The Doll Factory (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

LIZZIE: You know, he completely lost it
when he found out what Guin did.
IRIS: Guinevere did this?
IRIS: Louis, do you ever
think about our future?
LOUIS: I want to keep you here, forever.
IRIS: Marry me then.
LOUIS: I wish that I could.
IRIS: I know you've been spying on me.
If your intention was to scare me.
ROSE: Well I wouldn't be
caught dead in that whorehouse.
IRIS: I saw you.
GIDEON: I brought you a gift.
Stick to what you know, Mr. Reed.
MR. BODDINGTON: What's your price?
IRIS: You're selling it?
MADAME: Can't keep
following Silas forever.
MADAME: Where was it?
SILAS: Why didn't you come?
Sorry doesn't cut it, Iris!
IRIS: How do you know my
name? How do you know my name?
ROSE: Louis Frost.
ALBIE: Hi Rose, here's your skirts.
ROSE: Albie!
I need you to take me somewhere.
ALBIE: Miss Rose.
ROSE: Yeah.
SYLVIA: What happened to your face?
You look different.
ROSE: That's not me.
ROSE: Time to go.
ALBIE: Just a minute longer.
ROSE: Now.
MILLAIS [OOV]: Now let
me say in the first place
that I have no acquaintance
with any of these items,
Who style themselves the PRB.
ROSETTI [OOV]: No, no, no, no, no, no.
MILLAIS: Yes, by which they
mean pre Raphaelite brethren.
HUNT: Brotherhood!
ROSETTI: The cunt doesn't
even know our names!
HUNT: These pre Raphaelites,
though I cannot compliment
them on their choice of name,
I must object to the
tone of your critique
which appeared in The
Times of last Wednesday,
they are at a turning point
in which they will either
sink in to nothingness
or rise to a very great, greatness.
IRIS: It wasn't what he said,
it was the way he was speaking with me.
It was like he knew me.
LIZZIE: You're in a new world now.
You know, Iris Whittle was printed
in The Times last Wednesday.
Have you heard about this, Louis?
IRIS: He he thinks it's nothing.
LIZZIE: Did he say that?
IRIS: He doesn't
understand. It's a feeling.
ROSETTI: Woof. Woof. Woof. [PANTS] Woof.
[OOV]: Oh for God's sake.
ROSETTI: Ow, my lungs. Woof.
[OOV]: Poor little bastard.
[OOV]: Leave him alone.
MILLAIS: Alright there, Iris?
IRIS: This is the dog that
we played with in the park.
LOUIS: Iris, there's
hundreds of dogs like that
roaming around London,
thousands of them.
MILLAIS: You you probably just
recognise him from my painting.
IRIS: I think I can tell the difference
between your painting and my memory.
CLARISSA: Of course you can.
No one's no one's
suggesting otherwise.
LOUIS: Let's get a drink. Come on.
ALBIE: He's gone.
MADAME: What d'you mean he's gone?
ALBIE: His shop's closed
and he's not been in
any of his usual places.
What if he figured out
we know about what he did?
What if he saw that the feather's gone?
MADAME: He can't have just disappeared.
Where you going?
ALBIE: I'm keeping looking for him.
LOUIS [OOV]: Your fee, madame artiste?
IRIS: Fifty pounds.
ROSETTI: What's that?
LOUIS: Iris's commission for her work
on the Shepherd Boy's background.
MILLAIS: How much did
that one go for in the end?
LOUIS: Three hundred.
MILLAIS [OOV]: Very nice.
IRIS: Louis, I won't accept it.
LOUIS: Why not?
IRIS:'Cause I don't need his charity.
ROSETTI: Louis' far
too mean for charity.
LOUIS: You worked on commission,
did I not make that clear?
MILLAIS: Yeah, this is how it goes.
That's exactly how we started
making a little tin for ourselves.
CLARISSA: You deserve
to be paid for your work.
IRIS: And you think
this is proportionate?
MILLAIS: Well, I would actually argue
that you're being underpaid.
I'd have lost my fucking
mind painting that meadow.
- MILLAIS: All those buttercups.
- MILLAIS: I hate yellow.
