The Dead Zone s06e02 Episode Script


Previously on The Dead Zone I just had a vision that you're gonna die.
I am working on something outside of work.
I saw him emailing on the computer the other night.
And when I came in, he turned it off.
Gene, we gotta go.
Go, go! The people of Cleaves Mills lost one of its beloved citizens, Walt Bannerman.
You, with all your visions.
I never saw this coming.
I need to tell Sarah that I saw Walt's death.
And I couldn't do anything.
No one will tell me what happened.
This is all I have left.
Uhh! S-A-R-A-H.
Sarah? I brought you some sand for that, uh, ice rink of a walkway you got there.
Oh, you didn't have to do that, Johnny.
It's not that bad.
Said the seven-month- pregnant woman.
I think I should stake the driveway too, you know.
Otherwise, the snow plough is gonna ruin your new house's lawn.
Oh, J.
's gonna do that.
- J.
Bannerman? - Yeah.
He's been really great lately.
Taking out the garbage, doing the dishes.
Lots of stuff.
Maybe I should tell him I need some new snow tires on my car.
Yes, this is Sarah Bannerman.
Wh--so I have to go there? Yes, I can hold.
What's wrong? Oh, I have to go get some paperwork from the sheriff's office for Walt's pension.
Well, I can go do it.
Oh, no, that's okay.
No, I'm going to town anyway.
I can drop it off tonight.
It's okay.
Oh, Johnny-- You rest.
No, Jo-- Hello? Happy to help.
- Uh, no, that's okay.
- See ya.
A friend of the family is going to pick them up.
Thank you.
Hey, Al.
Excuse me.
Was there an election? No.
I guess the sign should say, "Sheriff Pro Tem.
" Everything is new, huh? Even the locks.
Yeah, you never know who the old sheriff gave the keys to, right? County Sheriff! Drop it! Now! Soyou the new sheriff? Yep.
Anna Turner.
You shot anyone since you've been here? Uhno.
But the day is still young, Mr Smith, John Smith.
Oh, the resident psychic.
I was wondering when we were gonna meet.
But then, I guess you already knew that, right? So let me get this straight, I'm gonna shoot somebody.
That's what I saw.
Do I hit him? Her.
And, yeah, you did.
So I'm shooting at her.
Not something you do half-assed, right? So I guess we're good.
Look, I know this is your first day, and all this sounds crazy to you.
It's not exactly an apple-pie welcome.
Place I wanna check out is about two blocks from here.
The Old Kettle.
Sheriff, I've helped the department-- Excuse me? Those were the ones that were reported.
Who knows how many unreported, right? Okay, you know who I am, and Walt Bannerman was a really good friend of mine.
See, where I'm from, in Queens, guys who were friends of the cops, usually, they really weren't.
What is that supposed to mean? It means, while I appreciate your interest in public safety, I prefer to run my department by the book.
And the book doesn't include a psychic civilian.
Now, tell me, why exactly are you here? Besides to tell me I'm gonna shoot somebody? Just came to pick up some paperwork for the Bannerman family Sheriff.
Yeah, well, please remember, Mr.
Smith, Sheriff Bannerman may have deputized you, but not me.
Hey, Big Mike.
Hey, Johnny.
Lunch? Yeah, buddy.
Listen, Mike, I'm looking for a girl.
Hey, aren't we all? This girl's about 5'9", strawberry blonde.
Way too classy for your joint.
Cream of broccoli soup, lobster roll, mint tea.
She actually comes in quite often.
She's right over there.
What do you know about that girl? Cream of broccoli soup, lobster roll, mint tea.
That Sudoku? Yeah.
Kind of an addict.
Yeah? Yeah, well, I don't play.
Too bad.
I was gonna tell you my secret to winning.
Oh, well tell me anyway.
I meanit's pathetic, right? But I'm--I'm eating alone.
Personality, right? Table for one.
I don't mind eating alone so much.
Just have to like the company.
I guess that's my problem.
Gotta work on that.
