The Defenders s01e06 Episode Script

Nevada v. Rodgers

He goes out to collect a football bet and maybe won't come home again.
Never heard anything like it.
Well, Joe, Jim is a good kid.
He just fell into the wrong group of guys.
Owens is a decent judge.
Even chance we get the murder charge kicked.
One step at a time, Jim, might not do so bad.
- Right.
- Even if Owens tosses the murder, there's no chance the DA is gonna plea out the rest.
With the policeman shot, we're gonna go to trial.
But Jim can get bail.
He can be out until it's over.
If we get the murder kicked, he gets bail.
But the bail is gonna be very high.
I can put up my house.
It's funny what you remember, times like this.
It must have been 20 years ago, tsk, uh, before his mother ran off.
The three of us were going to Arizona to see his cousins, my sister's kids.
I can barely see Jim in the rearview, he's so little there.
Janet and me are fighting about God knows what and I run out of gas.
There's no moon that night.
We were less than a mile out, but the kid was like 7 years old then, and, to him, it was the middle of nowhere.
And even though I can see he's afraid, I gotta scream at Janet, like it's her damn fault.
When he says: "Dad, it's okay.
I'll take care of Mom while you go.
" It was right then, I thought he's gonna be a better man than me.
I thought he'd be fine.
Pete, come here, quick.
A Vegas attraction What's up? - was robbed last night.
- Police report that - They hit the Elvis-Plex.
They got the blue suede shoes.
- using a tow truck to gain entry, stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of jewelry and memorabilia.
No, Elvis.
Is anything sacred in this town? - that the shoes on display were the same ones worn by Elvis on The Steve Allen Show.
They did.
They got the blue suede shoes.
- Told you.
- For more on this story stay tuned to Channel 37 news.
The bullet that nearly killed Sergeant Sullivan is a sad testimony to the crime problem in North Vegas.
But rest assured, starting today James Rodgers will answer to this office.
DA Robart, the Elvis-Plex heist.
What are doing to nab that yo-yo? Mr.
Okay, let's go over the stipulated facts of the case.
James Rodgers drove a friend, Daryl Carver, and a guy named Jack to Downers Tavern.
Jack and Daryl got out of the car, went into the bar, where they were confronted by three off-duty police officers, who shot and killed Daryl Carver to stop what they believed was a robbery in progress.
Jack ran from the bar, escaped.
And James was in his car outside the whole time.
And yet he is being charged with murder of one of the robbers.
I don't know It's just stupid.
Judge, is that a legal argument? No.
It's a misapplication of the law.
It's never been tried before.
There's always a first time.
The felony murder rule was meant to cover the victim of a felon, not the felon himself.
Uh, actually, no, Your Honor.
NRS 200.
030 B.
Murder in the first degree is the killing of a human being while in the furtherance of a Class A or B felony.
It just says the killing of a human being, judge.
Daryl Carver was at least that, felon or no felon.
Okay, how about this, Your Honor? If Sergeant Sullivan here were on trial here today for the shooting of Daryl Carver, I would vigorously defend the shooting as righteous.
The officer had every reason to believe that there was a robbery in progress.
Therefore, justified.
Now, if we can all agree that Sergeant Sullivan's shooting was justifiable homicide, how can we find the kid in the car guilty of murder? I mean, can't have both, can we? - Thank you, counselor.
- Thank you, sir.
- I'm going to disallow the first degree.
- What? No.
Your Honor, a man died.
Officer Sullivan nearly died The attempted murder of Sergeant Sullivan still stands, as do the rest of the charges.
But the felony murder of Daryl Carver is out.
Judge, no.
- This is stupid.
- Enough.
- Move for bail, Your Honor.
- No way, judge.
Murder is gone.
You can't hold him no bail for the rest.
His accomplice is still at large.
He's a flight risk.
Lived in Vegas his whole life.
His father has put up the family home.
Bail is set at $100,000.
Cash or bond.
- No.
- The court is in recess.
