The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. (2016) s02e13 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 13

-What are you doing there?
You got me.
Good grief. Using your fortune telling
to ambush me again?
-Her name is Mikoto Aiura.
-I mean,
-She's a psychic with prescient abilities.
-you don't pay me any attention, Kusuo.
-Let's go somewhere.
-I'm leaving.
-What a drag.
-Would you like coffee jelly?
-That's it!
-That I'm interested in. Huh?
I need to bring in customers
or I'll get fired.
Welcome master, madam.
"Madam"? This is hilarious!
You work here, Chisapoyo?
I started last month.
Thanks for coming. Now I won't be fired.
Fired? Why?
I ate the food meant for a customer,
so my boss got really mad.
He was going to fire me
if I didn't bring in new customers.
You deserve to be fired.
I wonder why the boss got so mad.
The customer was happy.
Ban him.
Anyway, Chisapoyo,
what about your cafe job? You quit?
I still do that too.
I have twelve part-time jobs.
A dozen jobs? That's amazing.
Hey, you have omelet rice! Sweet!
how about this "bittersweet like
sordid love coffee jelly"?
-Awful name.
-That, the omelet, and a soy latte.
Coming right up!
But why did she get more jobs?
A boyfriend?
To save up.
Here you go!
Your omelet rice, coffee jelly,
and soy latte.
I thought it was called "bittersweet
like sordid love coffee jelly."
That looks awesome! Time to dig in!
I need to add the ketchup.
Oh, right.
Do you have any requests?
Do whatever you want.
That should do it!
It's not your request.
You can have a bite,
but won't you get in trouble again?
Oh, that's right! He's watching.
Open wide.
Please hurry.
Eat it before I lose control!
-How can she eat that?
Could I get another omelet rice?
For you, Chisapoyo, my treat.
-You won't get in trouble now.
Take a break and eat with us.
-What, but
-It's fine! We're friends, right?
Besides, I've got a lot of money
from my fortune telling.
Is that really fortune telling?
Thank you so much, Miko!
-I've only eaten snow and grass this week.
-How are you alive?
Why did you get more jobs?
I'm saving money to go to Puerto Rico.
You told me my dad is there. Remember?
-Oh, right! That's why you're doing this?
-Can you find my missing father?
-Yes, I want to see my dad.
-He's in Puerto Rico.
That was six months ago.
How much have you saved?
Well Five hundred eighty-two yen.
That will take you decades.
It's hard to work while going to school.
Chisato, could you get back to work soon?
I'll be right there!
Thanks for the food!
No problem.
Poor Chisapoyo.
Sit back over there.
I want to help her.
Don't sit next to me.
I have an idea!
Hop over to Puerto Rico
and bring her dad here.
Actually, take me too!
Let's go to Puerto Rico!
-To Puerto Rico!
-No way.
We're in this mess
because of your meddling.
My meddling?
If she didn't know her father
was in Puerto Rico,
she wouldn't be working this much.
What? She said she wanted to see him.
You don't know if meeting him
will make her happy.
He must have a reason for not coming back
if things are this tough.
Don't offer help irresponsibly.
What's that supposed to mean?
What's wrong with helping someone
who is asking for help?
Nothing will ever start
if you don't get the ball rolling.
-We don't see eye to eye.
-What a drag.
Let me be clear, I'm not some super hero.
Have a nice day.
Chisapoyo! Come here!
I'll see where your father is.
But I'm working.
We can if we're playing Pop-up Pirate.
It's 500 yen though.
Fine, hurry up!
Good grief, just leave me out of it.
This has nothing to do with me.
That uniform. Are you a student
at PK Academy?
Oh, no! The pirate
You made me lose because you screamed.
This is crazy.
Your dad
is back in Japan!
And he's really close by!
It's been two years.
Don't worry, my daughter goes
to your school.
Her name is Chisato Mera.
Sorry, I don't know her.
