The Doctor Blake Mysteries (2013) s05e02 Episode Script

Sorrow Songs

I thought you told her to go.
Why are you still here? Well, I I just wanted to come back and get more pictures.
- Just a different perspective - You are not welcome.
- But I Nadya said - Afina, I will handle this.
She is to leave -- now.
Rose, why are you back? I just wanted to get the end of the party.
It's all so beautiful.
With these pictures and your story, the Women's Weekly are sure to run it.
I know this.
Nadya, what's wrong? Please.
There will be trouble.
- You must go.
- Or what? What's gonna happen? You have to go.
Please, go! Ugh! Hello? Is someone there? Rose Anderson, you are such a townie.
(Nadya!) It's alright, Jean.
You go back to bed.
No, I'll put the kettle on.
Yes? Doctor Lucien Blake.
- Charlie.
- Doc.
- Any witnesses? - No.
I understand Rose found the body.
What was she doing here? Working on a story.
Edward bloody Tyneman's campaign against the "Gypsy menace", yes? Yeah.
Yeah, we're hoping to turn up some of the stolen property in the search.
So the Courier's crime wave theory holds water, then? Well, the break-ins only started happening when the Gypsies arrived in town.
Stand back! Stand back! Now! Police! Move back! What happened to restricting access to the crime scene? You wanna wrangle this lot, you be my guest.
My name is Alexandru Draghici.
I am authority here.
Senior Sergeant Charlie Davis.
Unfortunately, this is a murder inquiry, and that makes us the authority here, sir.
She is my daughter.
And I'm very sorry for your loss.
Now, excuse me.
- Bill.
- Doc.
Abrasions and grazes around the throat, and what appears to be a significant crush injury.
- So, she was strangled? - Strangled, yes.
But this is unusual, Charlie -- there's something .
there's something very odd about it.
- I'll organise a stretcher.
- Very good.
Rose? I wouldn't.
I am so sorry.
It must have been a dreadful shock, finding her this way.
I'm perfectly alright.
I am.
So, what do you think? A robbery, or a crime of passion? Perhaps we should get you home, eh? She didn't deserve this.
No, she certainly did not.
- Did you know her well? - We spoke a few times.
I wanted to get a sense of what Gypsy life is like.
And tell me, what is it like? Not this.
What do you think is in those? Well, herbs, I expect.
Rose, I'm no expert, but I am sure there's more to Gypsy life than just .
fortune telling and palm reading.
Well, some futures you wouldn't want to know.
I must She was still warm.
You know, I thought that maybe she had just fainted.
You know what? I think shock's setting in.
So come here.
There we go.
It's alright.
Nadya! Please! No! No! No! No.
Nadya! Nadya! No! Longitudinal fracture of the thyroid cartilage.
You can add haemorrhage and oedema to the list.
Bilateral thyroid horn fractures.
Goodness me -- the force of the strangulation was .
Someone really did want her dead.
Downward pressure across the neck .
leveraged with something.
A branch, um Any fibres or debris? More likely an implement of some kind.
It's highly improbable the murder weapon could be identified from the evidence here.
Well, as the bruising patterns develop, hopefully, we'll get more clues.
- If you don't mind waiting.
- I know.
It's not ideal.
But we have no choice.
Anything else to work with? Evidence of sexual activity, and skin under the fingernails -- both hands.
- She fought off her attacker.
- Yes.
And these, found on the deceased.
Mr Draghici, please -- you don't want to see her, not like this.
I must.
It is my duty.
You're not well.
Let's find you somewhere to sit.
Please, come through here.
Wheezing, cyanosis.
You should be in hospital.
So they can tell me what -- that I'm dying? Nadya wanted me to seek treatment.
Better she was like her sister.
A keeper of tradition.
What it must have been like for her.
To be so alone.
I failed to protect her in life.
I will not in death.
We will find out how she died, and who did this -- I promise you.
I don't have much faith in the promises of strangers.
History has taught me this.
- Oh.
- No, no.
For luck.
To prevent misfortune.
Please, forgive me for asking, but .
does this look at all familiar? You think my daughter a thief? No, I make no judgements.
- I'm certainly not - Prejudiced? My good doctor, I think you are not in a position to judge.
