The Disappearance (2017) s01e02 Episode Script

The Tree

1 We had to pick a place, and describe the customs of its people.
I chose our neighbourhood.
Hey, Larson! Isn't this your mom? Okay! Anthony, take it down.
You're lucky you're getting a second chance.
Do you have any idea how over-the-line this is? You owe the entire neighbourhood an apology.
Was this taken in someone's bedroom? - Whose house is this? - No one's! It's been a tough year for the boy.
- You found it?! - Yes! I was worried it would end up in the filter before you saw it! Happy birthday, Anthony.
Thanks, Grandpa.
- The famous treasure hunt! - I didn't make it easy this year.
Feels wrong to be doing this on his birthday.
Your divorce is finalized.
Your dad came up with a tough one this year.
Wait till you see Anthony's proud face when he gets back.
- I'm gonna look for him.
- I'm coming with you.
Hey, uh, did you see Anthony leave school? I saw him leave the classroom.
He still hasn't come home? We have reason to believe that he was abducted from Sunnyside Park.
Get it out to every department.
What am I missing? [BARKING] [BARKING] Henry, you have to stop.
- Don't do this to yourself.
- [BARKING] Henry? Henry! Henry! Please.
Henry, you've got to stop.
[GRUNTING] [BARKING] Leave a light on in the wild 'Cause I'm coming in a little blind [THUNDER] [INDISTINCT CHATTER] - Helen.
- Hi, Maria.
Hey, it was great to see the community come out for the vigil last night.
Is that what he would look like? Tsk.
After two years, probably, yes.
As children grow, the shape of their head changes, but the eyes and the smile stay the same.
I'm gonna get some air.
Last time I saw you, you said that this tree was important to you.
You planted it yourself after Anthony went missing.
Why did you destroy it? I planted it because I thought it had something to do with Anthony's disappearance.
- A tree? - It's a Paulownia Tomentosa.
It's an extremely fast-growing tree.
And, uh the day before he, uh Anthony showed me a leaf from the same type of tree.
And, um wouldn't tell me where he got it.
Said it was a secret.
So I resolved to find it.
I scoured all the neighbourhoods.
It should've been easy to find.
Why would this tree be any easier to find than another? Because it's extremely rare! It stands out.
Has big leaves like this.
Is it possible the leaf was just a leaf? That it had nothing to do with Anthony's disappearance? Of course it's possible.
But how will I know unless I find the damn thing?! Your children say that your episodes have become more frequent.
My children think I have early-onset dementia.
Henry the treatment I'd like to try with you is a combination of two drugs Will it help me find my grandchild? It will help you feel more balanced.
Your daughter says you're losing your social graces.
Do you have children? - A daughter.
- Mm-hmm.
Has she been missing for two years? No.
Then you can take your social graces and shove them up your ass.
Social graces! Dad.
Helen's waiting for us.
Fred? In here, Catherine.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- How are you doin'? - I'm not bad.
Settling in.
How's uh, how's your pain? It's better since they adjusted the medication.
You nervous? Well, there's something about the words "exploratory surgery" - that's a little disconcerting.
- Yeah.
You'll be in expert hands.
Ah, it's not the surgery that worries me.
It's what they might find while they're doing it.
Ah, well, I'll be here when you wake up.
Château De la Brèle 1984! You trying to impress me? It's just a little token for all your care the past couple of years.
- Thank you.
- If you ever forget me, I guarantee you will not forget that.
I won't forget you.
- Catherine?! - Mr.
Sullivan! - You can't go in there - I want to talk to my daughter! - Dad, will you just calm down? - Dad? - Catherine?! - Dad, what is going on? - There you are.
Both of you! I want to get something straight.
- I am not crazy! - No one said I'm not crazy! And I've never abandoned Anthony! Nobody's accusing you of abandoning Anthony! You need to calm down.
- Calm down? - Yes.
Like being drunk all day at the piano was going to find Anthony, huh? And wh-what are you doing? You're planting trees, and then cutting them down in the middle of the night.
