The Divorce (2015) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

1 - Divorce - Here it is.
- Divorce.
- Don't stop till you get there.
- I've never loved marriage more - Never more How can they destroy what they had? I love you, Iris.
Just enormously.
Who, who wants to woo Lou? To free me If I say that your works are brill, you can get a quarter mill.
Woo Louise - Done.
- Another drink? I once gave up a child Oh, my sweet boy I've found you.
I'm so confused.
I love Jed.
I've been looking for you For all my life.
My God Life just radically improved The skies opened The earth moved Good God, I have to get dressed The Champagne Socialists will all be stressed My love, adieu, adieu And for the rest of my life Don't stray from my view.
Love, love, bitter And capricious counters the ordinary and officious And while it rips some pairs asunder Reignites our sense of wonder Love, love, bitter And capricious counters the ordinary and delivers Sparkle, wisdom, a little pain And here we go, here we go, here we go again.
Oh, Mother I can't believe I'm actually saying it Oh, Mother, Mother, Mother Mummy, Mummy dearest How sweet the words How sweet the words.
What's this? Remember when you chased the man in Budapest? Thieving scoundrel.
And that time you persuaded the guard at the Prado to let us in after closing? Goya all to ourselves.
- The castle in the storm.
- Mm.
That spring we spent in Rome.
Love-making in the fields at dawn.
The garden that we made when children did not come.
The Henry Moore.
The poem you wrote me.
After the fight in Acapulco.
- Iris, I - Hm - Yes? - I wonder if Yes, you're right.
Time to rejoin the throng.
I've told Jed, 'If only I could have you' And now I can, but the thought's gone stale I can't just dump him with some puerile lamentation That's so, so capriciously female All those years, Cupid's arrow trained on Jed Now I find the arrow's aim untrue Real love, no choice.
It strikes instead, A rapid dart, the thrill of the new One encounter And now I see the man for me An artist in a waiter's garb A tray-bearing visionary And now I see A man for me An artist in a waiter's garb But how do I tell Jed the truth? Courage, Louise, courage! No gentle way to say this, dearest Jed I know I said it's you I adore But I have fallen into bed Actually, onto the floor With someone else We two must part This brutal truth can't be delayed This handsome waiter stole my heart I've thought, I've struggled.
Yes, I've prayed But this handsome waiter and his art Stole my heart Stole my heart Stole my heart away My dearest Lou, I'm filled with real dismay I'm destined to only love you from afar But not even I can stand in true love's way Don't let old dreams Mar new dreams.
- You think we're just playing around? - No - You think this is just fun and games? - I don't You think we're just a couple of mis - mis - Miscreants? - Naughty boys.
- No Who is it? It's the lucky barman.
Exactly my size.
- Is he dead? - Not yet.
20 minutes and then you both get a shot in the head.
Gangnam style.
Gangland style.
I can do it.
I can do it.
I can't do it.
Is she OK? Is she OK? - Can we talk? - Shh! William, I'm not a bad person.
I've never met a better one.
But now, alas, the settling of the score My punishment is nigh The loan sharks are outside the door I'll say my final goodbye Caroline, can this be our fate? To find real love, but all too late? I'd sell my shares, my bonds You'd do that? If I had any Caroline - William - Caroline William! He wasn't worth you, my dear.
A narrow escape, my dear.
Oh, my God! Hooley dooley! What was that? The equation of one heart plus one heart equalling kapow! It might as well be said aloud Witnesses will make it real And so before this entire crowd I've a secret to reveal A child abandoned longed to find The woman who, though full of doubt Gave birth to him Before adopting out And here tonight, I've come to know She who tenderly affixed The message 'Loved' Which she composed On a velvet rope around my wrist Ellen.
Whose child is he? There's no way he is mine And yet when he was born.
We were aligned Fidelity we'd sworn.
But, Ellen, all this time You deceived me with this baby and you spun me a line That ten-month trip you took, you left me home I was thoughtlessly discarded while you strayed And here, I let my urges roam A working trip to Ecuador A very bored young wife Hello? Surprised? An apparition at the door Jehovah's Witness proselytised Those churchy guys, they have no cred He proselytised you into bed Now that I have found my son I need a whole new life Patrick, despite the years, you're not the one I don't want to be a wife You don't want to be a wife? - Exclusively a mother - Mother You don't want to be a wife? - You'd rather be a mother? - Mother I don't want to be a wife I only want to be a mother Mother, Mother, Mother I'm a mother - I'm a mother - Mother, Mother, Mother I'm a mother Not a wife - Mother - Two separate - Numbers, connected but separate - Mother, Mother, Mother - I'm a mother - Two part solution - A strong resolution - I'm a - Mother - Two separate numbers Connected but separate - I'm a mother - Two-part solution - Not a wife - A strong resolution - What's going on with me? - Now, a - And what is up with them? - Perfect sum.
