The Devil Is a Part-Timer! (2013) s01e04 Episode Script

The Hero Experiences Human Warmth

1 Why? Why is the Dark Lord saving people? Here and now is where it all begins kono shunkan kono basho ga sutaato imeeji shite miyou nani ga dekiru no kana Let's think of everything we can do from where we are I'm sure we can accomplish the unbelievable if we try shinjirarenai dekigoto datte aru motto koeteyukeru ne We can always reach for more All the things born from zero shine so bright zero kara umareru subete kagayaite I want to soar the skies ano sora he omoikkiri habatakitai Let's put on our brightest smiles and go saikou no sumairu de warainagara saa ikou michi no sekai he to ima tobidasou yo Let's jump into a brand new, unknown world We can choose and shape our own futures mirai wo erabi kimeru no wa jibun yume wo oikakete yukou So let's chase after our dreams There might be days when we cry naku hi mo aru sore wa daiji na negai But those times are important too kienaide kitto aeru kara Don't go anywhere, because asu no kimi he Your future's waiting for you We are reporting from above Shinjuku, where an underground shopping mall collapsed.
The Hero Feels Kindness In Her Heart The Hero Feels Kindness In Her Heart The Hero Feels Kindness In Her Heart The Hero Feels Kindness In Her Heart The Hero Feels Kindness In Her Heart The Hero Feels Kindness In Her Heart The Hero Feels Kindness In Her Heart Though the large number of ambulances at the scene make the situation look grave, there have been no casualties despite the scale of the disaster.
I repeat: We have received information stating that there are no casualties.
Daddy! Daddy! I brought you lunch! Thank you, Emilia.
Do you like it? Yeah! Hey, Nord! Emilia! Did you make those, Emilia? Yeah! They look delicious! Here, you can have some too! I'll happily accept.
Have you heard? The islands in the east and the north have fallen to the Dark Lord.
People are saying they'll be attacking the west next.
We've got the Holy Church and the Royal Army to defend us.
No need to worry.
If only! Do you really think they could stand up to the demon general Lucifer? I don't like where this world's going.
The demons are coming for us? It's all right.
The priests' prayers will protect us.
Don't worry! Daddy's right! He'd never lie to me! Right, Daddy? Huh? Yeah, you're right! The priests? Are you here to save us from the demons? Daddy! The priests are here to save the village! Emilia, they came for you.
Why? I protected and raised you for this day.
Daddy? You're the daughter of an angel.
You're the only human on Ente Isla who can defeat the Dark Lord.
No! I'm your daughter! That's right.
But your mother is an angel.
I don't get it! I don't understand what you're talking about! One day you will.
Daddy You're coming with me too, right? I'm sorry.
I pray that evil may be purged from this world so that you can lead a life shining with light.
Emilia, my daughter, I love you from the bottom of my heart.
That was the last time I ever saw my father.
A few days after I was taken by the Church, the village was razed by the Dark Lord's western army under the command of Lucifer.
Steady your heart, Emilia.
You inherited the power of your mother, an archangel.
The sacred blade of progress, the Better Half, can only be used by children born from the covenant of man and angel.
You're the only human on Ente Isla who can defeat the Dark Lord.
Then teach me how to use it.
So I can defeat the Dark Lord with my own hands.
What?! You seemed so caught up in your thoughts that I was worried if you were okay.
I'm fine.
I don't need you to worry about me.
You're back to your usual, pathetic form.
Can we leave the "pathetic" out of it? Maou-san Ah, Chi-chan.
Um, I I'm glad you're okay.
Hey, you! It's dangerous over there, so come— Huh? Are you Inspector Sasaki's daughter? Ah, yes.
If you mean Sasaki Senichi at the West Shinjuku station, he's my father.
Ah, I knew it! I'll call him right away.
Um, Maou-san Don't worry, I get it.
You don't want your dad to find out that you got caught up in this mess while on a date with a guy, even if we did nothing wrong.
Sorry It's okay.
See you tomorrow! Sure! Thank you too, Yusa-san.
Sasaki from West Shinjuku? I guess it's no coincidence.
The spell I cast on him when we arrived here must have affected his daughter and allowed her to hear that voice.
What will you do now? I'm gonna grab a bite at a few more underground malls and wait for the ceiling to cave in.
Are you nuts? Get a sense of humor.
I'm dead tired, so I'm gonna go home and pass out.
Hey! Nothing else is gonna happen today.
Their attacks failed.
Failed? Yeah.
That was no natural disaster.
It hit the exact location where we both were.
That means someone was behind it.
I don't know if it was just a magical shockwave from their use of the Sonar spell, but at the very least I can say that they've found out about us.
Then who's the enemy? They must've been nearby.
They didn't try again because I started to regain my powers.
Then who was it? Neither demonic nor sacred magic are usable here in Japan, so who could unleash such destruct— Emi! Emi! Emi! Over here! Rika? Emi, are you okay? See, you've got friends.