Write note to self.
I'm Nina Jorgenson.
John Smith.
Would you like to join me? Yeah.
When I was younger, only ever Lobster Thermador or bisque.
Hot dog bun? Not an option.
Well, it's an acquired taste.
Not really.
My ex-husband was allergic to wheat.
Nina, I wanna ask you a question.
Anddon't think I'm crazy.
Some of my favorite people are crazy.
Go ahead.
You own a handgun? What? That's not the question you thought I was gonna ask you, huh? Not really.
I, um I guess my radar is off.
I, uh, I thought you were gonna ask me out.
Wait a sec--you've been talking to me this whole time to get to that? Nina I have to tell you something.
I get visions.
And you are in one of them.
And I think we should talk about.
I think we should too.
Do you, um, have health insurance? I accept most.
If not, I can probably work something out.
I'm a psychiatrist, John.
And I just happen to have an opening tomorrow morning at 10:00.
I don't need a psychiatrist.
Okay? Okay.
But just in case you do, here's my card.
Drop it! Now! Yeah, I can, uh I think I can do the morning.
There's my dude.
Wow, pink walls, J.
, huh? Mom thinks it's a girl.
Yeah? Well, I hope so.
There's a lot of pink paint on the floors.
Heh, yeah.
Had a little accident.
So where's your mom? Buying baby furniture.
I don't know why.
I told her I got, like, five generations of baby stuff at my house, so Look at you.
You're painting walls.
Staking the driveway for Mom.
Got any time for homework? I don't know.
Gotta do it after I've done this, though.
What's wrong, young man? Just been having nightmares.
About my dad.
How he died.
I'm sorry.
I just keep dreaming that he was just that he was just screaming.
I'll tell you something.
It's only a dream.
That's all it is.
- Does your mom know? - No! I'm sure she'd want to-- No, Johnny! Mom shouldn't have to look after me.
I should be looking after her.
So just don't tell her.
You promise? I promise.
All right, let's get on these pink walls, huh? I'm glad you could make it.
Have a seat.
No, thanks.
But research shows that it's easier to open up when relaxed.
It allows you to talk about what's really bothering you.
I'm not really here to, uh, open up.
Why did you come here? To help you.
And why do I need help? That day we met I told you about the visions I have.
I had a vision where you had a gun, and you were actually pointing it at the police.
Then they shot you.
HmmI can see why you're upset.
But the fact is I have nothing but respect for our legal system.
The most I've ever been accused of is over-devotion to my patients.
So why don't we talk about what this vision has to do with you and your issues? I'm okay.
You must have completed some extensive therapy.
No, I just don't, uh I don't have any real issues.
Even after awakening from asix-year coma with an alleged miraculous psychic ability? And then discovering that your fiancé had married another man and was raising your son.
I hate the internet.
If you didn't have issues, that would be the real miracle.
Oh! I'm expecting a package.
Would you excuse me? All I'm saying is that we're really just animals with animal needs.
Right, Doc? Yes, Frank.
Humans are animals.
I don't know if I can trust you anymore.
And why is that, Kenny? Because you're working with him.
I'm working with you, Kenny.
Johnny, are you okay? We need to talk.
Sothese three patients of mine that you saw Kenny, Frank, and Lurky Guy why do you think it was only these three? I'm just getting that they're dangerous.
But what happened to me getting shot by the sheriff? What do these patients have to do with that? I don't know yet.
Look, Nina, I just, uh I wanna help you.
You keep saying that.
That you want to help me.
That seems to be important to you.
Sometimes I wonder why, huh? Well, let's talk about that.
I mean, if I don't want any help, but you insist is that really helping? Or is itpossibly hurting? Listen to me.
I only wanna talk about those three patients.
Okay? Well, then, I'm afraid we have nothing to talk about.
I'm sorry I didn't call first, Mrs.
Oh, that's okay.
Kind of getting used to a lot of drop-ins.
Too many? Oh, you know.
They mean well, but, uh, sometimes you just wanna be alone.
