The Devil Is a Part-Timer! (2013) s01e01 Episode Script

The Devil Arrives in Sasazuka

1 The continent that lies on the ocean of Ignora, consisting of a large central island with four other islands to the south, north, east, and west, watched over by the gods, is Ente Isla.
There is one whose name alone strikes fear into the hearts of all who live on Ente Isla: Dark Lord Satan.
He is the lord of the underworld, where the creatures of darkness lurk.
He is dread and cruelty incarnate.
Dark Lord Satan declared war against the human world, seeking to annex it into his realm of darkness.
Four mighty generals served under his command.
Adramelech, Lucifer, Alsiel, and Malacoda.
These four demon generals attacked the four islands.
However, a certain hero soon arose to save the world.
He and his men defeated Lucifer's army in the west, followed by Adramelech in the north and Malacoda in the south.
The hero gathered the knights from the human alliance and advanced upon the central island, laying siege to the Dark Lord's palace.
Wretched, filthy humans! Sacred spirits, heed my call! Freeze this wicked one in time and deliver him to Hell! What?! Not today! My lord! Begone! I'm terribly sorry, my lord.
The human armies are overwhelming our forces.
Even now, they advance upon your mighty palace itself.
How could a single human, even if they are a hero, manage to corner us like this?! My lord, I suggest we retreat for now and reorganize our force— Humans! For now, I shall grant you Ente Isla.
But I shall return.
And when I do, I will seize this continent and rule over you all! The Dark Lord of Sasazuka The Dark Lord of Sasazuka The Dark Lord of Sasazuka The Dark Lord of Sasazuka The Dark Lord of Sasazuka The Dark Lord of Sasazuka The Dark Lord of Sasazuka The Dark Lord of Sasazuka Where are we? My lord, are you all right? Alsiel.
We must find a place to recover.
But this area is disturbingly noisy What is this place? My lord?! What happened to you?! What?! These are human hands?! Calm down, Alsiel.
Don't use magic carelessly.
Hey, you two! Do you have a moment? You lowly human! How dare you address us in such a way?! Do you want to die that badly? Oh, man.
Looks like they're foreigners.
Do you speak any Japanese? You seem hurt.
Were you in a fight? Why? Even if they don't understand our words, surely they recognize our great power- Alsiel! Save your magic until we find out more about this world.
But isn't a bit too hot to dress like that? It must be that, y'know, cosplay thing.
Though there aren't many people like that around here.
This is Sasaki on patrol.
We found some people who appear to be lightly injured.
This appears to be some sort of wagon, They look Asian, but they are foreigners.
but one that does not need horses.
It doesn't seem to be powered by magic either.
Sorry, but could you accompany us to the station? If nothing's wrong— How dare you lay a finger on me, filthy human?! Know your place, vermin! Anyway, just take it easy until then, okay? This is katsudon.
Okay? Khatsu dum? Yes, yes! Animal meat, rolled in breadcrumbs and fried in hot oil with cooked, stirred-up eggs placed on top, cooled and then reheated.
This is technically against the rules, but you were hurt, so consider it my treat.
I need more information about this world.
Answer my questions.
Alsiel! Alsiel? My lord! You can't just come in like that! Silence! Y-Yes.
My lord I'm happy to see you're well.
I used hypnosis to gather some information about this world.
We are on a world called Earth, in an island country called Japan.
This is its capital, known as Tokyo, and this building is called a "police station.
" The police force is one of the national agencies in charge of maintaining public order.
I see.
Then that thing on the table Khatsu-dum.
It is a common food in this country.
Khatsu-dum I see.
The very name rings with power.
It's not as impressive as you think.
In this world, magic, demons, and Dark Lords are considered works of imagination.
They are believed not to exist.
A world without magic?! That's impossible! I see.
So we were unable to maintain our demon forms due to the lack of magic in this world.
But why did we end up in these forms instead? Perhaps the creatures known as humans serve as the basis for all other creatures.
Surely you jest.
It must be due to the nature of this world and our use of the Gate.
I've managed to hold on to some of my magic, but it's not easy to keep it from slipping away.
What about you, Alsiel? My lord, what just happened? I doubt that this vehicle was called here by magic.
I see.
If we carefully control our magic output, it shouldn't dry up too quickly.
The problem is that we have no way to replenish it.
However, though magic may be considered fantasy in this world, there might still be a way to replenish it as long as the concept exists.