- You are demented! - Dad! Luke, leave! Now! Goddammit, I'm sick of this shit! Dad! [PANTING] Okay, just come with me.
Um Fred, do you mind? No.
I-I'll get some water.
Take a breather.
I am terribly sorry.
Don't worry about it.
So this would be my dad.
[LAUGHS] He's, uh I know.
He's growing up without us.
My name is Maria Perez, and I'm the Executive Director of Child Search.
And I want to thank you all so much for joining in the poster drive outside the city this weekend.
It's really important to keep in mind that Anthony may have changed over the past two years.
Physically, we're not looking for the same little boy anymore.
But these poster drives can have a huge impact on the search effort.
You'd be surprised at how many calls we get in the days following posts in busy, high-traffic areas.
So, please everyone, think places people come and go.
Thank you.
I wanna thank, uh, we want to thank all of you for your support and for your time.
Um, it's uh, it's great to see so many familiar faces here today.
I just know that uh, we're so appreciative of the time and support that you've shown to us and I know with your help, we can bring him home.
How do you not suffocate in this mess? I wasn't exactly expecting company this weekend.
So Frank's not up for postering? The posters aren't the problem.
It's me.
I exhaust him.
I'm sorry about last night.
Not at all, Henry.
You've been under a great deal of stress.
I really thought we were onto something.
- Here's your tea.
- Thank you.
[EXHALES] Give it a few days.
What? - Frank, he'll come around.
- He left me.
He feels like he doesn't fit in anywhere.
Anything new? "Not the right time.
" Anthony's hair, handsome boy now.
Jupiter in eighth house: No, no, no.
Uranus conjunct sun [LAUGHING] in Aries.
"Maybe Kamloops or New Mexico?" Matthew? I guess we're going to Kamloops.
Jesus Christ.
What is it? A sicko who resents your father just posted.
Read it.
It might do me some good.
"Damn good thing your grandson got taken.
" I hope you never find him and you die alone in your own shit.
"That's all you deserve, asshole.
" What sort of a jerk Jim Chilton.
I'm gonna call Susan.
It's alright, Helen, I'll take care of it.
You told me to call if I ever saw something unusual.
Mind you, I've seen a lot of odd things in this park.
Calling was the right thing to do, Mr.
Probably teenagers.
Of course, we don't see many kids around ever since that poor little boy was taken.
Especially in this area of the park.
There it is.
There's no way another animal did that.
Forensics? - Are you the one who found it? - No.
- One of my crewmen, Bernard.
- Susan? - I'll need to talk with him.
- Sure.
We might have something else here.
Looks like somebody wanted us to find this.
The body wasn't buried very deeply.
I'd say it happened less than twenty-four hours ago.
The head was cut off with a saw or something like it.
The shredding of the skin and marks on the spinal column suggest a to-and-fro motion.
- No footprints? - Nothing.
- Partials? - I'll keep looking.
Meanwhile, I'll send what we have to the lab.
Check if there's been other incidents like this in the neighbourhood.
Reports of missing pets, animal mutilations Whatever.
On it.
Susan just sent me an email.
Apparently, Jim Chilton was sentenced by Dad in 2006.
He got 10 years for attempted manslaughter.
But uh, he was in Halifax when Anthony was taken.
He's got no history of sexual offences.
So that's it? He can just write all these disgusting things and we're not gonna do anything? Well, apparently she sent a uniform over to the house but uh Without a real threat, what else can we do? I don't know, something.
All these cops in our lives these last few years.
What good has it done us? I'll never get to sleep.
You want a sleeping pill? No, I don't take 'em anymore.
Look, I have to apologize about this morning.
I just I feel really bad Catherine, don't be sorry.
They feel guilty so they take it out on each other.
I suppose being at each other's throats does give them a reason to get up in the morning.
[LAUGHS] We all need a reason to get up in the morning.
[BREATHES, GASPING] Helen! Let's go.
Well, this is an example of good planning.
You know, you and your brother don't drive cars; You drive rolling pigpens.
Yeah, well, Dad, I guess you raised us right.
