The Devil Is a Part-Timer! (2013) s01e12 Episode Script

The Devil Carries Out His Duties

1 What a shame What a failure Ashiya Shirou Just how much does this one infusion cost? Even if this cures me, how could I possibly face my lord again? Ah, Ashiya-san, you're awake? Yeah.
Just let me confirm this one more time.
This is all covered under public health insurance, right? Yes, don't worry.
I'll just hang up another one then— No, thank you! Huh? Um Are you okay? The police? What in the Orba?! Ashiya-san! I told you you weren't ready to be out and about! You'll need another IV bag now! That makes two! U-Unbelievable You're the unbelievable one! Is it your stomach? Does it hurt? Villa Rosa Sasazuka.
You're wrong.
I'm not! Hang in there, Chi-chan! Get out of the gate True sky Here and now is where it all begins kono shunkan kono basho ga sutaato Let's think of everything we can do from where we are imeeji shite miyou nani ga dekiru no kana I'm sure we can accomplish the unbelievable if we try shinjirarenai dekigoto datte aru We can always reach for more motto koeteyukeru ne Power of dreams All the things born from zero shine so bright zero kara umareru subete kagayaite Fly I want to soar the skies ano sora he omoikkiri habatakitai Light blue wind saikou no sumairu de warainagara saa ikou Let's put on our brightest smiles and go Let's jump into a brand new, unknown world michi no sekai he to ima tobidasou yo Into another world We can choose and shape our own futures mirai wo erabi kimeru no wa jibun So let's chase after our dreams yume wo oikakete yukou naku hi mo aru There might be days when we cry But those times are important too sore wa daiji na negai Don't go anywhere, because kienaide kitto aeru kara Your future's waiting for you asu no kimi he Get out of the gate True sky The Dark Lord Fulfills His Duty The Dark Lord Fulfills His Duty The Dark Lord Fulfills His Duty The Dark Lord Fulfills His Duty The Dark Lord Fulfills His Duty The Dark Lord Fulfills His Duty Haven't you had enough? Just hand over the sacred sword Better Half.
It won't materialize.
What am I supposed to do? Maybe the very sword rejects you.
That sword was never meant to fall into the hands of man to begin with.
We must take it back.
That is Heaven's decree.
But Chiho-chan has nothing to do with any of this.
Let her go.
I'm afraid it's not that simple.
She's a very precious sample.
An inhabitant of another world, who, despite knowing the Dark Lord's true identity, still embraces warm feelings for him.
It's worth researching what effects the Dark Lord's power has on a human body.
You freak! Bite your tongue! How dare a mere human like you address me, Archangel Sariel-sama, in that way?! Ow, ow, ow! Damn, a barrier? Your body must surely be approaching its limits, right? I'm a chivalrous man, so I hope you won't force me to go any further.
It pains me to hear such bloodcurdling cries from a woman.
If you wish to scream, please do so in a more harmonic tone.
Oh? I see a fly has wandered into our web.
Ma ou Now that he's here, we should offer up an appropriate greeting.
Don't you think so, Bell? Even you alone could defeat the Dark Lord as he is now.
Are you really okay with this? If the Dark Lord and I both meet our demise in this world, you will return to the same Ente Isla as before.
Nothing will change.
Is this truly what you desire? Why do you hesitate? I am the patron angel of the Reformation.
I will testify as to the legitimacy of your actions.
Go now.
Suzuno-san Why? Why? Please help! I don't want to sacrifice anyone anymore! Get outta my way! Here we go! What a drag! What?! Suzuno? D-Dullahan?! The hell was that? What did Dullahan ever do to you?! I'll have you pay for a new bicycle, the registration fee, and the cost of hauling all this wreckage away! Whoa! Wait! Huh? Shut up! Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up! Wait! Please, just hold on for one minute! Wh-What are you doing?! There.
All done.
What are you trying to do? You don't work, so you'd never understand.
The MgRonald's uniform is simply lent to us.
If we damage it outside of work, we have to pay for it.
The Stronghold has no such financial leeway.
Get lost! Hey! D-D-Don your mantle, you pervert! Whose fault is that?! You came to Japan by yourself and settled down next to us, so I thought I'd turn a blind eye to who you were for your courage and your good food, but now you're getting in my way, and you even tried to hurt my crew! As substitute manager, I can't allow this! You realized who I truly was? Of course! In what world would a girl just move in on her own and suddenly start taking care of a whole bunch of guys living next door as if it was her duty? Ah, there's still some of Suzuno's cooking left.
It reeks of sacred power, but I guess it'll do.
You sure did a number on poor Ashiya, though.
It's a real shame.
You seemed like such a nice girl, and you even made friends with Emi.
