The Dead Zone s06e04 Episode Script

Big Top

It's okay, baby.
Johnny'll be home soon.
Okay, I promise.
Shh! Ho, I'm home! Okay, here we go.
Look at this.
Look at this, huh? All right, look.
We got wipes.
We got powder, huh? Look at this.
Where's the diapers? No, I got-- I got diaper rash cream.
She doesn't have diaper rash.
Listen, I touched her butt earlier, okay? She's gonna.
Johnny, Hope needs diapers.
- She's only got two left! - All right, all right.
Listen, listen, whoa, whoa!We can use these.
Ook, it's super absorbent! No? Oh, the look.
The look! Okay, let me get diapers.
Let me get the phone.
Hello? Hi.
It's coach Morrison.
Is, uh, is Sarah Bannerman home? Yeah.
She's kinda got her hands full right now.
Can I help you? I'm just checking on J.
Wondering ifthat ankle's healing up.
His ankle? I don't mind if he misses practice, but it's been a week, and we're into finals on saturday.
Wait a second, coach.
What you're saying is he's missed a week of practices 'cause of an injury? Yeah.
I figured you knew.
No, I-I know.
- I knew, I just, uh - Johnny, who is it? Uh, no one.
No one, I just-- can I call you back, coach? No problem.
What's he doing at the old airfield? Johnny, is everything okay? Yeah, yeah.
Just the, uh just the cable company.
They just wanted to sign us up for something.
I'll go get the diapers, okay? Shh, it's okay, it's okay, it's okay.
My son is joining the circus? "Through the looking glass.
" Yeah, no kidding.
Johnny, uh-- I didn't know you were into the circus.
Nice try, kid.
Come on, we're going home.
I can't.
Oh, yes, you can.
Let's go.
No, I-- but-- What, the acrobat girl? - Monique.
- Oh, Monique.
Is she the reason you've been ditching soccer practice every day this week? Huh? Well, have you talked to her yet? Mm, yeah, I've said hi a couple of times, but-- What, you haven't made n impression yet? The performers came to our school monday.
They did an Alice in wonder land assembly thing in gym to let us know that the circus starts next week.
Let me guess.
She was Alice? Yeah.
Hey, J.
! Your mom and I thought you were at soccer practice all week.
You lied to us.
Not to mention coach Morrison.
Did you tell him that you hurt your ankle? No, I did hurt my ankle.
But Iguess it got better.
'Cause we got a long walk home now, kid.
Come on.
No, Johnny, please! Come on.
I know what I did was wrong.
I do.
But i have to talk to her.
Well, she's practicing now.
She only practice still 4:00.
Then she goes back to her trailer until around 4:30.
Then she has a snack.
She likes apples.
- And then, uh, she eats dinner around - Whoa, whoa, hold on.
First things first, okay? Now, look, there's a fine line between admirer and stalker.
Okay? Now, you want to start a conversation with a young lady, first thing you dois you pay her a compliment.
Okay, cool.
Like what? Well, you just tell her, like, I don't know.
Tell her you've beenwatching her practice and you think she's ridiculously talented.
So, okay, so I can stay.
Hold on a second.
You got a half hour, kid.
- Okay? - Okay.
All right? Under one condition.
You stay out of this tent.
- Okay! - Okay? Oh, my god! One second.
You're late, Johnny.
You're late! - Lorenzo? - Yeah! - Is that you? - Yeah Must be the white head.
Makes me look fat, huh? Join you later.
Must be like, what, 20 years, buddy? What's going on? You working here? I own it.
- You own all this? - Yeah.
You don't recognize it, do you? No, should I? I hope not.
I spent enough converting it.
Remember the old carnival? - Oh, you're kidding me.
- Yeah.
I bought the whole operation ten years ago.
Well, you know, just after the - My accident? - Yeah.
I heard about the coma, and, you know, and all that stuff ever since.
Can I ask you a serious question? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I'm thinking of a number between one and ten.
So you're still a complete idiot! Some things never change, right? But I gotta tell you, this looks nothing like the old carnival, man.
Well, I added the big top, and I took every last bit of the old carnival and transformed it into what you see now.
The air base was available, so I decided to give it a run here back home in Cleaves Mills.
Alice in wonderland, huh? Yeah, well, it's always been an obsession of mine.
Hey, you don't still have the old wheel of fortune, do you? Oh, most definitely.
