The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

Somebody Knows

1 I took a phone call and I was asked, would I represent Robert Murat and I immediately said, "Yes.
" Robert was the ultimate good Samaritan.
But a good Samaritan who was mugged.
This is the third time this property has been searched inside and out.
It was like talking to someone who'd just come off a battlefield.
They followed this lead Of a potential paedophile with no criminal record, an English paedophile residing here in Praia da Luz.
I was a mess, an absolute mess.
I was in no fit state, um, to to deal with any of it, really.
He was bewildered, but knew that he had to try and restore his reputation and get the truth out.
I wanted to hide.
I needed to confront it, but actually confronting it is quite a difficult job to do.
He was taking on 11 newspapers and one TV news broadcaster.
He was taking on more than anyone I'd come across in modern times.
And within the space of a few weeks, we had a list of 92 articles, which contained at least one of the seven lies that were being told about Robert.
Those lies fell into four categories.
One, that Robert was a paedophile.
Two, that he'd been involved in that abduction of Madeleine McCann.
Three, that he'd told lies to the police.
And four, that Robert displayed tendencies like Ian Huntley, the Soham double murderer.
All those allegations were baseless and false.
Robert Murat emerged from the High Court with his legal team, who'd helped him secure £600,000 in damages.
To have been catapulted into, at one time, being the most famous murder suspect in the world is something that none of us can really imagine.
Robert! Straight over here, mate.
You generally don't get more than about £300,000 for a libel and he got more than double that.
It was good in terms of damages, but more important was the extent of the apologies.
Today's statement of a full apology in open court means I can emerge from this action vindicated.
We'd decided that we wouldn't take questions.
We had a car waiting for us, surrounded by more photographers.
I remember actually that one very keen paparazzi opened the door of our cab, undid the window, slammed the door shut, and then poked the lens into our faces so he could get the closest shot of us.
Robert and I just looked and just said, "Well, there you go.
" Robert? I actually thought I would feel absolutely fantastic about it, as it came to be.
But no.
The situation was the same.
That child hadn't been found.
It's about hope.
And hope is the fuel that keeps people going.
Seven friends who were on holiday in Portugal with Kate and Gerry McCann when their daughter Madeleine vanished last year have received substantial libel damages from Express Newspapers.
The group received a total of £375,000 after newspapers claimed that they may have helped to cover up facts concerning the three-year-old's disappearance.
The money will be donated to the Find Madeleine fund.
Although we are very pleased with today's result, it changes little when Madeleine's plight remains ongoing.
The McCanns are continuing their own investigations.
The fund to pay for that now has an extra £375,000.
In March, Express Newspapers apologised to Kate and Gerry McCann for false stories published about them.
I don't believe for one single second that they have ever had anything to do with it.
They've paid a price.
It's, um, quite, quite wrong.
Quite wrong.
Although there is no earthly reason why I should feel particularly friendly towards the McCanns since he has spent most of his time in the last few years trying actually to curtail the powers of the press.
But let's move on from that.
Good evening.
The parents of Madeleine McCann have presented their evidence to the Leveson Inquiry, which is investigating the standards of British newspapers.
Lord Justice Leveson's inquiry team began its investigation into what went wrong in the media and how to put it right.
The News of the World obtained a copy of Kate McCann's private diary, probably from the Portuguese police.
It published it without telling her.
I felt totally violated.
I'd written these words and thoughts at the most desperate time in my life.
Most people won't have to experience that and it was my only way of communicating with Madeleine.
And for me, you know, there was absolutely no respect shown for me as a grieving mother or as a human being.
Photographers would either spring out from behind a hedge to give, I guess, a startled look that they could attach, I don't know, "fragile," "furious," whatever they wanted to put with their headline.
Um, but there were several occasions where they would bang on the windows, sometimes with the camera lenses, and, you know, Amelie said to me several times, "Mummy, I'm scared.
" A system has to be put in place to protect ordinary people from the damage that the media can cause.
This was an unprecedented story that in my 50 years of experience, I can't remember the like.
We published many, many stories, um, of all kinds about the McCanns, many stories that were deeply sympathetic to them, some stories that were not.