In the end you're no better than Orba, huh? You talk pretty, but you don't care about how many people you sacrifice as long as you can get power, huh? You're wrong! If you feel the ends justify the means, how does that make you different from us demons, exactly? Silence! You even went with them to Fushima Park and prepared for the bazaar with everyone else.
You got along so well with Emi and Chi-chan only to drag them into this mess.
Aren't you ashamed of yourself? Shut up! No way! Wh-Why? I already used most of my magic to break through the barrier.
What's wrong? Aren't you gonna try to kill me? If not, I'll be going.
Chi-chan's waiting for me.
It's pointless.
You'll never be able to defeat him as you are now.
So there's another guy with you, huh? Archangel Sariel-sama.
I see.
I guess it figures that Emi couldn't stand up to him.
He gets stronger the closer he is to the Moon.
Without magic, you don't have the slightest chance of winning against him.
So you're saying I should run away? Why do you throw yourself into such danger? Chi-chan's a junior employee under my supervision.
What kind of manager would run off and abandon his underlings? Besides, you actually want me to go through with it, right? What? Defeating Sariel.
That's why you let Chi-chan call me, didn't you? I-I Not that it matters to me.
Why is a demon, of all people, telling me this? Why did you have to be the Dark Lord? And if even the Dark Lord cares this much for his friends How could I do any less? What's Maou doing? Heading straight for trouble, I'm pretty sure.
What's he doing at the city hall? Huh? Maou? Did he give up on Emi and come back? How'd it go? Did you run into troub— Orba? Long time no see, Lucifer.
You managed to get out? You look well.
Thank you.
I see you're not doing too bad yourself.
More or less.
Don't you want to return to Heaven? Come with me one more time.
I'll give you what you want.
If the sacred sword still won't separate from you after this much effort, I guess I've no choice but to extract it from your body directly.
Directly? H-Hey, what do you think you're doing?! I'll remove it from your body.
I'll extract the heavenly silver from which Better Half springs.
What are you doing to Yusa-san, you pervert?! Pervert? I don't even like ladies who are so modestly endowed.
I'll kill you.
I'm so gonna kill you! On the other hand, you are much closer to my tastes.
I'll be sure to investigate your body as thoroughly as possible.
All of it.
You hopeless, disgusting pig! Molester! Deviant! Twisted bastard! Stinking peeper! Panty sniffer! I didn't go that far! Enough, you vermin! If you dare lay so much as a finger on Chiho-chan, I vow you'll regret it.
My, how threatening.
But what can you do as you are now? Me? Nothing.
But if you hurt her, the Dark Lord won't idly sit by.
The Dark Lord? Emilia the Hero relies on the Dark Lord to do her dirty work? That's not it.
Didn't you notice when you opened your store right in front of MgRonald's? What do you mean? She's a member of the MgRonald's crew, and the Dark Lord is their substitute manager.
He's shift supervisor.
If one of his employees is in danger, it's the boss's job to save them.
Have you lost your marbles, Emilia? Do you really expect the Dark Lord to be bound by the ideals of this world? Damn! Of all the times for the elevator to not be working He's not bound by them.
He chose to follow them.
That's Maou Sadao, permanent employee and shift supervisor of the Hatagaya Station MgRonald's.
What divine comedy! The Hero, putting her faith in the Dark Lord! Hey! Maou-san! Sorry to keep you waiting, Chi-chan.
M-Maou-san?! I see you're okay too, Emi.
Stay away! Don't look! Cut me some slack! I didn't think you'd really come.
And I didn't think that that cologne-reeking runt of a rival manager would end up being the wielder of the Wicked Light of the Fallen.
It was a necessary measure to retrieve the sacred sword.
The divine silver of progress that forms Better Half is Heaven's and Heaven's alone.
We can't allow the Hero to keep it.
I don't give a damn about what you do in Heaven.
What I do give a damn about is that you hurt my colleague.
How dare you scare Chi-chan like that?! Maou-san.
Chi-chan's my junior and a valued underling of mine.
As Dark Lord, not to mention shift supervisor, I protect my underlings! Right.
And what do you think you can do with that fragile body? Maou-san! How long can you hold out with what little magic you have left? Maou-san! Dark Lord! Don't worry, Chi-chan.
I'm not gonna lose! You're really something else, Dark Lord! How long can you keep up the act? Dammit! Without magic, I don't stand a chance! What should I do? I get stronger the closer I am to the Moon.
You're in big trouble, Dark Lord.
What now? O holy spirit connecting time and life, may the world be hidden beyond the stars.
If I were to destroy this place People would panic.
Lucifer? Perhaps the fear and anger could be converted to magic.
But it's too late for that anyway.
Take a look.
What's happening? What is this? Who did this? Wonderful! The Moon's so close! I can feel the overwhelming power! You don't have time to look away! Huh? Hey! Let go! It is futile to struggle.