People care about you.
You're lucky.
I'm lucky? Oh.
Bad turn of phrase.
I'm very sorry for your loss.
Thank you.
Oh, please.
Well, uh, there's an official reason for my visit.
I need your husband's computer.
It's a 2003 Macintosh G4.
Uh, Walt's computer? Actually, it belongs to the department.
Everyone treats them like they're personal, but it was purchased by the state of Maine, and I've been instructed to get it back.
Well, it-- uh, it's just in here.
I'll--I'll get it for you.
Uh, there are a lot of personal things on here.
Maybe I could just download them first.
I think it'd be better if I did that.
I'll take the computer now, and any personal files I'll return to you on disc.
There are a lot of photos on here, Sheriff.
Photos that are very important to me.
I understand.
I'll get them back to you.
Thank you.
What the hell do you want? That's really nice work, man.
I'm a fan of yours.
A fan? No, I don't have any fans.
He sent you, didn't he? Didn't he? This needs to stop.
And I need to stop it! Listen, Kenny-- How do you know my name? Kenny, I saw the gun.
Whatever you're planning on doing, don't do it.
What? I wanna get you some help.
Let's go talk to your doctor.
No, no, no.
You stay away.
Stay away! Stay away from her.
I gotta go tell her, Kenny.
I heard a thump.
I opened the front door, andfound you collapsed.
I didn't collapse.
I got hit in the head.
I think it was your patient Kenny.
I was following him.
Johnny you cannot just follow my patients.
I feel like he hit me with a gun.
I am quite sure that Kenny did not hit you.
How do you know that? Because he just called me.
Very upset.
Wanting to know why I sent someone to spy on him.
Now I know who he meant.
Where did he call you from? His car.
You see? He could have been following me.
You know what--I have a very well-established practice.
I cannot have you upsetting that.
I really think you should leave.
See this? One of your patients did this.
You want me to help you? No.
Guess I'll have to find it some other way.
Hey, Sheriff.
You said you wanted a, uh, apple pie welcome.
So, uh, here, welcome.
So what do you want? Hey, listen to me.
I have a theory about this woman that I saw you shoot in the vision.
She's a psychiatrist.
And she's got some crazy patients.
A shrink with kooky patients.
There are three in particular that I think might be dangerous.
One of them has a gun.
And I know where this clown lives.
How do you know that? Because I followed him from the shrink's house.
I'm telling you, it's the same guy that I saw in the vision.
I know how this works.
In the vision, you go to arrest him.
And she steps in.
And I shoot her.
We could stop this.
Smith, I'm gonna do you a favor.
What's that? And not arrest your ass for stalking.
You ever just play a hunch? Look around my office.
I like my police work to include things like evidence, facts, data.
Look, sometimes intuition What are you doing with the Bannermans' laptop? That's the state's and we reclaim them.
Wait a minute.
Hold on a second.
I'm looking at Sheriff Bannerman's computer, and I came across an unusual bank account.
Someone needs to look into this.
You investigating Walt Bannerman? I need to get back to work.
So, if you please excuse me Why is she looking into Walt? That's completely ridiculous.
I agree.
I think we should stop worrying about it, and start worrying about G-2 over here, or whatever.
Yeah, thanks, Johnny.
ButI really wanna do this myself.
You know, I'm gonna have to do this stuff now.
And you don't have to keep coming over here, either.
We're actually doing okay.
You keep saying that, Sarah, but I don't know if that's true at all.
Listen, I don't think J.
is doing okay.
He lost his father, Johnny.
You know, he's actually-- he's been really helpful.
He thinks that he's gotta be the man of the house now.
I think that he's probably afraid to tell you what's really going on with him.
What are you talking about? I promised I wouldn't tell you this, but he's having nightmares, Sarah.
About Walt's death.
What? When did he tell you that? Last night.
I was up here helping him with the painting.
He was adorable.
See, Johnny, this is what I'm talking about.
