The Deuce (2017) s01e07 Episode Script

Au Reservoir

1 [FUNK MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, you wanna make a quick hundred? - Hundred for what? - A one-day wonder.
A real movie? RUDY PIPILO: They empty the loot machines and bring the coin back to Marty's office for the count.
What the hell you doin' here? I got a feeling that by the time my cut gets to me, the count is a lot lighter than it should be.
Your commanders do not wanna see a single broad standing on any street corner in the precinct.
You ever seen it like this? CHRIS ALSTON: Where do they think all the dirt is gonna go? I would take strong consideration for any offer that moved your ladies off the pavement.
You pay me 400 a night rent, your girls get a safe environment for as many hours as they can handle.
They keep what they make.
The more girls you give me, the better it is for you.
[MUSIC PLAYING OVER RADIO] [VOCALIZING] Didn't I treat you right, now? Tick-tock, girl.
Let's go.
Ready? Uh, why I gotta clock and she don't? She doing the movies.
What? That ain't till Saturday, C.
She gotta be rested for that shit.
You go punch in.
Uh - Today, baby.
- [SCOFFS] - Hey, Ash.
- Hey.
Another day, another bunch of dicks.
[CHUCKLES] That's right.
[DOOR CLOSES] [SIGHS] Fuck this.
- [BOTTLES CLINKING] - [THEME MUSIC PLAYING] Sisters Brothers and the whiteys Blacks and the crackers Police and their backers They're all political actors But they don't know There can be no show And if there's hell below We're all gonna go, go, go, go, go, go Everybody praying And everybody saying But when come time to do Everybody's laying Just talking about don't worry, worry, worry, worry, worry, worry They say, "Don't worry, worry, worry, worry, worry, worry" They say, "Don't worry, worry " Worry, worry, worry, worry" They say, "Don't worry, worry " Worry, worry, worry, worry.
" MAN: So, gentlemen, we're gonna calm down - and be civil about this? - MAN 2: I'm civilized.
MAN: That was some maneuver you guys pulled on Matty.
Smaller shit than that has started wars.
And what did we learn? Your Jew, he's been skimming from the both of us.
Hey, Hodas doesn't skim.
Come on, that night's take was twice as big as his best week.
- Who you fucking kidding, Matty? - MAN: Enough.
The truth is this is a good thing that this is happening now, with the dirty movies about to open up wide.
That's right.
We need to know who we're dealing with and what we're dealing with.
It doesn't hurt to have a couple more eyes on guys like Hodas and the others.
We all got a stake in this thing here.
- Am I right? - Absolutely.
What are you saying? What I'm saying is, there's enough in this world for all of us to keep a hand in.
- We could open the Deuce up.
- Open it up? Carmine could develop what he can and he can keep it.
Same goes for us.
Nobody has to go in the other guy's pocket here.
- Am I right? - Done.
MAN: That's all over.
[SIREN WAILING] - ALSTON: They're running two shifts now.
The daytime girls clock in for the lunch crowd, and then another crew comes in around 10:00.
Have you checked the property records on these places? Property records? To get the names of the shell companies at least.
Even with the shell, you can check the articles of incorporation, and maybe get the name of a lawyer who's acting as a resident agent.
You start to look at all of that, then maybe you start to see a pattern.
You sound like you need a gold shield guy.
Or maybe a lawyer or three.
Me, I'm just a guy with seven years in the bag.
Yeah, well, you figured it out pretty well to this point.
Well, there's five places now between the Deuce and 3-8.
SANDRA: And you say they're paying to be protected, right? Shit, we pushed them into the parlors.
Been running women off the streets for a while now.
That's been the goddamn plan all along.
Yeah, the parlors are all paying us.
[SCOFFS] Why are you telling me this? I don't know.
RUDY: Yeah, all right, but the thing I wanna know is what's gonna happen now that Lindsay got his ass beat in Florida? - CARMINE: You mean with the parlors? - Yeah, with the parlors.
The cocksucker isn't gonna go ahead and be president, so does he turn around and tell the cops to kick the doors down? CARMINE: It's like nobody knows the rules anymore.
Shit you couldn't do yesterday is on the books for tomorrow.
Which reminds me.
CARMINE: What the fuck is that? It's an idea from a friend of mine.
It's a I don't know, but it's something I wouldn't mind talking over with Hodas and them movie guys.
If that's okay with everyone.
THE HORSE: Eh, balls to you, Rudy.
Is, uh, that for, uh? Yeah, that's for that.
All right, talk it over with Hodas.