LOUIS: Oh, that'll
be Hunt with the wine.
IRIS: I'll get it.
MILLAIS: Midday blue.
IRIS: I found a visitor.
MILLAIS: Is it Hunt?
- LOUIS: Yes, I know, the question
- LOUIS' SON: Papa! Papa!
What happened? Talk to me.
LOUIS' SON: Mother is very bad tonight.
IRIS: Louis?
CLARISSA: Hey, we have to go, now.
Alright? It's going
to be absolutely fine,
just come with me, we'll go find mother.
LOUIS: I'll come back as soon as I can.
MILLAIS: Iris, why
don't you just sit down?
IRIS: Don't touch me,
I don't want to sit.
Tell me the truth, whose child was that?
LIZZIE: Oh, for God's
sake, stop lying to her.
IRIS: Is that Louis' son?
- IRIS: With who?
LIZZIE: Honestly, I don't know.
I've only heard the rumours.
IRIS: What rumours?
What rumours!
MILLAIS: Her name is Sylvia.
And she's his wife.
CHEMIST: I assume the doctor sent you?
It's a very new drug,
but growing in popularity.
They say the Queen might even use it.
Mrs. Dickens was all
praise for the method.
Hoping for a son, I take it?
SILAS: No. A girl.
IRIS: You'll take care of me, won't you?
CHEMIST: One bottle?
IRIS: Precision lies
not just in accuracy,
but in the timing.
SILAS: Thank you.
SILAS: I'm sorry for staring.
Can't believe how
much you look like her.
IRIS: Focus.
- SILAS: Hey!
IRIS: You can let go now.
SILAS: He's a very dangerous man,
prone to outbursts and extreme cruelty.
SILAS: What was that noise?
ALBIE: Aargh! Aargh! Aaargh! Aaargh!
Oh you thief! Thief!
SILAS: Albie.
If you meddle, if you intervene
ALBIE: Please Mr. Silas,
sir, Miss Iris, let her alone.
SILAS: I'll find that
rat you call your sister
and I'll kill you both.
ALBIE: Please! No!
Oh, oh, oh.
ALBIE: Evie!
MOLL: Albie, will you shut the fuck up!
Some of us have been working all night!
ALBIE: I can't find her.
EVIE: I was only outside taking a piss.
What the fuck happened to it?
It was your only one.
LOUIS: Excuse me.
ANANYA: She's not here.
LOUIS: You are Ananya.
She talked about you.
ANANYA: She talked to me about you also.
LOUIS: You have a husband in India.
Surely you can empathise
with my situation.
Can you not just get
her to come down here?
ANANYA: I'm not her keeper.
LOUIS: No. But you're her Queen's guard.
Listen, I've brought something for her.
Maybe you can ask her just
to come down and receive it.
ANANYA: Why don't you
bring whatever it is inside,
and then we'll see.
EVIE: What you doing?
ALBIE: Can't sleep.
ANANYA: It's very huge.
IRIS: I hated it when I first
saw it at the Royal Academy.
ANANYA: I know. But
It is beautiful.
IRIS: Yes. I used to
sneak in to his studio
when it was empty just to look at it.
Every brushstroke felt
like a secret gesture.
ANANYA: Will you keep it?
IRIS: Will I keep it?
ANANYA: It's a gift, for you.
IRIS: You must have misunderstood.
He sold it.
ANANYA: He bought it back.
IRIS: I know him better than that.
ANANYA: He told me he can't sell it
because the painting
feels to him like
like it is you.
He said
LOUIS: I couldn't
bear the thought of it.
Hanging there on Mr. Bodington's wall,
so I went to the Academy,
tore it down from its place
on the line with my own hands.
Because it's not you.
It's just shapes, colours.
And I thought what if this
was the only piece of you
that I ever got to possess?
Nobody should possess
you, least of all me.
Will you just tell her
I said that? Please.
CLARISSA: Louis isn't here.
IRIS: I haven't come to see him.
CLARISSA: It's not a good time.
IRIS: Please, Clarissa.
I want to meet her.
CLARISSA: She quite often says
and does some rather strange things.
Please don't aggravate her.
