The Deuce (2017) s03e01 Episode Script

The Camera Loves You

1 I meant it when I said you could make good money in this town.
There's gonna be an opportunity coming your way.
A once in a lifetime thing.
Didn't you always want to be in the movies? Everything that's going on it's about to be the movies, or the ho house.
You're saying that this is all fixed with the city? We can clean up the Deuce.
Where do they think all the dirty's gonna go? Every time some guy puts a coin in one of those machines, someone's making money off what you did.
No fucking plexiglass.
I'm a fucking genius.
There's enough in this world for all of us to keep a hand in.
The world is changing.
So how about getting the fuck out of this shoe box? And making something really special? Every day, this thing takes another step out of the forest.
Everybody that I work with never whored, never will.
It's like a free world.
When I met her, there was this whole world she didn't know about.
Now it's like she sees the world better than me.
What I need is for you to hold the line and the money will do the rest.
Out west, girls are starting to get repped.
- Look at you.
- Look at us.
Who would've thought, right? This way, this way.
We're in.
We're in for the run.
- To new hope.
- To any hope at all.
What we do is not going away.
Not ever.
Behold, the future.
Moving forward Using all my breath Making love to you Was never second best I saw the world Crashing all around your face Yo! Manhattan makes it.
Brooklyn takes it.
Go back to Astoria! Oh shit! Run it back.
Run it back.
Dream of better lives The kind which never hates Trapped in the state Of imaginary grace - Hey.
- Hey, Vinnie.
Hey, uh You kids have fun.
Okay? Never comprehending the race Has long gone by I'll stop the world And melt with you You've seen the difference And it's getting better All the time There's nothing You and I won't do Everything all right back there? Straight now.
The future's open wide Frankie.
Yia senna, re.
Special for you.
Let's hope this is hi-test.
What do you think, huh? The best.
I guarantee.
You haven't fucked me yet, Georgie.
Not unless you ask me to, zachari.
Fucking Greek.
I'll be back with your piece.
He wishes he was Greek.
That Hi-Hat wore me out.
I'm going home.
I'll walk you back to your apartment.
I'll be fine.
It's late.
I'm gonna walk you.
Oh, shit! See, I told you.
My hero.
Remember when this place used to be respectable.
When was that? Dollar to enter.
Peeps are in the back.
It's all right.
Abby, come on.
Come on, asshole.
Give me your arm.
- You're takin' the cuffs.
- Why you fucking with me? Stay down! Yeah, come on.
That looked like it hurt.
Come on.
Not so tough now, are you? Get in the car.
I heard they're almost finished.
- Almost.
- About time.
Christ, Lindsay was mayor when they announced it.
It's been that long.
Too bad they had to knock down the old Helen Hays to do it.
Two thousand rooms, 50 floors restaurant sitting on top that's gonna revolve.
It's like building the Taj Mahal in a toilet.
They wouldn't put it up if they didn't know somethin'.
Who's they? The money people.
They always know.
Here's what I know: Deuce is like a cockroach.
It was here before us.
It's gonna be here long after you and me are gone.
Vincent Martino, ever the romantic.
And you know it, girl.
Thank you for everything.
Here you go.
It's a new start if you want it to be.
Don't forget your preparation steps.
Find meetings, avoid triggers.
You've only been here for 28 days, so understand the concept of relapse.
If you stumble, don't be too hard on yourself.
Locate and embrace a sober environment.
New people, places, and things.
I will.
You've all been very nice, but.
I don't want to come back here.
Thank you.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Take care of yourself.
Hey, gorgeous.
Third time must be the charm.
This is my fifth.
Well, it's another beautiful day on the Rehab Riviera.
It's nice to be out.
Better get you over to the Valley.
You've got an appointment with Larry Levine.
Today? Yeah, the Vibrance Boys got plans for you.
Can't I relax a little, Greg? Sure, this won't take long.
It'll be good for you to get right back in the saddle.