Yes, but the stories that were not were a little bit more than unsympathetic.
Some of them went so far as to accuse them of killing their child, didn't they? There was reason to believe that they might possibly be true.
So that was a sufficient basis? "Reason to believe that they might possibly be true so we'll whack it in the paper.
" That's true isn't it? I don't use expressions like "whack it in the paper.
" I find that to be a very judgmental expression.
Yes, well, okay, I Well, I don't actually apologize for it.
I'm going to carry on.
Now, Mr MacKenzie, you were editor of The Sun between 1981 and 1994.
Well, you said in your seminar, "Basically, my view is that if it sounded right, it was probably right, and therefore we should lob it in.
" Do you stand by by that, Mr MacKenzie? Yes, I do.
I suppose what it comes down to - is the verb "to lob.
" - Yes.
Which I would say, if you analyse it, I looked it up on I looked it up on the online dictionary and it says, "To throw in a slow arc," which I think is probably preferable to another verb, which would be "to chuck it in.
" I just wonder whether it merely looking right is a sufficient test of accuracy.
Okay, so journalists try to get things right.
People tell you lies.
Sometimes they think it's the truth and then you get a phone call the following day and somebody says, "That's completely wrong.
They weren't there.
" Getting facts right, of course, is a difficult exercise, but that's not an excuse for not having a go.
No, I agree, I agree, and I may have misphrased that slightly, but not a lot, to be honest, not a lot.
The problem with journalism, it takes out the natural emotion out of you.
Regardless of what you think, this is a commercial animal.
Your job is to serve the reader.
The reader is fascinated by this story, therefore it becomes a major front-page story and stays so.
This isn't something that has ever gone away.
Which is something the politicians know which is why they continue to write the check to try and get to the bottom of it.
The McCanns asked to see me.
So I said I would see them.
The Home Secretary position is one of the great offices of state.
You are responsible for policing, counter-terrorism, and immigration.
In America, they would have called it the Department for Inland Security.
The McCanns' argument was very clear and very powerful.
This is a British child.
She may have disappeared in Portugal, but she is a British responsibility.
And basically they wanted responsibility for dealing with this to be passed to Scotland Yard, to the Metropolitan Police.
There was a feeling that we were being dragged into something that would just increase expectation without being able to deliver anything, that it would damage our relationship with Portugal.
Once I'd thought it over, I thought, "There's one man who can help me with this and that's Jim Gamble.
" The idea behind this 60-second Jim Gamble was an amazingly impressive person.
To an individual person.
We called it "the scoping review.
" The officials were fundamentally opposed to it and as as forthright in that as they could be.
Alan Johnson just cut straight through that in a way I've never seen any government official do before.
Incidentally, the Opposition supporting it as well, then we went to Here were the parents who'd been through so much fire and brimstone and so much unfair criticism and they were asking for a bit of help.
Uh, pfft.
It's a no-brainer, really.
They have asked for help to find their daughter before, but tonight, in an open letter to the Prime Minister, Kate and Gerry McCann's raw frustration is clear.
No law enforcement agency or police force has been looking for Madeleine for three years.
We've been doing it on our own and we're taking this opportunity today along with the open letter to the Prime Minister to ask the public to once again help us, like they did Unfortunately, the scoping report came just as the general election took place, so I was no longer Home Secretary and nothing much seemed to happen, and then The Sun picked up the campaign.
And then there was that powerful open letter.
Suddenly, we got the right result.
May 2011, the then-Prime Minister David Cameron decided that there should be a review of the case by Scotland Yard, and this review was to be called Operation Grange.
This was a crime that touched the heart of everyone in the country and everyone would like to see it resolved.
I distinctly remember asking this question.
Uh, "Do we believe there are extant, um, lines of inquiry that we can bring our special expertise to?" And once they said to me "yes," there are likely to be viable lines of inquiry that we can bring special value to, that would satisfy my criteria, and it certainly did.
The man leading the new review of the Madeleine McCann case was Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood.
Primarily, what we sought to do from the beginning is try and draw everything back to zero, if you like.
Try and sort of And in a real sense, he was the right man for a job.
He'd specialised in cold cases.
What he embarked on was having his team of 30 pore over the enormous documentation that had been collected by the Portuguese over the years.