IRIS: And what might aggravate her?
CLARISSA: Been her friend
since we were ten years old
and I still don't know how
to answer that question.
IRIS: Since you were ten?
- IRIS: Did Louis
want to be your mediator.
The doctor says she has a wandering womb
which I find offensively unscientific,
but he has seen something.
Through her eye. Inside her head.
You should know they were
living separate lives.
Even before she became - like this.
CLARISSA: You've got a visitor, Sylv.
SYLVIA: I know who that is.
We met before.
- CLARISSA: No, Sylv.
Don't know how you do it,
that trick with your face.
IRIS: What trick?
SYLVIA: Last time I saw you.
CLARISSA: Careful. Careful, my love.
SYLVIA: Maybe it was a trick.
I get terrible dreams.
Sometimes you're in them.
CLARISSA: You should go, I think.
IRIS: Was my sister. You met my sister.
I have a twin, she looks like me,
but when we were 16, she got smallpox
and now she has scars on her face.
I met your sister?
At the gallery?
CLARISSA: At the gallery?
SYLVIA: I I wanted to see
if it had been hung on the line.
It's so important to him.
And you were there in
the painting, and
didn't seem like a dream, she
was there, in the painting.
Felt like I was being punished, Clari.
CLARISSA: No, darling.
Syl, no, darling!
- SYLVIA: Aaargh!
- CLARISSA: Stop, please. No.
- CLARISSA: No, darling, no, no. No.
Shh. Don't, it's alright.
Shh, it's alright.
SYLVIA: I'm such a terrible mother.
CLARISSA: Of course you're not.
SYLVIA: Poor Lou.
I didn't mean to do it in front of him.
It was an accident.
SYLVIA: I am sorry I
destroyed your painting.
IRIS: Sylvia.
Did you come to my lodgings?
- I just
- CLARISSA: Oh my God.
SYLVIA: I just wanted to see her.
IRIS: So that was you,
in the room when I was
SYLVIA: I came to talk
to you about Louis.
My husband.
He has a responsibility to me.
You have to respect that.
IRIS: Of course I can respect that.
CLARISSA: Iris, that's enough.
SILAS: Quick about it, this is urgent.
She's had an accident.
Lumley Court number 3.
IRIS: Is she here?
ROSE: Choir.
IRIS: I don't want
to get you in trouble.
ROSE: Always in trouble these days.
IRIS: You're the good one.
ROSE: You can't be the good one
if there's no bad to be compared to.
I saw the painting of you.
IRIS: I know. Why did you go?
ROSE: I saw a review in the newspaper.
IRIS: Why did you go?
ROSE: I wanted to see what
was so important to you.
More important than me.
I almost felt like it was me up there.
For a moment.
Made me feel proud. Of you.
IRIS: You shouldn't be.
You were right about Louis.
ROSE: I'm sorry.
IRIS: Are you?
ROSE: I know how that feels.
ROSE: Did you love him?
I loved Charles, I think.
IRIS: I know you did.
How could you think those things of me?
ROSE: I thought you were jealous.
IRIS: Of you?
ROSE: Of him.
ROSE: Do you love me?
CHARLES: Uh-huh.
ROSE: Are you gonna marry me?
ROSE: What about Iris?
CHARLES: I can only afford one of you.
IRIS: I didn't want him
to take you away from me.
But that's not why I asked him to come.
I promise.
ROSE: God, we've wasted so much time.
IRIS: It's enough for a
lease on a small space.
And stock to get us started.
ROSE: For our shop?
IRIS: Like we always talked about.
ROSE: I I don't want you to
- out of pity.
- IRIS: No.
ALBIE: I've got your
skirts here, Miss Rose.
IRIS: Albie?
I'm so glad you're here,
I have something for you.
I'll be back. Start
scouting for our premises.
MOLL: Don't look so scared.
Albie, someone here to see you, love.
- IRIS: Thank you.
- MOLL: Alright.
IRIS: I had no idea
this is where you lived.
Is that your sister in there?
ALBIE: That's my Evie, she's working.
IRIS: You ran off before
I could give you something.
The Shepherd Boy sold,
the painting that you
modelled for, do you remember?
