The Defenders s01e16 Episode Script

Noland v. Galloway Pharmaceuticals

Good morning.
You know you're going in the wrong direction.
Less clothes, not more.
I gotta go.
I just got a video of my food allergy case.
- Ugh, Lisa, it can wait.
Call in sick.
- Have you seen my other heel? No, but, uh, your necklace is in the bathroom.
Oh, okay, good.
Unh! You know, I've never seen someone so excited about a food allergy case.
Well, I am very excited because I think this is gonna be huge for us.
- Can you help me with this please? - Uh, yeah.
How long have you been with those guys anyway? - Those guys? Six months.
Why? - Mm-hm.
Well, because you would be fantastic in the DA's office.
We wouldn't have to keep this a secret.
Ha, ha, I can see how that would work out for you.
You'd get a lot more trial experience, Lisa.
You know, there wasn't a day my first year that I didn't have at least ten cases all to myself.
Plus, you would get to represent the good guys.
Well, I am currently representing a very good guy, except he is a she.
- And you are making me very late.
- Mm-mm.
No, no, no.
I have to go.
I'm going.
Bye, ha, ha.
Call you later.
Zoey, do you have my surveillance video? You have sex hair.
- No, I don't.
- And before you left last night, you spritzed.
I saw.
Who for? - Tell me, tell me, tell me.
- Ha-ha-ha.
There's nothing to tell.
I went home last night.
Went to bed alone.
End of story.
I have to work to do.
Video, please.
- Thank you.
- You're missing an earring.
I should've just ordered a plain salad like I usually do, but it was a first date.
You know how you get the lettuce in your teeth, heh.
Been there.
But I told the waiter about my dairy allergy.
And he recommended the rigatoni.
Only he didn't know the sauce had milk powder in it.
Five minutes later, I could barely breathe.
I don't remember what happened after.
Sonya, the tape is a little difficult to watch.
- Are you sure you're okay with this? - I wanna know what happened.
- Ugh.
- All right.
Here's the restaurant security camera.
By the time the fire department EMTs arrive, the private EMT had already given you a shot of epinephrine.
There's the fire department EMT.
The guy he's arguing with, he's the private EMT.
He gives you the second shot.
This is where your heart stops.
I wanna see it.
Oh Go ahead.
Give her a second shot.
- Give her the damn shot.
- All right.
- Come on.
Go, go.
- I'm going, hold your horses.
Come on.
Come on.
- Second epi going in.
- Go.
All right.
Second epi in.
- How does she look? - She's going into V-fib.
- All right, paddle her.
- Clear.
Damn it.
I don't know.
Are you okay? You can see why the restaurant wanted to settle.
But they're not the ones we think we should go after.
Why not? Well, what the restaurant did, serving you dairy, that's entry-level damage.
We need to determine the party that did the most damage.
We recommend tabling the claim against the restaurant and looking into the EMTs.
But they saved me.
After possibly killing you first.
Look, 24-year-olds don't die of heart attacks.
Sonya, something happened there.
Find out who killed me.
Wow, this coffee's really good.
What, did Juan Valdez come by this morning or something? - Who? - Oh, you know, the guy in the commercial with the mule picking the beans? The mule picked the beans? Well, no.
The mule didn't pick the beans.
- Was it a cartoon mule? - No.
Ugh, forget it.
Hey, donuts.
Ooh, I'd love a donut.
What do you got? What do you got? Oh, you got my favorite.
I love this one.
- Drop that maple bar.
- What's your problem? - Think about your health.
- Since when are you worried - about my health? - When it affects my pocketbook.
- Ah - Hey, hey, hey.
We have to renew our insurance policy this month.
Which means physicals.
Your cholesterol comes back high, we have to pay higher premiums, which means that we may have to reduce certain personnel around here.
No, no, no.
Unh! Those are Donlinger's, okay? Clog your arteries all you want after you take your cholesterol test.
In the meantime, just make the appointment.
So you bring it with you? - Bring what? - The medal I should get for saving that girl.