Should there be another explanation, believe me, I'd be more than happy to hear it.
- Perhaps her gentleman friend - There is no gentleman friend.
Nadya was a good girl.
- Bill.
How you going? - Doc.
- Any progress on the murder weapon? - Not yet.
A lot of stuff lying around.
We're taking it all, and sort it out later.
Tell me, have you spoken with that boy -- the one who was so upset? Tamas Lupei.
No-one's seen him since then.
Well, well.
No, you can't! - Bill! - Stop! - Put the case down! - No! It is our way! You're destroying evidence! We must sever all material ties to the dead! - Don't touch me! - Oi! Put the bag down! Mrs Bako, please -- there might be something here that could help us identify your sister's killer! You are the one who took her away from us! Yes, and I'm sorry.
I needed to, in the hope of finding some answers! Now her spirit won't be free! Listen to me.
You want the killer to be found and brought to justice, yes? Sarge, she was disposing of evidence.
You left the party and then you came this way.
Charlie, I've told you all this.
I came through there.
I came up here.
I dropped my camera.
- Then I heard some noises - No, no, no.
No, no.
You said you heard some kind of cry.
Was it right before you found Nadya? It was an owl.
I think I heard it fly off.
Rose, I know this is difficult.
So, preliminary autopsy results -- is there anything to go on? - Not that I can talk about.
- Well, if there's nothing else Why did you leave the party? You never said.
Afina didn't want me there -- at least, not then -- and Nadya asked me to.
- Because? - Well, she was frightened, I think.
I thought that she was frightened for me, but - Who would have frightened her? - I don't know.
Everyone? They were staring at us and Afina was angry.
Because of what you and Tyneman had been writing? I don't think it was that.
And besides, Edward lost interest.
He told me not to come out here.
But you did anyway? I wanted to write something more in-depth for one of the bigger magazines.
Today Ballarat, tomorrow the world? I should be getting back.
You're late.
- I should dock your pay.
- Yes.
Yeah, I know.
I'm sorry.
What, no sarcasm? No backchat? You're going soft.
Rose, is something wrong? I found a body.
Out at the Gypsy camp.
The police just wanted to ask me a few questions.
So that's why I'm late.
Gypsy camp? - Who? - A girl called Nadya.
The police just wanted to know what I saw.
And what was that? What did you see? Nothing.
I didn't see anything.
What did I tell you about going out there? - I know, but - You work for me, you do as I say.
Mrs Bako, we're not going to lay charges this time.
For now.
But it would be better for all concerned if you told us everything you know.
We know that Nadya was afraid before she died.
She said there was trouble.
Any idea what she might have been referring to? It was my wedding night.
There was much going on.
Could it have been about Tamas? I mean, they seemed quite close.
They were not.
She's the bandolier's daughter.
He was nobody.
She was saving herself.
I see.
But maybe they were .
conducting a relationship in secret, and someone found out.
That might explain why she was so afraid.
Because all Gypsies are thieves and whores? Now murderers too? I know what you said to my father.
I know what you meant.
Look, we're just trying to find out what happened.
The money, the necklace, this business with Tamas.
What money? What necklace? Perhaps there was more to Nadya than you realised.
She was my sister.
I would have known.
Where might we find him? Tamas? - Tell them, you bastard! - It's got nothing to do with me! Alright? Back off! You have to say something! I don't know anything! Only what you told me! For Nadya! Please! You come in here, you ask for a favour when you stole from me! Now put it down and walk away! I told you, Tamas has gone mad.
Dean, what's going on? Tamas, put it down, or you're gonna get hurt.
- Tell them! - Put it down -- now! I want him to do what's right! Mrs Charles, I found the little one outside.
Oh, thanks, Dr Blake.
No! You're right, mate.
Are you right? - You frightened him.
- It's not my fault.
Calm down.
Calm down! You're animals -- all of you! We're gonna go for a little chat.
- She deserves better.
- Move! Now, what's this about? He's a raving lunatic.
Perhaps we should take a look at that, eh? She was murdered? I don't understand How well do you know Tamas? You don't think it was him? He works for you, doesn't he? On and off, when he's passing through.
