The Disappearance (2017) s01e04 Episode Script

Treasure Hunt

1 - How many weeks are you? - I want to be a mother again.
He used up all his love on her, and the rest of us got scraps.
[CHUCKLING] - Is this Grandma Maggie? - Yeah.
How did you meet her? The rapist Jason Dodd She's pregnant with his child.
Congratulations, it's a beautiful boy.
The treatment I'd like to try with you is a combination of two drugs.
Will it help me find my grandchild? It will help you feel more balanced.
Catherine says you're losing your social graces.
- One guy in particular.
- Who? - The guy who raped his wife.
- Uh, I'm sorry, whose wife? - Sullivan's wife.
- When did this happen? Early '70s.
He even got her pregnant.
It's my child.
It's my responsibility.
Then it's mine, too.
She must've gotten pregnant again shortly after giving birth.
It isn't you.
Then who's the boy? Susan, is it still the only lead we have? It might not be.
- What did you find? - A buried cat.
We found nine cats so far.
- Decapitated? - Every one of them.
Stephen Price? We both went to St.
- What exactly is St.
James? - It's an orphanage.
Were you aware that several cats have been taken in the area? - No.
- It's my grandson! Huh?! - [GRUNTING] - You tell me where he is! [KNOCKING] I'm Henry Sullivan.
Andrea Smith.
Please, come in, Mr.
I need you to sign here.
We chose to write "parents unknown.
" Oh, thank you.
Oh, Mr.
Sullivan, this baby is a gift.
I promise I'm gonna take really good care of him.
[SOFT, DRAMATIC MUSIC] [REGULAR BEEPING] [SIGHING] [SOFT THEME MUSIC] Leave a light on In the wild 'Cause I'm coming in A little blind You were supposed to keep an eye on him.
Good morning.
- What's that? - Read it.
James Orphanage closed in 1984.
Stephen Price has lived at his current home for the past three years.
It's in his name and it's entirely paid off.
Guess I should've got into the custodial arts.
- What's going on over there? - Not much.
I guess after the beating from Grandpa Sullivan, he's in no mood to cooperate.
I'll keep looking into his past.
And I'll stick with the here and now.
- How could we not have known? - They hid it from us, Cat.
But how could Mom have lived with that every day of her life? What? It's okay, Dad.
You're in the hospital.
You remember what happened yesterday? Yesterday? You attacked Stephen Price.
Stephen Price.
It's very important that the police talk to Stephen Price Don't worry about that right now.
The police are on to him.
- Dad? - Mm-hmm? Jason Dodd.
That really happened to Mom? That is between your mother and myself.
What happened to the baby, Dad? Dad.
Why are you guys ganging up on me? I-I'm very, very tired.
Hi, guys.
It's time for your medication, Mr.
- Who are you and what is that? - It is Haldol and Ativan.
Doctor prescription.
It's gonna help you.
Yeah, couldn't you just give me a lollypop? Oh, well, I think this might be better.
Try to not get him over-excited.
- Hmm! [LAUGHING]: Thanks! - Thanks, Diane.
What happened to Mom's kid, Dad? You were never supposed to know about that.
Was it a boy, or a girl? He was adopted.
Adopted by who? - The clerk - The clerk? - Mm-hmm.
- What was his name? I never knew Shit.
Shit! They've got him on a pretty good cocktail.
He should be out for a while.
The clerk.
He said that the baby was adopted by the clerk.
- [PHONE RINGING] - Helen? Slow down.
Don't panic.
How many weeks are you? Give me that, give me that.
Helen? There's no haematoma behind the placenta.
The organs look normal.
Let's listen to the heart.
- [INHALING SHARPLY] - One-sixty.
That's very good.
Why did I bleed so much? It must've come from the cervix.
Have you had sexual relations in the last few days? I'm I'm not the father.
I just I thought I was closer to menopause than to breastfeeding.
Getting pregnant is the hardest part at your age.
But there's clearly a baby in there.
And it's got a good grip.
- [CHUCKLING] - But she still has options Are you thinking of terminating? That's why I didn't want you to come.
- You're keeping it? - I don't know.
- What do you want, Helen? - What do you mean, what do I want? You want a consolation prize because we lost Anthony.
