The Dead Zone s03e11 Episode Script


- "Archilochus colubris.
" - You say some ? "Archilochus colubris.
" Better known as the ruby-throated hummingbird.
Did either of you know that of the three hundred and twenty species worldwide, it's the only one that breeds in eastern North America? No kidding.
Sounds like your biological dad is still teaching biology.
- He knows a lot.
- Yeah? Well, I bet he doesn't know about the large creature rumored to inhabit this hill waters.
"Aquatus Cleaves Millis", It's a local version of the Loch Ness monster.
Be careful that you don't hook it.
Mister Lewis? You're full of it.
I'm a wha? Did you just hear what he said? - Truth is the best defense against libel.
- Twenty bucks smart guy, says you can't beat this cast.
- Whoa, nice one! - It's all in the wrist.
May I? All in the wrist, huh? All right, you the man today.
Looks like I'll have to get back which on that twenty bucks.
I'm a little light.
Johnny did you see something? Rain.
It's gonna rain.
Are you sure? Yeah.
We better pack it in.
The Dead Zone - Saison 3 - Episode 11 "Shadows" Traduction par Ronanasplit, Unknow37 et Cpt Lolo Why don't you take this stuff into the car okay? We'll catch up to you? Rain, huh? You sure your psychic barometer ain't busted? To be honest, I don't know about anything right now.
What are you talking about? I did just have a vision.
It wasn't about the weather.
I was fighting with someone.
In a motel room.
I think.
It was dark, it was chaotic.
I felt I felt afraid.
And I felt angry, really angry.
I killed someone.
Okay, this thing hasn't happened yet.
And you and I both know that it doesn't have to.
Now this guy Did you see his face? I told you I couldn't see either how clearly.
Any idea what cause the vision? No, it just it just hit me out of nowhere.
Well let's get your smart-ass son home.
Don't worry John, we're gonna figure this out.
Hey look is here? HEy, what happenned? You fish the limit already or what? I thought you were going gone all afternoon.
- Johnny had a vision.
It's gonna rain.
- It stinks.
It's gonna mess all the all fondation bash.
Mom, I caught a huge bass.
Can we cook it for dinner? Sure, let's take a look at this monster.
Bye J.
Bye Johnny, thanks.
Good job.
I said back off! I said not to bother the girls.
Now stay out, or we'll definitely have a problem.
- Dam! - Don't you hate it when they do that? You're looking for that guy, right? You saw him? I was gonna tell you inside, but Linus got involved.
You don't want to bug him when he's doing his job.
Tell me about that guy.
He was in earlier.
Made a pass at me, you know tried to get me to go in his place with him.
His place? I don't know.
I think he was lonely.
I mean he give me some sob story about his wife leaving him and his boss being on his case, yada Did he say where he lived? He said where he was staying.
Right across the highway.
Wow, don't you love fireworks? Too bad I work in a double.
You're cute.
If you come back, ask for Tyler.
Private dances are half off before six.
Now what? I've just think about something.
- They're gonna have fireworks at that thing tonight? - Yeah, that's exactly why I was hoping you're wrong about the rain.
Then again you're never wrong, right? See you later.
Listen, I got a couple of patients today.
But I can cancel them.
I'm all right.
I'll catch you up later.
I wish your call.
forgot my stuff Hey, look what I found From my tackle box to your coat pocket.
I could have beat your little cast.
Just didn't want you look bad in front of your boy.
Yeah, right.
- Call me.
- I will.
- Can I help you? - No one's checked into Room 14? Doesn't look like it.
I know this may sound like an odd request, but I really need to take a look in that room.
- You forget something? - It's a kind of hard to explain but it just take a minute.
- Thanks.
- Our nightly rate is forty two fifty plus tax, which also happens to be our minute rate.
Cash or charge? Damn it.
Excuse me.
Is Tyler working? Excuse me.
Tyler? I guess we are already know each other.
Someone told me that I should look you up.
And I thought you were a blond.
Brunette by day and blond by night.
What's your name? Johnny.
