The Dead Zone s02e13 Episode Script

The Storm

I had the perfect life until I was in a coma for six years.
And then I woke up and found my fiancée married to another man.
My son doesn't know who I am.
Everything has changed including me.
One touch and I can see things things that happened, things that will happen.
You should see what I see.
Narrator: Previously on "The Dead Zone" I like you, Johnny.
I've always liked you.
My vision followed the heart back to Kate to an accident sometime in the near future.
I just don't know when.
I have two friends.
One of them's gonna die.
And it's up to me to choose which one.
I can't see a way out, Kate.
I can't see a way out.
Kate! (honks) I don't want her to forgive me.
(thunder rumbles) Radio: a few clouds, maybe a widely scattered sprinkle or two, nothing to spoil our Fourth of July weekend.
If you don't like the weather in Maine, wait a few minutes.
- Hi, guys.
- Purdy: Bruce, wonderful.
That's everyone then.
I think we all know why we're here Has anyone talked to him lately? He's not into talking.
Or listening.
If you ask me, he still hasn't gotten over Kate's death.
It's more than Kate.
It's all of it.
It's all of the visions every day of his life, hundreds of them.
God has asked a great deal of him.
In the same conditions, any of us might begin to lose our way.
You mean the way out.
He's barely left his house in months.
The only people he lets in are the kids he's tutoring in science this summer.
He just doesn't want to touch anyone and doesn't want anyone to touch him.
I'd like to propose an intervention, his best friends confronting him as a group.
I've run them for members of our congregation.
- We have to get him out of that house.
- Oh, agreed.
I'd like to offer the Alliance retreat at Moosehead.
I'll get him there.
How do we throw a surprise party for a psychic? You don't let him touch you.
(thunder rumbles) (doorbell rings) - It's open! - (door creaks) - Oh, it's just you.
- Hey.
We were worried it might be the fire marshal.
Welcome to Mr.
Wizard's science lab.
Don't let me interrupt.
No, it's cool.
Okay, so, same flour as before.
Put on your goggles, guys.
What's up, Mr.
Smith? You gonna smoke that? No.
I'm going to disperse it.
Okay? - Cool! - Boy: Whoa.
Johnny: Not bad.
Now what happened is, when I blew the flour out of the tube, the compacted particles became dispersed allowing the oxygen molecules in the air to feed the fire.
- That's how it works.
- (beeping) You guys lucked out.
That's it for today.
Please, do not try this at home! And I'll see you on Monday.
I've never actually seen the old John in action.
I used to be a pretty good teacher in my day.
You still are.
Oh, yeah? Thanks, man.
Hey, let's get out of here.
I've planned us a day trip.
Naw, I think I'm just going to stick around the house this weekend, holiday traffic and all that.
You've been sticking around the house for months, John.
Come on, let's get some fresh air.
Bruce, I cannot control what happens outside that door, man.
At least here, I have control.
And the chance to just be the old John with a couple of kids that are just trying to pass chemistry.
I'm glad you're here, you know.
I love you and I appreciate you, so - Uh - What's up? Let's go get some fresh air, John.
Let's go for a ride! What is it with you and this day trip? You really don't want me to touch you, do you? - Nn nn - Oh, that's okay.
So what, were we going to pick everyone else up on the way there? No thanks.
Bruce, I don't need an intervention.
You have friends that are worried about you, John.
You're gonna hear what they have to say.
And when we get there, you're gonna act surprised.
- I'm not going.
- One way or another, you're going.
I'm fully committed to putting you into the car and I will do whatever it takes to get you into the car.
We can do this any way you like.
Read my lips: I am not going.
If you let me go, I'll tell you how you're gonna break that leg.
- Break my leg? - Yeah.
Big white cast clump, clump, clumping along, about six weeks.
I can save you all that pain.
You didn't see any broken leg.
Suit yourself.
Suit yourself.
You know how your skin gets all red and itchy underneath the cast - when you can't scratch it? - Not funny.
(Johnny chuckles) I thought it was funny.
(radio playing '50s music) - You want a couple of sodas to go? - Yeah, I'll have a Pepsi.
(theme music playing) * Oooh * * Fall in love, fall in love, fall in love * * Fall in love * * Feel no shame for what you are * * Feel no shame for what you are * * Feel no shame for what you are * * Fall in love, fall in love * * Fall in love.