Our only option is to find that way and recover our power.
Until then, we have no choice but to follow the humans' rules and live in this world.
What a horrible reality.
However, first things first.
We must obtain "identity cards" and "certificates of residence" at the "ward office.
" My lord C-Can I Right Thank you.
Next, we need to open a "bank account.
" We require these in order to do so.
What's that paper? The currency used this country.
I got it from that "policeman.
" I apparently need this "seal" as well, so I had one made earlier.
Here you are.
Thank you.
Mori Estate Ltd.
Lastly, we must secure a base of operations by making arrangements at this "estate agent.
" We looked a room.
What kind of place would you prefer? They understood! Calm down, Alsiel! Would you expect any less from me than a natural gift for tongues? Okay! I got this! The landlady of this property is quite eccentric.
She specifically requested that it be leased to shady characters such as yourselves.
My lord Yeah, I realize it too.
But at least it's two stories and six rooms Your room is here.
Number 201.
So we only get one room? We should be happy to have a place to stay at all, I guess.
It doesn't even come close to my palace.
Good day.
A human? So you two want to stay here? It spoke? She is the owner of this property who lives next door.
I'm Shiba Miki.
Miki is written with the characters for "beautiful" and "shining.
" But you can just call me Miki-T.
Right My lord, are you sure about this? In this world, they say vengeance is worth suffering for.
We'll only have to put up with this stronghold for a brief time.
My lord We need to prepare for our next move and My lord? My lord! My lord! To think this body even requires the ingestion of food It's a human body, after all.
And they think that one infusion is worth as much as a month's rent of our stronghold? This is what they call a "ripoff" in this land! But without the help of that weird landlady, we wouldn't have made it.
It seems that public health insurance will— Anyway, we need money to live in human society.
I can't afford to use any more magic either.
That means we've only got one choice.
And that is? Wait, that's not right.
What's wrong with you?! These job application forms cost money too, you know! Maou Sadao.
Ashiya Shiro.
Isn't this name kind of weird? It's too late to complain! The identity cards have already been printed! My lord.
What? Would you please be a bit more considerate with our money? What's the problem? Summer's just around the corner, so we definitely needed a fridge, and in the long term a washing machine's cheaper than going to the laundromat.
Plus, I need a bicycle to get to work.
That's not what I mean.
We could've paid in installments.
I can't stand loans.
Oh, please! They charge you extra if you pay in installments.
I don't wanna pay for something I can't put my hands on.
Then might I ask you, my lord how you intend to hold out until your next paycheck with just devil's tongue jelly, cucumbers, and milk? Well It's not like we're totally out of money, right? I've still got some change left in my wallet And I could get some leftovers from work.
We're so gonna die.
Do you intend to live on hamburgers and fries until then? Is this Supersize Me? All that high-calorie, high-cholesterol food while you're young? I'm looking forward to seeing you ten years from now! Let's just hope your lifestyle doesn't kill you before we make it back.
I must apologize for my incompetence, but you were the one who said we should swallow our pride for the sake of our return.
You should be one advocating healthy eating most of all! Shut up! Gotta go to work! My lord! You can lecture me once I'm back! That's not it! Your umbrella! Let's go, my Dullahan! I should get ready too.
Um, here.
You can have it.
I I'm working right over there, at the MgRonald near the station.
Okay Or you can just throw it away! Whoa, that's cold! This week, we gotta get first place in the area in promotional product sales.
I'm gonna set a new sales record for black pepper fries! Just watch! Welcome! Have you decided on your order? A cheeseburger and a small cola.
Would you like black pepper fries with that? They're our new special.
No, thanks.
Everything I do here, however small, is one step closer to my return as the great Dark Lord.
Your cheeseburger and small cola come to 220 yen.
Here's your change from 1000 yen.
A Happiness Set with a chicken burger and iced coffee? That comes to 730 yen.
Also, would you like to use the microwave? If you have some baby food that can be prepared in a microwave, we can heat it up for you.
Then please do.
You're amazing, Maou-san! You even thought about baby food! Ah, you mean before? Well, when you've got time on your hands, paying extra attention to customer needs will pay off in the long run.
You're so cool! Like a real grown-up! This is just a part-time job, though.
Central library We're out of work again, Ashiya.
Call me Alsiel, please.
Our goal is to return to Ente Isla, not to earn petty cash! That's true You go and look for a way to restore our magic.