- Well, Johnny, would you like to buy me a drink? - Actually I Say no more.
I have exactly what you want.
Make yourself comfortable Johnny, and then I'll make you more comfortable.
Tyler, I really just want to talk.
I love to talk.
I need to know if a guy came in here and hit on you and asked you to go home with him.
Every day of my life.
- What about today? - Not yet.
Uh-uh, tiger, no touching.
Excuse me.
You seen a white guy, about five eleven, short light-colored hair, with a tattoo on his right arm? That's it for you, buddy.
You're bothering the girls.
You're outta here.
The man I'm looking for, he's dangerous.
Maybe you can help me.
You want my help? Feeling more relaxed I hope? That's twenty, by the way.
Listen Tyler, the guy I'm looking for is about five eleven, white guy, he's got light blond hair, short.
He has a tattoo on his right forearm? - You are a strange one, aren't you? - Have you seen him? No, I don't think so.
The dance costs twenty, but that doesn't include my tip.
I've got to get back on the stage but maybe I'll see you later.
I'm telling you, they're out of control! - They? - My visions.
I don't even know what's triggering them.
It's like they're happening spontaneously.
How is that possible? I don't know.
I had a vision of myself killing a man.
And later I saw myself being keep out of this strip club where I went looking for him.
And soon after that, I was myself walking right back in the same club.
It's like having visions of a horrible night that's ahead of me but the visions are working away backwards, towards me.
What happens when they meet? In these visions, I'm angry and I'm shouting at people and I'm grabbing at them.
I had a knife a knife with blood on it.
Then my vision ends with me strangling this guy.
And I don't stop.
I don't stop until he's dead.
So when is this happenning? Tonight.
What I don't know is how it starts or why I get a knife to hunt this guy down.
Bruce I don't know what's going on man.
It just doesn't me.
Sir, stay behind the tape! Sir, stay back or I'll be forced to arrest you.
- Call Sheriff Bannerman, he knows me.
- All right.
Let him through.
- Walt radioed you'd be coming.
- Just tell me what I need to touch.
John, we're all hurting over this.
I know it must be a terrible loss.
- John - Roscoe, either get out of my way or arrest me, because I'm gonna find out what I need to know.
This is done anyway.
What else? I need to touch something else.
We found another bloodstain over there.
Could belong to the perp.
They say surgeons shouldn't operate on their own family, right? Maybe you should just leave this one to us.
Unless what you're looking for is revenge.
He ran this way.
He tossed it Hey, John? Johnny? Forenzie The strip club I know you were there but where are you now? It's the murder weapon.
Could you call Walt tell him to meet me at the Woodbine Hotel.
That's where this guy is gonna be.
Look, just give me a second to call this in.
John! Johnny! - It just happened again.
- What? I just got another vision.
This time I gave Roscoe the knife.
- I didn't take it with me.
- The knife? Look man, I don't know what's going on here more than you do, but maybe you would sit down.
No I can't.
It's revenge.
That's why I'm after this guy.
Revenge for what? He said a surgeon never operates on someone in his own family.
- Who did? - Roscoe.
It was at a the scene of the crime.
There was a murder.
- Hello.
- Hey, Sarah? Hey Johnny? What is it? - Is J.
there? - Yes, he's helping me in the garden.
I want you to bring him in the house and lock the doors.
I'll call Walt, have him send a patrol car over there.
Johnny, what's going on? Are we in danger? It's probably nothing, but I just want to make sure everything's okay.
You just sit tight and no more and I'll call you back.
- Please, just do I ask.
- Okay, okay.
- I'll call you soon.
- Alright.
So where are you going now? Make that where are we going now? To report a murder.
They cleaned out the trunk.
I just went into a bar for a drink.
And when I got back The car, it was a rental, right? Screw the car! They took all my luggage, all my sample cases, everything.
All I've got left is this lousy briefcase.
I can take the report, but that's about all.
We're pretty swamped with the holiday and convention No, no, no, you don't understand.
This has already been a really, really crapy day.
