The Dead Zone s05e08 Episode Script


I had the perfect life Until I was in a coma for six years, And then I woke up And found my fiancee married to another man And they're raising my son.
Everything has changed Including me.
One touch, and I can see things, Things that happened, things that will happen.
You should see what I see.
At this point, the structures were fully involved.
Fully involved? It means the entire compound was completely on fire.
So rescue efforts were were impossible.
I didn't want to risk more lives.
And all this within 20 minutes? Major, how do you account for the rapid spreading of the fire? Incendiary devices.
If you'd like to hear from the head of our forensic team No, you're excused, major, and right now, I'd like to hear from the person responsible for this disaster.
The panel calls Johnny Smith.
Madame chairwoman, I'd like to state for the record my belief that this hearing should be open to the press.
The great citizens of Maine should not be kept in the dark as to the progress of this investigation.
Nor will they be, congressman, once this panel establishes all the relevant facts, and, for the record, I would like to express my gratitude that you have volunteered to help us out with this very important task.
Now, mr.
Smith, would you kindly state your full name? John Robert Smith.
And your occupation? Mr.
Smith may find that to be a bit of a sensitive question.
I was a science teacher.
Well, let's not be disingenuous, mr.
It's a known fact that you're a professional psychic "Professional" implies that I made money at it.
I don't.
The panel needs to know how you became involved with the religious cult known as the seekers.
I had a vision.
And this vision, what did it tell you? That a child was going to die.
The bomb went off right next to my son's convoy.
His face was lacerated, and he lost two fingers on his left hand, but his body armor saved his life.
The army wouldn't pay for that body armor, so our church did.
That's why I'm so grateful to the desert storm veterans of Maine.
Maybe we can save another mother's son.
Thank you.
Thank you, mrs.
Londstrom, and a quick reminder, Faith heritage will match every dollar that's earned today, and it will go directly to our brave young men and women who are fighting the good fight in a country that desperately needs our help.
The good fight? It's more like a lottery, only the winners get to come home in body bags.
Listen, a good friend of mine from high school, a career soldier, just bought it over there.
Suicide bomber.
Sorry, man.
I guess we're all in the same boat.
We still talking about the war? It's not easy keeping your secrets, John, if you know what I mean.
Yeah, that.
I mean, look at all these people out here.
They've got one foot in the grave and don't know it.
It's up to you to save them.
Hey, don't put it all on me.
We're a team, remember? Hey.
How are things? We're a sorting and folding machine.
When you get more of those camo shirts and pants, can you shoot them over? The kids are snapping them up.
Camo's hot.
Got it.
Back to the front lines.
Camo, camo, camo.
Nothing like a teen in uniform.
No! What's up? Just hold the fort.
Yo, anyone here named styron? I found a 20 in this pocket.
Ah, just put it in the kitty, man.
Jimmy won't mind.
Jimmy? I figure I should ask him first.
Well, if you can catch him.
The lazy bastard just took off.
Jimmy! You Jimmy Styron? This is yours, right? Yeah.
So? Yeah, well, I, uh I just wanted to get it back to you, man.
Hey, what are you, some kind of freak? Ar-15, gold standard.
The only difference between this and the m16 mode of fire.
Full-Auto, three-Shot burst modes, disabled on the civilian model.
And say you wanted to enable them? With the right parts and instructions, a six-Year-Old could do it.
While you're at it, you might want to check these out.
M-14 Anti-Personnel land mines.
Guess you could say they fell off a truck.
Step on it, you hear a little click.
Step off, you won't hear anything.
The last word in home defense.
I'll take them.
All of them.
You got yourself a deal.
What's in the van, Jimmy, huh? Machine guns? - John! - Get off me! Deputy! Get off! Hey! It was one of those days I wished the sheriff was around.
Are you saying mr.
Smith's a loose cannon? No, I wouldn't say that.
It's just he's very determined.
You search his van? We found some gun parts that might be illegal provided he doesn't challenge our search.
Let's get him to tell us who he sold the mines to.
Throw a scare in him.