- It's tricky to find a good striker.
- A striker? Swings the sledgehammers on the bigger jobs.
Decent worker.
As fit as a Mallee bull.
So, business is alright? Oh, well, there's always farrier work, and picks and crowbars.
To be honest .
I didn't want to turn him away.
- Why is that? - Well, you don't, do you? In case they .
give you the evil eye.
Look, he seemed like a nice enough bloke -- until today.
You called him a thief.
They said I stole a bag of tools.
Did you? And risk the little they were paying me? I needed the money.
What for? Nadya and me.
We were saving up to start over in Sydney.
We had almost enough.
They'd been together for a while.
You know, he was head over heels.
But no-one knew -- certainly not her family.
Ah, there he is -- our little champion.
My one and only.
- Go on, say hello.
- Hi! Well, hello to you.
And aren't you a brave one? No thanks to his father.
We're lucky you came, Bill.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you so much.
You were saying, about Nadya and Tamas? Yeah, well, something must have happened.
What? What happened? Well, apparently, she changed her mind about leaving.
She changed her mind often.
On the night of the wedding? And you argued? It wasn't like that.
He idolised her.
She would come over and see him here, a couple of times.
She was a pretty little thing.
It was nothing.
A tiff.
Go on.
Nadya had too much to drink at the wedding.
I never liked it when she drank.
It changed her.
So you DID argue? What about? Nothing.
It was stupid.
Tamas .
what did you find out? The cash? The expensive necklace? The evidence of sexual activity we found during the autopsy? No.
You found out she was selling herself.
- No.
- Roll up your sleeves.
Skin was found underneath Nadya's fingernails from fighting off her attacker.
Sleeves! Open your shirt.
Tamas wanted me to go to the police.
Because? He didn't think they'd believe him.
Believe what, exactly? He kept coming out to the camp to visit her.
He was obsessed with Nadya.
Who was? It's laughable.
I hardly knew the girl.
But you DID know Nadya.
She was begging in the street one day.
You know what they're like.
Apparently, that young chap Tamas says he saw you there last night.
I got a tip-off from a farmer complaining about upset cows and too much noise.
Everyone loves a bit of Gypo-bashing.
Rose told us that you didn't want to cover them anymore.
Did she? Roll up your sleeves, please.
You're not serious.
Remember who you're dealing with.
Let's just get this out of the way, shall we? - You satisfied? - And the right, please, Edward.
I need you to come with us.
You can't think that I killed this girl.
Given your history Fine.
Let's go.
Don't just stand there.
Chief Superintendent, is the editor of the Courier a murder suspect? No comment at this time.
Do you expect to lay charges? Which part of 'no comment' do you not understand? Is it true? Did the newspaperman hurt Nadya? - Mr Draghici, I - You must tell me.
Are you sure you want to waive your right to representation? I won't be here that long.
Nadya's boyfriend said that you went out to meet her last night.
Her boyfriend? Said it wasn't the first time.
No crime in meeting someone, is there? Making one of your dirty movies with her, were you? Easier to pick the low-hanging fruit, isn't it, Davis, rather than go after the man who did it? Tamas said you were fixated on Nadya.
Then he's lying, or a fool.
That girl would sell herself to the highest bidder without a second thought.
Highest bidder.
She gave you a second thought, though, didn't she? Such a beautiful young woman.
You wanted her, but she rejected you.
And I'm supposed to be the storyteller.
You may have missed your calling, Blake.
Given the evidence, you might want to try and explain yourself.
Might I? Lock him up, Davis.
Big mistake.
Very big mistake.
He remembers the way.
I want my telephone call.
What now? We'll see how playful he is after some thinking time in a cell.
I still have my doubts.
Well, he had motive -- I mean, he was besotted with her.
And opportunity.
And, uh, defensive wounds likely caused by the victim.
That's pretty compelling on paper.
Listen, why don't you let me write a script up for you? - Ah, stop fussing.
- Well, you're in pain! Just find me something that either clears or convicts Tyneman.
- I'd like to speak with him.
- Well, you know where he is.
What do you want, Blake? I'm curious.
You're trying to prove something.
Is that what this is? Sick of being judged by the past, so you kick the doors down and force change? I'm simply looking out for number one.