Okay, right now, J.
and I need to stay connected, you know? And you just waltzing in here all the time is really not helping matters.
Not helping matters? At least you know what's going on with him.
Thank you.
I appreciate that.
Butif I need your help, I'll ask you, okay? Okay, maybe I, uh maybe I should just get going.
Yeah, maybe.
What do you say, Mike? Hey, Johnny.
Lunch? Nah, let's start with a beer.
Beer? That good a day, huh? - Ohh.
- Well, I know how you feel.
If you're not wasted, your life is.
That's dark.
So's the world.
Take a look at that.
What happened? Some maniac biker comes in and goes all Roger Clemens on me with a full pitcher.
I mean, I would have shown him the door but he was packing a piece.
He had a gun? Yeah, otherwise, I would have kicked his ass.
Mike, you're no slouch, but that guy was huge.
What are you talking about? - The guy with the leather and the skull cap? - Yeah.
He was, like, 300 pounds.
Johnny, that guy with the leather jacket and the skull cap-- that dude, a buck 50, max.
Including all that green paint that he had on him.
Green paint? The guys was some kind of artist.
Your patient did this.
My patient? Which one? Frank or would you prefer Kenny.
And the Lurky Guy.
Johnny I don't know what you're talking about.
Yes, you do.
All this time, I keep thinking that I'm seeing three patients.
And, actually, it's just the same one.
Kenny, Frank, and the Lurker are all the same guy.
the Associative identity disorder.
We think it's basically a long-term temporal lobe seizure.
Five years ago, Kenny walked into my office complaining that his dark side, a man named Frank, was taking over.
I assumed it was just garden variety schizophrenia.
Until one day, Frank rolled in.
No, I can't believe it.
So Kenny sees himself as them.
But you, of all people, actually doubt the hun brain's hidden capabilitie We barely understand what it's truly capable of.
But Kenny could actually help us understand more.
'Cause what we're seeing here is groundbreaking.
What's that? This third person you've been describing, Lurky Guy he's new.
Well, what have you seen? So far, Lurky Guy, he's pretty skittish.
Born in the war between Kenny's paranoia, Frank's violence-- While, meanwhile, Kenny's running around town with a gun.
Yeah, the gun.
Remember, I told you? Well, at the time, I wasn't sure I should believe you.
But right before you called, I went looking for it.
You do have a gun? And it's missing.
Kenny has it.
Which explains why all of his identities are becoming more aggressive.
Johnny these are not identities who should feel empowered.
We need to find that gun.
Come on.
We should take my car.
If he sees us pull up, he won't feel threatened.
You are working together! Kenny Kennycalm down.
Why? Why should I? You've been lying to me.
Stay back.
No, you stay away.
You stay away.
Yeah, I'm at The Old Kettle.
We got this nut.
With a gun.
I trusted you.
I trusted you for five years.
Kenny, listen to me.
Johnny is just a patient.
Oh, well, congratulations.
Welcome to your messed-up life! I-I don't wanna be your patient anymore! I'm tired of waking up bloody and bruised, not knowing what he's done.
Kenny I'm tired of of not knowing when he's gonna do it again! No, this needs to stop.
I need to stop it.
Okay, listen, listen I'm a patient of hers, okay? I have problems.
Everybody has problems.
We all have our own demons inside.
Nothat's just it, though.
That's just it.
Your demons stay inside.
My demons come out! Kenny, put the gun down.
You stay away! Drop it now! Drop the gun.
Drop the gun! Step in front of my weapon again, Smith, and I will shoot you.
You don't have to do that, sweetie.
Gotta get it done.
Baby's coming.
You know J.
, what you gotta do is start acting like a 12-year-old boy.
Huh? Play a video game.
Eat something disgusting.
Call a girl and hang up.
I'lldo that stuff later, Mom.
Hey look at me.
You don't have to take care of me.
I know, butI want to.
I mean What if something happens to you? Oh, J.
Nothing is gonna happen to me.
Yeah, that's what you said about Dad.
, your father was an incredibly brave man who risked his life for other people.