Clear it.
- You okay, son? - Yeah, sure.
Let's just get out of here.
Go ahead.
Step out of the road, sir.
Careful, sir.
Daryl Carver went to Downers Tavern with a gun to collect on a gambling debt.
That's a felony.
And as his getaway driver, James Rodgers is guilty of everything that happened inside that bar.
DA's office appeal the loss of the murder charge? No.
Defendant is still facing extortion, robbery and attempted murder.
We can manage with that.
Gomez here calls James Rodgers a getaway driver.
You know what? If James Rodgers knew he was with criminals and they were out to collect an illegal gambling debt, then James is a getaway driver.
But if it's just a loan Jack made to the bartender for, I don't know, um, a boat, his mortgage If Jim thought he was taking those guys to collect a legal loan, well, then he's not a getaway driver.
He's just a friend.
And if Jim didn't know that he was involved with a felony, if he was just giving a buddy a ride, then he is innocent of every count against him.
You think Gomez can prove it was a gambling debt? It'll be hard to convince a jury it wasn't.
- You think Jim knew? - It doesn't really matter what I think.
- Yo.
Yo, Kaczmarek.
- Donte, what's up? - I need a lawyer, man.
- What did you do now? Donte Neele.
Public defender's office.
Lisa Tyler.
Pete's new associate.
Word has been going around.
- A burglary.
The office has a conflict.
- Oh, no, no.
No, I can't.
It's 20 minutes.
They're moving him to arraignment now.
In the middle of a police shooting, in case you hadn't noticed.
Maybe your new associate can help out.
Just get the guy a decent deal.
- What is it? - You can't have her.
No gun.
Caught him in possession.
- Anybody get hurt? - Donte, I need her.
No violence.
He hit the place when it was shut.
Ran his tow truck into the building, but Tow truck? Wait a minute.
- Is this the guy who hit Elvis? - Yeah.
- I will take it.
- You? I - Moving him to court now? - Should be there now.
Well, come on, Lisa, let's not keep the client waiting.
Donte, we got this.
That's gotta be him.
Purcell? Mr.
Purcell? Hi.
I'm Pete Kaczmarek.
- This is my associate, Lisa Tyler.
- Hi.
The P.
's office has engaged us on your behalf.
Well, all right.
I thank you.
Miss Tyler is gonna stay with you.
Do not say a word she doesn't tell you to say.
I just need to know one thing.
Did you really touch the blue suede shoes? What happened next, Officer Collins? We were sitting at this table, myself, Officers Rodriguez and Sullivan, when two men entered the front door, walked to the end of the bar, - where they confronted Mr.
- Confronted? Drew handguns, demanded money.
At which point, Officer Sullivan drew his off-duty weapon and announced his presence.
- So shots were fired? - Yes.
The perpetrator known as Jack turned his gun on the sergeant.
The sergeant returned fire in self-defense.
The second perpetrator went down.
Who was Daryl Carver, and he was killed.
Sergeant Sullivan was hit.
Whereupon the shooter escaped.
And you gave chase? Rodriguez ran out the back, I took the front.
Where you found the defendant desperately trying to start his car.
Objection, Your Honor.
Officer Collins, did you find James Rodgers trying to flee the scene? - Yes.
- Thank you.
Good afternoon, Officer Collins.
How you doing? - Pretty good.
- You said that Daryl and Jack drew their weapons.
Did you see Daryl draw his? - No.
Not directly.
- Not directly, huh? Hmm.
Is that because Daryl's back was to you and the other officers when he was shot? His accomplice fired on the sergeant.
The sergeant had every right to shoot.
Oh, I am not in dispute on the sergeant's right to fire.
And if Daryl got shot in the back, it was justified.
What I'm curious about is if Daryl's back was to you when he was shot, how could you see if he drew a gun? Did you see it? Well, his gun was found away from his body.
Not in the waistband or pocket.
He must have pulled it.
Oh, I see.
Because the gun couldn't have been knocked out when he was shot and fell.