You're just not allowed to play.
Hey there, Johnny.
That girl, she looks just like that girl in high school, the one you had the insane crush on.
What was her name, Denise, uh Ludovic.
It's her.
The only difference is she doesn't hate me anymore because I'm paying her really, really well.
You enjoying yourself, Smith? Uh, what's going on here? Hey, sheriff.
- Looks like you two know each other.
- Yeah.
Yeah, since high school.
What are you guys doing here? Oh, there was a break-in last night.
- Yeah? -Yeah, freaky break-in.
How freaky? When I promise freaky, I deliver.
I saw this in my vision less than a half hour ago.
You mean, you had a vision of something that already happened? Yes.
Oh, I get those too.
They're called memories.
In the vision, somebody was dead.
It was a blonde woman.
You got a name? No.
Thanks for the hot tip.
Look, I'll be honest with you, Mr.
This doesn't look like a prank to me.
This looks serious.
I'll need a list of everyone who has access to this trailer.
No problem.
In the meantime, tell your crew to keep their eyes open.
I'll station a cruiser to patrol the lot.
Thank you.
Think she likes you.
It's only a trial run.
Shall we give it another whirl, yes? - The white rabbit.
- Ah! Oh! Another spin, yes? I'm not feeling very lucky.
It's just for fun.
Oh, uh, hi.
I saw you practicing.
You're, uh ridiculously talented.
You saw me practice? Yeah.
You were, uh, really ridiculously talented.
I don't think anyone's supposed to be in there before the show.
Are your parents in the show? They used to be.
They died when I was only one.
I'm sorry.
I don't have any other family, so everyone here have adopted me.
That must be kinda cool.
You know, no one there to tell you what to do or make up stupid rules.
Are you kidding? Instead of 2 parents, I've got, like, 20.
And I thought my family was weird.
A real customer.
Care to try your luck, sir? Yes? Hum sure.
Oh! Ah! You did it.
Now our guests are going to try for a bigger prize If they can get two in a row.
Alice again.
Mm! Shall we give it another whirl? All right, let's go with the owl.
Mister, in nine years, I've never seen a run like that.
The wheel's closed.
Ha ha ha! Right.
The next one, and the panda is yours, yes? Al-- uh, we'll go with queen of hearts.
Oh! I've gotta go.
You should come to the dress rehearsal tonight after dinner.
There'll be music, and it'll be really cool.
All right, sure.
She's pretty, huh? She's amazing.
Let's take a walk.
Come on, Romeo.
Let me ask you a question.
Back there at the wheel, the queen-- you weren't just guessing it wrong on purpose, were you? No.
You know, uh, Monique invited me to the dress rehearsals.
I heard.
So can I stay? Please? You know you gotta call your mom, right? Hey, Johnny.
I need a guinea pig.
Care for something sweet? We're brave, huh? Two of those.
Thank you.
Mm! Denise, you don't know where Lorenzo is, do you? Um, yeah.
His trailer is back there.
You take this one, okay? I'll be right back, soon, all right? Don't move.
Lorenzo! Hey, Johnny.
Johnny, what-- Get the sheriff back here.
Cherry syrup.
The snow cone stand.
That's where I sensed it.
Maybe you should talk to Denise.
Who the hell is Denise? The cheshire cat.
Oh, of course she is.
Well whoever is doing this clearly hates mirrors.
Lorenzo, in the vision that I had, I saw broken mirrors, i saw a dead woman, I saw some guy with a tattoo on his arm.
Does any of this make any sense to you? This was clearly rigged to fall.
But it was never meant to hurt him.
Looks like someone was trying to throw a big scare your way.
Anyone come to mind? Look, it could be anyone.
I fire people.
I don't hire other people.
Maybe someone's holding a grudge.
Pretty strange grudge.
Yeah, well, I work with strange people.
Look, Johnny, I'm thrilled CSI: Cleaves Mills is on the case, but I don't know this woman from Adam So, I.
I'd really feel better if you stuck around.
At least through dress rehearsal.
Yeah, well, J.
's gonna have to take a rain check on that, Lorenzo.
In that case opening night, front row.
You, J.
, and Sarah.
You promised that I could stay.
Well, look, I'm sorry, pal, okay? Things have changed.
It's getting a little weird around here.
What happened? Did you get another one of your visions? Yeah, I did, actually.
I hate them.
You hate them.
