The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. (2016) s02e10 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 10

I'm so anxious.
You don't need to wait outside.
What are you talking about?
I'm just getting some fresh air!
They're coming.
I missed you, Grandpa!
My grandson and daughter are coming!
I'm closing the door to keep the bugs out.
Oh, could that be Kurumi?
-Hello What?
-Hello, this is the Saiki's. Who's this?
My dear grandson!
Oh, Dad? It's me.
Who was it?
It was probably a scammer.
Oh, my.
The call got disconnected? I'll try again.
Shouldn't we answer?
Leave it, it's probably the scammer again.
Oh, Kusuo!
Hello, this is the Saiki's.
Grandpa, it's your grandson!
Is this really Kusuo?
He doesn't normally talk like this.
Could this be a scam?
Are you really my grandson?
Yes, totally, dude!
I'm totally your grandson!
I don't believe you.
I love you, Grandpa!
It's Kusuo! Of course,
he sounds different over the phone.
He just said he loves me.
So, I ran into a bit of trouble.
I hate to ask my favorite person,
Grandpa, but I need help.
What is it?
Of course, I'll help!
I'll give you everything I have!
I spent four million yen on a mobile game.
It's hard to believe Kusuo did that.
-Maybe this is a scam after all.
-You're the only person I can count on.
Where should I send the money?
Could you bring it to the station?
And don't tell Grandma.
This is our secret!
I'm coming!
Where are you going?
I'm coming, Kusuo!
What's wrong, Kusuo?
I thought I heard my name
being called from that car.
Were you just talking with my husband?
What? I did call, but it got disconnected.
He just drove off
after talking with Kusuo on the phone.
-Good grief.
Spending four million on a game
is inexcusable.
Why didn't he invite me?
-Check out my ultra-rare item!
-That's awesome, Grandpa!
I want to share a hobby with my grandson!
Do you even know how to play them?
Don't worry. My wife plays them.
-Calm down.
I see. So it was a scam.
I thought it was strange.
I mean, I totally knew it was strange.
This is exactly four million.
My rage demands
that the culprit be caught!
Kusuo, this is going to be too dangerous.
No, I'm coming with you.
It's more dangerous to let you go alone.
Then stay in the car.
A fun drive with my grandson!
Where did your rage go?
There's nobody here.
If the scammer doesn't show up,
we can spend more time together!
I think we're supposed to answer that.
I'll do it.
Good grief.
I know from using my telepathy
that there isn't anyone around.
How is the scammer planning on
getting the money?
Hello, I brought the money.
Where are you, you idiot?
That's harsh.
You can leave the money by that phone.
I can't leave all this money here!
It's okay. Nobody will come.
-Nobody will steal it.
-What are you doing?
-Tracing the call.
I can use my psychometry ability to see
where the call is coming from.
Found it.
-Kusuo, where did you go?
-Nobody's here?
Where are you?
The call came from this phone.
-Please. Do it for me.
-This machine is just playing back
pre-recorded audio.
Could this be
Where are you going, Kusuo?
It's gone! The money is gone!
Here's a present for you.
You need it for studies?
The money I wanted to spend
on my dear grandson.
The money is here.
There it is!
Why didn't you say so earlier?
Good grief. The contraption in the room
and the culprit knows enough about us
to pre-record a perfect message,
plus they're immune to my telepathy.
That leaves just one person.
There's only one person I can think of
who could do this.
I was so sure it would be in the car.
Is that you, Kusuke?
Long time no see!
Don't give me that!
What was that prank?
Kusuke was the culprit?
Why would he do that?
As my grandson,
I need to scold him for what he's done.
Sorry, Grandpa, I didn't mean to hurt you.
There are many scams out there,
and I wanted to make sure
you were careful.
But I went too far, didn't I?
Can you forgive me?
Well, in that case, fine.
Kumagoro Saiki
was very soft on his grandsons.
But I only said I was your grandson.
I just needed train fare.
Long time no see! Kusuke is home!
-Kusuke! What are you doing here?
-Ku! You came?
I was missing my family.
You've grown to be so handsome.
You're still pretty, Grandma.
Oh, you! Stop!
I wouldn't have come
if I knew he was coming.
The last thing I need is more people
in the house.
Yes, tell him to leave.
I was so happy with just one grandson.
Now I have both here?
I might die today.
But with no regrets.
I should've known.
He's right.
I don't mean to cause anyone trouble.