Well, first of all, the girl has a name.
Sonya Lee.
And I'm just trying to find out what happened.
When I arrived on the scene, Miss Lee was in severe distress.
The first shot of epi the private EMT gave her wasn't working, so I ordered a second one.
Then I hit her with the second pop just like Captain Hard Ass told me to.
- That's when her heart stopped.
- Second shot stopped it? It's hard to say.
She's a diabetic, her blood sugar was already out of whack.
How should I know what caused it? She's doing fine now, right? - Well - Tell her from me, "You're welcome.
" - My guy says it was all by the book.
- Yeah, same here.
Uh, by the way, this rental Zoey got me, killing me.
What are you talking about? - It's a little small, but it's fuel efficient.
- A little small? Nick, I could pick this thing up and shot put it 50 yards.
You're the one who's always complaining about cost savings.
Speaking of which, did you make your cholesterol-test appointment yet? - Uh, I can't quite hear you.
What? - Oh, no, no, no.
Don't pull the "I cant hear you" thing with me.
I invented that game, okay? - Make the appointment.
- Say what? I said make the appointment.
What? Sorry! Okay, what's the big whoop telling me who you're dating? - Did you just say "big whoop"? - Yeah.
Look around.
We work in a fishbowl.
There are no secrets here.
- That's him, isn't it? - It's Tony.
- No way.
You hooked up with Tony? - It's about the case.
Hello? I heard you got a new boyfriend.
Uh, you know what? Um, I'm gonna put you on speakerphone with Pete and Zoey.
Tonito, what's going on my friend? Hey, uh, I got something for you guys.
I just read Sonya's medical file.
How did you access private medical records? Uh, you don't wanna know.
Here's the thing, the standard epi dose is 1:1,000 milliliters.
Sonya's blood work says that she had ten times that amount in her system.
- They overdosed her.
- I crosschecked Sonya's case and found records on a high school kid.
Allergic reaction.
EMTs hit him twice with epi and he codes.
Only this kid was gone for almost ten minutes before they brought him back.
Messed him up bad.
You got a name? Uh, Luke Noland.
Lives with his mother, Courtney Noland.
The EMT company that transported Luke, was it the same as Sonya's? No.
Different company, different EMT.
A guy named John Berry.
Get this, he quit the week after Luke's overdose.
- No forwarding address.
- We need to find him.
I know, I'll try.
And, Pete, I may need to bill you guys for some cocktails, okay? She better be hot.
Extend your arms.
That's perfect.
Perfect, Gabby.
How you doing? Hey.
I'm fine.
- Gabby's really wonderful, isn't she? - Ugh, yeah.
I'm training her to replace me.
Okay, it's a little hard, heh.
What are the doctors saying? They all say the same thing.
There's been some damage to my heart, and I won't be able to perform anymore.
I don't know how I'm gonna pay for all that medication.
Two ears, two kidneys.
Why cant we have two hearts, right? Heh.
Sonya, I'm really sorry.
We're learning more about what happened to you.
Your hospital report shows that you had ten times the amount of epinephrine in your system you should've had.
Now, either one or both of the shots they gave you was an overdose.
That's why your heart stopped.
The EMT company is going to have to settle.
- When? - We'll file a suit this week.
We'll get you everything you need.
Thank you.
Luke had a 3.
8 GPA.
Full ride waiting for him at three different schools.
I used to look at him when he was sleeping and I'd think, "Dear God, what I have done to deserve this wonderful child?" And after Luke's team won at sectionals, one of the moms brought some cookies from the market.
I didn't know they contained peanut traces.
He passed out and then we called an ambulance and it's all a blur after that.
Did anybody ever mention to you the possibility that Luke may have been overdosed with epinephrine? No.
They just said they did everything they could to save him.
We have a client that had the same circumstances.
With your consent, we'd like to look into Luke's case.
I mean, you guys should know I don't have any money.
These cases are done on a contingency basis.
We don't get paid unless we win.