So this was the year before Rashomon? Drunken Angel was 48, so two years.
He did Stray Dog the year after, and then, yeah, he's going to explode creatively after that.
You know, with the right script, he was able to pull it all together.
Thank you.
Oh, night exteriors I mean, you could tell he's got no fucking money.
- Right.
- But somehow he manages to make you feel like you're seeing a whole world And that You know, that's its own genius.
You know Well, let's face it, anybody can make a great film if you give them all the money and time in the world.
- Yeah? - But, uh Yeah, not anyone.
But no, there's something about not having everything you need that, uh, well, it brings out its own greatness.
And, you know, after the war Kurosawa had spit and chewing gum.
Wanna grab a bite? No, I can't.
I gotta, um, cut the floor teaser - Ah.
- for the CES tomorrow, so I gotta be fresh.
Thank you for getting me out to see this film.
It's really It's wonderful work.
And I will see you tomorrow! Yeah, sure.
All right.
So, what exactly is CES? Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas.
Retailers come from all over the country to see the new technology.
You know, the guys that sell the televisions and stereos video cassette players and cameras.
That's where we live now, in everyone's living room.
And CES is a perfect opportunity for our industry to piggyback on that fact.
The electronics people are gonna be on the first floor.
We'll be up on the second floor, and, believe me, the bottle neck is gonna be on that up escalator.
What do I have to do, Larry? Just appear.
Sign slicks, take photographs with your fans, go to parties.
Be seen.
We're gonna announce a Best of Lori Madison to satisfy all the guys who've been waiting.
And when you get back from Vegas, we're gonna shoot a bunch of new scenes.
- Scenes for what? - Doesn't matter.
We just need product to fill the pipeline.
You look good.
You in? - Always.
- Excellent.
- I'll see you out there.
- Stoked.
Sign on? Hey.
Sign on to condemn the New York Post.
Sign on to condemn the New York Post.
Please, their AIDS coverage is so bad Hey, Alex.
Where's Enrico? Thanks.
Hey, Paul.
Any action today? - Pre-holiday lull.
- Yeah.
I expect we'll pick up big on New Year's Eve.
There's only one pamphlet out there.
We had a whole stack of these.
That's mine.
The rest were stolen.
Why would somebody do that? I've had complaints.
Guys don't come here to get lectured.
We gotta stay out in front of this thing.
Look, nobody's certain about anything yet, but there's still some common sense stuff.
People ought to know.
We good on condoms? We got the baskets all over, but we're running low.
All right.
I'll run by GMHC some time.
Pick up more pamphlets.
Be good.
- See ya, Paul.
- All right.
Sign on to condemn the New York Post.
Sign on to condemn the New York Post.
- Their AIDS coverage is so bad.
- No, thank you.
Got a smoke? Hey, man.
Sign on to condemn Long as you don't mind these P-funks.
It's all OPs for me.
You take care of yourself, Marcus.
You too, Paul.
Oh, that feels so good How much longer? Wha Hey, hey, hey! Don't look down the tube.
I'm just wondering how long you want me to keep at it? My neck hurts He should get on his knees at the foot of the bed.
- It's more comfortable.
- What? That's how it's done.
All right, all right.
Look Just give her a little bit more tongue.
Then we'll move to Position Two real soon, all right? What's Position Two? Melissa's gonna suck your cock.
Then you give it to her regular, then you flip her over, Greek her.
Pull out and let go.
Wait-where? Facial? Nah, just on your ass.
Nothin' fancy.
Mmm Oh baby Yeah.
You getting that, Irene? You think it's too complex for me? Oh yeah Oh yeah Alright that's good.
Now, Melissa, just talk to him a little bit.
You know, like, uh, like you're prayin'.
Oh, Father who is in heaven, forgive me for my sins What? No, no, no, no, no.
Like uh, you know "God.
Please, oh, God.
" Oops, sorry.
Lapsed Catholic.