I get that.
One more thing.
Officer Collins, can you carry a handgun in the state of Nevada with the proper permits? - Yes.
- Did Daryl Carver have the proper permit? - Yes.
- Thank you, Officer Collins.
That's great.
You really took that cop apart, man.
Shot him in the back? It was sweet.
Jim, a little respect.
Well, they're gonna make the case that you and Daryl were friends and you knew he had a gun.
Well, if he kept it in his pants, that's legal - and you shouldn't get blamed.
- Right.
This guy Jack waving his around could pose a problem for us.
They're gonna argue that you knew he was gonna pull it.
I didn't.
They're also gonna argue you knew he was a bookmaker collecting on a debt.
I'll tell them I never even met the guy.
Well, Jim, we're not gonna put you on the stand.
We can't have you lie, son.
What the hell do you mean, lie? It's none of your business, okay? Just let me talk to my lawyers.
All right, I think we had a long day, so why don't we get some sleep? Come on.
Hey, Pete, uh, can you take care of this? I didn't bring any money with me.
Excuse me.
Come here.
Now, I wanna tell you something.
If it wasn't for your father, you'd be in prison for 50 years.
He cashed his pension, he put up the house.
And he did all that so you don't spend life without parole.
So when this is over, whichever way it turns out, I expect to hear.
"Thank you" and "I'm sorry.
" And not to me.
Cool? Up until six months ago, I worked the Crystal Room, where they have the impersonators.
And you were Elvis.
I was a handyman.
Some janitorial.
Arnie Barlow got me the job.
He's the Crystal's main Elvis.
Then they let me go.
- I haven't had a job since.
- Nothing? Well, a couple of conventions as a young Elvis, but I'm a little too old for that.
Why break into the Elvis-Plex, Luke? I was busted.
I'm behind on my rent.
Hiding my truck from the bank.
And I got two little ones with their mom up in Reno.
I send them 300 a month.
Rain or shine.
Okay, the detective found you with the shoes, a couple hundred grand in jewelry.
- Did they get everything? - Yeah.
Arnie Barlow.
You know it was him who called the police to tell them that you offered to sell him a ring? Yeah.
Well, I figured maybe him and the other Elvises would buy up all the stuff.
But I guess he took it a bit too personal.
Well, you stole from the King, Luke.
- That is personal.
- I know.
But I just got crazy some, not having any money at all.
It's frightening for a man.
We'll try to help you, Mr.
But you might have to do a little jail time.
Well, I suppose it serves me right.
I do appreciate the help, ma'am, sir.
Wyatt, the man you knew as Jack, - he was your bookie? - Yes.
So you made illegal sports bets with him, correct? Yes.
On the afternoon of the crime, you owed how much for losses? Thirty-six hundred dollars.
Sir, can you explain what happened when Daryl Carver and Jack came to collect on those losses? I was behind the bar here, cleaning up.
I didn't see them come in.
He grabs me by the collar.
- Who grabbed you? - Daryl Carver.
And then Jack put a gun at my head, yelling, "Give me my money.
I'll kill you.
I'll kill you.
" And I thought he was going to.
- And then? - Well, I heard the officer yelling: "Drop the gun.
Drop it.
" And Well, then all the shooting.
Thank you, Mr.
Good afternoon, Mr.
- How you doing? - Very well, sir.
Thank you.
- You're a bartender, is that correct? - Yes.
So how far from Downers Tavern is the Strip? - How far? - Yeah, how far? - Half a mile? I don't know.
- You work half a mile from the strip yet you place your illegal bets with this dangerous bookie.
Why? - Why? - Yeah.
Why? Why? I mean, you told police that you didn't even know this guy Jack's last name.
I mean - Are you sure he was a bookie? - Yes.
And not just some guy that loaned you money and was tired of you not paying him back? Why would I say he's a bookie if he's not a bookie? I don't know.
Why would you bet 3 grand with this stranger carrying a gun when you could book it a half a mile away at the El Cid? I mean, casinos, they don't shoot.