So real investigation, at last, began again.
The Portuguese began to receive letters of request from their British colleagues to cooperate on aspects of the investigation.
They decided that they too should reopen their investigation of Madeleine's disappearance, and so a team was put together, none of which were involved in the original investigation.
This morning, officers taped off an area of scrubland outside Praia da Luz and set to work.
Just one small patch, perhaps 100 square meters, in the middle of all of this.
Something within their investigation had drawn a possible link between this precise spot and the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.
For eight long days, DCI Andy Redwood led his team on the Algarve.
They searched hard, but found nothing.
One of the most pivotal events on the timeline was Jane Tanner's sighting of a man carrying a child.
One of the things that we picked up very quickly was the fact that there was a night creche.
It was operating from the main Ocean Club reception and eight families had left 11 children in there and one particular family we spoke to, they themselves believed that they could be the Tanner sighting.
Well, of course I naturally hoped that my drawing would lead the lovely McCanns to their daughter.
But that was not to be.
This is the actual photograph taken by Metropolitan Police officers of the man dressed in the kind of clothes he wore on holiday.
This image was compared to the artist's impression.
It is uncannily similar.
- But it's interesting - It is like him, is it? - Yeah, it's a perfect rendition.
- Really? Well, you see, I've never been told that.
He was carrying his own child.
And presumably 'cause they're British tourists, he quite likely has got the pyjamas from Marks & Sparks or something, just like the McCanns may have done.
We know the pyjamas that their child was wearing, that it is, again, uncannily striking, the similarities.
We believe that it's really significant that from 9:15, we're able to allow the clock to continue to move forward, and in doing so, things that have not been quite as significant or received quite the same degree of attention are now the centre of our focus.
What we're bringing today to the public is a revision of the timeline in terms of emphasis.
Discounting Jane Tanner's sighting, as Scotland Yard has suggested, may mean that the check on apartment A by the McCanns' friend Matt Oldfield AT ABOUT 9:30 has great significance.
ABOUT 9:05, Gerry got up from the table to make the first check on his own children.
At 9:25, Matt Oldfield went to check on the children on behalf of the parents, and he entered the apartment.
He peered into the McCanns' children's room, but didn't go in.
He said he saw there was some light, indicating that perhaps a window shutter which had been closed was now likely somewhat open, and though the door had been left almost closed by Madeleine's father on his earlier visit, Oldfield now noticed that the door was half-open and he heard a noise in there, um, which he thought was just the noise of somebody turning over in bed, perhaps, and then he went away.
But is it possible that the sound Oldfield heard and the likelihood that the shutter was open indicated that an abductor was at that very moment in the children's room? Or did Oldfield's check perhaps occur just after a kidnapper had left, likely through the window onto the car park, taking Madeleine with him? In 2013, Operation Grange were well into their work.
They were sending letters of request for information to 31 countries about the use of mobile phones in and around the time that Madeleine had disappeared.
Kate and Gerry remain very grateful to the Metropolitan Police for the fantastic work that Operation Grange continues to do.
They would talk about having already done 2,000 actions and that they had more than twice that number still to be done.
At the moment, we have identified 195 investigative opportunities.
Andy, another aspect that seems to me very important are all these different sightings of It might be the same fair-haired man, might be a different fair-haired man.
Well, there is a number of incidents on both the day that Madeleine went missing and in days leading up to her disappearance where one man or two were seen lurking around the apartments.
Now, there may be a completely innocent explanation for that, but we really need the public to help us to identify who these men are.
There appear to be individuals who had been seen by witnesses lurking around the McCanns' apartment that week.
A young girl of only 12 had spotted a man leaning against the wall very near apartment 5A.
He was thin, light-haired, had a badly pockmarked face, she thought.
Another woman staying at the Ocean Club that week spotted a man who she described in a very similar way, a man with a badly ugly, pockmarked skin lurking around the road outside the McCanns' apartment.
Police in the UK are now appealing to any other families who may have had similar incidents on their holidays to get in touch, whether they'd previously reported them or not.
If you were looking from the tapas bar, our apartment was on the far left-hand side and the McCanns' was the last apartment on the right-hand side.