- Oh God.
- Yeah.
- Oh, God.
- Yeah, yeah.
That's it.
Oh, God.
Yeah, that feels good.
Oh, God.
Oh yeah, God.
Keep licking, motherfucker.
Oh fuck yeah, God.
We can't show that.
Why? That scene's nice.
No, it's the teaser for the booth on the convention floor.
Anybody can walk in.
Okay, so, um Yeah, that there.
Use that.
- That? - Mm-hm.
Use that.
Why is he kissing her? They're making love, Harvey.
That's disgusting.
I'm kidding.
But not really.
People don't want to see that.
These actors, they were a real couple.
They were really hot for each other.
So I just told them do what you do in the bedroom, and I shot it.
Oh, yeah? I mean it's better than that scene where you had the guy and the girl, uh, facing each other, and his schlontz is inside of her, and they're not moving.
- The was my personal - You like that? - Yeah.
- That's tantric sex.
Well, that's not sex.
Right? That's statues.
That's not sex? Why don't I cut the tantric into the floor teaser? If that doesn't send our customers downstairs to price stereo speakers, I don't know what the hell will.
When are we back in? Maybe next week.
I don't wanna overexpose you.
Frankie, I've been doing skin flicks for four years now.
I think people know me by now.
Why we used the wig.
Some people are starting to get sick of porn stars.
We sell our stuff better when people see the actress as an amateur.
Amateur? I kinda resent that.
Forget about it.
Don't take it personally, Melissa.
You'll always be a pro in my book.
Thank you, Frankie.
Good work, sir.
Hey uh, after we wrap up I'll take care of the camera and the lights, okay? - What do you mean? - I mean, I'm gonna borrow 'em.
- For what? - None of your business.
Well, have fun.
You watching? Which ones? The guys near the corner? It's okay to say "black guys", Gene.
It helps me to know who you're looking at.
What the hell? Help! Help! You're under arrest! Catch us, fatty! So that's a wolf pack.
Now, I didn't stage this.
I brought you over here at a random time.
We've been parked here, what, ten minutes? That's about how often that goes down.
So, this is, um, not a good thing.
You told me you needed us to hold the line and wait for the real estate to turn.
We're not holding the line.
What do you need? To win, I need Jack Maple.
What's a Jack Maple? Transit cop.
Transit cop? If you and your people downtown can get him the resources, he can make shit like this go away.
Go see Jack Maple then.
Thirty G.
's goes to George for his product.
Fifteen to me.
Fifteen to you.
He doubled our money.
You musta stepped on the product pretty hard.
Now, I know the guys you're sellin' to.
They ain't exactly geniuses, but They don't know shit from apple butter.
Don't worry so much.
All right.
Rudy wants to talk.
Business, he says.
Just to remind you again, this Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I know.
I know.
This arrangement we have, it's between you and me.
Very good.
And the guy says, what, do you think I'm a fucking idiot? I'm not giving you any money, you're gonna gamble it all away.
The guy says, uh, well, no I I have table money.
What's table money? Well, when you're at a casino, - you leave the money - Hey, I kinda want one of these.
Y You know fuck it.
The camera loves you.
Oh, yeah? So I've been told.
Take a look for yourself.
Crystal-clear visuals.
Panasonic, all-in-one camcorder, only fifteen hundred dollars.
If you want to edit your home movies, I can hook you up with that system, too.
No, no.
That's all right.
Thank you.
We're ju We're here We're just here looking for a new Water Pik.
God damn camcorders.
- Harvey - Sucking our blood.
You know, when every Bob, Carol, Ted and Alice thinks they can make a porn at home, we're done.
Hey, Harvey, remember they said TV was gonna kill the movies? Movies didn't die.
Amateurs can't hit what we hit.
That's why everyone wants porn in the first place.
I admire your optimism.
Hey, Harvey! Love ya! Yeah, Harvey.
I'm an optimist.
Welcome to the Adult Consumer Electr All right.