Wow! Did you win the lottery? No, a patient gave it to me.
You met him, actually - I did? - Yeah.
It's the one you embarrassed yourself in front of.
Well Send him my apologies.
He seemed like a nice fellow.
You know it's getting worse, right? I know that you don't like to talk about it, but we're gonna have to do something.
What does he have? Your patient? Li-Fraumeni syndrome.
Leukemia final stage.
How many months? Maybe six.
If he's lucky.
Alright, thank you very much.
So, here's what we got on the neighbourhood cats.
A complaint by a Noreen Dunn, who saw her Grey tabby, one Pebbles, get taken, cat-burgled if you will, from the lane behind her apartment.
- That's it? - That's it.
Okay Let's go see Noreen Dunn.
Let's go and see Noreen Dunn.
Oh, my God! Dad, it's Duke's! [LAUGHING] Duke's! We have to get a Baron! - A what? - A Baron! You know it's Dad! It's a jumbo sausage with a Kraft Single, cabbage, mayo three onion rings on top you It's basically the highlight of my childhood! Come on! Come on! Hi there! Hi! Um, I have these posters Two fries for the four of us? - Mom? - Yes, Luke? I have to go to the bathroom.
That's fine, sweety.
You know where the bathroom is.
- Catherine, you good? - Uhhuh.
Hello, Mr.
Sullivan! The usual? That's right, Sylvia.
Two cheese, one steamed all-dressed, one Baron, two fries.
- Keep the change.
- Thank you.
Hi! We just moved here.
Take it.
This is all I have.
Thank you.
- Thank you, Sylvia.
- Bye.
Oh, my God! That was so good! It's very ladylike.
[LAUGHING] We have so many great memories of this place.
We had so much fun here.
Why did we ever sell the cottage? The place was empty all the time.
We never came here.
Yeah, but why did we stop coming here? The area got kind of low rent Low rent, Dad? Seriously? Well, I was working all the time and your mom was stuck here with you kids.
- She didn't enjoy that.
- Mom loved coming here! Well, that's how you remember it.
Dad! Come on! I was there.
You should have held on to it, you know.
Kept it in the family.
You could've handed it over to Luke and I for some symbolic amount, like a dollar.
Or you know, ten dollars and we I sold it, Kate! What do you want me to say?! I sold it! Would you guys get off my back for five minutes?! Here you go.
- Thank you.
- Oh, thank you.
- Watch your computer.
- May I have another, please? Yeah, I'll bring it right away.
You want a glass? No thank you, but could I have some more bread, please? - Mm-hmm.
No problem.
- Also, can I ask you a favor? We have these posters, would you mind putting one up in your restaurant? - Did you know him? - We're his parents.
- I'll take care of it, Ma'am.
- Thank you.
You haven't bugged me about my drinking in two days.
Were you scared that I was gonna ask you why you're not drinking? Why you're not taking sleeping pills anymore? And why you're stuffing yourself with all the carbs in the restaurant? Oh, and you slept most of the drive here.
How many weeks are you? I just found out.
I haven't decided what I'm gonna do yet.
Does Frank know? He doesn't want kids.
And the truth is, I did everything I could to make it happen.
What the hell are you thinking? I want to be a mother again.
You are a mother! What's Anthony going to think when he comes home to find a replacement? How can you say that? How can you think of becoming somebody else's parent? - This is my last - You can't be somebody else's parent! You'll have other chances, but this is my last chance! - I need to - This is not about what you need.
We need to do everything we can to find Anthony.
And what if we never find him? I think we've seen your son.
And when exactly? Did he seem okay? He's been coming in every day for the last week.
Always take-out orders.
Definitely not from around here though.
- Was he with someone? - He looked alright? - Was he scared or? - He looked fine! I think he's staying up the road, there's a few motels up that way.
- So he wasn't with anyone? - He was alone.
You saw him, too? He seemed okay? I've seen him a couple times.
Always by himself.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
I was taking out the trash and I saw a car at the end of the alley over there? The driver opened the door, grabbed Pebbles and threw him inside the car.