Really? How's that working for you? Well, the longer I'm here the better.
Meaning? Well, time will tell, won't it? You said Nadya had a price.
You had an arrangement with her.
I offered to pull strings at the hospital -- treatment for her old man.
Not that they ever went through with it.
And what were you getting out of it? That's how you got the scratch? She was wearing a very expensive necklace -- clearly stolen.
I tried to take it off her before she got caught.
She thought .
I was trying to Trying to attack her? But you weren't.
- You wouldn't.
- I know you wouldn't.
Not now.
Wouldn't I? Edward, roll your sleeve up for me again.
Now, you see, this isn't consistent with the evidence we found on Nadya.
She had skin under both sets of fingernails, meaning she clawed at her attacker with both hands.
Edward, you didn't do this.
Oh, but you'd want to be sure, though, wouldn't you? Before you went upstairs, told them I wasn't the killer? Before you set me free? Miss Anderson, I want to talk to you.
Explain this afternoon's edition.
'Face of a Killer' -- question mark.
Question mark? Do you have a problem with my punctuation? Don't be smart -- it doesn't suit you.
Dredging up Edward's past in our own paper! - I know what this is.
- And what is that? Rapacious ambition.
Edward phoned that story through himself.
This was HIS doing? All publicity's good publicity.
Rapacious ambition -- terrible thing.
Do not push me, young lady.
Apparently, Edward's not afraid of a little mud-slinging.
Well, God knows he should be.
What in God's name was that? [Murderer! Murderer! Murderer!] - Bloody hell! - [Murderer! Murderer!] Call the police.
- We know what he did! - Bloody Gypos! Murderer! Murderer! You lot can just bugger off back to where you came from! Go on -- piss off! Your son killed my daughter.
No, he didn't.
- He must pay.
- Don't be ridiculous.
He has no respect for any of us, and you must know that.
~ ~ Just stop this hocus pocus and piss off! What a load of rot! ~ - I can't breathe! - You need the doctor! Well, Patrick, I'm afraid there's nothing to be done.
But it's angina, isn't it? Well, there's only so much modern medicine can do .
in the face of a gypsy curse.
Very funny.
I'm glad you're enjoying yourself.
Come on.
You've had palpitations before.
You need to rest.
With Edward in the lock-up? Damn fool has decided that infamy is the shortest route to success.
And I thought he was making a point.
Well, feel free to enlighten me.
About conclusions we've jumped to in the past.
His history.
Can I tempt you with some fruitcake? Jean, you're a tonic.
Now, I warn you she's very heavy-handed with the brandy.
Oh, that's only because you insist.
Someone has to be the bad influence.
Oh, look -- I've forgotten the sugar.
Excuse me.
Now, nitroglycerine.
First sign of a twinge, one under your tongue.
And, Patrick, try to worry less.
Perhaps you could prescribe a less worrisome son as well.
I wish I could.
That boy is determined to make fools of us all.
Yes, so it would seem.
This is the world we're to live in, Blake .
surrounded by people we thought we knew, but barely recognise.
Full of secrets.
Welcome to the future, Patrick.
Thanks for the cake.
Oh, Patrick, of course.
For what it's worth .
I think it's wonderful news.
Well, we're just keeping it between ourselves.
We've got so much to go through before No-one will hear a word from me.
Not until you're ready.
Thank you, Patrick.
Jean, it's meant to be.
Don't you let anyone make you unhappy about something that should be celebrated.
Now, this is what I'm looking for.
Horizontal contusions at the back of the neck.
Consistent with someone yanking or pulling hard on a necklace? You think Edward Tyneman is telling the truth.
And, Alice, you see here -- the pattern? Would you say would you say that's an edge? It could be.
You know I don't like to speculate.
But from what we have here, the murder weapon is possibly long and rectangular in shape.
At least that narrows it down a little.
The only certainty we have is the width of the bruising.
Is that helpful? It will be.
When we find the weapon.
You say that nobody understands your people, and then you go and do that? My father only seeks justice.
How is hurling a brick through a window avenging Nadya's death? You would do the same for your people.