What do you mean? All the kids at school.
They act like I'm a freak or something.
'Cause we're related.
Let me ask you something.
Do you think you're a freak? No.
Look, J.
, I know what people think about me.
And I'm sorry you're getting flak about it in school.
But if it comes down to looking like a freak to try to save someone's life, or trying to act normal like the rest of the world and letting someone get hurt, I'll take freak every time.
Why didn't you save my dad? I can't believe you did this.
Look, I was trying to help J.
, okay? The kid has been coming here all week just trying to get up the nerve to talk to this girl.
He lied to us! That's what I told him.
But you let him stay! It got sort of complicated.
Johnny, you are not his father.
You know what I mean.
You are not Walt.
You can't make these decisions without consulting me.
He asked me for help, Sarah.
Okay? It's the kinda help that Walt would have given him.
This, of all places.
Johnny, you, of anyone, should know that nothing good ever happens here.
You know, it's not the old carnival anymore.
This place has changed.
Has it, really? Come on.
Let's finish this at home.
I'll make this up to him.
Johnny, are you coming? No, I gotta stay here.
I'll see you guys at the house, all right? What, another vision? - I'll talk to you later.
- Oh, damn it, Johnny.
Lorenzo, no! Don't worry, they're not poisonous.
They're corn snakes.
Call sheriff Turner.
Have her meet me in the parking lot.
Hey, who are you? The van is stolen, but we ran the prints.
They belong to Duncan Miller, 29.
Duncan Miller? What, you know him? I thought he was in jail.
He was.
Serving a ten-year sentence at Shawshank for the murder of Alice Sheargold.
He was released a week ago.
How do you know this guy? It wasabout two years after your accident, Johnny.
The carnival was on its last night here at Cleaves Mills.
Duncan Miller piled on in may when we swung through Charlotte.
A black guy, right? Glasses? Yeah, deaf mute.
The guy I saw didn't speak either.
Poor Duncan.
He was absolutely obsessed with one of the performers.
Even got her name tattooed on his arm.
Alice Sheargold.
Queen of the reptiles.
Did a sort of striptease, but instead of veils, she used snakes.
That night, she agreed to meet him after the carnival closed.
In the house of mirrors.
Later we heard that the whole rendezvous was just a setup to humiliate him.
Duncan found out and lost it.
The police found her body covered in blood with shards of broken mirror.
He'd killed her.
Still doesn't explain why he's here.
Maybe I can find out why.
I know where he is.
Let's go.
Freeze! Freeze, or I will shoot your ass, Duncan! Down.
Same old Johnny, always getting me out of jams.
Ugly job, but somebody's gotta do it.
What was this guy doing in the tent anyway? So, Lorenzo, you were there the night that Alice Sheargold died.
In the hall of mirrors.
I was working late after the carnival closed.
I heard a commotion, but when I got inside, it was too late.
He was still there, kneeling beside her dead body.
So I just ran back to my office and called the police.
I'm the reason why Duncan Miller went to jail.
Well, that explains why he came after you.
But if he loved her so much, why would he kill her? Come on, Johnny.
Even love has a dark side.
All right, buddy, I gotta head home.
So Sarah can yell at me.
And yet, you're not married.
Kinda odd.
You went away for a second there, buddy.
Did Alice wear a silver, heart-shaped locket? Come to think of it, yeah.
Why? It's been a long night.
Gotta head home.
Your coach is thinking of dropping you from the team.
You lied to us.
You don't want to talk about this like an adult.
You're grounded.
So if I told you the truth, you wouldn't be mad at me? No.
It was still wrong.
Look, no matter how much you might feel like you're a grown up you're not.
Not yet.
- Mom - If seeing this girl was so important to you, then you should have said something instead of sneaking off and lying to us.
Maybe we could have talked about it, you know? Come up with a compromise.
Like when we moved in here? Nobody asked me if I wanted to do it.
We just did it.
You shouldn't be in here, Johnny.
You had a vision of meputting this in the cabinet.
Didn't you? How come you held on to it for this long? Because I loved Alice.
I always have.
Your obsession wasn't Alice in wonderland.
It was Alice Sheargold, right? We were supposed to get married.
Then she-- she just told me she didn't love me anymore.
She was about to leave town with that f-- with Duncan.
I got drunk.
I lost control.
I-- man, I don't even remember doing it.
This man spent ten years in prison for a crime he didn't commit.
