The Dead Zone s03e04 Episode Script

Cold Hard Truth

and you're back with Jack Jericho, the man you love to hate, here on "THE COLD HARD TRUTH" Charles from Cleaves Mills,you're on the air Yeah, I just want to say, I've been a mail carrier for fifteen years and I don't appreciate the way you run down my fellow postal workers.
Charles, far be it from me to disparage the U.
Mail Service, my daily dose of hate mail arrives through rain or sleet or Anthrax scares I was only wondering aloud why your fellow postal employees go crazy and kill each other with such regularity that we had to come up with a new verb, "going postal.
" Ring a bell ## I mean, just what is so stressful about making us all wait in line endlessly for bad service? - You're on the air.
- Yeah bro.
this is Tiny from the Penobscot chapter of the Vipers, I want remind your listeners that we have our local "LOVE RALLY" again If they got any toys they want to donate to disadvantaged kids they can still drop them off at the clubhouse.
Thanks for the public service announcement "Tiny".
It's really touching how you guys take time off your busy schedule.
- of drinking and dealing crank to spread the love.
- Hey.
- It's for the kids.
you're a son of a bitch - Yeah right.
More like it's for court-ordered community service.
Let's give the phones a rest and check today's big stories.
My favorite local celebrity is in the news again.
Maine's own Johnny Smith is up to his old headline grabbing tricks this time supposedly saving a drowned little girl from a sunken car oh really? You don't need to listen to that knucklehead.
This guy has been all over me since I got arrested okay? I want to hear what he says.
"According to Sheriff Walt Bannerman, Smith's visions allowed him to locate the vehicle in time for paramedics to revive both her and her father.
" Sheriff Bannerman can't seem to solve a case without calling in his human Ouija board Johnny Smith.
Pretty soon when you dial 911 around here, you're going to get the "Psychic Friends Network.
" That's cold In fact, why don't we just pin a badge on "Johnny Smith" he's already doing the Sheriff's job, maybe in more ways than one.
Anybody ever seen that hottie wife of Sheriff Bannerman's? - No!.
- Apparently she used to be engaged to Johnny Smith but she dumped him for the Sheriff during Johnny's infamous coma.
Don't listen to that stuff man, it'll make you crazy.
- What are you doing? - We're going to the station.
The Dead Zone - Saison 3 - Episode 4 "The Cold Hard Truth" I want to speak to who is in charge here.
We'll be back with more of the Cold Hard Truth after this word.
- Mitchell Nozawa, station manager.
from one of our brave sponsors Johnny Smith? Ohh! Da, da! I don't believe this.
woooo! - Hey! - Listen Jack! - I don't give a damn what you say about me, but my friends are off limits.
- Ladies and gentlemen, It seems that Johnny Smith has made the appearance down here to the sudio - to lodge a complaint.
- C'mon Johnny you don't need this man.
Let's go.
Jack, please, go back inside.
What? You got a little bit of a problem Take it in the studio like anybody else.
- Give me a favor.
Just show a little bit of respect and lay off my friends, - Respect? You want respect like a.
a a second rate carnival act how posing someking of a real psychic "Real Psychic?" Talk about an oxymoron.
I give you a chance.
You can make one prediction.
Right now, a freebie for my listeners okay? C'mon we're asking for one prediction Johnny.
That big mouth of yours is going to get you killed.
Is that a threat or is that prediction? Because if you want to kill me Johnny, you're going to have to get in line like everybody else.
- It's the truth.
- We'll see You know what? I think ######### I think it's time for a little bit of an instant poll Is Johnny a fake? Or am I a dead man? Lets go to the phones.
Listen to me.
What just happened wasn't an act.
He's going to insult the wrong person and get himself killed.
If there's anything you could to get him to take this seriously Jack's got his own mind and these days it's not too open to conflicting opinions.
Hey, ever considered doing a show of your own? You're offering me a job? - Look I'm not interested thanks - He might not be interested Hey guys, guess what, I'm a psychic.
"Wednesday Specials" "Lucky Dragon" "You will embark on an unwanted journey.
" What is it? I don't know, don't make any dinner plans.
Hello? Yes.
Have you called his parents? J.
J, you're not in troubl okay? I just want to know why.
Hey, J.
, how's doin'? Fine.
He got in a fight.
But he's not saying why not to me anyway.
Just a quick tip: you never want to block a punch with your face.
Dad! Hey big guy.
Heard you had an accident.
