The Deuce (2017) s01e03 Episode Script

The Principle Is All

1 It would be yours.
You own it.
I don't see how you could fail every class.
I'm not going back home.
How're you gonna live? ABIGAIL PARKER: I don't know, how does anyone live? I'll get a job.
CHRIS ALSTON: I want to see property vouchers.
Anyone not collared in the last 48 hours, you know the drill.
Play nice, ladies.
I listen to people's stories and put them down on paper.
I don't know what your game is, but you stay away from my girls.
- Hey, what's it like? - Making movies during the day.
For the machines.
But you only get paid once.
Darlene, what you need? That movie.
Of myself.
I'm guessing you got copies people can buy, too.
I only have two left.
You're very popular.
- (MUSIC PLAYING) - CANDY: How many copies do they make? - 40, 50, I guess.
- What? That's it? SHAY: I don't know.
It's just some guy with a movie camera.
They sell them under the counter.
Or they cut out the real dirty parts and they put them in the bookstores for peeps.
Nothing with hard dick or the vice guys roll in on you.
Sometimes they show the dirty parts, though.
Cops get enough on the pad, they look the other way.
Yeah, this is all fuck and suck.
I watched it.
Oh, you're talking foreign stuff.
Shit's legal over there.
You wouldn't believe what all's legal over there.
I heard they got sex clubs advertising on the TV.
Half the damn country walks around naked.
Yeah, but the movies, you can sell them, like, out in the open? I mean, this has got an address on it and everything.
Jesus, you got bit by the acting bug.
I can see it.
One little loop, a star is born.
You really interested, I know a man doing something right now over on 49th Street.
(WOMAN MOANING) Okay, Darla, raise your ass.
- (MAN CLEARS THROAT) - Up, up, up.
There you go.
All right, and, yeah, just smack her ass every so often.
- Ah! - Yeah.
- (SPANKS) - DIRECTOR: Excellent.
- The fuck is this lighting? - That's nice, real nice.
- He's got no bounce.
- Move your leg.
- No film either.
- No film? The camera's a dummy.
These guys in here are paying 40 a head just to watch a dirty movie get made.
Three shows a night, but it's a con.
Okay, Aaron, go ahead and say your line.
Uh, this plumber's laying some pipe.
DIRECTOR: Come on, get into it like you mean it.
AARON: This plumber's laying some pipe! That's it.
The police bust in, he says he's making art.
Harvey's always thinking like that.
He's always one step ahead of everyone else with this shit.
Okay, let's switch it up.
So, Darla, get on your back.
Very good.
You're fucking kidding me.
$40 a head and it's just to watch some fucking, not even get fucked.
Shit is genius.
And do me a favor, sweetheart.
Open your mouth when you moan.
Yeah, just give me a little more for me.
(DARLA MOANING) (THEME MUSIC PLAYING) Sisters Brothers and the whiteys Blacks and the crackers Police and their backers They're all political actors But they don't worry There can be no show And if there's hell below We're all gonna go, go, go, go, go, go Everybody praying And everybody saying But when come time to do Everybody's laying Just talking about don't worry, worry, worry, worry, worry, worry They say don't worry, worry, worry, worry, worry, worry They say don't worry, worry, worry, worry, worry, worry They say don't worry, worry, worry, worry, worry, worry.
FRANKIE: Fuck you, George.
Hey, fucko.
Why don't you take a break from helping with this? I wouldn't want you to faint or nothing.
Daddy's working hard over here.
- Bringing home the fucking bacon.
- Come on.
How many cards? Sal? Frank? Two.
Hey, the blackmailers that was in here before? They ever snag any queer celebrities? (LAUGHS) Yeah, yeah.
One of the Little Rascals once, I think.
No shit.
Which one? - SAL: Porky.
- GEORGE: 30 to you, Frank.
I heard it was a rear admiral got popped.
Ha ha.
Listen, any of the old Penny Lane crowd? Not the assholes.
The ones you like.
Tell them to come back.
Ah! Come on.
- To you, Frank.
- Fuck! Here he comes.
Hey, Vinnie.
No! No loans! Game over! Why don't you get to fucking work? - Hey.
In or out, Frank? GEORGE: This won't be pretty.
Hey, Frank.
The fuck? There's gonna be, like, $5 in there.
What the shit? Jukebox.
I'm in.
(KISSES) Luckiest fucker alive.
Motherfucker! - (PHONE RINGING) - (MAN COUGHING) Based on this, do you have any experience with electronic data processing? - Because we have - To be honest, um, I don't think this is the right work environment for me.
I'm sorry to waste your time, but I'm asthmatic.
Thank you.
- (MUSIC PLAYING) - (CHATTER) WOMAN: Where you from, Leon? - LEO: Winnsboro.
- Where's that? Past Rock Hill.