On that Thursday, my sister and I were walking down here.
Annie was She was just walking slightly in front of me and then she stopped and looked back at me and motioned with her head.
And it was here that we saw the two men.
I caught up with my sister and I said, "What was that about?" And she said, "Well, two single blonde men on their own!" Um Which just made me chuckle, but they were wrongly placed.
And that was that, until later that day when we had heard that Madeleine was taken.
It was only then, piecing back, "Who were these guys?" It was quite clear that nobody was living in the apartment at the time or it wasn't rented out.
There were leaves on the terrace and, you know, the general closed up for the winter kind of look.
But when the chaps were there, the gate was slightly ajar and the leaves were exactly where they were, the curtains were drawn exactly how they were.
So they hadn't come through the front door, which was obviously on the other side where the car park is.
So they had to have come up through the gate and onto the terrace.
Because I knew subsequently, obviously, is from that terrace, you can look straight over the wall into the Ocean Club swimming pool area and the tapas bar.
When I was back in the UK, by then, the Find Madeleine helpline was up, so I phoned, and that actually then led to them contacting and coming and doing their interviews here.
Which was long.
I think it was about an eight-hour interview with the police.
We can't be the only people who saw them, surely.
My theory, then it fits for me, that they must have been there for one reason, which was to take Madeleine because of the timing.
Our appeal that we've brought to the public today has got a number of really interesting dynamics in terms of the blonde, fair-haired males apparently lurking around the apartments.
So we really need the public to stop and pause, look at the information to see if they can help us.
A dramatic new line of inquiry for police investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.
They're now looking for a man suspected of sexually assaulting five young girls in Portuguese holiday resorts.
The man, described as a lone intruder, attacked the girls in their beds, two of them in Praia da Luz, the very resort Three families coming forward with stories of the lone intruder, incidents that had been reported to Portuguese police, but had not been passed on to the Yard.
One startling element is the sheer number of cases in which there was evidence that a sexual predator had been active in the area of Praia da Luz, within 40 miles of where Madeleine McCann disappeared.
British police investigating, they found that there had been no less than 28 cases, and typically the sexual predator had been making his way into houses that were owned by or rented by British tourists.
One case that we came across, the parents of the children had been asleep in their bedroom with the door closed, and their two daughters, an 11-year-old and a seven-year-old, had been asleep in the next door room.
He'd come in and had laid down on the bed of the younger child.
From what the little girls told their parents afterwards, the man had come into the room wearing a sort of medical mask.
The child had said, "Is that you, Daddy?" He was speaking English, saying, "Yes," but sounding like a foreigner.
The offender himself is described as having dark um, dark skin, dark as in tanned skin, short, black unkempt hair.
We know that he spoke to the children largely, when he did speak, in English.
And he had a funny smell about him that just said it wasn't Daddy.
In four of the most serious cases, he has sexually assaulted young white female children whilst they're in their bedrooms.
These children are between the ages of seven to ten years of age and obviously this is a serious matter that we need to understand more about.
Once we've identified this offender, we need to be able to prove or disprove whether these offences and that offender is connected to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.
She's been missing now for nearly seven years, but detectives are working on yet another possible lead.
When we made inquiries about the sexual assaults to the Mark Warner company who ran the Ocean Club at that time, we were told that they didn't comment on whether or not they had been aware or knew of these sexual assaults at the time.
Likewise, when we've sent a letter to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, they declined to comment, saying they were not then commenting on any such cases.
In 2007 in the Algarve, the Consul, when asked about the matter, said it had not been their job to give any such warnings.
And I think we asked the question, "If we have consular alerts at all, then why wasn't something as serious as the possibility of a child sexual predator being around, why wasn't that posted in any kind of a warning by the British Foreign Office?" Would they have left their children alone had they known there was a sexual predator about? It seems highly unlikely that they or any other parent would.
There were two sightings that it seems to me haven't had sufficient attention, perhaps.
At 10:45 p.
on the night that Madeleine disappeared, a car was seen by a British witness with a woman in the front, looking into the back of the car, and he recognised her, knew the couple, and he knew that the woman very much wanted to have a child and apparently had been unable to have a child, and that they were going in the rough direction of the nearby marina.