He already thinks I'm crazy.
Can't we just wait till the Walt gets back from his fishing trip? Roscoe, a little girl's life is at stake.
So you allowed mr.
Smith to intimidate the suspect? I wouldn't call it intimidation.
You think that's the only thing I could find out? You ever cheat on your income taxes, Jimmy? You ever steal weapons from the army? As it turned out, Mr.
Styron was willing to cooperate.
His name is Jacob.
He lives in some commune up in north county.
Where in north county? Looks like the bass are really running this year.
Yeah, fill her up.
I'll get directions.
What? Friends of yours? Something's going down, and it's not the bass.
Don't move.
So you weren't surprised to see Smith and Lewis? One thing I've learned working with John, it's tough to keep a secret from him.
Because he's psychic? Yes.
So with two days away from a covert raid, you let him into your command post? He'd gotten this far.
I thought he should understand the situation.
The seekers started out in the '60s as a sort of christian commune.
They farmed their land.
They did charitable work in the community.
That all changed a few years ago.
Nathan Carter.
Calls himself Cyrus.
The persian king who defeated babylon? Yeah, Carter thinks that he's some sort of a prophet.
He popped up on our radar about a year ago when we heard that he was stockpiling weapons.
About a month ago, he started emailing some of his distant disciples, telling them to come home.
I tracked down a few people who left the sect after Carter took over.
They talked about doubters being subjected to reinforcement sessions, sometimes involving hallucinogenic drugs.
So he's brainwashing people.
Carter only lets his inner circle out to buy supplies, and they won't talk.
He may not be letting people out.
Does he stop them from coming in? No, forget it, John.
No way.
Walt, I saw a little girl get killed Maybe as a result of what you're planning.
Why not give us a chance? Does the name Waco ring a bell? their lives, including four ATF agents, all because some half-Assed tv reporter warned Koresh the feds were coming.
Lot of people blame the government for forcing a confrontation.
I will not risk the security of this operation by letting you blunder around.
The state police escorted us back to the highway.
They should've followed us all the way home.
What are you doing? I'm not leaving that kid to die.
It looks like they're waiting for a bus.
A van, actually Which is how I'm going to slip inside.
You're forgetting something.
We're a team, remember? You're going to do something this crazy, I'm going with you.
The signs are everywhere.
Wars, famine, plague, and disease.
We're deep in the end times.
When the final sign comes, Babylon must find us ready.
They will.
Are you ready, Jacob? Of course, Cyrus.
No matter what needs to be done? Yes.
We've been together the longest.
I knew I could count on you.
I heard the van pull up.
The australians have arrived.
Mcpherson and his people? Plus some newcomers.
Newcomers? Tell me if one of them looks familiar.
Having managed to infiltrate the cult, what were your first impressions? Well, it didn't seem like a cult at first.
It was more like a family.
A family? Well, you must have found that very comforting.
Not having a family of your own, I mean.
I have a son.
Who's being raised by another man.
My point being that you have reason to sympathize with these people.
I keep an open mind.
Ah From your affidavit, it doesn't sound like they returned the favor.
It's just while you're here.
They make these things slicker and slicker all the time.
A camera? Yeah, and a camcorder.
Camcorder Man, I used to work in an electronics store, But it's like Cyrus says, you know.
Technology's just a distraction from what really matters.
Which is? The message, man.
You're not going to hear it on one of those.
Uh, pagers, blackberrys? Come on, Roger, they're clean.
I'm Lucy Caron.
I guess Roger and I are sort of the unofficial welcoming committee.
I'm Bruce, and this is John.
Welcome, John.
The aria was so beautiful.
I felt like I was floating.
It's that tenor.
A year from now, he'll be bigger than Pavarotti.
Get out! Doug Get out of the car, bitch! Nora, get out of the car! Get out of the car, Nora! Our daughter! Nora, get out of the car! Daddy! Is that your little girl? She really has your eyes.
You remind me of someone.
Forgive us, Mr.
We're a little behind the celebrity culture curve.
It is Johnny Smith, isn't it? Cyrus Carter.