I'm not nearly that brave.
I'm not going anywhere.
I will always be there to take care of you.
Butwhat about you? Who's gonna be there to take care of you? I'll tell you what.
We'll take care of each other.
I fall, you pick me up.
You fall, I pick you up.
Deal? Deal.
Come here.
Then Big Mike placed a 911 call.
So law enforcement could get there in a timely manner.
Do you really think this is a good time to give me grief, Smith? Come on, admit it.
I was right.
See, that's the thing.
I'm not so sure.
I wasn't even close to shooting Dr.
Who? Look at that.
The psychic doesn't even know.
Know what? That Dr.
Nina Jorgenson's real name is Dr.
Nina Vogel.
And she's not from Boston.
She's from New York.
So what are you getting at? Well, apparently she was married to a guy who got jealous of her devotion to her patients.
She got divorced.
He started stalking her.
Threatened violence.
She moved up to Cleaves Mills five years ago.
After she changed her name.
The ex-husband.
He's the Lurky Guy.
All this time I thought he was one of Kenny's identities.
Him? No, he's real.
And he's in Cleaves Mills right now.
Hey, Neen.
What are you doing here? I justwanna talk.
Jeffrey you have to leave, right now.
I should have called.
But then again, you made that sort of hard when you changed your name and dropped off the face of the earth.
Jeffrey, I've built a new life for myself here.
Yeah, I know.
I met your newest patient here the other night.
You're getting pretty chummy, aren't you? What new patient? Blondie.
Spooky eyes.
I think I pretty much discouraged him from more therapy.
You're the one who hit Johnny.
Nina! Nina! Let go of me! I made that mistake once.
Not again.
I swear Nina Give me the gun.
Give me the gun.
Nina! Nina! Drop it! Now! No, no, no! No.
So you were shooting at me? Did I hit you? He was attacking her.
I couldn't get in there with the gun flailing around, so I shot him.
Which is a good thing, because that guy needs to be in jail.
Well, it's a good decision.
Just wonder if I had anything to do with this.
Yeah, me too.
What's that supposed to mean? You show up at my office saying I'm gonna shoot someone.
I'm a sheriff, Smith.
The odds of you being right eventually are pretty good.
No, I said you were gonna shoot her.
Yeah, and then you get all mixed up in her life.
Wait a minute--you somehow think I caused this? You know what I think? You predicted rain, then did a rain dance.
Now if you'll excuse me, I've got work to do.
Yeah, like investigating Walt Bannerman? What's going on with that? You tell me.
You're the psychic.
Sheriff, he was a good cop.
How do you know so much about him? We'll be in touch.
So how do I say thank you for everything you've done? Oh, I was just trying to help out.
Yeah, me too.
I guess the trick is doing it without pushing people further away.
Listen, if you ever feel like you need to I know where to find you.
Hey, Sarah.
I saw the light was on.
I just wanted to come by and drop off this key.
Oh, Johnny, you didn't have to do that.
No, you know, I, uh I beenbarging in way too much lately.
This is really beautiful.
Too bad it's in a house I hate.
What do you mean? when We moved in here, and two months later, Walt died.
I don't exactly have happy memories of this house.
It's like th place is choking me.
If I could get out of here, I would.
would too.
And speaking of J.
J thank you for telling me about him.
And I'm sorry that I overreacted.
We like having you around.
Listen, why can't, um why can't I just help-- Oh! Well, that's a help.
It's okay.
I'll just build another one.
It'll be ready by the time the kid's two.
Listen, Sarah, um Why don't you just think about maybe moving in with me.
With J.
Sarah, nobody's gonna replace Walt.
Certainly not me.
But, you know, you can have your own wing.
Oh, Johnny I--I gotall kinds of baby furniture.
I mean, I could take care of everything, so you could just you know, take care of J.
and the baby.
What, are you just gonna break all my furniture until I say yes? Anyway, you know what? Just, uh just take some time.
You know, and think about it.
Okay Okay.