Oh, because the Romani are all so innocent and misunderstood! I can tell by all the robberies! It is my sister who is dead! How easy that fact is lost.
It's not.
It doesn't have to be.
I can help.
Would you let me help? Now you want to play detective.
I want to find Nadya's killer.
Please? You know something, don't you? Jean is going to kill you, making that mess.
As long as she leaves a distinctive mark.
I'm gonna need a hint.
I'm trying to match the bruising pattern on the body -- 'pattern' being perhaps too strong a word.
So, one of those things killed Nadya? At this point, I really don't know.
I want to ask you about the murderer.
Rose, you know I can't discuss the case.
Hypothetically, of course.
Of course.
If I were to tell you that someone else was at the camp the night Nadya died, what would you say? I'd say .
you should be telling the police.
- Have you remembered something? - Well, not exactly.
If I could just do the groundwork first, - make sure that it's a solid lead - Rose.
We need to talk to Charlie.
Now, let me get cleaned up.
Well, thank you, Mrs Charles.
Wait here.
You can't be here.
- I'm not gonna get in the way.
- It's police business.
How about you wait in the car? Fine.
Thanks for the tip.
It wasn't mine -- it was Afina's.
So many potential murder weapons.
TOO many, Charlie.
My wife said you wanted to, uh - What are you doing? - Mr Charles, a few more questions.
You said you knew about Nadya Draghici.
I met her a few times with Tamas.
I wouldn't say I know her.
Then why go out and meet her? Who said I did that? Somebody saw you.
Her sister.
Well, she's lying.
And why would she do that? You're wasting your time.
Nothing to see here.
Matthew, can we? Shirt, please.
Thank you, Mr Charles.
This shouldn't take long.
Well, clearly, no visible scratches or wounds.
See? I told you I didn't do it.
Mr Charles, please, tell us, why were you at the camp? Well, I wanted to see the wedding.
Tamas said it'd be a spectacle.
What -- at 3:00 in the morning? You went up to the camp to buy sex off Nadya, didn't you? No.
We all know that she makes .
- Sexual favours.
- No -- that's not how it was! I'm a married man! I love my wife! Chief Superintendent, you've found an actual suspect? Good for you.
You know the way out, Tyneman.
I don't suppose you'd like to give me the scoop? - I don't suppose I would.
- Not to worry.
I've got a great headline for the evening edition -- "Clueless cops bungle again.
" Nice ring to it, don't you think? So, you've started drinking alone now? Well, I mean, I am great company.
That's true.
- May I? - Please.
Frank, just two, please.
- Are you feeling alright? - Yeah, I'm fine.
What happened with Dean Charles? Did he do it? Rose! You never stop working, do you? Do you? - We're quite a pair, aren't we? - I guess we are.
So, did he? I don't know.
We're holding him for a few hours, see if that loosens him up.
But, between you and me, we don't have anything but the fact that he was there.
She was really sweet.
Only a bit younger than me.
Nothing like that is gonna happen to you -- I won't let it.
My knight in shining armour.
Oh I'm glad we're talking again.
- Me too.
- Mm.
Here are your drinks, Charlie.
Thanks, mate.
Oh, Senior Sergeant -- I haven't said congratulations.
- You must be thrilled! - I am.
You know what I keep thinking about? My dad.
He only made it to sergeant before he was .
before he died.
I'm sure that he would be very proud of you.
I am.
- Is that Tamas? - Shh-shh.
Oi! Oi! Tamas! Mate, get out of the way! I think I rather preferred the necklace, if you're handing out gifts.
Can you check if any of these tools match the marks on Nadya's neck? You didn't have anything planned for this evening, did you? A dance class.
Really? No.
Here -- victim's toxicology.
You'll be interested by what's NOT in there.
No alcohol.
- So Tamas lied.
- He has some questions to answer.
When they find him, yes.
Yes, he does.
I'm making some cocoa.
Would you like some? Ah! I'm guessing that's a no to the cocoa.
Something stronger perhaps.
Will you join me? I've got an early morning mass.
Of course.
Dinner? Tomorrow? Let's see.
Did I wake you? Rose.
I just I thought I left my knitting downstairs.
I'll get it in the morning.
Goodnight, Rose.
Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.