- Not an accident.
A fight.
- A fight? Well, you look pretty good.
- How's that nose? - You should see the other guy.
- That's my boy.
- Walt this is serious.
I'm just glad he's okay.
Hey, John.
What are you doing here? You have a vision or you're just passing by? They called me.
Can I see you outside for a minute? Sure.
Listen i'll be right back.
Okay champ? You want to talk about what happened? Okay, no problem.
Why are you here? Apparently J.
went after this kid.
And it's not just that, his grades are slipping.
He won't listen to a word I say.
Ever since you left, he's been doing everything he can to get into trouble.
I'll talk to him.
What, like you just talked to him now? He needs more than that We need more than that.
I think we should get some family counseling.
counseling? No, no there is noway.
I'm not let some stranger tell us what's wrong with this family.
I know what's wrong with this family, You know what's wrong with this family.
The question is, what are we going to do about it? Okay J.
, let's get you home.
I want go with Dad.
Dad's not coming home with us, I'll drive him home.
- But I can stay.
- I know.
- I have to go.
- Yeah.
And welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to WPOV, where you are riffin' with Da Kid comin' at'chya with the fresh sounds and sweet conversation.
Well, what do you think? Don't bogart all the noodles.
Thank you.
Thank you for your support.
Now can we order, 'cause I'm starved? Not yet.
When were you gonna tell me that we were workin' John? Soon as you finished "riffin'".
Your name Jericho? Hey man I don't I don't I don't give any autographs while I'm drinking.
"Quality Control.
" I don't want your autograph.
I called your show today.
Oh yeah? Say, you're not one of those "disgruntled" postal workers, are you? As a matter of fact, I am.
Let's give him a chance to make my point.
C'mon! I'll take the mailman.
Alright? Tell me you didn't see that coming.
Apparently, being a Radio D.
doesn't pay what it used to.
Let's call it a night.
Give me a minute.
I'll be in the car.
- I don't want you touching my stuff! - I'm trying to save your life.
Just get out! Mind telling me one thing? What's in these boxes? You really wanna know? Hate mail.
'Night, John.
Everything okay? No.
I'm worried about J.
and I just really need someone I can talk to.
He finally find out why he got into that fight.
Apparently, some kids at school were teasing him because of something that they heard on the radio some talk radio jerk was going off about how Walt can't solve a case without your help.
I can't believe people let their kids listen to that idiot.
You know about this? Yes.
His name is Jack Jericho.
He's been using me for comic fodder since my arrest.
- But you were cleared.
- Doesn't matter.
I'm in the public eye.
That makes me fair game.
Unfortunately, he didn't stop there.
What do you mean? He insinuated things - about you and me.
- About us? What kind of things? Wait, he did say anything about you and J.
did he? The facts are out there.
dates, birthdays.
If anyone wants to do the math Yeah, I know.
can't find out like this.
We've got to be the ones to tell him.
I know, I know.
We can't wait too much longer.
I'll talk to this guy again, get him to lay off.
Yeah, now.
Who's this I see coming? Oh, men! Oh, waw! Must be Tiny and the "Love Riders.
" The very idea of a bunch of knuckledragging bikers banding together and they try to pursue someking of higher calling.
Are they too low on the evolutionary scale and to call Tiny a Neanderthal insults the Neanderthals.
Remember that monkey with the bone in "2001"? No wait.
That's even still too kind.
Basically, this guy must've crawled up on land on Saturday, traded his flippers for arms on Sunday, and got 'em tattooed on Monday.
Hey bro What floor is the radio station on? I don't know, I'm just here to see my dentist.
- He didn't just go down, did he? - Think he went up to the roof.
The roof? Yeah, you know.
smoke, take in the view.
It's nice up there.
Is that the best you can? No! That's enough.
Don't descend to his level.
Let's go! We've got a Love Rally to get to.
Looks like he's got a minor concussion.
You gonna need to keep him awake for another eight hours.
Eight hours? If he falls asleep and there's swelling, there's a good chance he could end up in a coma.
A coma? Mean I could wake up with psychic powers ? I see a malpractice suit in your future.
Tell your friend it's especially important to avoid injuries that could aggravate his condition.
- Yeah? What kind of in turn - Hey C'mon, Jack, let's go! We'll have to speak.
Thank you, by the way, he's not my friend.
Where are we going ? The last place I wanna take you.
You know guy, I didn't ask you to play babysitter for me.
Don't worry.