ALBIE: I saw it.
IRIS: You did?
ALBIE: Miss Rose asked me to take her.
IRIS: And what did you think of it?
IRIS: Well, Louis, Mr. Frost,
he gave me some proceeds from the sale
because I helped paint the background.
And I thought you deserved more
than a few shillings out of it.
ALBIE: What is it?
IRIS: It's five pounds.
It's for your teeth.
You deserve it and I want
to see that beautiful smile.
GIDEON: Well, I don't
think much to Queen Victoria
if she uses that stuff voluntarily.
I've had far more enjoyable drugs.
SILAS: You bet. You
sure I can't buy you one?
SILAS: I'm sorry, again.
I hope you can understand the reasons
for why I did what I did.
GIDEON: I needed somebody
to set me straight,
and I'm just lucky that
I had a friend like you
with the integrity and
the courage to do so.
Can I get a brandy off you, madam?
SILAS: I didn't order another.
MADAME: Consider it a welcome back.
GIDEON: Silas.
Remember our lecture?
Precision lies not only in the accuracy.
SILAS: But in the timing.
EVIE: Alb? Is this real?
ALBIE: Yeah, it's real.
- EVIE: Did you steal it?
- ALBIE: I promise I didn't.
EVIE: How d'you get it?
ALBIE: That painter sold
the picture he did of me.
EVIE: For five pounds?
ALBIE: Yeah.
EVIE: Must've been a beautiful picture.
I wish I could've seen it.
ALBIE: We can pay our debts
now, go somewhere else.
ALBIE: Come on, let's go.
LOUIS: Thank you, thank you for coming.
What can I do?
IRIS: Why didn't you tell me?
LOUIS: You never would've come here.
I just wanted to paint you, Iris,
I didn't know I was going
to fall in love with you.
Did your friend give you my message?
IRIS: I went to see Sylvia.
LOUIS: Why did you do that?
IRIS: I wanted to meet the
woman who convinced you to marry.
- LOUIS: We were 16.
- IRIS: So you didn't love her?
LOUIS: Iris, you're better than this.
IRIS: What I can't understand
is why you lied to me.
And why you continue to lie.
LOUIS: A failed marriage
is an embarrassment.
But a mad wife is a scandal.
- I didn't want that for our son.
- IRIS: She's not mad.
- LOUIS: You met her.
- IRIS: She's ill, Louis.
You're a better person than I am.
IRIS: Apparently so.
What are you doing?
No, stop it!
Stop it! [SCREAMING]
LOUIS: Aaargh!
LOUIS: It's alright. It's alright.
LOUIS: Listen, I did the best I could.
I'm doing the best that I
can, but more often than not,
I feel like I just
make everything worse.
I know it was selfish.
But I just really wanted to paint you.
And then I really wanted you.
And I would do the same thing
again and again and again.
IRIS: It's different now.
LOUIS: Yeah.
IRIS: I can't stay here anymore.
LOUIS: You have to keep working.
Your art is a muscle.
I don't want it to weaken because of me.
IRIS: I've always found a way to work.
LOUIS: You're the most
dedicated artist I've ever met.
IRIS: Louis.
Please don't come for
me until I'm ready.
LOUIS: I can be patient.
IRIS: Thank you.
LOUIS: I love you, Iris Whittle!
MOLL: Oi, Alb!
ALBIE: Bye, Moll.
MOLL: Godspeed.
EVIE: Alright? You ready?
EVIE: Alb!
ALBIE: Just a minute.
Hey! What did Mr. Silas
tell you to write about?
STREET CLERK: Some girl called Rose.
He was writing that she's been injured,
but he's taken her in
and they're waiting
for a doctor to come.
The letter was for the sister.
For her to come urgently.
It was delivered to her lodgings.
Should be there by now.
I can't remember the name.
ALBIE: Iris?
STREET CLERK: That's the one.
EVIE: Where you running to now?
ALBIE: Gotta find Miss Iris.
EVIE: Albie!
EVIE: Albie.
Albie! Can you help me please?
Alb, wake up! Wake up, please. Please!
Help him! Help. Please help me, please.
Please. [SOBBING]
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