We got a chance here, Nicky.
You did good with that bartender.
But then Gomez knocked it right back.
- You gave them a reasonable doubt.
- Doubt, yes.
I don't know how reasonable that was.
Look, the cops figure it was a robbery, fine.
The bartender says it was a gambling debt, fine.
They still gotta prove what Jim knew sitting out there in the car, and they can't.
They didn't.
Ah, that kid must've said a hundred times how he didn't know they were going after a gambling debt.
- Yeah.
So? - Well, do you believe him? Okay, there you go.
Neither will the jury.
I can't believe the kid is gonna do 20 years over a bad debt.
Like his father said, never seen anything like this before.
Four years.
Four years? We could lose at trial and still do better than that.
Give us some incentive to make a deal here.
I don't have any incentive to make one.
The guy was caught red-handed.
Purcell has no priors and two children he provides for.
Evidently by stealing.
Okay, okay, all the missing items have been returned undamaged.
Which is why I'm giving you four years.
Final offer.
Deal is good till happy hour.
There's a useful principle in philosophy, lex parsimoniae, which suggests that when looking for the solution to a complex problem, the simplest explanation is most often correct.
Defense lawyers make a living trying to prove that wrong.
See, because they're in the business of trying to confuse, to mix up, to obfuscate, and to weasel.
And, uh, Mr.
Morelli is one of the best.
But the simplest explanation here is still that James Rodgers knew that Daryl Carver and Jack were carrying guns to collect on a gambling debt.
I think you all know that.
And if you know that, then you have no choice but to include Mr.
Rodgers as a full participant to attempted murder, extortion and robbery.
It's that simple.
Lex parsimoniae.
A useful principle in philosophy, hmm.
Well, here's a useful principle.
How about "beyond a reasonable doubt"? Okay.
Yes, I am a criminal defense attorney.
So sue me.
But I'm also here to remind you that the State's burden is not to offer you a simple story, but to prove a crime.
All right, let's look at the crime.
Daryl Carver carried a gun.
So? He had a permit.
It was legal.
Did James Rodgers know he carried? Ah, they were friends.
He probably knew.
But did James know he was gonna use it? The State couldn't even prove that Daryl drew it.
And Jack.
Wyatt doesn't even know his last name.
But Mr.
Gomez here wants you to assume that James knew.
That James knew all about this illegal gambling debt.
Well, here's the thing.
What if he didn't? Right? I mean, what if Daryl and Jack just came up to James and said, "Hey, can you give me a ride? I gotta go pick up some cash, this loan I gave a bartender for some bar stools.
And then we'll go out and shoot some craps.
" I mean, that's a simple story.
It's as simple as the State's.
I can't prove all my stories.
But luckily for Jim, the State has to prove theirs.
It is that simple.
Listen to this.
"Items recovered: blue suede shoes, the Carolina concert ring, Federal Agent-at-Large badge.
" You kidding? The one Nixon gave him? Yeah, $300,000 worth of the King's stuff: Jewelry, clothing, rare photos.
Hi, Pete Kaczmarek and Nick Morelli here to see Arnie Barlow.
- Uh, rare photos? - Yeah.
- Are they worth something? - Oh, yeah.
Candids? Sure.
- Are you kidding? - Look at that.
I got Priscilla Presley and me.
- Wha? - Just dumb luck, I was at El Cid.
She walked by and I grabbed a shot.
You're saying this smudge, that's Priscilla Presley? - Yeah.
Look at the cute little nose.
- No, that's definitely you but Yeah.
I mean, it could be a woman.
It's a woman.
It's Priscilla Presley.
Forget it.
It's not for sale.
I'm gonna go talk to Elvis.
Why don't you grab a drink? I will.
Thank you very much.
We can't go on together.
Oh, oh, oh.
He's sitting in jail? Really? Luke can't make bail, Mr.
Not even close.
He's broke.
That's why he did it.
It's a crying shame.
Sure is.