I'll see you tomorrow!
My father is in Japan!
Finally. Hurry up, Chisapoyo.
What are you eating?
If he's not in Puerto Rico,
I figured I could spend the money on food.
We don't have time for this!
You go to the same school as my daughter,
don't you? Can you tell me about her?
I'm Chisato Mera's father.
Where are you going?
I don't know any girl who eats everything
and wears glasses with a lens missing.
But your bag says, "Year 2 Class 3."
That's her class.
Even if I did know her,
I wouldn't tell you.
What if you turned out to be a stalker
and not her dad.
Then would you at least listen
to my story?
My name is Kiyoshi Mera, age 42.
Until three years ago,
I was the president of a trading company.
The company was growing
and my family was great.
Everything was going well.
Until that happened
Where are you going?
-Why would you leave?
-I'm not interested.
It's clear we were about to go
to a flashback!
If you're her father, go ask her yourself.
I can't see her.
That's because I came back
to Japan to die.
I was drowning in debt
after the company went bankrupt,
so I was working overseas,
doing whatever the loans sharks said.
I can't take it anymore.
But I can't return to my family.
They will probably come after me.
The only thing I can do now
is to die and leave my family
the life insurance.
If I could just talk to her
See, I told her it would be heavy.
Does she still want her to meet him?
I could probably
pinpoint your dad's exact location.
You don't know if meeting him
will make her happy.
Don't offer help irresponsibly.
Kusuo might be right.
Meeting him might not turn out
for the best.
I really want to see my dad.
Please do it!
What are you doing?
Shut up! It was cheap anyway.
Here we go!
I see where he is.
Follow me.
-I see. Chisato has suffered.
-Good grief.
Seems like she's going
to take Mera to meet him.
Why go through all this trouble
for someone else?
-In any case, we can't be here.
-Thanks for telling me.
Is there something you wanted to
What? Saiki?
I still had questions!
He should be around here.
-Do you see him?
-That pizza place looks good.
Do you want me to punch you?
Sorry, it's just been two years.
It's me, things went south.
I was going to use that kid
to get Mera's daughter
to tell me where he was.
Just ask her directly?
His daughter is crazy!
You can't keep her locked up,
and she fights off attackers.
She's a beast!
Anyway, Mera is here where his family is.
He might contact his daughter.
He's talking to her now?
Don't let him out of your sight!
I'm on my way!
Get the car and grab that kid
I was just talking to.
Mera's daughter can't hurt us
if we have a hostage.
Look at him walking
in this deserted place.
All right, grab him!
-Who's abducting who?
Dad! Why are you running away?
Stay away! Loan sharks are after me!
I don't want to put you in danger!
Go home and pretend you never saw me!
-Maybe I shouldn't have done this.
-I didn't intend to meet you.
I simply wanted to see you once.
-Bye, Chisato.
-He's meaning to die.
Sorry for all the trouble I've caused you.
Stop pushing me away!
Why do you always try to fix things
on your own?
We could work together as a family
to solve this!
I've changed! I'm not like I used to be!
Oh no! It's the loan sharks! Run, Chisato!
-I'll go back. Leave my daughter out
-It's okay now.
You don't need to pay back the debt.
You've already paid back the principal.
So please, let us go.
We will never bother you again.
We're really sorry!
That's great, dad!
I'm not exactly sure what happened, but
I knew you would come through in the end.
Don't get the wrong idea.
I only did this
because I got dragged into it.
But now you know.
This only happened to work out
because of me.
-It was about to get dangerous.
I already knew.
I saw what would happen
when I looked into the future.
-Good grief.
-The debt might have been forgiven,
but we're still poor!
Silent Cyborg, A.K.A. Si-Cy.
It's the popular manga comic
written by Fudekichi Shiragami
for Weekly Youth Cognac.
A conflicted cyborg hero who struggles
to protect humanity,
and a realistic world steeped in
complex drama.