I'll leave then.
-This can't be happening.
-I'll be back someday.
-No, wait, you're no trouble.
-There's no more trains home.
The room is starting to spin.
My world is turning upside down
because of my careless remark.
It's over.
Just kidding.
There's nowhere else for me to go.
I'm back!
Don't toy with an old man.
Dinner is ready.
Everyone is here,
so I pulled out all the stops.
-Thanks for the food!
-Thanks for the food!
I haven't had Japanese food in a while.
Isn't it nice to have so many for dinner,
I'm so happy.
If this is my last supper,
I have no regrets.
The fish looks great!
I caught it myself!
Eat up! Eat lots!
-It's so yummy.
-Not you!
-I can't stop.
-Be quiet.
Stop! Stop eating!
I brought you a souvenir
from London, Grandma.
They're so cute!
They were featured in Seventeen!
-You read Seventeen?
-Thank you!
Oh, then I must be next.
I got you a present too, Grandpa.
My turn!
Anyway, why did you come back, Kusuke?
-You didn't even call.
-Not now!
I don't have school
and figured it was time to visit home.
When I heard you were coming here,
I thought I'd join.
That's great. Now, give me my present.
I see. When was the last time you saw
your grandparents?
Five years ago?
It's been six years and 95 days!
Now, it's time for my present.
I think it's been six years and 95 days.
This is ridiculous.
As I was saying,
I got a souvenir for Grandpa.
Yes, my present please!
-Why don't we go to the festival?
-Shut up, you hag!
There's a festival?
-What about my present?
-We went there when you were still kids.
Are you going to the festival, Kusuo?
I won't go if you go,
and I'll go if you don't.
Let's all go together.
You'll drive us there, won't you, dear?
Going to a festival with my grandsons?
With my grandsons?
Does that mean
something like this will happen?
-Hi, Grandpa. Do I look good?
-Stop staring at us, idiot!
My grandsons in yukatas!
What is this fantasy?
I have to go! I can't act dismissive now.
Just say, "Yes."
-I did it!
-Oh, no.
Our car can only seat five people.
Someone needs to stay behind.
I can drive then.
You don't have to come then, dear.
We can bring one more person.
How about this? Kusuo can sit on
Grandpa's lap like he used to.
He needs to chill.
-That's dangerous.
-You're right.
-Calm down.
-What should we do?
-Can't Kusuo meet us there?
Then he won't come.
It seems he fainted from all
the excitement.
He just needs some rest.
Oh, honey.
I wonder what Grandpa
was so excited about.
But now everyone can fit in the car.
You're a horrible person.
Wow, it's so boring,
just like it always was.
I can still remember
how boring it was before.
-What a boring festival.
-Stop calling it "boring."
It really is boring.
There are no fireworks. What a bore.
A mini-yukata!
I enjoy festivals like this.
Me too. I don't like when they're crowded.
I don't mind this atmosphere either.
Here, Kusuo.
But it would be better
if he weren't here.
Why did you even come?
You're not the type
to visit your grandparents.
Are you trying
to talk to me telepathically?
Sorry, I can't hear you.
This telepath canceler
blocks you from reading my thoughts,
but I can't hear yours either.
But I can tell what you want to say.
You want to know why I'm here.
Tell me already.
You can relax.
I'm not here for petty rivalry.
I don't trust you.
Look, a shooting range.
Let's see who can score more points.
Quit changing the subject.
This is just for fun,
not a real competition.
Good grief. Are you sure?
We used to have
competitions like this all the time.
It's not even a contest.
I don't know what you're saying,
but you're in, right?
If you win, I'll tell you why I came.
This is nice.
It feels like summer.
I keep getting hit on.
They're hitting on you?
They're all in their 60s though.
Where are the boys?
They went off somewhere.
Oh, there they are, at the shooting range.
They're getting along.
-Are they really?
He's definitely gotten better.
Still, I can't lose.
You're not using your abilities?
That would be unfair to the attendant.
I don't want to win that badly.
This is just for fun.
Well, it's no fun for me then.
I'm changing rules.
If I get the biggest one, I win.
It's impossible with these guns.
Creepy doll.
If I don't, you win.
What? What do you mean?
Then you can use your powers
without cheating the owner.
Stop me if you can.
What? That gun looks like
it could disintegrate people!
Stop, that's cheating!
I have to use my power to upgrade my gun.
Jeez. That was close.
-Fireworks! Look at that!