Poor guy.
Poor guy? I'm sorry, I'm a little confused here.
You turned him in.
Well, that's because he robbed the King, man.
I mean, that all belongs to the fans.
You can't just sell it to some guy who's gonna hide it away in his safe.
Right, right.
I get that.
I mean, he tried to sell me the very ring that the Colonel gave Elvis when they signed with RCA.
Gold, with the diamond inlay.
Yeah, beautiful.
It was gorgeous.
And I gotta tell you, I was tempted.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
But Look, I didn't mean any harm to Luke.
I mean, hell, I like the man.
He always did right by me.
When he offered you the ring, did he tell you that he stole it? What do you mean? Of course.
No, no, no.
Not what you assumed, what he told you.
Did he admit that he was involved in the break-in? Did he mention the burglary at all? No.
Well, he said that he had the ring and if I was interested.
Why? Well, that could help.
I should've told him to give it all back, all right? That's what I should have done.
That's what I should have done.
I understand the jury is deadlocked.
- True? - Yes, Your Honor.
Well, without letting us know which way you lean, can you tell me the split? We have one holdout, Your Honor.
It's 11-to-1.
You get a sense of whether that deadlock might be broken with more deliberation? I'm really not sure, Your Honor.
We've been split the whole day.
All right.
Well, I'm gonna ask you to break for the night.
Return tomorrow morning, give it one more try.
Fair? Yes, Your Honor.
Eleven-to-one which way? You really need to ask? Now we wait.
Hey, this is Jess.
Sammy and I aren't home right now, but we are looking forward to your message.
What? Ah, damn it.
License and registration.
There you go.
What's the matter, officer, going a little too fast? Taillights are dead, sir.
Taillights? This is a brand-new car.
You be careful out there, sir.
First decent meal I've had in ages.
Thanks for bailing me out, Mr.
Don't thank us.
Thank Arnie Barlow and your friends over at the Crystal.
Well, I appreciate it.
I wish they knew how much.
Look, the DA isn't giving us much of a deal here.
Four years.
We're not gonna do much worse at trial.
Luckily, you never admitted to Mr.
Barlow that you actually stole the ring you tried to sell him, so we do have a defense.
You were just walking by and you found the bag of stolen goods.
Unfortunately, the truck used in the burglary was registered to a towing company that you used to work for.
Look, uh Maybe I just need to face the consequences of my actions.
And four years is what I deserve.
It's way too long.
You've never done anything like this before.
Luke, how did you get yourself into this mess? I had a dream that wouldn't quit.
Come here, make something of myself.
I mean, I'd pray every night that I'd wake up and the dream just died.
But every morning, there it was again.
Till morning after I did this awful thing.
Now it's gone.
I just wanna go home.
Six months.
Six months.
I'm begging you.
I hate to see the guy go to jail for even that long.
Not gonna happen, Kaczmarek.
Oh, come on.
Just this once.
Give a guy a break.
Which guy? Him or you? - Hunt, I'm on my knees here.
- All right.
In the interest of the State's time, three years.
But that's it.
- Have a drink with me.
- Excuse me? One drink.
Things go well, maybe two.
Are you hitting on me in the middle of a plea bargain? Yes.
I've been meaning to.
Ever since you dumped, uh What's his name? Ellis.
- Ellis? I haven't dumped Ellis.
- You should.
Come on, one drink.
It will be great.
Happy hour.
There's somebody I want you to meet.
Call my office at 6.
We'll talk about Mr.
- They aren't looking, Nick.
- No.
Not even one.
Not one, Pete.
All rise.
Clark County District Court is now in session.
Good morning, Mr.
- Have you reached a verdict? - We have, Your Honor.
Please hand the form to the bailiff.
Thank you.
"Case number 8-646.
State of Nevada v.
James Rodgers.
As to count one, robbery with use of a deadly weapon: Guilty.
" "As to count two, extortion with use of a deadly weapon: - Guilty.
" Yes.