Damn near the bottom of Columbia, South Carolina.
Oh, I thought you were from New York.
- Nah.
- Yeah, but you got the accent.
- Yeah? - Yeah, you got it going.
(LAUGHS) New York? What you gonna have, young lady? You still serving breakfast? All day.
Eggs over easy, white toast, and corned beef hash.
Now, that's what I'm talking about.
Order's up over here.
Two hen berries, kiss the pan, - dough well done, and take a chance.
- You working? About to be.
You dating? I got nothing against it.
- It's nice for me - I just wanna talk.
- LEON: Order up, Maria! - About what? Your life on the stroll.
What's the world like? What's it like out there? I'm a writer.
Like a book or something? I won't take much of your time.
My time is money.
How much? - (BILLS RUSTLE) - LEON: Order up! Scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast! What do you wanna know? You got a man? Uh-huh.
What's his name? Anything you say, I'll disguise it.
No one will ever know we spoke.
I promise you.
His name is Love.
- Love? - Yeah, Love.
Jimmy Love.
Jimmy Love.
That's his real name, in real life.
Pipilo, do you have a dollar? Take what you need off the pile there.
No, I'm asking if you have a dollar.
No, just a dollar, and I need it to come from Mr.
Pipilo here.
(SNAPS FINGERS) Sign and date that form at the bottom.
You paid my retainer.
When you sign as my client, anything we say will be protected by attorney-client privilege.
You really think he can win? The mayor? (CHUCKLES) Christ, I don't know.
Right now, it looks like Muskie.
But who knows what happens in New Hampshire? It's all about momentum.
Maybe he can do it.
But the city needs to look good behind him.
Do you mind taking a look? So, the low 40s works better for us.
Keeps it a respectable distance from the theaters and the Garden both.
These spots below the Deuce over by the tunnel? Yeah, these could work, especially these right here.
But it's not my decision.
Okay, but we don't have a lot of time, capisce? (LAUGHS) Capi What, they teach you that at law school? - Christ, I got enough business with you guys to be bilingual.
- (BOTH CHUCKLE) - Take it down in here.
- (POUNDING ON DOOR) - (DOOR OPENS) - MAN: So, where the fuck are these pricks, huh? Hey, the fuck did you do to my machines?! The fuck are you? I'm your partner, asshole.
This is my place.
Hey, Darby O'Gill.
How's the little people? Frankie, don't.
You bought out Stan and Milton, but you didn't buy out me and my third.
And those are my fucking machines! Who is this asshole? No one ever told me about you.
That's not my problem.
I get my cut, and, oh, yeah, you're paying for the repair on those.
Oh Frank These machines? Frankie.
- Cigarette machine? - Frankie! You're fucking with the wrong people.
- How about this one? - Frank, cut it out! Jukebox? - You have no idea who you're - Frank! (MUSIC STOPS) You have no idea who you're fucking with.
(MEN CHATTERING) (PANTING) - (GRUNTS) - Bobby! Bobby! I said use Schneider for the 1900 boxes! Ow! You think I'm stupid?! How much is Gorman kicking back, huh?! Bobby, I swear it was a mental gap.
A what?! I'm sorry.
It was a what? If I don't see Schneiders this time tomorrow in every junction in this building, you're done, you hear me?! (GRUNTS) MAN: You oughta shut your fucking mouth, too! MAN #2: It's an exercise in freedom of speech.
Hoffman's conviction is under appeal.
They oughta hang that bitch as well as the clown she's with.
- It's goddamn treason! - He's not a bitch.
Abbie Hoffman is a guy.
Look, he's just saying what we're all saying.
No one believes that we should be sending our citizens halfway around the globe to interfere with a regional conflict.
MAN: You know so much, maybe you should be fucking president! MAN #2: I couldn't do any worse! (IMITATING EXPLOSIONS) Hey, hey, that's enough! Come on, don't mess with your food.
You just got 'em.
These guys won't stand up.
Huh? See? They can't stand.
Mm, I don't think they're supposed to.
- I think these guys are for lying down.
- Oh.
Some people gotta make a living flat on their backs, I suppose.
Good work, men! (IMITATES GUNFIRE) Oh! Ah! Watch out! Oh, no! I'm hit! ADAM: Got him! Got him! (IMITATES EXPLOSION) Sorry.
Can't stop myself sometimes.
(IMITATING GUNFIRE) Um, you know the fact is, I think I might be doing something else really soon.
What? The movie business.
Making movies.
- Small pie anchovies and mushrooms? - MAN #2: That's me.
Just commercials to start.
What would you be doing? I'm not sure.
Maybe the camera.
Or the lighting.
I don't know.
Whatever they teach you to start.
Oh, well, how'd you get interested in that? MAN: Two cheese slices? Gotta get interested in something, right? (CLEARS THROAT) Where do you go to school again? - Cornell.