It had been my favorite series in
Weekly Youth Cognac,
but about three weeks ago it got boring
which made me think the writer changed.
First, the protagonist's
personality changed.
-He used to be strong
-Are you listening?
and silent, fitting, considering he is
the Silent Cyborg.
-But now he's outgoing.
-I won't stand for it!
-It's not right.
-Dang it!
-When he started saying "oh-ho-ho,"
-Can you believe it?
I thought he was a different character.
And the story is awful.
He was about to face the enemy boss
three weeks ago,
and I was looking forward to a big battle
between cyborgs.
But this week, he's somehow
playing rugby with that enemy.
And the editorial comments
used to be simple.
They weren't this aggravating.
It's strange.
What happened these last three weeks?
You're reading Si-Cy?
Great, isn't it? I'm the new editor.
What? Since when?
-About three weeks ago.
-So, it's you.
It's gotten terrible?
Since three weeks ago?
That's when I took over!
That's not possible!
I'll admit, the polls have
taken a big dive these last few weeks.
How can you not appreciate
how great it is now?
It's Mr. Shiragami. I need to go meet him.
Just you wait, Kusuo!
I'll make sure
next week's chapter is great!
-And the editorial comment as well!
-You write those?
Honey, I'm off to work!
-I'm worried.
I want to check on him,
but I don't want to find out any spoilers.
Now then.
Sorry I'm late,
Mr. Shiragami!
That's okay. I just got here too.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Are you hungry?
No, I ate.
How about a parfait? Company's paying.
-So this is Mr. Shiragami.
I'm surprised to see he's so timid.
I'm here as an astral projection.
My body is back home,
so I won't accidentally read his mind.
Let's see the storyboards.
Let me see these too.
You're safe now.
-Can you stand?
-Don't touch me!
You're a cyborg like them, aren't you?
My mom was killed by a cyborg!
Showing the complicated gulf
between humans and cyborgs.
This is great.
To be honest, it's a little dark.
-Is it?
This is what we want!
This scene, for example.
This is how he's treated after saving her?
-What if she fell for our hero instead?
-I've fallen for you!
Some gulf.
And then cap it
with the hero's catchphrase "oh-ho-ho."
It's not his catchphrase.
I'm not sure.
That's right. Don't agree to it.
-I think I'll keep
-This is way better!
-Okay, I'll do it then.
-So weak.
Don't back down. Ignore this fool.
One more thing. When he saves the girl
add an "oh-ho-ho" here.
-Another "oh-ho-ho"?
-Let's add them until they take hold.
-Don't do that.
-I'm not sure.
-Say no. Punch him.
-It'll be interesting for sure!
Okay, I'll do that.
Fight back, you idiot!
This is your series.
Don't just say "okay."
The rest are just minor details.
Like how about giving this
new character bigger breasts?
Sorry, that I won't budge on.
That's where you draw the line?
Okay, then go forward
with the proposed adjustments.
What a great meeting.
Next week will be golden.
Kusuo is going to love it.
Now to come up with the perfect
editorial comment. Let's see.
"The rampant remnants of tragedy."
-I'll give you the editorial comment.
Another awful meeting.
Next week will be terrible again.
But I can't go against my editor.
That stupid four-eyes.
Stupid-Haru. Stupid Saiki.
-Mr. Saiki!
-It's Stupid Saiki.
I thought you left.
Did you forget something?
-Yes, I forgot to say one thing.
Much better. This is how Si-Cy should be.
"Ignore all my father's suggestions."
That was my advice to him.
And I was right.
Dad might be mad though.
I guess I'll just have to convince him
with the reader polls.
Did you read this week's Si-Cy?
Good, wasn't it?
-See the gulf between cyborgs and humans?
It's all thanks to my advice.
Doesn't he realize?
Mr. Shiragami? We did well this week!
We got strong numbers.
We were right to make the changes.