Did you call the police right away? My son said they wouldn't care about a cat, so I didn't bother.
What made you change your mind? Well, I thought someone should do something, I mean, it was getting out of control.
What was? Well, cats have been disappearing up and down this block! I mean, I think I was the seventh one it happened to.
Torrence, across the street, his cat Napoleon disappeared at the same time.
And uh my neighbour Sarah, uh her cat Caramel was taken.
And she even saw the guy! - [PHONE RINGING] - Excuse me.
- Sarah? Sarah who? - Digsby.
Helen, listen to me very carefully.
The first thing we do is we contact the local authorities.
You can call the local cops if you want, but we can't sit around waiting for them to show up.
We're gonna find our son.
Helen and Luke are in Drummondville putting up posters.
Somebody at a restaurant told them they might've seen Anthony.
Let's go! The restaurant's called Vicki's.
Call the Drummondville SQ! Get them there! Tell them the parents are going off half-cocked.
Well, it could be What do you mean, "It could be"? Did you see him or not? Come on, take a good look.
No! They're sure that they saw him - I think he came in once.
- Okay Okay, alright.
We're gonna look for him up the road.
- What did they say? - No, we're coming.
We'll be there in a few hours.
Where are they? What is going on? Dad, just calm down! [WOMAN]: It's not any of these.
He opened the door to his car, and Caramel jumped right in.
Such a dummy.
That guy must've had kitty treats.
That cat loved everyone.
See it was like this, but it was higher in the back.
That's it! - Are you sure? - Yes.
Thank you very much, Ms.
You were most helpful.
At least Caramel was the last one.
Excuse me? The last one? We haven't heard about any missing cats ever since.
When exactly was your cat taken? It was October 7th in 2015.
I remember because it was my nephew's birthday.
[MAN]: Probably at The Auberge.
They were checking motels and it's the closest one.
Is that thing recording? Yes, but you'd have to talk to Brandon about that.
He's the manager.
Do you mind getting Brandon on the phone, asking him to come down, please? I'll be back shortly.
She goes by "The Ravishing Chanel.
" Probably on stage right now, which means the boy will be in the room.
He spends a lot of time there by himself.
- This one here? - Yeah, this room.
Anyone there? It's weird, her car's not here.
Anthony?! Anthony?! They were here, they must've skipped out.
[SIRENS WAILING] Just spoke to the manager.
She's listed as Anne-Marie Duval.
She's a stripper.
Not sure if that's her real name.
Early thirties.
Drives a red Honda Civic.
What about you? Any news from the lab on our cat? They did a comprehensive DNA profile.
No human DNA whatsoever.
So this guy, two years ago, grabs cats left and right.
And on October 7th, 2015, that stops.
So what? He disappears? He gets bored? Or he moved away Or he got caught by a family member, an irate neighbour.
Or he moved on to bigger game.
On your side? What about the surveillance footage? We're getting it pulled as we speak.
I have one more lead to follow up on.
Melanie, another stripper.
I'll look into the cars.
Alright, you get to have all the fun.
Talk to you later.
So she has a son? Did you ever talk to him? I mean, I assumed it was her son.
It's not like I actually spoke to him.
He'd just hang out in his room the whole time because like, come on, he can't exactly chill at the bar.
Did you ever see him with anyone other than Mrs.
Duval? No.
What did you think about Mrs.
Duval herself? Anything particular about her? Well, she was receiving some weird text messages and phone calls.
- "Weird" how? - I don't know.
They seemed to really stress her out Then, she'd be acting all pissed off and paranoid afterwards.
- [PHONE RINGING] - It was intense.
I gotta take this.
Thanks for your time.
Yes! Can you uh, rewind it? Yeah, there.
So, what do you think? - It's hard to say - It looks like him.
I think it's him.
- Luke, I think it's Anthony.
- [PHONE RINGING] Charles.
Okay, I'll be at the station.
They found the boy.
Uh, his mother's name is Anne-Marie Duval, son's name is Shawn White.
- Shawn White? - Anyone can fake an ID.