What did you just say? You really think that's gonna fill the void? - No, what did you just say? - Fine, don't answer me.
You just said we lost Anthony.
No, that's not fair, and you know it.
How is that not fair? That's exactly what you just said.
No, I said that you think that we lost him.
No, you didn't! You said, "We lost Anthony.
" And that's what this is about, Luke.
This is about your doubt, not mine.
No one can ever replace Anthony, and you know it.
What are you even gonna do with a baby? You're gonna raise it by yourself? Have you even told Frank? I mean You can't be in a relationship, Helen.
Why? 'Cause you're messed up.
I'm messed up.
Anyone in our situation would be messed up.
You're right.
Sleeping with your missing son's teacher is pretty messed up.
I ended that when he went missing.
What do you want me to do, Luke? Lay down and die? I want you to do what what any mother would do.
Oh, what? What would any mother do? I'm dying to hear it.
- Not give up.
- Give up? Is that really what you think I've been doing? Are you really that stupid? How did we find out about your mother? About Jason Dodd? Gil Cartwright And how did we find Gil Cartwright? I found him.
I got answers when you couldn't.
So don't you dare talk to me about giving up! Clearly you have no idea what I'm willing to do.
Chilton? Tell me you're sure Anthony's still alive.
Tell me you're sure that he's still alive and I I swear to you I'll get rid of it.
[WINCING] Hello again.
Uh do I know you? Catherine's patient, Fred Cameron.
- We met the other day.
- Yeah, from Oncology.
- Mm-hmm.
- What are you doing up here? Well they told me I should be moving around, so I decided to take an inventory of all the artwork.
No kidding.
- Actually, I am kidding.
- [HENRY LAUGHING] But I can categorically say that it is awful on every floor.
- Are you staying for long? - No, I'm too busy to stay here.
I hear you.
Good luck out there.
- Yeah.
You, too.
- Hmm.
Sullivan? If being in here has taught me anything, it's that sometimes it's good to slow down.
You're no good to anyone if you can't think straight.
Maybe that's just me, but I'm completely useless when I'm tired.
I've also learned that sometimes unsolicited advice is not always welcome.
- No.
Thank you.
- You take care now.
Hey! Uh you forgot your book.
- Brother John.
- A pleasure to meet you, Ms.
Shall we? Looking back, I can say that Stephen had certain special needs that we were unable to accommodate.
They have programs for that sort of thing now, but they didn't exist back then.
I don't have to tell you that kids can be cruel.
Stephen was bullied a lot.
But I can tell you that we took excellent care of our children here.
I don't doubt it.
Why did the orphanage close? Oh.
The government.
They were looking for a reason to shut us down.
Our ways were too old-fashioned, I suppose.
I understand it had to do with the suicide of one of your boys.
It happened 32 years ago.
Had you noticed any suicidal behaviour in the boy before that? We did everything we could to guide our children in accordance with God's will.
God would never have agreed with what Tommy Adams did.
Tommy Adams wasn't isolated and he wasn't depressed? [BROTHER JOHN CHUCKLING] Tommy Adams was a tough guy.
They called him "Pitbull.
" He bullied a lot of the other children.
- Including Stephen Price? - In particular.
About a week before his death, Tommy got into trouble.
He tied Stephen Price to a tree.
He just left him there.
For how long? Nobody knew.
Stephen wouldn't talk about it.
But he might've died if one of the brothers hadn't come by.
Don't you think Tommy Adams's death could've been something other than suicide? Maybe an act of revenge? An eye for an eye? No, no.
Uh Stephen had an alibi: He he was in a fellow student's room when Tommy died.
That's Stephen Price.
They're keeping him under observation for 72 hours.
Amin says that this kind of aggression isn't common with his condition.
Maybe we could convince them to keep him indefinitely.
Tell me You think he's losing it? It's a lot of stress at his age.
I'd go crazy too, keeping a secret like that for all those years.
No one forced him.
He did it for Mom, Luke.
Can you imagine what she went through? How oblivious we were? - Come on.
- Where you going? To an old folks' home.
- You're driving.
- Oh, yeah.