Um, you.
I fell asleep back there.
Laid down for a minute, boom.
You feeling okay, Bobby? I dunno.
Feel my head.
Little warm, right? You feel okay to me.
Clammy, then.
Hold up.
See that thing? Right back there? Is that somethin' or nothin'? Shoot, boss, I don't know.
You got a doctor out your way, right? I don't want to go to him.
My wife sees him, too.
I just, uh wanna make sure.
I been active, like a little bit.
Recently, you know.
- Hey, there's a familiar face.
- Hey, Candy.
Familiar everything.
I recognize those curves.
So you're still in New York? Yeah, that's me.
How's L.
? It's warm.
You look good, girl.
So do you.
Hang in there.
- Hi.
- Lori! Picture? Yeah, sure.
Christina, come on.
Get in here! Let's go Do I look okay, Frankie? Ay, you're a ten.
Come on.
- Get in there between 'em.
- Okay.
Oh, hey, roll Dom's sleeves down.
He looks like a gigolo.
He wanted to be Sonny Crockett.
All right.
All right.
We're good.
And we're rolling.
State your names and ages.
Christina Fuego Martino.
I'm an actress, and a dancer and a mom.
- Go ahead, buddy.
- My name's Dominic, I'm five.
There you go.
And this little guy is Francis Junior, and he is 14 months old.
All right.
Come on, Francis.
Here we go, here we go.
Come on, Frankie.
You want your daddy? Come on.
What can I say? Frankie Martino, ageless.
Married to this beauty, father to these two little guys.
C'mon buddy! Jack of all trades.
Whatever it takes.
We're not exactly setting the world on fire here.
Well, there's a lot of competition.
Fuck you.
This business is set to make three hundred million dollars in retail next year.
I want a taste.
Okay, so why don't you lower the prices for the convention? - Right.
- You could print up some coupons.
No profit, we make it up in volume.
- Hey, halten kreykitz already.
- Geviss.
Harvey, stop busting balls.
Listen to you with the Yiddishkeit.
What, you think I don't listen to your bullshit? Dark Brothers! Dark Brothers! Hey! Come check this out! Come check this out! Who the fuck are they? The Dark Brothers? Made a film, Let Me Tell Ya 'Bout White Chicks.
It's a bunch of fuck scenes set to music, but it sells.
Why? Sounds like loops.
Well, whatever it is, they're hot as fire.
Why are they dressed like that? In public, they come dressed as pimps.
- It's marketing.
- Marketing? Any pimp I ever knew would sell those guys for parts.
Well look, they're idiots, but they're geniuses.
They have a new one coming out, uh, New Wave Hookers.
Everyone's talking it up.
They're doing a screening tonight.
You know, we should go.
See how people actually make a buck with this shit.
Oh, fuck you.
New Wave Hookers Incorporated.
What can I do you for? Two hot bitches? Yeah, we'll send 'em right over immediately.
But I gotta warn you 'bout one thing, if you wanna screw these bitches you gotta be playing that New Wave music.
Now if you play it for 'em, they'll fuck you all day, For a nominal fee, okay, fool! Hey, baby! You lookin' fine today, mama.
How would you like to listen to some music? - All right.
- Bend over.
You really like me, big bad black man? Look, Rudy, I already kick you half the take from this place on the regular.
More or less.
Usually less.
But I see you now got your mom-and-pop movies in other video stores out there.
You got a mail order business, too, am I right? I'm just tryin' to diversify, Rudy.
Why you tryna put the touch on me when you're doin' so great? I see all the guys in your outfit, in the papers all the time; they got nice suits, they're spending money I got nothin' to do with them.
My spots have taken a hit, with this disease they got on the street.
Can't do it, Rudy.
No disrespect All these years you been robbin' from me.
You should be ashamed.
I got kids.
So do I.
See you round.
Yeah, no candy for the little guy, okay, 'cause sugar keeps him up.