Courtney, this case is very important to us.
It affects a lot of people.
May I ask who cares for Luke now? Oh, it's pretty much just me.
When I work nights at the diner, I have a nurse that takes care of him, but Oh, I have to go give Luke his medicine.
Do you guys wanna meet him? Sure.
Sweetie, there are some men here who wanna say hello to you.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- It's weird, Nick.
- How do two different guys from two different EMT companies overdose two different patients with the same exact drug? It can't be a coincidence, Pete.
We gotta figure it out.
We're gonna need all hands on both these trials.
The question is who goes first? The two-year statute of limitation is running out on Luke's OD, so I'd say we lead with that case.
Yeah, but with Sonya, we got verifiable proof that she was overdosed.
We don't have that with Luke.
I know.
But with Sonya, okay, she died for 60 seconds, all right? But the jury, all they're gonna see is this pretty, young, healthy woman sitting at our desk.
You're right.
With Luke, they're gonna see dean's list, basketball scholarship, nothing but a bright future ahead.
Same overdose.
Far worse outcome.
Potential jury award's gonna be a lot higher with Noland.
Set a precedent.
- Use it to Sonya's advantage.
- Yeah.
And Sonya's case doesn't even go to trial.
They settle before we pick up the phone.
Ho-ho-ho, hold that pour, whole-milk guy.
It is all skim, all the time until your cholesterol test.
What are you talking about? Where does it say whole milk? Don't play dumb with me.
Right there.
Skim, whole, boom.
It's not a coincidence that they were overdosed.
There they are.
Oh, my God.
I'm so glad I found you.
Can you help us out? My girlfriend, she just fell off her Christian Louboutins and she's wearing these short shorts.
I think she really hurt her knee, which is a total disaster for a showgirl.
Will you come and take a look? Smile, epinephrine.
They look identical, - but one is ten times stronger.
- Look at that.
You need a magnifying glass to tell them apart.
Okay, so I'm an EMT.
I'm in a moving ambulance.
All right, I got the sirens going.
I got a kid flailing around about to suffocate and I'm supposed to know which one of those to grab? It's not the EMTs fault.
It's the pharmaceutical company's.
We got a faulty packaging case.
Galloway is a Fortune 500 company with a lot of lawyers.
We're lawyers too.
I'm ready to bite the tail of the dragon.
You think it's the medicine company's fault? Yes, absolutely.
Galloway Pharmaceuticals.
Look, they have created misleading packaging.
We believe the EMT grabbed the wrong vial.
A higher dosage.
And that led to Luke's overdose and his heart stopping.
There's no way that I could be in court.
I take care of Luke every day.
We could get a nurse to be there while you're testifying.
- At our expense.
- I am not putting my son on display.
We probably won't need him.
Just think about this.
If we win this case, you'll be able to afford to take care of Luke's needs and yours.
You'll have the best life possible.
I just, ugh.
Courtney, you deserve it.
When this happened, I refused to accept this for a very long time.
Because you just don't wanna give up hope.
But then when you finally do, there's just this kind of relief.
Do you know what I mean? Yeah.
Yeah, I do.
I want the same nurse every time I'm in court.
Because Luke's not very big on meeting new people.
And I want someone with a sense of humor.
Cute and young wouldn't hurt either.
Jason, we suspect that after Lieutenant Howard ordered the second dosage, you accidentally injected Sonya Lee with a more concentrated IV dosage.
Is this correct? He said hit her with another round of epi.
I was just doing what I was told to do.
Calm down, son, and let Mr.
Morelli finish.
- Look, he's saying it's my fault.
- I'm not, Jason.
Now, we know you injected her.
We know she was overdosed.
What's not clear is why.
Now, we think it happened because of the confusing packaging.
Anyone could've made the mistake.
Do you understand what I'm saying? Yes, but if I say that I messed up on the dosages, I will lose my job.
Again, we are not saying that the responder would necessarily be at fault.
Testifying that the packaging is confusing to you would explain why that unfortunate and understandable error occurred.