Good grief. Anyway, I still won.
-I lost again. I was so close this time.
-What are you guys doing?
The doll moved?
It ricocheted!
You calculated
that my bullet would hit yours?
The power
and trajectory were just about right.
Oh, well. I'll have a lot more chances.
Let's do this again.
-What do you mean by "again"?
Did I not mention it?
I graduated from university.
I'm moving back to Japan.
-You can move back in with us!
I don't think so.
Where then?
I'm going to the festival too!
Hello, honey?
Kusuke said he wants to come live with us.
Is that okay?
Honey? Dear?
Hurry back home.
He needs medical attention.
Can I ask you a favor?
I have one for you. Turn around and leave.
Could you take this to Kusuke?
They arrived from England for him.
I forgot to send them.
He said you could toss them out.
No, he didn't!
He said he needed them now.
Please, just teleport back
to your grandparents' place!
I'll buy you some sweets.
Good grief, that's enough.
If you think you can keep bribing me
with sweets,
you're right.
Good grief.
Teleportation might be instantaneous,
but why do I have to come
to the middle of nowhere?
Although, that means I don't have to worry
about anyone seeing me.
More importantly,
why did he decide to live here?
Is that a drone?
In a place this remote?
Intruder detected.
-Facial recognition failed.
-I've been spotted!
-What is a drone doing here
-Intruder detected.
-in a place full of old people?
-Facial recognition failed.
He's ignoring my texts again.
Good morning.
Oh, good morning, Tae.
What's going on here?
What is this place?
Why are you here, my brother?
I'm the one with questions.
Hold on.
-Let me put on my telepath canceler.
-What were you thinking?
Whatever. What happened to this town?
Yes, it has changed, hasn't it?
Pretty significantly.
You must be behind all this.
Did you mess with their brains
or something?
This change is indeed because of me,
but I didn't do anything
to harm the people.
It has to be mind control.
I'll explain from the start.
When I first got here,
there was an old lady
who couldn't change her light bulb.
Her legs were weak
and she could hardly lift her arms.
Now, if you saw someone in need,
you'd want to help, right?
Right, but what does that
have to do with anything?
Right? So I helped her
with a power suit.
She was so happy.
Why didn't you change the bulb?
Stop giving these people weird ideas.
I didn't do anything wrong.
Everyone is happy.
New technology should be
used by the elderly if anything.
I guess you haven't done anything wrong.
Kusuke, do you have a second?
Oh, you're here, Kusuo?
Cyborg Grandpa?
What is it?
I'm having issues with my arm controls.
-How could you do this?
-You made him into a cyborg?
-Calm down.
Look, Kusuo.
It's a lightweight power suit.
Don't worry. I'm still human.
Kusuo was worried about me!
Oh, a power suit. That's fine.
Wait, no, it isn't!
The suit is really amazing.
He can lift this 100kg box with ease.
-And he can run 100 meters in 5 seconds.
-And jump over five meters.
-That's high.
Okay, it's useful, but
You're controlling him?
Next, I'll show you
how a 30-meter drop won't harm him.
Cut it out! He's not a toy!
-Are you okay?
-Yes, no problem.
-No problem.
-He's turning robotic.
I have to stop this.
It might be fine now,
but it's pretty clear that
things will eventually get out of hand.
Have you seen your grandmother?
She's been missing since this morning.
That's right, I can get her
to help me stop all this madness.
Oh, she's over here.
She's back here again?
She's here? What is this place?
Grandma, Kusuo is here.
-That's the thing Vegeta used.
Good to see you, Kusuo! Thanks for coming!
She's so young!
Are you surprised?
This machine makes you younger.
I feel like you've surpassed my powers.
This is bad though.
My grandmother is going to side with him.
I feel so much younger,
thanks to you, Dr. Kusuke.
It's too late,
she's already calling him "Doctor."
Good grief, I'll have to stop him alone.
This town has gotten so much better
since you came, Dr. Kusuke.
You've helped so many people here.
We're all grateful.
I bragged how proud of you I am.
I should be thanking them.
They've been helping me settle back
into Japanese life.
Maybe I'm overreacting.
I guess I haven't lived with him in years.
Maybe he has changed.
What? Are you leaving, Kusuo?
Didn't you come here for something?
Right, I forgot. This is from our father.
Oh, that! Thank you for bringing it.
Did you look inside?
What? No, I didn't.