So, nothing in the bag matched? Alice is still conducting tests.
Well, he lied about stealing the bag and about Nadya drinking AND he's done a runner.
Well, let's hope someone here knows where he might have gone.
[Marime! Marime! Marime!] You have been found guilty of polluting Nadya Draghici, of taking her life, and of betraying your people.
I didn't kill her.
I swear.
- It's a trial.
- I swear! Marime! Marime! Marime! Tamas Lupei, your blood is no longer our blood.
It is gadje.
You are banished to permanent marime.
Begin the punishment.
- Marime! - Make him suffer! Beat him! Marime! Marime! Marime! Marime! Marime! Marime! Marime! - Stop! - Marime! Stop where you are.
Please, Alexandru, this is not the answer.
You have no right.
The punishment of Kris-Romani must stand.
- You're breaking the law! - And what of our law? He must be punished for his crimes.
- Tamas is coming with me.
- No.
- Stand up.
Stand up.
- No! This is my punishment.
That's for a judge to decide.
~ Let them go! ~ Recognise these? They were reported stolen by the owner of a house on Sturt Street.
She deserved beautiful things.
So, you admit stealing it? What happened to the rest of it, Tamas? I told you, I needed money.
I didn't hurt Nadya.
Tell us about that night she was killed.
At first, she said we could still leave.
And then she changed her mind again.
And she broke it off between you? I thought she wanted to be together.
Perhaps not enough.
Not enough to stand up against her family.
So, why'd you lie about her being drunk? It was stupid.
I didn't want anyone to know why we argued.
The arrangement with Tyneman.
You couldn't stand the fact that she was selling herself.
A woman you couldn't have.
It wasn't like that.
- But you DID have her.
- No.
We made love.
After you got what you wanted, why'd you strangle her? Sit down! It wasn't like that! I didn't do it.
I would never hurt her! You have to believe me.
She said she wanted to wait.
I would have waited for her.
She would have come back to me.
I think maybe she WAS ready .
to run away with you, Tamas.
You may not have realised it .
but I think she was.
Tamas Lupei, I'm arresting you under suspicion of breaking and entering a building, committing a felony, resisting arrest This fire rake is the most likely weapon.
The diameter matches.
It's the right shape.
Except .
this pattern.
I've tested it each way.
It would have shown up in the bruising, no matter how it was held.
- And it didn't? - No.
So we're no closer.
Actually, I think we might be.
As more bruising developed, I noticed something interesting.
Ovoid bruising.
ABOVE the crush injury.
Both sides.
Someone tried to strangle her before they crushed her throat.
The pattern of bruising indicates an upward grip.
So the assailant was unable to exert sufficient pressure to cause death.
So the killer finishes her off by crushing the neck.
The question is, who tries to kill someone twice? Someone too weak to finish the job first time round.
He has answered all of your questions.
Leave us be, please! This must be difficult, yes? With your strength failing? I am still head of this kumpania.
I have strength enough for that.
- That's a beautiful cane.
- Mm.
May I look at it.
For what purpose? It's alright, Charlie.
No need.
You knew.
About Nadya and Tamas.
I know what Tamas wanted.
It was not what Nadya wanted.
Alexandru .
I'm afraid you may be mistaken.
YOU knew about Nadya and Tamas, didn't you, Afina? You knew what she was planning.
To run away with him? She'd even packed her bag.
- And you wanted to burn it.
- So what if I did? - Afina? - No, this is not right.
Is that why you implicated Tamas and Dean Charles, hm? To throw suspicion off yourself? You think I strangled my own sister 'cause she was seeing Tamas? Or perhaps because she'd come to an arrangement with Edward Tyneman.
No! - Afina! - No! Nadya was manipulative and selfish.
Really? She cared about your father -- enough to organise treatment for him.
It wasn't right, and she knew it.
They both did.
But she had him wrapped around her little finger.
She was always the special one.
Different rules applied.
You were jealous of her? I always had to do what was expected, while she could do as she pleased, whatever the consequences.
Tell me -- when did you find out about .
her dealings with Edward Tyneman? Before the ceremony.
And then you saw her and Tamas at the wedding.
She promised me there was nothing between them, but seeing them together What did you do? I told her to stay away from him.