- underneath, but usually it leaves, like a - Kinda hot? - Bye.
- No.
Not for None of my - So - No one's scoring.
We did pretty good today.
Yeah, we did we did pretty good, - and we sold a few tapes.
- Come on.
We're doing fine.
The retail price points on the tapes are coming down, huh? What's that gonna mean? Less profit.
It means we have to be smarter.
The P and A on the theatrical, it puts you in the red from jump.
It helps with video sales, but, uh, it's not not enough to justify the expense.
So So we're going straight to video.
- Eileen - Yeah? Our content has to change as well.
Into what? Well, you saw the same film I did.
- The New Wave Whore shit? - Mm.
You're fucking kidding me.
What part of profit don't you understand? Fuck you.
Fuck you! You wanna go all the way backwards? Really? Is that what you want? I had to make that kind of trash, I would get the fuck out of porn.
- Well.
- Harvey, girls hear new wave music and they lose their minds and they become fuckholes willing to do anything to please men? That's your story? I have to turn product.
And our customers are men.
- Our customers are not all men.
- They are mostly men.
They are mostly, excuse me, degenerate Yes, reptilian, fuckin' what-makes-my-dick-jump men.
You look at that ballroom tomorrow, who's browsing, who's buying, who's taking pictures? - Wasserman - Men.
You motherfucker.
Are we Are we still having this same goddamn conversation - after all these years? - Listen.
You are a good filmmaker.
But the feminist porn shit is a niche product that I can no longer invest in.
Okay? It is negatively impacting our balance sheet.
I'm huge in Europe.
So, go to Europe.
Find a European investor.
Or start making a different kind of film.
Straight porn? Like everybody else? That's the business I'm in.
- I'm gonna go home.
- Candy.
I'm gonna catch a plane tomorrow.
Truth is, I need to see my mom.
I'd rather spend New Year's in New York.
Oh! Where you been, stranger? Around.
What can I get you, honey? Ginger ale is all.
You okay? I don't know.
I got a fever.
I can't trick.
I definitely can't dance.
Where you stayin'? Depends.
Sometimes I crash at the couch at Show Land.
Frankie's cool about it, but not the other girls sometimes.
Where are you now? Tonight? I'll figure it out.
- Shay.
- Oh.
Hey, Abby.
I have to stop by the clinic.
I won't be long.
Cherries for the pretty lady.
Doc, what about that thing on my backside? Could that be - It's an ingrown hair.
- You sure it's not Positive.
Couldn't help but notice all the homosexuals out in the waiting room.
Like, I don't have nothin' to worry about It's not an airborne disease, Mr.
You can't get it from brushing against someone on the subway.
This we know.
Seems like nobody knows nothin', really.
Can I talk to you straight? I'm in an environment, at work, I mean, where, uh I'm around a lot of women.
There's temptation.
Not that I don't love my wife You've had affairs? It's gonna sound like a lot, on account of it's spread out over ten years or so, but yeah, I've made mistakes.
Hundreds of mistakes, okay? All women.
I just want to make that clear.
The virus is sexually transmitted.
You should always wear a condom, of course, and, if possible, you should probably withdraw before ejaculation.
Use lubricant to prevent tearing.
And no rimming.
What's that? Putting your tongue around the edges of the anus or inside it.
Why the fuck would I do that? You're gonna test that blood you took, right? For a reading of your T-cell count, yes.
The results will come back in a couple of days.
Uh, maybe longer, because of the holiday.
That'll tell you if I have the disease? The tea stuff? You can't get the test back today? No.
Fuck me.
Can I give you a little advice? If you're so concerned about this, you should probably consider practicing monogamy going forward.
Trust me, Doctor Oser.
I'm done with the strange.
Porn is violence.
Violence is porn.
We're stronger together! Porn is violence.
Violence is porn.
Porn is violence.
Violence is porn.
Porn is violence.
Violence is porn.
Porn is violence.