- Cornell, right.
Your father's in Local 3, and so you, his Ivy League kid, land this nice summer job with fourth-year apprentice pay without one day's worth of training.
Yeah, all the Local 3 sons do.
Yeah, none of them bites the hand like you.
None of them mouths off like you.
I I don't mouth off You need to stop agitating my men with all this anti-Vietnam shit.
You're not on campus anymore.
Got a half a dozen guys out there with sons your age over there.
I don't think their sons should be over there.
- I think that this war is - (BANGS TABLE) Hey, fucko! We love this country, all of us! You got a problem with that, you should stop living off the fat of the land! Quit this job, go march with that lettuce shithead in California.
He's a union man, too.
That's his whole thing.
- (SIGHS) - Look, if it's any consolation, my old man feels the same way as you.
I'll put in my papers today.
Hold on.
Just Can't you keep your mouth shut? - That too much to ask? - (MUTTERS) Good.
Just take that box up to Eddie on 14, okay? Didn't they even teach you how to lift? Jesus Christ, you stoop like that, break your back.
You squat, like this.
(SHOUTS) Ah, shit! Mr.
Dwyer? (GASPING) Y-you need help? (GRUNTS) Please, after you.
After you.
Now, everything here's gonna be first-rate, and if it's not, it gets replaced.
- You're in charge? - Yeah, I'm with the management group.
Pay no attention to those two subcontractors, Marcy.
They're on the clock.
They shouldn't be disturbed.
- Hey! - FRANKIE: Have a seat, have a seat.
RUDY: The fuck, Vincent? The way you was crying on the phone, I half expected you all to be dead by now.
Sorry, uh, I don't have any ice yet.
- So, the micks, huh? - (SIGHS) I admit we could have handled it a little better, but this fat fuck comes in here squawking like a duck, says he's my partner.
Frankie kicks him out, and then an hour later, I get the call from Mickey fucking Spillane.
So I call you.
I already called Spillane.
Kid, you didn't recognize Healy? It happened so fast, I didn't have a chance to say anything.
So Spillane's okay with us? With you? Go talk to him.
- Me? - In an hour.
You did this? Hey, I was overcome.
So, in an hour? MAN: Taxi! Come on! Hey, big man, what you need? What you got? I got coke.
I got weed.
I got speed.
- I got bennies.
I got bombers.
- Bombers.
WOMAN: Blue, over here! - (MUSIC PLAYING) - (CHATTER) (BUZZER BUZZES) You and your brother think you were funny? You Guinea cocksuckers.
Hey, hey, fellas, you know, I mean Anyone ask you to sit down? Go to the bar and wait.
HEALY: Dago faggot.
MICKEY: Now, I can understand your confusion.
I'm not saying he's a bad guy.
Good guy, bad guy, the man still needs to pay his rents.
Hang in there, all right? Just takes a little bit to hit, all right? It's time-release.
It's new shit, all right? God damn it, I don't know.
It's scientific, man.
Just God.
(GRUNTS) Hey, all right, all right, it's on the house, all right? My treat, man.
It's on the house.
Just let me get out of here.
I gotta go check on my grandma.
She ain't feeling well.
I told you the shit works, man! - (CAR HORN HONKING) - (CHATTER) - MAN: Hey, Scoogie! - SCOOGIE: What's up, man? MICKEY: figure out where to build the damn thing.
Until that's done, I don't need to say anything else on this.
- (BUZZER BUZZES) - They can take a walk.
I'll snap it off at the wrist.
What are you doing over there? Come on over here.
You look like some sort of Dumbsky Dumbkoff.
You know what, better yet, why don't you go out front, - get yourself a drink? - All right.
You and me, we got a problem.
calling on behalf of the National Art Institute.
It's my understanding that you expressed an interest in a career in art.
- Yes, sir.
- Hi, may I speak to Jim Ray McManus? Jim, I'm Abby Parker, and my friends at "Master Blaster Magazine" told me that you're interested in Flower Power.
Uh, Power Plower, the isotensile bodybuilder in a bar.
- Do you have a minute? - JIM: Have a minute? Honey, I'm a high school principal.
I don't have time to shake my dick after I pee.
I understand.
We'll, um, try you later.
My name is Billy Donovan from WNE and I have a friend here who would like to speak with you.
You have a minute? Hello! This is Julia Child.
Now, usually, when you see me, I'm blanching almonds, or cubing boeuf, but today, I'd like to speak to you about something more urgent (QUIETLY) Oh, Julie, baby.
My boeuf is already cubed.
Yeah, but your little almonds need blanching.
- (PHONE RINGS) - (CLEARS THROAT) This is not social hour, Abby.
You're on my dime.
Got it.