At my current level of power, none stand a chance against me.
What's going on? My lord.
What? What's going on? Magic is gathering Which means There must be a massive panic out there.
Maou-san Neat.
Now I can refill my magic.
Don't worry.
Everything will be okay.
You fool! You need to rein in all that magic! Do you want to kill Chiho-dono?! Ah, my bad.
Do you intend to fight like that? Don't worry, these boxers are made of the newest fabric that won't break just like that! How much do you trust them?! Suzuno, you take care of those two.
Um Suzuno-san? I'll explain everything later.
Um I'm sorry.
Suzuno-san Have you gone insane? You're siding with the Dark Lord? You're the only insane one here, Sariel.
You impose a false peace upon the people and cause chaos in another world.
You betray those you are sworn to protect, those who follow the Faith.
Is this God's will? As the head bishop of the Reformation, I reject your false justice! Reformation? Like that name means anything.
You're a bloodthirsty reaper of the Inquisition! You're the last person who can talk about justice! Silence! At least I can say that the Dark Lord, as he lives in Japan under the name of Maou Sadao, is a righteous and just man! It matters not what you say.
Now that I have the power of this great Moon, none can stand against me! I wouldn't be so sure.
Now Sariel-sama has only to execute the Dark Lord.
Um, can I have Emilia's bag? I don't mind, but what do you need it for? I'm giving it back to Emilia.
Huh? She'd get killed without it.
Y-You t-tricked me?! Heaven is a six-tatami, one-room, second-floor apartment on Earth.
Being a NEET is awesome.
I'll leave the rest to you, Maou.
The Moon? Hey, Sariel.
I shall let you choose, for I am a merciful Dark Lord.
Choose what? You may run home with your tail between your legs, or fall in battle against me.
What'll it be? Isn't it obvious? I'll defeat you and fulfill my mission! I have nothing to fear from a Dark Lord who can't muster the least magic without doping on human emotions! Holy shit.
Stay still, dammit! You're nuts! Come here, Sasa— Whoops.
Are you okay? Oh, jeez.
Huh? Whatever.
That pervert's done enough already.
I'm a mess.
Put me down already.
Hey, Emi.
What? Your front's wide open.
That damn Dark Lord! When I get the sacred sword back, he's going down! I'll slaughter him! Just give it up.
You may be peerless against those who rely on sacred power, but with me— Put me down already.
Yeah, so, you may be peerless against those who rely on sacred power and so on, but here I think you should have picked your battles a little more carefully.
I'll give you a taste of my demonic blade.
Now, you perverted angel, kneel and beg for God's forgiveness! Oh Lord, save this lost lamb.
Damn, that took out half the town.
I just got my magic back, and now I have to waste it all on repairs again? Try sucking less next time.
Gimme a break.
I saved your ass, and this is what I get? It's not like I asked you to! You damn washboard! You— How— Wh-Wha— More importantly, Emilia— What could be more important?! This is a very important matter! A matter of life and death! Please, just calm down! How could I calm do— My lord.
I returned to the Stronghold to retrieve my mantle.
I apologize for being late.
You're really friggin' late! Why'd you even bother showing up? We're already done here! Hurry up and put on some clothes! Damn, I left my uniform downstairs! Wait, I ran out of work! Maou-san, you can't go back like that! Is it over now? Darn, I worked way too hard.
I could sure go some fried chicken.
The sky is quiet and the morning draws near doko kara asa ni naru shizukana sora I try to ignore how our fingers link in a pinky promise minai furi wo shita yubikiri koyubi no saki warawareta tsuki nara kiete yukun da Laughter chases the moon from the sky Toward yesterday kinou no hougaku he If I was really a liar, a coward, and all that usotsuki okubyoumono minna matomete boku nara I'd just say it was all a dream saiteita no wa yume no naka da Hiding in the shadow of the moon, I was crying tsuki no kage ni kakushiteta hontou wa ne naiteta But my tears have all dried up and left me namida wa mou nagarenai karete shimatta no Though if everything is forgiven, maybe I can cry again nanimo kamo yurusetara nagareru ka mo shirenai kedo There are so many things I want to protect mamoritai mono bakari da na The Dark Lord and the Hero Work with All Their Might The Dark Lord and the Hero Work with All Their Might The Dark Lord and the Hero Work with All Their Might The Dark Lord and the Hero Work with All Their Might The Dark Lord and the Hero Work with All Their Might The Dark Lord and the Hero Work with All Their Might The Dark Lord and the Hero Work with All Their Might The Dark Lord and the Hero Work with All Their Might The Dark Lord and the Hero Work with All Their Might The Dark Lord and the Hero Work with All Their Might The Dark Lord and the Hero Work with All Their Might