Eight hours , turn be on your own.
Just hold on.
Yeah, right.
I don't even know why a psychic need security.
Why can't you use your - third eye? - I'd rather you didn't smoke.
I'm sure you'd rather.
But obviously you're gonna kick me out, At least you could help me find an ashtray? Holy mollywhoa, Are you kidding me ? Big-screen TV alert.
Come on, you tell me you have satellite and high def and I'll take back every bad things I've ever said about you.
Satellite, no ID.
You're a moron and a hoax man.
Check about you for a reason.
- I want talk to you.
- Johnny.
my frigging head's pounding like one of those giant Japanese drums.
- Do me a favor, let's save this male bonding for a later time.
- So why are you doing it? - What, John? That for instance.
What are you, my Mom? C'mon, "Jack.
" Picking fights with postal workers.
Antagonizing biker gangs.
You have seen some kind of death wish.
Death wish.
I tell like it is.
The cold hard truth.
And if they were smart, they will thank me.
Instead of sending hate mail? I worked very hard for those letters.
Nobody can take that away from me.
But somebody can take your life.
Is that the plan Jack ? Death by talk show ? - Oh right, your big scary vision.
- Jack, listen to me.
No you listen to me now man ! If you want to play psychic head games? That's fine okay But see what my third eye tells me about the famous Johnny Smith.
I see a man that has more cameras in his living room than the Bellagio has in its high roller pit a man so paranoid about people getting into his hermetic little world that he spies on himself.
I see a man living in a 10,000 square foot mansion whose only personal decorating touch is a 42-inch plasma TV.
I see a lonely screwed up guy who thinks he's some kind of savior butting into everybody's business because it keeps him too busy to look into the mirror.
And now you want to save me.
Save me from what ? Cigarettes, booze ? Getting my ass kicked ? Or maybe the thing you really want to save me from is life that messy bit of business that everyone else has to deal.
But not you, locked up in Xanadu safe from feeling anything that might come close a human emotion I saw you fall.
- What? - I saw you fall from a tall building.
Ten stories, maybe more.
What's the matter, Jack ? Fresh out of rants ? Or maybe, just maybe, somebody else is telling you the cold hard truth for a change? You know, Johnny I really think it's time for you to uh spend all cash for some of the movie channels, man.
Any man cannot live by basic cable alone.
You know my mean ? Walt? It's J.
He's missing.
I can't believe I made a ride along with Sheriff Bannerman I'm soon to meet the lovely Sarah All my favorite characters from "As the Psychic Turns.
" - You wanna tell me why your friend's here again ? - It's a long story, Basically he got a concussion and I've got to keep an eye on him.
- He's not my friend.
- And I thought we were bonding.
- Hey shut up! - Hey shut up! So what happened? Sarah thought he was upstairs doing his homework, but when he didn't come down for dinner Would he take anything? His jacket.
But his bike's still in the garage, so he couldn't have gone too far unless someone picked him up.
- It's not your fault, Walt.
- It isn't ? I should've been there, Johnny.
Anything? I've called all his friends' families and no one's seen or heard from him.
I've my guys check the video order case, the train station, the skate park anywhere he might've gone.
We've got nothing.
Sarah, this is Jack Jericho.
UhIsn't he the one from the radio the one who? - Why why is he here? - It's a long story.
Okay I think I should check upstairs and see if I can get any hits off of anything.
Look, I'll make another run around the block.
Hello? Oh, no, nothing yet.
You shouldn't leave windows open.
Hey Mister Psychic.
Hey, J.
Hey, Mister Smith.
This seat taken ? I should've figured you'd find me.
Who's your friend? It's a long story.
He's not my friend.
This is your secret place, huh? I've got one too.
You do ? Yup.
Is it on your roof ? Well, if I told you, it wouldn't be a secret, would it ? Can you really tell the future ? Sometimes.
Why ? Are my parents going to get a divorce ? You know, uh The truth is J.
J that something I can't predict Only your mom and dad can answer that.
But one thing I know for certain.
Your parents love you.
No matter what.
And nothing is gonna change that.
I will.
Hey mom ! Honey ! Oh You had us worried sick.
Where were you ? He was on the roof.
Sweat I'm so glad you're ok.
###### I left him a message this morning.
- He's fired.
- Fired ? Low ratings.
Yesterday's little fracas clinched it.
Try to run a radio station, not remake "The Wild One.
" I've got Doctor Monica covering, but my offer still stands if you're interested.