- (PHONE RINGING) - (OPERATORS CHATTERING) Frankie, you should've fucking been there.
Rudy shoved it so far up their Irish cunts, you would have what? Who died? Fran.
He's gonna be okay, right? What'd the doctors say? They said what they all say.
Which is what? You okay, Fran? Hey, Bobby.
You got a cigarette? VEDA ON TV: But you can't because you'll never be anything but a common frump whose father lived over a grocery store and whose mother took in washing.
With this money, I can get away from every rotten, stinking thing that makes me think of this place or you! Veda! Give me that check.
- Not on your life! - I said give it to me! Her mama deserves better.
- Just wait.
- MILDRED: Get out, Veda.
Get your things out of this house right now before I throw them into the street and you with them.
(CAR HORN HONKS) (SIREN WAILING) (BANGS) WOMAN: Just leave it there! (ENGINE STARTS) - MAN: That's what I said 10.
- $10? You know, why don't I pay you? You can go fuck yourself.
Oh, yeah, yeah, that's fine with me.
- Cunt! - Think it's a fuckin' five and dime? Ooh, what kind of cannon you got in there, jumbo man? I wanna see it.
(HONKS) MAN: Yeah, fuck you, too, pal! I'm sick of your shit! (GUNSHOTS ON TV) (GUN CLICKING) Oh, shit! - MILDRED: Veda, what's happened? - (VEDA CRYING) It's Monte.
He's dead.
He said horrible things.
He didn't want me around anymore.
He told me to get out, and then he laughed at me.
He wouldn't stop laughing.
I told him I'd kill him.
(RUNNING FOOTSTEPS) I waited here till 4:00 in the damn morning! (COFFEE SPLATTERS) Watching a movie with my regular.
- We fell asleep.
- You fell asleep? Out cold, woke up to the end of the movie.
He ain't pay you extra? I I owed him for the last time when he paid me double.
Why'd he pay you double last time? Because we watched a whole movie that time, too, and I told him I'd probably be in trouble with you if I didn't show more for it.
Tell you what.
Why don't we get it over with? I fucked up.
You do what needs doing.
- Say what? - Bang me upside my head.
I won't squawk.
I fucked up here.
This motherfucker pays you to watch movies with him? Damn.
- What movie was it? - I forget the name.
Something with this this woman who does everything for her brat daughter.
And the last time, it was one where this man in old-time France, he gets his head cut off in place of a another man.
Mmm, "A Tale in Two Cities.
" - Yeah, that one.
- It's a good flick.
I seen that.
Pshh, at the end, when he's strong for the young girl, and she's gonna die, too, I cried like a baby.
You know.
How about I stay out on the street for the rest of the day and make it as right as I can? - How about that? - (SUNGLASSES CLATTER) Pick that up.
(CAR DOOR OPENS, CLOSES) (ENGINE STARTS) (OVER RADIO) treats me like a lady When I call on the telephone (CHATTER) WOMAN: Excuse me, can I get a matjes herring, please? MAN: I'm sorry, miss.
We only have the Bismarck.
Thank you so much for coming.
- Candy.
- Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, I've been in this business a while now, and this is the first time a girl's ever asked to buy me lunch.
How could I turn that down? How'd you get my number? From Ruby.
She brought me the other night.
Ruby worked with me when I was actually putting film in the camera.
- (CHUCKLES) - You'd be surprised.
There's a market for big women.
No, I wouldn't be.
I work with her now.
Oh, yeah? Hmm.
So, why no film in the camera? Ah, got tired of fucking with the cops, the postal inspectors, all of it.
You know, you have to cut the loops to ribbons to show them as peeps, or sell them one at time under the counter.
Can't put 'em in the mail.
Where's the money in it? Yeah, but there's all kind of trash playing on the Deuce.
Well, you can do a feature if you make it, you know, educational, whatever.
But real hard-core? No.
- In Europe - Europe is Europe.
Uh, chicken soup.
- Matzo ball? - Nah, just soup with noodles.
- That's it? - Yeah.
Uh, kishka, side of gravy.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
What's kishka? (CHUCKLES) You don't wanna know.
So, you wanna do one of my Thursday night numbers? I you got the look for it.
I'll give you 10 a head off the cover.
10? I hear you're pocketing 40 a head.
10 each to you on a room of 60 guys jerking off.
That's $600 for one half-and-half.
That's good money for the life.
Yeah, for the life.
I thought that's why you looked me up.
You don't want the work? I wanna learn how to make movies.
I told you, that's nickel and dime.
If they can make and sell that in Europe, it's not gonna be long before we can make and sell it here.
- How do you know? - It's America, right? When do we ever leave a fucking dollar for the other guy to pick up? - (CHUCKLES) - If I'm wrong, well, at least I learned something about making movies.