I'll work and make a living.
Go put your brain to work.
Given that the concepts of magic and demons still exist in this world, if you can find the root of those beliefs We could find a way to restore our magic? Yeah.
And once we're back in business, we won't just conquer Ente Isla.
We'll take over this world too! My lord! Call me Maou.
As you wish.
I shall find a way to restore our magic without fail! Stand up, Alsiel.
Aren't you embarrassed? Or so he said I got a 100 yen pay rise! I did quite well today, you see! You've become a full-fledged underling, my lord! And if you're an underling, what does that make me?! Though I suppose I haven't made any progress either.
Nasca lines, Peru Pyramids, Egypt Stonehenge, England The most I can do is guess.
Oh, an earthquake.
Maou-san, it's an earthquake.
Yeah, it is.
Chi-chan Yes? Everyone makes mistakes.
But this is the sixth time this month I've spilled fries everywhere! True You manage to spill them every other day.
I'm cleaning all the time while you're serving customers! If this keeps up, we're gonna get potatoes growing between the floorboards! Hey, you two on break! What's wrong, Chi-chan? What is it, boss? Call me Chisaki-san! The shop's filling up.
Once your break's over, give it everything you've got! This one's gonna decide who wins the current promotion.
I'm counting on you.
And try and keep those fries in their containers this time, Sasaki.
Black pepper fries set with a fish burger! Black pepper fries, medium size! Welcome! One smile, please! Welcome! All right! I've totally got this! We're getting first place in the area for sure! Huh? They're totally uncooked! No way It's broken?! The black pepper fries fried the fryer?! I don't have time for this! What should I do? With the fryers out, we can kiss first place goodbye! Should I use my remaining magic? Please save your magic for life-and-death situations.
What's wrong? We're done for.
It's not your fault.
They said they'd fix it at the end of the day, right? Maou-kun, we need to talk.
What could this be about? Will I be blamed for us missing out on first place? Nah.
It wasn't my fault the fryers broke, after all.
Did she see me about to use magic earlier? Here I am.
Chill out.
I'm not gonna bite your head off.
I got a call from the head office earlier.
Maou Sadao, we'd like to hire you as a permanent employee from today on.
Hell yeah! I got a permanent position, Ashiya! That means a pay raise! Hey! Ah, it's that girl from before.
After we met, I stopped by your restaurant.
You did? I didn't see you there.
You should've just said hi.
I was watching from the bookstore across the road.
You look so different, I thought I might have been mistaken.
You tried to use magic, didn't you? Magic? No Don't tell me Why are you working at MgRonald, Dark Lord Satan?! Emilia the Hero?! The sky is quiet and the morning draws near doko kara asa ni naru shizukana sora minai furi wo shita yubikiri koyubi no saki I try to ignore how our fingers link in a pinky promise warawareta tsuki nara kiete yukun da Laughter chases the moon from the sky kinou no hougaku he Toward yesterday usotsuki okubyoumono minna matomete boku nara If I was really a liar, a coward, and all that saiteita no wa yume no naka da I'd just say it was all a dream tsuki no kage ni kakushiteta hontou wa ne naiteta Hiding in the shadow of the moon, I was crying namida wa mou nagarenai karete shimatta no But my tears have all dried up and left me nanimo kamo yurusetara nagareru ka mo shirenai kedo Though if everything is forgiven, maybe I can cry again mamoritai mono bakari da na There are so many things I want to protect The Hero stays at the Dark Lord's stronghold for work reasons The Hero stays at the Dark Lord's stronghold for work reasons The Hero stays at the Dark Lord's stronghold for work reasons The Hero stays at the Dark Lord's stronghold for work reasons The Hero stays at the Dark Lord's stronghold for work reasons The Hero stays at the Dark Lord's stronghold for work reasons The Hero stays at the Dark Lord's stronghold for work reasons The Hero stays at the Dark Lord's stronghold for work reasons The Hero stays at the Dark Lord's stronghold for work reasons The Hero stays at the Dark Lord's stronghold for work reasons The Hero stays at the Dark Lord's stronghold for work reasons The Hero stays at the Dark Lord's stronghold for work reasons The Hero stays at the Dark Lord's stronghold for work reasons The Hero stays at the Dark Lord's stronghold for work reasons The Hero stays at the Dark Lord's stronghold for work reasons