Is there anyone else who can help him ? A family member, or a friend? I'd say you're the closest thing to a friend he's got right now and if you see him, tell him he can pick up his junk along with his last check.
You're not going to insult them for giving you an award, are you ? I refuse to belong to any club that would have me as a member.
That's the spirit.
He has a wife.
or an ex-wife.
Well, you know, he did mention an ex once or twice.
Talk to Jerry, he might know how to get ahold of her.
JACK JERICHO "The Communicator of the Year" Safe skills.
Okay, we'll see then.
Hi, Ms.
Jericho ? My name is John Smith.
And my name isn't Jericho any more.
What do you want? I was hoping I could talk to you about your ex-husband, Jack.
I'm sorry.
That was a long time ago.
- It's not something I want to talk about.
- I understand if you won't talk to me, I was hoping you could just give him a call.
He's in pretty bad shape and he could use a friend.
I haven't talked to Jack in years and I'm not about to start no matter what kind of trouble he's in.
I'm sorry you wasted your time.
Jericho, if you change your mind you can reach him through the radio station.
I'm sorry I bothered you.
- Bruce - I found him ! - Where ? - Turn on your radio.
- He's on the air ? - Yeah, only this time he's the one calling in.
You listen to me man.
You know what? That new shiny Beemer of yours yeah ? Well if you cut me off man, I'm gonna take swan the dive right into it.
And, folks, what could be more appropriate than to be take in a swan dive, on the day of my swan song, the last installment of "The Cold Hard Truth" Looks like your friend really went off the deep end.
He's been asking for you.
He's not my never mind.
He's demanding that you get your ass on the air his words.
I listen you to stick together.
I'm gonna up on the roof.
Doctor Monica's been trying to talk sense to him.
He's not everyone include engineer Now, Jack.
- let's be honest - Sure, Doc, and why don't you start by telling your listeners how your husband left you, your kids disowned you, and that the reason you keep talking about good sex is to remind yourself what it felt like - back in high school.
- You can't talk to me that way you son of a bitch! Doc, this is Johnny Smith, the man Jack's been.
He's all yours.
I don't need to take this crap! Let have it, no big junks.
- Now what? - I'll look.
Don't worry, I'm on it.
I practically ran my college radio station.
Get over this, sit down, and talk to him.
Hey, so you're top on the good talk, but let's face it's fox which is selling you how it feel good.
It's no cure for what I allways says because what I allways says my friends is life.
and live sucks.
- That upper feel that wakes you up throught the night - Jack Hey, Johnny.
Hey man! That's Johnny that join my party.
I was just about to blow out the candles.
"Oh, Jack, don't do this, jack.
Oh please.
" "You have so much to live for jack!" "Oh, call your loved " Don't go down that road, man.
Don't demean yourself.
I didn't ask you here to "talk me down.
" No? Then why? Why? Because I want you to bear witness to the fulfillment of your prophecy, That's right, folks, we all owe this hugely entertaining spectacle to the one and only Man From Cleaves Mills.
By the way when you told me how you saw me going out not with a bang or a whimper but after achieving my own personal terminal velocity.
Wooo! Da, da! That's really struck a chord with me, my man.
Nobody wants you to do this.
Now, what would you see about that, shall we? All right, campers, This is time for the another "Cold Hard Truth" poll! Do I stay or do I go? Suicide jump or suicide chump? The next ten calls decide.
And Johnny, won't you spin a record, to give the folks at home some times to, you know, make up their minds.
What are you doing? I'am buying us some time, this guy is not joking.
Our call board's already filling up with unfriendly voices.
We need a plan.
C'mon, John, we know the calls are coming in.
Punch a button, let's hear one.
"Thelma Bangor" you are in the air.
Yeah, I've been listening to this guy for a year and all he does is trash people day in, day out.
- I think he should jump.
- Thank you very much Thelma from Bangor.
Really, everybody, don't hold, give me feedback ! Hey Johnny, let the calls come through.
Bill from Plymouth: you're on the air.
I called in from my body shop, and Jericho made me sound like a schmuck.
The guys all laughed their heads off.
I hope he lands on his head.
I guess that's a vote for "jump.
" Who's next? Hi, my name's Marie, and I abhor violence of any kind.
but in this case, i don't know.
I think "DEAR AARON" Take over.
Take over? Where are you going? "Cold Hard Truth," you're on the air.