Maybe I can go out to California, - go work for Disney or some shit.
- (CHUCKLES) And if I'm right Well, aren't you the smart one? Kishka.
Thank you.
What would your man say? No man.
I mean, you know, your business manager.
Yeah, I'm not pimped.
I never have been.
I like you.
But, um I'm barely scratching it out as it is.
I don't need more overhead.
If I get back to putting film in the camera, you could stand in front.
You're pretty enough.
Could, um, make a nice paycheck, no problem.
You know, they used to give you more kishka, like three chunks.
(CAR HORNS HONKING) (JACKHAMMER RATTLING) Whoa, whoa, you can't go in.
He'll be down in a minute or two.
- Shouldn't be long.
- Can we go up to the bar? No, he's getting blowed.
You gotta wait.
Fuck you gonna do? He's the boss.
Hi, ma'am.
Is Mel McMarten home? WOMAN: Who is this? My name is Abby Parker, and my friends at "Master Blaster" Mel is dead.
"Magazine" told me that he's interested in Are you deaf? He's dead, you stupid bitch! He died last year! Why don't you people stop calling and asking for him - (OPERATORS CHATTERING) - (SIGHS) (PHONE RINGING) (DOOR OPENS) (BELL TOLLING) (DOOR OPENS) Refreshed? What? No fucking way.
That's my niece, on my wife's side.
Planning a party for her mother and tapping me for help with it.
You know, you fucks, you're always jumping to conclusions about an individual.
- That's disappointing, really.
- Apologies.
- Fucking mook.
- I didn't say nothing.
Let's walk.
FRAN: You can't make noise like that in here.
- KATIE: When are we gonna go home? - FRAN: I don't know, sweetie.
We need to stay with your father until Grandmom gets here.
- This sucks.
- Michael, language.
Play with your sisters, please.
The union payout's 98 a week.
You believe that? State disability eventually kicks in, but all of his overtime, all of his fringes gone.
Jesus Christ.
How can we help? How about you take one of your nephews for a month? Come on.
You see where I live? Your sister-in-law's taking the girls.
- Look.
- MICHAEL: I'm gonna throw it! - Go deep! - Hey! Katie! Get out of there.
Frankie? - Wh - (SCOFFS) FRANKIE: Look, Bobby, you get your strength back, you get right back on the job, right? BOBBY: Yeah, we'll see what comes.
Anyways, break a leg tomorrow night.
Fuck the new place up, I won't have no place to run up my tab.
- All right.
- All right.
Take care of yourself.
Hey, what you got there, Katie? - See you soon.
- KATIE: It's a Slinky.
FRANKIE: Yeah, I had one of those.
Great for both the girls and the boys, right? - Great until it stops working.
- KATIE: What? FRANKIE: Trust Uncle Frankie, here.
Your mom's gonna be buying you a new one - Love you.
- Love you, too.
MICHAEL: You should have gotten Legos! Can we believe this lawyer? - Maybe.
- What do you mean maybe? - Isn't someone checking this guy out? - He checks.
He's done business with us on some other stuff, but nothing like this.
Hold on.
Come here.
- Don't put your name on nothing.
- Of course.
I don't want you near it.
None of your crew puts a name on nothing neither.
Whoever we front for this, I want no one made, - no one who's family.
- I hear you.
This goofy fuck Lindsay wants to be president, so, long as it lasts, it could be a real thing, but after that, don't get left holding that bag, understand? It's a go.
I don't know.
Seemed kinda crazy.
Fuck you expect from a guy gets blowed by his niece? - (SNICKERS) - The hell is the damn car? This way.
I gave this to the guys working midnights on the four and five posts, and now I'm giving it to you.
Blocks 4-2 west of 8th along with 4-1 and 4-3 as well as Dyer are now no-go zones for purposes of arrests.
This from the captain? This is from downtown, and it's off the books, so you're not gonna see it in an order or hear it at roll call or nothing like that, but it's legit.
Uh, Lieu, what do you mean by "no-go"? I mean harvest your arrests elsewhere.
No pinches unless you see something seriously violent or ridiculously fucked up.
- Says who? - Says the bosses.
You wanna argue with 240 Centre Street, Patrolman Flanagan? I do not think so.
Hey, baby, you dating? MAN: Hey, you.
Yeah, you.
How about a tunnel date? 30 for head.
It's usually 20.
Traffic coming back is heavy.
You gotta factor in my time.
All right, get in.
(POLICE RADIO CHATTER) FLANAGAN: You wanna go to Tad's again? How about Chinese? Don't make me get another meatball hero from Mario.
You do that, I'm gonna go to sleep for two hours in the back seat.
How do these blocks rate a no-go zone? Who gives a good fuck? I mean, down here it's mostly low-rent.
What, tunnel whores, a few street dealers? There's nobody with real suction down here.