[ENGINE PUTTERING] So you think that clerk that dad was talking about was assigned at Jason Dodd's trial.
Debbie Smith, yeah.
That's my guess, yeah.
Do you think Mom ever wanted to tell us? - About the rape? - No.
God, no.
About the baby.
I can't really talk about one without the other.
Must've killed her to give that child away.
Excuse me, do you mind just calling her again? We've been She'll be here soon.
She's coming all the way from the D-wing.
Oh, there she is.
Oh, Mrs.
Smith, thanks for coming.
We just have a few questions about the child that you adopted.
I have nothing to say to you.
We're, uh we're Henry Sullivan's kids.
We're just we're just trying to find our brother.
- I don't wanna talk about that.
- Could you at least give us a name? Your father is the one you should be asking about this, not me.
Talk to Judge Sullivan.
I wouldn't eat that if I were you.
- You'll end up in the hospital.
- [HENRY LAUGHING] Please, come in.
- You found my book.
- I did.
And, uh, I meant to return it, then I got nosey and I picked up the first page, and now look where I am.
- Keep it.
- Nah, I'm really planning to return it.
Oh, please, you'd be doing me a favour.
I'm trying to divest myself of all my worldly possessions.
That, and I've already read it three or four times.
I lost count.
You're still here.
I was given some unsolicited advice.
Sit down, please.
Are you okay? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
The the pain just comes out of nowhere lately.
That's terrible.
Hey, Luke.
This is Mr.
Cameron, who was kind enough to drop by.
This is my son Luke.
- Nice to meet you.
- You, too.
I need to talk to you.
It's about Mom's kid.
- I'll go.
- No! Please just rest a minute.
[SIGHING] Um, did either of you ever try to contact him? No.
You can imagine what kind of memories a child like that would've produced in your mother.
- Did he ever try to contact y - No.
Catherine and I went to see Debbie Smith yesterday.
What? Why? Well, you told us you dropped her off with him.
The courthouse clerk.
But she she wouldn't talk.
She wouldn't say anything.
She said you've got all the answers.
Why were you bothering that poor woman? It's none of your damn business! He's our half-brother! Who's probably as much of a degenerate as his father! - I was thinking about Mom, too.
- Your mother! Give me a break! Pfft! That was 40 years ago, Luke! We have to find Anthony now.
Why don't you worry about your own son instead of somebody else's? You know, for a couple of hours yesterday, I thought I was that child.
It would've explained a lot.
I don't wanna put any pressure on you but your replacement is nearly at the end of her contract, and I need to know if I should be renewing it or not.
I see.
Everyone here would be very happy to see you back.
You want to take the weekend to think about it? No.
Helen, I don't want our situation to be a problem.
I'm pregnant.
I know I should've told you right away.
I don't know why I didn't.
I don't know what I was thinking.
I just I wasn't thinking.
I can't live without being a mother, Frank.
And this is my last chance to be one.
- Helen what can - There's this thing inside me.
Ever since Anthony went missing.
This time bomb of fear and emptiness and suffering.
Every second of my life I feel like it's about to break open.
And once it does, I know that I can only kill myself.
Because I can't I can't live in that.
I can't let that horror take over.
I need to love.
It's the only way for me not to die.
He Helen I'll never ask anything from you, I just I had to tell you.
Price is pulling into Cedar Hill and it looks like a seniors' home.
Copy, 14-05.
[BACKGROUND CHATTER] [HAUNTING MUSIC] - Can I help you, sir? - Hi.
Detective-Sergeant Charles Cooper.
Could you tell the name of the person in 242, please? I'm not allowed to divulge information about our tenants, sir.
And I would never ask such a thing if it wasn't police business.
Well, there's no room 242, in any case.
There are only 200 rooms here.
- [KNOCKING] - Mr.
Cameron? Mr.
I-I wanted to apologize for earlier.
I'm really sorry about my behaviour with my son.
I think you're all under a lot of strain.
It's unimaginable, what your family's going through.
- I'm Michael Smith.
You went to see my sister last night.
- Okay.
- Can we meet? So this psycho who's leaving decapitated cats around the park is just toying with us.
This is just the beginning.
He's been at it for quite some time it seems.
No, you mean the mass graves? No, that was not part of his game.