[THE HORSE SPEAKING ITALIAN] [MUSIC PLAYING OVER RADIO] MAN: Hey, come on down! - [RADIO TURNS OFF] - SANDRA: That's your building? I always liked this block.
It used to be my mother's.
She passed, then I took it over myself.
It's rent controlled.
I've been looking for a better place, but with where I make Well, you wanna see it? Come on up.
Hey, if you can't trust one of New York's finest, that's just sad.
All right, just for a few minutes, though.
Okay, good.
[PEOPLE CHATTERING] SANDRA: You know, if you need help with the shell companies, - I know a guy that - Uh-huh.
[SIGHS] You know So, I'm not a source? Then why are you still standing there? For real? Open bar, drinks with little sticks in them, everybody dressed nice.
You don't wanna go? I'd rather stick splinters in my eyes.
Shit, I'll go for you.
Sorry, but you wouldn't make it past the club doorman.
Oh, it's like that.
It's not my scene.
Never was.
Just grew up there.
We all gotta leave someplace.
I'm out.
Early for you.
- I'm indoors now.
- [DOOR OPENS] Got the first shift at one of them parlors.
- [BOTTLES CLINKING] - Is Bernice with you? [FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING] [GRUNTS] - [SIGHS] - Vincent Martino.
What? What I'd do? Do you own a suit? No, no way.
Good, you're coming to a party.
In Connecticut.
Just a few friends having drinks.
- Oh, I need a suit for that? - Fuck, no.
Wear the leather, the one that I like.
And boots.
You like me like that? Yeah.
You're a prize in that.
- [CHUCKLES] - [GIGGLES] Have a drink, have a drive, go out and see [DOORBELL BUZZES] - Avon calling.
If her daddy's poor, just do what you feel Speed along the lane, do a ton or a ton and 25 Where's the one from two weeks ago? The little chocolate cherry? They're all chocolate cherries.
Except that one.
She's vanilla cream.
Maybe a Twinkie.
He means Ginger.
- You want Ginger? - Yeah.
Where the hell is Ginger? [BED CREAKING] Thought you punched out an hour ago.
Bernice, you're up.
Got a return that likes you.
Come on.
[DOORBELL BUZZES] [DOOR CLOSES] What, only two of them? Fine, her.
- Her? You sure? - [DOOR THUDS] DARLENE: Bobby, Bobby, help! Bobby! BOBBY: Shit! - What the fuck? What do we do? - She on that shit.
You got ice? I heard you put ice on her, it wakes her up.
That's some stupid ghetto folk shit right there.
It's what I heard.
You think rubbing frozen water on her titties is gonna help wash this shit out of her blood? - Come on, Bobby, help me, man.
- [BOBBY GRUNTS] All right.
[SIGHS] BLACK FRANKIE: Van is out back.
- What's the closest hospital? - Roosevelt or St.
- [MUSIC PLAYING] - [CHATTER, LAUGHTER] GEORGE: Raise your loan, then come back.
We always have a seat for you, my friend.
George, it ain't over till you got pennies on your eyes, okay? Like before, I only see dollars.
Hey, Paul.
What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this? - I'm a whore.
- Oh.
Well, doesn't make you a bad person, does it? - [CHUCKLES] - In fact, some of my most successful relationships have been with hookers.
And I've had hundreds and hundreds of very successful relationships.
- [WHISTLES] Ready? - Mm-hmm.
Abs, can you cover the bar until Vince gets back? I'm late for the show.
Show? What show? - It's a party, actually.
- A party? Yeah, Tod here was in a movie that shot on Fire Island last summer.
Now it's run for 100 days.
Yeah? And what's the name of the movie? - "Boys in the Sand.
" - "Boys in the Sand.
" That's that sword and sandal kind of thing? Like "Lawrence of Arabia" or whatever? Yeah, like that.
You interested in seeing a movie, Frank? It depends.
Can I get a plus-one on it? Mm, jeez, I don't know if I'm dressed for a movie party.
Please, you look hotter than balls.
- [ASHLEY LAUGHS] - FRANKIE: What do you say? Hook us up.
Me and, uh - Ashley.
- Me and Ashley.
We'll go double date with you two.
It'll be like Dobie fucking Gillis.
- [TOD LAUGHS] - "Boys in the Sand," huh? - Yeah, it'll broaden Frankie.
- Okay.
Hey, how fast can you down that? We're late for the red carpet.
Here we go! BLACK FRANKIE: They're saying they're gonna keep her overnight.
I can hang if you want me to.
Okay, yeah.
- I'm gonna grab dinner.