I will lose my certification.
Morelli can't say it, but what he means is clear as day.
As long as you help him out with your testimony, he's not gonna sue us.
The thing is, ethically, he can't just come out and say it.
Isn't that right, Morelli? Um I think you and your client should discuss this matter privately.
The EMT's lawyer had to walk him through it three times before he finally realized that we were not suing him.
- Now, he's testifying for us.
- Ha, ha, It was like leading the world's dumbest horse to water and screaming over and over again, "Drink, drink, drink.
" Well, this is so great.
I can't wait to tell Sonya all of this.
Um, I would hold off on that for a little bit.
Why? Well, uh, Nick and I both agree that you've done a terrific job on this.
That said, we are going to try the Noland case first.
It's the right move.
- Uh, why? - It's the stronger case.
It's gonna help Sonya out in the long run.
- How? - Because Luke is in worse shape.
Which means a bigger settlement.
Once we establish the faulty labeling causes overdoses, the drug company is gonna write Sonya a big fat check.
If we win.
Talk to Sonya.
We need her EMT for the Noland case.
I really do not agree with this.
I understand that.
Nick and I made a decision.
And now you gotta support that.
I'm sorry, I don't understand.
You want me to wait? Not long.
We start the other trial right away.
But trials can take a really long time, right? Well, yes, sometimes.
Because my medical bills are piling up and I mean, we have a strong case - against the EMTs, don't we? - Yes.
But Galloway has deeper pockets.
And this can help you out big-time if we win the other case first.
The other case that you found because of me.
- I know this has to be hard.
- Yeah, it is hard.
Because I feel like I'm getting pushed aside.
I understand that's how you feel.
I'm just asking you to wait.
Just a little bit longer.
- Hey, you.
- Hey.
- Sending that to me? - No, sorry.
He's got me filing papers everywhere.
- How's the case going? - It's fine.
Good, great.
Ooh, "Fine, good, great" usually means somebody needs a cocktail.
Or three.
Except not tonight.
- Gotta do research for a new case.
- A new case? - Please don't ask.
- All right.
How about I give this to you instead of a drink? - Hmm, my earring.
- Hmm, yeah.
Took the liberty of talking to my friend at the DA's.
Did not mention your name, of course, but he said he'd be willing to talk to you if you're interested in switching sides.
It's your call.
But the door is open.
- Can he do dinner? - Sure.
I'll set it up.
One mega double whipped turbo mocha extra choc.
Thank you.
One plain green tea.
I don't know you anymore, Morelli.
That makes two of us.
Hey, Nick.
You got your earring back? I should've known it was somebody here.
I filed the Nolan papers with the clerk and gave the courtesy copy to Judge Bass' office.
Nick Morelli.
- Who wants to know? - I'm a fan.
Great to finally meet you.
Rick Neville, counsel for Galloway Pharmaceuticals.
Thought I'd introduce myself.
We might be spending time together.
I'm sure it won't be coming to that.
Before I forget, I wanted to personally deliver this to you.
- Nice to meet you.
- I'm sure it was.
This sucks.
Green tea.
This is like plankton in hot water.
Guy says he's a big fan and then he hands me an abuse of process.
Fans are fickle.
They build you up and tear you down.
- What does it say? - Ah, it's just a petty list of 18 nonsense reasons why the case should be tossed.
Standard delay tactic.
You know what a judge is gonna do with this when he reads it? That.
You guys said you wouldn't sue me.
Calm down.
We are not suing you.
Well, isn't Sonya Lee your client? - Son, we did not do this.
- What is that? It's a lawsuit against MWP Ambulance filed earlier today on behalf of Sonya Lee.
From her new lawyer.
Nice knowing you guys.
Good luck.
Yes, Nick.
- What the hell happened here? - I don't know.
You said you had it handled, didn't you? I did handle it.
Sonya said she was going to wait.
Till when? Till she got a new lawyer? She's obviously panicked about the money.