Our doors are always open, John, To the faithful, the troubled, the curious.
Which are you? Curious, I guess.
Yeah, about why I've been having visions about you and this place for weeks now.
I'm drawn to this place for some reason.
I mean, can you tell me why? Visions led you here? Yes, Cyrus.
Why should I believe you? Well, you said your doors are always open.
Let's say you picked an interesting time to walk through it.
God doesn't believe in accidents.
Isn't that what you always say, Cyrus? And that we all came together for a purpose? Maybe John is a part of that purpose.
Well, then, we'll explore it together.
Welcome to our home, John.
I'm confused.
First, it's one girl being killed.
Then it's a veritable bloodbath? Sometimes I see pieces of the future.
It's like a jigsaw puzzle.
Sounds like you'd be better off with a crystal ball, or maybe you're just making this up as you go You subpoenaed me, congressman.
If you don't like my answers, you should ask different questions.
This panel's only interested in establishing the facts.
Then all you need to do is listen.
Here you go, honey.
We grow all our own produce.
Looks good today.
Yes, indeed.
Thank you.
Actually, with hydroponics, we can grow more in our greenhouses than we can on the fields.
Can you see him, Roger? Can you see his light? Yes, I can! I hope you two aren't die-Hard carnivores.
No, we love our veggies.
When did you two get here? About a year ago.
Cyrus saved me.
He saved both of us, didn't he, baby? She's shy around strangers.
What about this little girl? Nora knows she's not supposed to bring Emily to the table, right? What did you see before? All these people, they're broken.
They're in pain, man.
I guarantee you Carter uses that.
The brainwashing that Walt talked about? I mean, he really puts them through the wringer.
He gets them seeing things.
We've got to get the word out to Walt to stop this raid Or all these people are going to die, and I've seen that, too.
It's time.
Who are we? It was like Carter threw a switch, and they all became pod people.
He played on their vulnerabilities and their fears, promising them salvation, salvation that would only come at the end of the last days.
It grows fragile with age.
It becomes He was the prophet who would lead them in the final battle against the forces of babylon.
He said that they had the weapons to defend ourselves.
and that they shouldn't be afraid to use them.
We're not afraid to use them.
I saw a strong angel proclaiming with a loud voice Bruce, I need a distraction.
I saw the angel! Tell us, brother.
When I was a boy, in my father's church, I I beheld an angel.
I beheld an angel, and he He broke the seals thereof! I beheld the sun, and it was black as sack cloth, and the moon became as blood, and in heaven there was silence, and the angel said, "come and see.
" "Come and see!" Don't.
I have it set just how I like it.
You knew they were going to try something like this, didn't you? I'll talk to you later.
When this is over, I'll have them both up on charges.
Interfering with a state investigation.
Fine, but right now we've got to call off the raid.
Why would I do that? Because John just got a message to my wife, saying that if we go through with this, people are going to die.
The only way anyone's going to die is if that crazy bastard warns them If John's saying "hold off," it's because he's seen what'll happen if we don't.
Look, you haven't worked with him before.
I have.
This is a risk that we cannot afford to take.
You're right.
I'm moving the timetable up by 24 hours.
We go tomorrow.
All right, guys, listen up! It's the rapture.
Are you saved? I don't know.
If you're not saved, You don't get to go to heaven when the rapture comes.
I hope that doesn't happen for a long time, Nora.
I hope it happens soon.
Why? Because my daddy's in heaven, so when my mommy and I get there, we'll be a family again.
Nora Why don't you go downstairs, play with the other kids.
Can you really see the future? Nora! I thought you might be hungry.
Thank you.
I came here because I saw someone die.
I saw a child die.
Nora? You need to get her away from here.
Both of you need to get away.
Cyrus said you just came here to spy on us.
You didn't see anything.
Nora's doll Emily It's the same one from the carjacking.
It's her connection to her father, and that's why she won't let it go.
If you don't help me, Nora's going to die here.
Not just her, everyone here.
When the armageddon comes, all of us will die, me, Nora, all of us, but then we'll be saved.