Then, why did she run away today? Her story is, her ex tracked her down, she had a restraining order.
She took off.
We're trying to verify.
I need to see him! I want to see him! Stay here.
It's not Anthony.
[CRYING] It's gonna be okay.
We're gonna find him.
[CRYING] We're gonna find him.
Jim Chilton? Who wants to know? My name's Luke Sullivan.
The father of Anthony Sullivan whose Facebook page you've left a message on.
I'd like to talk to you.
I already explained myself to the cops.
I had nothing to do with your son.
I only wrote that stuff to piss off your old man.
Why? Because he was a prick! Put me away for ten years.
- Attempted manslaughter.
- No parole.
My wife had just given birth, for Christ's sake.
He had me on my hands and knees.
I would've done anything.
I would've given him names.
But your daddy couldn't give a shit.
You have no idea how many guys like me your old man screwed over, do you? Everyone inside, they'd all love to get him alone in a room for five minutes.
I wouldn't even need that long.
Oh! Leave my family alone, you understand?! [PANTING] If I ever catch you writing filth on my website again, I will kill you! I'll take care of you later, you piece of shit! You think anything scares me anymore? The police are looking for a pedophile, but what if the guy who took Anthony is in these boxes? What's in them? My father's career.
Susan already looked into Henry's old enemies.
How could Susan know how many enemies Henry has made over the course of his career? Somebody could've slipped through the cracks.
Does Henry know you're doing this? No.
Dunn says it was a black Pontiac Vibe.
Sarah Digsby says it's a black Toyota Matrix.
Two almost identical vehicles.
We started with a 20-kilometre-radius around Sunnyside Park and have identified 37 cars in both makes and models.
The last cat disappeared on October 7th, 2015.
That means the car's at least two years old.
Which leaves us with 28 car owners, registered two years ago.
We'll work our way through the list.
However, five of these individuals have criminal records.
Start with them.
And remember to keep your guard up.
If you find anything remotely suspicious, call it in.
Be safe.
We cleared about eleven off the list of car owners so far, including two of the five with criminal records.
Still trying to get in touch with three of them: Pine, Price and Lackey.
Good, thanks.
I'm going to bed.
If there's any more room left in it.
- How far along is she? - Eight.
But it looks more like 12.
But you didn't hear that from me.
Goodnight, Susan.
[PHONE RINGING] Do you know what time it is? - They cut the tree down.
- What? The Paulownia Tomentosa! We have to go back to the park.
It's still in the park.
Henry, we searched every inch of that park.
And you didn't find it because it was cut down! Why would someone want to cut the tree? I don't know, Susan.
But it grows with incredible speed.
And if we go back to the park, we will find it.
There's never been anything that connected that leaf to Anthony's disappearance.
And the only reason we followed up on the tree was because we ran out of leads.
And it's still the only lead we have! Right? Susan, is it still the only lead we have? It might not be.
What did you find? A buried cat.
Luke? Anthony? Where are you going? Anthony? Luke.
Luke, what is it? He's here! Who's here? Honey.
Anthony! - Honey, come back inside! - [BARKING] Please, come inside! Anthony! - Anthony! - [BARKING] It was a dream! - He's here.
I know I saw him! - He's not! Anthony! - Anthony! - He's not here! - Anthony! - Luke! It was a dream.
[CRYING] Oh, Luke! - Dad? - Yeah.
I'm here, my boy.
Dad? Dad, he was just here.
I just saw him.
He was here.
[CRYING] I want my son back.
He's out there alone.
I want him back.
[CRYING] No! No! I'm not waiting for anyone, Susan.
You can join me there if you want to.
Cheng! Mr.
Cheng! Horace! - I need your dog.
- [BARKING] Shit! Alright, we must be nearly there, huh! Okay.
It has to be around here.
- Let the dog off the leash.
- [BARKING] - He's got something.
- What do you mean? What is it? She just likes to dig.
It might not be anything.
Get this.
Where's the shovel? Okay.
- Come here.
- [BARKING] No It's something.