What did that fool send
Oh, no! My arm is acting up!
Watch out!
Sorry, Kusuke. I'll get that for you.
-No, that's okay!
Project GBG.
"Use age reversing machines
to turn a town of elderly people
into deadly weapons
to eliminate the target, Kusuo Saiki.
Also, equipping them with power suits
will further increase
their combat potential.
The age reversing effects
are only temporary,
and multiple uses will actually accelerate
the aging process.
Provide the elderly with
the latest technology to placate them,
and they will stop thinking
for themselves.
This will also help abate
any resistance or fear
when they become full-blown weapons."
Well, sorry.
Come back here, Kusuke!
My body!
Give me the controller.
Café Mami.
The time is 4:43 p.m.
The bell rang.
He's here.
Good grief. Could you stop stalking me?
Hey, there.
Here is your coffee jelly.
Good grief.
I made sure to come when Mera wasn't here.
You've ruined everything.
It's hilarious that you love sweets.
Did I surprise you?
Sorry! I looked into the future!
This is the problem with psychics.
I can never catch you at school.
You're way better than me.
Because of my telepathy.
That looks good!
What a jerk.
What do you want?
I told you to leave me alone.
You're asking why I was waiting for you?
Isn't it obvious?
Just tell me.
I love you so much! I adore you!
I love you! My love is so big!
I can't read you. I'm leaving.
Hey! Where are you going?
Saiki is on a date with a girl!
-Who's this?
-What a pain.
You're the new girl with huge knockers!
You're that sleazeball!
What's a loser like you want
with my darling?
-Darling? For real, Saiki?
Wait, why are you gagging both of us?
Won't he find out about your powers?
-Why does he know?
-You told her about your powers?
Quiet down.
It's because you both have powers.
It was better to tell you
than have you suspecting me.
You have powers too?
No way, he looks like an ordinary person.
I'm a spirit medium! I can prove it.
Who are you talking to?
A rose pink thong.
-That's the panties you're wearing now.
I had a ghost check.
Was I right? I'll have to take a look
to be sure.
You were right!
They're my date pair.
It was too fast. I couldn't see.
You can get the ghosts to do that now?
Unlike before,
I have some bargaining chips now.
In exchange for obeying my commands
Yes! A real body!
Gravity! This is awesome!
It's over already?
See, Saiki?
They tell me her underwear,
and I let them borrow my body.
Is that worth it to you?
This guy is totally deranged.
You should cut ties with him.
That's true.
This is my power.
Now it's your turn, hooters babe.
I'm a fortune-teller!
I can see both the past and the future!
I bet your predictions are pretty vague.
But if you can predict lottery numbers,
I'll be impressed.
Yes, I can do that.
I see.
-Teach me, master!
I didn't know you could do that.
But winning the lottery
comes with a huge risk.
See, people's luck comes in waves.
There's major good luck
and major bad luck,
and they balance each other out,
So winning the lottery could kill you.
I didn't know about this and used my power
to win free ice cream,
and then I got hit by a truck
the next day.
I broke a lot of bones.
Those don't balance out.
That's totally useless.
I take back my begging.
What? I can read everything
about other people!
It's way better than your power!
Looks like we need to make things clear.
Let's see which of the PK Psychic Trio
is the weakest.
I never joined that trio.
You're going to be sorry.
This Psychic Couple
doesn't need a third wheel.
-This is too much.
-All right then!
-Let's see who'll be Saiki's sidekick.
-I'll eat the coffee jelly and leave.
What a waste of time.
What's wrong?
It's a cockroach!
You're right! But what's the big deal?
Idiot! Saiki hates bugs so much,
he'll crap himself!
-No, I don't.
-All right!
Whoever kills the bug
will be Saiki's sidekick!
What? Hold on!
Who is good at killing bugs here?
Okay, take care of it then.
I don't like bugs either.
-I'm going to squish it!
-Wait. With your bare hands?
It got away!
I knew it would come this way! Take this!
I can't! I hate bugs too!
-Seriously? You're running away?
-You do something!
Sorry, I even set bug traps last week.
-Looks like we'll settle this later.
You're my new sidekick, Mr. Manager.
It was good to see my grandparents again.
But now that he's going to be around,
I'll have to be extra careful.
Next time, that pain-in-the-ass is
going to run into Teruhashi.
And I'll get to introduce you guys
to the normal genius I look up to.
I can't wait.
Subtitle translation by Zensho Yamamoto
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