Then he tried to kill me.
If he wanted to kill you, he could have done it easily.
He wanted you to confess! After all these years! How do you know that? Because when he came to me and he reached out and he touched me, he wanted me to see the truth.
Please, Johnny, can't you just let it go? No.
Thanks for the call.
Yeah, it was hard to make.
So first your friend Walt, now Lorenzo.
You're two for two.
Wanna give me your address book? I can go alphabetically.
You know what your problem is? You're working way too hard to try to piss me off.
Kinda makes me think you're hiding something.
I'm sorry too, Sarah.
But I just tried to fix things for J.
I think I made it worse.
How 'bout me? I mean, I can't even keep track of my own son.
For a whole week now, he's been completely off my radar.
Anything could have happened to him.
Well, if anyone should have seen this coming it should have been me, right? But we are gonna have to figure out how to do this.
You know, I mean whatever this is.
And with the baby keeping us running, J.
's just gonna think he can slip through the cracks.
Well, I'm open to any ideas.
So how about grounded for a month and no personal calls? And no allowance? Nice touch.
Let's go tell him.
So what's the deal with this girl he just met? You really wanna know? Do I? Okay.
Older woman.
Oh, stop.
I'm so not ready for this.
What, does it sound familiar? A girl, a boy, a carnival? Very.
But better this time, right? Definitely better.
? It's me and your mom.
We wanna talk Oh, my god.
Where is he? I know exactly where he is.
Soyou're sure this is okay? Of course it's okay.
Besides, the show's cancelled, and this is my last chance to show you.
Are you gonna get in trouble for coming here? Definitely.
I can't believe you snuck out of your house just to come see me.
So in the show, the white rabbit, he was supposed to greet the audience.
And he'd mount the hoop, and I'd follow, like going down the rabbit hole, only in reverse.
When I'd be on the hoop, I'd do my whole routine.
Wanna see? No, I-I thoughtwe could just, you know, hang out.
You don't have to do your act.
You don't want to see it? N- no, I do, I just-- I don't think you should go up there.
Don't worry.
I've done this like a million times.
Just press the green button.
Help me! Somebody help me! Monique! I'm trying! It's not working! Help, somebody! Help, somebody! This thing's broken! Monique! It's not-- it's not working! Help! Somebody help me! She's-- she's falling! Johnny, you've gotta help her! Hang on, hang on! - Come on, Johnny! - Hurry up! Hey, what are you doing? You're trying to save her.
- Help! - It's okay.
He's not gonna hurt you.
He's not gonna hurt you! You okay? You were right.
Are you guys okay? What happened to the rope? You rigged it for Lorenzo.
Didn't you? That's why you were in the main tent when the police caught you.
He tried to kill Lorenzo? No, no.
Lorenzo weighs twice what Monique does.
The rope would have broken before he got to the top.
He never would have made it.
It was a warning.
Make things right before someone gets hurt.
In the vision I just had, I realized you came back in here to fix it.
You're a good man, Duncan.
I'm sorry for everything.
I'm sorry.
Do you have anywhere to go? Maybe you could come with us.
Everyone here's really nice.
Kinda like a family.
I wonder if I'm ever gonna see her again.
You never know.
I'd say you made an impression.
Johnny, I'm-- I'm sorry about what I said before.
About your visions and my dad.
It's okay.
Why'd you sneak out tonight? I wanted to see Monique again.
That's cool.
Back at the tent, after you caught Monique, I saw the way she looked at you.
She said you were right.
Right about what? I told her I thought something bad might happen if she climbed the rope.
Did you have a vision about something bad happening? No, no.
It was just a feeling.
Just a feeling.
Let me tell you something, son.
You don't ever have to feel bad.
about getting those feelings.
'Cause when you get them, you come to me.
'Cause if anyone's gonna understand, it's me, right? Right.
Look at it this way.
You saved her.
And she knew it.
I think I get what you said earlier.
I'd rather look like a freak and save someone's life than act normal and let someone get hurt.
There it is.
You're my man.
SoI'm not in trouble.
Oh, no, you're in trouble, all right.
I'd say plan on being grounded till college.
That figures.
Come on.
So, let me ask you.
Was it worth it? Oh, yeah.
Gimme five.
Wasn't that our car back there? Yeah, but I think we need to pick up one of those stuffed animals.
It might make things go better with your mom.