My wife Okay, that's not your problem.
But if I don't get those samples back, I can't make any sales.
If I can't make any sales, I'm going to lose my job.
If I lose my job Sir, I said we can try but the fact is we're very shortstaffed.
Then I want to talk to your boss.
Afraid he's already got company.
Sarah's inside freaking out because of some crime supposed to happen? That's great.
What a big special trip.
Not just any crime.
It's a murder.
And you think Sarah or J.
might be the victim? - Roscoe implied it involved family.
- Roscoe? - What? - Right.
In the future.
- Guess you better start at the beginning.
- The "beginning" ? That's a little tricky, huh? Why's that? Because my visions haven't shown me that murder.
They began with me killing a man in revenge.
You keep saying that like you're a murderer too.
You don't know that.
I know what I saw.
Yeah but just don't act it's done with the whole story.
I hear you, ok, i'm fine.
Tell County that I'm sending on both over there tonight, and I want separate cells, separate wings if possible.
I want a comparing note you understand? Talk to you later.
- Hey John - Are your suspects out there? Yeah.
We've just picked them up in a biker bar about five blocks away.
Well you grabbed the wrong guys.
They didn't do it.
- I've got reason to believe they did.
- I saw the killer Walt, remember? "Caucasian male, approximately five eleven, short light-colored hair, tattoo on right forearm, age indeterminate.
" Here we go.
Look it was dark, it was not like a police line-up okay? I saw enough.
Maybe you should take another look.
Because one of those guys fit your description, right down to the tattoos.
Plus we've got witnesses who put them at the crime scene, they both have police records that include assault.
One of the guys even had blood on his shirt.
The DND results haven't come back yet but the blood type, it's a match.
- It's not them okay? - Look, I know what you're going through.
- Do you really? - Yes, I do.
And blaming yourself is not gonna help you.
You did everything that you could.
Are you gonna listen to me or not? Look, I think you should just go home, get some distance from this wait for the lab results come back before jumping in.
If I don't jump in, this guy could get away.
You want to wait around, that's fine.
I'll get him myself.
Oh, oh, oh hang on a second "get him"? That's exactly what you're trying to avoid.
I've already had one hate crime here tonight.
Doing something rash isn't going to bring Bruce back.
What is it Johnny? Did you just have another vision? Do you see who the victim is? This is this is par for ####, right? I mean you've seen people die in visions before, and almost every time you were able to save them.
"Almost" I had to say that.
Only times Johnny hasn't been able to save someone when I ignored his warnings.
And my ears are wide open.
So why are we freaking? - We're not.
- Course we're not.
Only here's the problem.
Now I'm freaking.
Remember how we say, "change one detail and all of life changes"? Meaning the future, sure.
I've taken action of changing details and so far the future hasn't changed.
It's still headed right for us.
- Meaning my murder.
- Yes.
You thought it was a hate crime, and you'd arrested a couple of young street punks.
- I thought the killer was someone else.
- Did you describe him? Not too well.
He was by five eleven, light-colored short air, with a tattoo on his forearm.
A tattoo! That's great, we're making progress.
I mean just the fact that we're talking about this we've probably changed the future.
But aren't you two detectives forgetting something obvious? Me.
I mean you said that I am the cause of all these visions right ? Well here I am.
Touch me.
You want to fill in the blanks, touch me again.
Don't worry about me.
I don't think it get much worse.
It's still happening.
You saw it? - You saw me get murdered? - I saw you being stabbed and dying, yeah.
- Could you see the killer this time? - No.
There's only Bruce - and the knife.
- What about the location? It was at night.
Some big public open space.
That's all I saw.
We've got to go on what you did see.
We'll put you with a sketch artist, see if we can't work up some drawings of those two punks you said I arrested.
You got a good look at them, right? You said they had assault records.
So they should be in the computer.
That tattoo can give us a cross-reference point.
But we already know they're the wrong guys Doesn't mean that we can't find the right guy.
Johnny sees a face or a tattoo, something might click.