- Yeah.
[PHONE DINGS] - She dead? - [SIGHS] No.
Not even a little.
Black Frankie says they gave her that Narcan stuff.
She's gonna be okay.
Jesus, that fucked me up.
Like, I gotta be in charge of shit like that - coming down, you know? - [DOORBELL BUZZES] - Shay been having a problem.
- I'll say! - You call Reggie? - Fuck Reggie! [DOOR OPENS] MAN: Hey.
[MUFFLED MOANING] Is this the selection? There's one in the back, but she just started with someone, so, yeah, here you go.
- Her.
- No.
She's, uh, just finishing her break, so.
How about Darlene here? Okay.
[MAN 2 MOANING] - The fuck is that? - [DOOR CLOSES] I can't make any money if you're chasing them away.
What you would've made.
Just sit here with me for a little while.
I'm still a little bit upset here.
Fuck is this fucking movie? Get ready.
I'm in the next vignette.
" What the fuck is a vignette? [MAN SHUSHING] [MUSIC CONTINUES] Hey, Paul.
- Hmm? - "Lawrence of Arabia," huh? - Mm-hmm.
- But "Lawrence of Arabia" - with vignettes and fucking ball sacks.
- [KISSES] Just a regular night for me.
I mean, couldn't there be just one girl in the sand? - [LAUGHS] Maybe behind one of the fucking dunes right there? Shh.
Oh, don't don't watch this part.
- Hello.
- Hey.
Alex speaks very highly of you.
Yeah, I could say the same about you.
Oh, the house detective picked up on me - as I went through the lobby.
- They always do.
They're looking out for their guests.
And they are discreet.
So, what would you like? Some drinks.
Forgive me for not offering you seating at the restaurant downstairs.
My wife and I have a lot of - Yeah.
- friends in New York.
It's no problem.
How about we start with some old-fashioneds? [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh, Jesus Christ! The fuck? You didn't dig it? I couldn't follow the plot.
[LAUGHS] It was like a fantasy thing.
Each of the guys was dreaming about dick and then dick would appear, you know? Yeah, I got that much.
I thought it was kind of artistic.
But with a lot of dick.
[BOTH LAUGH] Yeah! [MOANS] - [MUSIC PLAYING] - [DOOR OPENS] - There you go.
- See here, Vince.
We need to talk.
- All right.
- Look who's back my buddy.
- Shut the fuck up.
- Hey! Son, you need to talk to your kin and make this shit right.
My kin? I don't know what you're talking about.
Yeah, you do.
No, I do not.
We can take this outside.
I drove for 12 hours, but it was worth it for this.
When I read that you all had done this and it was that review in "Variety" - So, can I ask you something? - TOD: Sure.
How do you stay hard like that the whole time? I mean, like, rock-solid like a diamond cutter.
- Yeah, well, um - Acting, boys, acting.
- He's a professional.
- [CHATTER] - Good job.
- That was actually hard to hear.
What? I meant it.
- Mm-hmm.
- Look, you're an actor.
You act.
Sure, I am.
What did "Variety" say? "Casting done by Dial-a-Hustler.
" But you were in "Variety.
" A full review, and not an altogether awful one considering its, well - Genre? - Yeah.
- Yeah, genre.
- [CLEARS THROAT] Can we go? Let's go.
Because in my mind, y'all got the custodial responsibilities.
So, you don't want the macks coming around your shop, - then you need to step up.
- Reggie.
Now, I got me a good-money-earning girl, except she's in line at the damn methadone clinic right now instead of on her back with them legs akimbo.
- You see how that works? - Reggie.
I feel I should be, um, compensated.
Look, for the last fucking time, I ain't got shit to do with the parlor! Now, you bring that mess into the Hi-Hat again, and you're barred, you understand me? I got no interest down there.
Zero, none! All right, you take your problems to Bobby! You don't bring them into my bar, ever.
Okay, so little missy in there don't know nothing about no parlors? - Gotcha.
- There's nothing to know.
I got nothing to do with any of it.
Now, I'm sorry to hear about your girl, but it ain't my shop, all right? WOMAN: I told you I'm not walking! [HORNS HONKING] You want a drink or not? [MAN YELLING] - [MAN GRUNTING] - [CANDY MOANING] [GASPING] [GAGGING] - [RETCHING] - [SPLASHING] [COUGHING] - [TOILET FLUSHES] - [SIGHS] [FAUCET RUNNING] [SIGHS] Get out.
[EXHALES] [BOTH GRUNTING] [BOTH LAUGHING] [CHUCKLES] Where's Arthur tonight? Um, he's in Iowa visiting his mother.