Violence is porn.
Porn hurts us all! Hey, hey, hey, don't.
You're too pretty to go in there and waste a roll of quarters.
Thank you, but I'm I'm just heading to the office.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Shame! Shame! Shame on you! I been doing this with you guys off and on for about a year now.
How long you been doing it? Me? Uh, off and on since '81.
We drew a lot more a couple years ago.
Nowadays less and less.
You think it's working? I think we try something different.
Join us, sisters! Porn is violence! Violence is porn! Porn is violence! Violence is porn! Porn is Inspector Bernadetti is already here.
I gave him coffee and sent him in.
Don't get up.
I just need to know what it costs me to back some guy named Maple and let my people work with him on these street crews.
Jack Maple? You know him, right? The transit cop who thinks he's a city cop.
Yeah, I know him.
He's ruffled some feathers, huh? A fucking jerk.
He's right about most stuff.
Which is what you need to be if you're going to be a jerk.
Whatever he is, I want my people working with him.
I want to make sure it's okay.
You're good, Gene.
Thanks for asking.
Wenders is German.
Sometimes I think it takes a foreigner to really see America.
I haven't seen it yet.
But I want to.
Billy's Topless, it ain't the Metropole or any of those dives.
Right, I mean, the customers, they can't even touch the girls.
You don't know what could happen.
Some psycho could follow her home.
Dre, I talked to her.
Vinny, she's our daughter.
You can't just Another Sunrise, Andrea? No, I'm still nursing this one.
Vincent? I I gotta get to the club.
I put some money in the pot for the girl.
So, uh, what else should I see? Uh, d'you catch Repo Man? Mm-mm.
Harry Dean fucking Stanton.
Vin I've been, um, missin' ya some lately.
Yeah, me too.
When? - See ya.
- Mm-hmm.
You're a good lay.
So are you Max? What? We did it.
How about that? Fucking guards, fucking camp, - we did it.
- Don't shout.
But I'm shouting inside.
We did it.
They're not gonna kill us.
We made love.
We were real, we were human.
We made love.
They're not gonna kill us.
That was Hard to fuck up that play.
No, no.
You killed it, Tod Lang.
- Oh, come on.
- You did.
I mean it.
You always do.
Coming right out.
- What? - This - is all because of you.
- Mm-mm.
- Yeah.
- Mm-mm.
This theater.
- I'll be outside.
- Okay, I won't be long.
So good.
I heard about you.
You're detailed to the mayor's office.
Times Square was my post when I was in uniform, and I worked Homicide for years.
I am currently with Gene Goldman over at I know where you are.
What do you need? No.
What do you need? I know you've been working these wolf packs.
That's our problem too.
Can't flip real estate if everyone's scared to go into Midtown.
- Yeah.
You got it.
- Yeah.
Headin' out, Sarge.
All right.
My people know what we're doing, and we do it.
But if you want to put this shit to rest, what I need is everyone else out there, your department, my department, to do things the right fucking way.
Please don't drink that.
What are you doin' tonight? I know it's New Year's Eve No plans, actually.
Here we are.
Is that for, uh Yeah.
Look, it's like I've been telling you, Drea.
It's not cheating.
Nothing is cheating.
Come on.
Come on.
All these books.
Oh yeah, there's a lot of 'em.
I can't stop loving you I've made up my mind I remember the night this was playin' Yeah.
In my old man's '63 Impala.
We drove all the way out to Atlantic Beach.
That's right This is real music right here.
You're old.
Come on.
What? I feel a little funny, Vin.
It's both 'a your bed.
Yeah, well No one's using it right now.
That was nice.
- Hey.
- She's upstairs.
How's she doing? Uh, pretty good today.
Have you heard from Adam? Uh, I was hoping you had.
Hey, Ma? Us! Survivors.
You're right about that, beautiful.
- Happy New Year.
- Happy New Year.
Thanks for the freebie, but tonight I am only drinking Johnny Walker Black.