You have got to tell her that suing this EMT, we're gonna lose his cooperation on our case against Galloway.
- She doesn't care about Galloway.
- What do you mean she doesn't care? Why should she? She doesn't think we care about her.
That's your job, Lisa.
You're supposed to reassure her otherwise.
I tried, Nick.
I told Sonya what I was told to tell her.
That this was best for her.
Even though it wasn't.
What the hell does that mean? It means that I had a rock-solid case against that EMT company.
Going against Galloway is a gamble.
She knows that.
- So she went with the smart money.
- You are a professional.
You are supposed to act like a professional.
You are supposed to talk your client down, show a little bedside manner, not tank it.
- Nick? - Oh, okay, you know what, Nick? I have done everything you asked me to do since the day I walked in this office.
But if you wanna put this on me, - well, screw you.
- No.
Screw you.
- Nick - Don't walk in here - without buzzing me first.
- Tony's here.
Tell him to come in! - Are you through yelling? - You wanna ask me again? - No.
- Ask me again? You better have something good, Tony.
Davis Ridley.
Regional buyer of medication for a national HMO.
No longer purchasing Galloway epinephrine.
Ask me why.
Confusing packaging.
Well, Tony, thanks.
That's good news.
I need better news, Tony.
We just lost our EMT.
You gotta find the one from the Noland case.
- I'm trying.
- You're not trying.
You're yakking.
You're sitting here yakking.
Yak, yak, yak.
- What's his problem? - We go to trial in the morning.
Come on.
So, Luke, what's happening next? Man, I am just getting excited to see where life takes me.
This video was shot just two weeks before my client, had a violent allergic reaction to some peanut residue.
Causing him to go into anaphylactic shock.
Couldn't breathe.
EMTs were called to the scene to help him.
Now, following strict medical protocol, they administered Luke of a drug epinephrine.
Standard protocol, standard dose.
But instead of grabbing this vial, which would've restored Luke's breathing, he grabbed this one: Ten times the dosage.
Look pretty alike, don't they? Now, this is Luke two years after the EMT accidentally took the wrong vial.
The dosage was so massive, it stopped his heart which cut off the oxygen to his brain for nearly ten minutes.
Ten minutes.
This is the result.
Breaks your heart, doesn't it? A parent's nightmare.
Ladies and gentlemen, the ultimate blame for this tragedy doesn't lie with some EMT reacting in a high-pressure emergency situation.
This was the inevitable result of negligent packaging.
Two identical vials containing massively different dosages.
Now, we will demonstrate that the people that are responsible for the devastation of this boy's promising life are Galloway Pharmaceuticals.
Thank you.
Your opening, Mr.
Thank you, Your Honor.
Ladies and gentlemen, good morning.
Um There is no denying that what happened to Luke Noland was a tragedy.
And we extend our sympathies to him and to his family.
And we note with heavy hearts the role our product played in this terrible misfortune.
A product emergency medical technicians employ every day to save thousands of lives.
And it would've saved Luke's too.
He would've realized that promising future that lay out before him if only a properly trained EMT had taken the simple care to read a clearly marked label.
When we're finished here, I am certain you will agree that the plaintiffs brought the wrong party to court.
Morton, you were Luke Noland's neurologist, - is that right? - That's correct.
Luke's massive brain damage, is it reversible? There are experimental therapies that could be employed that have resulted in restoration of some function.
Why hasn't Luke benefited from these therapies? They are extremely expensive.
Well beyond the means of Luke's waitress mother? I'd imagine quite far beyond, regrettably, yes.
Thank you, doctor.
Your witness.
No questions.
Uh, plaintiffs would like to call Davis Ridley.
Your Honor, we'd like to request a recess.
- You found Luke Noland's EMT? - Yes, I did.
Well, better late than never.
- Well, where is he? - Afghanistan.
The other EMTs and I talked about how you couldn't tell the bottles apart, sir.
We started putting red X's on the higher doses so we'd never make the mistake.
But I think a new shipment came in.