Hey, man, my whole fraternity took a vote, and we say he takes the dive, so does that count for more than one? Not a lot of love in that house, is there Brad? Hey, if the guy wants to take a header off a building, that's his business.
We just want to watch it on the tube, right dudes? Hey, Jacky! At least we know you're not doing it for them.
Hey, you lost your post, Johnny Boy.
I just want to talk to you, face to face.
That's close enough.
- I'm serious.
- I know you are.
I think I also know why, Jack.
Hey, I'm warning you, Johnny.
- Back the hell off.
- Tell me about Aaron Jacky.
Ari, hey, you know, they want to go national, that's fine.
I can dig that.
but the hell with this "let's try-it-for-a-few-months-first" crap, you know.
You wanna watch him for a minut ? Hey listen man, they either make a long-term deal or they can screw themselves, really.
Yeah! No, no.
I think it's time to get it.
You work for me.
Right, and I call the shots.
You've got it ! Thank you.
Aaron, no! Oh my God, Jack.
I had no idea.
It wasn't just you I saw fall it was your son.
He would've been ten years old by now.
Just about the same age as your son.
Oh, look that sad look, come on.
The second I saw you and J.
, I known I guess we have more in common than I thought we had.
We both know what it feel like to lose a son.
But it's one big difference.
I can't get mine back, but you can.
Talk about some "cold hard truth"? Huh Jack Don't worry, man.
Your secret will die with me.
I don't think I live one day without reliving that moment, imagine how how he must have felt during those last few seconds of life.
It was an accident, jack.
There is no way you could know that the maid opened the window.
Oh, so you think thatthat changes anything? Because you know, that changes anything? - You're crazy? - "Cold hard truth", you're on the air.
He's a sinner and I say jump.
Numero Nine and Closer my God to Thee.
You don't need to do this.
Stay close.
I don't want him taking John with him.
C'mon, we're dyin' out here! Where's that tenth caller? - Cold Hard Truth - What's he waiting for? - Cold Hard - Suicide - Cold - You wanna know my.
Cold Hard Truth Hello? Who is this? Jack, wait.
If you jump, who's going to tell us the cold hard truth? Think of your fans.
If you do this, They won't have anyone to hate.
You've got to be kidding ! - I had to try something.
- I'm going to miss having you to kick around, Johnny.
Hey Bruce, C'mon, The last call.
- Bruce? - Guess who just called in? Put her through on my line.
Jack It's your ex-wife.
She wants to talk to you.
Guess what John? I've got news for you.
I'm through talking.
Tell her I said goodbye.
It's over.
Bruce, put her on the air.
Jack? Can you hear me? It's me, Margaret.
Go ahead.
Take the call.
- Margaret? - Jack? why are you doing this? You know why.
No, I don't.
I really don't.
Can you at least try to tell me? Itit It's just - Jack ? - Margaret - I - I know, I know.
We never talked about it.
But maybe now we can Bruce nobody needs to hear this.
I'm way ahead, man.
Well, Ladies and gentlemen, this is Da Kid, signing off for Jack Jericho.
More Truth for ears, this time from the King of Soul.
Hey Johnny So c'mon, man what do you think of the Sox's chances this year? Ah Chad, chad, my boy, c'mon! you know, they say they say hope springs eternal.
They also say there's a sucker born every minute, my friend - So what do you think that makes you? - I don't know, man.
C'mon! An optimist, I guess there's always reason to hope that things can be turned around.
Case in point: A sudden surge in ratings, and a radio show and its host are back on the air.
Turning a life around than can be.
that can be harder, man.
For that we have to be willing to face hard truths about ourselves take some risks, men, you know.
Step onto a ledge, or, you know, off of one, as the case may be.
Am I in trouble? Sweety, it's nothing like that.
We just have something that we want to tell you Don't worry, 'coz it's a good thing.
Something that we should have told you a long time ago but we wanted to make sure you were old enough to understand that we were old enough, J.
You know J.
, you are very lucky to have such a wonderful Dad, who loves you more than anything in the world.
We both do, and that is never going to change.
Ok? But you're even luckier than that, Because some kids don't even have one dad, but you You've got two dads.
And they both love you very much.
What do you mean, two dads? Johnny is your biological father.
That's not true Dad? - No.
I don't believe you.
- J.
Hey John.
wants to ask you something.
What is it J.
? What am I supposed to call you? Johnny.
Just Johnny.
Subscript by Cpt Lolo, Ronanasplit, Unknow37.