Oh, fancy.
Oh, yeah.
I just got paid for a movie.
You ever think about what you're doin'? So you're still with those killjoys? The The Women Against Men.
It's Women Against Pornography, and don't act like you don't know.
Porn does shit to men.
You mean it makes them happy.
Look, guys, they're gonna jack off to the movies whether I'm in them or not.
For me, it's safer than turning tricks.
You should come to a meeting with me some time.
See what we're about.
Yeah, no thanks.
I'd rather pay my rent.
Hey, there.
You on the way to the club? Yeah.
I gotta go help Mike set up.
You'd better get over there then.
Yeah, I just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year's.
Probably won't see you 'til tomorrow.
Happy New Year.
Happy New Year.
Come sit with me.
I'd love to but I'm working.
Yeah, for work.
I always wanted to go.
For the shows.
I wanted to see Frank and Dean and them at the Sands.
Peter Lawford.
But, uh, I never made it.
I was a big Sinatra fan when I was a teenager.
- I know.
- Bobby-soxer.
Adam's been in the city? I don't know, Ma.
He's gonna be okay, that one.
Just a little mixed up right now.
So, Dad said you had a pretty good day.
Eh, not too bad.
My stomach hurts.
I think the medication's blocking me.
Yeah, so maybe you need to try some new meds.
Did you talk to your doctor? I don't wanna bother him all the time.
- Ma.
- I'm You going out tonight? Yeah.
I'll probably stop in somewhere for a drink.
You believe it? You go.
Enjoy yourself, Eileen.
Yeah, I will.
Not yet.
All right.
Let's plant our flag.
Uh, I'm gonna get a drink.
You want? Just a soda water, Greg.
Hey, girl.
Lori, meet my boyfriend Dan.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Would you two care for a drink? No, thank you.
I'll have a vodka tonic, just a splash of vodka.
So how you making out? I'm back at work.
You? I hardly work anymore, but business has never been better.
Most of the cash now comes from the dance circuit.
You thinkin' about getting it done? I don't know.
Are you? God gave me what I need.
Listen, I'm gonna work the room a little.
I'll circle back.
It's New Year's.
It won't be long.
Look, now you I would take for a cop.
- C'mon, hold me.
- What? C'mon you big nasty man.
Hold me.
I like to be held.
You a bottom? All right.
And one for her.
Whatever she's having.
Who's this? Lisa.
- Wanna dance? - No.
I don't I don't dance.
'Cause your married.
I ain't dead.
Prove it, big boy.
Good, huh? Frankie, you gonna smoke two cigarettes? Slow down, malaka.
Now, George.
I'm gonna pretend you just called me something nice 'cause I'm happy - Huh.
- and we're partners.
We're gonna make some fuckin' bank together, huh? - Big lefta.
- Big lefta! To nineteen-eighty-fuckin'-five! Is someone sitting there? You asking if you could sit? I'm just being polite.
- What are you drinking? - I'll have a, uh, a brandy.
- You got it.
- Top shelf.
All right.
- Join me? - No, I'm fine.
You get off at the wrong subway stop? Subway? Sorry.
What's a gentleman like you doing in a place like this on New Year's Eve? Well, I had a companion.
But I managed to drop her off before midnight, sparing us both a very awkward moment.
That bad, huh? A lovely lady.
Just not for me.
Careful with that brandy.
You might not make it from the curb to the cab.
You're flashing too much cash for a night in Times Square.
That Swiss? Who cares about money, really? It's no accomplishment.
It's just one less thing to worry about when you're trying to get to sleep at night.
From the mouth of a rich man.
Henry Jaffe.
Or as my friends on the mean streets of Greenwich call me, Hank.
Eileen Merrell.
Lori Madison? - That's me.
- I love your movies.
You're why I got into the biz.
Do you, um wanna do a bump with us? Come on.
It's New Year's Eve.
It's hot in here.