We hadn't marked them.
Sir, I grabbed the wrong one.
And when I saw how I messed that kid up, I quit and ran.
As far away as I could get.
Which was here, sir.
Would you be willing to testify that you administered an overdose by mistake? What is it, son? A Marine doesn't make excuses for the things he's done, sir.
Uh, we're not asking you to.
Just to say in court what you told us just now.
How guys said it was a mistake waiting to happen.
Make sure no one goes through what happened to Luke Noland.
And that no EMT beats himself up so bad he needs to move half a world away.
Sir, if it'll help people, count me in.
It's an irregular request, counselors.
Not to split hairs, maybe a little more unusual - rather than irregular.
- There's a precedent for video conference testimony being admitted in court.
The sergeant will speak to a common concern among EMTs about Galloway's hazardous packaging.
- Mr.
Neville? - Well, Your Honor, I'm not surprised to hear that Sergeant Berry is prepared to testify - as coached.
- Coached? We just found the witness in Afghanistan yesterday, Your Honor.
Uh, ha, ha, how could we coach him? If Your Honor will permit, this is an audio recording of Mr.
Morelli trying to procure another EMT's testimony.
- Your Honor - I'll hear it, counselor.
Again, we are not saying that the responder would necessarily be at fault.
Testifying that the packaging is confusing to you would explain why that unfortunate and understandable error occurred.
I will lose my certification.
Morelli can't say it, but what he means is clear as day.
As long as you help him out with your testimony, he's not gonna sue us.
The thing is, ethically, he can't just come out and say it.
Isn't that right, Morelli? Your Honor, that's completely out of context.
If Mr.
Morelli is willing to coach one EMT, I fail to see what would stop him from tampering with another.
No way my words constitute tampering.
Your Honor, I cannot be held responsible for the other attorney's mistaken characterization of what I said.
So if we let this tape run further, we'll hear you protesting exactly that in no uncertain terms? Judge, judge, judge, what my partner said - was fully within ethical bounds.
- It falls short of being actionable, but it is, at the very least, too cute by half.
This new witness is disallowed.
Uh, uh, uh, attorneys always talk to their witnesses.
Thank you, counselor.
Disallowed? Why? Well, it's very complicated.
What, it's too complicated for a waitress? No.
No, of course not.
The judge feels that I tampered with a witness.
Did you? No.
Well, then who screwed up? You or the judge? You know, I, ugh I have to make decisions based on a strategy.
And I walked a thin line.
And the judge feels I crossed that line.
Sort of.
You came to me and you convinced me that we could win this.
I did.
And I've been telling Luke about how his life is gonna get better.
But it's not, is it? Because you crossed a line.
Sort of.
And now I have to tell him that.
- Oh, hi.
- Hi.
Luke? I'm gonna give you two a moment alone together.
I'm gonna be right in the kitchen, okay? Go ahead.
Hey, Luke.
I don't know if you remember me.
I'm Nick Morelli, one of your lawyers.
Got a lot of trophies.
I was always a baseball guy myself.
Well, really more of a Cubs fan.
You know, I used to love listening to the Cubs.
Jack Brickhouse.
When I was, uh It was probably about 7 years old when my old man came home.
He was a bit of a drinker.
Anyway, he says to me, "One of these days, Nicky, you and me are gonna catch a game at Wrigley Field.
" And every time I'd listen to the game, I could picture me sitting in the bleachers above the ivy, soaking up the sun.
And for the longest time, I thought it was gonna happen.
But my dad didn't do what he said he was gonna do.
I had always wished that he just didn't say it.
I screwed up, Luke.
I screwed up the case.
And I'm gonna do everything in my power to fix it.
Because I'm a scrapper, I'm a fighter.
Just like you.
I'm gonna take another run at it.
Okay? Dr.
Cassidy, ahem, have you received any complaints regarding the packaging - of your product? - Galloway receives numerous complaints about all our products.
We carefully investigate each one and proceed accordingly.