But she wouldn't listen to me.
She wouldn't listen to anyone.
Fair to say you and your sister had, um .
a complicated relationship.
Nadya was wilful, and she made me angry, but I would never hurt her.
I need to inspect your arms, please.
I didn't kill her.
Your arms please, Mrs Bako.
The other one? Your neck, too, please.
No, Charlie.
Thank you.
Afina, can you tell us about these? Nadya was a drabarni -- a healer.
She made money off the cures.
Lucien? What is that dreadful smell? Ah.
Um, ginseng.
This one, I have absolutely no idea.
But you're right -- it pongs.
And this one Well, you tell me.
What do you think? Oh, some sort of pine bark? Excellent.
That's what I thought too.
The old pine bark.
Do you know what it's used for? Well, some of the more unorthodox film society ladies recommend it.
- Really? - Mm.
Women's issues.
- With? - The change.
Oh, I see.
Does it work? Some of their husbands use it too.
For? - Problems with - Stress? .
Oh, I see.
How very intriguing.
Lucien! How very intriguing indeed.
Lu Lucien? Mr Charles.
Mrs Charles.
What's going on? I just wanted to clarify a couple of things with you, if I may.
Now, you met Nadya at the camp that night, and you paid her.
We've already been over this.
This is what you were after.
Yes? Pine bark.
This is what your husband was buying from Nadya.
Herbs! Ah, yes.
Used to treat menopause.
And in men - .
- Shut up, alright! You have no business being here again, alright? - You're harassing me! - Dean.
I appreciate it's embarrassing.
I mean, for goodness sake -- you were almost prepared to be charged with murder rather than admit to it.
Now, it's true, isn't it? That's why you wouldn't try for another baby? Sorry, Lib.
Why didn't you just tell me, Dean? Look, I didn't kill her.
- I swear, I didn't kill her.
- I know you didn't.
Then why are you here? Just leave us alone.
Because it was you.
What?! You killed her, didn't you, Libby? This is ridiculous! - Go! - No, you can't just Dean set off in the early hours of the morning to see Nadya, knowing full well the wedding festivities would still be going strong.
He also knew, of course, you'd be asleep.
Don't listen to him -- please.
You'd been waiting so long to confirm your theory -- that Dean was having an affair.
On this occasion, you .
you set off after him, taking wee Robbie with you, of course.
You didn't want to leave him home alone.
And you saw what you wanted to see.
Your husband, alone with a beautiful woman.
And, by God, you couldn't stand it.
Something snapped.
Dean, tell me -- do you know what's missing from your new tool set? - No.
- A fire rake.
Libby took it with her -- possibly not with the intent to kill.
Maybe maybe she was just scared, and wanted some protection against those Gypsy men, should things go wrong.
They are, after all .
animals, aren't they Libby? You can't know that.
You can't know any of this.
Curiously, in your haste .
little Robbie left something behind.
I thought you I was so sure.
Roll up your sleeves.
This is your fault? Ohh! Libby, where's the weapon? Elizabeth Charles, I'm arresting you for the murder of Nadya Draghici.
Anything you say can be written down and used as evidence I forgot to say, well done today.
No need.
Perhaps there's a different conversation we should be having.
One in which I fire you.
I know you told me to let it go, but this is a good story.
About outsiders going against the norm.
People are interested in stories like this.
Are they? I should have spoken to you.
I know that.
But I didn't think that you'd It's a different style, but Have it on my desk first thing.
You'll run it? We'll see.
Good evening, Miss Henderson.
Oh, that's lovely.
What is it? It's a good luck charm.
To ward off misfortune.
Belongs to Alexandru Draghici.
He left it at our front door.
Well, it's very pretty.
And I like the idea of something looking after you when you're not with me.
"I walked along the road ".
and met the lucky people.
" From an old Romani song.
It's lovely, isn't it? Speaking of lovely Oh, I do like that.
Come -- dance with me.
Come on.
Life is too short not to.
Sit down! I've got nothing to say to you.
Doctor Blake's surgery.
Two now, two in the morning.
There's still a lot of blanks to fill in.
Mum says I'm just like you.
Don't stay up too late.