I'm gonna go to the girl's room and take something off.
You comin'? Better not.
I'm being good.
I'm being better.
- Here we go.
- Mm-hmm.
Say, man, you look like you could use some help.
Uh fucking matches matches wet.
Let me help you out, bro.
- He's good.
- Yeah.
Police! Freeze! Quit it! - You see that? - Stop! Down! I will break your fuckin' arm! I didn't do nothin', man.
- You okay? - Good.
See now, we just don't take these crooks, put 'em through the system and clear the case, and make sure you check every pocket before you bring 'em up in that van.
- Check.
- We talk to them.
We get 'em to tell 'em who their friends are, the pals that ran off.
That's key.
- Get up.
- That way, we get them all.
We gotta make it so everyone catches a collar.
We friends now? Huh? Nice work.
That was fun.
- See you up in the van.
- Yup.
Come on.
Your ride's this way.
There's more where that came from.
My man is holding.
Yeah? Fuck yeah.
sixteen fifteen fourteen thirteen twelve five four three two one! Happy New Year! be forgot And never brought to mind Should old acquaintance Be forgot And auld lang syne For auld lang syne, my dear For auld lang syne We'll take a cup Of kindness yet For auld lang syne For auld lang syne, my dear For auld lang syne We'll take a cup Of kindness yet For auld lang syne For auld Hey.
Your friend left? Yeah.
Yeah, he was nice.
Have a drink with me, Candy.
To all the great things comin' down the pike.
Good times, Vin.
So what do you do? You watch much porn? Half these buildings are in turnaround.
- It's time.
- You need this block bad.
This could be a whole new line of business right here, you know? Let's go, people, move.
Best of Lori Madison doesn't happen without this.
This is the next big thing.
Who knew they were lighting it up like this? The camera loves you.
So I've been told.
In season three, we're coming in in the mid-1980s.
Pornography has gone to video cassette, and t's gone into people's living rooms.
With video taking over the Consumer Electronics Show, or the CES has become a big deal.
Retailers come from all over the country to see the new technology.
They used to hold it annually out in Vegas.
Upstairs at the hotel where they held it, was the porn convention.
So you had all these guys from around the country, and they were supposed to be down looking at the electronics, but a lot of the time, there was nobody there, everybody was upstairs, fraternizing with the starlets.
It was the era where women became porn stars.
- Hi.
- They would go to conventions, and a lot of the money that they made was signing headshots or what they call, "slicks," and selling videotapes and signing the boxes.
It was the early version of Comic-Con, and it became a huge business.
New York is in crisis mode.
AIDS has come to the city.
The Deuce is the most dangerous and scariest it's ever been and probably ever was.
It was worlds colliding in ways that no one had anticipated before.
How you do that visually was one of the big, exciting challenges of the season.
We decided to juxtapose the more ordered, mannered world of the doctor's offices, where we tell a lot of the story of AIDS, with more handheld, gritty camerawork on the streets or in the clubs, where the danger was lurking.
So that's a wolf pack.
They called them wolf pack because six, ten, twelve kids might surround somebody and say, "Give it up.
" The premise was, if we all run away, even if the cops chase us, they're gonna catch one of us.
It became a right of passage for kids from Brooklyn or Queens or the Bronx.
I need Jack Maple.
He can make this go away.
Jack Maple was a transit cop.
At the time, there were two separate police forces.
There was the transit cops and the NYPD.
What are you doing tonight? Jack Maple, what he said was, "After we arrest a guy, we don't just throw him into the tombs and go drinking.
- We debrief him.
" - We get 'em to tell who their friends are, the pals that ran off.
That's key.
It's called police work, but it had died with a lot of New York in the 70s.
Police, freeze! Jack Maple brought that back.
He made intelligence the most aggressive and viable weapon in the police arsenal.
We gotta make it so everyone catches a collar.
He was a visionary in the transformative way policing is done, all the way into the present.
- Nice work.
- That was fun.