I promise you, this is not armageddon.
I have to trust Cyrus.
Lucy I'm sorry.
Lucy And I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they will prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days.
I later found out that they had put something in the water.
I guess the drugs, all the bible thumping, I started to hallucinate.
I believed that I was having a vision, that I'd seen the prophets from revelations, The ones who would predict armageddon.
One was Carter, and the other was Johnny Smith.
I I saw them.
Who did you see? Johnny Smith.
Smith? He's lying.
How could John Smith be the second prophet? He's seen it.
Johnny's seen armageddon.
Excuse me.
Are you saying that Johnny Smith has seen the end of the world? I'm saying that I was hallucinating.
I was kept up half the night.
I was drugged.
I saw what Carter wanted me to see.
What he wanted you to see, mr.
Lewis? He used us to convince the others of something that he already believed.
The last sign the one we've been waiting for.
The day is here.
The time is now.
Tell the others.
Tell the others All clear.
All units, we have a green light.
I repeat, we have a green light.
All units, withdraw! Withdraw! Withdraw! They were waiting for us.
Smith warned them! I told you, John would never do that.
Face it, sheriff, your friend just started a war.
You know, years ago, there would've been an attendant here to hand us a nice, white, fluffy little towel.
Now we've got sandpaper and liquid soap.
This country's definitely taken a step backwards.
I think we're coming along very well, wouldn't you say? Oh, you don't want to know what I think.
Oh, on the contrary.
I am fascinated as to what goes on inside that nutty little head of yours.
So why are you exploiting this situation? Well, it's my job to search for the truth.
Something funny? We both know why I'm here Drag me around and make yourself look good.
Well, Smith, I think we can both agree that, uh, well, I do look good.
Well, a figurehead should look good, Greg.
Face it.
You're not calling the shots anymore, are you? See, that's just it, Smith.
You think you know things, but truth is, you haven't got a clue.
How does it feel to be a pawn? To trade in Miranda's life for another rung on the ladder to power? Let's leave my wife out of this, shall we? Well, she wasn't your wife, though, right? She never made it to the altar.
Now, who saw to that? Was it you or Malcolm Janus or? There you go, Smith, thinking you know things.
What I know is you are a killer Your father, now Miranda.
And one day soon, people are going to see you for who you really are.
We should get back.
Look, I don't know what you have planned, but I'm not going away.
I'm going to be waiting right here for you.
Oh, I'm counting on it, Smith.
Cut the land lines and get the cellphone jammers online now.
Right away, major.
What, no phones? I guess we're not negotiating.
I won't let them turn this into a media circus.
We regroup, hit them with tear gas, then go in hard.
That's exactly what the feds tried at waco.
You see any tanks? Army helicopters? We're playing right into their paranoia.
What we need to do is take a step back before this escalates.
No, sheriff.
You need to step back.
Way back.
Welcome back, John.
I'm sorry about your confinement.
Bruce, you all right? I'm sorry.
What'd you do to him? We opened his mind, and then he opened ours.
I told them.
The raid? Armageddon.
Your coming was a sign, John, as sure as a famine or a war.
You and I, we share the same destiny.
I- I-I don't know what you're talking about.
He thinks that you're the second witness from the book of revelations.
The two prophets "And if any man will hurt them, "Fire proceedeth out of their mouths, and devoureth their enemies.
" Armageddon, John.
We've both seen it, and now it's here.
You can't deny your own visions.
Accept your role as I've accepted mine.
I have a question for all of you.
Do all of you really believe that I am the second prophet? Do you really believe that I can see the future? I have seen armageddon.
But there were not angels Or horsemen or bodies of the righteous ascending to heaven.
But what I saw was fire.
It was not god's fire.
It was the kind of fire that comes from men.
Men like Cyrus Carter.
Now, armageddon it may be coming, but it will not be god's doing.
It will be ours.
It will be our choice, like the one you have right now.
So, ask yourselves, is it worth risking all of your lives so that one man can call himself a prophet? Lucy? Nora? Jacob? Is this really why you didn't pull the trigger on yourself that night? So you could pull it now? You disappoint me, John.