Hey, Emi, are you listening? That's got nothing to do with this! Just get going.
Emi! Hey, Emi! I know.
Come on! I'm so glad, Emi! See you.
My lord! What? I am terribly sorry! I let Emilia approach you, I failed to sense the enemy's presence, and on top of that you even saved my life! I don't know how to apologize for my failure! Stop crying.
Let's go home.
You're not hurt, are you? And you're still worrying about me Don't hug me like that! It's creepy! I see, so your parents are abroad? Yeah, kinda.
Sorry to intrude.
No, I'm sorry for dragging you here.
Don't worry about it.
All right.
In my experience, it's better not to be alone at times like these.
Here you go.
You haven't eaten anything, have you? Yeah I felt like I'd die of hunger instead.
Then eat up! My lord, please punish me! I told you to stop going on about it! Could the two of you come with us for a bit? Thanks for the meal.
If your appetite's that healthy, I guess there's no need for me to worry.
Excuse me for a moment.
Hello? Did ya get it? Nah, it ain't that dear.
'Sides, Grandad loves shochu, don't he? Oh, the accident today? Don't worry 'bout it.
It hit near my workplace, but I didn't get caught up'n it.
Tell everyone I'm doin' fine, yeah? Love ya! That was my mom.
Is that her on the photo? Yeah.
That's the first time I've heard you speak that dialect.
I'm from Kobe, you see.
But I'd rather not talk about that now.
Why not? People ask about stuff I'd rather forget.
Like the Kobe earthquake.
I was little, but I remember it clearly.
It was really scary.
There are lots of things I can't talk about easily, even if people ask me about them.
Things you can't talk about easily What? What's gotten into you? You're the first one.
Huh? You're the first one who had enough tact not to ask about the earthquake when I said I was from Kobe.
There's no way of telling what people will do when their entire world gets turned upside down.
There are bad people who selfishly take advantage of the chaos and nice people who try to help others before even worrying about themselves.
I know the feeling.
When you're struggling with a decision, it's as if an angel and a demon within you are arguing.
If people want to, they can become angels or demons themselves.
Angels or demons? You're actors from a small theater, right? Huh? I can tell.
I wanted to be an actor myself.
Work hard on learning your lines, okay? Uh I guess the sales quotas must be tough to meet, but don't give up.
You probably don't want to hear this from someone who abandoned his dreams, but if you give up, that's the end.
Sure And be careful! There've been a number of muggings around here recently.
Don't do anything suspicious.
Emi, you can have your bath first.
Okay, thanks.
Serial mugging incidents!! Same culprit? 7th case this month AAAAAAAA AAAAA Robert Tashiro Serial mugging incidents!! Same culprit? 7th case this month Robert Tashiro AAAAAAAA AAAAA Serial mugging incidents!! Same culprit? 7th case this month Robert Tashiro AAAAA AAAAAAAA An office worker had his bag stolen on his way home.
Ugh, again? The police are investigating any possible links with the recent spate of mugging incidents in the area.
Yeah, it's been happening a lot.
Hearing stories like this on the news makes me wish I had a guy to be my bodyguard.
I'm so envious that you've already got one! Huh? C'mon, that guy you were talking with after the accident.
He's always been— Sounds like you've known him for a long time.
He looked like a nice guy.
Now I just wanna know more.
We've never— Look, there's nothing between us! I'll leave a towel here for you.
Sure, thanks! What's this feeling? This warmth? Is this the human heart? But then, what was going through his mind when he saved those people? What do you want at this time of the morning? Don't worry.
It doesn't contain poison or a hidden blade.
I've never gotten anything from you that wasn't life-threatening.
Oh? Then I guess you don't want that 1,000 yen back? Now I don't owe you anything.
Huh? You said you'd leave us be for a while! I vouched for your identity the other day, so we're even.
Damn you Was Alsiel all right yesterday? He didn't get hurt physically, if that's what you're asking.
It took a far greater toll on his mental state, however.
Huh? My lord, please forgive me! He knew that my power had started to come back, but he still blames himself for not being able to do anything.
He's still asleep.
That reminds me, are you okay? You used some of your power to put Chi-chan to sleep, didn't you? I don't need my enemy to worry about me! Maou Sadao Ashiya Shirou Fine, whatever.
If that's all you came for, I'd rather you left.
I was just about to do that! Geez, what a way to start the day Hey, Emi! Be careful on those stairs in high he— Is it the enemy?! I can't believe this.
This may just be a temporary form for you, but to think that the Emilia the Hero who just fell down all those stairs was the same one who drove my lord into a corner back home It really reflects badly on him.
We've only got band-aids.
I thought we'd bought some gauze.
I see.
Sorry to dump another errand on you, but could you grab some bandages from the pharmacy near the station? I don't wanna leave her anything to complain about.