* Sir, there's going to be a storm.
A big storm like a tornado.
I'm not sure when.
But it will be soon.
- It won't be safe here.
- This is Johnny Smith.
I've known him a long time.
He has psychic abilities.
- Believe him.
- This is a rib? Did Wally from the car lot send you over Sir, I know you don't believe me.
But when the storm comes, and it will come, remember what I said.
Don't wait, and don't think.
Just get people out of harm's way.
Get them to safety.
All right? Those people will die if they don't take cover.
Bruce: You best be on the level with this 'cause if you're just trying to get out of this intervention, it's not working.
How many times do I have to see something like this? How many people have to die inside my head before I go crazy? Why do I have to live with these things? I'm just a human being, right? - You may have saved lives back there.
- There's too many lives to save.
There's too many lives I can't save.
- Look, John - I can't do this anymore.
I can't have these visions inside my head anymore.
What do you wanna do? I mean, about the storm? (thunder rumbles) There's an airfield west of here.
It's a little out of the way.
I suggest we find somebody tied into the weather service and warn them.
Man, come on, get in.
We'll backtrack this way and I'll call the guys and let them know we're gonna be late.
There is nothing on the weather map that even begins to suggest Ms.
Donahue, I don't know to tell you.
If Johnny saw it, it will happen.
I'm sorry but I can't put out an emergency advisory based on a psychic vision.
Here, look at the radar yourself.
These are WSR-88D images from the Doppler radar at Gray, Maine.
The dark green is precipitation.
You've got a little up by the border.
Light shower over in Aroostook Couldn't a little green thing turn into a big green thing? We use a sophisticated system called the Mesocyclone Detection Algorithm to identify potential supercells.
And there isn't one in sight.
Yeah, and you're never wrong.
Well, of course, we're wrong sometimes.
We're the weathermen.
But we've only had one MDA detection failure that I know in this region.
And that was eight years ago.
It was June 6, 1995, near Lake Cobbosseecontee.
What? What did you say? June 6th? I remember that storm.
June 6th.
That was the day of my accident.
Well, if they're going to be awhile, I invite you to take advantage of the setting.
Anyone want to go for a swim? Walt: You wanna go for a swim? Now? It's a lake, Walt.
You brought a bathing suit to an intervention? Who said anything about a suit? Maybe we should have an intervention for you while we're waiting for Johnny.
I'm sure Dana recalls from earlier visits that we keep a wide variety of swimwear for our guests.
If you're interested, I'm sure you'll find something that fits.
If you're hungry, the chef has set up some lovely salmon for lunch.
Please make yourselves at home.
If anyone needs me, I'll be taking a constitutional along the lake.
Suit yourselves.
I'm going for a swim.
How many times have we've been through this? Tell them what's gonna happen, they say it's impossible.
They show us why it's impossible and then it happens.
It doesn't always happen.
Sometimes you can change it.
Unless I can't.
Like Kate? (thunder crashes) Like a storm.
- How far are we from the cafe? - Five, six miles.
Listen, we need to get back there and make sure that guy believed me.
Damn! We've gotta pull over.
Man, it's really coming down.
- We have to get out of this car.
- What? Are you crazy? We can't go out in this.
Look, I'm psychic and I'm telling you we've got to get out of this car.
Come on! Get out! My car I don't see my car.
Johnny: What the hell! Man - Hey, hey! Hey! Hey! - Hey (whistles) - Hey wait! - Slow down! - Thank you! - Slow down! Thank you very much.
That's five, five "good" people who looked right at us and made a conscious decision to ignore us.
We're officially hitchhikers now, and a lot of people won't pick up hitchhikers, Bruce.
No, this is all your fault.
Yeah, yeah, you lost the karma.
What? Please! Don't blame my karma.
You turned your back on the world now the world's turning its back on us.
- Oh my - Yeah! Please.
Eeh! Aha! I don't see you giving my karma credit now.
- See? Look at that.
- Hey, hey.
Oh my Lord.
I don't believe it.
I was right.
It is you! It is Johnny Smith, Mitch.
- Mitch: I don't believe it.
- Oh my God.
What are you doing out here, Johnny? You boys need a lift? We had a little car trouble, got caught in the storm.
- What storm? - Didn't you see it? No, we've had beautiful weather all morning.
We'd be honored honored to have you join us in our traveling home-away-from-home.
Climb in.