And at 6:00 a.
, a man called George Brooks, who ran a little pizza business, was on his way to work in his car, and it was still dark, and down by the marina in Lagos, his lights suddenly picked up a couple, one of whom were carrying a baby, and they seemed to be very disturbed by the fact that he'd picked them up in his lights.
He says, "You could tell from their posture that they were trying to carry the child without anyone seeing it and they were extremely disturbed when I caught them in my headlights.
" He reported that very early on to the local police, but it wasn't followed up until the next year.
Possibly that was a real chance that was missed.
These are all possible lines of investigation for the detectives of Operation Grange.
Also, Kate McCann later revealed she learned something that literally became the stuff of her nightmares.
The McCann party felt very lucky because the morning after their arrival in Praia da Luz, one of the group, Rachael Oldfield, had managed to go down to the tapas restaurant and organise a block booking for the group for the week at 8:30 p.
every night.
They felt it was the easiest place to have dinner while leaving the children sleeping in their own apartments.
The rule was that in order to book a table at the tapas restaurant, you need to book in the morning.
Um, but we could never get on because there's only a small amount of covers.
I remember thinking, "Hang on, how's this fair that these people are pre-booked?" But I think due to the size of the McCann party, they allowed them to pre-book and the week.
A year later, while going through the newly-released Portuguese police files, Kate McCann came across a copy of the reservation book for the restaurant, and the note next to the booking indicated that the reason the parents wanted to dine at that time every night was that they would be leaving their children alone in the apartments.
And the book where the entry had been made was visible in plain sight in the restaurant.
Kate McCann wrote that she was hugely dismayed by this fact.
She felt that would have served as a green light to a potential abductor.
I have always argued to law enforcement, you don't close any file on a missing child case until the child is either found or until we know with certainty what happened to them.
AT 2:30 a.
, police say a man slipped into a window at this Federal Heights home and kidnapped 14-year-old Elizabeth Smart at gunpoint.
Her nine-year-old sister was the only witness.
And any time that we're not right on scene immediately, uh, a two-hour window gives the opportunity for anyone to to be away from this area.
As search teams comb the woods, roads, and creeks of Washington County, this mother waits for word of a clue about what happened to her little boy.
Shawn Hornbeck vanished I know kids just don't vanish without a trace.
There's something out there, there's somebody out there that knows something or has something and all they need to do is come forward.
'Cause in most of these cases, the abductor is not taking the child to kill.
He's taking the child for another purpose.
Jaycee Lee Dugard, here seen enjoying a fishing trip near her home in eastern California, was just 11 when she was forced into a stranger's car.
Neighbours helped keep media attention focused on the case.
There was a high-profile investigation, but despite a few false sightings, the trail went cold.
The goal was to use technology to keep these cases alive, to provide new hope for parents and new leads for law enforcement and we said at the time, "Wouldn't it be great if we could actually find one of these kids?" And we found 900 of them.
The rationale for ageing the photographs of long-term missing children is it doesn't do much good to circulate the photograph of a three-year-old if she'd now be 13 or 14 years old.
Young children's faces change very quickly.
- Yeah.
- As you can see, she has her mother's jawline.
She has her mother's mouth.
It's striking.
She has her mother's dimples.
- That's me as well, isn't it? - This is you as well.
- Six! - Exactly.
For a lot of searching parents, it's their child.
So they get their child back after two years, five years, ten years, twenty years if only in an image.
It's a very emotional thing, really, to see my daughter in a different way to how I remember her.
Um So if I'm honest, initially it was quite upsetting.
And then I started to look at the features and I thought, "Well, that's definitely Madeleine and that bit's Madeleine," and, you know We want the public to adjust their thinking so they're not looking for a literal three-year-old.
Every day, Kate and Gerry McCann get out of bed and they look after their two children, Sean and Amelie.
And they're fueled, I believe, by hope.
There's huge hope to be had with the advances in technology.
Year on year, DNA is getting better.
Year on year, other technologies, including facial recognition, are getting better.
And as we use that technology to revisit and review that which we captured in the past, there's every likelihood that something we already know will slip into position.
News special report.
Good afternoon.