My editorial comments
were good too, right?
6:00 A.M.
You're late, Saiki!
At that rate, the blossoms will be gone.
I only came because you were
being so pushy.
-What's with this excitement?
-Why aren't you more excited?
Cherry blossom viewing is fun!
That's because people drink alcohol
during it.
You can't have that same level
of excitement at 6:00 a.m.
-I'm worried.
-About what?
They're at full blossom.
Can we get a spot?
That's why we met up at 4:00 a.m.
Shopping took longer than expected,
but it's still 6:00 a.m.
It will be empty.
You've been up for two hours already?
I see the cherry blossoms!
Let's run!
It's in full bloom!
Time to find the perfect spot.
-It's full of people!
-It's full of people!
It's still 6:00 a.m.!
They've got nothing better to do?
-What about you?
-We've got to find a spot!
Trying to get a spot at 6:00 a.m.?
Look at you amateur spot-takers.
What are spot-takers?
What time did you get here?
I got here at 5:00 a.m.
That's just one hour earlier!
Don't get the wrong idea.
I was here at 5:00 a.m., two days ago.
-You have nothing better to do?
You're in for a surprise.
There are spot-takers here who
are far more impressive than me.
There's Fujiwara who some call
the Book Store.
Never heard of him.
And that's the Muscle Creator, Ando.
Again, never heard of him.
Even Kishida
the Stuffed Animal Leaver is here.
He isn't here.
Just turn around and go home.
You won't find a spot.
You heard him, time to go home.
Over here!
-That spot's free.
-For real?
Go grab it!
That guy was overexaggerating.
Stop! Not there!
What are you talking about?
You're jealous because
it's better than your spot?
What are you doing?
I reserved this spot. Get out of the way!
But there's nothing here.
Are you blind?
-Right there!
The rock says Matsumura.
How could we tell?
That doesn't count!
Let's just ignore it.
-Really? Fine.
-What are you doing?
I'm taking a dump here.
-We'll leave now!
That's Marking Matsumura.
He's the most feared spot-taker there is.
Literally a crappy guy.
There aren't any good spots.
We will have to find whatever we can.
We can see the blossoms from here.
We have a place, so let's drink.
What's with the gloomy attitude?
I can't get excited.
I can barely see the cherry blossoms.
I don't see them at all if I sit.
I have a better view from my room.
Enough! The word
"cherry blossom viewing" is banned!
This is a picnic now!
That works.
Okay! Let's do this.
I guess we can start eating.
I've got dessert.
Nice! Cherry blossom cakes.
Cherry blossom cakes.
Cherry blossoms.
Is it mist
Do you hear singing?
They are doing karaoke.
They're having fun.
That's Book Store!
What was this song again?
That's right!
"Cherry blossom."
You should've ignored it.
I'm done with this!
Nendo. Go take a dump
in the middle of the park.
You can't be serious.
It's unfair! We barely get to see
any cherry blossoms!
But they get a great view!
It's time we stand up to them and resist!
I thought that was you.
What a coincidence.
What are you doing here?
-Full bloom!
-Full bloom!
Oh! Teruhashi! What a coincidence!
-We're cherry blossom viewing!
-That's right!
From here?
-I have a bad feeling about this.
-It's full over there.
A spot might open up
as people start to leave.
-Can I come with you?
Cherry blossoms are great.
Don't you Platinum Gym Gold members agree?
The powerful trunk.
The beautiful blossoms.
These contradicting qualities
coming together.
It's just like us bodybuilders.
What are you looking at?
-There aren't any openings.
-You're right.
There are a lot
of famous spot-takers here today.
Yes, there's Book Store
and Muscle Creator
Young lady, there's a spot over there.
-Muscle Creator!
-Muscle Creator!
Are you sure? They are all standing.
That's a training exercise.
They are working out their quads.
Thank you very much.
We will need more room for five though.
That's open!
That's Marking Matsumura's spot!