Johnny Smith in our Winnebago.
Wait till the girls back home hear about this.
You won't believe it but we just drove by your house in Cleaves Mills yesterday hoping to catch a glimpse of you.
Mitch and Flo McMurtry.
We're from Independence, Missouri.
Uh, that's Mitch Junior, and little Fiona there completes our family.
Say hi to Johnny Smith and Johnny Smith's friend, kids.
- Bruce Lewis.
- Hey, John, do me a favor and touch the kids and tell me if they'll go to Ivy League schools.
(snickers) - I'm just pulling your leg.
- (laughing) But you can touch them if you want.
I don't mind.
So, are you an important someone in Johnny's life, Bruce? Friend and physical therapist.
Well, you've done a wonderful job with him.
He's walking so well now.
Who'da thunk it after that kind of a terrible accident? Y'all really seem to know a lot about John.
I've always had an interest in the paranormal.
- Flo herself is a fire starter.
- Oh, stop it; I am not.
- She is, she is.
- Those were accidents.
I did have something very strange happen to me once.
But I'm sure people bother you all the time with their personal histories.
- I don't want to - Go on, he wants to hear it.
Don't you, John? Please.
Well Mitch Junior.
He was outside playing at a friend's house in the field when he was a toddler.
And there was this snake.
Meanwhile, I'm in the bathtub with my eyes closed.
And it's like I could almost hear him crying in my mind.
And I just knew he'd been bit.
So I jumped up, I ran across the street half-dressed.
They said in the emergency room, a few minutes later would have been too late.
It's the only time I've ever felt anything like that.
Call it a mother's intuition, I don't know.
But it sure does make you wonder where it comes from.
If you find out, let me know.
For me, on that day, there's no doubt in my mind.
It was a gift from God.
It was a gift from God.
They're ice cold.
Some of them are frozen.
Absolutely the most startling thing I've ever seen.
No miracle here, Reverend.
I read about raining fish in National Geographic.
Apparently all you need is a waterspout in a thunderstorm, it sucks the fish up into the clouds then dumps them miles away.
But it's not raining.
Apparently it happens, not just with fish, but birds as well.
And there were those toads in Mexico and blood too.
Blood? Yeah, "rains of blood" have been reported since ancient civilization all over the world.
Probably just some red dust mixed with water, you know? I see you found something that almost fits.
You could use some color in your face yourself, Sarah now that you're finally out of the kitchen.
Phone lines were down.
I couldn't get through to the office.
There you go, there's your storm.
What about cell phones? Sorry, one of the blessings of the retreat there's no reception.
Are these things edible? Call 911.
Keep the kids inside.
John, be careful! You've got live power lines.
There are people alive in there.
Hello?! Can you hear me? (faint voice calls) - Hello? - Man: We're here.
- Is anybody hurt, sir? - No.
As soon as I heard the freight train, I started to think of what you said - and I moved them into the basement.
- What do you mean freight train? That's what it sounded like.
Only we got no tracks out here.
- I'm gonna need a hand here, Mark.
- Okay, got it? How many people were hurt? Mitch: Johnny we'd love to stay but this is a little too exciting for the missus and me.
We're heading down south to Graceland next.
- Thanks for your help, Mitch.
- Sure.
Sorry, I had to do that.
Everyone at home will ask if I touched Johnny Smith.
Mitch: So? What did you see? - Mitch, stop.
- No.
What did you see? I really don't wanna know.
Unless, of course, it's something very bad.
No, no, I just I saw a safe trip.
- Okay, teammates, we're on our way.
- We're hitting the road.
- Mitch, wash your hands for dinner.
- Here we go.
Mitch: It's Graceland or bust.
(honks) How's your algorithm? Embarrassed.
I don't understand it.
It never showed up on radar.
Nothing on the satellite coverage.
Are these satellites pictures taken in intervals? Every 15 minutes.
Radar every six minutes.
I guess it could have happened between intervals, although this kind of damage it's hard to believe.
Based on the visual evidence, I'd almost want to guess an F3 event except I'd hate to use the word "impossible" twice in one day.
Except what? In its entire recorded history, Maine's never had an F3.
What are your systems showing now? Mesocyclone Strength Index for this area is at 12.
Ohhh Yeah, that means what exactly? It means a 62% chance this storm will result in additional tornado activity.
The lake.
It's moving toward Moosehead.