And in this instance, did you find the labeling of this epinephrine product to be problematic? Just as it's our obligation as a company to make a product that's safe, it falls upon the medical professionals to administer that product correctly.
Any literate person, as EMTs are obviously required to be, can see simply by reading the label.
Galloway has held up our end of the bargain.
- We screwed? - Yeah.
We can't let this woman down after all she's been through.
- Tell me about it.
- I had them leave off the dressing.
Could've found you some dressing.
I'm upset.
Okay? I like to eat when I'm upset.
Now I gotta eat this bunny food, this low cholesterol crap and it makes me more upset! Oh, Zoey, why? Why is there shrimp on this pizza? Who puts shrimp on pizza? A, the shrimp's only on my side, and, B, shrimp on pizza's yummy.
Yeah, but it could've seeped onto mine.
I'm allergic to shrimp.
Haven't you learned anything from this case? I can't eat this now.
Pete, how allergic to shrimp are you? Violently.
Your Honor, I submit into evidence this medical file of my partner's, Pete Kaczmarek.
Your Honor will observe on the third page a notation stating that Mr.
Kaczmarek suffers from shellfish allergies.
- Uh, relevance, Your Honor? - The court's indulgence? Okay, Pete.
- Ugh, Your Honor.
- Mr.
Morelli? Dr.
Cassidy, you said that any literate person should be able to tell the two dosages in question apart.
- That correct? - That's right.
- Your Honor - Make your point quickly, Mr.
Cassidy, based on my partner's allergy there, - how will that shrimp affect him? - Your Honor, this is ridiculous.
Isn't that true that his throat will start to close? He won't be able to breathe? That he might even go into anaphylactic shock? Objection.
Relevance, Your Honor? - Somebody call a medic.
- Why get a medic when we have a doctor right here on the stand? Now, one of these is the right amount and will get my partner to breathe again.
The other one will kill him.
Which one should we use? - I don't have to answer this.
- His throat is closing.
Which one should we use? Pick the right one so the man can breathe.
- Mr.
Morelli? - Come on, save my pal, doctor.
He is dying there.
Which one? Just pick one.
That one.
You picked the wrong one.
You just OD'd my friend.
Ladies and gentlemen, if the doctor who works for the company can't pick the right dosage, how could anyone? Has the jury reached a verdict? We have, Your Honor.
"In the case of Noland v.
Galloway Pharmaceuticals, we, the jury, find the defendants negligent for product packaging and liable in the sum of $1 million in compensatory damages.
As plaintiff was overdosed with ten times the intended amount, we award punitive damages equaling a total payout of $11 million.
" I don't know what to say.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
I am taking everyone to Bruno's tonight in celebration.
And guess what.
I'm buying.
Sure you wanna watch people tucking into steaks? Oh, I am gonna punish a porterhouse all of my own.
Got the test results back.
My cholesterol is at a new low.
So I am gonna celebrate by eating whatever I want.
Way to go, Nicky.
I will be there.
- But I got a question.
- Hmm.
How did you know that doctor was gonna pick the wrong vial? Well, you know, I've been a lawyer a lot longer than you.
Also 1:100th.
They were both wrong.
- Bold, Nicky.
Very bold.
- Ha-ha-ha.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I'm taking everyone out to eat to celebrate.
I'm breaking my cholesterol fast.
Already ate.
You know, uh, rumor has it that Sonya's new attorneys made a settlement with Galloway.
Yeah, I heard that.
That's really great.
You know, we're a pretty passionate group here.
We get charged emotionally because of our involvement with our clients.
That's why we knew you'd be a perfect fit.
You sure you're not hungry? Yeah, I'm sure.
Thanks, though.
Saying "screw you" is a pretty rough thing to say to your boss.
Not compared to what was in my head.
Good night.
- Yeah? - Hey.
I've got good news and bad news.
The bad news first.
I'm not switching jobs.
I like where I am.
Okay, fair enough.
And the good news? I thought maybe I could come by later on and lose my other earring? No way.