"As to count three, kidnapping with use of a deadly weapon: Guilty.
As to the final count, attempted murder: Guilty.
" Thank you, Mr.
Foreperson, and thank you all the members.
Poll the jury, Your Honor.
Miss Jenson, please.
Poll the jury.
Jim, we're gonna appeal this.
I'll see you later this afternoon.
Juror 1, was this your verdict? Yes.
- Juror 2, was this your verdict? - Yes.
- Juror 3, was this your verdict? - Yes.
- Juror 4, was this your verdict? - Yes.
- Juror 5, was this your verdict? - Yes.
So, what's he facing? Best case.
Well, Owens is a fair judge.
But this attempted murder of a police officer, it really ties his hands.
Maybe 20 years.
- Twenty? - It could easily be more.
I'm sorry, man.
You did what you could, Nick.
It was me that let him down.
Come on, Joe, Jim is a grown man.
He made his own decisions.
Well, so did I.
You can ask Janet, if you can find her.
Hey, not everything we do affects our kids, Joe.
- No? - No.
Look, I'm gonna need to put you on the stand for the sentencing hearing.
You tell the judge what a good kid he was.
Right, of course.
He was.
Nick, there's a man here to see you about Mr.
Rodgers' case.
Morelli, hello.
- I'm - Juror Number 9.
It was like you said, it was reasonable he didn't know.
I mean, he probably did but I didn't think they proved it.
And the charges, if he didn't know, he was just giving a friend a lift, - it seemed like too much.
- So you held out? You hung the jury? Yes.
But then last night, after the judge sent us home, I'm driving, and I see a police car behind me.
I'm not speeding or anything.
But he follows me all the way up to my house.
And then the siren.
So I pull over, but nobody comes.
He's just sitting back there.
I wait what seems like forever.
He put lights in my eyes.
And finally, he walks up and he says "Be careful, sir"? Yeah.
Do they do that to all the jurors? No.
Just to you.
You're all they needed.
I'm not making you a deal, Nick.
Yes, you are, Charlie.
- It's gonna be a good one.
- No.
No, I'm not.
We'll retry it.
Because God knows my ADAs could use the practice.
Two years, all you're getting or I'm walking.
Fine, walk.
Run, skip.
I don't give a rat's ass.
If I go out, I'm gonna tell every one of those journalists that the DA conspired to intimidate a juror.
- My office had no intention - We're not talking about your office.
- We're talking about you.
- Me? The kid here, what if I depose him? What do you figure he's gonna say? That you don't know everything that goes on in this office? Come on, you knew, man.
I can't deal.
It's a cop shooting.
My guy didn't shoot.
He wasn't even there.
This city does a few billion dollars a year in legal gambling.
And you wanna throw my kid away for 30 years because he was collecting on a bet? Gotta get something for the department.
The chief is breathing down my neck.
- Eight years.
- Two.
Or we're filing suit against the city, the department and you on behalf of Juror Number 9.
- You can't win that.
- I don't have to win it.
All I gotta do is remind any prospective juror in a James Rodgers retrial that the DA is a crook.
Not to mention the voters.
I'm going out there and making my statement.
Here he goes.
- He's going.
- Better make up your mind quick.
- Faster than that.
- Before I talk too much.
He's got a huge mouth.
- Three years? - Eligible for parole in 18 months.
- It's good, Jim.
It's real good.
- Good? They could have kept you in for 30 with a bad judge.
It could easily be more if they retry the case.
You said it.
All we need is one to hang them.
We could get one again, or two.
Especially after what they did.
You got lucky, Jim.
You can't count on that next time.
And what if they find this Jack character before the retrial? Who's to say he doesn't make a deal with the DA and say that you knew about the gambling debt the whole time? What if I knew? So what? The guy owed money.
It wasn't any robbery.
Nobody was gonna shoot nobody.
If the cops don't freak out and go all cowboy - So now it's the officers' fault? - It wasn't mine.
It's not.
- Son - It's not my I just drove.