He's a walking early warning system, isn't he? Look, they're in danger.
We've got to warn them.
There's still time.
We were supposed to meet friends there.
Lot of tourists up there this weekend.
But phone lines all over north county were knocked out by the storm.
We've got to outrun it.
Can you give us a lift? Let's go.
Donahue: I was 14 when I saw my first one.
I was coming out of a movie theater outside Nashville.
"Rambo II.
" The boy I was with was a huge Sly fan.
Bobby Tucci.
He was older and I wasn't supposed to be out with him.
My parents didn't like him so I lied to them about where I was going.
Anyway, we're coming out and the sky was this dark mustard green.
And everything was still.
You could just feel something was wrong.
And then we saw it, like a shoestring in the sky.
And then Bobby jerk he takes off, just takes off and leaves me standing there.
See, your parents were right about him.
Yeah, that's exactly what I was thinking.
So running across the street and I can hear myself saying "I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
" Like the storm was coming for me, you know? Just because I'd been out with Bobby Tucci.
I duck into a Shakey's Pizza where they they're having a birthday party for some kids, all with these silver party hats on.
And we crawl under the tables and there's this is one kid sitting under the table eating his pepperoni pizza like nothing's happening.
And I'm closing my eyes and I'm swearing out loud that I will never go out with Bobby again.
- Did you? - Hell no.
I know better than to tempt the fates.
Anyway, when it was over, we came out the other side of the street was gone.
It was gone.
And the movie theater, that I'd just come out of, was gone.
And our side was untouched.
It's hard to accept the idea of random, we all like explanations, a way to make sense of things that don't make any sense.
I guess I've spent my life trying to make sense of that day.
You haven't made my job any easier today.
Uh-oh, what's this? Bruce: Looks like they closed the road.
Walt: It seems like we've got a real summertime storm moving in here, huh? Yeah, I just wish we could call home.
I wonder if JJ's all right.
JJ's fine, he's not afraid of a little thunder.
You know he's got the science fair coming up? Already? Didn't we just build a papier-mâché volcano? That was a year ago.
- No, come on.
- Yes.
What else can we make out of papier-mâché? Actually, I was thinking that maybe Johnny could help him this year.
I thought it might be good for them.
And Johnny used to teach science.
Yeah, I know.
And he's his father and all that but And you're his father too, a wonderful one.
I don't know, I just - maybe you could all work on it together.
Yeah, that'll be fun.
It was just an idea.
Have you thought any more about giving JJ a little brother or sister? Yeah, I've given it a lot of thought.
And? And, um well, I realized that I do miss having a baby in the house.
And I'm not getting any younger Nope, you're just getting more beautiful.
Wow, it's like the temperature just dropped 10 degrees.
- Wanna go inside? - Yeah.
- Donahue: Great, the road's blocked.
- Bruce: What is it, a carnival? Man: Get some rope or something so we can tie it off.
- Man #2: That's good, good.
- Man #3: It's too heavy! Clear this stuff out of here so we can wrap it around.
You guys see what the problem is.
I'm gonna check the readings on my equipment.
Bruce: What happened? Damn tree fell right in front of the truck.
We were supposed to be at the Penobscot fairgrounds hours ago.
I know you.
Yeah, you've probably seen him on TV.
No, not TV.
Years ago you took me to the cleaners.
Most amazing run on the wheel I ever saw.
That's a face I'll never forget as long as I live.
- You remember that night? - Yeah.
The MDA is showing two symmetric 2-D circulations at different elevations right above us.
Are we chasing this storm or is this storm chasing us? We're going to try and move this tree.
Can you give us a hand over here? Welcome to the fold.
Wait! Get back! Get back! Move, move, move! - (screaming) - Run! Get away from it! Oh God! Johnny Smith.
Girl: Mommy! Mommy! Mommy?! Honey, honey, oh! It's okay.
You're okay.
Thank you so very much.
God bless you.
- What's going on? - I don't know.
I wonder where Johnny and Bruce are.
I hope they're not caught in this.
Dana: Have I ever mentioned that I have a thing about thunder and lightning, ever since my dad left me home alone in a storm when I was five? Here's a little tea.
Perhaps this'Il Okay.
Does anyone have a doll I can hold? You don't have any idea what I'm talking about.
- Bruce: I see some coincidences.
- It's the same carnival.
- John, they tour New England.