FLANAGAN: Maybe the whores have pull downtown.
Maybe they all got together and bought a free pass for themselves.
I'm serious.
What the fuck are the bosses thinking? House of Kebob.
But if it gives me the runs like last time, we go drinking after at a bar with a clean bathroom.
- (ENGINE STARTS) - Remember last time? My goddamn colon was a six-lane Mongolian beef expressway.
I do remember.
- (TIRES SCREECH) - (HORN HONKS) - LORI: Jesus, be careful! - Okay, okay, I'm good.
Just Three plates.
- It's your turn, Abby.
- Hmm? How long do you think you would have lasted at that job anyway? I'm hanging by my fingernails.
- Mm-hmm.
- Who isn't? - MAN: Thank you.
- Hey.
Buy me one.
Blanched almonds on top.
Buy it yourself.
You still got a job.
Fuck, no.
I quit two hours after you did.
Nazi bitch wouldn't pay me for my two days either, so I liberated Julia.
We walked out together.
(LAUGHS) MAN ON RADIO: The Mets trail the Astros You like the Mets? They ain't nothing this year.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute.
You hey Works for me, thanks.
Whoa, wait a minute.
Hey! You charged me 30.
You said you'd lose time on the return.
But you work the trip both ways.
Yeah, it's busier on the inbound this time of night, especially on the weekend.
So charge the inbound guy.
Hey, I just had your cock in my mouth, and you're gonna stand here and argue with me about $10? No, just the principle of it, that's all.
The principle.
Smart-mouthed little bitch.
- (LAUGHS) - "pass me your hat, too" All the time she smiles Never raises her voice It's 5:00 in the morning (LAUGHING) And I don't give it a second thought It's a thin line Between love and hate Don't think you can keep breaking your woman's heart It's a thin line Pretty good night.
You should count it.
Don't need to.
I seen you go through that tunnel half a dozen times, so I know where you at.
I do something wrong, C.
? Your heart's in the right place, baby.
You working hard for us.
WOMAN: Such a nice night, baby! You want a date? She might be holding something inside That'll really, really hurt you - (KEYS JINGLE) - (MUSIC STOPS) (SIREN WAILING) Come on, let's walk.
I'm saying, girl, you playing a short game, but you need to be playing long.
I meant it when I said you could make good money in this town.
You got looks enough and you ain't lazy.
This town is ready for you.
And I see how the tunnel tricks seem like a good idea.
You got trade going both ways, so no one spends much time waiting.
Standing out on 8th, waiting for a full-on trick to post, you might actually end up making less, I know.
That's what I thought, so Yeah, but, see, baby, them $30 suck jobs, they only getting off in the tunnel like that 'cause they don't wanna get out of the car anywhere near the Deuce.
They running scared to Jersey, from Jersey.
It ain't never gonna be more than that.
They ain't never gonna get their nose open for you like a like a regular would.
Understand? MAN: Don't make me smack you, bitch! Go get some regulars, and that's some solid, steady income.
More of it as a john gets more comfortable with you and wants to get some freak on.
You see what I'm saying? The long game is get yourself some regulars.
It makes everything so much easier, see? Baby, I know that man scared you.
And you'd rather be giving head in a car than going into some room with a trade.
I know how you thinking.
But, baby, I cut that motherfucker down.
He's gone.
And I'll do the same to anyone else who tries to hurt you.
You're too fine to be thinking short and running scared and working the tunnel.
You need to go up on a rightful corner and let the better trade find you.
G (BANGING) - Come on.
- Don't fucking break it! (MUSIC PLAYS) Oh, yeah Claudette.
Big Stuff Who do you think you are? Mr.
Big Stuff You're never gonna get my love Now because you wear all those fancy clothes All right, we're fucking open! - Whoo! - Whoo! Do you think I can't afford (PLAYING NOTES) - Hey.
- Hey.
Is this yours? - You done? - Yeah.
Why? At least I know where it's been.
Abby, if you could kick a little in to help with rent, that would be cool.
Uh, what's a little? 20? 10? Hey, Mitch.
You got $10 I can borrow? I'll pay you back.
I only got 8.
I'm busted.
That should hold me.
Hey, you wanna go out? - Sure.
- Yeah? Yeah.
Why don't you take me to Sardi's? (CHUCKLES) Good one, Abby.
MAN ON RECORDING: So, unless I hear different, I'll pick you up at the usual place.
And wear those boots.
You know the ones.
This time maybe I get to use those cuffs on you, okay? (CLICKS, CHIRPS) MAN #2: Candy, baby, it's Roger.
Listen, if you get something on this number from a woman I don't think she'll use a name, but if she does, it's Peggy, okay? But if you get a call and it's a woman's voice, don't call back, for my sake, all right? Also, look, I gotta lay low for a while, so if you don't hear from me, then you know why.
