able to see|the crime scene in great detail.
It also says that|you handled a ritual dagger, like that used|in Satanic ritual, and that you began|to speak words in a strange language.
What language did you speak? I don't know.
- What did you see?|- Objection.
That is not relevant|to these proceedings.
I'll allow it.
Answer the question,|Mr.
I saw the murder|of Susan Reed.
And when you saw|the murder, who did you see|holding the knife? - Objection.
|- Overruled.
You have to understand|how these visions work.
In your vision,|Mr.
Smith, Who was holding the knife?! I was.
Is it possible|your vision was accurate? That you killed|Susan Reed, that you've blocked it|from your memory? - Objection!|- Sustained.
What have you done|with Cathy? - Get him out of here.
|- Where is she?! One more outburst|like that from anyone, and I will clear this court.
Your Honor, it's described|in the newspaper articles how Mr.
Smith's psychic visions|often place him in the roles of other people|during events he sees.
This line of questioning|is deliberately inflammatory.
Doug, maybe you'd better|fast-forward to your point.
My point, Your Honor,|is very simple.
Either Mr.
Smith|possesses attributes which meet the definition|of witchcraft under ordinance 65, "Supernatural abilities, including the divination|of past and future events," or he lied|to the investigators, and was present|at the scene of the murders.
- Yeah!|- Yeah! Order.
What's this guy doing, man? No! Oh, man,|this isn't even my car.
Look, let's just talk|about this.
Your Honor, this is|a piece of evidence recovered from|the crime scene a hair clip|belonging to Cathy Reed, which was not touched|by Mr.
Smith during his interview.
I'd like him|to touch it now.
I will not allow|my client to I'm giving him a chance|to demonstrate in the eyes of this court|that his abilities are what he|claims them to be.
Otherwise,|we have no choice but to believe|he's a murderer.
She's alive.
Just tell us what you've done|with her, you freak! Where is she?|Where's Cathy? I have no further questions.
That's it.
|Clear the court.
Get them out of here! Bailiffs,|clear the court.
A boat.
She's on a boat.
We'll find her.
The judge just tossed|everybody out.
I'm beginning to be sorry|we started this.
- Sheriff?|- Yes.
I'm a reporter|from Johnny Smith's hometown.
He just told me he thinks the|missing girl might be on a boat.
Have you checked the harbor? No, we've been looking|in the woods all day.
That sounds an awful lot|like a confession to me.
You just don't get it,|do you? I have seen|Johnny Smith's powers.
Call it witchcraft|or anything else you like, but if I were you, I'd sure as hell|start searching boats.
She's alive.
He just admitted it|on the stand.
We want to have a word|with John Smith.
Go home, Eddie|all of you.
Nancy, you brought him in,|he lied to your face, and you arrested him.
You did the right thing then.
|You'll do it now.
He knows where Cathy is.
We just want|to talk to the man.
That's right.
And while|Mr.
Smith possesses an uncanny knowledge|of recent events in this town, he does not appear|to have used his powers for personal gain|or to harm others.
Therefore, he's broken|no enforceable law.
Come on, let's go! - Come on!|- Come in here.
Get out of here.
|Get out of my court! Get your hands off me.
- Bailiff!|- Take him outside! Come on, let's go.
It's too late|for you now, boy! Linda, what are you doing? This is not the way|we do things, not in this town! We'll take care of it! No! What psychic motivation do you|need to say where Cathy is? I need to go|to the crime scene.
Yeah, I figured you would.
|Isn't that what they say, you always return|to the scene of the crime? This will all|be over soon, Tom.
We don't know if anybody's|here with her or not, or even if she's|alive or dead, but if she is alive, I don't want anybody|doing anything stupid to get that|little girl killed.
Do I make myself clear? Does Tom Reed|have a boat? No, he has an alibi.
Does he have a boat? No, but But what? He used to take care|of the Vanderheim boat over on dock five when the family wasn't here|on vacation.
Are they here now? No.
Mommy Well? Bring me Daddy.
What are you doing? Bring me Daddy.
Put it on the altar|where he can watch.
Mommy, I'm scared.
This isn't fun.
Mommy, I don't want|to play this game anymore.
- Mommy.
|- Mom, what are you doing? No! No! Mommy! - Cathy?|- Oh God, sweetie oh.
Oh God.
Oh Are you okay?|Are you all right? Sheriff! Get him away from me! Did you know|how unstable your wife was? You're out of your mind.
You've been hiding Cathy,|haven't you? Ever since|she killed her mother.
She killed her own mother? You didn't want|anyone to know after her mother|killed Suzy.
You knew! You expect us to believe|this cock and bull? - Burn him.
|- You knew! - That's it.
|- That's a lie! You're going to tell us|where she is.
You know! - You knew!|- Right now! Nancy, pick up.
Pick up.
Tie him up.
Here's how we do this.
You tell us|where the girl is, or we send you|straight back to hell.
You can stop this.
Tell the truth! Shut up! You're all under arrest,|damn it, every one of you! Holy Judas, mother of God.
What have you people done? What have you done? I tried to stay quiet, Daddy, but they busted in.
|I'm sorry.
Johnny, "I'm sorry,"|doesn't even begin to cover it.
At least one man was willing|to stand by me, so thank you.
You know, this town my father grew up here,|my father's father.
We go all the way back|to the American Revolution.
This town has always|been a place of ideals and principles.
I just wish I knew|when we lost that.
- No.
|- Yes.
You're grounded.