And now I gotta go to jail? Yeah.
You do.
And I will bring you smokes and porn magazines and whatever the hell else you need every week if you just take this like a man.
This one time.
I can't.
Well, if you can't, we're done here.
You let Mr.
Morelli know how you wanna go.
I'll pay for your bill either way.
Even if that's the last thing I do.
- Hey.
- What the hell is this? You're late.
I'm always late.
You'll get used to it.
Come on.
This city, man, is cruel.
And it got the best of a good man.
It's not the first time.
All he did was talk about his kids.
You're such a lovable man.
Luke, you are.
And if it makes a difference, he could stay with me till he's back on his feet.
I trust him.
I think that goes for all of us.
Barlow, I assume you'd still testify.
Yeah, yeah, I would, all right.
I mean, it would pain me, man.
- I feel responsible.
- No, Arnie.
Look, I got you into this and I am so sorry.
This is all me.
I wanna apologize, Miss Hunt.
I do.
What they're saying here, I don't truly deserve.
I want you to know, whatever you do, I know I did wrong.
And I take the consequences.
That's your job.
- Well? - Well, what? The man has friends.
Hunt, did you even hear the guy? He's leaving it to you.
Look, I don't know what you expect here, Kaczmarek.
Eighteen months.
Not good enough.
Try this: Fifteen years.
- What? - Five for the burglary, five for the grand larceny, and five for the possession of stolen property.
Fifteen years minimum.
Then suspend it.
- Come on.
- The guy makes one wrong move, just one over the next 15 years, and he goes straight to jail.
But he keeps his nose clean until then, the guy deserves a chance to stay out.
He's got kids.
All right, Pete.
Damn it.
I'll see what I can do.
Really? Yeah.
What the hell are you doing? We had a date.
It's a kiss.
Don't push your luck, shyster.
All rise.
Do we have a negotiated plea here? Or do I have to calendar a new trial? Plea, Your Honor.
One count of conspiracy to commit extortion with a stipulated sentence of three years.
Gomez? We're agreed, Your Honor.
As to the count of conspiracy to commit extortion, how do you plea? Guilty, Your Honor.
The court accepts your guilty plea, Mr.
Before I sentence you, is there anything you'd like to say? Yes, Your Honor.
I'd like to apologize to the officer who was hurt.
I did not mean for it to happen.
But I was part responsible.
And I want to say sorry to my dad.
Thanks for not giving up on me.
That's all.
Thank you.
On the count of conspiracy to commit extortion, I will accept counsel's recommendation and I hereby sentence you to three years in Nevada State Prison.
Use your time well, Mr.
Take a class or two.
It may change your life.
You're gonna be okay? - Good luck, Jim.
- Thank you.
- Dad? - See you this weekend.
I'll be there.
So Thanks.
I won't forget it.
I hope you do.
Good luck, Joe.
Thanks, Nick.
I just want you to know it wasn't me with that juror.
All I wanted was a fair shake for everybody.
All right.
Why don't you drop by the tavern sometime? Buy you a beer.
Thank you, sergeant.
I'll do that.
The judge is serious.
You so much as get a speeding ticket, you go away for 15 years.
Don't worry, ma'am, I won't do any speeding.
They took my truck away.
Lisa is gonna get you to the bus station.
I let your wife know you're coming, so your kids are expecting you.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you very much.
- Good luck, Luke.
- Come on, Elvis, let's get you home.
Elvis has left the building.
Long day, huh? Long week.
- Going back to the office? - No.
You? No.
I think I'll just go back to my place.
Get some sleep.
- Sleep? - Yeah.
Nick, come on, it's Vegas.
Let's go out.
- Ah - Come on, I'll drive.
Thank you very much.
I wanna be loved by you.
Just you.
Nobody else but you.
Is she singing to me? I wanna be loved by you alone.
Boop boop bee-doo.
I wanna be kissed by you.
Just you.
Nobody else but you.
I wanna be kissed by you alone.
Boop boop bee-doo