We're open about things, so this is no secret.
[EXHALES] My birthday's today.
Why didn't you say something? You were a nice enough present as it was.
- No.
- Yeah, one of my better birthdays.
And, hey, one year I got Lincoln Logs and an Erector Set.
An Erector Set, huh? Look where that got you.
[LAUGHS] A kid from I forget where, Missouri, 26 years old, and your name's in lights.
In a queer film that folks are driving hundreds of miles to see in a New York City theater.
That's worth celebrating, baby.
- [SIGHS] - For a lot of reasons.
Like it's normal to watch people fucking on film.
Maybe it is.
- Mm-hmm.
- Wakefield was telling me the lab he uses.
They're cutting another film.
- Mm.
- All hardcore, feature-length.
- With a story and everything.
- Mm.
He heard there was $100,000 behind it.
- And they're cutting it together now.
- What? Wow.
$100,000 for a fuck film.
What's the film called? I don't know.
Wake says it's about a girl with her clitoris in her throat.
Could I make that up? - [BOTH LAUGHING] - What? [CHATTER] Why, don't you look fresh-faced this grievous morning.
[CHUCKLES] What'd you do with your day off? Got laid.
[CHUCKLES] Who's the lucky topman? Who's the new brass? FLANAGAN: You haven't heard? Kilpatrick was transferred.
Dropped like a bad penny into property division.
That guy's the new CO.
Yes, sir, of course.
Kilpatrick is gone? RIZZI: Gentlemen.
As I'm sure many of you have already heard, the 14th Precinct of the New York City Police Department has a new commanding officer, Captain Peter L.
Ten-hut! Sergeant, carry on.
At ease.
Okay, moving on from the formalities.
Time for the daily review of the atrocities that charm and delight us here at the 14th.
First up You're talking about hoppel poppel.
Yes! Oh, you remember the name.
I've been dreaming about it all week.
- Tastes like home.
- I had it in Detroit once.
Potatoes, extra crispy, right? Yep, but can I get two orders? I'm gonna take one to a sick friend.
- Cool.
- Thanks.
: I hate to say it, the money's right.
And with the pigs banging out street arrests every night, I'm saving on bail.
Yeah, it's better, not worse.
- Right.
- Thing is there's more to this here than the money.
- More than money? - Used to be I get up every afternoon knowing what I needed to do with the night.
I knew what I was there for.
Now you're just dropping the girls off at one of the parlors and killing time, right? - Yeah! - The other night I didn't know what to do with my damn self.
I went to a movie.
- What'd you see? - "Fantasia.
" That Disney thing? Yeah, it's playing over there on Third Ave.
I like that shit, too.
I really like the dancing hippos.
- "Fantasia"? - See, now, Larry's point is well-taken in that we've become extraneous in this whole situation.
The pussy still the pussy.
The money still the money, but the pimp? Who the fuck is he right now? LARRY: Man, that shit was already in my head.
But they do have a breakfast scrambler where I'm from.
MELISSA: Oh, I ain't never gonna go tasting that REGGIE: What's this? What you doing here? Oh, I was just getting some food for Shay.
- I was gonna go visit - Yeah, you let me worry on Shay.
- You need to be getting to work.
- But I don't work at French Shut up, bitch! You working a double shift tonight.
Somebody got to make up for money I lost to fucking female weakness.
- Can I just get my food? - Fuck your food.
What happened to Shay? Too much horse for her to ride.
- Dead? - Not yet.
Hey, y'all ain't seen Ashley around, have you? Missing one of your hoes, C.
? No.
I might've misplaced one.
- [MOANS] - What's going on out here? [LAUGHS] I'm taking these sheets with me.
Oh, my God, I never felt sheets like this before.
- Yeah.
Towels, too, baby.
- [LAUGHS] Place like this, it's built into the rate.
- So is this.
Oh, shit.
[SIGHS] Past checkout time.
All right, we'll be out in half an hour.
- [KNOCKING ON DOOR] - WOMAN: Housekeeping.
- Mm! - We better amble.
Come on.
All right, I'll amble with you.
Let's go to your place.
- My place? - Mm-hmm.
I don't got one.
What? Where you flop? Here, there, the other.
You're married, ain't you? Not at the moment, no.
Look, I don't got a place.
Sometimes I drop at Vince's.
Or go to Brooklyn, crash with my sister.
Sometimes there's this lady up in Washington Heights when she's not busy hating my guts, but Yeah, I don't [SIGHS] I don't got a place.