I brought the police to that from a clue that Anthony gave me.
Oh, right, the leaf in the pool.
Yeah, and the drawing of the cat on the map.
The Post-it, yeah.
So Anthony knew about this cat grave? He saw this lunatic killing and burying cats, and that's why he was taken? Yeah, it doesn't add up.
Even if Anthony's abductor was killing and burying these cats and took Anthony because he didn't want to get caught, why this new cat after two years? It doesn't make sense.
- Unless all of a sudden - He wanted to get caught.
Why would he want that? No, he didn't want to get caught.
He wants the cat found.
Why? Yeah, that's [SIGHING] Hey, you're on bed rest, Mr.
And it's time to take your medication.
I'm not doing that stuff anymore.
Okay, well, I have one doctor and one psychiatrist who ganged up on you and they say different.
Yeah? Well, you tell them that Judge Sullivan said that you don't have the right to make me take it, and I'm not taking that shit in my body anymore.
Okay, so either you swallow these pills, or I can put an IV line back in, but one way or the other, you have to get that inside of you.
What did you say? Okay.
How about I call the doctor and have him explain your options? "Inside.
" [PHONE RINGING] - Bowden.
- What did you do with the cat? What cat? The decapitated cat we found in the park.
What did you do with it? - What do you mean? - What did you do with the cat, besides the ordinary tests of blood and DNA and prints? We ran every possible test.
What other tests would you do? Did you look inside the cat? Did you do an autopsy? What the hell are they giving you at that hospital? Listen, this guy buried every cat he killed, right? He left this in plain sight.
It's not because he's trying to piss us off.
He's trying to tell us something.
- Henry, you can't - This cat is driving a message! Schedule an autopsy! Michael Smith? Luke Sullivan.
My sister's old.
She can't handle a shock like the one you gave her.
[SIGHING] Yes, I'm sorry.
That was not my intention.
What about the guy who threatened her today? He gave her the fright of her life.
What guy? The guy who broke her cupboard.
They found my sister crying on all fours on the ground.
What? It isn't the first time someone threatens her to keep quiet.
Debbie did nothing wrong.
She loved Andrea.
Hold on.
I-I don't know about that.
And I'm not here to accuse anybody of anything.
I just wanna find my mother's son.
That that's it.
Who's Andrea? Our sister.
She's the one who took in the boy.
So let me get this straight.
It it wasn't Debbie who adopted the boy back in 1972? It was Andrea? Yeah.
Debbie truly believed she'd make a good mother.
I want her left alone.
Look, I only learned of this boy's existence a few days ago.
I-I'm just trying to find him.
That's all.
Well, it seems like somebody doesn't want that to happen, huh? Shit.
I just wanna talk.
Andrea had a tough childhood.
She ran away got into drugs and prostitution, the whole nine yards.
One day, she comes home, she's better.
She was sober.
Debbie was working for your father then.
And when she found out that your parents wanted to give up that child, well she took that as a sign from God.
She was [SCOFFING]a real believer.
[SIGHING] She convinced Andrea that it was finally her chance to "live in love.
" After Andrea adopted the boy, we didn't hear from her for a while.
Finally she calls me.
David's about, I don't know, eight or nine.
She was broke.
Landlord just kicked her out.
I said, "Come on over.
" It wasn't a great time for Andrea.
She started using again.
Seemed like David was used to it.
I heard her once, um talking to him about your family once, when she was all messed up.
She knew that you were in the area, and she told him that he should leave her, go live with his real family.
Well, that she wasn't fit to be a mother.
I told her I'd had enough.
I was heading up north on a job for a couple of months.
I told her I said, "You better clean up your act" by the time I get home or you clear out.
" I thought she'd heard me at the time, but after a few weeks on the job, I got a long weekend off, and when I got [SIGHING] When I got home the police were there, the door was open There was an ambulance and everything.
She had been dead for two days.
The boy had been with her the whole time! He was just looking straight ahead, just completely blank.
I freaked out.
[SIGHING] The police left with him.
They took him to an orphanage nearby.
I never saw him again.
So this kid sat in the house with a dead woman for two days.
Oh, my God.
And now somebody's threatening Debbie Smith.