I'm Charles Gibson at ABC News.
There is a story that has broken this afternoon that I suspect comes under the heading of a miracle.
14-year-old Elizabeth Smart was abducted from her home and everyone had pretty much given up hope that she would ever be found alive.
Witnesses apparently spotted her in the car of a man who has been the subject of a police search for some time, saying they thought they had seen Elizabeth Smart in his car.
Police descended on the scene, stopped the car There are many, many cases we can point to in which children have been found, have come home alive after months, after years.
Jaycee Dugard in California, abducted waiting for a school bus, recovered 18 years later, alive.
Jaycee Dugard, who was kidnapped at age 11 and held for 18 years Police are searching a house near San Francisco.
The man is a registered sex offender.
He and his wife were detained after walking into a police station with a younger woman, who later told officers My hope was at that point after these years is to recover her and prosecute these people, and now to get her back alive, it's like winning the lotto, you know? You know, so we get her back alive and she sounds like she's okay Shawn Hornbeck hadn't seen his family since he vanished more than four years ago when he was an 11-year-old boy outside riding his bike.
I still feel like I'm in a dream, only this time, it's a good dream.
It's not my nightmare that I've lived for four and a half years.
After Shawn vanished, his family created a foundation to help find missing children.
They never stopped searching until police called with the news they'd been waiting for.
That he's alive.
And those were the sweetest words.
The key to finding Shawn was a white truck.
On Thursday, a resident of this apartment complex spotted a white truck there and alerted police The three Cleveland girls, missing ten years.
Baby abducted from the hospital in New York, who identified herself 23 years later after having been raised by the abductor.
The mother of that child never gave up hope.
There have been cases in the United States in which witnesses, people who have information, haven't come forward for decades.
And then one day provide information that helps lead to the resolution of the case.
Elizabeth Smart is now an accomplished 20-year-old.
She listened as her father described how he hoped their story had comforted, even inspired, the McCanns.
As I spoke with Kate, you know, she she said to me that, you know, she'd had some dreams recently and that, you know, she felt that Madeleine was there and she was gonna come back and I told her that's what I had thought about Elizabeth.
Keep the faith.
Keep hope alive.
Previously, the individual with sexual interest in a prepubescent child typically felt abhorrent, isolated, alone.
Suddenly with the advent of the internet, he discovers he's part of a global community.
You couldn't walk into your local bar or restaurant or club and say, "Look, you know, I'm a paedophile and I'm going out tonight to kind of, you know, meet up with a few kids.
Anyone want to come with me?" You'd end up, you know, in your local accident and emergency for a long weekend if you were lucky.
However, on the internet, you can do that.
You can go into those dark places and say, "This is who I am and this is what I do," and you're made to feel better about who you are because there's so many others.
Indecent images online, they are symptoms of a problem, not about technology, but about people who will exploit and abuse children.
There is no doubt that human trafficking is a massive, massive problem.
They are a commodity.
In 2016, you have, between zero and 12 years old, you have 124 cases, and between 13 years old and 17 years old, 1,543 missing children cases.
Compared with the rest of Europe, I think we are very, very good.
However, these cases, uh, are worrying.
They are few, it's a fact, but they were not solved and that is also a fact.
So when you tuck your own child into bed at night, you know, reflect on the fact how lucky they are to have a parent who loves and cares for them, and as you step out of the bedroom, think about the children who don't have that.
Think about those children who would love to have a parent who cared for them, a carer who loved and looked after them.
Think about those children trapped in these images and do what you can to lobby and press to make sure that more money is invested in making sure we can protect the most vulnerable in our society.
It's something that our society hides.
It's shown me a part of the human being that, uh, I didn't I didn't know.
It's shown me the monster.
Nobody wants to look into those dark spaces and places where this type of abuse takes place.
God knows those people that work in this environment don't want to do that.
And once you have, you realise that no ordinary person who hasn't had to have seen it will ever want to go there.
I've done thousands of cases.
With the Madeleine case, I've seen the worst things a human being can see.
Um, the worst.
I was hoping to find out some clue, some something about Madeleine.
But, um, also it was a dead end.
Nobody knew anything about the girl.