[SIGHS] What about your stuff? What stuff? Had a locker for a while in the Port Authority.
Keep some clothes at the back of the bar.
I don't know, I don't sleep much.
I like going to all-night movies.
Library on 42nd Street with the big lions.
Read the papers.
Whatever I like.
[ZIPPER ZIPS] [SIGHS] Sounds like I'm crazy, right? No.
Mm, sounds like you're free.
- [CHATTER] - ALSTON: Address.
- Address.
- [SWEENEY CLEARS THROAT] Captain McDonagh wants a tour of the precinct on tomorrow's 4:00-12:00.
You mind driving me, Patrolman Alston? No, sir.
We, uh, got a situation here.
Finally, the guy in the middle says, "Well, I dreamt I was skiing.
" - [LAUGHS] - You get it? - Skiing.
- Parlez-vous français? - Oh, shit.
[CHATTER ON TV] BOBBY: Can I help you, Detective? - THUNDERTHIGHS: Bernice.
- Do you see a gold shield? - I'm not a detective.
- Come on, girl.
I'm a plainclothesman.
All right? I work for a fucking living.
MAN: How much love can I get for this? DARLENE: Damn, how much love you want? You gotta do something about the soundproofing, huh? Can I help you, Officer? Of course you can.
For a place like this, I'm gonna say a weekly rate is $200.
That will cover my lack of attention and a warning in case I find out anyone else is interested.
This is fucked.
We're already paying the 14th every week and the people I work for already paid a buy-in downtown.
- You're late on the tit here.
- I'm not from downtown.
I'm not collecting for the 14th.
I just got detailed to the Public Morals Task Force.
That's a fresh pad.
- Task force? - It's a new one.
It's gonna clean up the Deuce, in case you haven't heard.
$200 on top of what I'm already laying on the precinct? I'll be back Thursday.
Till then, au "reservoir.
" [COIN CLATTERS] - VINCENT: And so, you, genius, think Abby.
- Fuck's the big deal? [PUSHING BUTTONS] - Like I need my barmaids to start stashing runaway whores for you.
It's just temporary, all right? A few days till we figure out something.
- [MUSIC PLAYING] - "We"? - The fuck is "we"? - Ashley's a good girl.
- Really? - Look, this is no big deal.
Abby just went home to get her settled in.
She'll be back here before the after-work crowd fills you up in here.
Dickless wonder.
Oh, curveball! What the fuck is this? guinea "Romper Room"? VINCENT: Oh, hey.
I already sent Mike over to you guys with the weekly.
Not about that.
I need your brother.
You need my brother? Yeah.
Come on.
- Rudy's waiting.
- Okay.
Well sounds like Mr.
Pipilo requires my services, so other matters must take a back seat.
- [DOOR OPENS] - FRANKIE: See you, Vinnie.
Uh, thanks for letting me stay.
Okay, um what's the plan? Mm ABBY: Well, you and Frankie got a few days to think up a plan, and by that, I mean you got a few days.
- Frankie isn't one for plans.
- [LAUGHS] Yeah, I'm kind of picking up on that.
And I'm not lending you money.
I already got burnt doing that shit.
I gotta get to work.
Um, if my roommate comes back, I told her you were my cousin.
Her name is Connie and don't piss her off.
Connie, got it.
You worried if you leave, I'll steal your shit? [DOOR OPENS] - [SIGHS] - [DOOR CLOSES] [CARS HONKING] When I was working homicide, I remember this stretch being a lot worse with the whores.
This is pretty tame tonight.
Well, we pushed a lot of it indoors.
- Indoors where? - Massage parlors.
West 4-2, on Dyer, on Tenth Ave below the Deuce.
Public Morals doing anything with that? You can speak freely, Patrolman.
[WOMAN YELLING] Captain, I gotta ask.
Why me? Why am I giving you this tour? You know who Benjamin Ward is? Ben Ward? 'Course I do.
He broke me in.
Hell of a cop.
He'd be first dep by now if he wasn't black.
I mean, he might still get there or higher.
Who knows? Anyway, Ben taught me something a long time ago.
He said, "If you get somewhere new and you want the truth", find a veteran black cop who hasn't made rank.
Just a guy in the bag out there on his own.
See, if he hasn't made rank, it's because he's got no rabbi.
If he's got no rabbi, he's probably on the outside enough to be trusted.
- You a meat-eater, Patrolman Alston? - Sir? I figure you for a grass-eater.
You graze where everyone else does, you do what you need to do to get by.
And I understand that.