All right, miss you.
(CLICKS, CHIRPS) MAN #3: Shit, Candy, I'm calling because well, this is fucked up, I know, but I kind of maybe got a good case of the clap here.
And I'm not saying it was you, because I was I mean, you know, I had a couple of other dates with other girls and this one Puerto Rican number, but she didn't feel right, so I'm kind of thinking it was her.
So a-anyways, I, uh you know, I'm burning down there and on the penicillin, and I just thought I ought to let you know in case.
Well, anyways, I hope it misses you and shit.
Hey, sir, do you know where Vincent is? Vincent gone.
Gone to? New place.
Leave me high and dry.
Gone to where, exactly? (MUSIC PLAYING ON JUKEBOX) VINCENT: What the fuck good is a maraschino cherry? Do you want something for the island drinks? Tequila sunrises? Daiquiris? - What, like umbrellas or something? - Yeah.
Come on, these are New Yorkers.
They wouldn't be caught dead.
Yeah, Paul, that was the old clientele.
How's the old college knowledge? I'm on break.
Oh, I thought you all went to Lauderdale or Daytona Beach or somewheres.
Wrong movie, Chuck.
Yeah, Chuck.
Don't mind me.
So Big opening for a new place, huh? Uh-huh.
Well, I'd ask if you're looking for a job, but given our last talk, you didn't strike me as the type.
Maybe something, um, in the office, on the books? Yeah, I just hired a Chinaman for that.
You know, works with an abacus.
(CHUCKLES) Just joking.
Look, this is all I got to offer.
We open in three hours.
You want, you can be here with us to christen the joint.
Thanks anyhow.
Let me hear y'all We don't need no music But we still got soul (SIGHS) Hey, hey, hey Hey, hey, hey Hey, it'll be good for your memoirs.
Hey, hey, hey CANDY: Leonard, that is very, very expensive.
LEONARD: Come on, Candy, it's me.
Come on, you know me.
- Come on.
- You know I don't think you have enough money in your wallet for that tonight.
How do you know? Come on, Candy.
- I can pay more than usual for it.
- How do I know? Yeah, how? Because nobody actually likes getting fucked in the ass, not even as pretend.
You don't walk right after.
And look at this right here.
Look at this I'm fucking walking.
All night, I'm fuckin' walking.
In heels, I'm walking.
- Candy, some of the girls - No, no, none of the girls.
None of the girls want your dick really, truly want your dick up their ass.
Look, you can't talk for all the girls.
- Now, come on, baby.
- (MEN ARGUING) We can do a nice half-and-half.
MAN: You can tell Tony to kiss my fuckin' white ass! - Oh! Oh! - (CROWD GASPING) - MAN #2: Shit, man.
- WOMAN: Oh, my God! Oh, God! (MAN GROANING) WOMAN: Shit, I didn't see nothing.
(GROANING) Oh, no, no.
- WOMAN: Oh, my God.
- MAN: Keep going.
Don't get involved! - (DISTANT SIREN WAILING) - (GROANS) (MUSIC PLAYING ON JUKEBOX) - (DOOR OPENS) - MAN: Hello? Hello? You open? - (MUSIC PLAYING) - VINCENT: All right, one screwdriver, one whisky sour.
- Here you go.
- Thanks, Vince.
Hey, you guys good? Doing good? Hey, good, good.
- Nora? - (DEEP VOICE) I'm great.
- Officers, everyone set? - All right.
Got your beer? Rodney.
- What's happening? - What can I get you? I'm solid.
Unless it's free.
Guy wants a golden screaming Cadillac.
That's a "Who Hit Annie in the Fanny (WITH A FLOUNDER)," but with amaretto instead of Frangelico.
Look like you just blew the Pillsbury Doughboy.
(SNIFFS) Hey, you want a bump? No.
Go on.
(SNIFFS) Missing out.
Hey! Big man.
I'm Vincent.
- Mike.
- Mike.
It's an honor and a privilege.
This here's Rodney P.
, international playboy.
And this is Bobby J.
He's a cop, so watch yourself.
So, can I fix you too much to drink? Bourbon? Bourbon.
Up? Rocks? I'm guessing rocks.
A Rosey Grier-looking motherfucker.
Bet you ain't used to hearing "no" too much, is you? What you mean? Rudy just walked in.
Ellen, Ellen, I want you to go prepare a table right now.
You know, I had a college girl once.
She was educated but, uh, not intelligent.
Here you go.
What's with all of this jigaboo shit? I had six Dean Martins in there.
- Hey, you know, kids today.
- What kids? Jesus Christ, you sure know how to open a place.
Yeah, well, this is my scene.
- This is what I do.
- Uh-huh.
Hey, Rudy, uh, excuse me one second.