Damn, the server's down.
- Roscoe, what's going on? - Hold on.
We're working on it.
What we're gonna do a "he trolls the database"? "we" aren't gonna do anything.
You're gonna stay here, all night if it's necessary.
No way.
Hey! Listen to him.
He's making sense for a change.
Yeah, and what if you're partly right.
What if it's a hate crime? If I just hide here, some other black man might get killed in my place and there's no way I'm gonna let that happen.
Sounds like you're jumping to a lot of conclusions.
Am I? Based of what we know, can you tell me that I'm wrong? For my peace of mind, just stay here while Walt and I see what else we can find out.
So how you gonna do that John? By getting a step ahead of my visions.
Can I help you sir? I hope so.
This hospital's the designated trauma center for the entire Bangor area, am I right? Mmm-hmm.
And as you can see, we're pretty busy, so unless you're suffering from some trauma of your own.
You said you are rotation ship? - Whattime the night shift start? - It began at six.
So everyone working here now will be working all night? Yes.
Now what is it you want? I need to speak with the attending physician please.
I'm afraid I can't have you bothering the doctors.
Now unless you have a genuine medical emergency Take her to Curtain Three.
Page Dr.
Alonzo and let him know we've got more victims coming in from that highway pile-up.
Excuse me I'm looking for my friend Bruce Lewis I think he may've been taken here.
- Was he in the accident? - Accident? No, he was assaulted.
I was with him but we became separated and when I got back, he'd already been taken away.
Yes I see we did have an assault victim.
Are you a family member? No! I told you I'm his friend.
My name's John Smith.
Where is he? Is he in surgery? Mister Smith, our trauma team did everything it could but I'm afraid his wounds were just too significant.
What? I know this is difficult, but I'm afraid I have to ask you some questions.
Someone will have to contact his family.
I'm so sorry.
I was just trying to do the right thing.
Who did this to you? Who did this? - Sir, you're hurting me.
Let me go! Call Security.
"Security to emergency.
" "Security to emergency.
" John you can take another look at this please.
Walt, I've looked at all of these.
I don't recognize any of these tattoos or faces.
Maybe we could widen in the search.
The guy could be a transient.
We'd be wasting our time.
- If this is gonna happen, it's gonna happen soon.
- How do you know that? In my last vision, at the hospital, it was 9 o'clock, so we're talking sometime in the next two hours.
Only it can't happen, can it? As long as Bruce stays here.
Got a big pile-up on I-95.
Tractor-trailer jackknifed and about five cars plowed into.
Send Rafferty and Mitchell.
They're already out at the Fairgrounds doing crowd control.
State police are asking for you.
I gotta go deal with this, so just sit tight both of you.
I'll be back as soon as I can.
- What do we do now? - You heard the man.
We wait.
Well, this is the right place for people watching.
You should try it yourself.
I'm a little antsy.
That was exciting.
You just saw something, didn't you? It's got nothing to do with those guys.
What was the vision about? I saw someone being assaulted.
Me? I don't think so.
But it was the same knife that I had in my vision.
Same knife, different victim.
John, your visions just made my point.
We hide out in here, we're just letting someone else get hurt or even killed in my place.
We don't know that.
- All my visions have shown me - All yours visions are showing you is that we can't avoid fate, no matter what.
And just sitting here isn't helping.
I mean is it still right to you? I'll do whatever it takes to keep you safe.
Keep me safe.
Are you sure that's the only reason that we're here? What are you talking about? I was remembering something you told me back at your house, about how the Johnny Smith that you saw killing other man couldn't be you.
You're thinking that if we leave here, you could somehow end up killing someone in revenge, and the thought of that scares you almost as much as the thought of see me dying.
But whatever your visions are showing you, that man isn't you.
Then maybe you don't know me as well as you think you do.
Do you remember that magazine from the future, the one Wey gave me? The one with you on the cover : "Will This Man Destroy the World?" You know what I mean me really think about how all of this might change me.