But the meat-eaters in this department, their time is over, and the grass-eaters are gonna change.
So, I'll ask you again.
Are you a meat-eater, Patrolman? [MELISSA MOANING] - MAN: You know, from some angles, you kind of look like Tuesday Weld.
Did anyone tell you? The big shots at the studio all say so.
[LAUGHS] Give it to her, soldier.
[ALL LAUGHING] [MELISSA MOANS] - BOBBY: So, who pays to fuck two girls at once when, really, you can only do one at a time? - [TIFFANY CHUCKLES] - You know? I mean, the geometry is all wrong.
So, which is it? You want the lo mein or the kung pao chicken, honey? I can't decide.
Get them both, have a little of each.
- Thunder, we're doing Chinese.
- I hate Chinese.
They always get us Chinese in the goddamn lockup.
We already decided.
Why does she get to decide? And why she get to live at this bar and take your money for not tricking, huh? The rest of us gotta punch a clock and sweatshop it in a cum coffin for hours, and she out here ordering à la carte like your fiancée and shit! [SCOFFS] Fuck did I do to her? [MUSIC PLAYING] MAN: Where's my money, bitch?! - MELISSA: I didn't take anything! - MAN: That's bullshit.
- It was in my fucking wallet.
- [ARGUING] MAN: Bunch of thieving whores, all of you.
[ALL YELLING] MAN: Look what they just did to my face, man.
Come on! Hey! What the fuck is going on in here? He's fucking crazy, Bobby! - Bitch, you emptied my wallet.
- I didn't do shit! - He's nuts, Bobby! - Okay, okay, okay, all right! Check the cooch.
Come on.
Must've been your cousin.
I can't make sense of this guy.
You cleaned, didn't you? Yeah.
Well, you're a fucking slob.
You and your roommate both.
[CHUCKLES] You got up kind of early.
I gotta get up and go shopping.
For what? I got a party to go to tonight.
You gonna get together with Frankie again? Not today.
Said he had plans today.
I don't know, some kind of mission.
Can I ask a favor? - [MUSIC PLAYING] - C.
: When she get home, we definitely gonna have words.
She might not be coming back, you know.
She coming back.
Mark it.
But I didn't hold out on you.
That's how I was making your number every day.
My half came back to you, Larry.
So, what now? - LEON: Order up.
- Put you back on the street? You wanna get arrested twice a night? And you just got busted out the parlors.
REGGIE: Now, bitch, you move, and watch what happens.
Anyone using the damn john? Thinking your girl wasn't so good about turning back her share.
- [HORN HONKING] - So, we're straight? - As an arrow.
- Anything with a dollar sign on it, you write it down.
Anybody who's getting cut in, we know his name.
- You can count on me, Rudy.
- See, now, you say that, and because I look at you and I see your brother, I wanna believe it.
I figure the same face is looking back at me, so why shouldn't it be the same result? All right, let me tell you guys something.
I don't fuck up nearly as much as people say I do.
Well, on that inspirational note, I'll pretend to be encouraged.
Remember, kid, this is a new thing here.
Let's go.
You're gonna ride in the back? Like I'm your fucking chauffeur? Hey, appearances are important.
[MOANS] Oui, monsieur.
- HARVEY: Oh, God.
- Oh, oui, monsieur! - HARVEY: Okay, cut.
Um Yeah, Minnie, Lori, switch places.
- [SOFTLY] Mindy.
- Sorry, Mindy.
Switch places.
- We still rolling? - MAN: No, we cut.
We never see that.
Joss, she's good.
- JOCELYN: All right, all right.
- Thank you, though.
Thank you.
All right, here we go.
- We're rolling.
- [CAMERA WHIRRING] [CLEARS THROAT] Quiet, and action.
Andy? Yeah don't look at me.
Just I don't wanna see your sweaty ass, so raise your torso.
I'd really like to see Mindy's pussy.
What the fuck is Lori doing? Why don't you sub in for her? Put some heat into the scene.
What? I just gave you some girl-on-girl.
I'm in both the loops this afternoon.
Give the new girl a chance.
You'll get it out of her.
All right, Andy, get in there, my son.
Andy! Your director here.
You're fucking Lori.
You're not fucking the cushion beneath her or the floor beneath that.
All right? Come on, kid, finesse it.
- [SIGHS] - I think they're hungry.
Are you the shop steward now? Fine, starve your actors, but not everybody fucks good on an empty stomach.
- We're almost out of here.
- Hey, who's hungry? [MINDY SIGHS] - I'm actually really very hungry.
Fine, you know what? [HUFFS] I gotta make some calls.