Yeah, at that point, you lose humanity and you lose the You lose everything at that point.
So finally at the end, I got all the emails, all the files, put a report and took it to the National Police.
Método 3 is a private detective agency.
They had found paedophilic material.
We started to investigate which people were distributing this video with paedophilic content on that network.
The first operation was called Lolita P-mix.
We investigated the facts.
I gave him the evidence and the line of the investigation and they only had to pull the string.
In the end, 23 people were questioned and 13 arrested.
That's the best thing that came from this case, the thing that I'm most proud of.
Some of these investigations may lead to these minors being found and rescued from their captors.
In two days, my daughter is gonna be four years old, which is the age that Madeleine McCann disappeared.
The need to know the truth keeps me going forward.
There's always, always something left to do till you find her.
I've always wanted to be a human rights lawyer.
The vanishing of Madeleine McCann woke me up to other cases, and I started to to look for them and I found them.
In Portugal, we have, in 2016, more than 1,000 cases of sexual abuse, more than 500, uh, in child pornography.
Uh, so every day, the Judiciary Police is fighting against this new, uh, wave of criminality.
When you say "child pornography," the general public will think of the Lolita, the "barely legal" site.
It's where their brain allows them to go because their brain doesn't want to take them to the two, three, and four-year-old being brutally abused, being violated.
Nobody wants to go there because once you do, you cannot come back.
And I remember on occasions when we had stories that we really wanted to get out to the media, some newspapers coming back and saying, "We've already done our paedophile story this month.
There's only so much our readers can take.
" I remember doing, you know, interviews with radio programs that are really heavyweight and serious, but they didn't want you to mention particular things because we don't want people to go there.
The problem is the children who are captured and trapped in these images are already there.
I don't see where we're investing in things that make a difference.
If this was counter-terrorism, we'd be declaring war on these people.
We would be throwing billions of pounds, not millions of pounds at it.
We'd be engaging from the classroom through to every business in the world and we'd be collaborating in ways that we only do around CT, counter-terrorism.
Do they? So what does that mean? So there needs to be a wake-up call.
For me, the case that really brought this type of work into focus involved an international investigation.
We had a colleague who had captured an image from a group that they had infiltrated and they got the image of this child, and sent it to us because they believed the child was in the UK.
One of my own children was at that age at that time and so you are totally engaged with the search.
You know, you're desperate for news.
And as time went on and more images were discovered and you began to see the levels of brutality involved And I was coming down the escalator in Gatwick Airport in London when I received the phone call When I When I received the phone call to say that that child had been found.
And coming down the escalator, had you spoken to me, I couldn't have replied.
I was literally so overcome with the emotion.
After it, I probably became more relentless and less compromising.
I absolutely believe that in my lifetime, we will find out what happened to Madeleine McCann.
Somebody knows what's happened to Madeleine McCann.
Detectives hunting Madeleine McCann have been given more money to keep on searching £150,000 is going towards Operation Grange taking the total so far to more than £11 million.
The Lord be with you.
And also with you.
Then let us pray.
Every year that we held a vigil in Praia da Luz, Kate would send a message to be read.
This was ten years in this past May.
We knew that we had to be there for the tenth anniversary.
She sent a note to the community that was gathered, mostly to thank them for their presence and to thank them for continuing to hope.
"To our dear friends, ten years without Madeleine" "Ten years without Madeleine.
If I had let that thought even enter my head back in May 2007, I wouldn't have lasted another day.
And now, a decade on, it is still inconceivable.
How can it be? Our little girl who brought us the gift of parenthood, ten years on.
Despite the evil and the hurt that has come our way, we have been very fortunate, having witnessed and experienced goodness and kindness in great abundance during this long and difficult period of stolen time.
" "We are especially grateful to our friends and supporters in Luz for being strong enough and brave enough to keep Madeleine and our family in your prayers and in your hearts.
Your love and compassion has given us fortitude over the years and sustained our hope in immeasurable amounts.
" "And so thank you for everything.
" If you're happy and you know it "But above all, for not giving up on Madeleine.
" If you're happy And you know it Clap your hands "With our love and our very best wishes, Kate, Gerry, Madeleine, Sean and Amelie, and all of our family.