Please, help yourself.
What luck! There are places!
-She's the ultimate spot-taker.
Now we can enjoy the blossoms.
-Let's make a toast.
-Oh, my.
-I can't see the cherry blossoms.
-I can't see the cherry blossoms.
Another earthquake? It's pretty big.
We've had a lot lately. I'm worried.
-What was that?
It's okay, the light just fell.
You're not okay at all!
Are you hurt, Ku?
I was sleeping when it fell.
Sleeping? It's almost noon.
I was reading late last night.
Get it together.
It might be spring break, but you're
starting your senior year tomorrow.
-I see. It's already that time.
-You'll never become a success like me.
Where are you going?
-I need to prepare for the new year.
By the way, your wonderful collection
of toys fell over in that earthquake.
My figures!
This is my secret place.
There isn't a single person
in a 60-mile radius
and I made it invisible to satellites.
I could dance naked here
and nobody would know.
I come here a few times a year.
What do I do here? Sing folk songs.
Just kidding. Exercise!
That was faster than I expected.
I continue to grow every day.
I need to routinely check my own powers
or things can go wrong.
First, solo catch.
That's enough warm up.
Next, I'll lift that boulder.
It's big.
Even I need to be cautious
when lifting something this big.
I'm sure it's okay.
All right, here I go.
Good, there weren't any bugs.
Sometimes there are bugs underneath.
That's what I was worried about.
solo catch part two.
This might be easier for beginners
since you don't need as much speed.
Next is rock splitting.
Try this if you have spare boulders.
And then you dodge
the falling fragments.
It's the perfect way to measure
kinetic vision and precision.
You should all try it.
Catch the last piece of stone
and restore it.
Then try to stop it.
It's good exercise.
If you can restore objects like this,
give it a try.
Shoot! I failed.
It's hard when they get to the size
of your fingernails.
One more time.
I finally did it on the fourth try.
Let's try three at once now.
I'm going all out.
My powers increase when I remove this.
Play time is over.
Good grief, all I did was turn my head.
This is way too sensitive.
Time to call it a day.
I mentioned I exercised
to measure my development,
but that's not the only reason.
There's another one.
Stupid Kusuo left without even helping.
He'll be a senior soon,
but he's so inconsiderate.
-When is he going to grow up?
Not very convincing
when you're arranging your toys.
Don't worry, dear.
He can always go back
and redo his junior year.
That's true.
-My action figures!
-You may have already noticed.
But this world is in a time loop.
I've already repeated
my junior year four times.
The reasons is me, of course.
I used mind control to change
the perception of time.
I can only use mind control
to change people.
Of course time continues to pass normally,
but people can't seem to tell
when they are repeating the same age.
Mind control is a very dangerous ability
that can affect the whole world
and never be undone.
So why do I do it?
Because of this.
This mountain will erupt
in exactly two minutes.
This is the reason
for the recent earthquakes,
but it won't be discovered in time.
The largest eruption in Japanese history.
It will greatly affect Japan.
The eruption completely destroys Japan.
This is what I saw
in a dream four years ago.
My dreams see into the future.
They will become reality.
I'm facing a biggest volcano ever.
I have to do what I did four years ago.
Here it comes.
I will try to hold it back!
My powers grow daily,
so maybe I can finally
No, it's pushing me back.
I have to stop or I'll be burned.
I failed again.
I rewound Earth's time one full year.
I could probably go further back,
but that creates more issues.
My restoration powers
rewind the time of all organisms
on Earth as well,
which creates chaos and confusion.
That's why I use mind control.
Good grief. I'll have to stop it
next year for sure.
We have a new opening and ending now.
What do you think? Pretty nice, right?
Next time, I'll have to deal with Saiko,
Toritsuka, and Aiura.
It's been a while
since my parents fought too.
Wasn't the Occult Club shut down?
Subtitle translation by Zensho Yamamoto
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