You goddamn assassins are destroying the day! We're a scene and a half behind already.
- [ALL CHATTERING] - CANDY: Hey, Josie? - JOCELYN: Yeah? - Can you go to Elpine's and pick up some burgers, some of the fruit drinks? You know, on your way back, will you stop by B&J's or any of those fabric stores on 38th Street? Get something to cover this puke green.
- Something shiny.
- Yeah.
Just take this.
You our art department now, Candy? What art? The fucking green is just driving me crazy is all.
No, that's what they call it in the movies.
It's the art director is in charge of dressing the set.
Oh, yeah? HODAS: We're gonna need 300 to start with.
All with modifications to our specs.
- Can you handle that? - MAN: Three hundred? To start? - Show him the plans.
- [MAN YELLING] Like I was saying here are some modifications we're looking for.
- The hell is this? - FRANKIE: It's a personal theater.
- In a toilet? - No toilet.
But it takes quarters, see? Right here.
FRANKIE: Yeah, right there.
I'm guessing we're gonna need it to clean up pretty easily, so, you know, just work that into the pricing, okay? - WOMAN: Hey, watch where you're going! - VINCENT: Damn, Abby.
If I'd have known you were gonna catch fire like that, I'd have tried to keep up.
- You're fine.
- [CHUCKLES] Huh? ABBY: You rented a fucking Lincoln? Yeah, well, why not? We'll enjoy the ride, and I gotta do something to impress your parents, right? No.
No, fuck that, okay? Hey, I'm joking.
Abby, it's a fucking joke.
Now, how much did I pay for this red schmatta? Oh, come on, Harvey.
The green was making us all seasick.
Red is a horny color.
You ever see a car ad? All of a sudden I'm working with Marshall McLuhan.
- How much do I owe you? - Nothing.
You work, you get fed.
Yo, Lori, this your first time? Oh, I've been doing some loops.
Try to loosen up, all right? Maybe smoke some grass before we go again? Hey, come here.
Come here.
It's nothing to be embarrassed about.
It's just people fucking around, right? Yeah.
Can I try something? Sure.
Take this off.
Oh, these are too tight.
- Let them out.
- [CHUCKLES] The light picks it up on camera.
Makes your tits glow.
It's a trade secret.
HARVEY: All right, dirty picture time.
Minnie Mindy, whatever the fuck your name is, let's go.
Andy [SIGHS] get it up, man.
Let's go, sweetheart.
Are we good? HARVEY: All right, we're running behind.
Come on.
Man, all my life I wanted tits like that.
Santa never delivered.
[CHUCKLES] All right.
MAN: Good evening, sir.
Thank you.
WOMAN: Thank you, young man.
MAN 2: Of course, ma'am.
Good evening, sir.
MAN 3: All right, Evelyn, you have your purse? - [MUSIC PLAYING] - [CHATTER] - Abby, what the fuck? - Oops.
WOMAN: That is completely inappropriate.
Daddy, Vinnie.
Vinnie, Daddy.
Hey, Vincent Martino.
- Vincent, good to meet you.
- Yeah.
Let Susan and your mother know you're here, will you, Abby? I sure will.
I was misinformed as to the No doubt.
How about a drink? Yeah, sure.
Fuck me, this is actually joyless.
Hey, listen.
I know it's been a long damn day, and fucking is the last thing that anybody wants to do anymore, but, you know, we can pretend, can we not? Yeah, but, Jesus, look at that.
She is so fucking hot.
Look at those rosy titties.
Yeah, that's right.
Andy, lift up her hips so I can see the inside of her thighs.
And take it easy, take it easy.
Yeah, just let her feel each inch of your cock one at a time.
- [LORI MOANS] - Mm-hmm.
Feels good like that, right? With your hips up? Oh, yeah, you're getting us all hot.
- [MOANS] - Yeah, not too fast.
Don't let her have it all at once.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, you look fucking amazing.
[BOTH PANTING] CANDY: All trying to keep it together.
- [MOANING] - Yeah.
- [MUSIC PLAYING] - [CHATTER] - Quite a statement, Abby.
- Congratulations, Suze.
ROLAND: Barmaid, huh? Oh, yeah, you know, sometimes I let her work behind the stick.
- "The stick"? - Yeah, behind the taps.
- Just pouring beer.
- Ah.
- Abby is - Abby scares the hell out of me.
You wanna know the truth? She could really do something in this life, Vincent.
Hell, she could do damn near anything.
[SIGHS] Did you, uh, hire her to sleep with her? What? No.