- A storm that doesn't show up on radar, just like the one in '95, a storm that appears to be following us? - You said so yourself.
- John, a joke, that's all it was.
Toni, would you tell him that storms do not have a mind of their own? Storms do not have a mind of their own.
Of course, I still wouldn't go out with Bobby Tucci if he called.
Okay, I'm reading a weak rotational couplet at 2106 UTC.
Not good.
Listen, if we'd left if we drove in the opposite direction, maybe we could draw the storm.
I know it's gonna sound crazy but what if It's crazy.
What if it follows us? John I've seen some strange things around you.
- What you're saying - What? It's the weather! There it is, an unstable sheared environment, right turning cell.
We need to find shelter and soon.
We're five minutes away from the retreat.
This'll calm you down.
Cooking sherry? You'd be surprised what you can find in the kitchen.
Ugh, that's bad.
I'll have another.
I hope you don't do a lot of this during the day.
Only in emergencies.
I think I'll join you for one.
Sarah I'm sorry.
- For what? - You know.
The mouth.
Don't worry.
I can give as good as I get.
We're not going to be pals now, are we? I don't think so.
Because that would be hard Yeah.
considering how we both feel about Johnny.
Look, I don't know what you think is going on, but Johnny is my best friend.
And he'll always be my best friend.
When are you going to face it, Sarah? I can be his best friend.
You can't.
He is too deep inside of you and you are too deep inside of him.
You wanna know what I think is going on? I think there isn't a day in your life that you don't wonder how it might be with Johnny.
And how you might break it to Walt, but you keep seeing his "Gentle Ben" face as you tell the poor bastard.
Walt is a good man.
And he deserves someone who really loves him and only him.
I think that you hate yourself because you can't give him that.
Well, you're wrong.
In fact, Walt and I are talking about having a baby not that it's any business of yours.
I don't know why I even told you.
Don't you? Purdy: Johnny.
I know this must look rather strange.
It's not exactly what we intended.
- Your friends have gotten together - We can't do this now, Gene.
I understand how you must feel but No, no, what he means is we can't do this now.
This is Toni Donahue, she's a stringer for the National Weather Service.
There's a tornado forming along the lake, maybe more than one.
No, stay away from the windows.
- Is there a basement here? - Storage room but it's small.
- It'll have to do.
- This way, through the kitchen.
Leave it! (window breaks) Come on.
Donahue: Get down.
Move, keep moving! Come on.
Hurry! Johnny: Dana, hold on! - Dana! - Yes.
- Dana! Hold on! - Grab her, John! - Hold on, Dana.
Hold on! - (screaming) Dana! - Grab on, grab on! - Dana, hold on! Hold on, Dana, hold on! Dana, don't you let go! Hold on! Hold on! Dana: Oh my God!! (screaming) Walt: Let's go! Gotta get out of here! Let's go! Go, go, get out of here! Walt: Come on, let's go! John, come on! John You wanted me?! I'm a just a science teacher.
I'm the first to admit that the universe is full of things that I'll never understand.
Listen to yourself, Johnny, you're talking to a tornado.
Was that to scare me? Or was it just some sort of random wind shear? I can't believe that you were sent here to teach me some lesson.
I just can't conceive of a God who would take a young woman's life who would show me the future and not let me change it.
If it'll help if it can save the lives of my friends there's one thing about the universe that I do understand now.
That's my place in it.
And I will accept that, if you'll please just spare them.
(man grunting) (Bruce coughing) Johnny? Johnny? - Johnny - (gasps) (sobs) Thank God.
Hey, Sarah.
Hey, yourself.
Don't don't move don't move too quickly.
Take your time.
John, what on God's earth were you thinking? I don't know, just a crazy notion.
Not a smart move, John.
You're lucky to be alive.
We all are.
It's over the storm.
You should check your readings now.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
It's gonna be okay.
Walt: Get him up, get him up.
Bruce: It serves you right, man! We can skip that intervention.
I think spring break's over.
Tell me you did it.
What? You made a deal with the storm.
What kind of deal? (groans) You did.
No, the storm was running out of steam by the time I got out here.
Ohhh, liar.
You are such a liar.
It's not exactly the kind of intervention I was hoping for.
- But hey, if it works for you - I need to get back, make my reports.
We could use you in the National Weather Service.
- You don't need a job, do you? - He already has one.
(theme music playing) - No no! - Yes yes! You're grounded!