Maybe I'll be fighting so hard to save the world that Il crossed that line and become as dangerous as Stillson, maybe even more dangerous.
John, you're never gonna become Greg Stillson.
I didn't think so either.
But now I've seen how I could cross that line in one night.
Maybe tonight.
And that changes everything.
So don't don't cross that line.
Promise yourself, promise me, that no matter what you want.
And maybe the best way to make sure of that it happen is to fist the future, our future.
Head on.
If none of this had ever happened to you, what do you think you would be right now? Probably gone for a run like for almost nights.
You always run the same route? Yeah.
Show me.
Looks like we're gonna have to walk or run from here.
This park goes along the river for about a quarter mile.
We're doing the right thing, man.
You gotta believe that.
Let's do it.
John? This is the place.
- You sure? - Yeah.
I'm sure.
Why do I get the feeling like somebody just walked over my grave? I'm not getting anything.
We shouldn't be here.
This is crazy.
Of course this is crazy.
"Crazy" has been the theme of both our lives since you came out of that coma.
Why should today be any different? - Who you calling? - Walt.
At the very least, we can get some back-up here.
Oh man ! Com'on Isa.
That's it! It's happening! hey! - I'll take the mugger, you help that guy.
- You sure? Bruce.
Man, are you okay? I'll call for help okay? - "Wassup Dawg?" - Check out this spade.
What? Are you robbing that guy? - No, I'm not.
You're wrong I'm trying to call for help.
- You try to help or you mean like help yourself to his wallet.
- No, no, no - Wrong move, spade.
What? That's it! Kick his ass! Oh, my god Bruce! Bruce! Bruce, Bruce! Bruce! John, if you can, remember I can hear you but don't talk okay? Remember your promise, John.
No matter what happens.
Remember who you are.
No! I'm so sorry.
That's it! It's happening! Hey! - You take the mugger.
I'll help the victim.
- You sure? It's a racial thing, I saw it on my vision.
- Banerman.
- Hey, Walt.
John? Where the hell are you? I was about to put out an APB on you.
I'm in a park by the river, at the end of Sixth.
We're okay, but there's someone else who needs an ambulance.
Alright, that's on his way and so am I.
Don't do anything though I get there.
Hey guys! Hold on, listen.
Police is on the way.
Everything's under control.
Just back off please.
What's your problem man? We were just going to help the guy.
- Yeah, you were trying to rob him? - Just give him a little bit of space, all right guys ? Please, that's ok.
How about you back off, gimp? Kick his ass! I'm trying to help you! Remember your promise, John.
No matter what happens.
Remember who you are.
I'm just trying to help you! So I'm sorry, it's gonna be ok.
Everything's gonna be ok.
So call me psychic.
I mean.
How else that I know that you were out there.
Maybe there's a owner sign on my door that said gone fishing.
You did? Cute.
Figured I might find you here.
'Case you didn't know, that guy dropped his charges against you.
Walt had a talk to him, he told what might've happened, and sobered him up.
- What might've happened, huh? - Yeah, but didn't.
Thankfully for all concerned.
I can't see it man.
You can't see what? The future.
- Maybe I never really could.
- What do you mean? Meanwhile I see the pieces.
I make asumption.
I act how I think it mught happen.
My actions change the future everymore.
It's like an equation where a thousand variables are keep changing.
That's the way it always been.
And it works for you so far.
Because until now there's always been one thing that I could count on.
One constant as me.
I'm just not sure that believe anymore.
- John.
- Man, the over night I almost lost it I did.
For few seconds I became that other person that crossed that line.
But you didn't.
You're no Greg Stillson, John.
You're a good man, and a good man remembers where that line is.
Or maybe I was just lucky you were there to remind me.
Me? I was half way downtown chasing that mugger.
How could I remind you anything? You mean in a vision? But I thought in last vision you have to me was Yeah.
So something that I said when I was dying? Yeah.
Well I goes it proves one thing.
It always pays to listen to me.
- And what if you're not here for me the next time? - I'll always be there for you.
Trust me.
Better yet, trust yourself.