No, I I needed a barmaid.
- And she works hard for you? - Yeah, she's great.
Yeah, she's a really good worker.
Well, that's a hell of a thing to hear.
Dance? See you.
[SIGHS] I know we didn't get to your last scene, but we'll pick it up next month, all right? - Yeah.
- I'll hold the costumes.
Thank you.
Where you running off to? You wanna let's go eat.
No, I got a late appointment, thanks to you and Alex.
[SCOFFS] Sloppy seconds for that guy.
- [CHUCKLES] - [LAUGHS] - Yeah.
- How's that working out for you? I mean, it's fucking, Harvey.
There's less of it.
There's more of the bullshit people do before they fuck, but you know, it's still fucking.
Hey, Eileen.
[CLEARS THROAT] Yeah? Uh I wanna ask you something, but I I know I shouldn't.
But how did you end up in the life? Come on, Harvey.
What? I'm just asking.
Daddy stuff? Not in the way you mean.
You're thinking like a fucking degenerate.
[CHUCKLES] Well, I am a degenerate.
BERNICE: No, I don't want to.
Stop! Stop! Stop! No! No! [CRYING] What'd you take, cuz? Tell me quick! - She got the epilepsy? - I don't know.
- Where am I? - [DOOR OPENS] Why he keep trying to put it inside of me? BOBBY: Hey! - [CRYING CONTINUES] - Hey, asshole.
What the fuck did you do to her? Nothing! She just started crying.
[SOBBING] Some ain't built for it.
WOMAN: The hell's going on? THUNDERTHIGHS: Don't concern you.
Just getting home? Slept at Vincent's last night.
Dress did okay, then.
You going back to C.
? Mm-mm.
Where to, then? I mean, now that Frankie Martino isn't gonna build you a little white farmhouse on the banks of the Hudson River.
- [SIGHS] - What's the plan? I'm not going back to West Virginia.
I got a sister who lives up near Buffalo, Lackawanna.
You ever visited her before? Mm-mm.
Why not? Lack-I-wanna.
[BOTH CHUCKLING] What's your last name? [GROANS] My name's Dorothy Spina.
named me Ashley.
- From my father.
- Mm.
So proud I've been a barmaid for the last six months that he laid that on me.
You cash it out.
You've worked longer and harder than me.
The hell with this.
I gotta get back to work, for Christ's sake.
[FILM FLICKING] - Mooney? - What? There's something wrong with the film.
Christ, I know women always take longer, but come on! Her business.
Got quarters and she's running the box.
Just wait your turn.
MAN 3: You kidding me with this? - I mean, what the fuck is this? - Fuck it already.
Hey! MAN 4: That's enough.
Hey! Check this one out.
Keep going.
It's just getting to the good part.
Holy hell.
That's her.
- Hey, that's her.
- What? Can I get your autograph, Miss Monroe? DARLENE: I'm saying it's like I ain't even there.
I don't feel nothing, I don't see nothing.
Blackness and nothingness where the john's face should be.
I ain't there.
I'm gone.
[MUSIC PLAYING] How'd you do that, though? Just happened one day.
When? I wanna be gone.
I fucked up.
I shouldn't have brought your country ass here.
Go home.
If you stay, you'll die.
I brought it here That game you are playing Been played on me before And this girl that's played it She not here anymore Listen to me, baby You just can't win Places you're trying to go I already been One hoppel poppel.
- Thank you.
- Hope it's like home.
Well, it looks about right.
[CHUCKLES] Bitch, you late.
You hear me? She got a plate here.
Did I say something to you, motherfucker? Come on.
- Now! - MELISSA: I'm coming.
- [GUNSHOT] - [MELISSA SCREAMS] Listen to me, baby, have no fear The game that you were playin' I'm the one that brought it here - I brought it here - [TOUCH TONES BEEPING] I brought it here Yeah, I'm at Tenth and 37th.
The diner.
I just shot a nigga.
Come and get him.
Don't wanna fall in love You ain't never, never, never coming back From the nine to the ten Baby, you just can't win From the eight to the four Yeah, they're too low From the two to the three Babe, you can't beat me Oh, baby, I'm the ace of spades There's no other, baby I'm the ace of spades Baby, you can't beat me Everything is fine, baby No, you can't beat me I've been to school Baby, I ain't no fool Oh, you better stick it, baby - [PEOPLE CHATTERING] - [INDISTINCT CHATTER OVER P.
] MAN: Hey, hey! Wait up.
No, no.
Your move.
You ain't gonna watch me get on the bus or nothing like that? Hey.