Somebody does not want us to find that kid.
I know that Dad's been violent lately, but you don't think he had anything to do with this.
He's been in the hospital.
How many old cronies do you think he has? Ex-cops that he used to work with? All he has to do is pick up the phone.
When we were postering in St Eligius a few days ago, I asked Dad why he sold the cottage, and he went ballistic.
He said it was because of all the low-rent people around there.
I wonder if he was thinking about Andrea Smith.
He knew she was in the area.
Dad knew.
You know what? This is all I can handle for one night.
- I'm gonna go.
Good night.
- Good night.
Uh Oh, wait.
Whoa, whoa.
I would love some of that right now.
Sorry about yesterday.
I, um I think you should keep it.
The baby.
Uh keep it.
I understand, I I get it.
Oh, shit.
It's okay.
It's okay.
I don't think this was a good idea.
Sullivan? - I-I don't want to disturb you.
- No, no.
[GROANING] Come on in.
I didn't want to intrude.
I'm leaving today.
Wanted to return your book.
And to thank you for our conversations.
They helped me a lot.
Well, good.
I'm glad.
If there's anything else I can do to help Hang in there, Fred.
Miracles happen every day.
[PHONE RINGING] - Shit Cooper! [BOWDEN]: Come in.
There's something you need to see.
And this was ins the cat's stomach? Each piece was wrapped in Saran Wrap, like a bunch of dumplings the cat was forced to swallow.
Ever seen anything as disturbing as this? Not much.
I'm gonna share this with the family while we wait for the warrant.
Thanks, Douglas.
Go home and get some rest.
You're gonna be on the night shift at Price's.
They discharged you? No.
I knew they weren't gonna find anything in the park.
Eligius in 1982, of an overdose.
That was the year you sold the cottage.
I remember because Catherine and I, we we cried all night when you told us you were selling it.
And Mom didn't understand it any better than we did.
Made her so sad to leave that place.
She was often sad after that.
But you, you were just angry.
Did you ever ever tell her why you you sold it? And can you even can you even comprehend the suffering that boy went through? His name is David Smith, by the way.
I'm gonna say this once.
Your mother [BREATHING SHAKILY] was raped! You understand that? My wife was raped! And became pregnant.
And it was agony.
For both of us, Luke.
And if you've never experienced something like that with someone you love more than anybody in the world you can't know the anguish we experienced trying to determine the fate of that child.
But it was a joint decision.
You know your mother.
And you know when push came to shove she always had the last word.
[PHONE VIBRATING] Hello? What? Uh yeah, okay.
They found something in the cat.
You found this inside a cat? - It's a torn-up picture.
- That's Mom.
That's the picture I gave Anthony the night before he was taken.
- You're sure it was this picture? - Yes.
What is this? What? What is it, Henry? It's a treasure hunt.
What? Look at this.
Look, look.
It's a one.
He's circled one o'clock.
This is the first clue.
There's more.
This was on the back.
88 was for Marie Curie.
This is the way that Anthony drew his eights.
I need a sample of Anthony's homework.
This was the clue that sent Anthony to Margaret's grave.
I have my people at the cemetery right now.
Why? Do you think he left another clue at the grave site? This means that he drew it.
This means that Let's not jump to conclusions.
The 88 could've been made two years ago.
Why is the 8 crossed? - I don't I don't know.
- Thanks.
Please don't go anywhere.
I promise I'll keep you posted.
Henry, stay close to the phone.
[TENSE MUSIC] He's out there, Helen.
- [SIGHING] - We're gonna find him.
[BIRDSONG] - [PHONE RINGING] - Yeah? It's not happening.
Judge Oliver will not give us the warrant.
What?! No, to hell with that.
We gotta move on him now.
- We can't, Charles.
- Goddammit.
What the hell? He had a bad day at golf, or what? There's not enough connecting to Price.
Everything is pointing to Price being our guy.
Judge Oliver wants us to give him more.
A child's life could be at stake, Susan.
Come on! Go home, Charles.
I'll talk with you tomorrow.
Hey, I'm sorry, I let myself in.
You took a beating the other day.
I was worried about you.
I was worried that [GROANING SOFTLY] [COCKING GUN]