Our sweet fate - And now a perfect mum - And now I found - Like a perfect sun - My true son.
The deal's off.
Maturing is about deleting scruples and being real.
Yes, real! I often tell this to my pupils in the art world, a deal is a deal.
From the sweet Louise, you secured my release And now your every scribble, will be hailed as a masterpiece You wanted fame.
This you can't deny Don't acquiesce now to pompous pride When you want to reach, want to reach the sky Morals are gone, out the window.
Your strategy has netted your release, while I sit inside a great unease.
Ambition's ruined inner peace.
You see, I've I've fallen truly for Louise.
Listen! I loathe this deal.
I loathe this game Cruel, timely OK, inspired But hold your praise.
Don't bestow fame You have all that you desired.
But, in fact, I don't.
That'll be the divorce papers.
Louise! - No.
- Yes.
- No.
No, no, no, no.
- Yes, yes.
You wooed me for a fee.
- No! - Go to hell! It's true.
What have I done? I took you for a true love - And all the while I was - Ow! Scammed Two men that I thought I loved Neither loved me back Both used me for their nasty plan And once again, once again, I'm alone A real artist - Would not be interrupted - Louise! In finding beauty, love and truth Would never be corrupted Would never be so plain uncouth You're not the artist you pretend Well, for me - This is the end! - No, not true.
- No, not true, it seems so base - I'm all alone - But my dearest love - I'm all alone Please let me plead my case I fit you like a glove - I made a deal - You made a deal Of your own volition Capsized on my ambition But when I saw you My heart stalled I was enchanted by the vision It was this deep unthinking fall That expunged Jed's proposition Sometimes good things come fast Doubt by certainty replaced Feelings in their speed are built to last And your lips, your touch Your voice, your taste Louise, let me make this one mistake In the rubble of Jed's game This one thing is intact I love you Dearest, dearest Lou Love me back.
Death is the final guest My crime? To want too much, then more I must bid you all goodbye The loan sharks are at the door - Wait - I'm going to die I can't stand to see you in distress Hold on! We have something to confess.
- You're not the only ones.
- What? It's her I want for my lover But with the blessing of my mother - It's him I want - It's her I want - It's you I want - It's him I want It's him I want It's a son I want I don't want anyone.
Ha! I just want a drink.
Oi! Time's up.
Why'd you shoot the roof, not blondie? I just thought women do it tough, Alfie.
I mean, the patriarchal reality, the the thought of Amber, home alone, - it sabotaged my brutality.
- Not Amber again.
She works so hard! The breastfeeding, the defrosting, and Just what is this violence really costing? What are you talking about? You know, Alfie.
We need to celebrate the good in people.
Yeah? My God, I think my life is back I'll start afresh My love in tow I feel a surge of wild endorphins Celebrate release from debts And make a lovely home for orphans No longer desperate No longer poor.
Are you sure that's worth a quarter mill? Yeah.
Take a look at it, Alfie.
As a seminal work, it really appeals.
The pure pastiche, the colour field.
Your idiot rhyming is driving me mad! Oh, honestly, Alfie, that's it's a little bit sad.
Remember the dream, Ludo? Remember the plan? Millions! Ah! Money can't buy you love, my friend.
I don't want love, Ludo.
Of course you do, Alfie.
Everyone does.
Everyone does.
We thought history killed our love But history makes love anew The past is a charismatic force It charts our course behind and ahead It makes a sense from chaos It shapes us, makes us, strengthens us It makes a mockery of youth - Of new - Of light It binds us to the world And to each other - We cannot part.
We just cannot - We cannot part.
We just cannot - We must be old.
We must be old.
We - We must be old.
We must be old - Must be old together - We must be old together - But somehow new, but somehow new - But new, new - We'll sell all this - We'll sell - We'll sell all this - All this Yes, give it away Caroline can take the place And we will travel, read, laugh Seize the day, and all the days that brought us Caroline can take the place And we will travel, read, laugh Seize the day, and all the days that brought us Here.
We came today as one whole And yet tonight we leave as two We laughed, we kissed and dissed And then as fate insists, Cupid's arrow missed When new love rises from the old No love story will unfold The way it should be told - The way it - We know the heart's a better - Should be told - Writer than the head Our hearts will thrive on Resilience, truth and hope - Truth, hope, love - Dismiss the head in love In love we'll trust Sweet twin of lust From birth to dust In love we trust This sweet refrain of life Endures from birth to death This sweet refrain of life Endures from birth to love Love, love Love, love, love.