As you wish.
May I unleash the Dullahan? Permission granted.
Let's just disinfect it for now.
First, here— Don't touch me! I can do it myself! Sure, sure.
Forgive my presumption.
Here you are.
Does it sting? Not at all! Hey, watch out! What do you think you're doing? Shut up! What do you think you're doing?! You're the Dark Lord! Work your evil in this world like a Dark Lord should! Huh? What's gotten into you? Don't give me that! You're poor and you cook for yourselves! They love you at your workplace! You got a high school girl to fall for you! I've never seen a Dark Lord who was happy to have a high school girl at his side! You got that one wrong.
But I got most of it right, didn't it? I've never seen a hero who fell down the stairs and needed first aid from demons! Why are you so kind to me? Huh? Why are you so kind to me? To these people? To this world? How can you be so kind? If you're capable of such kindness, why did you kill my dad? The Dark Lord I knew was ruthless and thought nothing of people's lives! You're supposed to delight in the world's suffering and grief! I just You burned our fields, you destroyed our castles with lightning, you flooded our cities and unleashed hordes of demons upon us! You're Dark Lord Satan! I could never forgive you, not even in death! Dad's fields Dad's house Dad's life You took those carefree days away from me! I can never forgive you for that! I never really thought of it like that.
Anyway, sorry.
I didn't really understand people back then.
Excuse us! I ran into Sasaki-san and she said she wanted to see you, my lord.
Right So you two were really I-I see Chi-chan? Chiho-chan You've got it all wrong! I-I'm sorry! Chi-chan! This is bad, isn't it? A beautiful woman catches your eye, and you have a lover's quarrel with your previous girlfriend.
Then your newfound love shows up and discovers that you still haven't broken up with your old flame.
A romance that drips with drama as thick as blood saturated with cholesterol.
Is it? You just shut up.
I am Shiba Miki, the owner of this building.
You are Maou-san's girlfriend, if I'm not mistaken.
Y-You are! Who'd want to be his girlfriend?! Excuse me? Um, Miss— No.
Call me Miki-T.
I plan to refurbish the building.
I would like the consent of all residents.
After all, there was that collapsing mall the other day.
We need to be careful.
R-Right There could be another one at any time.
Is that so? By the way, I saw that cute girl from before run in the direction of the station, tears streaming in the wind.
A quake? Maou-san, if you got her involved, be sure to take responsibility until the end.
Wh-What do you mean? I'm sure you have realized that it is no coincidence that that girl was targeted by the Sonar and used to establish an Idea Link.
You should know best of all what enormous power thoughts and desires hold.
You had best hurry, lest you be late.
Miss Owner This feels terrible.
I'm getting Gate-sick.
Get a hold of yourself.
We won't have time to rest once we arrive on the other side.
Did you pick up something? Judging from the amount of magic the Sonar showed in Japan, magical resonance on that scale shouldn't even be possible.
Is Emilia in trouble? We can't deny that possibility.
You'd better prepare for battle.
Got it.
I won't give in! Go faster! Okay.
Here we go! Just try not to shake so much! Huh? Why am I crying? I really fell in love with Maou-san! I'm sorry.
Look at that.
Now you'll be a decent meal.
I kept watching you after my first attempt failed, but I really appreciate that you fell into despair about them so easily.
Sasaki Chiho.
I'll feed on your envy and despair toward the Dark Lord and the Hero, and turn it into reality.
Hey, get— It's time to hunt.
I will surpass the Dark Lord today.
What's going on? Him? Who's that? Did he do this? Isn't it obvious? I knew it.
No way! Look at you now, Dark Lord Satan! Or should I call you Maou Sadao? And what are you doing here, my great demon general Lucifer? doko kara asa ni naru shizukana sora The sky is quiet and the morning draws near minai furi wo shita yubikiri koyubi no saki I try to ignore how our fingers link in a pinky promise warawareta tsuki nara kiete yukun da Laughter chases the moon from the sky kinou no hougaku he Toward yesterday usotsuki okubyoumono minna matomete boku nara If I was really a liar, a coward, and all that saiteita no wa yume no naka da I'd just say it was all a dream Hiding in the shadow of the moon, I was crying tsuki no kage ni kakushiteta hontou wa ne naiteta namida wa mou nagarenai karete shimatta no But my tears have all dried up and left me Though if everything is forgiven, maybe I can cry again nanimo kamo yurusetara nagareru ka mo shirenai kedo mamoritai mono bakari da na There are so many things I want to protect The Dark Lord and the Hero Save Sasazuka The Dark Lord and the Hero Save Sasazuka The Dark Lord and the Hero Save Sasazuka The Dark Lord and the Hero Save Sasazuka The Dark Lord and the Hero Save Sasazuka The Dark Lord and the Hero Save Sasazuka The Dark Lord and the Hero Save Sasazuka The Dark Lord and the Hero Save Sasazuka