You've been given the gift of light But you choose to live in darkness.
Join us and be saved.
You're not saving these people.
You're killing them! This entire place is rigged, and he wants to make all of you martyrs.
Cyrus? Lucy.
Jacob, what what does it matter how we sacrifice our lives? Babylon has fired the first salvo.
We've all seen the signs.
It's our time.
But what if it isn't? What if John was sent here to tell us it's not our time? Jacob.
Are you doubting me, too? We have families, Cyrus.
What if you're wrong? Take his weapon.
You're all cowards! You all want salvation without sacrifice.
God has given me a mission! I won't shirk it! Cyrus! Jacob! There's no time.
We've got to get out of here.
Get the kids up.
Get them out of here.
Get out of this building now.
Out! Let's go! Move in.
They're inside.
They shot at me! Is there an exit they don't know about? In the back, but it's in a minefield.
We have to risk it.
"And they went up on the breadth of the earth "And compassed the camp of the saints about, And the beloved city " Wait here.
Come on.
Walk exactly where I walk.
Surveillance reports people leaving the rear of the compound.
Redeploy the swat team.
How'd they find out? Ah, it could be somebody told them.
They're going to be filming every move you make from now on.
Maybe it's time you stepped back, major.
"The fire came down from god, "Out of the heaven, And devoured them.
" Jesus Christ.
Go! Go! Keep coming, guys, keep coming.
Lower your weapons, lower your weapons.
John, it's all right.
We're not going to fire on you.
John, it's all right.
Come on, guys.
Keep coming.
Everybody, out of here.
Everybody, go.
Get these guys behind the trucks.
Nora, no! Baby, stop! Nora, stop! Nora, don't move, okay? You said when the rapture came, we'd be with daddy.
If I die, then I can go to heaven and be with him.
We should both go.
No, baby, not this way.
They said we'll be together again.
I know they did, honey, but your daddy wouldn't want it that way now.
Your daddy wants to watch you grow up and to be happy, and maybe one day start a family of your own.
That's what's going to make him happy.
Are you sure? Yeah.
That's what I would want for my own son.
Come here, Nora.
Nora? Come here.
Say what you want about Johnny Smith, but he saved my little girl.
He may have saved all of us.
Those people who shot at the officers will have to be tried, but none of us wanted to fight.
We just wanted to be left alone to practice our beliefs.
Thank you for your testimony, ms.
Madame chairwoman, would you agree we've heard enough? They're coming out.
Looks like that interference charge against you is going to be dropped.
Wouldn't look that good anymore, would it? Here they come.
Here they come.
What we heard today was frightening, not just because of what did happen, but because of what could have.
Now, ultimately, there was only one confirmed fatality, and that was mr.
Carter himself.
But even one life lost is too many.
An incident like this is proof positive that it's time for a change in this country.
Now, these people might have been misguided, but they were not a threat that needed to be met with deadly force.
Now, we need leaders capable of understanding and that intimidating people through violence just because we disagree with their religious beliefs compromises us not only as a people but as a nation.
Thank you.
How does he do it? What's that? He makes me look like a dangerous lunatic while he comes off as a hero.
I don't know.
That man-Of-The-People act won't play forever.
Folks'll catch on.
Yeah, I wonder.
So you're going to rebuild? Well, it was a good place for us for a while, anyways.
It can be again I think.
Well, Nora looks happy.
She's excited.
She's starting third grade in the fall.
No more home schooling? Well, I think our kids need to know there's a bigger world out there, and they're a part of it, and it's part of us.
Roger just downloaded his first podcast.
Alternative christian rock.
I didn't even know there was such a thing.
Well, like you said, it's a big world out there.
Well Maybe one day you'll need us.
See you.
Well, it looks like I'm not the only one that knows your secret anymore.
Think they'll do a better job of keeping it than I did? Maybe armageddon shouldn't be a secret.
You know, it's one thing to believe the end is coming and it's another to realize you've got to do something about it.
At least there's last hope.