- What are you doing here? - I want my fucking machines! Rudy took 'em.
Now, you wanna take it up with Mr.
Pipilo? He's right over there.
Be my guest.
Between you dagos and those mick pricks, I'm getting fucked six ways to Sunday.
Hey, you think this is over?! So he tells the bartender, "This frog has got a 12-inch tongue and he's very good at what he does.
" Hey, you hanging in? (SIGHS) I don't get it.
Hookers and pimps, I mean.
Why would a girl? Well, you're out there, it's lonely, dangerous, a lot of anonymous sex.
You want someone in your corner, someone to come home to.
- You're shitting me.
- I don't get it either.
Never did, never will.
Come on, what are you drinking? Fuck you, what am I drinking? Okay.
So what's your name? - Jackie.
- Hey, Jackie.
- Hey, man.
What's up? - I'm Vincent.
Jackie, this is Ron.
Ron, this is Jackie.
And? - Lori.
- Lori! All right.
Everybody, drinks on me, okay? - What are you having? - MAN: A Schlitz.
- Coming right up.
- Let's go.
- VINCENT: What are you drinking? - MAN #2: Singapore Sling.
Now that's a fucking drink! What are you having, young lady? - Bourbon.
- You got it.
- Motherfucker! - Whoa, hey, hey! - Hey! - Shit! - Stay back.
- Oh! - (GRUNTS) - (CROWD GASPS) - You okay? - Yeah, I'm okay.
Hey, you take a punch about as well as one of your machines! MAN: What happened? Abby, come here.
Get this out of here.
Hey! Hey! Hey (GRUNTS) Hey, hey.
Hey, Gentle Ben, hold up.
- I gotta go, man.
- Go? Where? What's what's your name? I told you already.
Mike, look, that wasn't your gun, was it? I don't need no gun, man.
Right, then you saved my ass.
And I owe you a drink or three.
Come on.
Come back inside.
Come on.
You working, Mike? Working? (CHUCKLES) Yeah.
(WOMEN CHATTERING) Strong night.
I started early, like I said.
- Hmm.
- All right.
Hold on, hold on.
Let's go for a drink.
We earned it.
- The Korean joint? - Nah.
- Man who got that - (ENGINE STARTS) started a new place up on 4-5.
Maybe after, you and me turn in for the night.
How you like that? Yeah, you like that.
(MUSIC PLAYING) (CHATTER) Hey, man, you got any Grateful Dead on the juke? - What's that? Surf music? - No, man.
The fuck do I know? I'm from Brooklyn, all right? (LAUGHS) - Hey! - Hey, as good as the Chinese joint? Aw, man, you should've seen it a couple hours ago.
There was all kind of business.
Vincent got a good way with the place, you know? All right, get me a Johnnie Walker Black, ice.
Wine, beer? What you want? Wine.
Rose colored.
Rose colored.
Yo, say, baby, why don't you take that drink down there.
All right? I gotta pull my colleague's coattails.
What it is, Larry? So, you a Communist or some shit, right? I don't nothing about that, but I don't dig hierarchical oppression, man.
I just don't.
Talking that shit got Rochelle fucked up.
No, Rochelle's my everything, man.
She your ho, Richie.
RICHIE: Yeah, but she controls the means of production, dig? LARRY: Means of you talking about pussy? - More or less.
- More or less? FRANKIE: Claudette! Claudette, come here.
Come on! Hey, fucko! You're only allowed to destroy one pool table.
Hey, mine's bigger.
In your fucking dreams, old man.
Here, zinfandel.
Sorry, it's all we have.
Best of times, worst of times.
It's a line from the book.
Oh, at the beginning.
And at the end, "It is a far, far better thing than I have ever" (CLICKS TONGUE) It'll be funnier when you get to the end.
Oh, wait, I saw the movie.
I get it.
(LAUGHS) No, man, I was fine until you sat down - You like to read? - Uh I didn't think so.
- You read this one? - Mm-hmm.
If you're liking Dickens, "Bleak House" or "Little Dorrit.
" - Uh, "Little" what? - I'll write it down for you.
- DARLENE: Which one is your favorite? - RICHIE: Yo, you listening? - Yeah.
- Hello? - Thanks, Vincent.
- Night, thank you.
- Julio.
- Later, bro.
- Tanya.
- Night, papi.
Hey, Big Mike.
You, uh you need a place to stay? - I'm good.
- All right.
- See you back here at 9:00.
- All right.
Hey, uh, Abby Uh, so, what couldn't you love about all this, right? Beats the balls out of Old Saybrook, - that's for sure.
- Right.
Um hey.
Listen, I'm gonna get some breakfast at Leon's.
You wanna come? Can I take a rain check? No, but I could give you one.
(CHUCKLES) Doesn't really make sense, does it? Nope.
See you later.